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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

Zambia ZNBC2, 6165 kHz yes, nothing noted here from Chad on SW before
2000 UT Aug 15.

Monitor log from remote unit in Sri Lanka.
6164.960  But when checked on Victors remote unit around 2022 UT Aug 15
noted Endless French talk by male anncer S=9+15dB, in peaks. Also on 49 mb
observed ZNBCR1 Zambia on 5915 kHz, S=9 on Sri-Lanka island.

6055  Radio Rwanda Kigali in Vernaculars at 2015 UT Aug 15, like Swahili,
but different like Kinyarwanda, S=9+15dB. S=9 at 1800 UT Aug 16.

6089.844  Radio Nigeria Kaduna, in Hausa at S=7-8 level, signal from WeAF
towards Indian subcontinent.

6110  Radio Fana Ethiopia in Oromo, one of the strongest stations in 49mb
at Ceylonese post, S=9+20dB at 2020 UT, Aug 15.

60 mb.
Despite of the usual CNR and IBB African relays Botswana and Pinheira-STP
after 20 UT, only one single interesting station noted at this slot:
4949.753 kHz poor string of S=4 tiny signal from R Nacional Angola from
Luanda in Portuguese, just above threshold.

and Radio Bangladesh Betar Khabipur left their test QRG 7105 kHz,
close down after 2000 UT Aug 15.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15/16)

ANGOLA   4949.7  RNA-Canal "A", Mulenvos, 2150-..., 11 Aug, pops; 35321;
fair modulation this time, and on the 12th.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

ARGENTINIA   15345.235 ... .240  some 5 Hertz up and down drifted, RAE
Buenos Aires, - on weekends in Spanish only. Heard 1835 to 1845 UT
on Aug 12. At same time Nigeria DRM 15120, Filipinas Radio on 15190,
Pakistan on 15265 a.s.o.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

AUSTRALIA   15399.979  Odd frequency signal of HCA Australia from
Kununurra, in Mandarin Chinese at 1108 UT Aug 11.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

AUSTRALIA   4835  ABC VL8A Alice Springs, 1140-1215 UT on August 11. Live
rugby coverage of the Sydney Swans vs Collingwood match up; 1143 UT ID for
"783 Alice Springs" and promo for "Grandstand" coverage of the Olympics.
RA at this time was covering the Olympics. Continues to be impossible to
get anything from AIR Gangtok here.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 13)

5940  Asia Pacific Network. RA news on illegal tobacco industry, cigarette
industry worldwide story at 1203 UT Aug 16, S=9+30dB strength, noted on
remote unit in Queensland. // 6020 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 16)

BANGLADESH   15505  Bangaldesh Betar on new frequency.
Clear and strong signal without "DRM" noise on new 15505 kHz at 1400-1430
UT in Urdu and 1515-1545 UT in Hindi, BUT NO SIGNAL on 15505 (strong QRM
from 15500 EDC Sudan Radio Service Darfur Program from Rampisham-UK at
1600-1700 UT) or 15520 or 7250 kHz from 1600 UT in Arabic and 1630-1730 in

Also no signal on other WOODEN registered freqs:
9550/11915/11995/13700/17695/17825. Much mystery puzzle!

Frequency changes of Radio Bangladesh Betar from August 12:
1230-1300 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 140 deg to SoEaAS English,ex15520
1315-1345 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to SoAS Nepali,   ex15520
1400-1430 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 290 deg to WeAS Urdu,     ex15520
1515-1545 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 305 deg to SoAS Hindi,    ex15520
1600-1630 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 290 deg to NE/ME Arabic,  ex15520
1630-1730 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 290 deg to NE/ME Bangla,  ex15520
1745-1815 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to WeEUR En VOIslam,ex15520 #
1815-1900 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to WeEUR English, ex15520   #
1915-2000 NF15505 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to WeEUR Bangla,  ex15520   #
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

# on amateur band QRG 7105 kHz on Aug 14, 15, and 16.
Why on amateur band? There are 58 more or less free channels in 7205 to
7595 kHz frequency range in 41 meter band ... wb.

15520, continued monitoring of Bangladesh Betar from previous report: Aug
10 at 1602: signal has declined to very poor, could be Qur'an in Arabic
service; 1615 music audible. Nothing much left by 1630 when Turkey starts.
(Evidently the "Ethiopian DRM like jamming - White Noise sound" is only
around 1630-1645 per Wolfgang Bueschel and Mauno Ritola). Not rechecked
here until 1805 UT when frequency unencumbered, VP signal could be English
from BB. Much weaker than Kuwait 15540 kHz.

15520, Aug 11 at 1406, poor signal with flutter, could be Urdu from BB,
and now with CCI, i.e. YFR in Marathi via UAE scheduled; 1407 UT music
unseems Christian.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Aug 11)

15505 nothing heard yet from Radio Bangladesh Betar Khabipur...
but I think the station is now on 15105 kHz at 1250-1300 UT Aug 13, heard
some Holy Quran comment in English, and followed by popular western music.

And typical WHITE NOISE sound audio in the background too on 15096-15114
kHz. Bangla final annmt at 1259 UT and "Good Bye".

And since 1300 UT an 1125 Hertz measuring alignement procedure ?

Re 7105 usage by broadcaster at Dhaka Khabipur on August 15 again
1745-2100 UT.

Must go to the ABU Asia organization in K-L Malaysia to inform them about
this behaviour. There are 58 more or less free channels on 5 kHz spacing
in 7205 to 7595 kHz frequency range in 41 meter band ... No expertise on
engineer staff of Radio Bangladesh Betar Khabipur. Now strong CW signal
heard ahead in east Asia remote unit.


Radio Bangladesh Betar Reaches Expats With Thomson Broadcast Transmitters:

Thomson Broadcast today announced that Bangladesh Betar, the Bangladeshi
national radio network, is to install a new shortwave transmitter and
rotatable antenna from Thomson Broadcast, to extend the reach of its
service to the Middle East, Central Asia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and
the Indian subcontinent. The new transmitter and antenna installation will
be located at the Kabirpur Shortwave Station, about 40 km north of the
capital Dhaka, and is scheduled to be operational by September 2011 while
the antenna is planned to be on air by spring 2012.

