DARC DXNL - DX Bulletim 1796 DATE 05-09-2012

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8Q, MALDIVES, AS-013 Hamed,8Q7HA, was active in SSB on 17m around 1700 UTC. QSL via 9K2HS.

9A, CROATIA Jan,9A/PA4JJ, from Pores is working in holiday style in his favourite modes RTTY and PSK31 until Sep 12. QSL via homecall, OQRS: http://www.pa4jj.nl

9J, ZAMBIA Shinichi,JA7SGV, is QRV as 9J2JA from Zambia but the length of his stay is not known. He has been spotted in CW on 30m, 20m, 17m and 15m. QSL via homecall.

E6, NIUE, OC-040 Lance,W7GJ, and Bob,ZL1RS, are planning an EME DXpedition as E6M and E6RS to Niue (OC-040, WLOTA 2139, Loc AH51ba) from Sep 7-21. Sep ausgesucht. Lance will focus on 6m EME (50.190 MHz) and Bob on 2m but they may show up from other bands as well. See also: http://www.qsl.net/zl1rs/zk2.html and http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj/Niue2012.htm QSL E6M via W7GJ, QSL E6RS via ZL1RS; both only direct or LoTW.

G, ENGLAND, EU-005 The Churches and Chapels on the Air (CHOTA) on Sep 8 is a good oppor- tunity to introduce amateur radio and also the World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners (WACRAL). CHOTA is organised by WACRAL member John,G3XYF. A list of stations can be found at: http://www.wacral.org/CHOTA.htm
GB2HST (the suffix stands for High Stoy Telegraph) is a special event station in Minterne Magna, Dorset from Sep 9-14. QSL via M0XIG.
Gary,M0NNH, and Chris,M0DOL, are using the special callsign GB2012LP during the Paralympics in London until Sep 9.
ISWL members will activate following special event stations during the Paralympic Games in September: Sep 1-7: GO4BJC/a from Great Sutton in Cheshire by Geof,M0BAU (ISWL G-20665), WAB SJ37, EU-005, WLOTA 1841 MO1SWL/a from Dagenham in Essex by John,M0HEM (ISWL G-20579) WAB TQ48, EU-005, WLOTA 1841 Sep 8-9: GO4BJC from Broad Oak in East Sussex by Arthur,G0KOC (ISWL G-20358), WAB TQ62, EU-005, WLOTA 1841 MO1SWL/a from Walton on the Naze in Essex by Herbie,G6XOU (ISWL G-20006), WAB TM22, EU-005, WLOTA 1841 Sep 10-30: G4BJC tba. MX1SWL/a from Hartford in Cambridgeshire by Tom,G3RPV (ISWL G-7964), WAB TL27, EU-005, WLOTA 1841 All QSLs via G6XOU, eQSL. See also: http://www.iswl.org.uk

HA, HUNGARY Members of the Puskas Tivadar Radio Aamateur Club (HA5KHC) is QRV as HG1912PTTT from Budapest until Sep 30 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the "Puskas Tivadar" Telecommunications Technical High School. Activities will take place in CW, SSB and digital modes on all HF bands QSL via HA5AUC. See also: http://www.ha5khc.hu

J2, DJIBOUTI Christian,F5MBF, has been in Djibouti since July and finally received his callsign J28NC. He will stay there for at least two years and is working mainly in CW with some SSB on 80m-10m using a vertical. The QSL route has not been announced yet, the cluster says via F5MBF.

KH0, MARIANA ISLANDS, OC-086 Mike,JA6EGL, and Yu,JE6DND, will be active in CW and SSB on 30m-10m signing KK6WW/KH0 and KH0R from Saipan (OC-086) from Sep 6-9. QSLs via homecalls, unfortunately only direct.
Kuroi,JH0MGJ/AL5A, will be QRV as AL5A/AH0 from Saipan as well and wants to listen for his friends in Europe from Sep 7-9. QSL via JA7JEC, LoTW.

ON, BELGIUM The Groupement De Verviers (GDV) will activate the special callsign ON4USA in SSB and PSK on 40m/20m/15m/10m/6m on Sep 8/9 for the 68th anniversary of the liberation of Verviers by US GI's. QSL via ON4GDV.

