DXNL DX Bulletim 1782 DATE 01-06-2012

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7O, Yemen (Update): The 706T-DXpedition is history, with a total of 162,029 QSOs. The organizers are still asking for donations; QSLs can be requested on their website. http://www.yemen2012.com/sponsors.php https://secure.clublog.org/charts/?c=7O6T

A6, United Arab Emirates: Tom, A6/DL2RMC, will be QRV from a hotel on Yas Island. This island does not belong to AS-021, though! Activities will depend on the local situation and his work load. He already acquired his license. QSL via Homecall.

F, France: After a dispute with his boss Guglielmo Marconi, Roberto Clemens Galletti di Cadilhac (1879 - 1932) built up his own transmitting station 100 years ago. The special callsign TM6GAL is active until June 10th to commemorate his achievements. QSL via F6HQP. http://ed73.ref-union.net/ed/

FO, French Polynesia: Pat, F4EBT, will visit French Polynesia from June 1st - 24th and will be active (holiday style) as FO/F4EBT from Tahiti (OC-046, DIFO FO-002 WLOTA 0885), Moorea Island (OC-046, DIFO FO-010, WLOTA 0465), Raiatea Island (OC-067, DIFO FO-012, WLOTA 1977), Huahine Island (OC-067, DIFO 004, WLOTA 1371), Bora Bora Island (OC-067, DIFO FO-003, WLOTA 0430) and Maupiti Island (OC-067, DIFO FO-008). QSL via Homecall.

FO, Marquesas Is.: Christian, F5IDM, is a member of a scientific expedition to observe the Venus Transit. From June 3rd - 12th he will use the special callsign TX5VT from the following islands of the Marquesas group (OC-027): Hiva Oa (DIFO FO-021, WLOTA 1233); Nuku Hiva (DIFO FO-023, WLOTA 2030); Ua Huka (DIFO FO-026) and Ua Pou (DIFO FO-027). QSL via F5IDM (KH6 Bureau, see QRZ.COM). http://www.cveillet.net/PF/TX5VT.php

G, England: The ,,Pontefract & District Amateur Radio Society" (FISTS #14041) will be active as GB0PH (Pontefract Heritage) on June 4th from Pontefract Castle (CASHOTA G-261, WCA G-00261, WAB SE42, WW Loc. IO93iq) in Yorkshire QSL via bureau, G0BPK (direct). The ,,Coventry Amateur Radio Society" celebrates the 50th anniversary of the consecration of Coventry Cathedral until June 19th using the special call sign GB50CCC, mostly on 80m, 40m and 20m in phone and on 2m in FM (WW Loc. IO92fj). QSL via bureau.

I, Italy: ARI Fidenza will take part in the Museum Ship Weekend (June 2/3) as II1WIL from La Spezia, where the USS Williamsburg is laid up for the last twenty years. QSL via bureau by IQ4FE.

JT, Mongolia: Alex UA9YAB (JT0YAB), and Alex UA9YPS (JT0YPS) will activate the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park from May 31st to June 4th. QSL JT0YPS via UA9YPS, direct only, QSL JT0YAB see QRZ.COM.

PJ4, Bonaire: William, K9HZ, will be using PJ4HZ from June 1st to 10th from Bonaire on the HF bands. QSL via Homecall, direct only, eQSL.