Thomson Broadcast is supplying a 250 kW TSW 2300D shortwave transmitter,
together with the rotatable HP-RCA 2/2/0.5 shortwave antenna system. This
configuration will allow Bangladesh Betar to increase its coverage to the
diaspora of Bangladeshi workers abroad who rely on Bangladesh Betar for
home news and other entertainment programs in their own language. The
installation is being carried out in collaboration with Bangladesh-based
distributor and systems integrator Triwave Network Ltd.

Bangladesh Betar already operates a range of Thomson Broadcast shortwave
and medium-wave transmitters, including the S7HP 1000-kW MW transmitter
supplied in 2009 for domestic national coverage. The new shortwave
installation at Kabirpur will allow broadcasts to reach target areas
between 1000 and 4000 km in any direction, and includes Thomson's latest
generation of technology for greater energy efficiency and Digital Radio
Mondiale (DRM) capability.

"We have confidence in Thomson Broadcast equipment and services, built on
many years of excellent experience with the company's transmitters," said
AKM Shamim Chowdhury, the director general of Bangladesh Betar. "It is an
important part of our mission as the national broadcaster for Bangladesh
to ensure that Bangladeshis who are living abroad are able to receive our
programs, and this new installation will make a significant improvement in
our coverage."

The Thomson TSW 2300D 250-kW shortwave transmitter supports both AM analog
and DRM digital operation. Based on field-proven equipment and designed to
fit a wide range of customer-specific equipment and subsystems, the high-
power TSW 2300D is equipped with interfaces for remote and automated
operation and is ready for advanced digital transmission. Originally
engineered for 500 kW carrier output power, TSW 2300D provides
considerable reserve when operating the transmitter on 250 kW.

At the heart of every TSW 2300D is the new PSM solid-state Pulse Step
Modulator, designed to meet the stringent requirements for best quality
signal during DRM operation and combining classical shortwave engineering
at its best with unrivalled digital AM know-how. Providing high overall
efficiency, sophisticated remote control facilities, and rugged, day-to-
day reliability, the new digital TSW 2300D is optimized for long-term,
flexible operation.

"Thomson Broadcast has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Bangladesh
Betar for many years, and this latest installation is another important
step on the broadcaster's program of upgrades to its infrastructure,"
said Moritz Steinmann, area sales manager, Thomson Broadcast.
(Thomson Paris - March 31, 2011)

About Bangladesh Betar:

Bangladesh Betar, the national radio network has been discharging the
responsibility of disseminating information, education, and entertainment
with utmost commitment, honesty, and objectivity for about seven decades.
It functions to support nation-building efforts of the Government,
upholding social values and the country's rich historical and cultural

Bangladesh Betar has been playing a pivotal role toward developing a
knowledge-based information society, taking advantage of its unique and
distinctive capacity as the cheapest and most versatile medium to reach to
the grass-root level. Bangladesh Betar ? with the help of 15 medium wave,
three shortwave, and 15 FM transmitters - has the strongest logistic
network reaching across the breadth and length of the national boundary
and beyond. Apart from the central News Desk spewing out hourly bulletins
incorporating the latest national and international events, Bangladesh
Betar as a true public service broadcasting medium has been propagating
programs and news from its 71 studios around the clock, reflecting
national requirements through 12 stations and six units, namely External
Service, Transcription Service, Commercial Service, Population-Health &
Nutrition Cell, Traffic Channel, and Farm Broadcasting.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 13)

Video Logs of Bangladesh Betar External Services new (Thompson)
transmitter test.

Bangladesh Betar 13 August 2012 1315 UT 15105 kHz Nepali Service

Bangladesh Betar 14 August 2012 1957 UT 7105 kHz Bengali Service

Bangladesh Betar 14 August 2012 1959 UT 7105 kHz Bengali Service
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld Aug 15)

Bangladesh Betar 7105 kHz 1820 UT.
Nice clear S=9+40dB signal here at 1820 UT, very little interference or
fading, music and English commentary. Audio still seems indistinct in AM
mode, much better clarity in USB mode.
(Tony Molloy-UK, dxld Aug 14)

Bangladesh Betar now at 1940 UT another bcast of S=9+25dB noted on 7105
kHz. This segment of ITU plan belongs to Amateur Radio worldwide from 7000
to 7200 kHz.

The first broadcast channel is 7205 kHz and upwards.

I'll inform the IARU and ITU bandwatch organizations immediately, to stop
these illegal behaviour of - most probably - Bangladesh Betar Radio
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

7105 kHz 1820 / 1945 UT.
Re tests on amateur radio band frequency 7105 kHz of this new erected
transmitter from Radio Bangladesh Betar Khabipur site on August 14th.

This is causing very harmful interference to the Amateur Radio Service
world wide. The Amateur Radio Service has an exclusive allocation in this
range. As the range 7000 - 7200 kHz is allocated world wide to the Amateur
Radio Service, these transmissions are causing very harmful interference
to the Radio Amateurs world wide.

See United Nations ITU Radio Regulations of ITU 4.5 and Circular Letter of
ITU Switzerland CR/282 3.2!

The Radio Amateurs of the world have the right to use their exclusive
Amateur Radio frequencies without the very harmful interference of
"Bangladesh Betar".
Dear radio amateurs, thank you very much for taking action on this matter!



United Nations ITU 16 April 2008

see page-2
3.2 The allocation to the amateur service in the band 7 100-7 200 kHz, in
Regions 1 and 3, will become effective on 30 March 2009. As from that date
(i.e. as from season A-09), the band 7100-7200 kHz will no longer be
available for HF broadcasting in any ITU Region and will be excluded from
the procedure governed by Article 12 of the Radio Regulations.

see page-6
Annex 2

Allocation situation in force after 29 March 2009
Allocation to services

7000-7100 AMATEUR  AMATEUR-SATELLITE  5.140  5.141 5.141A
7100-7200 AMATEUR                     5.141A 5.141B
7200-7300 BROADCASTING  /
          different No&SoAmerica: exclusive 7200-7300 AMATEUR 5.142
7300-7400 BROADCASTING  5.134  5.143  5.143A 5.143B 5.143C 5.143D
7400-7450 BROADCASTING  5.143B 5.143C 5.143A 5.143C
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 13/14/15)

BELGIUM/USA   NEW NAME FOR TDP - Ludo Maes of NASB Associate Member. TDP
sends us the following news: "There are some changes in our organisation
that we want to inform you about.

