WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - September 22nd, 2012 (BC-DX #1083)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ANTARCTICA Im Jahr 2002/2003 war Felix Riess DL5XL mit dem call sign
DP1POL in der Antarktis im Einsatz, und auch oefters in der A-DX ng zu

Skeds fuer Jugendliche mit der Antarktis.

Lars Lehnert, DL1LLL, derzeit vor allem unter DP0GVN bekannt, ist noch bis
Februar 2013 auf der Antarktisstation Neumayer 3 stationiert. Bevor im
Sommer dort die "heisse" Phase beginnt und weniger Freizeit fuer den
Amateurfunkbetrieb bleibt, bietet DL1LLL Jugendlichen die Moeglichkeit,
einen Sked zu vereinbaren. DL1LLL moechte damit einen Beitrag zur
Nachwuchsfoerderung leisten. Diese Funkaktion laeuft bis Ende Oktober.
Teilnehmen koennen vor allem Jugendliche, die beispielsweise innerhalb
einer Ausbildungsgruppe unter Ausbildungsrufzeichen oder unter eigenem
Rufzeichen Kontakt zu einer exotischen Station haben moechten.

Voraussetzung ist, dass sich alle Gruppen bzw. Interessenten per E-Mail an
die DARC-Geschaeftsstelle <darc [at]>
vorab "bewerben" und folgende Angaben machen:
Name und Alter der Jugendlichen, Ort der Clubstation, gegebenenfalls DOK,
eigene Rufzeichen oder verwendete Ausbildungsrufzeichen, aktueller
Ausbildungskurs, Lieblingsbetriebsarten in der Gruppe und Angabe des
Grundes warum ihr euch fuer Amateurfunk interessiert.

Damit das QSO auch ohne groessere Schwierigkeiten zustande kommen kann,
ist es ratsam, entweder eine Clubstation im Ortsverband zu nutzen oder mit
einem Funkamateur in der Naehe Kontakt aufzunehmen, der ueber die
entsprechende Erfahrung und das notwendige Equipment verfuegt. Fuer den
Funkkontakt bieten sich die Baender 15 m und 20 m an.
(DARC DL Rundspruch Sept 20) also wegen QSLs hineinhoeren...

ARMENIA Frequency change of WYFR Family Radio from Sept 14:
1500-1700 NF11530 ERV 300 kW 125 deg to SoAS Punjabi/Urdu,ex11505*
* to avoid Denge Kurdistan in Kurdish adjacent frequency 11510
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

11530 (ex11505) YFR in Punjabi from Yerevan Gavar site, 15-17 UT noted at
1520 UT Sept 18. S=9+10dB on backlobe here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

ARMENIA/THAILAND Frequency change of R Liberty in Uzbek from Sept 17:
0200-0400 NF15650 UDO 250 kW 304 deg to CeAS, ex15145 KhZ:

Frequency change of YFR Family Radio from Sept 14:
1500-1700 NF11530 ERV 300 kW 125 deg to SoAS Punjabi/Urdu, ex11505*
* to avoid Denge Kurdistan in Kurdish adjacent frequency 11510 kHz.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

ASCENSION ISL/U.K. Upcoming frequency change of BBC WS in English:
0600-0700 NF7365 ASC 250 kW 065 deg to CeAF, ex15105 WOF
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

AUSTRALIA 15339.979 HCJB Australia in Urdu language, scheduled 1400-
1430 UT, S=8-9 signal, sermon by man. At 1418 UT ON Sept 18.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

BANGLADESH A-12 of Bangladesh Betar according to monitoring Sept 13-17.
Some days no broadcasts some frequencies and this is becoming regularly.
At the moment there is no problem with audio/modulation of the

1230-1300 15105 DKA 250 kW 140 deg to SEAS English
1315-1345 15105 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to SoAS Nepali, irregularly on air
1400-1430 15505 DKA 250 kW 290 deg to WeAS Urdu
1515-1545 15505 DKA 250 kW 305 deg to SoAS Hindi
1600-1630 7250#DKA 250 kW 290 deg to NE/ME Arabic
1630-1730 7250#DKA 250 kW 290 deg to NE/ME Bangla
1745-1900 7250*DKA 250 kW 320 deg to WeEUR English
1915-2000 7250 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to WeEUR Bangla

# co-ch All India Radio in Persian to NE/ME 1615-1730
* co-ch All India Radio in Malayalam to NE/ME till 1830
* strong co-ch Vatican Radio in Latin to WeEUR from 1840
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

BENIN Nice new G.E. image of 2 March 2012: Parakou MW TWR 1566 kHz
100 kW location at
09 36 17.62 N 02 39 00.09 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 20)

BOLIVIA 6134.845 Radio Santa Cruz, at 0005-0020 UT Sept 20. At tune in
noted a female in Spanish language comments. Signal was fair but very
muffled making copy of details difficult. She is joined by a male at 0010
UT briefly, then music is hard just for a few seconds. The male continues
talking. Signal was fair.
(Chuck Bolland-USA, hcdx Sept 20)

Probably heard at 1020 UT Sept 21 on 6134.829 kHz in FL-US via remoted SDR
unit, very weak signal. wb.

CANADA/CUBA CBC Sackville relay station.

Keith Perron writes on Facebook <>

As everyone know the CBC has said it plans to either sell off the
Sackville relay station or sell it off so it could be used as a wind farm.
Let's look at the first part of that. Sell it off to other shortwave
broadcasters seems unlikely to impossible. First who would buy it?

Second under Canadian law foreign broadcasters can not own and broadcast

Then it comes down to transfer of license. Under Canadian law foreign
broadcasters can not hold a license with the CRTC. So I ask who could they
sell it to? Who would be interested in buying it? China?

No China is not interested, they already have an agreement with the
Cubans. And by the way the agreement for CRI to use Cuba is not between
CRI and Radio Havana Cuba. The agreement is between the government and not
the stations. Unless a miracle happens the reality is the station will go
the way of Flavo and others.
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK Sept 18)

CHAD [and non] 6165/6164.960 RNT (tentative), at *0429 UT on Sept 18.
Suddenly on; no IS heard; sounded French; played Anthem and then just
talking; heard underneath Radio 2 (Zambia) which had non-stop on air phone
calls. The sign on time and tentative French makes me think it was them.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

6165 Sept 19 at 0530 UT, news or at least talk in French, S=9+12 holding
its own against CKZN 6160.9. No doubt RNT is active today, as it seems to
be quite sporadic.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 19)

Nothing heard on Sept 19 around 2000 UT, when only Zambia co-ch even
channel was on air.

But on Sept 20th at 1830 UT noted ahead on 6164.960 kHz, S=9+10dB level
fluttery signal here in Germany, well ahead of Zambia co-channel on
6165.0 even frequency.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 20)

CROATIA eQSL letter from Zagreb 1 August 2012 from 2208-2229 UT on 3985
kHz at 10 kW - 4 days for e-report to
<Mladen.Golubic [at]>
v/s Mladen Golubic, Frequency Manager.
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld Sept 15)

DENMARK 243 LW, Danmarks R, Kalundborg, went on air Sep 05 at 2300 UT
with 10 kW in DRM. Reception reports are very much appreciated to
<info @>
who offers a QSL. Teracom installed a DRM capable Nautel NX50 transmitter
at the Kalundborg (Denmark) site in 2011, with this being the first DRM
broadcast of this transmitter type on longwave. Transmitting just 10 kW of
DRM provides equal or more coverage than the normal 50 kW of analogue
transmission from Kalundborg.

