DARC DXNL1800 - 03/10/2012

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3D2, Fiji:
     Alex PY2WAS (3D2AS), Orlando PT2OP (3D2OP), Rick PY2PT (3D2PT),
     Fred PY2XB (3D2XB) and Faria PY7XC (3D2XC) plan to activate
     Viti Levu Island  (OC-016, WLOTA 0055) on the HF bands on their
     route to their T30PY activity. They will be QRV October 8 - 14.
     QSL via home call, direct (preferred) or bureau.

5U, Niger:
     Christian, 5U5U (ex TL0A) is QRV from Niamey until October 15.
     An October 1st,  Paul, F6EXV (5U6E) and Jan, DJ8NK (5U8NK) joined
     him. They are now QRV with 3 stations on HF/6m in SSB, CW and
     Digimodes. QSL 5U5U only direct to: Christian Saint-Arroman,
     Chemin de Mousteguy, 64990 Urcuit, France. QSL 5U6E via F6EXV
     (direct, bureau and LoTW; OQRS on ClubLog). QSL 5U8NK via DJ8NK
     (direct, bureau and LoTW; OQRS on ClubLog).
     http://www.5x2013.com/   http://www.premiumorange.com/5u-2012/

8P, Barbardos:
     Richard, G3RWL can be heard as 8P6DR until October 17th.
     QSL via Homecall.

9M2, West Malaysia:
     Shou, JA1XXI, will sign 9M2/JA1XXI from Port Dickson on 20, 15,
     10 and 6m from October 5 to 15.. QSL via Homecall.

CT, Portugal:
     Members of the "Portuguese Navy Hamradio Club" (CS5NRA)
     will activate the castle S. Bruno, on October 6th.
     (WCA: CT-00205, DCFP: F-029, DMHP: LX-35). QSL direct only.

G, England:
     From October 7 to 12, the special call GB2BT will be active
     from the "Bell Hill Telegraph" near Ibberton in Dorset (EU-005,
     WAB ST80). QSL via M0XIG.

     In October the ISWL-Club will use the following club calls:
     GX4BJC/A Walton on the Naze (WAB, TM22, EU-005, WLOTA 1841) in Essex;
     GX4BJC/POP Herbie, G6XOU; MX1SWL/A Hartford in Cambridgeshire
     (WAB TL27, EU-005, WLOTA 1841) OP Tom, G3RPV
     QSLs via G6XOU, eQSL.

HB0, Liechtenstein:
     Between October 8 - 14, Frank, PA4N, will be QRV as HB0/PA4N
     from 80 - 10m in CW with a focus on Asia and Japan.
     Info and updates via Twitter: @frankoppedijk. QSL via Homecall.

JA, Japan:
     Members of the "Kodaira-city Amateur Radio Club" (JE1YKR)
     from Kodaira in the prefecture Tokyo on Honshu (AS-007,
     WLOTA 2376, JCC 1012) celebrate the 50th anniversary of their
     city using the special call sign 8N1YKR until November 30th.
     QSL via Buero.

     From October 6th to November 5th, the special call 8J6BAL
     will be QRV from the "Hot Air Balloon International Festival"
     in Saga (JCC 4101, JCG 41004) on Kyushu (AS-077, WLOTA 0963) QRV.
     QSL via Buero. http://www.sibf.jp/e/

     From October 1st to November 4th, 8J1ARK will be QRV on all
     bands and modes from the 35th "Japan Three-Day March".
     QSL via Buero.

     8J1KS is on the air to celebrate the 70. jubilee of Kisarazu city
     (JCC 1206) in Chiba prefecture on Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376) until
     the end of the year. Operation will take place on all bands and in
     all modes. QSL via Buero.

     Also till December 31 there will be 8J1STGY to celebrate the
     80th anniversary of Setagaya city in the Tokyo prefecture on
     Honshu island (AS-007, WLOTA 2376). QSL via Buero.

     Until November 30 watch out for 8N2100MD, a special call to
     celebrate the 100th jubilee of the "Aikodai Meiden High School"
     in Nagoya (Aichi prefecture) on Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376JCC 2001)
     QSL via Buero.

KH0, Mariana Islands:
     Kazuo, JH8PHT, will be QRV as AH0KT from October 4 - 9 from the
     rental shack on Saipan (OC-086, USi NI002S, WLOTA 1333, WW Loc.
     QK25UF) from 80 - 6m. He'll also try to work 10m AM/FM.
     QSL via Homecall, only direct, LoTW.