PA, THE NETHERLANDS Fred,PA0FAW, will be QRV as PC12WSF in CW, SSB and digital modes from the "World Statues Festival" in Arnheim until Sep 30. Fred is DIG 1487, ISWL PA-11092, WAB-11722. QSL via homecall.

UA1, EUROPEAN RUSSIA The special event station R1150I is active from Sep 2-9 celebrating the 1150th anniversary of the Izborsk Fortress. QSLs will be sent via bureau automatically, eQSLs are available as well. --- Several stations will be using the suffix SRR from Sep 4-13 celebrating the 10th anniversary of IARU membership of the Soyuz Radiolyubitelej Rossii (SRR). QSL routes will be announced in the QSO.

V7, MARSHALl ISLANDS, OC-028 Rick,WH0AI (ex T32AI), is working from Kwajalein Island (OC-028) from the Kwajalein Amateur Radio clubstation and using the club call V73AX. He has been heard in CW and SSB on 20m, 15m and 10m. Rich has applied for the call V73AI. He also plans to be active in the upcoming contests QSL via WH0AI, unfortunately only direct (QRZ.com) with "green stamps".

W, USA Members of the Symbol Technologies Amateur Radio Club (STARC) will be QRV as N1Y in CW and SSB on 40m/20m/15m on Sep 8/9 commemorating Sep 11, 2001. QSL via W2SBL.
The special event station N3U/Flt93 (N3U/United Flight 93) remembers the terrorist attack on this flight from Sep 8-13. QSL via W3PN.
Wayne,AB8DD, plans to activate Kiser Lake State Park in Champaign County/Ohio mainly in SSB and CW on all bands during the "Ohio State Parks On The Air" (OSPOTA) event on Sep 9.
The Milford Ohio Amateur Radio Club (MARC) is using the call W8MRC from The East Fork State Park in Clermont County during the same event. They will three stations in SSB on 80m-10m. See: http://www.w8mrc.com
Andy,N8OFS (SMIRK #6737), will be QRV as N8OFS/p from "Big Caboose" during the "QCWA Fall QSO Party" on Sep 7 and during the "ARRL September VHF QSO Party" on Sep 8/9. QSL via homecall, unfortunately only direct.

YA, AFGHANISTAN Martin,DL3ASM, is based in Mazar-i-Sharif until the end of November. He is an officer in the German Army and maintains the radios. His call is T6SM and his equipment includes a TS590, TS870, IC7000, a TL922 plus a W3DZZ (12m high), a FB 33 yagi, a TripleLeg for the WARC bands and verticals for 2m/70cm. QSL via homecall.

PACIFIC TRIP: John,N7CQQ, and Ron,N6XT, will be "in the Samoa area" until the end of September. They plan to become active from Samoa (5W), hopefully from Tokelau (ZK3) and maybe also American Samoa (KH8). QSLs via homecalls.

DXCC: The XU1A DXpedition of 1998 has been approved for DXCC credit after reviewing new information. If you have had QSLs rejected please send an e-mail to bmoore@arrl.org to be placed on the list for update. If you remember the submission in which you included the QSL please note this to expedite the search for the rejected QSO.

SURVEY: A survey about the Most Wanted DXCCs is online until Oct 15: http://www.dxpub.net


Fr. Lars Rooth, SJ (SM1BOE), passed away on July 21, aged 90. He was responsible for the Scandinavian department of Vatican Radio OP at HV3SJ. Cris Henderson,GM4FAM, passed away at the age of 57 on Aug 23. He was one of the zop CW DXers in the UK. Our condolences and sympathy are with their families and friends. We do not want to be sad that we lost him, but grateful that we could get to know him as a radio friend. We will always keep him in memory.

LINKS ....

Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at: http://www.sotawatch.org
Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de


Sep 8 Kulikovo Polye Cont
est (see: http://www.kpctest.ru)
Sep 8/9 WAE DX Contest
Sep  8/9 IARU Region 1 ATV Contest
Sep 9 North American Sprint The HTC QRP Sprint 2012 has been cancelled!

IOTA ....

Island activities:

AF-049, 3B8, Mauritius Island: After visiting South Africa Alex,IW5ELA, and Michaela now plan to stop at Mauritius (WLOTA 0595) next. He will work in holiday style as 3B/IW5ELA from Sep 6-12. Alex is working mostly in CW using his FT-857 and vertical. QSL via IW5ELA (bureau/direct).