The BBC programme "The Strand" demo will be transmitted in a loop on 243
kHz signal for the duration of the IBC 6-12 September 2012 before 0535
CET, between 0920-1135 CET and after 1830 central European time{UT+2hrs}.
The loop may not be on continuously all night, but will be kept on air as
much as possible. We expect that the transmitter will ID as "DRM
<> press release and ianf, drmrx forum, via Erik Koie-DEN,
dswci DXW Sept 19)

FRANCE/GERMANY HH Lokalradio, EMR and Radio Gloria this weekend.
Saturday 22nd of September 2012:

0500 to 1700 UTC, Hamburger Lokalradio on 7265 kHz
<m.kittner @>

Sunday, 23rd of September 2012:
0800 to 0900 UTC - E M R on 6005 kHz via Radio 700
<studio @>

0900 to 1000 UTC - R Gloria on 6005 kHz via Radio 700
<radiogloria @>

0900 to 1000 UTC - R Gloria on 9480 kHz via MVBR
<radiogloria @>

0900 to 1000 UTC - R Gloria on 6140 kHz via Issoudun, France
<radiogloria @>

1100 to 1200 UTC - R Gloria on 7265 kHz via MVBR
<radiogloria @>

EMR via the internet: 0800, 1300, 1600 1900 UT on Sunday and Monday
Good Listening
73s, Tom (Sept 21)

GERMANY From Sept 15/16 on 6085 kHz is the air new station
BNL Rock Radio:
0600-1100 6085 KLL 020 kW non-dir to WeEUR Mon-Fri,instead Pur Radio 1
0600-1800 6085 KLL 020 kW non-dir to WeEUR Sat/Sun,instead Pur Radio 1

Updated schedule Radio 700 - Schlager & Oldies:
0600-2000 3955 KLL 020 kW non-dir to WeEUR, ex2130-1900
2130-0400 3955 KLL 020 kW non-dir to WeEUR, ex2130-1900
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

GERMANY So providing objective news is no longer a central aspect of DW
programming? Such statements had to be noted from Hilversum before. But in
the case of DW it is particularly remarkable because here in Germany a
remark by TV news host Hanns Joachim Friedrichs is rather well known:
"A good journalist can be recognized for not identifying himself with
anything, also not with good things. He is always there but never part of

Well, the problem appears to be that these organizations are not lead by
good journalists, not even by people with any journalistic background at
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 19)

The mediumwave antenna at Putbus (it was an East German standard design of
51 metres height with top load for up to 20 kW) has been removed:

729 kHz from Putbus was last used for a DRM pilot operation by
Deutschlandradio (which meanwhile has written off the system) from 2001 to
2009. In 2010 the media authority at Schwerin filed an invitation of
applications for 729 kHz, explicitly stating that this is an attempt to
save the last remaining mediumwave facility in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. But
no one applied for this frequency, in spite of announcements for test
transmissions that had been made in Sweden in 2008 (see the enclosed

What remains now is the lattice tower formerly used for the FM operations,
meanwhile moved to a new tower at Garz. They are described as a murky
affair on which engineers often had to fall back to mono when under
unfavourable weather conditions the stereo radio link sunk into the noise
(well, I suspect there was no such link, just off-air pick-up from
Helpterberg or Marlow). As a final piece of drama it caused in 1990
listeners protests when the DT64 relays had been replaced by the new all-
day programming from Rostock/Schwerin, prompting a hasty addition of a
third transmitter.

The mediumwave side on 729 kHz run at 5 kW. It was known for carrying
during the summer months Ferienwelle, a season operation from the regional
studio at Rostock where untimely programming for Ferienwelle has been
prepared and put on stocks all year long. This is not to be confused with
another 729 kHz transmitter at Wiederau which carried Messewelle, the all-
day programming offered by the Leipzig studio during the half-yearly
Leipzig fairs (the ones famous in certain circles for the English
narration of PR films, spoken by Wolfram Hess: "Auf der Leipziger Messe
hoerste ueberall nur Hesse").

(Btw, a regular programme with greetings for seamen, transmit at night on
177 kHz and I think shortwave, too, came live from Rostock as well. In
fact it had been planned to let the local studios do GDR-wide overnight
broadcasting regularly, also to try it out as fall-back option for cases
of the Berlin operations being knocked out by whatever circumstances, but
these plans had been banned out of the usual paranoia.)

Attachment from Kai Ludwig [visible only to dxldyg members]:
1 of 1 Photo(s)
t> [this is just a .gif of a brief announcement in English in 2008]
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 19)

1143 MORE ABOUT AFN STUTTGART. Another, illustrated article:

More related photos are on Flickr, like this one of the Mannheim live
studio of what was until now AFN Heidelberg:

The deadline late summer 2013 applies, as it just emerged, to the complete
closure of the US forces facilities in Heidelberg and Mannheim:

In the last days rumours emerged that the planned move of AFN Europe to
Sembach could be put on hold and reconsidered. Critics call it a serious
waste of money that attempts are being made to keep Sembach instead of
winding it down after the airfield there finally closed in 2005:

Only in 2004 AFN Europe had moved from Frankfurt to Mannheim, which cost
8 million USD for readying the building and another 5 million USD for
broadcasting equipment. So much for the USG being short of money. So much
also for change we can believe in.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 15)

GERMANY Seit vorgestern {Sept 20} konnte ich auf 177 kHz zu unueblichen
Zeiten DR-Kultur in AM-Betrieb hoeren:

am 20.09. 0205-0300 UT
am 21.09. 0000-0050 UT (Ende meiner Hoerzeit)

Auch auf der Berliner MW 855 kHz scheint es zur Zeit keine DRM-
Ausstrahlung zu geben, wie einer Meldung im Radioforum zu entnehmen ist:

(Hubert Kubiak-AUT, A-DX Sept 22)

177 / 855 kHz No more DRM from Deutschlandradio.
It appears that Deutschlandradio this week finally finished off with the
DRM system they considered a failure already two years ago. 855 kHz has
apparently been turned off, and 177 kHz is reported as now always running
in AM again. So far a token slot for DRM had still been kept here between
1 and 4 AM after a fulltime use of DRM, introduced for IFA 2005 and
commented there with "there are listeners calling, saying your transmitter
is broken, putting out only noise, ha-ha-ha, how funny!", had been
reverted after less than four months do avoid unwanted discussions.

Deutschlandradio had, just like RTL, big hopes for DRM, leading to
substantial investments. All MW/LW transmission facilities not only got
new Transradio solid-state equipment, also a number of antenna systems had
to be upgraded to achieve the bandwith necessary to run DRM. Quite a lot
of licence fee payers money, wasted.

[later] Re: No more DRM from Deutschlandradio

I'm just further researching the matter:
855 kHz has been last reported on Tuesday Sept 18:

The same goes for 177 kHz switching to DRM, which on Thursday no longer
took place (and I must say I find it quite funny, to say the least, how
producing screenshots is misunderstood for being a listener):

For 855 kHz the picture is a bit blurred since 990 kHz was also off
temporarily, perhaps indicating that modifications, such as taking out no
longer needed filters, could have been made to the antenna configuration:

(Don't know where they got the 20 kW figure for the intended 89.6 MHz
operation from the TV tower. 94.3 MHz, for which this site change has been
done already in 1996, is listed as 50 kW.)

