DXNL DX Bulletim 1784 DATE 13-06-2012 (atualizado todas as quartas-feiras)

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Visit us at the HAMRADIO in Friedrichshafen Europe's largest amateur radio meeting HAMRADIO takes place from Jun 22-24 at the Convention Center in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance We would be pleased to meet the DXNL subscribers at the booth of the DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting" (hall A1, booth 462).

9K, KUWAIT The "Kuwait Amateur Radio Society" activates the special event station 9K2KCBB from Jun 13-15 to mark the World Blood Donor Day on June 14. The will work in SSB/CW/RTTY. QSL via 9K2RA, unfortunately only direct.

CT, PORTUGAL Joao,CT1BWU, is licensed for 30 years now and celebrates this with the special callsign CR6BWU. QSL via homecall.

CY0, SABLE ISLAND, NA-063 (update) Alan has put down his 40m/80m/160m antenna but he can still work on 30m/20m/17m/15m/12m/10m in PSK and BPSK31 using his TS-690s and a Hygain AV-18VS 10m high. His stay will last until the end of the year.

KH0, MARIANA ISLANDS, OC-086 Tony,JA6CNL, will visit the Northern Mariana Islands (OC-086, USi NI002S, WLOTA 1333, Loc QK25uf) again from June 15-18. He works as KH0N in CW only on 80m-6m. QSL via homecall.

OD, LEBANON Gaby,OD5NJ, has been spotted on 15m from 1430-1600 UTC. QSL via EA5BYP.

ON, BELGIUM The radioclub of Binche (ON7RY) commemorates the Belgian resistance fighters of World War II on the historic spot Bruly-de-Pesche by using the special callsign ON44WAR on Jun 17. They will use a Whaddon MK VII PARASET for this purpose. QSL via ON7RY.

PA, THE NETHERLANDS The special event station PA300BPM draws attention on the 300th horse market in Numansdorp until June 28. QSL via PD2GSP.

SM, SWEDEN Richard,SM2TOS, Urban,SM2SXA, Gunnar,SM2IUF, Patrick,SA2BDO, Mats,SA2AWO, Rune,SM2EKA, and Maria,SA2YLM, are planning an expedition to a Lancaster bomber which crashed on Oct 29, 1944, at Porjus (JP97ua) using the special callsign SE2EE on June 16/17. The Avro Lancaster bomber Mk1 NF920 "Easy Elsie" was one of 37 with the mission to sink the Tirpitz in Norway. QSL via SM2TOS. See also: http://www.sm2tos.se/easyelsie/eng

SV, GREECE The Greek special event station SX135HRC is active until July 31 on the occasion of the 135-year old existence of the Greek Red Cross. QSL via SV1EOS.

TF, ICELAND, EU-168 Volkmar,TF/DL4AOJ, will be QRV from the island of Grimsey (EU-168) working mainly on SSB and maybe some CW with his IC 706 (100 watts) and GPA 404 (40m/20m/15m/10m) from June 15-19. He travels and operates alone so the restriction for all his luggage (tech/clothing/food/etc..) is what he can carry along. He still hopes to make a good number of QSOs, though.

UA1, EUROPEAN RUSSIA Members of the RZ1CWC team (Victor,R1CBN, Vladimir,UA1CIO Andrew,RN1CW) and other OPs will show up from Annenskoe Fortification (WCA UA-00024, COTA-RU C-124) and from Vyborg Castle (WCA UA-00004, COTA-RU C-104, ARLHS ERU-231, RLHA RLE-new) on Jun 16. They also plan to activate Vysotsk Fortress (WCA UA-00022, COTA-RU C-122) on Jun 16/17. Listen for RZ1CWC/p in CW/PSK/SSB on all bands. The log will be uploaded also to WCA E-Log. QSL via RN1CW. See also: http://www.rz1cwc.qrz.ru and http://www.wcagroup.org/ENG/main.html
The new award program "Gallery of the Great Genius of Russia" (GGGR) was launched in Russia. Following special event stations will be active until Aug 30:

All QSLs via UA6MM.