AS-042, R0B, Severnaya Zemlya: Vladimir,RV3EFH/0, will be QRV again from Bolshevik Island (RRA RR-07-03, RDA KK-65, Loc OQ28dh) in September. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

EU-004, EA6, Balearic Islands: Alessandro,IZ4WNA, and Giuliano,IZ4WNP, will show up as EA6/homecalls from Ibiza (DIE E-023, MIA MB-003, WLOTA 0958) from Sep 7-10. They also plan to visit other islands. Activities will take place on these bands: 80m SSB, 40m SSB, 20m PSK63/SSB, 15m PSK63/SSB, 10m PSK63/SSB. QSLs via IZ4WNA. Their website is: http://www.iz4wna.com

EU-015, SV9, Crete Island: Silvia,SV9/EA1AP, and Alberto,SV9/EA1SA, will be active from Crete (GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400) in SSB, CW and RTTY on 80m-6m from Sep 9-15. QSLs via homecalls (bureau/direct).

EU-031, I*8, Campania Region group: Hubert,OE3FHA, and Sal,IC8SQS, will be QRV as IC8/OE3FHA from Ischia (IIA NA-001, MIA MI-042, WAIS EL44, WLOTA 0689, LOC JN60) from Sep 6-22. They will work only in SSB on the HF bands and maybe also 6m. QSL only via bureau to OE3FHA.

EU-043, SM6, Goteborg och Bohus/Halland County group: Stephan,SM5YRA, plans an activation of the lighthouse Halloe (ARLHS SWE173, Loc JO58oh, SMFF-0465, LH C0375) as SB6HL in SSB and digital modes on 80m-6m from Sep 8-15. QSL via SM5YRA (bureau/direct).

EU-052, SV, Ipeiros/Dytiki Elaas Region group: Dirk,SV8/ON5CT/p, is going to visit Corfu (GIOTA INS-042, MIA MG-055, WLOTA 4132, Loc JM99) from Sep 4-18 and will be QRV mainly in RTTY and SSB on 20m-6m. QSL only via LoTW or eQSL. No paper QSLs.

EU-088, OZ, Kattegat group: Bernd,DL8AAV, will sign OZ0AV from the island of Laeso (DIA NK-003, WLOTA 2820) from Sep 10-22. QSL via DL8AAV.

EU-138, SM7, Blekinge County group: Fred/SM7DAY/p will show up again from Senoren Island. He will work in SSB/CW on the HF bands from Sep 8-14. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

EU-165, I*0, Sardinia's Coastal Islands: Riccardo,IZ5JMX, spends his holiday on San Pietro island from Sep 2-14. Listen for IM0/IZ5JMX in SSB on 40m-10m. QSL via IZ5JMX (bureau/direct).

OC-233, VK7, Tasmania's Coastal Islands: Scott,VK7HVK/p, wants to hand out a few IOTA points from Bruny Island (WLOTA 1829, Loc QE36PQ) if his antenna can be repaired. QSL via homecall (d).

Non IOTA: John,VE3ISE, and Doug,VE3GJ, plan to activate the Canadian island Byng (ON-037) on Sep 8. They will use two stations: VE3ISE with 100 W starting around noon local time on 40m/20m and VE3GJ with QRP on 20m. QSLs via homecalls (bureau/direct).

OEFF/IFF: Fred,DL8DXL, is underway in IN3 and OE during the next two weeks and wants to activate several WFFs and SOTAs. QSL via homecall.

Lighthouse activities ....

AL5A/KH0 LH 1333 Sep 7-9
CR3L LH 0053 Sep 8-9
E6M LH 2139 Sep 7-21
E6RS LH 2139 Sep 7-21
GB1SKC LH 1841 Sep 8
KH0R LH 1333 Sep 6-9
KK6W/KH0 LH 1333 Sep 6-9
ZK2GJ LH 2139 Sep 9-21
ZK3RS LH 2139 Sep 9-21