At least right now 990 kHz is on, almost listenable here (or indeed
listenable when accepting a somewhat noisy reception), while no increase
of the noise floor can be noted on 855 kHz anymore. This while
Weisskirchen (873 kHz) and NDR Hannover Hemmingen (828 kHz) are audible,
so it should be unnecessary to go out for reconfirming that the 855 kHz
transmitter has indeed been turned off.

So it all must have happened in the course of this week, and in fact it
was no surprise but, so it seems, had already been hinted to visitors of
their IFA booth (where I this time walked by, not being in a mood to
communicate by way of screaming at each other in the awfully noisy hall).
And already two years ago I was told that they consider DRM a total

See also:
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 22)

That is really good news for DXers and a total surrender for DLR. I noted
177 kHz off DRM early this week and confirmed 855 kHz two or three days

The DRM on 855 kHz has been especially annoying for Swedish DXers as the
frequency has been useless for other listening and the DRM also has caused
problems on 850 and 860 kHz.
(Olle Alm-SWE, Sept 22)

INDIA 11669.967 Odd signal of AIR Pashtu sce, oscillated around 1525-
1530 UT Sept 18, S=7 in Germany, male announcer. Puzzle, - need more
monitoring. DXindia and Aoki list show AIR Bangalore fine tx site. But
these Brown Boverie tx never use such frequency offset of 33 Hertz, so
seemingly Goa Panaji tx on duty on this channel instead.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

India's first 1000 kW DRM Super Power Transmitter of AIR has been
dedicated to the Nation at Liyare village in Jamnagar district in Gujarat
on Sep 10. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Jawahar Sircar, Chief Executive
Officer of Prasar Bharati has said, that AIR is going to install DRM
digital technology transmitters at other stations very soon. He said that
this Super Power Transmitter of DRM Technology at Jamnagar will also help
to spread the India's rich culture to our neighbouring countries. Our
Correspondent reports the Super Power Transmitter with DRM technology is
capable of broadcasting in DRM, AM and simulcast modes, which is the first
of its kind in the country.

The entire project was completed at the total cost of 42 crore rupees.
Three brand new solid state transmitters of 400 kW of S7HP model made
byThomson Broadcast of France is capable of pumping out 1200 kW power has
been installed here this year by Engineers from France along with their
counterparts from AIR. Our Correspondent adds, that it is a Relay Station
used by Urdu, Sindhi and Baluchi programs of AIR External Services beamed
to nearby Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and some other Gulf countries in
North West direction. The frequency is 1071 kHz for AM mode and 1080 kHz
for DRM mode. During tests, Urdu Service and Vividh Bharati programs are
being broadcast.


Photos from the inauguration can be seen at
(Gupta via dswci DXW Sept 19)

INDIA/RWANDA 17809.950 Annoying BUZZ of approx 50 Hertz noted on
fluttery bad mixture signal of AIR Telugu service from Goa Panaji site,
S=7-9, hit even frequency DWL French service to Africa from Kigali Rwanda
relay site. 1225 UT Sept 21.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

INDONESIA 4749.95 RRI Makassar, 1302-1332, Sept 18. Last week's Kang
Guru Indonesia programming in English was preempted by special coverage of
a political event, but this Tuesday Kevin and Ana were back again with
KGI; poor with Bangladesh Betar QRM.

Friendly email from Ana who is just back from a "long Idul Fitri break".
Contact info:

Rahma Diana Sari (Ana)
ELT Media & Communications Co-ordinator Kang Guru Indonesia,
P.O. Box 3095, Denpasar 80030 Bali Indonesia
(0361) 225243 Office (0361) 263 509 Fax
E-mail: <rsari @> Website: <>
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

INDONESIA 4750.00 RRI Makassar, presumed, at 1105-1115 UT Sept 20,
Noted a male in comments until 1110 UT. Then a female comments. Signal is
threshold and noise is smothering the signal. But comments continue from a

9680.054 RRI Indonesia 4, 1130-1200 UT Sept 21. Noted a female talking in
Indonesian language while music in back ground. Tune being played is
"Anchors Aweigh". Many mentions of Indonesia. Signal was good and clear.
(Chuck Bolland-USA, hcdx Sept 20/21)

On CA-US Perseus remote unit noted on 4749.948 kHz on 0935 UT Sept 21.

9680.053 Noted peak of RRI Jakarta Cimanggis on 9680.053 kHz footprint
today, well on adjacent RTI Taiwan and China mainland jamming on 9680 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

IRELAND/SOUTH AFRICA/U.K. RTÉ Radio One will broadcast the All-Ireland
Football Final Sunday, Sept 23 the following short waves frequencies
to Africa:

1300-1600 17540 MEY 250 kW 005 deg to EaAF
1300-1700 7505 MEY 100 kW 005 deg to SoAF
1300-1700 17685 SKN 300 kW 160 deg to SoAF
1600-1700 11915 MEY 250 kW 005 deg to EaAF
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

+ Hurling Final replay 30 Sept on SW !!

Worldwide All-Ireland Finals coverage on RTÉ Radio.
RTÉ Radio will broadcast the GAA All-Ireland Hurling Final on Sunday
9 September and the All-Ireland Football Final on Sunday 23 September
on all wavelengths and via the internet to Irish people and communities
around the world.
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK Sept 4)

All-Ireland Football final 23 Sept + Hurling Final replay 30 Sept on SW.

As well as the Football final this Sunday 23 Sept, there's an extra bonus
with the Hurling final replay 30 Sept also on shortwave:

Worldwide All-Ireland Finals coverage on RTÉ Radio.
Updated Thursday 20 Sept 2012


RTÉ Radio will broadcast the GAA All-Ireland Football Final on Sunday 23
September and All-Ireland Hurling Final Replay on Sunday 30 September on
all wavelengths and via the internet to Irish people and communities
around the world.

RTÉ is asking on those with relatives or friends abroad to let them know
that this coverage is available and to invite them to the biggest party in
Ireland's sporting calendar.

Ireland: At home, audiences can listen as usual to the GAA finals on RTÉ
Radio 1 FM, RTÉ.ie and on Longwave 252.

Britain: Across most of Britain, listeners can receive our coverage on
Long Wave 252. In addition RTÉ Radio 1 is available on the UK free to air
satellite platform Freesat on channel 750.

Worldwide: Across the world, the match commentaries will be available
online at
<> and <>

Shortwave to Africa: In Africa, where many Irish people live and work,
often in relative isolation with poor communications, RTÉ is providing
special transmissions on shortwave radio. See details below.

Note: For those living in Ireland, who wish to get details of the
shortwave frequencies to friends or family living abroad, RTÉ is providing
a special phone text service. Listeners text the word "shortwave" to 51101
and they will receive a short text message with the shortwave frequencies.
These texts are charged at standard rates.

Both Finals throw in at 3.30pm Irish Time

Southern Africa - 17685 kHz (2pm to 6pm) Skelton-UK 160 degr
East Africa - 17540 kHz (2pm to 5pm) Meyerton-AFS 5 degr
East Africa - 11915 kHz (5pm to 6pm) Meyerton-AFS 5 degr
West Africa - 7505 kHz (2pm to 6pm) Meyerton-AFS 5 degr

These services are part of RTÉ's continued commitment to Irish people
overseas and, over the years, has proven especially popular with those in
geographically or technically isolated areas.

