Saturday operation for GB80PW - with Jim Lee G4AEH

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BBC radio announcer Jim Lee G4AEH

The Editor of Practical Wireless Rob Mannion G3XFD writes:
Jim Lee G4AEH (the well known BBC radio announcer from BBC R4 and R4 Extra) has managed to find the time to join us on Saturday September 15th (tomorrow) to operate GB80PW.
Jim is coming down to Bournemouth on the train and will be with us from 1030 to around 1530 hours before returning home to Warwickshire. He's looking forward to working as many readers as he managed to do while operating GB75PW from the Leicester Show at Donington five years ago.
Jim will join Phil Ciotti G3XBZ and myself on the microphone on 7MHz s.s.b.– with Tex Swann G1TEX providing essential back up.
Conditions on 7MHz on Thursday September 13th weren't very good but we still managed to work a large number of stations all over the UK and into Holland and France. I thank everyone for their patience trying to join in the celebrations of the actual 80th anniversary day of PW's first publication in 1932 – and on Saturday we'll stay on 7MHz for as long as conditions allow.
Conditions on the higher h.f. bands were so poor on Thursday we abandoned the idea of operating on those bands. However, I was active on 7MHz (briefly) on PSK31 in the evening on Thursday and for several hours on 3.5MHz PSK31. I also hope to be active again on Saturday evening on 80m PSK31 – from approximately 1930 hours local time until approximately 2230 hours.
Don't forget that all QSLs must be direct (with SAE) to me at home at Flat 1, 1 Spencer Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 3TE. Please mark GB80PW on the envelope you use to send your QSL card and SAE return envelope. I will try to 'turn round' all cards as soon as I can.
My thanks go to Richard G4TUT for allowing us to use his excellent news website for this 'Stop Press' announcement.
Regards to everyone.

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