1) TDP ceased to exist on July 31, 2012.

2) A new company called Broadcast Belgium has been set up. Its activities
are frequency management, international radio consultancy, digital radio
expertise and monitoring.

We would appreciate if you can update our contact details wherever
necessary. Please delete our company name TDP and replace it with
Broadcast Belgium.

Please delete our e-mail address <info @>
and replace it with              <ludo.maes @>

Kind regards,
BROADCAST BELGIUM             Tel:    +32 33 14 78 00
P.O.Box 1                     Mob:    +32 477 477 800
2310 Rijkevorsel              E-mail: <ludo.maes @>
BELGIUM                       Web :   <>
(NASBshortwave Facebook Aug 12 via dxld)

Let's hope he leaves up all the TDP website info about
documentingtransmitters, etc. (gh, dxld Aug 14)

US Florida branch for DRM outlets via Montsinery GUF



BOLIVIA   3310  R. Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, 2221-2231, 10 Aug, Quechua,
talks, Indian music; 35332.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

BRAZIL   4775  R. Congonhas, Congonhas MG, 2232-2240, 10 Aug, VdoB part 2,
34342, QRM de PRU.

4775 ditto, 2131-..., 12 Aug, f/ball match rpt. Atlético vs. (?); 25432.

4805  R. Dif.a do Amazonas, Manaus AM, 2228-2242, 10 Aug, talks & rpts. on
Brazil's players at the olympics, infos+news, advs.; 35332.

4815  R. Dif.a, Londrina PR, 2225-2242, 10 Aug, VdoB part 2; 35342.

4825  R. Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, 2224-2233, 10 Aug, VdoB;
24331, Adj. QRM de CHN on 4820.

4845.2  R. Cultura Ondas Tropicais, Manaus AM, 2140-2148, 11 Aug, f/ball
match rpt. Baía vs. Cruzeiro; 43332, CODAR QRM.

4876.7  R. Dif.a de Roraima, Boa Vista RR, 2137-2146, 11 Aug, songs;
34231, unstable carrier, CODAR QRM.

4885  R. Club do Pará, Belé PA, 0803-f/out 0850, 10 Aug, mssgs., talks,
music; 25332.

4915  R. Dif.a, Macapá AP, 0801-f/out 0905, 10 Aug, music, ID+fqs ann.,
infos, phone-ins; 25433.

4915 ditto, 2148-2206, 12 Aug, f/ball match rpt. Palmeiras vs. Flamengo,
advs,; 43432, QRM de  R. Daqui, B.

4915  R. Daqui, Goiânia GO, 2149-2205, 12 Aug, hymns, rlgs. propag.;
43432, QRM de  R. Dif.a de Macapá, B.

4925.2  R. Educação Rural, Tefé AM, 2204-2213, 12 Aug, f/ball match rpt.;

4935.2  R. Capixaba, Vitória ES, 2132-2145, 11 Aug, music; 35231; obs'ed.
on 12 Aug, 2207, w/ an SRDA relay.

4974.9  R. Iguatemi, Osasco SP, 2214-2223, 12 Aug, talks, songs; 15331.

4985  R. Brasil Central, Goiânia GO, 2123-2136, 11 Aug, talks, natl.
anthem prior to some f/ball match rpt. at 2129; 35242, weak modulation;
// 11815 off these days.

5035  R. Educação Rural, Coari AM, 2236-2247, 10 Aug, songs; 35332.

5035  R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2115-2125, 11 Aug, mass; 45242.

5940  R. Voz Missionária, Camboriú SC, 2152-2214, 11 Aug, Castilian, rlgs.
propag. + songs until abt. 2205, then ID+fqs ann. in Portuguese and into
"Musical RVM"; 45433.

5970  R. Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte MG, 2239-2246, 10 Aug, A Voz do Brasil
part 2;  23431, adj. QRM. Better on 13 Aug, 2200.

6055.9  SRDA, Curitiba PR, 2119-2132, 09 Aug, shouting preacher (D.
Miranda);  23431, QRM de ARG.

6070  R. Capital, Rio de Jan.o RJ, 2122-2132, 09 Aug, SRDA relay; 24431. A
bit  better on 13 Aug, 2200, during the Voz do Brazil relay.

6080  R. Marumby (pres), Curitiba PR, 2207-2213, 13 Aug, A Voz do Brasil
part 1;  23431, QRM de CHN.

6090  R. Bandeirantes, São Paulo SP, 2209-2215, 13 Aug, talks, seemingly
abt.  football; 22431, QRM de AIA.

6120  SRDA, São Paulo SP, 2206-2220, 11 Aug, rlgs. propag., then announced
"Segunda Santa Seia"; 34432, adj. QRM.

6160.9  UNID  (two stations listed), 2118-2132, 09 Aug, rlgs. propag.;
25331. Canada also obs'ed. on this very fq on 13 Aug, 2216.

9515  R. Marumby, Curitiba PR, 2150-2204, 09 Aug, rlgs. propag. prgr Dia a
dia com Deus; A Voz do Brasil at 2200; 45433.

9565  SRDA, Curitiba P R., 2156-2213, 09 Aug, rlgs. propag., fqs ann., A
Voz do Brasil at 2200; 34432.

9629.9  R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2114-2127, 11 Aug, mass; 44433, weak
modulation, adj. QRM.

9665  R. Voz Missionária, Camboriú SC, 2153-2214, 11 Aug, cf. // 5940
above; 45433.

9675  R. Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, 2201-2216, 09 Aug, A Voz do
Brasil; 45444, but weak & a bit distorted modulation.

9814.9  R.  9 de Julho, São Paulo SP, 2205-2213, 09 Aug, A Voz do Brasil;
43442, adj. QRM de CHN on 9820.

11764.95  SRDA, Curitiba PR, 1112-f/out 1205, 11 Aug, preacher; 24432.
Sole Braz. 25 m band stn audible at this time.

11855  R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2112-2125, 11 Aug, cf. // 9629.9 above;
35433, weak modulation.

15191.5  R. Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte MG, 1401-1519, 13 Aug, ID+fqs
ann., talks on the olympics,..., newscast at 1500; 25432, QRM at 1500.