UA9, ASIATIC RUSSIA The city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur celebrates its 80th anniversary. The local HAMs participate in this event with the special event station UE80C from June 1 until August 31. QSL via bureau.

V7, MARSHALL ISLANDS, OC-028 Steve,G3ZVW/ZD8N, will be QRV as V73/AF6SU from the clubstation V73AX on Kwajalein atoll (Ralik chain, OC-028, Loc RJ38ur) until the end of June. He has been worked on 20m CW already. QSL via G3ZVW.

VE, CANADA The Burnaby Amateur Radio Club (VE7BAR) was assigned the special call CG7CWPC in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the "CW Parker Carousel" (shown in "Burnaby Village Museum"). They will work in all modes on all bands from Jun 15 until July 15. QSL via VE7ESS. See also: http://www.ve7bar.org
The Kitchener Waterloo Amateur Radio Club (KWARC) celebrates its 90th anniversary with the special callsign VC390IC from June 18 until July 2. The station consists of a Viking Pacemaker transmitter and a Gonset G63 receiver. Operations will take place in SSB on 40 and 80m. They have also other equipment for the higher bands. QSL unfortunately only direct via VE3NQK.
The Laval-Laurentides Amateur Radio Club celebrates its 30th jubilee by activating the special call VC2L in all modes on all bands from June 15 until July 15. QSL via VE2NHK.
Mike,VE3NOO, may use the special callsign VX3ROYL from Jun 15 to Jul 15 to mark the 200th anniversary of the escape of the British corvette "Royal George". He plans to work in all modes on all bands. QSL via VE3NOO.
Not only WPX friends will be interested in the special callsign VX3T operated by Pete,VE3IKV, on the occasion of the Calgary Stampede centennial on June 15. QSL unfortunately only direct via VE3IKV.

W, USA Andy,N8OFS (SMIRK 6737), will be QRV as N8OFS/p from EN91 for the SMIRK 50MHz QSO Party running 50 watts in FM on 52.525 MHz from Jun 15-17. QSL unfortunately only direct via homecall or eQSL.

AWARDS PROGRAM: The Activity Group of Belarus (AGB) draws attention to their Award trophy and contest programs: http://ev5agb.com

DXCC: The XX9E operation was approved for DXCC credit. QSL cards for the DXCC and all other ARRL awards can be (re-)submitted for confirmation at the HAMRADIO in Friedrichshafen.

IOTA: EU-155 was deleted from the list. The further development of the Po river delta will be monitored continuously. QSOs before October 2011 will be accepted on all applications arriving prior to Sep 1.
Following IOTA expeditions are accepted for credit now: AT2DW (AS-175), XF1AA (NA-189), 4A3RCC (NA-200), KL7RRC/p (NA-240), 4W0VB/p (OC-232), CW5GI (SA-039), 7O6T (AF-028)

4U1ITU, 4U1UN and 4U1WRC: QSL cards of 4U1ITU, 4U1UN and 4U1WRC will be available at the booth of the "Swiss DX Foundation" at the HAMRADIO. Please refer to the time schedule announced at the booth and bring your QSO information with you.

TCSWAT: The winner of the World Kidney Day Award are: ES1IP, OK2JS, DL1MDU, EA2DNY, EA7IZZ, EB5CS, EI3CTB, G0TRB, G0WOU, G3OCA, M0TQR, OZ4Z, RA3PCI, SWL I3-65709

OP wanted: Members of the "West OZ DX Group" are planning a DXpedition to Woody Island (OC-170) this year. See also: http://www.westozdx.net If you are interested please send an e-mail to webmaster@westozdx.net

TOPBAND: All 160m enthusiasts are invited to participate in the survey of Garry,NI6T, and Larry,K8UT, until Aug 31. The results will be published in September. See also: http://survey.hamdocs.com/?sid=11389 and http://k8uttw81.k8ut.com/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=11

