DARC- DXNL nº 1789 20/07/2012

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     The special event station CQ73I operates in SSB/CW/RTTY on 80m-6m
     on the occasion of the 31st International Motorcycle Rally in Faro
     until July 22. QSL via CT1EHX.

     To celebrate the win of the 14th UEFA European Football Championship
     Spanish hams are allowed to use these special prefixes until July 31:
     EA may be replaced by AO, EB by AM, and EC may be replaced by AN.

     The op's F5SKJ, F6FAI, F4EJW, F4ELJ, F0GWK and F0GXK are planning to
     visit the lighthouse in the bay of Morlaix on Noire Island and want
     to work as TM9LF on July 21/22. QSL via F0GWK (office only) and eQSL.

     Ludovic,HB9EOU, and Andre,HB9CVC, will hand out a few IOTA points
     from St. Barthelemy (NA-146) signing TO2D between Jul 22 and Aug 4.
     They work in SSB and RTTY from 40m-6m. QSL via HB9EOU.
     See also: http://st-barth.hb9eme.ch

     Philippe,FO4BM, is planning an holiday style operation as TX0HF from
     the Austral Islands. His destination islands are Tubuai (OC-152) and
     Rurutu (OC-050), with expected activity in SSB on 20m running 100 watts
     into a dipole. He is standby to get on an airplane to these islands.
     QSL via F4FJH, unfortunately only direct.

     Yuri,VE3DZ, and Victor,VA2WDQ/VA2WA, will be active as FP/VE3DZ and
     FP/VA2WA from Miquelon (NA-032) from Jul 20-31. Listen for them in CW,
     SSB and RTTY on 160m-6m and also in the CQWW VHF Contest (Jul 21/22)
     and RSGB IOTA Contest (Jul 28/29) which they both plan to join as TO2U.
     Their preferred frequencies are:
     CW:   1824, 3524, 7024, 10114, 14024, 18074, 21024, 24894, 28024 kHz
     SSB:  3790, 7060/7140, 14240, 18140, 21240, 24940, 28440 kHz
     RTTY: 7041, 10142, 14084, 18104, 21084, 24914, 28080 kHz
     6m: 50104 kHz (CW) and 50.115 kHz (SSB)
     QSLs can be requested after the DXpedition via OQRS (bureau) or
     via PayPal (direct). See: http://www.to2u.contestgroupduquebec.com

     On the occasion of the upcoming Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
     British HAMs are allowed to use special prefixes between Jul 21 and
     Sep 9. Single letter prefixes may be supplemented with the letter 'O'
     and in double letter prefixes the second one is replaced by an 'O'.
     For example:
        M3aaa  becomes MO3aaa
        G3aaa  becomes GO3aaa
        GM3aaa becomes GO3aaa
        2E0aaa becomes 2O0aaa
        2M0aaa becomes 2O0aaa
        GX3aaa becomes GO3aaa
     See also: http://www.rsgb.org/news/articlelinks.php?id=0263
     The special event station GB4TDF celebrates the 99th anniversary of the
     Tour de France until Jul 23 operating from Hancocks Radio Hut (WAB SD67
     Loc IO84rd), Low Bentham, Lancaster, Lancashire (EU-005, WLOTA 1841).
     The OPs are Barrie,G1JYB, Stephany,G1LAT, and members of the "Sands
     Contest Group". QSL via bureau, eQSL.
     The "Riviera Amateur Radio Club" will be operating a portable station
     from Brixham Breakwater (Loc IO80FJ, WAB SX95) on Jul 19/20 supporting
     RNLI Torbay's Lifeboat Week 2012. The club callsign MX0RIV will be QRV
     on all HF/VHF bands. QSL via bureau. See: http://www.rivieraarc.org.uk

     The special event callsign 2O12W (Two Oscar One Two Whiskey) will be
     activated between Jul 21 and Sep 9 on all bands and modes from Barry
     in Wales to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
     QSL via GW1FKY. See also: http://www.2o12w.com