In addition to RTÉ Radio broadcasts, RTÉ will also broadcast the All
Ireland Finals on RTÉ One Television. Don't forget also the extensive and
dynamic online offering from <>

For further details of RTÉ coverage abroad please see
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK Sept 4)

Good signal from RTÉ Radio 1 on 17540 kHz from tune-in at 1500 UT on
Sunday 9th.

17685 also audible but poor; not heard at this time on 7505 kHz. Possibly
via Meyerton though there is a time lag between 17540 and 17685 and the
audio sounds quite different - 17685 is rather distorted. Audio has cut
out several times on both freqs but at different times.

In // on LW 252 kHz - Galway v Kilkenny hurling final.
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK Sept 9)

JAPAN JSWC 60th anniversary QSL.

Toshi Ohtake of JSWC (Japan Shortwave Club) wrote:

Dear Radio Friends, Thank you very much for your great actions. Radio
Japan has arranged my interview next Thursday, and will air on September
30th, Sunday and will be repeated on October 6, Saturday in the English
program called "Fiends around the World", hosted by Ms. Kay Fujimoto and
Mr. Mick Corlis. Duration: 20 min. You can hear by internet at

Or you can also listen by radio
at 0500 UTC on 6110 Sackville, 5975 Woofferton, 11970 Issoudun
at 1000 UTC on 9695 Singapore, 9625 Yamata,
at 1200 UTC on 9695 Singapore, 6120 Sackville,
at 1300 UTC on 15735 Tashkent-UZB,
at 1400 UTC on 15735 Tashkent-UZB,
at 1800 UTC on 15720 Madagascar.

Please send your report to Radio Japan after you listen to the program.
Listeners response is very important.

JSWC will issue a special 60th anniversary QSL.
Please send your report to
<jswcqsl @> for eQSL.

For printed QSL please send your report to
JSWC, P.O.Box 44, Kamakura 248-8691, Japan.
This may take some time. Enclosure of 1IRC or 2 US dollar is requested for
return postage.

Thank you again for your actions.
Toshi Ohtake, JSWC.
(Toshimichi Ohtake, Kamakura-JPN, JSWC via Takahito Akabayashi-JPN,
Sept 22)

LIBYA Radio Libya again short waves, but now in Arabic, ex in French:
1500-2200 11600, time varies, 1700-1800 strong co-ch from CRI in Swahili
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

But didn't heard on Sept 17/18. Was on air Sept 19 again.

Something of a lottery, Radio Libya appeared on the 16th, and 19th on the
air, between two days "not on action".

And the program remove to Arabic is far from content of this feeling last
"Muslim Spring Year" in North Africa, then in 'enlightened' French

Now there is to hear only very serious fundamentalist Arabic programs.
Time was again turned back in Libya, only without the state pointed
"Operetta King" *.

Blazed the Holy Quran Prayer, now around 1835 UT Sept 19.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18/19)

* Assessment of French-German journalist Peter Scholl-Latour, 88 years of
age, veteran journalist of US - Vietnam war in the 60ties:

"The explosion of anti-American violence in Cairo, Libya and Yemen makes
the West now clearly, I warned about for months: What the "began Arab
spring" in January 2011, is long and icy - and bloody - "Winter of the
Islamists" have become."

> What mistake the West has made?

Scholl-Latour: "The biggest mistake of the West was there, after the
overthrow of Arab despots suddenly expected to Western democracies with
human rights and freedom of expression in these countries. I mourn Libya's
former dictator Gaddafi after it, but he was an enemy of the Islamists.

And President Mubarak was indeed a devout Muslim, but was also true that
alcohol could be drunk in Egypt and the country was attractive to Western
tourism thus. In Syria, Assad has guaranteed the rights of the Christian
minority. All these certainties have now done! "

MADAGASCAR Updated A-12 of Radio Voice of The People:
0400-0500 9870 MDC 050 kW 265 deg to ZWE Engl/Shona/Ndebele
0600-0800 15115*MDC 250 kW 265 deg to ZWE Engl/Shona/Ndebele Sat/Sun
1600-1630 9445 MDC 050 kW 265 deg to ZWE Engl/Shona/Ndebele
1800-1900 7330 MDC 050 kW 265 deg to ZWE Engl/Shona/Ndebele Mon-Fri
1800-1900 7330 MDC 250 kW 265 deg to ZWE Engl/Shona/Ndebele Sat/Sun
*not SW Radio Africa. Confirmed Sept 15/16 - Radio Voice of The People!
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

MICRONESIA/FSM 4755.502 Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) country
code +691. PMA - Cross Radio, Pacific Missionary Aviation, Pohnpe.
S=3 signal strength noted in CA-US remote SDR unit. Heard from
10.15 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

MOLDOVA {to Iran} Radio Rehoye Iran in Farsi is back shortwave
from Sept 14. Fair to good signal in BUL.

Radio Rehoye Iran in Farsi will be back shortwave from Sept 20:
1700-1730 7530 KCH 100 kW 100 deg to WeAS Mon-Fri. Tests Sept 14!!
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16/18)

MOROCCO 15349.139 SNRT RTV Marocaine in Maghreb-Arabic from Nador site,
1042 UT Sept 21. S=9+5dB sidelobe signal into southern Germany. Two Arabic
lady talked by phone interview program.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

9575 Nador Radio Medi Une Int, + UTE 17 tone peak signals qrm-ing close
by on 9573.86 - 9574.15 kHz.

Radio Medi Internat Nador on 9575 kHz is on very weak signal level for
some days now.

If that is a reserve unit in use? or signal power of 250 kW declined on
service now?

The LW 171 kHz installation should be overhauled by Thomson at present,
new TX and mast inspection service, painting masts. Maybe also the
original shortwave antenna is to be overhauled at present ?

This does not include the 19 mb signal towards Saudi Arabia, NE + ME

Who can identify and assign Multitone Signal Mode ?
- count at least 17 signal peaks - on
9573.86 - 9574.15 kHz at 1120 UT Sept 22.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21/22)

Re 9575 Nador R Medi Int, + 17x UTE tone peak signals around
9573.86 - 9574.15 kHz

Hello Wolfgang, this is probably a (military) teletype system. A CIS
system from Russia? If traffic is sent, then you can measure a shift
200 Hertz between the two sampled carriers.
In IDLE state then see these "17x peaks".
73, Peter, DL1YAK (wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 22)

Thank you Peter,
from other mails ref watched meterbands I know that immensely much contact
traffic of the Russian Armed Forces on all bands running since 2-3 days.
Did the Russians forces and some of fleet exercise maneuver at large set,
before winter?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 22)

9570 Sept 15 at 0530, distorted hummy French blob, with BFO, unstable so
no carrier can be pinpointed. A spur from something? Didn't have to go far
to match the audio on another receiver: 9575 kHz, so it's right next to
source R. Medi Un, which sounded softer. Fortunately no match on the other
side as weaker Africa No. Un, Gabon remained in the clear on 9580 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 19)

MYANMAR 7110 Thazin Radio, daily from 1430-1500 UT, in English. Finally
was able to decipher their email address today and sent off a reception
report. In less than two hours received this:

"Firstly, thank you for listening to our Thazin radio programs. I am very
glad for your e-mail. You can suggest for our programs to be better. We
are just new station. We are trying to get better perfromance. If you have
any suggestion, stay in touch with us.

Be happy

From: Thazin Radio <thazinradio [at]>

Rather a generic message, but am still happy making any kind
of contact with them.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Sept 19)

Re Thazin Radio. Foot print was exact 7109.992 kHz on Sept 19/20, but
today Sept 21 at 1258 UT on even 7110 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

On Sept 20, Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN measured on 7185.75 kHz "c/on at 1048
UT and it started by the announcement of female in Burmese at 1055 UT."