EURAO: The visitors of the HAMRADIO can meet representatives of the European organization of radio amateurs in hall A1 at booth 769. See also: http://www.eurao.org/de and http://eurobureauqsl.org

INTERNATIONAL MUSEUMS WEEKENDS: The International Museums weekends will be held on Jun 16/17 and Jun 23/24 this year. Radio amateurs are invited to join the IMW by operating their stations from a local museum. The organizer Harry,M1BYT, asks for registration at: http://www.ukradioamateur.co.uk/imw


Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ, passed away at the age of 71 on June 3. He was responsible for the QST column "The World Above 50 MHz" from 2002 to 2011. He was a member of the "ARRL Contest Advisory Committee", editor of the "VHF Contesting Column" in CQ Contest magazine, Director of the CQ VHF Contestes from 2000-02 and an early adopter and advocate of aggressive contestlog checking.

Other HAMs who passed away are:

Peter Kallfelz,DL8YR,
Luciano Montanari,I4MNK,
Joel Oulie,F6FHP, and
Abel Aguirre,LU8EDK (who has spent 18 summers and 6 winters as a radio operator in the Antarctic between 1953 and 1997).

Our condolences and sympathy are with their families and friends. We do not want to be sad that we lost them, but grateful that we could get to know them as a radio friend. We will always keep them in memory.

LINKS ....

Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at: http://www.sotawatch.org

Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de


Jun 13 DIG Spring Contest
Jun 14 DIG Spring Contest
Jun 16 AGCW-DL VHF/UHF Contest
Jun 16/17 JARL All Asian DX Contest
Jun 16/17 Ukrainian Classic RTTY Contest
Jun 17 DIE Contest

Starting in 2012 the "World Castle Weekend" is moved to the third weekend in June following a request of Spanish HAMs who want to avoid any possible interferences with the "His Majesty The King of Spain Contest" on Jun 23/24. See also: http://www.wcagroup.org

IOTA ....

Island activities:

AN-013, several, Trinity Peninsula group: LU4ZS is working from the Marambio station on Seymour Island (AN-013, AA LU-03, WAP ARG-21, WFF LUFF-056) at the moment. QSL via LU4DXU.

AS-147, JA8, Hokkaidos Coastal Islands: Taka,JA8COE/8, is going to visit Yagishiri Island (WLOTA 2512, Loc QN04QK) again from Jun 16-18. The activity will be postponed by one week if the weather is not suitable. QSL via homecall.

EU-005, G/GM/GW, Great Britain: The special event station GB0BON will be QRV from Naseby on Jun 16/17 to remember the Battle of Naseby (June 1645). They will work on 80m-70cm as long as their generators provide power. QSL via G4XEX (bureau/direct/eQSL).

EU-021, TF, Iceland: Bill,W4TAA, and Pete,VE3IKV, will show up as TF/VX3T from the south coast of Iceland (WLOTA 2975/Loc HP83SU) from Jun 17-30. They will work only on 6m with 100 watts and an 8-ele-yagi. They will also try to activate other Loc fields. QSLs only direct via VE3IKV.

EU-023, 9H, Malta group: Jeff,N6GQ, is going to spend his holidays on Malta (MIA MM-001, WLOTA 1113). He will work in holiday style signing 9H3ZZ on the HF bands from Jun 17-29. QSLs direct or via LoTW to N6GQ.
On the occasion of the International Museum weekend in 2012 the special event station 9H9IMW will be active from the historic city of Valetta on Jun 16-24. They have an exhibition showing old radio technology which was provided by Fortunata,9H1ES, and others. More information about the radios can be found on http://gorga40.tripod.com QSL direct via 9H9IMS (see QRZ.com).

EU-039, F, Chausey Islands: Chausey Island (DIFM MA-004, DDFM 50, DPF 04, WLOTA 0424) will be the last stop of Keith's trip from Jun 16-22. He will work holiday style as F/G3TTC in SSB on 80m/40m/20m/15m. QSL via G3TTC (bureau/direct).