     Rick,NE8Z/HC1MD, will once again be active from here from Jul 21-31.
     He plans to activate these areas with the following callsigns:
     HC1MD from Cumbaya (CW/RTTY), HC1MD/HC1 from Mount Cayambe (CW),
     HC1MD/HC3 from Loja (CW) and HC1MD/HC5 from Cuenca (CW). Activity will
     be in CW/SSB/RTTY on 40m-10m, using a TS-50s/AT-50 with a Carolina
     Windom (40m-10m) antenna from Cumbaya. From all other areas he will
     operate portable using an OutBacker antenna (40m-10m). QSL via K8LJG.
     See also: http://webpages.charter.net/ne8z

     Rick,K6VVA, activates several islands as K6VVA/KL7 from Jul 19-26:
     Jul 19-21: Crescent Island (NA-172, USi new, 2nd North Western County)
                together with Mike,K9AJ
     Jul 23/24: Barter Island (NA-050, USi AK044S, 4th Central County)
     Jul 25/26: Endeavor Island (aka Endicott, NA-004, USi AK046S,
                2nd North Western County)
     Rick prefers working mostly in CW on the high bands (30m-10m).
     Note that this schedule is subject to change due to local weather.
     QSL via N6AWD. See also: http://www.k6vva.com/iota/na172

     Henry,OH3JF, celebrates the achievement of his CQ county award with the
     special callsign OG3077F until Apr 3, 2017. He has succeeded in working
     all 3077 counties of the United States in CW since 1987. QSL via OH3JF.

     In connection with the largest Scout Jamboree ever held in Denmark, a
     special event station with the callsign OZ12SJ will be very active from
     Holstebro running five stations on all bands from Jul 21-29. They also
     offer a license course and the option of actually taking a license test
     on site. The callsign is expected to be active in the DMC RTTY Contest,
     CQWW VHF Contest and the RSGB IOTA Contest. QSL via bureau.

     Members of the Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAG), the National
     Technical University of Athens and DXPlus Hellenic Radio Amateur M.I.
     Team will activate the special callsign SX1GR from the "Sacred Rock of
     Acropolis of Athens" in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on all HF bands, 6m and 2m
     from July 18-22. The station will be active during the hours of museum
     operation. A special QSL award and special engraved QSL plaque will be
     available on request for any QSO. See QRZ.com for more details.

     Victor,UA1OEJ, will show up in SSB and digital modes signing UA1OEJ/p
     from the Solovetskiye Islands (EU-066) from Jul 22-31. QSL via UA1OEJ.
     See also: http://ra1ohx.ru

     Henry,W5HNS, Jay,K0BCN, and Marty,W5MRM, will hand out a few points as
     V31WH, V31MX and V31MO from Caye Caulker (NA-073) from Jul 23-31. They
     will work in CW and SSB on 40m-10m using a 40m dipole and a Hexbeam.
     They have not made a decision about PSK or RTTY yet since they have
     only one transceiver at their disposal. They will sign V31MX in the
     upcoming RSGB IOTA Contest. QSLs via homecalls, LoTW.

     Kyle,WA4PGM, will be on honeymoon with his wife Pam in Hamilton Parish,
     Bermuda (NA-005, Loc FM72PI) from Jul 13-22. Operating as time permits,
     using the call VP9/WA4PGM, during the IARU HF Championship (Jul 14/15),
     CQWW VHF Contest (Jul 21/22) and the North American RTTY QSO Party on
     Jul 21/22. QSL via homecall.

     The Montgomery County Amateur Radio Club (MARC) in Maryland will use
     the special call W3M during its Fieldday operations on July 23/24. The
     operation will take place from Davis Airport in northern Montgomery
     County (FM19kf). See also: http://www.marcclub.org

     The Croatian HAMs Maj,9A7TJ, and Vlado,9A3QM, are members of the UN
     ISAF forces. They are working as T6TJ and T6VT with wire antennas from
     Camp Marmal in Mazar-e-Sharif until mid September. QSLs via 9A6AA.
     See also: http://www.inet.hr/9a6aa