SP, Poland: On the occasion of the European Football cup in Ukraine and Poland, the following special callsigns will be QRV from June 1st to July 1st. SN2012GD Coordinator: Roman SQ2RH OPs: Bogdan, SP2EBG, Rafal, SQ2IHP, Piotr, SP2AYC, Miroslaw, SP2QOT, Robert, SQ2WHH, Ida, SQ2OTS, Stanislaw, SP2WGB, Krzysztof, SP2UUU, Henryk, SQ2NUK, Ireneusz, SP2DKI, Marek, SP2QG, Dariusz, SP2MKI and Marek, SP2MKT SN2012PO Coordinator: Bogdan, SP3IQ OPs: Members of the club station SP3PKK and Henryk, SQ3LMR. SN2012WA Coordinator: Zygmunt, SP5ELA OPs: Members of the club station SP73VOT SN2012WR Coordinator: Marek, SP6NIC OPs: Members of the club stations SP6ZDA and SP6PRT (Contest Call SN6F) SN2012PZPN Coordinator: Waldemar, 3Z6AEF OPs: Members of the club station SP6PYP and Roman, SP3FGQ, Zenon, SQ3KNN, Krzysztof, SP6JIU, and Tomasz, SP4GHL HF2012EFC Coordinator Hubert, SP9MDY OPs: Members of the club station SP9KJU and Kazimierz, SP9GFI, Mietek, SP9NWN, sowie Wojtek, SP9W 3Z2012EFC Coordinator: Romuald, SP4JCP OPs: Members of the club station SP4PND HF2012BGS OP: Jerzy, SP9BGS HF2012EUPP OP: Wieslaw, SQ5ABG HF2012EURO OPs: Marek, SP9UML and Members of the club station SP9KTL SN2012EB OP: Slawomir, SP4EOO SN2012EURO OPs: Grzegorz, SP2OFF, Members of the club stations SP2KFL and SP2YOF SN2012FUD OP: Bogdan, SP2FUD SN2012RKK OP: Krystian, SP2RKK SN2012UEFA Wladek; SP4ICP (Contest Call SN4W) SN4EFCOP: Wojtek, SP4QCU 3Z2012RKT OP: Janusz, SP1RKT QSL information see below.

TK, Corsika: TK/PA3ALK was heard on 6m and 30m.

UR, Ukraine: On the occasion of the European Football cup in Ukraine and Poland, the following special callsigns will be QRV from June 1st to July 1st. EM2012EURO Kharkov UR5LCV EN2012EURO Donetsk UT3IWA EO2012EURO Lviv UR4WWE EM2012UEFA Kiev UT0UM EN2012UEFA Kiev UT5UIA EO2012UEFA Kiev UR7UC EM2012EFC all Ukraine UR5EPG EN2012EFC all Ukraine UR4EYN EO2012EFC all Ukraine UT7EZZ Cities with football stadions: EM2012L Kharkov US0LW EN2012L Kharkov UT8LN EO2012L Kharkov UT7LK EM2012I Donetsk US3IZ EN2012I Donetsk UY6IM EO2012I Donetsk UR7IWW EM2012W Lviv UR5WD EN2012W Lviv UY4WWA EO2012W Lviv US5WE EM2012U Kiev UT3UZ EN2012U Kiev UR7UD EO2012U Kiev UT7UU Individual and club stations EM2012AA-ZZZ EN2012AA-ZZZ EO2012AA-ZZZ For QSL information see below.

V3, Belize: Travis, AF6WU and Kjerstin, KJ0VDA, will be V31WU and V31DV respectively in June and work on the HF bands. QSLs via AF6WU.

VE, Canada: Ron, VE3AT, on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, will use the special call sign VC3O until June 24th. QSL via VE3AT. Peter, VE3JPP will activate VC3E for the same reason. QSL via VE3JPP.

VP2, Montserrat: Graham, M0AEP, is using the call sign VP2MDD from June 2nd to August 6th from Montserrat (NA-103). Gordon, G3USR (VP2MSR), will join him on June 30th and stay till July 9th. They will be QRV from 80m - 6m, with a focus on 12/10/6m in CW and SSB. QSLs via Homecall.

VP5, Turks and Caicos: Bill, KX4WW, and Noll, W9RN, will be active from Providenciales (NA-002) from May 31th till June 7th, using VP5/homecalls. They plan to use all HF bands and 6m. QSL VP5/KX4WW via KX4WW, direct only, VP5/W9RN via W9RN.

DARC Club of the Year: In a ceremony held in the Carillon Museum in Dayton/OH, on May 19th, the DARC e.V. (Deutscher Amateur Radio Club) was awarded the annual club award of the Dayton Hamvention. In the laudatio, the DARC's achievements in the build-up of amateur radio in Germany after WWII and after the reunificaton were honored. Also, the efforts to provide educational and technical support to radio amateurs and shortwave listener, and its efforts to lobby for the needs of radio amateurs, e.g. at the World Radio Conference and in EU circles were mentioned. The annual "Ham Radio" fair in Friedrichshafen was recognized as the major amateur meeting next to the Dayton Hamvention. Mike Klater, W8CI, this year's general chairman will visit the Ham Radio this year and be a keynote speaker. The awarding ceremony was repeated on the following day in conjuction with the closing ceremonies and the raffle on the Hamvention. Source: Rainer Arndt, W4/SM5LBR

50,000 LoTW users: On May 1st, Dragan, YT3PDT, successfully completed his registration for the Logbook of The World, which makes him the 50,000th user. More than 5000 more users are in the queue to complete their registration.