15191.5. ditto, 2152-2215, 13 Aug, "Inconfidência Notícias", ann'ed.
"Desportos pelo Ar" to be aired at 2300, after A Voz do Brasil relay, at
2200; 45444.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

CANADA   The Canadian domestics at 0402-0415 UT Aug 12,
6069.960 CFRX Toronto, phone-in program at 0408 UT.
6159.978 probably CKZU Vancouver Isl., and accompanied by CKZN St. John's
on upper side 6160.881 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

CHAD   Re: Ron Howard recent logs. Zambia ZNBC2, 6165.
Hi Bill, I went to check the sound now at 2015 UT and it sounds like Chad
is back on 6164.96 kHz. 73, Mauno

Yes, thanks Mauno for the tip, measured 6164.960 kHz exact, heard RNT
N'djamena in French commentary on Bangladesh at 2045 UT Aug 14.

S=9+10dB signal on remote unit in Australia, fully ahead of tiny ZNBCR2
Lusaka Zambia co-channel which is 40 Hertz upper on even 6165 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

My last observation log previous the coup was on similar 'Hertz range'

CHAD   6164.958  Tonight April 14 at 1930 UT very nice signal from RTC
R. N'Djamena in French. Croatia has been moved to 3985v kHz already.
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14, 2012)

In dxld Ron Howard in California posted a recording of Zambia ZNBC2 on
6165 kHz. His recording demonstrates the whistle that I have been
reporting since June 30. Ron remarks "Still no trace of Chad!", and there
is certainly no pure het. But the warbly whistle is there, disproving
suggestions that it is being produced in some location close to me in
Jo'burg. With so much background QRN on the recording, I can understand
that it might be impossible to hear the whistle unless one knows exactly
what one is listening for. I am quite attuned to it by now, having heard
it regularly for the past six weeks, on a much clearer signal, and am
convinced it is there. Even so, in case my ears were playing tricks, I
forwarded Ron's link to Vashek Korinek, also in Jo'burg. He has listened
to it and just replied to me:

"As far as I'm concerned it is there. I wouldn't pick it up without
knowing what to listen for, but it is just audible".

I suggest that anyone trying to hear the whistle should play Ron's
recording at a low volume level; the atmospheric QRN is so strong that if
played loud it will de-sensitise the hearing and suppress the low-level

So it does seem to be the ZNBC2 transmitter itself which is causing the
problem, as first suggested by Vashek. Any other ideas are always welcome,
but I am convinced after hearing Ron's recording. Many thanks, Ron.
(Bill Bingham-AFS, dxld Aug 14)

CHILE   Calera de Tango Chile transmitter site coming to an end on Friday
Aug 17 at 2200 UT.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Aug 14)

Reply to my query has been received from Mathias Svensson, Ingeniero de
Transmisiones Senior, CVC Chile:

The final broadcast will be tomorrow, Aug 17, 1300-2200 on 9635 and 17680

They still don't know which will be the final destination for the
(Mathias Svensson-CHL, CVC La Voz, via Horacio Nigro-URG, DXplorer Aug 16)

Calera de Tango Chile transmitter site coming to an end.
Video of Calera de Tango by DXer Luis Valderas (Chile).
Last day of transmission from Calera de Tango, Chile: Aug 17 22 UT.

Its expected a special QSL-cd to be issued confirming reports for the
final broadcast by CVC La Voz (Christian Vision Spanish Service) which is
also the last one from this QTH. The site will be dismantled.

Reports to Casilla 395 de Talagante, Chile or via e-mail to
<antonio @>

Farewell special broadcast from 1300 to 2200 UT, Aug 17:
Description: Image removed by sender.
(Horacio Nigro-URG, DXplorer Aug 14)

Fleeing CVC CHILE site.
New relay of Radio Japan NHK World from Aug 18:

0900-0930  6130 GUF 250 kW 185 deg to BRA,  exSGO 100 kW  60 deg
2130-2200 11880 GUF 250 kW 185 deg to BRA,  exSGO 100 kW  60 deg

0930-1000  6195 HRI 250 kW 167 deg to SoAm, exSGO 100 kW 350 deg
(DX Re Mix News, Bulgaria, July 18 via dxld)

Re: Calera de Tango Chile transmitter site coming to an end.

some information on

Radio Nacional of Pinochet regime erected 8 x HARRIS 100 kW units in mid
70ties. And real much effective 7 x TCI curtain antennas, and a single
non-dir antenna. Mediumwave 1140 kHz also close to tx house.

From 1974/1975 8 x Harris tx 100 kW, Radio Nacional del Chile, Santiago de
Chile, from 1986-1997 {-late 1996} Sistema Nacional, Santiago.

In full swing from 1975-1976:
CE-615   6150 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-619   6190/6195 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-951   9510 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-955   9550 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-955   9560/9565 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-956   9565 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1171 11715 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1172 11720 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1175 11755 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1176 11760 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1176 11765 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1180 11810 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1186 11865 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1189 11890 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1511 15110 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1511 15115 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1512 15125 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1513 15130 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1514 15140 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1515 15150 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1517 15175 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1529 15290 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1771 17715 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1775 17755 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1778 17780 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1779 17790 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1780 17800 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago
CE-1780 17805 R Nacional del Chile, Santiago

In late 1996 CVC bought this tx site.
In 2004 Merlin broker/BBC rent relay transmission time.
Merlin brokered for NHK, CRI international broadcaster,
HCJB from Oct 2009 by 100 kW, later decreased to 50 kW of power.

Comment by April 2009:
to set the record straight on a few points -

Firstly, when we took over the site in late 1996, none of the transmitters
were close to working since the site had fallen into total disrepair since
its closure as Radio Nacional. We had 6 transmitters operational by the
time of our launch (as Voz Cristiana) in 1998.

The remaining 2 transmitters were up by 2000 year. All 8 are still used in
service, although, obviously, not concurrently. Several have now been
converted to operate DRM.

Regarding the comments on the photos - especially

The sticker on Tx#2 - left over from the RN days?

