Antarctica - Bharati Base

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Gianni, I1HYW, reports: Bhagwati Prasad is still active as VU3BPZ/P from the new Indian Base 'Bharati' (WAP IND-04) in Antarctica, until the end of December, then he will be onboard the 'M/V Ivan Papanin' on the way to India via Cape Town. A stop is preview at Maitri Station (WAP IND-03) where he hopes to operate again as VU3BPZ and when sailing the call used will be VU3BPZ/MM as done on the way on.
He is still waiting the reply for his request of a special callsign through the Indian Ministry, and perhaps the answer will come around mid-October.
QSLs have not been printed yet and will not be available before the end of November, so no hurry in QSLing; information to the chasers will be given as soon as we know if the special call will be issued or not.
QSL only direct via I1HYW (" More information is available on
the WAP Web site at:
LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Gianni, I1HYW, reports that the Bharati Base's sunrise is at 2341z and sunset at 1347z. Local time down there is UTC +5 HRS.
There are about 46 days left for Bhagwati, VU3BPZ/P, to be there before
he leaves onboard the "M/V Ivan Papanin". If you did not work the Bharati Station yet, the best times and frequencies are:
10m - 28495 kHz between 1100-1215z
17m - 18145 kHz between 1015-1100z
20m - 14180 kHz +/- between 1400-1500z and again between 1700-1800z
For North Americans, VU3BPZ/P will be on 14242 kHz between 0200-0300z.
If you don't hear him, call him (VU3BPZ/P), he may be just listening at
the above times and bands given.

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