Preview ....
DATE           CALL           DXNL

     -09Sep    2O12L          1790
21Jul-09Sep    2O12W          1789
28Aug-12Sep    3B8/IW5ELA..   1794/1796 *
01Aug-28Oct    3Z70ZK         1791
     -31Dec    4O60GBP        1790
Sep            5B/G3RWF       1795
     -2014     5Z4EE          1742/1753/1772
2012           6D0LM          1774
     -31Dec    7T50I..        1788
     -31Oct    8J0WAZA        1780
     -31Mar    8J1MBR         1788
     -31Dec    8J1MST         1779
     -31Mar    8J1SPY         1788
     -30Sep    8J2NDP..       1751
     -3Nov     8J2YDU         1794
     -21Oct    8J4HAM         1794
     -10Nov    8J4MANGA       1794
     -11Nov    8J4SINWA       1794
     -31Dec    8J50YAX        1794
     -31Dec    8J6O           1773
     -31Dec    8J6OKAJO       1788
     -30Sep    8J7EQ          1773
     -16Sep    8J8APRC        1794
     -31Oct    8N0CLEAN..     1788
     -31Dec    8N1TDU         1780
unknown        8Q7HA          1796 *
02Sep-14Sep    8Q7OE          1795
unknown        9G5ZS          1795
     -12Sep    9A/PA4JJ       1796 *
     -2012     9J2RI          1739/1742
     -Oct/14   9V1RM          1751

     -Sep/13   A52SV          1752
07Sep-09Sep    AL5A/AH0       1796 *
03Sep-10Sep    C21BN          1795
     -Dec/13   C91IW          1787
unknown        CG3B           1786
     -31Dec    CN2YZ          1771
04Sep-11Sep    CR3L..         1795
     -Dec      CY0/VE1AWW     1784
     -Aug/13   D2FJZ          1794
     -May/13?  D2SG           1748/1780
     -31Dec    DA0LSW         1785
2012?          DL0SLITISA     1764
     -13Jan    DL125HHZ       1778
01Jan-31Dec    DL1630Y        1760
     -31Dec    DL250COAL      1779
01Jan-31Dec    DM100MGY       1763
01Jan-31Dec    DM50KSJ        1763
     -31Dec    DM800ANH       1767
     -Feb/13   DP0GVN         1756
     -31Dec    DP87SIXD       1792
     -Jan/13   DQ0STRATEX     1770
     -31Dec    DQ125HSB       1763/1784
     -31Dec    DR50DTANGO     1791

     -15Sep    E51AND         1795
unknown        E51MGA         1786
07Sep-21Sep    E6M..          1796 *
     -31Dec    E720RS         1770
07Sep-10Sep    EA6/IZ4WNA     1796 *
07Sep-10Sep    EA6/IZ4WNP     1796 *
01Jan-31Dec    EI80IRTS       1763/1788
01Sep-14Sep    F/ON5GQ        1795
     -Mar/13   FH8NX          1747
02Sep-10Sep    FR/DF8AN       1795
     -09Sep    GB2012LP       1796 *
     -09Sep    GB2012OLY      1792
     -09Sep    GB2012MV       1790
     -09Sep    GB2012OSP      1791
09Sep-14Sep    GB2HST         1796 *
     -10Sep    GB4GBO         1790
     -31Dec    GB50WVR        1767
2012           GB80PW         1762
Sep            GO4BJC/A..     1796 *

     -2013     H44RK          1793
     -31Dec    HA50ZH         1780
     -30Sep    HG1912PTTT     1796 *
     -31Dec    HG20CRT        1795
     -Sep/13   HI3/KL7JR      1745
unknown        HP1/IZ6BRN     1787
unknown        HT9H           1792
06Sep-22Sep    IC8/OE3FHA     1796 *
     -Dec      ID9DXC..       1755
02Sep-08Sep    II0FIST        1795
01Sep-20Sep    II3PAN         1795
01Jan-31Dec    II6LN          1763
02Sep-14Sep    IM0/IZ5JMX     1795/1796 *
     -Jul/13   J28UC          1734
     -Aug/14   J28NC          1796 *
unknown        JA7SGV         1796 *
     -Nov      JW2US          1791
29Mar-Mar/13   JX9JKA         1769/1773
     -2013     KG4AJ          1756
06Sep-09Sep    KK6WW/KH0..    1796 *
23Aug-12Sep    KL7/K8GU       1794
23Aug-12Sep    KL7/KJ4OAP     1794
23Aug-12Sep    KL7/W2NAF      1794