On Sept 21, I measured on 7185.77 kHz with fair reception at 1220* UT,
their normal sign off time. Yesterday extended broadcast past 1256 UT was
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

MYANMAR With each passing day of autumn is improved on the low bands. In
my area this is especially evident at the stations in the south-east. In
the evening, when I have time, check hearing stations from Myanmar, also
hope QSLit them. Today, a little better than in the old days, you can hear
a Thazin Radio transmitter Nya Pyi Daw, 50 kW, frequency 7110 kHz. Hours:
1431-1501 UT, songs in English, some messages in English around 1445 UT,
again music.

At 1459 UT - the announcement of events, is mentioned and the morning
program of the English, but that's what frequency - not to hear.

SINPO was 34333, interference from radio in SSB mode.

Furthermore, in 1501 UT tuned to the frequency of 5985 kHz, twisted pop
masterpieces myanmarskoy non-stop. At the end of the program (1528 UT) in
the local language was made an advt, and at 1530 UT is in English "This is
Myanma Radio ...". This was followed by the news program with a terrible
accent and songs in English. At 1558 UT there was the carrier, and from
1600 UT CRI drowned Myanmar.

According to the program schedule is at 1630 UT, then the transmitter is
switched off (Yangon, 25 or 50 kW).

While listening to this broadcast, comparing an antenna - Degen DE31MS and
newly created on the balcony box. Here SINPO early listening: Frame -
35433, DE31 - 34333. But in the end: Frame - 44433, DE31 - 33443.
(Dmitry Puzanov-KAZ, open_dx; midxb Sept 18)

7345 Myanmar Rakhine Broadc. Stn. (pres), at 1145-1200 UT on Sept 19.
Normally this would be covered by a strong CNR1, but a few times recently,
like today, CNR1 was one hour late signing on, leaving Rakhine in the
clear; in vernacular and playing EZL pop songs till covered at 1200 UT by
a strong sign on of CNR1.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

MYANMAR 7185.5v Myanmar noted Sept 18 with 1220* UT. Fair with clear
audio. This seems to the the primary frequency, as it was so strong,
unlike the very weak and very faint signals recently heard from the former
spur on 7185.85 kHz. So it seems to me 7185.76v kHz is really ex7200.11
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

Nothing heard at 1235 UT on v7185 kHz, but noted proper signal of Myanmar
in Japan and CA-US remote units. Exact 7109.992 kHz and 7200 kHz

Also noted peak of RRI Jakarta Cimanggis on 9680.053 kHz footprint today,
well on adjacent RTI Taiwan and China mainland jamming on 9680 even.

7109.992 Thazin Radio <thazinradio [at]>
Nothing heard here today after 1500 UT, but noted Myanmar R Rangoon
5985.821 kHz instead, around 1515 UT Sept 20. On Sept 21 at 13 UT noted
Myanmar Kachin Radio on even 7110 kHz again, best signal of Myanmar
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18/20)

Am sorry I did not explain fully about the situation on 7110 kHz. Believe
many people are confused about the names of the stations there.

Please note the timing for the two stations on 7110 kHz during their
evening transmission. This per Aoki:

7110 Myanmar Kachin Radio 1030-1430 1234567 Burmese/dialect
7110 Thazin Radio Pyin Oo Lwin 1430-1500 1234567 English

Usually I just report the English from Thazin Radio. Have confirmed that
ID by what I have heard on air, but have not confirmed the Kachin Radio
ID, but believe it is probably correct.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

MYANMAR Log of peaks only, Sept 22 at 1140-1210 UT. Only program
fragments noted above threshold signal level on 7110 and 7185 kHz.

Stronger peak on 7185.747 kHz,

and Kachin Radio Naypyidaw 8-9 Hertz below, - on odd 7009.991 kHz again
like Sept 19/20/22, but even 7110 kHz frequency on Sept 21.

So, since two different TX UNITS are in use at Naypyidaw on 7110 kHz
Or the MAIN POWER voltage varies heavily from day to day?

Nothing heard on 5915 kHz, except CNR Hohot Mongolian service instead,
but on 5985.814 kHz at 1156 UT, probably Myanmar R Rangoon service.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 22)

NIGERIA Observations for Voice of Nigeria Sept 15:
0500-0700 NF 15121 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15120 in English
0700-0800 NF 15121 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15120 in French
0800-0900 NF 15121 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15120 in English
1500-1600 NF 15121 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15120 in English
1730-1800 NF 15121 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15120 in Arabic
1820-2000 15120 maybe Abuja transmitter NoAF, DRM mode in English

Observations for Voice of Nigeria Sept 16:
0500-0700 15120 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15121 in English
0700-0800 15120 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15121 in French
0800-0900 15120 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15121 in English
1500-1600 15120 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF, ex15121 in English
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

PAKISTAN Monitored schedule of Radio Pakistan September 15-18. Probably
the station broadcasts only in Urdu and Chinese via 2x250 kW in Islamabad

0045-0215 11600 ISL 250 kW 118 deg to SoEaAS Urdu, no signal Sept 18
0045-0215 17710 ISL 250 kW 118 deg to SoEaAS Urdu, no signal Sept 18
0500-0700 15725 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR Urdu, no signal Sept 18
0500-0700 17830 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR Urdu, no signal Sept 18
0830-1107 15725 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR Urdu, Sept 15/16 till 1004
0830-1107 17720 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR Urdu, Sept 15/16 till 1004
1200-1300 15700 ISL 250 kW 070 deg to EaAS Chinese, confirmed Sept 16
1200-1300 17725 ISL 250 kW 070 deg to EaAS Chinese, confirmed Sept 16
1330-1530 15290 ISL 250 kW 282 deg to NE/ME Urdu, no signal Sept 17
1330-1530 17520 ISL 250 kW 282 deg to NE/ME Urdu, no signal Sept 17
1700-1900 11575 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR Urdu, no signal Sept 17
1700-1900 15265 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR Urdu, no signal Sept 17
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

Radio Pakistan scheduled Chinese sce via their 2 x 250 kW units from
Islamabad, at 12-13 UT Sept 21, noted only with strong carriers, but
failed on their Chinese audio transmission feed.

15700 about S=9+5 dBm signal, and 17725 kHz little stronger as S=9+15dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21) Ivo told TXS OFF at 1245 UT.

R Pakistan is currently not on air at 1400 UT on 17520 or 15290 kHz. From
what I've heard on BBC news, the Prime Minister has given everyone a day
off work so that they can "demonstrate" about the American film !!!!
This probably accounts for no Chinese audio.
(Noel Green-UK, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

PAKISTAN DISCONTINUATION of Radio Pakistan Shortwave Transmission?

Hi Noel & Glenn, I have gone through the report regarding proposed
discontinuation of shortwave services by Radio Pakistan. The report
perhaps deals with future policy of Radio Pakistan for shortwave services.
The shortwave transmissions have not been closed with "immediate effect"
as has been reported in the news item. The 250 kW transmitters at Rawat
near Islambad are still in operation and a few days back when I was in
China I heard the transmission there as well. I was quite surprised by
Wolfgang's report regarding reception of Persian and Hindi services in
Germany via 100 kW transmitters as whenever the transmission was on air I
used to get signals at my location. Whereas it was not the case during
last few months.

only heard on odd frequ 2 days in row around Aug 24/25, close to 7510 kHz,
API-4. 7512.312 kHz Persian 17-18 UT Aug 24.