Digi modes in Cuba: The radio amateurs of Cuba got a general permission for using digital modes.

OPs wanted -  Harry, AC8G (J37K) plans a DXpedition for the CQ WW SSB Contest (October 27/28) to Grenada and is looking for OPs. Contact: hflasher@dayton.net.

Museum Ships Weekend: This year's MSW takes place on June 2nd/3rd. http://www.nj2bb.org

Upcoming Contests ....

2./3.6. DARC Microwave Contest
2./3.6. IARU Region 1 Fieldday

IOTA ....

Island activities:

EU-065; F; Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region group: From the Island Molene, Keith/G3TTC will be active on the 5th of June as F/G3TTC/p. QSL via G3TTC (d/B)

EU-105; F; Bretagne (Finistere North) Region group: On June 2nd, Keith/G3TTC visits Batz island. As F/G3TTC/p he will hand out IOTA points. QSL via G3TTC (d/B)

EU-127; DL; Schleswig-Holstein State South West group: Using the call DD4T, Max/DJ4EL, Alex/IZ4AMS, Enrico/IK2FIL, Ben/DO1BEN, Vinny/DL6II, Michelle/IZ1POA and Enrique/XE2AA will be QRV from Helgoland Island (GIA N-14; WLOTA 0518) from June 3-10. They plan to be on the air with three stations at the same time on all bands and in all modes. QSL via IZ4AMS (d/B). More information: http://www.dd4t.eu/

NA-143; W5; Texas State East group: Bill WS5H, Bob N5JSL and Ron K5HM (members of the Brazos Valley ARC) will work as KK5W from June 2nd to 4th from the USS Cavalia and USS Stewart from Seawolf Park on Pelican Island (USi TX008S, Galveston County). This activity is part of the ,,Museum Ships Weekend 2012". QSL only direct via KK5W. http://www.bvarc.org/index.php?page=ms

NA-143; W5; Texas State East group: N5E is QRV from June 2nd to 4th (Museum Ship Weekend) from the Tall Ship Elissa. QSL via K0JCC (d/B)

NA-200; XE3; Quintana Roo State South group: Members of the ,,Radioclub Cancun" plan an activation of Cayo Culebra island (WW Grid EK69). From June 1st to 3rd they will be QRV as 4A3RCC from 80m - 6m in SSB and RTTY. QSL via EA5FL (d/B). http://www.radioclubcancun.org/culebra


TM0MIT MORBIHAN ISLAND TOUR: Members of the Babaow Island Gang plan to be on the air as TM0MIT between June 1st and 6th, and activate 8 to 10 islands in the department Marbihan (DPT 56) and the Province Brittany (DPF 06). These islands count for the French Islands Award (DIFM) and the Islands of Morbihan Award (DIM). Depending on the local situation they will be active for about 8 hours on each island. All QSOs count for the WFF programme as FFF-151. QSL direct via F5CWU. http://tm0mit.webs.com/

K0TFT GOAT ISLAND: Members of the Sooland Amateur Radio Association will activate Goat Island (USi NE006/SD004, WW Loc. EN12ls) on June 2nd. They will be on 20m in phone and CW, and other bands if conditions permit. QSL via K0XU (d/B)

More Lighthouse Activities ....

GB0PH LH 1841 04.06.
KA9ROY/KP2 LH 2477 30.05. - 07.06.
TX5VT LH 1233 03.06. - 12.06.
TX5VT LH 2030 03.06. - 12.06.
WB9EDL/KP2 LH 2477 30.05. - 07.06.

WFF Activities ....

JAFF JA1JCF/0 will be QRV from ,,Yatsugatake-Chushinkogen Quasi" (JAFF-056) national park from June 1st to 3rd. He will work in CW on the HF bands. QSL via JA1JCF (d/B)
YLFF Eddie/ES2TT is QRV from Castle Krimulda (WCA YL-00039, YLFF-001) from May 31st to June 4th. On May 31st he'll be YL/ES2TT and on June 1st as YL2012USCARS (American Cars Fan Meeting - Saulkrasti 2012) on all bands in SSB, CW and BPSK. QSL via ES2TT (d/B) http://www.uscars.lv/ On June 2nd/3rd, YL0WFF is QRV from national park Slitere (YLFF-004) and from Slitere lighthouse (ARLHS LAT-015). QSL via YL2CF (d/B)