I hate to shatter the nostalgia but nothing so romantic I'm afraid. It's a
safety sticker pointing out the location of the nearest fire extinguisher.
The bottles in front of the transmitters indeed contain distilled water,
for topping up the cooling system - correct analysis by Jerry Lenamon. I
hope this helps. Regards, Andrew Flynn, Director, International

Christian Vision, The Pavilion Manor Drive,
Coleshill, West Midlands B46 1DL, United Kingdom
(dxld April 6, 2009)

Radio Voz Christiana Santiago, from 1998.
CVC Voz Christiana, Calera de Tango,  Santiago, 8 x 100 kW, 7 curtains,
MW 1140 mast next the TX hall see CVC photo dia show.
see image of Aug 20, 2006: 33 38 36.35 S  70 51 00.30 W

CE-596   5960 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-599   5995 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-605   6050 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-607   6070 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-611   6110 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-617   6170 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-618   6185 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-936   9360 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-963   9635 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-965   9655 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-978   9780 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-987   9870 CRI/Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1165 11655 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1166 11665 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1169 11690 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1169 11690 CRI/Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1172 11720 CRI/Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1174 11745 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1180 11805 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1189 11890 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1193 11935 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1197 11970 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1534 15340 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1535 15355 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1536 15365 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1537 15375 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1541 15410 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1544 15440 CRI/Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1547 15475 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1548 15485 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1552 15525 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1554 15540 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1558 15585 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1761 17615 CRI/Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1762 17625 CRI/Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1764 17640 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1764 17640 CRI/Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1764 17645 CRI/Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1766 17660 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1768 17680 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-1786 17860 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-2150 21500 Voz Christiana, Santiago
CE-2155 21550 Voz Christiana, Santiago
(SW TX site Ian Baxter, Colin Miller-CAN,
via wb wwdxc BC-DX TopNews, June 2009)

Re: Calera de Tango Chile transmitter site coming to an end.

The station's beams to the north always provided solid reception here in
Texas. Anyone remember exactly when the facility went on the air? I
remember hearing it in the mid-70's when Radio Nacional de Chile launched
its international service. The signal and audio quality were both amazing
in those early days.

The nearly 40 year old transmitters are now probably too expensive to
operate and maintain. With the huge number of local broadcasters
throughout Latin America, it makes much more sense for a religious
broadcaster to provide satellite-fed programming to individual stations.

RAE Argentina could have used Calera de Tango to solve its reception woes!
(Steve Luce-TX-USA, dxld Aug 15)

Christian Vision to Turn Off Shortwave in Latin America.

Shifting emphasis to media that reach younger consumers, international
broadcaster Christian Vision plans to cease shortwave service to Latin
America on Friday. It cites declining listenership to shortwave.

The organization, headquartered in the United Kingdom, says its
programming of CVCLAVOZ, formerly Voz Cristiana, is growing via Spanish-
language Christian radio affiliates in Latin America and Spain. It says it
has about 413 affiliates in 23 countries and is using Internet, mobile and
social platforms to increase consumption by the 18- to 35-year-old demo.

The organization in 2010 closed two shortwave sites - one in Darwin,
Australia, which had served audiences in Asia in the Chinese, Bahasa
Indonesia and English languages; and another in Juelich, Germany, that
aired Russian, Arabic and English programs. It said it will continue to
use shortwave in India and parts of Africa, "where audiences in this
waveband continue to be significant."

According to the announcement, Christian Vision purchased the property and
shortwave transmission equipment in Calera de Tango, Chile, in August of
1996; it subsequently received a license from the Chilean regulator
Subtel, and launched Voz Cristiana in 1998, with four radio services to
Latin America.

Director of Broadcasting Andrew Flynn was the engineer who headed the
Chile site in its early years. He is quoted by the organization thanking
the technical team led by Antonio Reyes for helping send Christian
programming to "countless millions" in Latin America via shortwave.

"For many years, Christian Vision used shortwave as the primary channel in
its 'Touch a Billion' strategy," he stated. "However in recent years,
shortwave audiences have declined in favor of other radio platforms, and
new social media powered by the Internet."

(Radio_World, Aug 8, via Mike Terry-UK BrDXC-UK, dxld Aug 14)

CHINA/TAJIKISTAN   15515  HEAVY FIREDRAKE music from mainland China at
1222 UT Aug 13. S=9+25dB powerhouse signal here in Germany. Read also a
poor string on SDR unit browser screen at 15517 kHz, so latter could be
the Voice of Tibet outlet from Dushanbe Yangi Yul, but couldn't trace any
VoT program content today.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 13)

15498  The total contrast to yesterday.
HEAVY Voice of Tibet program from Dushanbe Yangi Yul, female Tibetan
announcer at 1405-1420 UT Aug 15. S=8-9 signal here in Germany. FIREDRAKE
music from mainland China only on fair S=6 signal level on adjacent even
15500 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

COLOMBIA   6010.050 ... x.059  Spanish language transmission observed
here, hopping some 10 Hertz up and down, heard on Atlanta Georgia-US
remote unit, nothing of station identification heard during between 0425
til 0500 UT, S=8 signal. Most probably heard HJDH Voz de tu Conciencia,
Lomalinda, Puerto Lleral in Colombia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

CONGO  [Brazzaville]  6115  R. Congo, Brazzaville, 1655-1813 UT on 13 Aug,
Vernacular, talks, tribal songs; French prgr at 1800 UT, ID at 1803 UT
followed by the news; 25342.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

CONGO  [Kinshasa]   5066.2  R. Télé Candip, Bunia, at 1847-1902* UT on
11 Aug, French, Afr. pops, ann.; 34332, CW QRM.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

CROATIA   Protest rally.
Protesting RIZ workers disperse after gov't refuses to meet with them.

Workers of the radio broadcasting equipment manufacturer RIZ Transmitters
dispersed after three hours of protest outside the government offices in
St Mark's Square in Zagreb on Tuesday after they were told that Economy
Minister Radimir Cacic would not receive them, but they vowed not to give
up their demands for employee stock ownership and for a management board
that would consist of their own employees.

Cacic told a press conference that the government had decided to dismiss
the unsuccessful management board of RIZ Transmitters, appoint a competent
board and help the company to recover.

Over 150 workers gathered in the square on Tuesday morning seeking an
audience with government officials to present their demands for an
Employee Stock Ownership Plan and for the appointment of Management and
Supervisory Board members from within the company rather than politically
suitable people.

Cacic said there was no need for him to receive the protesting workers
because the government had held talks with them several times already.
He said that the RIZ workers had purchased company shares during its
privatisation in 1993 and then sold them to people who took over the
company and "successfully destroyed" it.

