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5 September, 2012

Island activities:
AF-049, 3B8, Mauritius Island:
After visiting South Africa Alex,IW5ELA, and Michaela now plan to stop at Mauritius (WLOTA 0595) next. He will work in holiday style as 3B/IW5ELA from Sep 6-12. Alex is working mostly in CW using his FT-857 and vertical. QSL via IW5ELA (bureau/direct).
AS-042, R0B, Severnaya Zemlya:
Vladimir,RV3EFH/0, will be QRV again from Bolshevik Island (RRA RR-07-03, RDA KK-65, Loc OQ28dh) in September.
QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).
EU-004, EA6, Balearic Islands:
Alessandro,IZ4WNA, and Giuliano,IZ4WNP, will show up as EA6/homecalls from Ibiza (DIE E-023, MIA MB-003, WLOTA 0958) from Sep 7-10. They also plan to visit other islands.
Activities will take place on these bands: 80m SSB, 40m SSB,
20m PSK63/SSB, 15m PSK63/SSB, 10m PSK63/SSB. QSLs via IZ4WNA.
Their website is:
EU-015, SV9, Crete Island:
Silvia,SV9/EA1AP, and Alberto,SV9/EA1SA, will be active from Crete (GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400) in SSB, CW and RTTY on 80m-6m from Sep 9-15. QSLs via homecalls (bureau/direct).
EU-031, I*8, Campania Region group:
Hubert,OE3FHA, and Sal,IC8SQS, will be QRV as IC8/OE3FHA from Ischia (IIA NA-001, MIA MI-042, WAIS EL44, WLOTA 0689, LOC JN60) from Sep 6-22. They will work only in SSB on the HF bands and maybe also 6m. QSL only via bureau to OE3FHA.
EU-043, SM6, Goteborg och Bohus/Halland County group: Stephan,SM5YRA, plans an activation of the lighthouse Halloe (ARLHS SWE173, Loc JO58oh, SMFF-0465, LH C0375) as SB6HL in SSB and digital modes on 80m-6m from Sep 8-15. QSL via SM5YRA (bureau/direct).
EU-052, SV, Ipeiros/Dytiki Elaas Region group:
Dirk,SV8/ON5CT/p, is going to visit Corfu (GIOTA INS-042, MIA MG-055, WLOTA 4132, Loc JM99) from Sep 4-18 and will be QRV mainly in RTTY and SSB on 20m-6m. QSL only via LoTW or eQSL. No paper QSLs.
EU-088, OZ, Kattegat group:
Bernd,DL8AAV, will sign OZ0AV from the island of Laeso (DIA NK-003, WLOTA 2820) from Sep 10-22. QSL via DL8AAV.
EU-138, SM7, Blekinge County group:
Fred/SM7DAY/p will show up again from Senoren Island. He will work in SSB/CW on the HF bands from Sep 8-14.
QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).
EU-165, I*0, Sardinia's Coastal Islands:
Riccardo,IZ5JMX, spends his holiday on San Pietro island from Sep 2-14. Listen for IM0/IZ5JMX in SSB on 40m-10m. QSL via IZ5JMX (bureau/direct).
OC-233, VK7, Tasmania's Coastal Islands:
Scott,VK7HVK/p, wants to hand out a few IOTA points from Bruny Island (WLOTA 1829, Loc QE36PQ) if his antenna can be repaired. QSL via homecall (d).
John,VE3ISE, and Doug,VE3GJ, plan to activate the Canadian island
Byng (ON-037) on Sep 8. They will use two stations: VE3ISE with 100 W
starting around noon local time on 40m/20m and VE3GJ with QRP on 20m.
QSLs via homecalls (bureau/direct).
Fred, DL8DXL, is underway in IN3 and OE during the next two weeks and wants to activate several WFFs and SOTAs. QSL via homecall.

Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

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