Calendar ....

from to DX DX-NL unknown 3B8MM 1777 01.-03.06. 4A3RCC 1782* to 15. June 4JS0NG.. 1772/1777 17. - 30. May 4X/PA7DA.. 1780 01January-30June 5P12EU 1760 ab 21. March 5T0JL 1772 25. May - 3. June 5X1EME 1781 to 8. June 5X5RO 1778/1780 to 2014 5Z4EE 1742/1753/1772 2012 6D0LM 1774 25. - 31. May 6O3A 1781 to 30. May 6Y3W.. 1781 to 31. October 8J0WAZA 1780 to 31. May 8J1ITU 1780 to 31. December 8J1MST 1779 to 30. September2012 8J2NDP.. 1751 to 15. July 8J3XVI 1779 to 31. December 8J6O 1773 to 30. September 8J7EQ 1773 to 31. December 8N1TDU 1780 to 3. June 8N8OKH 1780 to 2012 9J2RI 1739/1742 to 28. July 8N1TW 1773 to 8. July 8T1M 1781 unknown 9H3XX 1777 to October 2014 9V1RM 1751 to September 2013 A52SV 1752 24. May - 6. June A5A.. 1781 to 31. May AU50GOA 1780 unknown A6/DL2RMC 1782* to 31. December CN2YZ 1771 April - June CY0/VE1AWW 1774 to 8. July 2012 D2QV 1750 to May 2013? D2SG 1748/1780 unknown D3AA 1781 03.-10.06. DD4T 1782* 2012? DL0SLITISA 1764 to 13. January 2013 DL125HHZ 1778 01January-31December DL1630Y 1760 to 31. December DL250COA 1779 01January-31December DM100MGY 1763 01January-31December DM50KSJ 1763 to 31. December DM800ANH 1767 to February 2013 DP0GVN 1756 to January 2013 DQ0STRATEX 1770 to 31. December DQ125HSB 1763 unknown E40VB 1780 to 31. December E720RS 1770 1January-31December EI80IRTS 1763 to 31. May EM100RU 1780 1. June - 1. July EM2012EURO.. 1782* 1. May - 30. June EM350S 1777 to 26. August EM80L.. 1778 unknown EV1150P 1779 02.-05.06. F/G3TTC/p 1782* to 1. March 2013 FH8NX 1747 1. - 24. June FO/F4EBT 1782* to July 2012 FR8NE 1710 jetzt FW/F1GHY 1771 4. June GB0PH 1782* to June G4BJC.. 1779 annually May + July GB1AVR 1779 to 19. June GB50CCC 1782* to 31. December GB50WVR 1767 to 30. May GB60VUL 1779 2012 GB80PW 1762 21.05.-07.06 GM3VLB/p 1780 5. May - 10. June GQ3aaa.. 1778 5. May - 10. June GQ4BJC/A.. 1779 to 31. December HA50ZH 1780 7. May - 9. June HB100FLP 1778/1779 unknown HH2/9A7GAE 1776 to September 2013 HI3/KL7JR 1745 Resident HS0ZKG 1778 to Ende 2012 ID9DXC.. 1755 2./3. June II1WIL 1782* 01January-31Decembe II6LN 1763 to 2011/2012? J28JV 1680 to July 2012 J28RO 1683 to July 2013 J28UC 1734 31. May - 4. June JT0YAB.. 1782* unknown JT5NM 1781 unknown E40VB 1780 19. May - 27. July G4WAB.. 1780 01.-03.06. JA1JCF/0 1782* 29March -March2013 JX9JKA 1769/1773 unknown JY9ET 1779 02.06. K0TFT 1782* to 2013 KG4AJ 1756 to June 2013 KH2/N2NL 1680 to May 2012 KH4/W5FJG 1728 end of May/early June KH8/KL7RRC 1781 02.-04.06. KK5W 1782* 22. - 31. May LG5LG.. 1780 to 22. July LZ12FDAY 1770 to 31. December LZ1818MOG.. 1770 to 10. June MQ0SMJ 1779 02.-04.06. N5E 1782* to 15. August NR4CB 1780 May - October OD5/IV3XNF 1777 to 31. December OH150VR 1772 01January-31December ON65BR 1763 4April-31December ON100TT 1775 7. - 31. May P40H.. 1780 19.05.-02.06. PD5MVH/p 1780 1. -10. PJ4HZ 1782* May R1945HS 1778 to early 2013 RI1ANF 1765 to September 2012 RI1FJA 1741 to September 2012 RI1FJM 1741 to 31. December S555E.. 1772 1. June - 1. July SN2012GD.. 1782* 18. May - 02. July SN750K 1780 to 1. June SV5/OK2BOB.. 1781 24.05.-03.06. SV8/HA0HW 1781 28.05.-17.06. SV8/N6GQ 1781 to 13. June T6JM 1764 to Ende July T6JP 1768/1770 to June 2012 T6MO 1733/1767/1781 to 31. December TC50TRAC.. 1770 unknown TK/PA3ALK 1782* 01.-06.06. TM0MIT 1782* to 31. December TM210VH 1770 to 22. July TM3FFI 1779 23.-30.05. TM5FI 1781 to 10. June TM6GAL 1782 to 31. December TM70TRS 1763 to July 2012 TN9SN 1755 3. - 12. June TX5VT 1782* 23. - 30 May V26E 1781 11. - 31. May V31XB 1779 June V31WU.. 1782* to November 2014 V73NS 604/1668/1752 1. - 30. May VC2CBS30 1777 June VC3E 1782* to 24. June VC3O 1782* 23. - 30. May VK9PN.. 1781 2. June - 6. August VP2MDD 1782* 30. June - 9. July VP2MSR 1782* 31. May - 7. June VP5/KX4WW.. 1782* to July 2012 VQ9JC 1755 to May 2014 XE1/DM3DL 1730 02.06.-03.06. YL0WFF 1782* 31.05. YL/ES2TT 1782* 01.-04.06. YL2012USCARS 1782* 5. May - 10. June ZQ3M.. 1778 to 2014 ZY2014WC 1774 * = new or updated .. = and other calls

