Guernsey DXpedition SHF

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Following the success of last year's expedition giving many stations a new one, the Telford and District Amateur Society will be visiting the Island of Guernsey between June 22-27.
We will be operating on:
HF 160 Meters to 10 Meters.
SHF 2.3GHZ 3.4GHZ 5.7GHZ 10GHZ 24GHZ.
You may follow the DX Expedition on twitter 2W0ZJA will be tweating updates frequencies etc.!/@2W0ZJA .
VHF talk back and ON4KST chat will also be used.
Locator Square of the camping site is IN89QK but members of the group may well move around the island looking for the best paths to UK EU etc.
Taking Part In Following Contests:
Over the Weekend of the 23-24 June
1.3Ghz and 50MHZ (cw) contests
UKug Contests:
24th June 5.7GHz Cumulative
24th June 10GHz Cumulative
24th June 24GHz Cumulative
26th June SHF UKAC 2.3Ghz -24Ghz
The 70MHZ Station if operational will be QRO still to be confirmed.
We will be going at the peak of the es season so 50mhz will be a priority. Currently we only have a two element beam for 6 metres can we fit a 5 in?
The main objective of the Expedition is to have fun especially on SHF.
More details and qsl information can be found under gp3zme on with a half hour youtube film of last year's activities.
Paul, M0PNN

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