7512.323 kHz weak signal, and stronger on 9370.0 kHz Persian service,
on Aug 25. BUT NOT HEARD properly on Gujarati 1145-1215, Hindi 1045-1145
services though. wb. Sept 22}

In fact I have heard the transmission of Radio Pakistan's clandestine
station" Voice of Jammu Kashmir Freedom Movement" on 3995 kHz in its
evening transmission. The transmission is carried through one of the
faulty 100 kW transmitters which is still on air. However, API-9, the
newer transmitter, has not been heard from last many months. Whereas
whenever it was used for "Azad Kashmir Radio Trarkhel" it used to give a
strong signal at my location.

The transmitters at Karachi are still to be brought into operation and its
antenna system has also been purchased. But complete installation and its
test operation is still awaited. It shall be quite unfortunate that these
transmitters are abondened without bringing them in operation. When it
comes to weird decisions, no one can beat Radio Pakistan management.

There is no clear vision with regard to effective use of radio in
Pakistan. The management keeps on jumping from MW to FM then back to MW
and then internet. The potential of radio was not used fully by the Radio
Pakistan authorities for information, education and communication.
(Aslam Javaid, Lahore-PAK, dxld Sept 18)

Hello Aslam, And thank you for your very thoughtful report. Although I
have sent information to the Frequency Management section I have not
received any replies. Before the article in question appeared they sent a
proposed B-12 frequency schedule asking for my opinion, as I had been
helping them for many years, so at that time they obviously had no idea
that closure was being proposed. As you write, management seems to change
their minds regularly.

And yes, I continue to hear the two 250 kW transmitters, although some
days the schedule is not exactly adhered to. Was it the transmission in
Chinese that you heard while in China (1200-1300 UT) or one of the Urdu

Wolfgang has been doing a lot of listening via receivers overseas, and I
think this may be how he managed to hear the Hindi service, although
Persian should be audible within Europe if on air. Whenever I try I cannot
hear anything from the 100 kW transmitters. So Voice of Jammu Kashmir
Freedom Movement 3995 is via one of the old 100 kW transmitters too -
that's interesting. I think it used to be via API- 9(?), and Azad Kashmir
continued while this transmission was in progress via the APR-2 10 kW
transmitter at Rawalpindi (Gates of 1962) that had to be closed due to
lack of spares.

The API-9 transmitter is a mystery - where did it "suddenly" come from and
why isn't in use now!!! Adrian Petersen of AWR fame wrote an interesting
article about Radio Pakistan's transmitters quite a number of years ago,
and he reported that there was a 100 kW transmitter (Thomcast of 1997)
installed at Mirpur (a small town located near the Islamabad radio complex
he wrote), so this could be API-9. This transmitter was briefly used for
some external services, and it gave a very good and clear signal here.

The last I heard about the Karachi project was that the transmitters were
being/had been installed but that there was no antenna available to
broadcast on. Either the antennas used for the old 50 kW transmitters had
fallen into disrepair or else were not capable of use at 100 kW. If
antennas have been purchased, then I hope the station will come on air
before any closure decision. They would certainly revitalise transmissions
that are now audible only at poor audio quality.

Installation of FM transmitters would be a cheaper option than building
megawatt medium wave stations. Antenna masts are already available at
existing TV stations!

Please keep us informed of what you may discover about future intentions.
(Noel Green-UK, dxld Sept 18)

Hi Noel, It is always nice to hear from you. I monitored Urdu service of
Radio Pakistan in China which is meant for South East Asia. The service is
carried through 250 kW transmitters and the signal was good.

Now coming to API-9, I recently read a news report that the Government is
planning to shift API-9 from Rawat to Mirpur Azad Kashmir. The residents
of Mirpur demanded that shortwave transmission for Azad Kashmir Radio
Trarkhel be shifted to Mirpur along with the programme staff which is
stationed in the building of Radio Pakistan Rawalpindi. This is still a
confusing situation. You are right, API-9 was initially proposed to be
installed at Mirpur.

Last night at 1348 UT, i.e. 18-9-2012, I monitored signal of Voice of
Jammu Kashmir Freedom movement on 3995 kHz. The transmitter is operated by
Radio Pakistan and the audio was better but transmitter buzz was loud.
Radio Pakistan is planning to install a 500 kW new medium wave transmitter
for Islamabad station. The MW transmitter shall be installed at Faqirabad
District Attock Punjab. Keep in touch.
(Aslam Javaid, Lahore-PAK, dxld Sept 18)

PERU 4747.132 Radio Huanta Dos Mil, 1017-1030 UT Sept 20, At tune in,
noted typical music with a male commenting in Spanish between tunes.
Actually the person commenting could be a female, it's difficult to tell.
After a few words, music continues. Signal is poor.
(Chuck Bolland-USA, hcdx Sept 20)
Under threshold on Sept 21 at 0930 UT on 4747.093 kHz, wb.

4789.9 R. Vision Simple "Transmite, R. Vision" ID at 0855:35 t/in Sept
19. Great OA campo mx, then canned ad by M w/addr in Chiclayo, then usual
canned ID over "William Tell Overture", back to campo mx. 0901:00 UT ID by
M during song "Desde la ciudad Chiclayo, transmite R. Vision", then again
at 0904:55 UT.

0916 UT canned anmnt mentioning " Peru ?? para el Peru y el
mundo". Really nice quick ID at 0919:00 UT. Beautiful signal w/nice and
clear campo song at 0920 UT.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Sept 19)

Checked on Sept 21 at 0940 UT logged on 4789.908 kHz, but nearby CODAR
wiper signal transmission QRM. (wb.)

RUSSIA Once again Russia will launch but again the winter time in late
October. The eternal summer time comes to an end.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

SOMALIA {SOMALILAND} R Hargeisa confirms what we already knew ... it
has been off the air for more than a week. The station's director, Mr.
Suleiman says it is a transition from the testing phase to regular
operations. He does not say whether or not it will return on 7120 kHz or
another frequency, but does indicate that transmissions will resume on SW
this coming week. More at

(Gupta and Jensen, Sept 9; dswci DXW Sept 19)

7120 Let me start again!

Last night I reported Hargaysa on 7170 kHz, which is, of course, a
sometimes Eritrea freq. But I made a typo in that report. I actually heard
the signal on 7120 kHz. Carrier came on just seconds before 0330 UT.
Initially no modulation but slowly it built up, very weak at first with
man talking hrd very weakly. At 0434 UT, with the beginning of HoA musical
pgming, noted with full modulation.

Sept 19 morning transmission was not nearly as good here in Wisconsin as
that of Sept 18 when it was quite strong at 0350 UT tune in. ID in Somali
mentioning Hargeisa and Somaliland noted on Sept 18, but no ID heard on on
Sept 19, but surely the same station.

Currently, and in the immediate past, Radio Hargaysa's MW outlet has/had
twice daily English half hours, including 0430 UT. Original plans called
for simply airing that English period on the SW frequency, which is really
a bit too late for optimum US reception. I have recommended an 0300 UT
s/on (6 a.m. Somaliland local time) rather than 0330 UT, suggesting
English at 0330 UT, rather than 0430 UT. I'd also recommended a new freq
above the ham band. The latter recommendation has been ignored. I suspect
the former recommendation also will be ignored, at least in the short run.