     -31Dec    LX75RL         1788
     -31Dec    LZ1818MOG..    1770
     -31Dec    LZ40YE         1795
05Sep-19Sep    NH8S           1795
08Sep-09Sep    N1Y            1796 *
08Sep-13Sep    N3U/Flt93      1796 *
07Sep-09Sep    N8OFS/p        1796 *
May  -Oct      OD5/IV3XNF     1777
Jul  +Sep      OE2XXM..       1786/1795
     -Apr/17   OG3077F        1789
     -31Dec    OH150VR        1772
     -31Dec    ON500MERCATOR  1783
04Apr-31Dec    ON100TT        1775
     -31Dec    ON20OSA        1795
08Sep/09Sep    ON4USA         1796 *
01Jan-31Dec    ON65BR         1763
     -31Dec    ON85RCL        1790
unknown        OX3LX          1790
10Sep-22Sep    OZ0AV          1796 *

01Jul-31Dec    P3EU           1786
     -30Sep    PC12WSF        1796 *
     -30Sep    R1000M         1794
     -9Sep     R1150I         1796 *
01Sept-30Nov   R15GGGR..      1795
Aug            R1812SM        1791
12Jun-12Sep    R200V          1783
     -Jan/13   RI1ANF         1765
     -Sep/12   RI1FJA         1741
     -Sep/12   RI1FJM         1741
     -31Dec    S555E..        1772
08Sep-15Sep    SB6HL          1796 *
08Sep-14Sep    SM7DAY/p       1796 *
     -2Oct     SN63DNI        1792
15Aug-8Sep     SN17EGS        1793
01Aug-02Oct    SN7PW          1791
04Sep-18Sep    SV8/ON5CT/p    1796 *
09Sep-15Sep    SV9/EA1AP      1796 *
09Sep-15Sep    SV9/EA1SA      1796 *
Sep            SW9XB          1795

     -Feb/13   T6LG           1795
     -Nov      T6SM           1786*
     -30Sep    T6SS           1790
     -Sep      T6TJ..         1789
     -31Dec    TC50TRAC..     1770
30Jun-30Sep    TC6BLH..       1786/1793
     -31Dec    TM210VH        1770
     -31Dec    TM70TRS        1763
unknown        TR8CA          1795
unknown        TX0HF          1789
     -16Sep    V5/DF2UU..     1795
     -Nov/14   V73NS          1604/1668/1752
09Sep-14Sep    VK7HVK/p       1796 *
     -Nov      VQ9JC          1755/1793
     -May/14   XE1/DM3DL      1730
18Aug-31Sep    ZD9KN          1794/1795
unknown        ZD9KX          1795
     -2014     ZY2014WC       1774