DXCC: Following operations were approved for DXCC credit:
     9X0PY (Dec 24, 2011, until Jan 7, 2012)
     S21YD (1994, 1995, 1998 and 1999)

WHQS Award: Once again the Polish amateur radio journal "MK QTC" sponsors
     the W-HQ-S award for working at least ten HQ stations during the
     IARU HF World Championship.
     See also: http://suchacz.eu/viewpage.php?page_id=4

WRTC 2014: The stations of the WRTC 2014 were tested from several locations
     during the IARU HF Championship. They joined the contest as K1GQ, K1RQ,
     K1ZD, N2KW, N9NB, NI1L, W1HH, W1MA, W1MJ, W1SJ, W1UE, W1UJ and WB1Z.
     More information about the WRTC can be found at http://www.wrtc2014.org

PH9HB/am, Amateur Radio from Cloud Nine: DXCoffee had an interesting
     interview with Jerry, PH9HB.

World Lakes Award: Paco Gil,EA5OL, calls attention to the World Lakes Award:

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de

Jul 21/22  Saar Contest
Jul 21/22  North American QSO Party
Jul 22     RSGB Low Power Contest
Jul 28/29  RSGB IOTA Contest

IOTA                compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG  (e-mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)
Island activities:
AS-020, BV, Taiwan Island: Bodo,DF8DX, will visit Taiwan from Jul 22-25 and
     will be active as BW/DF8DX in CW. QSL via DF8DX (bureau/direct).
     The log will be uploaded to the LoTW as well.

AS-066, R0L, Sea of Japan Coast group: Vladimir,UA0LCZ, will be QRV as RI0NZ
     from Popov Island (RR-16-02, RDA PK-05) on Jul 24-30. Before the IOTA
     Contest he will concentrate on CW (3507, 7007, 10107, 14017, 18067,
     21017, 24897 and 28017 kHz). QSL via UA0LCZ.

AS-154, TA, Black Sea Coast East group: The planned Hungarian-Turkish IOTA
     DXpedition TC0HA had to be cancelled because the received no permission
     to set foot on Giresun Island. They will give it another try in 2013.

EU-005, G/GM/GW, Great Britain: The special event station GB1AVR (Ackworth
     Vintage (Vehicle) Rally, Loc IO93ipIP, FISTS 14041) will be activated
     on Jul 21/22 during the Steam rally in Ackworth.
     QSL via bureau or direct to G0BPK. See also: http://www.pdars.com

EU-013, GJ/MJ, Jersey: The team of OT9Z will stay on Jersey (WLOTA 0818)
     from Jul 20-26. They are guests of the JARS (Jersey Amateur Radio
     Society) and will operate thee stations simultaneously as MJ/OT9Z.
     QSL via OT9Z (bureau) or ON3NT (direct).
     See also: http://dxpeditionchannelislands.weebly.com

EU-028, I5, Toscana (Tuscany) Region group: Antonio,IZ1NES, is spending his
     holidays on Elba (IIA LI-001, MIA MI-022, WLOTA 0609) until Jul 22 and
     signs IA5/IZ1NES in a holiday style on the HF bands. QSL via IZ1NES.

EU-041, I0, Maddalena Archipelago: The frist destination of Jack's,IZ3DBA,
     island trip is Maddalena Island. He will work in holiday style signing
     IM0/IZ3DBA in CW/SSB on the HF bands from Jul 22-29. QSL via IZ3DBA

EU-044, LA, Finnmark County West group: Waldi,LA/SP7IDX, and Mek,LA/SP7VC,
     will be active from Mageroya (WLOTA 0160, Loc KQ21VC) on Jul 20-29.
     They will operate in SSB and RTTY with two stations on 80m-6m, and will
     participate also in the IOTA Contest. During their travel to Mageroya
     they might stop and be active as SM/SP7VC and SM/SP7IDX from Seskaro
     Island (EU-139) on July 19/20. QSLs via homecalls, LoTW.
     See also: http://sp7idx-hexbeam.eu  and  http://www.sp7vc.pl