I have pointed out that one of their US targets is the expatriate audience
in Minneapolis-St. Paul, an area with a sizable Somali dispora population,
who have contributed a substantial amount of cash to help rebuild Hargeisa
after the civil war. I have pointed out several times that reception
patterns in Minnesota would be similar to those I experience in Wisconsin.

Sorry for confusing some with the incorrect 7170 kHz frequency, though I
note that most assumed it was erroneous and found it, correctly, on the
usual 7120 kHz. Again, my apology!
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer Sept 19)

7120.0 PRESUMED R. Hargaysa at *0330 UT with excellent signal. Tuned into
unmodulated carrier at 0329 UT. Abrupt into back to back music consisting
of a cross between Hi-Life and Horn of Africa mx at 0330 UT. No sign on
anncs but did catch short announcement by OM anncr at 0355 UT but did not
get an ID out of it. An approx 1 minute .mp3 audio file can be heard here:


Tnx Don Jensen-WI-USA tip, Sept 20
(Charles / Chuck Rippel-VA-USA, DXplorer Sept 20)

7120 Radio Hargeisa/Hargaysa, at 1504-1528 UT on Sept 19. Thanks to Sei-
ichi Hasegawa (Japan) for providing today's additional info: carrier on at
1455 UT and HOA music started at 1501 UT. I tuned in to a fair signal with
non-stop HOA music; finally at 1527 UT had the only ID heard. They are
broadcasting now during their local morning and evening.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

Radio Hargaysa.
Something from HOA hrd on 7120 kHz from 0453 UT tune to past 0521 UT
tonight (Sept 19 UT) via Perseus network station in Austria when a
combination of signal fade and French and Spanish ARO's pretty much took
care of the signal/pgming sounded much like what I hrd from Hargeysa
around 1845 UT two days ago.

Tribal chanting (a capella) from tune-in to 0458 UT then into typical HOA
vocal/instrumentals with no break for anmts. VoBM is listed here from 0300
to 0700 UT but Eritrea hasn't been reported down here for a long while
(that I can remember, anyway) - usually they're up around 7180-7200 kHz
moving around to avoid hvy jamming.

No jamming hrd on this transmission. SINPO 33433 but fading after 0510 UT
and fighting increasing ARO folks near the freq. Had to jump between LSB
and USB to avoid ARO AM xmtrs but that worked well enough until the signal
weakened. The music was easy to copy but any speech would have been
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 19)

7120 Radio Hargeisa/Hargaysa. John Herkimer (NY) observed an interesting
sign on at 0330 on Sept 20, when the station suddenly started playing
music, but shortly after that the volume of the audio dramatically
increased. I had the same thing happen with my Sept 20 sign on with HOA
music at 1502 UT; was very weak; at 1504 had a big jump in volume, up to
fair to almost good reception.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

7120 Radio Hargeysa, at 0327-0433 UT on Sept 21. Big open carrier at
0327 UT, with abrupt start of HoA music at 0339 UT. OM announcement at
0344 with several "Radio Hargeysa" IDs. Programming was all HoA vocals,
typically two songs, followed by announcements. Announcements from the
male DJ heard at 0344, 0355, 0404, 0413, 0416 UT. Each of these
announcements contained at least one ID. I tuned away at 0416 UT, but the
signal was still there (although much weaker) at 0433 re-check. SINPO was
33444 at tune-in, but degraded to 33333 by 0433 UT. If they continue at
these power levels, this is a fairly easy catch on ECNA at 0330 UT.
(George Maroti-NY-USA, DXplorer Sept 21)

The short path from Hargeisa to Vancouver goes *much* further north thru
the auroral zone than that to Enid. Toward Vancouver it crosses Tromso,
northern Norway, and northern tip of Greenland even beyond Thule, about
80 degrees latitude max. To Enid-OK it's no further north than 55 degr in
the north Atlantic. BTW, Hargaysa is quite close to Djibouti, if you want
to compare reception with 4780 kHz.

[...] Somaliland is not a recognized state altho it is certainly better
than the rest of Somalia. "International law" may not apply here,
especially in such an esoteric area, and anyway its observance is largely
voluntary in real countries. There is probably little or no ham radio
activity in S-land, and hence no amateur radio lobby. Any pressure about
this issue must come from outside.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld hcdx Sept 19)

I could not but comment on your post as myself and a co-engineer have
recently been engaged to carry out repairs to R. Hargeisa's 25 kW Elcor

This was the unit originally installed around five years ago but which
developed problems due to antenna mismatch problems and which has been
off-air ever since. It will take quite some time for me to make sure
everything is together and on-site before we make the trek from the UK to
carry out the work.

I'm not sure what the future is for this unit, maybe as a standby to the
new 100 kW unit. I am dealing directly and in close communication with
Ahmed Suilieman at the station so if you have any further questions and
cannot contact him direct then I will be happy to assist you in any way I
(David G4ZOW, Transmitters 'R' Us Ltd, Sept 17, TX SWs yg, dxld)

You know after March next year Media Broadcasts from Germany will or will
not continue to hire Trinco, in which case unless SLBC can do it on its
own, it might be expensive to run Trinco, in which case I fear they will
close down Ekala and sell of the prime land near Colombo and shift all HF
to Trinco, so you DXplorers might hurry if you need Ekala. It is no
terribelly hard catch for dxers of our calibre.

Is it in NA?? 0115-0200 UT on 11905 kHz gets into the Midwest and East
Coast too. 1140-1215 UT again 11905 kHz from Ekala.

0115-0230 UT on 15745 slot will get into LA etc in the next few weeks.
1630-1835 UT Trinco 250 kW 11750 kHz, might get into NA which is on a
320 degr beam from Trinco.

Current Sked is Indian Vernaculars 0113-0330 UT (English nx 0215)
(weekends can go up to 0500 UT depending on sponsored prgrs) 11905 kHz
200 kW, 7190 kHz 10 kW. 0830-1215 UT on 6005 kHz (10 kW),
11905 kHz (200 kW),

English All Asia Service 0125-0300 (Sat/Sun up to 0500 UT depending on
sponsored programmes usually Bible progrs) on 15745 kHz ({Collins} 35 kW
exVOA) 9770 & 6005 kHz 10 kW. The latter 2 are slightly off freq.

Sinhala to the Middle East 11750 kHz 1630-1834 UT taken off City FM
Service which is for Sri Lankans working abroad consisting of musical
requests, chit chat and answering banking issues, and is sponsored by the
Bank of Ceylon for expat Non Resident Foreign Currency (NRFC) accounts
from SL workers abroad.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK, DXplorer Sept 18)


11604.850 Radio Taiwan Internat in Cantonese via Tainan site, Hakka to
1530-1557 UT Sept 19. S=9 in Germany, and jammed by China mainland too.

11604.854 RFA Vietnamese language service via Tanshui site, Web ID at
1427 UT, underneath Vietnamese govt warbling siren type of jamming, HIT
HEAVILY by Vietnamese jamming station HOWL BUOY type co-channel.

13640 Same HOWL BUOY type jamming noted at 14-15 UT against 13640 RFA
Vietnamese on Saipan-MRA relay.

The swing was soon jamming is 12 kHz wide. They interfere also broadcasts
from FEBC Manila in Vietnamese-Lao hilltribes languages, to prevent the
U.S. protestant missionary campaign.