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information ....
3B/IW5ELA   via IW5ELA (B)
4L1MA       via ON4RU (B)
5Q4B        via OZ5EV (d)
8P/J88CG    via J88CG
8Q7HA       via 9K2HS (B)
9A/DJ5MJ    via DJ5MJ
9A/PA4JJ    via PA4JJ (B), OQRS
9H3KB       via DL5NUA (B)
9J2JA       via JA7SGV
9M2DVR      via JF3DVR
A61BK           (d), (*)
AL5A/AH0    via JA7JEC (B), (L)
CO6LC       via EA5GL (D)
CO8LY       via EA7ADH (d)
CX2BR       via EA5GL (d)
DL0CF/p         (B)
E27EK/p     via E27EK
E6M         via W7GJ (d), (L)
E6RS        via ZL1RS (d), (L)
EA6/IZ4WNA  via IZ4WNA (B)
EA6/IZ4WNP  via IZ4WNA (B)
EG2SDC      via EA1AUM (B)
EG5VCE      via EA7HBC
EG6SDC      via EA1AUM (B)
EM4IFF      via US5IQ
G4BJC       via G6XOU, eQSL
G8T         via G4SHF (B)
GB0BRE      via MW0GMH
GB0DRI      via G0LYZ
GB0LOW      via G3XYF
GB0SMW      via G0ORO
GB1LIM      via G1EFU
GB1MSN      via G8HKP
GB1SKC      via G3UYN
GB1SOC      via G1VAB
GB2012LP        (B)
GB2ANG      via G7UUR
GB2BOH      via M0JAV
GB2HST      via M0XIG
GB2SPW      via G3NQX
GB4SJH      via G4SMB
GB4STG      via M0HOW
GB5BPC      via M1ECF
GB6GMC      via 2E0AIV
GB6SMD      via G6JVT
GO4BJC      via G6XOU, eQSL
GO4BJC/A    via G6XOU, eQSL
GX0ROC      via G0ROC
GX0WKQ      via M1FNE
HB9WFF/p    via  HB9FBI
HC2SL       via HD2A
HF50ZST     via SP3POW
HG1912PTTT  via HA5AUC (B)
HL2/KA8U    via JS1KQQ
HS0ZKS      via K7BV (B)
HZ1DS       via DJ9ZB (B)
IC8/OE3FHA  via OE3FHA (B)
IM0/IZ5JMX  via IZ5JMX (B)
J28NC       via F5MBF (B)
J28UC       via F5RQQ (d)
KHR         via JE6DND (d)
KH0XH       via JE1XUZ
KHXW        via JQ2WTT
KK6WW/KH0   via JA6EGL (d)
MO1SWL/A    via G6XOU, eQSL
MX1SWL/A    via G6XOU, eQSL
NH7O        via EA5GL (d)
N1Y         via W2SBL (B)
N3U/Flt93   via W3PN (B)
N8OFS/p     via N8OFS (d), eQSL
OE/HA3HK/p  via HA3HK
OH7KA       via OH3KAV (B)
OJ0KA       via OH3KAV (B)
ON4USA      via ON4GDV (B)
OZ/DL6LZM   via DL6LZM (B)
OZ0AV       via DL8AAV (bureau/direct)
PC12WSF     via PA0FAW (B), eQSL
R1150I          sends QSLs automatically, eQSL
S555E       via S50E
SB6HL       via SM5YRA (B)
SM7DAY/p    via SM7DAY (B)
SN0LED      via SP3OL
SP2IU/p     via SP2IU (B)
SV5/DL7YS/p via DL7YS
SV8/ON5CT/p via ON5CT (L)
SV9/EA1AP   via EA1AP (B)
SV9/EA1SA   via EA1SA (B)
SZ1SV       via SV1SV
T6SM        via DL3ASM (B)
TF4X        via G3SWH (B)
UE40MD      via UA4LU (B)
UK8GBL      via RW6HS (d)
V44KAI      via W5TFW
V63PR       via JJ8DEN (B)
VI4WIP50    via VK4WIP
VK7HVK/p    via VK7HVK (B)
YP3A        via YO3ND
YP5A        via YO5KUC
YV1FPT      via EA5GL (d)
YV5KAJ      via EA5KB (B)
ZS6/IW5ELA  via IW5ELA (B)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request
QSLs arrived direct: 9Y4D, J52HF (I3LDP), JD1BMH (JG7PSJ), XX9E (EB7DX)

QSLs arrived bureau: 3B6FQ (K5XK), 4S7KKG (DC0KK), 5R8KH (DF8UO), 5X0CW (DK7PE), 5Z4ES (K3IRV), 7U1MA, 7Z7AA (7Z1CQ), 8J1RL, 9M8YY (JR3WXA), BV100 (BV2KI), E51NOU (N7OU), HI3/W1JNZ, HO1X (DJ2ST), HS0ZBS, HS0ZFA (DJ4ER), JI1FGX/DU9 (JF1LZQ), KP2/K0BBC, P4/R5GA, PJ2/KE1B, PJ2/K2NV, PJ2T (W3HNK), PJ4/K5WE, PJ4/W9NJY (WD9DZV), PJ5/DL7VOG, PZ5M (AJ9C), RI1ANC (RN1ON), S21B (KX7YT), TJ9PF (F5OGL), V25OP (W9OP), V31BD (K5WW), V31TF (DG7RO), V48M (W2OX), V5/DJ2HD), VP2E/W1UE, VP5DX (NU4Y), Z21BB (W3HNK), Z22CW (DK7PE), ZD8D (DL9HO)

QSLs arrived LoTW: EA6ZS

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to: Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DJ5AV, DJ8OG, DL2BQV, DL1SBF, DL7MAE, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K, RM3P, VA3RJ and others.

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

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