DXNL DX Bulletim 1775 DATE 11-04-2012 (atualizado todas as quartas-feiras)

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8Q, MALDIVES, AS-013 Alex,UT5UY, will work in holiday style from Thulhagiri Island (AS-013) in CW and SSB on 80-10m from Apr 12-21. QSL via homecall.

CE, CHILE The "Radio Club de Chile" activates the special callsign 3G87IARU until Apr 30 to celebrate the 87th anniversary of the "International Amateur Radio Union" (IARU) and the "World Amateur Radio Day" on Apr 18. QSL via CE3AA.

FG, GUADELOUPE, NA-102 FG4KH will be QRV from Guadeloupe (IOTA NA-102, Loc FK96hf) working in JT65B on 144 MHz via EME from Apr 12-26. QSL via F1DUZ. See also: http://fgdxpeditionf1duz.monsite-orange.fr

FJ, ST BARTHELEMY, NA-146 Wim,ON4CIT, and Paul,ON4BEC, are going to visit St Barthelemy (NA-146, WLOTA 0377) from Apr 16-30. Listen for TO3X mainly in SSB/RTTY with some CW on 40m-6m. The frequenvies for 6m are 50.120 MHz (USB), 50.090 MHz (CW) and 50.200 MHz (RTTY). QSL via ON4CIT, LoTW. See also: http://www.dxpedition.be/TO3X.html

G, ENGLAND, EU-005 The special event station GB0TI will be activated in CW on HF on Apr 15 from 0900-1700 UTC to remember the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.
The "Dover Amateur Radio Club" also announced to activate the special call GB2ICE in CW on HF on Apr 15. They want to remember Jack Phillips, Titanic's radio officer, who died onboard the ship. QSL via G0KOK.
The special event station GB100MUC will be active on Apr 14/15. MUC was the callsign of the Titanic before the ship left Southampton. The call was changed to MGY after leaving the port. QSL via bureau.
The "Southampton Amateur Radio Club" (G3SOU and G8FAB) will use the special call GB1HMGY from Mayflower Park in Southampton on Apr 13-15. See also: http://www.southampton-arc.org.uk/Titanic100.html

GI, NORTHERN IRELAND, EU-115 Another special event station will be aired from Northern Ireland. The "City of Belfast Radio Amateur Society" will sign GI2012MGY onboard the SS Nomadic in Belfast in CW and SSB on most HF bands from Apr 12-18. The SS Nomadic is the last remaining ship of the "White Star Line", it served as a tender for the Titanic and Olympic. QSL via GI4GOS, LoTW. See also: http://www.nomadicbelfast.com

GW, WALES, EU-005 The "Blackwood & District Amateur Radio Society" (GW6GW) and the "Candle Workshops" from Gelligroes Mill remember the Titanic tragedy by putting the special event call GB100GGM on the air with two stations in CW/SSB on all bands on Apr 14/15. Artie Moore from Gelligroes Mill was the first one who has received the SOS call of the Titanic on the mainland. QSL via MW0LAO.
The "Barry Amateur Radio Society" is using the special callsign GB1OOC in April for the same reason. QSL via MW0DHF. See also: http://bars.btck.co.uk

HH, HAITI, NA-096 Amadeo,HH8/EA3OW, is working from Jacmel in the south of Haiti (NA-096, WLOTA 0343) until May 12. He is working with Kenwood TS-480SAT and dipoles in SSB, RTTY and digital modes on 40-10m during his spare time. QSL via homecall. See also: http://ea3ow.wordpress.com

HL, SOUTH KOREA The special event station DT12AWC will be active in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on 80m-2m during the Asian Weightlifting Championships in Pyeongchang from Apr 14-30. QSL via DS2GOO.

I, ITALY The special event station IR8ACN from Naples is working in SSB, CW and RTTY on 10m, 15m, 20m and 40m from Apr 7-15 on the occasion of the "America's Cup World Series". QSL via IK8PXZ.

ON, BELGIUM The UBA section in Maldegem (ON4EKO) hits the airwaves in all modes on HF/VHF using the special call ON100TT from Apr 14 until Dec 31 to remember the sinking of the Titanic 100 years ago. QSL via ON4WDL. See also: http://www.on4eko.be

SP, POLAND Some members of the SP-CFF (SP0CFF) will be on the air as HF87WARD from Apr 17-30. A special award will be issued as well. QSL via eQSL, direct QSLs should be sent with SASE to: Polish Club Flora & Fauna, Suchacz, Wielmozy 5b, 82-340 Tolkmicko, Poland. See also: http://www.suchacz.eu/news.php

TJ, CAMEROON Ivan,5N7M/OM3CGN, is active as TJ6RM in CW/SSB on 40m-10m until Apr 16. QSL via OM3CGN.