EU-043, SM6, Goteborg och Bohus/Halland County group: Bernd,DL8AAV, will show up from Orust Island signing SD1B/6 from Jun 18-30. Listen for him on the usual IOTA frequencies. QSL via DL8AAV.

EU-048, F, Bretagne (Morbihan) Region group: Keith,G3TTC, is handing out IOTA points from Ile d'Houat (DIFM AT016, WLOTA 1105) signing F/G3TTC/p in SSB on Jun 14. QSL via G3TTC (bureau/direct).

EU-112, GM/MM, Shiant Islands: Members of the "GMDX Group" will activate the Shiant Islands as GB5SI from Jun 15-22. They plan to work in CW, SSB and RTTY on 80m-6m. QSL via MM0BQI.

EU-125, OZ, Jylland West group: Rico,OZ/DO6EBB, will be active on HF from Fano Island (DIA NS-002, Loc JO45EK) from Jun 17-30. QSL only direct or via eQSL to DO6EBB.

NA-092, W5, Texas State West: Dave,AC0QG/5, plans to show up again from South Padre Island (USi TX007S) between Jun 18 and Jul 13. Listen for him on the usual IOTA frequencies. QSL direct via homecall. The log will be uploaded also to the LoTW and eQSL.

Lighthouse activities ....

KH0N LH 1333 Jun 15-18

WFF activities ....

DLFF: Ric,DL2VFR, provided following information: The new WFF Directory was published on Jun 1, 2012, and now there are also these new DLFF areas:
DLFF-138: Nature Reserve Esterweger Dose
DLFF-139: Nature Reserve Duvenstedter Brook
DLFF-140: Nature Reserve Bislicher Island
DLFF-141: Nature Reserve Koenigsbruecker Heide
DLFF-142: Nature Reserve Doeberitzer Heide
DLFF-143: Nature Reserve Waldnaabtal
DLFF-144: Nature Reserve Charlottenhofer Weihergebiet
DLFF-145: Nature Reserve Stadtwald Augsburg
DLFF-146: Nature Reserve Rotwildpark Stuttgart
The special event station DQ125HSB is working in SSB on 2m from the nature park Harz (DLFF-063) on Jun 16 (1200-1700 UTC). QSL via bureau.

ONFF: The clubstation ON6WL/p will be active on 40m and 20m from the ONFF area "De Buylaers Lokeren" (ONFF-065) on Jun 17 (0700-1100 UTC). This activity counts also for the BCA (Belgian Castle award) with the reference OV-006 and WCA ON-00338. QSL via ON5JE.

SPFF: Zbig,SP2IU/p, plans to activate following WFF areas:
SPFF 129: Nature reserve Szaniecki (Jun 17, starting 0800 UTC)
SPFF 065: Nature reserve Nadnidzianski (Jun 17, starting 1300 UTC)
SPFF 052: Nature reserve Kozubowski (Jun 18, starting 0800 UTC)
Zbig works in CW and SSB mainly on 20m and 40m. QSL via homecall. The logs will be uploaded also to the WFF LogSearch.

YOFF: YP7P and YR7WFF are working in CW, SSB and digital modes on HF/50 MHz/ VHF/UHF from YOFF-373 (2228m a.s.l., Loc KN15TI) from Jun 14-19. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

Preview ....