QSL information ....
3Z2012EFC         via    SP4JCP       
3Z2012RKT         via    SP1RKT       
4A3RCC            via    EA5FL        (B)
4L1MA             via    ON4RU        (B)
5R8FL             via    G3SWH        (B)
6Y/UT5UDX         via    RA4LW        (d)
7U50ND            via    7X2DD        (d)
8P9BF             via    DF5WA        (B)
A6/DL2RMC         via    DL2RMC       (B)
A60ITU            via    NI5DX        (L), eQSL
A61AS             via    YO3FRI       (B), (L)
A61LL             via    EA5ZD        (d)
A73A              via    EA7FTR       
AL4H              via    DJ4MZ        (B)
AU50GOA           via    VU2SMS       (d)
AY5F              via    LU5FC        (B)
BW/JL3TOG         via    JL3TOG       (B)
C4EU              via    5B4AHO       (B)
CN8YZ             via    6K5YPD       (B)
CP4BT             via    EA5KB        (B)
CQ3B              via    CT3EE        (d)
CR1X              via    OH2BH        (B)
CT7/CT3FN         via    HB9CRV       (B)
CT9/ON3RM         via    ON3RM        
CU1CB             via    EA5KB        (B)
DB50EFA           via    DL8DWL       (B), eQSL
DD4T              via    IZ4AMS       (B)
EE8X              via    W2GR         (B)
EF2A              via    EA2AYD       (B), (L)
EF5Y              via    EA5GTQ       (LoTW only)
EF8M              via    UA3DX        (B)
EF8R              via    EA8CAC       (LoTW only) EG5FPA via EB5GC (B)
EG5TCS            via    EA5IBW       (EURAO-bureau) http://eurobureauqsl.org/
EG5TSL            via    EA5HRE       (EURAO-bureau) 
EG7CC             via    EA7NL        
EG8GCA            via    EA8TH        (B)
EG8GOM            via    EA8TH        (B)
EG8GRA            via    EA8TH        (B)
EG8TFE            via    EA8TH        (B)
EH8DDC            via    EA8RKL       (EURAO-bureau)
EM2012AW          via    UR5AW        
EM2012EZ          via    UR7EZ        
EM2012F           via    UR5FAV       
EM2012EFC         via    UR5EPG       
EM2012EURO        via    UR5LCV       
EM2012EZ          via    UR7EZ        
EM2012GG          via    UW5GG        
EM2012HA          via    UR7HA        
EM2012I           via    US3IZ        
EM2012IDX         via    UR8IDX       
EM2012IKV         via    US6IKV       
EM2012IO          via    UX3IO        
EM2012JX          via    UU8JX        
EM2012KY          via    UT1KY        (B) 
EM2012L           via    US0LW        
EM2012LL          via    UX7LL        
EM2012LS          via    US4LS        
EM2012LWY         via    UR4LWY       
EM2012MA          via    UX7MA        (B) 
EM2012MH          via    UR4MH        
EM2012ML          via    UR2ML        
EM2012QN          via    UT3QN        
EM2012QQ          via    UT8QQ        
EM2012RZ          via    UY2RZ        
EM2012U           via    UT3UZ        (B)
EM2012UA          via    US8UA        
EM2012UEFA        via    UT0UM        
EM2012UF          via    UT8UF        
EM2012UJ          via    UR5UJ        
EM2012UO          via    UT4UO        (B)
EM2012UT          via    UR7UT        
EM2012UU          via    US7UU        
EM2012UZ          via    UY5UZ        
EM2012VA          via    US0VA        (B)
EM2012W           via    UR5WD        
EM2012WA          via    UT4WA        (B)
EN2012EFC         via    UR4EYN       (B)
EN2012EURO        via    UT3IWA       
EN2012GDX         via    UR5GDX       