VE, CANADA Cape Race was the first Marconi station in Newfoundland and thus plays an important role in the history of the Titanic tragedy. The events are reproduced on Apr 14/15: A ship (VE0MGY/mm, QSL via VO1VCE) shall contact VO1MCE from the location where the Titanic sank. See: QRZ.com, http://www.edgeofavalon.ca and http://www.receivingtitanic.com

W, USA, NA-066 Martin,G3ZAY, and Hugo,M0HSW, plan to hand out some IOTA points from Santa Catalina (NA-066) signing NU2L/6 and W6/M0HSW from Apr 13-15. QSLs via homecalls.

XE, MEXICO Some members of the Grupo DXXE will use the special call 6H6IARU on 160m-6m and via satellite from different locator fields from Apr 13-18. This station marks the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) 87 years ago and the "World Amateur Radio Day" on Apr 18. This year's World Amateur Radio Day has the motto "Celebrating 50 Years in Space" with the first launches of amateur radio satellites OSCAR 1 on Dec 12, 1961, and OSCAR 2 on Jun 2, 1962. QSOs with 6H6IARU count for the IARU Region 2 award, several FMRE awards and the DXXE award. QSL via N7RO, LoTW. See also: http://www.dxxe.org

DXCC Fees (update) The ARRL has updated the information on their homepage: http://www.arrl.org/news/arrl-announces-new-dxcc-fee-structure

OPs wanted The upcoming DXpedition to Campbell Island (ZL9HR, Nov 17-30) is still looking for some experienced operators. If you are interested please contact Tommy (vk2ir@vk2ir.com). See also: http://www.zl9hr.com

New TEP beacons Thanks to the cooperation of Italian and Hungarian OMs and with the help of Peter,V51PJ, there are two new beacons active as V51VHF from Namibia (Loc JG82ie) ready for TEP observations:
70.005 MHz, CW, 35 Watt, 6el DK7ZB Beam N
144.430 MHz, CW, ? Watt, 10el DK7ZB Beam N

Titanic documentation The "Documentary Archives Radio Communications" in Vienna has collected information about the Titanic disaster on their website: http://dokufunk.org/amateur_radio/contributions/index.php?CID=2013

LINKS ....

Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at: http://www.sotawatch.org
Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de


Apr 14 TARA Skirmish Digital Prefix Contest
Apr 14 European Sprint Contest
Apr 14/15 Japan International DX Contest
Apr 14/15 Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest
Apr 14/15 DIG QSO Party

WAEDC CW results online The official results of the 57th WAE DX Contest 2011 in CW are online. Congratulations to all winners and a big thank you to the WAEDC Contest team DL8WPX, DL6MHW, DL6OCK and DL7VOA. The results of the WAEDC SSB will be published soon. See: http://www.waedc.de

IOTA ....

Island activities:

AS-109, R9K, Obskaya Gulf group: Update of the IOTA DXpedition of RT9K/p: RX9KM states that transport with snowmobiles was not possible due to warm weather and thus the DXpedition was cancelled.

EU-103, EI/EJ, Saltee Islands: Members of the Papa Lima DX Group will sign EJ0PL from the Saltee Islands on Apr 14/15. Depending on the local conditions they want to activate two or three stations in CW, SSB and digital modes on 80m-6m. QSL via EI5JQ.

EU-008, GM/MM, Inner Hebrides: A team of the Macclesfield & District Radio Society conducts an IOTA DXpedition to Colonsay (IOSA NH19, WLOTA 1574, SCOTIA DI05) signing GS4MWS/p from Apr 15–21. QSL via M0PAI.

EU-125, OZ, Jylland West group: Francois,ON4LO, will sign 5P4LO in SSB, RTTY and PSK on 80-10m from Romo (DIA NS-001, ARLHS DEN-074) from Apr 15–20. QSL via ON4LO (bureau/direct).

OC-001, VK, Australia: The special event station VI4MGY will be QRV from South Bank (near the Queensland Maritime Museum) from Apr 15–22 on the occasion of the anniversary of the Titanic disaster. QSL via www.QRZ.com.

SA-018, CE7, Los Lagos Region South group: Roberto,CE3CT, Pedro,CE3FZ, and Luc,LU1FAM will sign 3G7C from Chiloe Island (DICE ICE-701, WLOTA 0750) from Apr 15–18. They will work with two stations in CW, SSB and RTTY emphasizing 30m and the lowbands. QSL only direct via CE3FZ. More information is available at: http://3g7c.blogspot.es

Preview ....