PA, Netherlands:
     At the "London International Radiotelegraphic Convention",
     100 years ago, the first official callsign prefixes were assigned.
     The special station PB100PREFIX will be QRV in October to remember
     this historic event. QSL via PB0P.

     On October 5 - 8, the special event call PH4RTM/WHE will be on
     the air on the occasion of the "World Horticultural Expo" (THE
     FLORIADE) in Venlo on all bands and modes.
     QSL via PH4RTM. http://www.floriade.com

SV, Greece:
     The "Radio Amateur Association of Greece" (RAAG) will operate
     SX100A from October 5 - 7 on the battleship memorial
     "Georgios Averof" in "Trocadero Marine Park" (Paleo Falir,
     hear Athens).
     QSL via bureau. http://www.raag.org/news.asp?ITMID=428&LANG=EN

T8, Palau:
     Kiichi, JF1LUT, will be T88IK from October 5 - 10 from
     Arakabesan island (OC-009, WW Loc. PJ77fi) on 17 - 6m in SSB.
     QSL via Homecall.

TT, Chad:
     From October 3 to 16, Silvano, I2YSB, and the "Italian DXpedition
     Team" will be QRV as TT8TT from N'Djamena on 160m-6m in
     CW, SSB and RTTY. They'll try to put a focus on working Asia and
     the US west coast.
     QSL via I2YSB (direkt), IK2CIO (Buero), OQRS.
     http://www.i2ysb.com  http://bit.ly/NVQaav

VE, Canada:
     Until October 28, the special call CG3X remembers the 50th
     anniversary of the first Canadian satellite "Alouette".
     QSL via VE3JPP.

VK9X, Christmas Island:
     Pekka, OH2YY, and Pekka, OH1TV, will be QRV as VK9XM from October 6
     to 12 with two stations from 40m to 10m in SSB and CW.
     QSL via OH2YY.

W, USA: W4O (October 6/7) is a special callsign to celebrate the
     24th annual "Oliver Hardy Festival" in Harlem/Georgia.
     QSL via K4KNS.

     The "North American QRP CW Club" (NAQCC) celebrates its 8th
     anniversary between October 7th and 13th. The soecial calls
     N1A, N2A, N3A, N4A, N5A, N6A, N7A and N8A will be on the air
     from all over the USA.

Z8, South Sudan:
     Keith, W7DXX, acquired a license as Z88Z and plans to operate
     an internet remote transceiver there like he previously did
     with YI9DXX.
     QSL direct via Homecall, LoTW, eQSL.

ZF, Cayman Islands:
     Paul, VE1DX, will be QRV as ZF2TK until August 2013.
     QSL via Homecall, direct only.

OPs wanted:
     Alfredo, IK7JWY, is organizing a DXpedition to Djerba Island
     (AF-083, WLOTA 1394, Tunisia) from April 27 to May 4th 2013 and
     is looking for operators (ik7jwx2003[at]yahoo.it).

3.10.        DIG-Birthday-Contest CW
4.10.        DIG-Birthday-Contest SSB
6.10.        DARC HF-HELL Contest (80m)
6.10.        European Sprint Contest
6./7.10.     Oceania DX Contest
6./7.10.     2. Greek Telegraphy Club CW Cup
6./7.10.     IARU-Region-1 UHF/Microwaves October Contest
6./7.10.     California QSO Party
7.10.        ON Contest 80m
7.10.        RSGB 21/28 MHz Contest
7.10.        DARC HF-HELL Contest (40m)

The first "Worked All Provinces of China (WAPC) DX Contest" takes
place on October 6th.

GTC CW Cup website

Silent Key:

Michael Owen, VK3KI, president of the "Wireless Institute of
Australia" and president of the IARU-Region III passed away
on September 22nd.

The chairman of the "Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society" (EARS) Sid
T. May, ET3SID passed away on September 25. He was a founding
member of EARS in 1993.

On September 26, Goran Savic, YT2A, died in a plane crash in
Belgrad. As a Serbian Air Force Major he was on a routine training
mission when the accident happened. His colleague ejected from the
plane while Goran stayed inside to sacrifice himself - not hitting
houses and people. He saved many lives.

Our condolences to their family and friends. We don't want to be sad
that we lost them; we want to be thankful that we had them as friends.
We will always remember them.

IOTA:    Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG (E-Mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)

Island activities

AF-027 FH; Mayotte Island: Sam/F6AML will be QRV as TO2M from October
     4 to 19 on Mayotte Island (DIFO FH-001, WLOTA 0376, LOC LH27OE)
     from 80 to 10m in CW and SSB. QSL via F6AML (d/B).