EU-045, I0, Lazio Region group: Antonio,IZ8IQL, Carlo,IZ0EGC, Gianni,IW0BTN,
     Giorgio,IZ8FAV, Francesco,IK8TEO, and Giuseppe,IZ0GZW, will be QRV as
     IB0F from Ponza (IIA LT-001, MIA MI-076, WLOTA 1395) from Jul 23-31.
     They will also participate in the RSGB IOTA Contest (Jul 28/29).
     For QSL routes check QRZ.com.
     Alessio,IB0/IZ0UIM, activates Ventotene Island (IIA LT-011) again from
     Jul 18-22. He may also visit Santo Stefano Island (IIA LT-010) during
     this time. He works only in SSB on 80m-10m with FT-1000 and dipole.
     QSL unfortunately only direct to his homecall, LoTW, eQSL.

EU-056, LA, More og Romsdal County Centre group: Thomas plans to be active
     as LA/SM3DMP from Otroy Island (WLOTA 3195) from Jul 18-20. He works
     with TS-590 and wire vertical mainly in CW on 30m/20m/17m.
     QSL via SM3DMP (bureau/direct). Log will be uploaded to the LoTW also.

EU-073, I7, Puglia Region group: Members of Taranto ARMI section and 599 DX
     Team will be active as IJ7T from San Pietro Island (IIA TA-002) from
     July 20-22. They will operate SSB, CW and RTTY on the HF bands and 6m.
     QSL via IK7WDS. An OQRS for direct and bureau cards will be available.
     Further information will be available at: http://www.armi.ta.it

EU-075, SV, Peloponnisos (Argolis)/Attiki Region group: George,SV1CDY, still
     on air as SV8/SV1CDY from Aegina Island (Loc KM17rs) is working mostly
     on 6m (preferably 1600 UTC on 50.130-50.140 MHz) and of course during
     the RSGB IOTA Contest at the last weekend of July. QSL via homecall.

EU-123, GM/MM, Shottish Coastal Islands: Iain,MM0TFU/p, operates from
     Blackwaterfoot on the western side of Arran (IOSA CL01, SCOTIA CS14)
     from Jul 19-28. He plans to join the RSGB IOTA Contest as well.
     QSL via homecall (bureau/direct), LoTW preferred.

EU-178, ES0/8, Parnumaa County/Saaremaa County South group: Dominik,SQ7OXU,
     and Jack,SP7DPJ, are undertaking an IOTA DXpedition to the island
     Ruhnu (WLOTA 4244, Loc KO17PT) from Jul 23-30. They will work as ES0W
     and also during the IOTA Contest. QSL via SP7DPJ.
     See also: http://www.sp7dpj.com

EU-179, UR, Black Sea Coast group: Members of the "Beer Lovers Radio Club
     International, Dnepropetrovsk Radio Club" and the "Tavria Radio Club"
     (Alex,UR5GDX, Ivan,UR8GX, Nick,UR3GO, Leo,UT7CL, and Roman,UR3CJR) will
     be QRV in CW, SSB and RTTY from Kalanchakskiye Island (UIA BS-008) from
     Jul 24-30. They will join the IOTA Contest as UT7E/p.
     QSLs for UT7E/p via UT7EZZ (bureau/direct), all others via homecalls.

EU-182, UR, Black Sea Coast group: UT9IO/p plans to become active in CW/SSB/
     digital modes on the HF bands from Zmeinyi Island from Jul 21-29. He
     plans to take part in the IOTA Contest as well. QSL via homecall.

NA-067, W4, North Carolina State East group: Jon,WB8YJF/4, will be QRV again
     from Ocracoke Island (USi NC001S, WLOTA 0466) working in CW, RTTY and
     SSB on 80m-10m from Jul 22-29 (incl. IOTA Contest). QSL via homecall.