Cacic said that the government had injected 88 million kuna into RIZ in
2008, "after which the same team continued to destroy the company, but
this time under the cover of state ownership, because the state had become
They have generated an additional loss of 40 million kuna and reduced the
company's income by half. In the first quarter of this year they lost 2.9
million kuna, so the government, being a responsible owner, decided to
dismiss the management board and appoint a competent one, Cacic said.
When asked about the government's plan regarding RIZ, Cacic said that the
government wanted the company to recover because it had potential, but
noted that more details would be known after the government examined the
company's books to see whether the present situation was the result of the
incompetence of the management board or of criminal activity.

Cacic rejected as a lie workers' claims that some people wanted to destroy
the company in order to get hold of its attractive land.

Union leader Mladen Novosel said that this was "an example of social
dialogue in Croatia," adding that the workers had come to discuss their
problems with the government but were arrogantly turned down.

"About 200 workers have come here today, and in the autumn thousands will
be coming here every day. If this government wants to do things this way,
we'll do it this way, if it wants a Spain or a Greece here, it will have
it, but in that case this government will cease to exist," Novosel said.

RIZ Transmitters management board chairman Robert Inkret issued a
statement on Tuesday saying that because of failure to honour the
decisions of the government regarding the appointment of a new Management
Board and Supervisory Board "it is impossible legally to implement any
decisions regarding the Employee Stock Ownership Plan."


RIZ workers gather outside gov't offices in Zagreb to demand ESOP

Over 150 workers of the radio broadcasting equipment manufacturer RIZ
Transmitters gathered outside the government offices in Zagreb's St Mark's
Square on Tuesday morning seeking an audience with government officials to
present their demands for an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and for the
appointment of Management and Supervisory Board members from within the
company rather than politically suitable people.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the government, open your windows
to hear the voice of the people," the leader of the Federation of
Independent Trade Unions, Mladen Novosel, said, adding that the RIZ
workers wanted the same chance as had been given to the Uljanik shipyard
employee stock ownership.

"We will persist in our demands. The future of RIZ lies in its own
specialists. We don't want politically suitable people being appointed to
the Management and Supervisory Boards," said Marina Glokevic of the
Croatian Metal Workers' Union, which organised the protest rally. "Behind
all these moves are the personal interests of individuals who want to
force a good company into bankruptcy so they can get hold of an attractive
piece of land for the construction of a business and residential complex,"
she added.

The protest of RIZ workers in St Mark's Square was the first one since the
entry into force of the amended Public Assembly Act which, after seven
years of ban, again allows public protests in the square that is home to
the Government, Parliament and Constitutional Court buildings.

(Tue 24 July 2012)

ECUADOR   6049.933  HCJB Quito heavily hit by REE Madrid Noblejas
transmission next door 6055 kHz, latter S=9+35dB strength on remote net rx
in Georgia-US. 0420-0425 UT Aug 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA   5005  RNGE, Bata, 1903-1929, 11 Aug, Afr. pops; 45333.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

ERITREA   7164.991  Voice of Broad Masses #2 at 0330-0340 UT Aug 12, poor
S=7 signal, male voice talk, logged here in Germany during morning grey
line path.

7205.002  Voice of Broad Masses #1 program in Tigre language at 0358-0410
UT Aug 12, S=7-8 strength.

7189.991  Voice of Broad Masses #2 in Amharic at 18 UT, Aug 16, tiny
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12/16)

ETHIOPIA/GERMANY/MOLDOVA   Nothing heard from Dhaka 15505 kHz yet, in
Germany either. But heard white noise jamming again today - on wrong

Jamming against TDP ESAT radio noted from 'my' tune in 1728-1731 UT on
15161-15179 kHz, but Ethiopians stopped suddenly and moved to 15381-15399

And let AWR Kabyle sce on free channel and outstanding audio on 15170 kHz
from 1732 UT, scheduled from M&B Wertachtal site at 1730-1800 UT, S=9+20dB
signal strength.

TDP ESAT Radio in Amharic language towards ETH/ERI was on 15390 kHz
tonight from Grigoriopol Maiac site in Moldova. ex 15165/15170/15370/15380
kHz. 17-18 UT not daily.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

9558.602  R Ethiopia in Afar language at 1300-1400 UT Aug 16. Poor S=6-7
signal in downunder Australia remote unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 16)

GERMANY   HCJB Germany 3995 kHz in Russian.
Dear SWLs, I just want to inform you that HCJB Germany broadcasts programs
in the Russian language every morning from 0300-0400 UT at 3995 kHz. The
power is sadly low (1.5 kW) but it's maybe possible to get a signal even
in Russia or Ukraine (at least in the winter time)?! Reception reports are
(Stephan Schaa-D, RUSdx Aug 12)

QSL: D - HCJB via Weenermoor [1 Attachment]. hello,
here is a new QSL-image of HCJB from the new transmitter in Weenermoor.
1 Photo
(Peter Vaegler-D, Aug 12)

GERMANY    Hamburg Lokalradio and European Music Radio this weekend.
Dear Listeners,
European Music Radio and HH Lokalradio are on the air this weekend.

Hamburg Lokalradio schedule for Saturday Aug 18
05.00-17.00 on 7265 kHz via MVBR Goehren

E.M.R. - European Music Radio schedule for Sunday Aug 19

06.00-07.00 on 7265 kHz via MVBR Goehren
08.00-09.00 on 9480 kHz via MVBR Goehren
08.00-09.00 on 6005 kHz via Radio 700 Kall +
11.00-12.00 on 7265 kHz via MVBR Goehren

EMR - European Music Radio Internet repeats on Sunday and Monday
Programme repeats are at the following times:
06.00, 08.00, 11.00, 1600, and 1900 UT.

All Reception Reports to:
E.M.R. European Music Radio <studio @>
Hamburg Lokalradio          <m.kittner @>
Good listening! 73s Tom
(Tom Taylor-D, hcdx Aug 16)

INDIA   AIR Rajkot Paddhari 1071 kHz 1000 kW test on 12 Aug 2012.
22 30 01.31 N  70 31 12.03 E

AIR Rajkot 1071 kHz on air, 12 August 2012, AIR Rajkot on air with Urdu
service during 1720 UTC check in. Called up the station, they are doing
some field test for limited period in simulcast mode.