Unknown 3B8MM 1777 -15Jun 4JS0NG.. 1772/1777 02Jun-17Jun 5B/KC9URR 1783 02Jun-17Jun 5B/KC9UUS 1783 11Jun-22Jun 5H9CP 1783 01Jan-30Jun 5P12EU 1760 -2014 5Z4EE 1742/1753/1772 2012 6D0LM 1774 -31Oct 8J0WAZA 1780 -31Dec 8J1MST 1779 -30Sep 8J2NDP.. 1751 -15Jul 8J3XVI 1779 -31Dec 8J6O 1773 -30Sep 8J7EQ 1773 -31Dec 8N1TDU 1780 15May-31Jul 8N6JAPAN 1783 -2012 9J2RI 1739/1742 -28Jul 8N1TW 1773 -08Jul 8T1M 1781 16Jun-24Jun 9H9IMW 1784 * Unknown 9H3XX 1777 17Jun-29Jun 9H3ZZ 1784 * 13Jun-15Jun 9K2KCBB 1784 * -Oct/14 9V1RM 1751 -Sep/13 A52SV 1752 06Jun-14Jun A52J.. 1783 10Jun-30Jun A6/DL9WVM 1783 18Jun-13Jul AC0QG/5 1784 * 15Jun-15Jul CG7CWPC 1784 * -31Dec CN2YZ 1771 Unknown CR6BWU 1784 * 10Jun-13Jun CS5FAT 1783 -Dec CY0/VE1AWW 1784 * -08Jul D2QV 1750 -May/13? D2SG 1748/1780 Unknown D3AA 1781 2012? DL0SLITISA 1764 -13Jan DL125HHZ 1778 01Jan-31Dec DL1630Y 1760 -31Dec DL250COAL 1779 01Jan-31Dec DM100MGY 1763 01Jan-31Dec DM50KSJ 1763 -31Dec DM800ANH 1767 -Feb/13 DP0GVN 1756 -Jan/13 DQ0STRATEX 1770 -31Dec DQ125HSB 1763/1784 * Unknown E40VB 1780 -31Dec E720RS 1770 05Jun-24Jun ED3CW.. 1783 01Jan-31Dec EI80IRTS 1763 01Jun-01Jul EM2012EURO.. 1782 01May-30Jun EM350S 1777 -26Aug EM80L.. 1778 Unknown EV1150P 1779 14Jun-22Jun F/G3TTC 1784 * -Mar/13 FH8NX 1747 01Jun-24Jun FO/F4EBT 1782 -Jul FR8NE 1710 08Jun-24Jun FS/K9EL 1783 -Jun G4BJC.. 1779 19May-27Jul G4WAB.. 1780 16Jun-17Jun GB0BON 1784 * -19Jun GB50CCC 1782 15Jun-22Jun GB5SI 1784 * -31Dec GB50WVR 1767 2012 GB80PW 1762 -31Dec HA50ZH 1780 07Jun-14Jun HC1MD 1783 Unknown HH2/9A7GAE 1776 -Sep/13 HI3/KL7JR 1745 Resident HS0ZKG 1778 -Dec ID9DXC.. 1755 01Jan-31Dec II6LN 1763 12Jun-26Jun IM0/ON7ARQ 1783 -2011/12? J28JV 1680 -Jul J28RO 1683 -Jul/13 