Lighthouse activities
FP/VA2WA     LH 1417   Jul 20-31
FP/VE3DZ     LH 1417   Jul 20-31
TK12IOTA/p   LH 0098   Jul 18
TO2D         LH 1395   Jul 23-31

WFF activities
DLFF: The German club Elbe-Elster (Y43) plans to spend its fieldday in the
     nature park "Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft" (QTH Zeischa, DLFF-091)
     from Jul 20-22. They will be QRV as DL0LIB/p and with their individual
     homecalls/p on HF and VHF. See also: http://www.y43.info

FFF: Daniel,F8GAF, will be QRV from FFF-372 on Jul 22. QSL via F8GAF.

YVFF: YW2OM is the callsign of a DXpedition to the Sierra Nevada National
     Park (YVFF-042, YVAO-01, YVMA-01-02). Their location will be the
     "Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Llano del Hato" in Merida from
     Jul 19-24. Operation is planned to take place in SSB, CW and digi mode
     on 2m-160m. QSL via YV5AJ (bureau/direct).

DATE           CALL           DXNL

21Jul-09Sep    2O12W          1789 *
     -31Jul    3G90AA         1787
14Jul-28Jul    5P5J           1788
     -2014     5Z4EE          1742/1753/1772
2012           6D0LM          1774
     -31Dec    7T50I..        1788
     -31Oct    8J0WAZA        1780
     -31Mar    8J1MBR         1788
     -31Dec    8J1MST         1779
     -31Mar    8J1SPY         1788
     -30Sep    8J2NDP..       1751
     -31Dec    8J6O           1773
     -31Dec    8J6OKAJO       1788
     -30Sep    8J7EQ          1773
     -12Aug    8J9HC          1788
     -31Oct    8N0CLEAN..     1788
     -31Dec    8N1TDU         1780
15May-31Jul    8N6JAPAN       1783
     -2012     9J2RI          1739/1742
     -28Jul    8N1TW          1773
08Jul-21Jul    9A/HA4BF/p     1787
     -Oct/14   9V1RM          1751

     -Sep/13   A52SV          1752
22Jul-25Jul    BW/DF8AX       1789 *
     -Dec/13   C91IW          1787
Unknown        CG3B           1786
     -31Dec    CN2YZ          1771
     -22Jul    CQ73I          1789 *
Unknown        CR6BWU         1784
Jul            CR6W..         1786
     -Dec/12   CY0/VE1AWW     1784
     -May/13?  D2SG           1748/1780
Unknown        D3AA           1781
     -31Dec    DA0LSW         1785
13Jul          DF7KF/VP9      1788
20Jul-22Jul    DL0LIB/p       1789 *
2012?          DL0SLITISA     1764
Jul            DL0SOP         1788
     -13Jan    DL125HHZ       1778
01Jan-31Dec    DL1630Y        1760
     -31Dec    DL250COAL      1779
10Jul-20Jul    DL4AO/p        1787
01Jan-31Dec    DM100MGY       1763
01Jan-31Dec    DM50KSJ        1763
     -31Dec    DM800ANH       1767
     -Feb/13   DP0GVN         1756
     -Jan/13   DQ0STRATEX     1770
     -31Dec    DQ125HSB       1763/1784

Unknown        E40VB          1780
02Jul-25Aug    E51AND         1786
Unknown        E51MGA         1786
07Jul-21Jul    E51YNB..       1787
     -31Dec    E720RS         1770
16Jul-27Jul    EA6/IW2NEF     1788
08Jul-19Jul    EI/WJ2O/m      1787
01Jan-31Dec    EI80IRTS       1763/1788
     -31Jul    EI8GQB..       1788
     -26Aug    EM80L..        1778
08Jul-19Jul    ES0FTZ         1787
23Jul-30Jul    ES0W           1789 *
Unknown        EV1150P        1779
Jul            EV910B         1787
22Jul          F8GAF          1789 *
     -01Mar    FH8NX          1747
     -Jul      FR8NE          1710
19May-27Jul    G4WAB..        1780
21Jul-22Jul    GB1AVR         1789 *
     -23Jul    GB4TDF         1789 *
     -31Dec    GB50WVR        1767
2012           GB80PW         1762
08Jul-19Jul    GI/WJ2O/m      1787