AS-101; HS; Malay Peninsula East group: Eddy/ON4AFU will, from October
     7 - 24, be QRV from Koh Samui (WLOTA 1384) using the call HS0ZJF/8
     on 40 - 10m only in CW. QSL via ON4AFU (d/B).

AS-190; HZ; Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) group: A team
     consisting of Badar/HZ1BF, Abdul/7Z1CQ, Suli/7Z1SJ, Mohamad/HZ1MD,
     Abdullah/HZ1BW, Hani/HZ1HN, Abdullah/HZ1AR, Abdul/HZ1DG,
     Firas/HZ1FS and Nhaw/HZ1TL, is planning a DXpedition to Al-Dhahrah
     Island. It's the first activation of this group. As 7Z7AB they
     will be QRV from October 5 to 11 on 160-10m in SSB, CW and RTTY.
     QSL via 7Z1CQ. OQRS will be set up. http://www.dxtool.com/7z7ab/

EU-015; SV9; Crete Island: Andreas/DL9USA spends his holidays on Crete
     from October 5 - 15 and will be on the HF bands as SW9C.
     QSL via DL9USA (d/B).

EU-038; PA; Noord Holland/ Friesland/ Groningen Province group:
     Ben/DO1BEN will be QRV PD/DO1BEN from October 8 to 14 from
     Texel Island (WLOTA 0043, LOC JO23KD). Main activities will
     be in the digital modes and a little SSB on the HF bands.
     QSL via Homecall (d/B)

EU-114; GU/MU; Guernsey group: GP0PKT/p will be the call sign of
     the "Martello Tower Group", Keith/G6NHU, Tony/G0MBA, Yan/M0YNK,
     Colin/M1EAK, Chris/M6GSD and Richard/G7HJK on their DXpedition to
     Herm Island (WW Loc. IN89sl). From October 5 - 7 they will be
     active on all bands and modes. QSL via GP0PKT (B) / G6NHU (d).

EU-129; DL/SP1; Usedom Island: Between October 7 and 14, Peter
     DK2RMP/p will be QRV from Usedom (GIA O-13, WLOTA 1640, DLFF-075).
     QSL via Homecall (d/B).

EU-171; OZ; Jylland North group: Mike/DG5LAC and Petra/DB1LPS
     will visit Vendsyssel-Thy (DIA NJ-001) from October 6 to 12,
     using the call sign OZ/DG5LAC on the HF bands. QSL via DG5LAC (d/B).
     The log will be uploaded to LotW and eQSL after the activity.

EU-172; OZ; Jylland East and Fyn group: Harry/PA1H and Nico/PA7PA
     will be on the air from Lango Island (DIA FY-025), October 4 to 12,
     as OZ/Homecall. Their focus will be on 30m in the digital modes.
     QSL via Homecall (d/B).

NA-063; CY0; Sable Island: Murray/WA4DAN and Ron/AA4VK are planning
     their third journey to Sable Island (CIsA NS004, WFF CYFF-001, WLOTA
     0758). Between October 8 and 17 they'll use homecall/CY0 on the
     HF bands with low power and simple antennas. OQRS will be available
     at http://www.cy0dxpedition.com

NA-124; XE2; Baja California Sur State South East group:
     Felix/XE2I, Saul/XE2HQI, Tony/XE2HVF, Enrique/XE2AA, Fred/KG6HGK,
     Norma/XE2JNE, Craig/XE2HWJ, Ana/XE2IHA, Jose/KD6AFA and
     Manuel/XE2HUQ are planning to be QRV as XF1F from October 7 - 13
     from Isla San Francisco. It's the first activation of this island.
     They will work on the HF bands in all modes. QSL via XE2HUQ.

NA-143; W5; Texas State East (Matagorda to Jefferson County) group:
     On October 5 - 7, Joe/K5KUA will again be active from Galveston
     Island as K5KUA/5 on 30-10m in CW only. QSL via K5KUA (d/B).