J28UC 1734 16Jun-18Jun JA8COE/8 1784 * Unknown JT5NM 1781 29Mar-Mar/13 JX9JKA 1769/1773 Unknown JY9ET 1779 10Jun-30Jun K6ZRH/DU1 1783 -2013 KG4AJ 1756 15Jun-18Jun KH0N 1784 * -Jun/13 KH2/N2NL 1680 Jun LU4ZS 1784 * -22Jul LZ12FDAY 1770 -31Dec LZ1818MOG.. 1770 10Jun-24Jun N2W 1783 15Jun-17Jun N8OFS/p 1784 * -15Aug NR4CB 1780 May -Oct OD5/IV3XNF 1777 Unknown OD5NJ 1874* -31Dec OH150VR 1772 -31Dec ON500MERCATOR 1783 04Apr-31Dec ON100TT 1775 17Jun ON44WAR 1784 * 01Jan-31Dec ON65BR 1763 17Jun ON6WL/p 1784 * 17Jun-30Jun OZ/DO6EBB 1784 * -28Jun PA300BPM 1784 * -31Aug R1150V 1783 -30Aug R11GGGR.. 1784 * -31Jul R200BS 1783 12Jun-12Sep R200V 1783 01Jun-30Jun R73EPC.. 1783 -2013 RI1ANF 1765 -Sep RI1FJA 1741 -Sep RI1FJM 1741 16Jun-17Jun RZ1CWC/p 1784 * -31Dec S555E.. 1772 18Jun-30Jun SD1B/6 1784 * 16Jun-17Jun SE2EE 1784 * 15May-15Jun SF0530COH 1783 11Jun-13Jun SM1/JH8SGR 1783 01Jun-01Jul SN2012GD.. 1782 17Jun-18Jun SP2IU/p 1784 * 28May-17Jun SV8/N6GQ 1781 -31Jul SX135HRC 1784 * -13Jun T6JM 1764 -Jul T6JP 1768/1770 -Jun T6MO 1733/1767/1781 -31Dec TC50TRAC.. 1770 15Jun-19Jun TF/DL4AOJ 1784 * 17Jun-30Jun TF/VX3T 1784 * Unknown TK/PA3ALK 1782 -31Dec TM210VH 1770 03Jun-17Jun TM24H 1783 -22Jul TM3FFI 1779 -10Jun TM6GAL 1782 -31Dec TM70TRS 1763 -Jul TN9SN 1755 -31Aug UE80C 1784 * Jun V31WU.. 1782 -Jun V73/AF6SU 1784 * -Nov/14 V73NS 1604/1668/1752 15Jun-15Jul VC2L 1784 * 18Jun-02Jul VC390IC 1784 * Jun VC3E 1782 -24Jun VC3O 1782 01Jun-31Jul VK100WIQ 1783 02Jun-06Aug VP2MDD 1782 30Jun-09Jul VP2MSR 1782 -Jul VQ9JC 1755 15Jun-15Jul VX3ROYL 1784 * 15Jun VX3T 1784 * -May/14 XE1/DM3DL 1730 14Jun-19Jun YR7WFF 1784 * 14Jun-19Jun YP7P.. 1784 * -2014 ZY2014WC 1774 * = new or updated .. = and other calls