Tentative schedule as following: 0230-0430, 0830-1130 UT.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia Aug 12)

15040  Close to the airwave control band AIR from Khampur site scheduled,
heard around opening interval signal at 1212 UT Aug 13, scheduled from
1215-1315 UT in Burmese at 132degrees (which is backlobe of EUR azimuth
312deg). Heavy UNDERMODULATED reception, S=7 signal in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 13)

INDIA   4970  AIR Shillong, 1230-1315, August 12. The hum I heard here on
August 7 must have been a one day event! Today heard with good audio for
the news in English followed by the usual Sunday program of "traditional"
C&W songs (Glen Campbell "Rhinestone Cowboy", etc.); 1311 local ID and
announcement for employment opportunity with AIR Shillong; 1315 UT into
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 13)

Photo's of new 1000 kW MW transmitter at Rajkot, Gujarat, Made by RIZ
Zagreb, Croatia. Photo of 156.25 meter high self radiating masts of SPT
AIR, Rajkot, India

On DX_India
< Projects>

(Alokesh Gupta-IND dx_india Aug 15)

INDIA   AIR Bangalore changes   Dear Friends, As one 500 kW SW transmitter
at AIR Bengaluru is being replaced by a new DRM one, the following changes
are noted from there.

11620 1215-1315 Burmese changed to Delhi
 9690 1330-1500 English dropped
11620 1615-1715 Russian dropped
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, dxld Aug 5)

INDONESIA   4869.9  RRI Wamena. Had been off the air from June 2012; heard
for one day only on August 5 and then gone again till today, August 13.
Will this be another one day happening? 1201 UT Jakarta News relay which
was // 3325 kHz, which was stronger; 1228 UT played patriotic song
"Dirgahayu Indonesiaku".

Indonesia's Independence Day is August 17 (Friday). Will there be any
special programs or broadcasts?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 13)

KOREA REP OF    5900  MND Radio, 1219, August 12. In Korean under NoKorea
jamming (not white noise, but pulsating). Seems N. Korea did not notice
that MND Radio recently moved from 6230 to 6760 kHz for this time period.
Now we are still stuck with strong white noise jamming on 6230 kHz most of
the time (24 hrs?)
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 13)

KOREA REP OF   MND Radio was noted on 5150 kHz this morning *0956-1040* UT
Aug 15. Carrier on 0956 UT, but no audio heard until 0959:50 when choral
music started. Talk began 1001:50 UT. Fair signal but bad electrical noise
made it hard to make much of the content. I then checked 6435 kHz and,
sure enough, they were parallel.

Soon, the signal had improved to be clearly recognizable as Korean. Talk
continued to 1037 UT, when they played a chorale tune. The song ended at
1040 UT; 5150 kHz went off almost immediately, 6435 kHz about 30 seconds
later. There was no sign of jamming, perhaps because the DPRK government
hasn't had time to react to it yet.

According to <>

"A radio station believed to be operated by South Korea's Ministry of
National Defense has strengthened its radio broadcasts to North Korea,
according to reports from radio monitors in Japan.

MND Radio added extra shortwave frequencies from August 9 in an apparent
attempt to get around the DPRK's heavy jamming of its signal.

The current schedule for the station's four programs a day now looks like

0400-0440 5900, 6760 Program 1
0500-0535 5150, 6435 Program 2
0600-0650 5410, 6700 Program 3
0700-0735 5290, 6270 Program 4
1000-1035 5150, 6435 Program 2 repeat
1100-1150 5410, 6700 Program 3 repeat
1200-1240 5900, 6760 Program 1 repeat"
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld Aug 16)

MALAYSIA   5964.705  Probably Radio Satu / RTM KlasikNasionalFM program
from Kajang monitored on this odd frequency, 1804 UT Aug 16, according
Japanese Aoki list. Just above threshold, noisy signal here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 16)

MALI   5995  R. Mali, Kati, 2148-..., 09 Aug, French, [unread.] talks;
55433, but extremely weak modulation; a bit better on 13 Aug, 2200 UT.

9635 ditto, at 1108-1235 UT on 11 Aug, Vernacular, tradit. songs, ... ,
French prgr at 1200 UT, newscast; 25442.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

MYANMAR   7109.997  Myanmar Kachin Radio in Burmese, probably from
Naypyidaw site. 1255 UT Aug 16. Signal strength in Australia remote unit
about S=9+10dB.

UNID  Probably Myanmar R. And a tiny Perseus signal string seen on
5985.824 at 1310 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 16)

NIGER   9705  La Voix du Sahel, Goudel, at 2208-2220 UT on 09 Aug,
Vernacular, talks; 45433.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

PAKISTAN   15700  Heavily distorted HQ prayer, performed on Radio
Pakistan's Chinese service at 12-13 UT. Noted S=9+20dB signal here in
Europe at 1230 UT Aug 13. They use different - unsymmetric - sideband
outlets: LSB like 15696 to 15700 kHz, but more broadband distorted on USB
side 15700 to 15709 kHz.

// 17725 kHz with similar signal strength, but only tiny 10% modulation,
only parts of audio peaks heard "now and then".
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 13)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3260  NBC Madang, 1159-1204*, August 12 (Sunday). In
Tok Pisin; Christian religious song; ID and frequencies; phone dedications
(was the weekend, so no NBC National News relay); suddenly off. Clearly
here is another PNG station that must be on a timer that automatically
ends their transmitting day; just the way NBC East New Britain (3385 kHz)
formerly did when they were on the air.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 13)

PERU   4775  R. Tarma, Tarma, 2231-2243, 10 Aug, Castilian, Indian songs,
talks; 34332, QRM de B.

4955  R. Cultural Amauta, Huanta, 2210-2219, 12 Aug, Castilian (pres),
exhalted talks, songs; 15331.

9674.9  Pacífico Radio, Lima, 2241-... UT on 10 Aug, Castilian, music;
23431, adjt. QRM de B on 9675 kHz.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)

PHILIPPINES   15190  R. Pilipinas. Took a short break today from listening
to Bangaldesh Betar to check on this. August 9 (Thursday) at 1804 UT noted
in Tagalog and English with good signal; // 11720 kHz (fair).

Aoki still shows the simulcasts for Tue-Wed-Thurs (R. ng Bayan and R.
Magasin), but my recent observations are that they have dropped these
simulcasts. Very unfortunate, as they were great fun to listen to. I
should learn from this and in the future when I hear a program I really
enjoy via SW, I should write to the station and express my appreciation.

