VK5DGR to receive ARRL Technical Innovation Award

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The ARRL Board has awarded the 2012 ARRL Technical Innovation Award to David Rowe VK5DGR for his work on the amateur radio Codec2 low bit rate speech codec.

The ARRL Board minutes for July 20-21 say:

32. On motion of Mr. Norris, seconded by Dr. Weaver, the following was ADOPTED with applause:

Whereas David Rowe, VK5DGR, has been a major leader and the primary technical author of an open-source CODEC2 protocol, designed to address the impediment to the development of amateur digital-voice posed by closed sources protocols; and Whereas the open-source nature of this work is a major step forward in the development of digital voice communications;

Therefore, the ARRL Board of Directors awards the 2012 ARRL Technical Innovation Award to David Rowe, VK5DGR.
On hearing of his award David Rowe VK5DGR said:
When I first became interested in Ham Radio as a 12 year old in the late 70's my grandfather bought me the 1979 ARRL handbook.  Quite an honor to one day be contributing back to this fine hobby that was my start in a communications and electronics career.

That version of the handbook even had a chapter on "Narrow Band Voice Modulation" - an esoteric analog technique to compress speech by removing chunks of audio bandwidth.  Who would have thought that 30 years later I 'd be contributing in the same area.......

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