EN2012I           via    UY6IM        
EN2012IA          via    US7IA        
EN2012IO          via    UT8IO        
EN2012IW          via    UT3IW        (B)
EN2012IX          via    UX8IX        
EN2012KWA         via    UR4KWA       
EN2012L           via    UT8LN        
EN2012LTX         via    UR4LTX       
EN2012MN          via    UR1MN        
EN2012MF          via    UX2MF        
EN2012NK          via    UT3NK        
EN2012U           via    UR7UD        
EN2012UEFA        via    UT5UIA       (B) 
EN2012UT          via    UR4UT        
EN2012UU          via    US1UU        
EN2012UX          via    US0UX        
EN2012UZ          via    UR5UZ        
EN2012W           via    UY4WWA       
EN2012WZ          via    UT7WZ        (B)
EN2012ZY          via    UT5ZY        
EO2012EFC         via    UT7EZZ       
EO2012EURO        via    UR4WWE       
EO2012I           via    UR7IWW       
EO2012IKF         via    US6IKF       
EO2012IO          via    UY8IO        
EO2012IS          via    US3IS        
EO2012IZ          via    UX5IZ        
EO2012JQ          via    UU2JQ        (B)
EO2012JT          via    UU2JT        
EO2012KW          via    US0KW        (B)
EO2012L           via    UT7LK        
EO2012LBL         via    UR4LBL       
EO2012LD          via    UR9LD        
EO2012LE          via    UR0LE        
EO2012LF          via    UX3LF        
EO2012LN          via    UX1LN        
EO2012LX          via    US3LX        
EO2012NA          via    UT5NA        
EO2012NY          via    UT4NY        
EO2012U           via    UT7UU        
EO2012UA          via    UY2UA        
EO2012UC          via    UR4UC        
EO2012UEFA        via    UR7UC        
EO2012W           via    US5WE        
EO2012WZA         via    UT7WZA       (B) 
F/G3TTC/p         via    G3TTC        (B)
FO/F4EBT          via    F4EBT        (B)
GB0PH             via    (B),         G0BPK (d) 
GB50CCC           via    (B)          
GB60VUL           via    M0JEC        (B)
HB0/DF5AU         via    DF5AU        (B), (L)
HB0/DJ2IA         via    DJ2IA        (B)
HB9/EA1IIW        via    EA1IIW       (B)
HF2012BGS         via    SP9BGS       
HF2012EFC         via    SP9MDY       
HF2012EUPP        via    SQ5ABG       
HF2012EURO        via    SP9KTL       
HF3T              via    SP3FYX       (B), (L)
HF6LOS            via    SQ9CWO       (B)
HK/LU8EOT         via    LU8EOT       (B), (L)
HL2ZBD/3          via    JK3IJQ       (B)
HP1/IQ6CC         via    IZ4SUC       (B)
HL0A              via    HL2UVH       (B)
HL0V              via    HL2UVH       (B)
HP1/IQ6CC         via    IZ4SUC       (B)
HQ2N              via    EA5GL        (d)
II0CC/IT9         via    IZ4SUC       (B)
II0FTC            via    IQ0FB        (B)
II1WIL            via    IQ4FE        (B)
IQ9SR             via    IT9ULI       (B)
IR1CCL            via    IK1APO       
JA1JCF/0          via    JA1JCF       (B)
JT0YAB                                see QRZ.COM
JT0YPS            via    UA9YPS       (d)
K0TFT             via    K0XU         (B)
KK5W              via    KK5W         (d)
KP2M              via    AI4U         (B)
L53GO             via    LU4GO        
LO2F              via    AC7DX        (B)
N5E               via    K0JCC        (B)
OG0Z              via    W0MM         (B)
OK/DH7WW/p        via    DH7WW        (B)
OK/SP9RTZ         via    SP9RTZ       