17700   R. Pilipinas, 0211-0222, August 13. In English with extensive
coverage about the new tropical storm headed their way; reports of rescue
operations, evacuations and Philippine Red Cross operations due to the
recent heavy monsoon rains.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 13)

PHILIPPINES   RVA Frequency Change (Urdu-Filipino)

Radio Veritas Asia (Philippines) will be implementing a frequency change
on August 19, 2012 for the following broadcast:

Delete: 1430-1457 UTC Urdu 15435 kHz
Add:    1430-1457 UTC Urdu 15330 kHz

Delete: 1500-1553 UTC Filipino 15350 kHz
Add:    1500-1553 UTC Filipino 15320 kHz
(Ashik Eqbal Tokon-?, hcdx Aug 17)

ROMANIA   15190  IRRS via Romania, 1502-1530*, August 12 (Sunday). In
English with Christian preaching; IRRS ID and gave address in Milan, Italy
to write for QSL card; no hint of Radio Africa.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 13)

RWANDA   7300  DWL Kigali in Swahili, registered 03-04 UT, heard 0345-0357
UT Aug 12, S=6-7 fair signal, continously female reader program. // weak
on 6180RRW, but latter covered by Radio Nacional de Brazil on co-channel
6180.008 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

SOUTH AFRICA   7395.009  NHK Radio Japan Tokyo in Swahili via Meyerton-AFS
sw relay site, scheduled 0315-0400 UT, observed around 0350-0358 UT, poor
signal S=4 level here in Germany. Compared with DWL 7300 kHz latter which
is stronger here in Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

SRI LANKA   15744.990  SLBC Ekala, endless English sermon, talk on "New
Testament..." at 0305-0315 UT Aug 12. S=6 poor signal heard on remote SDR
unit in Australia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

15270  Poor signal of SIDELOBE signal from Trincomalee site noted on
BVBNetwork in English, Sat 1100-1130 UT. S=4 weak here in Germany at
1104 UT Aug 11.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

TAIWAN   11605.108  Radio Taiwan International Japanese service, nx heard
at 0803 UT Aug 14. Registered 08-09 UT from Tainan-TWN tx site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

7459.987  YFR Family Radio Vietnamese sce 12-13 UT at Aug 16, S=9 signal
noted at 1235 UT on remote unit in Australia. Via Pao Chung site at

9939.869  YFR Family Radio in Vietnamese via Tainan-TWN relay site, 1300-
1357 UT noted at 1318 UT, and co-channel disturbed like jamming by OTHR
swinging carrier noise, but latter could be also an independent signal
service ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 16)

TAJIKISTAN   4765.044  on July 19 at *2252 UT. Radio Tajikistan switches
on the transmitter at this time. Audio begins at 2300 UT. Full ID at 2359
UT. Strong. Another weak carrier also noted on 4765.002 kHz but not enough
signal to get any audio, maybe Radio Rural?? TN
(Thomas Nilson-SWE, via RUSdx Aug 12)

UAE   15215.029  FEBA Radio in Tibetan from Al Dhabbaya,  n o t  CNR
jammed, Observed around tune-in 1217-1220 UT on Aug 13. S=8 sidelobe
strength here in Germany. Chorus of young female singer, typical chimes,
bells and cymbals heard.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 13)

USA   7489.944  WBCQ The Planet in English, S=6 weak signal tonight here
in Europe at 0400 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

USA   11565.009  WHRI Cypress Creek, English sce sermon "in a quiet
S=9+20dB strength observed on remote SDR rx unit in Australia.

US address given at 0814 UT Aug 14. Something seems wrong with the audio
feed, heard some low level speech echo in background, like "over inductive
radiation recording" from backside magnetic tape ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

VIETNAM   7385.0  Hanoi Me Tri site at
20 59 56.82 N  105 46 58.46 E

Cambodian sce S=8 signal at 1230-1300 UT noted downunder in Brisbane
Australia at 1245 UT Aug 16.

7435.005  Voice of Vietnam Hanoi Son Tay site in Vietnamese, S=9+10dB
signal at 1240 UT Aug 16.

9839.871  Voice of Vietnam international sce via Son Tay site, in
Indonesian scheduled at 1300 - 1330 UT, noted on remote unit in Australia.
Poor S=6-7 sidelobe signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 16)

ZAMBIA   6165  Radio 2 / ZNBC Lusaka, 0335-0438, August 13. In English;
hi-life songs; 0430 UT IDs: "Radio 2, the natural choice ... only on Radio
2, the natural choice, playing all today's classic sounds ... Radio 2, the
natural choice"; phone calls; Lusaka sunrise was at 0425 UT. Still no
trace of Chad!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 13)

ZAMBIA   13590  CVC International Lusaka the CVI section from United
Kingdom, at 06-20 UT noted via Australia remote unit on southern Indian
Ocean path around 0800 UT

CVC Lusaka Makeni ranch SW 4965 6065 9430 9505 13590 13650 kHz.

15 32 18.89 S  28 00 09.83 E

13590 0600 2000 46SE        LUS  100 315 186 Eng ZMB CVC CVI
 9505 2000 2200 46SE        LUS  100 315 186 Eng ZMB CVC CVI

Despite the UK CVC Internat fraction 13590 / 9505 is widely reported, but
4965 / 6065 South-African section CVO missed lately

Formerly and now ceased services
 6065 0500 1700 52E,53W,57N LUS  100 0   755 Mis ZMB CVO CVI
 4965 1700 0500 52E,53W,57N LUS  100 0   755 Mis ZMB CVO CVI
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

5915  ZNBC-Radio 1, Lusaka, 2134-2146, 09 Aug, Vernacular, talks phone-
ins; 33442, adt. QRM de VoRUS in Portuguese, on 5920.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Aug 15)


Video documentary about radio jamming now available at Polskie Radio

Polskie Radio, Polskim Radiu: The video documentary by Rimantas Pleikys
about radio jamming during the Cold War, and since then, is now available
at Polskie Radio's Polskim Radiu website. It is fifty minutes, in English
with Lithuanian subtitles (thanks for this to Kim Andrew Elliott).

"The jamming of the RFE Polish Service began shortly after the first
broadcast which aired in 1952. The necessary equipment was already at hand
because broadcasts from Madrid and Washington had been jammed before."

(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK, dxld Aug 14)
Michael Bethge
Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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