     -31Dec    HA50ZH         1780
21Jul-31Jul    HC1MD..        1789 *
14Jul-22Jul    HD081QRC       1788
13Jul-16Jul    HG0WFF         1788
     -Sep/13   HI3/KL7JR      1745
Unknown        HP1/IZ6BRN     1787
15Jul-22Jul    IA5/IZ1NES     1789 *
18Jul-22Jul    IB0/IZ0IUM     1789 *
23Jul-31Jul    IB0F           1789 *
     -Dec      ID9DXC..       1755
01Jan-31Dec    II6LN          1763
20Jul-22Jul    IJ7T           1789 *
22Jul-29Jul    IM0/IZ3DBA     1789 *
     -Jul/12   J28RO          1683
     -Jul/13   J28UC          1734
Unknown        JT5NM          1781
29Mar-Mar/13   JX9JKA         1769/1773
Unknown        JY9ET          1779

19Jul-26Jul    K6VVA/KL7      1789 *
     -2013     KG4AJ          1756
18Jul-20Jul    LA/SM3DMP      1789 *
20Jul-29Jul    LA/SP7IDX      1789 *
22Jul-29Jul    LA/SP7VC       1789 *
     -31Dec    LX75RL         1788
03Jul-22Jul    LY/SP5VYI      1788
Jul            LY54SOP        1786
     -22Jul    LZ12FDAY       1770
     -31Dec    LZ1818MOG..    1770
20Jul-26Jul    MJ/OT9Z        1789 *
19Jul-28Jul    MM0TFU/p       1789 *
16Jul-20Jul    MU/OT9Z        1788
19Jul-20Jul    MX0RIV         1789 *
     -15Aug    NR4CB          1780

May  -Oct      OD5/IV3XNF     1777
Unknown        OD5NJ          1784
Jul  /Sep      OE2XXM..       1786
     -Apr/17   OG3077F        1789 *
     -31Dec    OH150VR        1772
     -31Dec    ON500MERCATOR  1783
04Apr-31Dec    ON100TT        1775
01Jan-31Dec    ON65BR         1763
07Jul-21Jul    OZ/DL2JRM      1787
07Jul-21Jul    OZ/DO2XX       1787
07Jul-21Jul    OZ/DO6XX       1787
10Jul-19Jul    OZ/HB9EYW      1787
07Jul-20Jul    OZ0FR/p        1787
21Jul-29Jul    OZ12SJ         1789 *
01Jul-31Dec    P3EU           1786
     -29Jul    PC100NOM       1787
Jul            PW7FD..        1787
     -31Aug    R1150V         1783
     -30Aug    R11GGGR..      1784
     -31Jul    R200BS         1783
12Jun-12Sep    R200V          1783
15Jul-28Aug    RI0K           1788
24Jul-30Jul    RI0NZ          1789 *
     -Jan/13   RI1ANF         1765
     -Sep/12   RI1FJA         1741
     -Sep/12   RI1FJM         1741

     -31Dec    S555E..        1772
19Jul-20Jul    SM/SP7IDX      1789 *
19Jul-20Jul    SM/SP7VC       1789 *
01Jul-31Aug    SN0HAL         1786
17Jul-         SV8/SV1CDY     1789 *
09Jul-21Jul    SV9/HB9CRX     1788
     -31Jul    SX135HRC       1784
18Jul-22Jul    SX1GR          1789 *
01Jul-31Jul    SX9S           1786
sporadically   T30BN          1785
Resident       T32BN          1785
     -Sep      T6TJ..         1789 *
     -Jul      T6JP           1768/1770
     -31Dec    TC50TRAC..     1770
30Jun-30Sep    TC6BLH..       1786
Unknown        TK/PA3ALK      1782
07Jul-21Jul    TK12IOTA       1787
     -31Dec    TM210VH        1770
     -22Jul    TM3FFI         1779
     -31Dec    TM70TRS        1763
21Jul-22Jul    TM9LF          1789 *
     -Jul      TN9SN          1755
22Jul-04Aug    TO2D           1789 *
20Jul-31Jul    TO2U..         1789 *
11Jul-18Jul    TO5U           1788
     -06Aug    TT8PK          1785
Unknown        TX0HF          1789 *
26Jun-12Aug    TY2BP          1786