15Apr-18Apr 3G7C 1775 * -30Apr 3G87IARU 1775 * Unknown 3W7W 1768 -07May 3Z45HBW 1772 -15Jun 4JS0NG.. 1772 Unknown 4W0VB/p 1766 01Jan-30Jun 5P12EU 1760 15Apr-20Apr 5P4LO 1775 * 21Mar- 5T0JL 1772 -2014 5Z4EE 1742/1753/1772 -Apr 5Z4RH ? 1674 2012 6D0LM 1774 13Apr-18Apr 6H6IARU 1775 * Unknown 6V7SIX 1770 -30Sep 8J2NDP.. 1751 -31Dec 8J6O 1773 -30Sep 8J7EQ 1773 -2012 9J2RI 1739/1742 -28Jul 8N1TW 1773 12Apr-21Apr 8Q7UY 1775 * 10Apr-24Apr 9M0L 1774 08Apr-11Apr 9M2/R6AF/6 1774 -Oct/14 9V1RM 1751 -Sep/13 A52SV 1752 -Apr CE2/CX1EK 1762 03Apr-30Apr CN2RN 1773 -31Dec CN2YZ 1771 Apr -Jun CY0/VE1AWW 1774 -08Jul D2QV 1750 -Apr? D2SG 1748 2012? DL0SLITISA 1764 01Jan-31Dec DL1630Y 1760 10Apr-12Apr DL7UXG/p 1774 01Jan-31Dec DM100MGY 1763 01Jan-31Dec DM50KSJ 1763 -31Dec DM800ANH 1767 -Feb/13 DP0GVN 1756 -Jan/13 DQ0STRATEX 1770 -31Dec DQ125HSB 1763 14Apr-30Apr DT12AWC 1775 * 23Mar-26Mar E51EWP 1772 11Apr-14Apr E51EWP 1772 08Apr-27Apr E51BKM.. 1774 -31Dec E720RS 1770 01Jan-31Dec EI80IRTS 1763 14Apr/15Apr EJ0PL 1775 * 12Apr-26Apr FG4KH 1775 * -Mar/13 FH8NX 1747 24Mar-14Apr FR/F5UOW.. 1772 -Jul FR8NE 1710 NOW FW/F1GHY 1771 15Apr GB0TI 1775 * 14Apr-15Apr GB100GGM 1775 * 06Apr-26Apr GB100MGY 1774 14Apr/15Apr GB100MUC 1775 * 13Apr-15Apr GB1HMGY 1775 * Apr GB1OOC 1775 * 15Apr GB2ICE 1775 * 08Apr-20Apr GB2WG 1774 -31Dec GB50WVR 1767 2012 GB80PW 1762 Apr GI100MGY 1773 12Apr-18Apr GI2012MGY 1775 * 07Apr-13Apr GM6TW 1774 10Apr-15Apr GR100MGY 1774 16Apr-21Apr GS4MWS/p 1775 * Apr GX4BJC/A.. 1774 17Apr-30Apr HF87WARD 1775 * -12May HH8/EA3OW 1775 * -Sep/13 HI3/KL7JR 1745 02Feb-06May HR5/F2JD 1764 -Apr HS0ZIQ 1765 -Dec ID9DXC.. 1755 01Jan-31Dec II6LN 1763 07Apr-15Apr IR8ACN 1775 * -2011/12? J28JV 1680 -Jul J28RO 1683 -Jul/13 J28UC 1734 -15Apr JG8NQJ/JD1 1762 29Mar-Mar/13 JX9JKA 1769/1773 -2013 KG4AJ 1756 -Apr KC4AAC 1757 -Jun/13 KH2/N2NL 1680 -May KH4/W5FJG 1728 04Apr-11Apr KP2/AG1LE 1774 -11Apr LY22A 1771 -22Jul LZ12FDAY 1770 -31Dec LZ1818MOG.. 1770 Apr M100T 1774 01Apr-15Apr NH7DX 1773 13Apr-15Apr NU2L/6.. 1775 * -31Dec OH150VR 1772 01Jan-31Dec ON65BR 1763 01Apr-30Apr OO100MGY.. 1773 14Apr-31Dec ON100TT 1775 * 07Apr-14Apr OZ/DF1XC.. 1774 01Apr-28Apr PH100MGY 1773 05Apr-13Apr PH4RTM/WHE 1774 -Mar/Apr PJ4/PE1MAE 1753 -2013 RI1ANF 1765 -Sep RI1FJA 1741 -Sep RI1FJM 1741 -30Apr S540DKR 1770 -31Dec S555E.. 1772 NOW ST2AR 1745 09Apr-16Apr SV5/IZ4AKS 1774 -Apr T6BP 1746 -13Jun T6JM 1764 -Jul T6JP 1768/1770 -Jun T6MO 1733/1767 -31Dec TC50TRAC.. 1770 08Apr-22Apr TM27UFT 1774 -31Dec TM210VH 1770 -31Dec TM70TRS 1763 07Apr-08May TM95BA 1774 -Jul TN9SN 1755 16Apr-30Apr TO3X 1775 * -16Apr TJ6RM 1775 * -Nov/14 V73NS 1604/1668/1752 15Apr-22Apr VI4MGY 1775 * 14Apr/15Apr VO1MCE.. 1775 * 08Apr-16Apr VP2MFF.. 1774 20Mar-11Apr VP52V.. 1772 -Jul VQ9JC 1755 -May/14 XE1/DM3DL 1730 -30Apr XL3T 1771 14Mar-16Apr XV2RZ 1771 -12Jun XV2W 1774 12Apr-20Apr XV4HP.. 1773 Unknown XW3DT 1766/1771 -2014 ZY2014WC 1774 * = new or updated .. = and other calls