QSL information ....
1A0C        via 1A0Z
3Z1BLH      via SP1DOZ
3Z0LH       via SP1PBW (B)
3Z2012YRY   via SP2UUU
5B/KC9UUS   via KC9UUS
9A209T      via 9A9T
9H9IMW      via 9H9IMS
9H3ZZ       via N6GQ (d), (L)
9K2KCBB     via 9K2RA (d)
A52BA       via JK1EBA (B)
A52JY       via JA1JQY (B)
A52MA       via JA3MCA
A52VE       via JF1OCQ (B)
A62A        via IZ8CLM (B)
AY8A        via LU8ADX (B)
AC0QG/5     via AC0QG (d), (L)
CG7CWPC     via VE7Ess (B)
CR6BWU      via CT1BWU (B)
CT8/DK7LX   via DK7LX (B)
CY0/VE1AWW  via VE1AWW (B)
DA0LSW      via DM3ZF (B)
DQ125HSB        (B)
EA2/DL6ZFG  via DL6ZFG (B)
EA5/ON4CAU  via ON4CAU (B)
EA5HJY      via EA7HBC (B)
EA6/DK5IR   via DK5IR (B)
ED3CW       via EB3CW (B), (L), eQSL
ED5ATK      via EA5ATK (B), (L), eQSL
ED5FL       via EA5FL
ED5HAB      via EA5HAB (B), eQSL
ED5JC       via EC5JC (B)
ED5KB       via EA5KB (B)
ED8DD       via EA8DD (B), eQSL
EG2DSF      via EA2DGP (B)
EG3EPC          (L), eQSL, HRDLOG
EG4ANA      via EA4AUG (B)
EH7MCB      via EB7CVL (B)
EM4IFF      via US5IQ
EN2012LTX   via UR4LTX (B)
EN5RFF      via UT1RT
F/G3TTC     via G3TTC (B)
F/I1UWF     via I1UWF (B)
F5KTC/p     via F5KTC
F8DYD/p     via F8DYD (B)
FM1FV       via W3HNK (d)
GB0BON      via G4XEX     (B)
GB5SI       via MM0BQI (B)
HA/DL2GK    via DL2GK (B)
HF40BAZ     via SP2PZH
HG3R        via HA3NU (B)
HZ1TT       via IZ8CLM (B)
II9AS       via IT9JPW (d)
J48SAI      via SV1RK (B)
JA8COE/8    via JA8COE (B)
JY9ET       via M0OXO (B), OQRS, (L)
KD8PZO/1    via KD8PZO (B)
KH0N        via JA6CNL (B)
KP4BD       via NP3O (d)
LS1D        via AC7DX (B) (*)
LU4ZS       via LU4DXU (B)
LZ7S        via LZ2HM (B)
LZ8E        via LZ2BE (B)
M3W         via G4FAL (B)
N8OFS/p     via N8OFS (d), eQSL
NL8F        via K8NA
OD5NJ       via EA5BYP (B)
OG1M        via OH1VR (d)
OG8N        via OH6CT
OJ0MC       via OH6MC (B)
ON44WAR     via ON7RY
ON6WL/p     via ON5JE(B)
OZ/DO6EBB   via DO6EBB (d)
PA300BPM    via PD2GSP
R1150TV     via R3ID
R11GGGR     via UA6MM (B)
R12GGGR     via UA6MM (B)
R22GGGR     via UA6MM (B)
R3GOFF      via R3GO
R44GGGR     via UA6MM (B)
R55EPC      via R9CBA (B)
R66GGGR     via UA6MM (B)
R73EPC      via RK3DSW
R73GGGR     via UA6MM (B)
R77GGGR     via UA6MM (B)
RZ1CWC/p    via RN1CW (B), (L)
SE2EE       via SM2TOS
SF0530COH   via SM0PSO
SF2BRN      via SA2BRN (B)
SN0WFF      via SP5X (B)
SP2IU/p     via SP2IU (B)
SV8/PD0ARI  via PD0ARI (B)
SX135HRC    via SV1EOS (B), eQSL
SD1B/6      via DL8AAV (B)
SE1TDE      via SM1TDE (B)
TF/DL4AOJ   via DL4AOJ (B)
TF/VX3T     via VE3IKV (d)
TM5BBC      via F2UW
UA4M        via RN4LP (B)
UE80C           (B)
V31DV       via AF6WU
V31IZ       via JO1CRA (B)
V31WU       via AF6WU
V73/AF6SU   via G3ZVW (B)
VC2L        via VE2NHK (B)
VC390IC     via VE3NQK (d)
VX3ROYL     via VE3NOO (B)
VX3T        via VE3IKV     (d)
XV2W        via W6NWS (B)
XV9NPS      via JA2NPS
XX9TBM      via EB7DX (d)
YO3KIA      via YO3JR (B)
YP0CD       via YO5BFJ (B)
YP1WFF      via YO3JW (B)
YP7P        via YO7LFV
YR7WFF      via YO7LFV
YT2R        via YU1AU
YU0T        via YU1WS
ZQ2FX       via G3RFX (B)
ZZ190GOB    via PT2OP (B)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request
QSLs arrived direct: 3C6A (EA5BYP), HK0NA (via GDXF-QSL-Service)

DXer arrested on espionage (update)
According to Baldur,DJ6SI, himself, he was not accused of espionage. He was accused of
1) making radio communications without the consent of the Greek authorities
2) operating a transceiver which can receive also non-HAM frequencies.
Later they added a point this he was not willing to hand over his laptop for the contents to be checked. In the hearing of June 8 they only kept the charge up of destroying his notebook for the purpose of destruction of evidence. This point is judged later.

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to: Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DH5NBK, DJ5AV, DJ5IH, DJ9ZB, DK7YY, DL1SBF, DL4AOJ, DL7MAE, DL7VOA, EU1EU, NG3K, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, VA3RJ, VA3TET and others.

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

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