12Jul-20Jul    UA1OEJ/p       1788
22Jul-31Jul    UA1OEJ/p       1789 *
     -31Aug    UE80C          1784
14Jul-22Jul    UE95K          1788
24Jul-30Jul    UT7E/p         1789 *
21Jul-29Jul    UT9IO/p        1789 *
23Jul-31Jul    V31WH..        1789 *
12Jul-02Aug    V47JA..        1788
     -Nov/14   V73NS          1604/1668/1752
01Jun-31Jul    VK100WIQ       1783
02Jun-06Aug    VP2MDD         1782/1786
17Jul-24Jul    VP2MUQ..       1788
     -22Jul    VP9/WA4PG      1789 *
     -Jul      VQ9JC          1755
25Jun-25Jul    VX3X           1785
23Jul-24Jul    W3M            1789 *
22Jul-29Jul    WB4YJF/4       1789 *
     -May/14   XE1/DM3DL      1730
     -Jul      XV3C           1785
19Jul-24Jul    YW2OM          1789 *
     -2014     ZY2014WC       1774

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
2O12W      via GW1FKY
3Z15POW    via SP9MDY (B)
5B/RT9T    via RT9T
5C13EAI    via 6K5YPD (B)
5Q4B       via OZ5EV (d)
7Q7BP      via G3MRC (B)
7S5A       via SM4DDS (B), (L)
9A/ON5JE   via ON5JE (B)
9A22MINE   via 9A1MB (d)
9M2/SQ9UM  via SQ9UM (B)
A71DLH     via DL0LH (B)
AM3JT          sends automatically
AM5CS      via EB5CS (B)
AM5DZC     via EB5DZC
AM7DX      via EB7DX (d)
AN1DJ      via EC1DJ
AN8AFM     via EC8AFM
AO1ABT     via EA1ABT
AO1XT      via EA1XT (B)
AO4EVY     via EA4EVY (B)
AO5FL      via EA5FL (B)
AO5FV      via EA5FV (B)
AO5GUQ     via EA5GUQ (B)
AO5HOL     via EA5HOL (eQSL)
AO5HPX     via EA5HPX (B)
AO5KB      via EA5KB (B)
AO5XA      via EA5XA (B), eQSL
AO6BH      via EA6BH
AO7FTZ     via EA7FTZ (B)
AO7HMC     via EA7HMC (B)
AO7IZJ     via EA7IZJ (B)
AO7JZ      via EA7JZ (B)
AO7NL      via EA7NL
AO7ZQ      via EA7ZQ
AO8ADL     via EA8ADL (B), eQSL
AT1HQ      via VU2PTT, (L)
BW/DF8AX   via DF8AX (B), (L)
BW2/KU1CW      (L)
CM8AKD     via EA7FTR
CQ73I      via CT1EHX (B)
DA0HQ      via DL5AXX (B)
DL0LIB/p   via DL0LIB (B)
DL0OB      via DL5NBS (B)
E717S      via E73ESP (B)
EE3URR     via EA3URR (B)
EF1HQ      via EA4URE (B)
EF2HQ      via EA4URE (B)
EF5HQ      via EA4URE (B)
EF7HQ      via EA4URE (B)
EG5FPN     via EA7HBC (B)
ES0W       via SP7DPJ (bureau/direct)
F/ON5SY    via ON5SY (B)
FP/VE3DZ   via VE3DZ (B, OQRS)
FP/VA2WA   via VA2WA (B, OQRS)
GB1AVR     via (B), GBPK (d)
GB4TDF         (B), eQSL
GH7WAB     via G7WAB (B)
GP7WAB     via G7WAB (B)
GX3AH          (B), eQSL
GX4WAB     via G4WAB (B)
H44UD      via UT6UD (B)
HC1MD      via K8LJG (B)
HC1MD/HC1  via K8LJG (B)
HC1MD/HC3  via K8LJG (B)
HC1MD/HC5  via K8LJG (B)
HF15POW    via SP6KEO (B)
HF215MD    via SQ3MVE (B)
HL0HQ      via DS2AGH (B)
IB0/IZ0IUM via IZ0IUM (d), (L), eQSL
IJ7T       via IK7WDS (B)
IO2HQ          (B)
IO4HQ          (B)
IO5HQ          (B)
IO8HQ          (B)
IO9HQ          (B)