QSL information ....
3G7C       via CE3FZ (d)
3G87IARU   via CE3AA (B)
4KS0NG     via RU3SD (B)
4O8A       via S50A (B)
5P4LO      via ON4LO (B)
6H6IARU    via N7RO (B), (L)
8Q7UY      via UT5UY (B)
9A203XM    via 9A3XM
9M2/R6AF/p via R6AF (B)
A35XG      via JA1XGI (B)
A65OO      via NI5DX (B)
C91KHN     via ZS6ALB
CO5FM      via PA3ACA (B)
CO6LE      via EA5GL (d)
CO6YAC     via KJ4QHL (B)
CO8LY      via EA5ADH (d)
CR2T       via CU2AF (B)
CR3A       via CT3EE (d)
CT8/DL1CW  via DL1CW (B)
CT8/K0RUI  via K0RUI
DF60JFA    via DJ1TO (B)
DP0GVN     via DL5EBE (B)
DT12AWC    via DS2GOO (B)
EH3MGY     via EB3JT (B), (L)
EH4FCF     via EA4DOC (B)
EJ0PL      via EI5JQ (B)
EM100N     via UT8NT (B)
F8ATS/6W   via F8ATS (B)
FG4KH      via F1DUZ (d)
FK8GX      via W3HNK (d)
FO8RZ      via F5PHW (B), (L) (*)
FO8RZ/P    via F5PHW (B), (L) (*)
FO8WBB     via N6JA (B)
GB100GGM   via MW0LAO (B)
GB100MUC   via (B)
GB1HMGY    see QRZ.com
GB1OOC     via MW0DHF (B)
GB2ICE     via G0KOK (B)
GB4T       via M0DOL (B)
GI2012MGY  via GI4GOS (B), (L)
GS4MWS/p   via M0PAI (B)
HF87WARD   via eQSL., (d)
HH8/EA3OW  via EA3OW (B)
IR8ACN     via IK8PXZ (B)
KP4EIT     via EA5GL (d)
LZ1437MGS  via LZ1KCP
N3C        via W3DQ (B)
NU2L/6     via G3ZAY (B)
ON100TT    via ON4WDL (B)
OR100MGY   via ON6KNH (B)
OZ/DF9TM   via DF9TM (B)
PH100MGY   via PA3CAL (B)
PI9SRS     via PD0MP (*)
SV1OAA/8   via SV1OAA
T88RA      via JH1RMH (B)
TO3X       via ON4CIT (B), (L)
TJ6RM      via OM3CGN (B)
V44KAI     via W5TFW
VE0MGY/mm  via VO1VCE
VI4MGY     see QRZ.com
VO1MCE     see QRZ.com
VP9HE      via W2AF
W6/M0HSW   via M0HSW
XV3W       via F6BUM (d)
YR10XF     via YO4KAK

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request
QSLs arrived direct: HU2DX (DH7WW)

QSLs arrived bureau: 5X1NH (G3RWF), 9L5MS (PA3AWW), BD9AFM, KL7YK, PS2T, TP50CE (F5LGF), VK5AUQ (PA2C), VU2XO (6 years), YC9BEC, ZL3IO

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to: Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DH5NBK, DJ5AV, DL1EK, DL1SBF, DL7MAE, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, G3SXW, M0MDR, NG3K, VA3RJ, XE1/DL3DUE and others.

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

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