Same HOWL BUOY type jamming noted at 2330-0030 UT on Sept 21/22 when RFA
Vietnamese hit by Vietnam on 13730.027 kHz from Saipan-MRA, jammer was odd
13730.300 kHz centered. At same time also RFA Vietnamese 11605 kHz outlet
from Tanshui-TWN was jammed, but not YFR Vietnamese on 11629.964 kHz via
Paochung-TWN site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18/21-22)

9715 RFA via Tinian-MRA, Radio Free Asia, at 1447 UT Sept 15, Vietnamese,
interview, 1453 UT woman with contact information, song, 1456:30 UT
fanfare music broke in over song and then at 1457 UT English announcement,
"You have been listening to Radio Free Asia.", warbling siren type of
jamming. Fair.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, dxld Sept 19)

TAIWAN Radio Taiwan International, German service, in October again
direct from Taiwan of Tainan site.

Radio Taiwan International sendet im Oktober 2012 wieder direkt aus
Tainan/Taiwan. Gesendet wird jeweils von 1700-1800 UT auf 9955 kHz an
folgenden Tagen:

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober
Freitag, 5. Oktober
Samstag, 6. Oktober
Sonntag, 7. Oktober
Mittwoch,10. Oktober
Freitag, 12. Oktober
Samstag, 13. Oktober
Sonntag, 14. Oktober

Am 03.10. gibt es eine spezielle Live-Call-in Sendung. Wozu eine
kostenfreie Telefonnummer geschaltet wird. An den anderen Tagen wird das
regulaere Programm ausgestrahlt.

(Jan Balzer-D, A-DX Sept 21)

TAJIKISTAN 15760 SOH Chinese sce, endless comment by man, from Yangi
Yul site, 1200-1230 UT, not in Aoki list yet, latter mentions 1130-1200

15517 Voice of Tibet in Tibetan to Western China, from Yangi Yul site in
TJK, at 1215 UT S=9+10dB signal in southern Germany. Suddenly China
mainland Firedrake jamming stopped on even 15520 kHz at 1213 UT Sept 21.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

UNIDENTIFIED 5900 RTR2 Testsendung. "RTR2 - Die Powerstation" mit
Kurzwellentest auf 5900 kHz im 49-m-Band am 22. Sept von 1800-2000 UT - in
UKW-Qualitaet auch im Netz und im FM-Band.

Das deutschsprachige Pop-Programm der RTR Radio Europa, "RTR 2 - Die
Powerstation" aus Belgien, ist zurueck auf der Kurzwelle. Zwar wird
derzeit nur getestet, aber dafuer mit einem besonders attraktiven
Programminhalt. Praesentiert wird ein ganz besonderes Event: "The very
best of Michael Jackson".

Die Hoerer von RTR 2 - Die Powerstation und abertausende Mitglieder aller
Fanclubs des Kuenstlers aus Deutschland, Oesterreich und der Schweiz
koennen noch bis zum 18. Sept 23.59 h aus insgesamt 75 als Single
veroeffentlichten Songs von Michael Jackson eine Top 20 voten, die dann
von den Radio-DJ's Stephan und Christian am Samstag, den 22. Sept von
1800 bis 2000 Uhr UT, (also 20-22 Uhr MESZ) praesentiert wird, garniert
mit Gruessen und persoenlichen Geschichten der Hoerer.

Wer via email an <mail @> eine korrekte Meldung mit den SINPO-
Empfangswerten der Kurzwelle schickt und seine eigene Mailadresse nicht
vergisst, der erhaelt eine speziell gestaltete EQSL-Karte mit einem Motiv
von Michael Jackson. Verfolgen kann man die Sendung aber auch in guter
UKW-Qualitaet via Internet-Stream, wenn man diese Daten eingibt:

Sollte wegen des grossen Interesses nicht jeder einen Stream erwischen,
gibt es auf der Website des Senders links unter "Zuhoeren" noch weitere
alternative Streams, die extra zusaetzlich geschaltet wurden. "Bislang ist
das Interesse derart gross, dass wir zusaetzliche Server aufgeschaltet
haben, damit auch wirlich jeder zuhoeren kann", freut sich Senderchef
Rainer Thomas Peters. Die Moderatoren Stephan und Christian sind besonders
stolz darauf, dass sich mehrere deutschsprachige Radiosender im Ausland
dazu entschieden haben, das Programm sogar live zu uebernehmen und auf
lokalen UKW-Frequenzen auszustrahlen Dazu gehoeren beispielsweise Sender
in verschieden spanischen und deutschen Ferienregionen. Andere werden noch
am Sonntag die komplette Sendung als Rebroadcast wiederholen. "Damit
hatten wir nicht gerechnet!"

Trotzdem verschweigen die beiden nicht, dass die Idee fuer das Event aus
einer Bierlaune heraus von einer treuen Hoererin des Senders vorgeschlagen
wurde. "Wir fanden die Idee geil und haben uns nicht lange bitten lassen!"
Und jetzt fiebern alle gespannt der Sendung entgegen. Zur Website fuer das
Voting gelangt man ueber <> - Hoerervoting Michael Jackson.
Dort sind auch noch einmal alle genau Regeln fuer das Voting erklaert.
(Fritz-Walter Adam-D, A-DX Sept 14, ibid.)

RTR war bisher mit der Brokerei Media&Broadcast im Geschaeft, aber es kann
auch eine Spaceline Bulgaria Aussendung sein, das passt zu der runden
xx00 kHz Frequenz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

UAE 15215.030 FEBA Radio in Tibetan via UAE relay site Al Dhabbaya
noted at 1205 UT Sept 21, scheduled 1200-1230 UT. Endless sermon by man.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

USA Frequency change of Brother Stair in English via WWRB:
1200-2100 NF9370*WRB 100 kW 045 deg to NoEaAM, ex9385
2100-1200 3185 WRB 100 kW 340 deg to NoWeAM, unchange
* former frequency of the closed station WTJC.

NOTE: Start and end of the transmissions is varies, for example:
Sept 15: 3185 till 1225 and 9370 from 1230
Sept 16: 3185 till 1255 and 9370 from 1300
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

USA 9370v WTJC is no longer SW broadcast!!!
Dear Friends, I have received an Official message of shut down WTJC,
9370 kHz, Fundamental Broadcasting Network, USA:

"Thank you for writing. WTJC is no longer broadcasting and has been
officially off the air since August 2nd of this year {2012}.
In Christ's service,
Mrs. Robinson"

Regards and 73 from Mexico.
(Mr. Magdiel Cruz-Coxcatlan-MEX, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 18)

Very last notings here in Europe.
Odd frequency measured 9369.873 kHz at 0600 UT July 10th. And re-check at
0633 UT revealed a RUSSIAN language broadcast!
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 10)

9369.873 WTJC in Russian at 0633 UT July 10. Scheduled 0635-0640 UT. That
5-minute programme has been broadcast by WTJC since 2005 (or around that
time). A little addition: Mondays-Fridays only.
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, dxld July 10)

USA 5745 George McClintock advises that the US government wants
5755 kHz channel back, for MARS?

So WTWW has to move, planned effective at 0100 UT Sept 26. Probably to
5745 which has been registered by WWRB but not used. I pointed out that in
the B-seasons, R. Marti is on 5745 at 11-14 UT, which could be a problem,
not only before sunrise, but because the Cuban jammers are notorious for
running far beyond the hours when "needed". So he's considering other
frequencies near 5755 kHz. The new one should be in effect by World of
Radio #1636 UT Sunday Sept 30 at 0400 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 19)

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