K6VVA/KL7  via N6AWD (B)
KH2L       via W3HNK (d)
L99F       via LU5FB (d)
LA/SM3DMP  via SM3DMP (B), (L)
LA/SP7IDX  via SP87IDX (B)
LA/SP7VC   via SP7VC (B)
LG5LG      via LA4EKA (B)
LR5H       via LU3HKA
LX/DK5ON   via DK5ON (B)
LZ7HQ      via LZ1BJ (B)
LZ8SIX     via LZ2CC
MC0SOL     via M0URX (B/OQRS), (L)
MJ/OT9Z    via OT9Z (B), ON3NT (d)
MM0TFU/p   via MM0TFU (B)
MX0RIV         (B)
N0C        via W5HP (B), (L), eQSL
NQ2A       via NP3O (d), (L)
OG3077F    via OH3JF (B)
OH0/F6CTF  via F6CTF (d)
OP0HQ          (B)
OS8A       via ON8VK (B)
OZ/DH6MM   via DH6MM (B), (L), eQSL
OZ12SJ         (B)
P29VAC     via K9QV (d), eQSL
PS1J       via PY1AA (B)
PY5/AI6V   via AI6V (d)
RA/DL6XK   via DL6XK (B)
RI0NZ      via UA0LCZ (B)
SI9AM      via SM3CVM (B), also e-mail request
SK0UX      via SM6JSM
SK9HQ      via SM6JSM
SM/SP7VC   via SP7VC (B)
SP15POW    via SP6ZJP (B)
ST2T       via E57DX (B)
SV8/SV1CDY via SV1CDY (bureau/direct)
SW8Y       via HA1YA (d)
SX0HQ          (B)
SX1GR          (B)
T6TJ       via 9A6AA (B)
T6VT       via 9A6AA (B)
T88FK      via JA1FMN (B)
TM70TE     via F5KBB (B)
TM9LF      via F0GWK (B), eQSL
TO2D       via HB9EOU
TO5U       via K9FY (d)
TR8JH      via F6FWT
TX0HF      via F4FJH (d)
UA1OEJ/p   via UA1OEJ (B)
UT7E/p     via UT7EZZ (B)
UT9IO/p    via UT9IO (B)
V31WH      via W5HNS, (L)
V31MX      via K0BCN (B), (L)
V31MO      via W5MRM, (L)
VA6RF/p    via VA6RF (d)
VK100WIQ       (B)
VP9/WA4PGM via WA4PGM (d)
VP9I       via N1HRA (B)
WB8YJF/4   via WB8YJF (B)
XE3/OH2NSW via OH2NSW (XE address)
XM3JO      via VE3JO
YW2OM      via YV5AJ (B)
Z38VB      via UA4WHX (B), (L)
ZD8BG      via KI4PRK (L)
ZF1A       via K6AM (B), (L)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSLs arrived LoTW:   N6MZ/KH9 (QSOs from March 1998)

New DXCC entity Kosovo soon?
Almost four and a half years after obtaining its independence the Kosovo,
former province of Serbia, shall receive its full sovereignty in September.
This was decided by the International Steering Group, as the Austrian
Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger announced in Vienna last Monday.
Accordingly, the group decided to end international supervision with
immediate effect to support the independence of Kosovo. 25 countries are
belonging to the International Steering Group, including Germany and most
other EU countries, the United States and Turkey. The concept of "supervised
independence" was invented by the former Finnish UN Special Envoy for Kosovo
Martti Ahtisaari. The meeting of the group in Vienna was attended also by
the Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DJ5AV,
NG3K, OZ1ADL, SV1CDY, VA3RJ and others.

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