OM7M              via    OM3PA        (B)
ON1794ARJ         via    ON6NR        (B)
P33W              via    UA3DX        (B)
P4/OK5MM          via    OK2JS        (B)
PA73N             via    PA4N         (B), (L)
PJ4HZ             via    K9HZ         (d), eQSL
PP5/AI6V          via    AI6V         (B)
PR5B              via    6K5YPD       (B)
PT7/PY7XC         via    PY7XC        (B)
PW7T              via    PT7WA        (B)
PW0F              via    OH2BH        (B)
PW0F              via    OH2BH        (B)
RA/IK5MIC/p       via    IK5MIC       
RI1FJA            via    RX3MM        (d)
SJ2W              via    SM2LIY       (d), (L)
SN2012EB          via    SP4EOO       
SN2012EURO        via    SP2KFL       
SN2012FUD         via    SP2FUD       
SN2012GD          via    SQ2RH        (B) 
SN2012PO          via    SP3IQ        
SN2012PZPN        via    3Z6AEF       
SN2012RKK         via    SP2RKK       
SN2012UEFA        via    SP4ICP       
SN2012WA          via    SP5PBE       (B)
SN2012WR          via    SP6NIC       
SN4EFC            via    SP4QCU       
SV5/OK1AMM        via    OK1AMM       (B)
SV5/OK2BOB        via    OK2BOB       (B)
SV8/LZ1GC         via    LZ1GC        (B)
SV9/DJ9XB         via    DJ9XB        (B)
SV9/DL7VOA        via    DL7VOA       (B)
SV9/SQ9UM         via    SQ9UM        
TA7/R3GM          via    RA1QQ        (B)
TC7C              via    RA1QQ        (B)
TK/PA3ALK         via    PA3ALK       
TK4A              via    LoTW         only
TM5FI             via    F5XX         (B)
TM6GAL            via    F6HQP        (B)
TM0MIT            via    F5CWU        (d)
TX5VT             via    F5IDM        (KH6 bureau, see QRZ.COM)
UN9GD             via    DL8KAC       (d)
UP2L              via    UA9AB        (B)
UP4L              via    UN7LZ        (B)
UP6P              via    UN7PBY       (d)
V26E              via    AB2E         (B)
V31DV             via    AF6WU        
V31WU             via    AF6WU        
VC3E              via    VE3JPP       
VC3O              via    VE3AT        (B)
VK4NM             via    M0OXO        
VK9PN             via    VK2PN        (B), (L), eQSL
VP2MDD            via    M0AEP        (B)
VP2MSR            via    G3USR        (d)
VP5/KX4WW         via    KX4WW        (d) 
VP5/W9RN          via    W9RN         (B)
XF3LH             via    PT2OP        (B)
YL/ES2TT          via    ES2TT        (B)
YL2012USCARS      via    ES2TT        (B)
YL0WFF            via    YL2CF        (B)
YP22CER           via    YO7GWA       

(d) = only direct       (B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager   (L) = LoTW
* QSL received direct: V31YK (DL2AYK) * QSL received by LoTW: 9M0C (Spratly, 1998) * QSL received via bureau: 7Z7AA(7Z1CQ), 9K2F (9K2HN), 9M2/R6AF, CU2X, DJ7QV, DL4VCV, DL4YBZ, DL0YLE, DL0YLU, DL0YLY, HB0/DL4MP, HZ1SBS, JR3NZC, LA/DL2VFR, LZ7HQ, OX2A, OZ2AR/p, PJ7N(W4FC), TM5SM (F5RJM), XV4YY (DH7WW), YO9FNP

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to: Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX-Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DH5NBK, DJ5AV, DJ9ZB, DL1SBF, DL4FDM, DL5YEE, DL7MAE, DL9WVM, DM5DM, DO3ED, F5NQL, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K, VA3RJ, etc.

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

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