     Members of the "Delmarva Island Hoppers" plan to activate
     Middle Island (USi DE016, Not IOTA, LOC FM28KO) as N3NAH and
     Massey Island (USi DE014, Not IOTA, LOC FM28KP) as W3TL on
     October 6th. QSL via QRZ.COM.


from  to                  DX                 DXNL
1. - 5. October           3A/G0VJG           1799
8. - 14. October          3D2AS..            1800*
24September-5October      3D2C               1798
1August-28October         3Z70ZK             1791
until 31. December        4O60GBP            1790
until 20. September       4S7HBG..           1798
September                 5B/G3RWF           1795
23.09.-13.10.             5H1HS              1798
2. - 27. October          5H2DK              1799
8October-15December       5H3NP              1798
until 15. October         5U5U..             1800*
until 2014                5Z4EE              1753/1772/1799
2012                      6D0LM              1774
24September-4October      6V7X               1798
until 31. December        7T50I..            1788
05.10.-11.10.             7Z7AB              1800*
until 31. October         8J0WAZA            1780
1October-4November        8J1ARK             1800*
until 31. December        8J1KS              1800*
until 31. March 2013      8J1MBR             1788
until 31. December        8J1MST             1779
until 31. March 2013      8J1SPY             1788
until 31. December        8J1STGY            1800*
until 30. September2012   8J2NDP..           1751
until 3. November         8J2YDU             1794
until 21. October         8J4HAM             1974
until 10. November        8J4MANGA           1794
until 11. November        8J4SINWA           1794
until 31. December        8J50YAX            1794
6October-5November        8J6BAL             1800*
until 31. December        8J6O               1773
until 31. December        8J6OKAJO           1788
until 16. October         8J7NPMG            1799
until 31. October         8N0CLEAN..         1788
until 31. December        8N1TDU             1780
until 30. November        8N1YKR             1800*
until 30. November        8N2100MD           1800*
until ca. 17. October     8P6DR              1800*
unknown                   8Q7HA              1796
29.09.-06.10.             9A8OK              1799
unknown                   9G5ZS              1795
unknown                   9J2JA              1796
until 2012                9J2RI              1739/1742
5. - 15. October          9M2/JA1XXI         1800*
until October 2014        9V1RM              1751
until September 2013      A52SV              1752
08.10.-17.10.             AA4VK/CY0          1800*
01.10.-04.10.             BA4TB/4            1799
01.10.-04.10.             BD4TJ/4            1799
01.10.-04.10.             BD4TQ/4            1799
01.10.-04.10.             BD4TR/4            1799
01.10.-04.10.             BG4TVT/4           1799
27September-7 October     BY1WXD/0           1799
until end of 2013         C91IW              1787
until  28. October        CG3X               1800*
until 31. December        CN2YZ              1771
16.09.-04.10.             CR3L               1798/1799
6. October                CS5NRA             1800*
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/DJ3IW          1798
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/DJ6QT          1798
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/DK1MM          1798
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/DK1QH          1798
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/DK4QT          1798
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/DL1YFF         1798
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/DM3BJ          1798
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/E73Y           1798
20.09.-04.10.             CT9/S56A           1798
until end of 2012         CY0/VE1AWW         1784
until Mai 2013?           D2SG               1748/1780
until 31. December        DA0LSW             1785
07.10.-14.10.             DK2RMP/p           1800*
2012?                     DL0SLITISA         1764
until 13. January 2013    DL125HHZ           1778
01January-31December      DL1630Y            1760
until 31. December        DL250COAL          1779
01January-31December      DM100MGY           1763
01January-31December      DM50KSJ            1763
until 31. December        DM800ANH           1767
until February 2013       DP0GVN             1756
until 31. December        DP87SIXD           1792
until January 2013        DQ0STRATEX         1770
until 31. December        DQ125HSB           1763/1784
until 31. December        DR50DTANGO         1791
until 31. December        E720RS             1770
30.9. - 6.10.             EA8/DL7VOA         1799
1January-31December       EI80IRTS           1763/1788
27.09.-03.10.             F6BAX/p            1799
until 1. March 2013       FH8NX              1747
2.10.-8.11.               FO/F6BCW..         1799
until end of September    GB0PGY             1797
7. - 12. October          GB2BT              1800*
until 30. September       GB39RC             1798
until 31. December        GB50WVR            1767
2012                      GB80PW             1762
September                 GO4BJC/A..         1796
05.10.-07.10.             GP0PKT/p           1800*
October                   GX4BJC/A ..        1800*
until spaet 2013          H44RK              1793
until 31. December        HA50ZH             1780
8. - 14. October          HB0/PA4N           1800*
1. - 19. October          HF28JP             1799
until September 2013      HI3/KL7JR          1745
07.10.-24.10.             HS0ZJF/8           1800*
01January-31December      II6LN              1763
until Jul 2013            J28UC              1734
until August 2014         J28NC              1796
until March 2013          JX9JKA             1769/1773
05.10.-07.10.             K5KUA/5            1800*
until 2013                KG4AJ              1756
until June 2013           KH2/N2NL           1680
until March 2013          KH9/WA2YUN         1771
laengerfristig            KP2/NQ3X           1799
7. - 13. October          N1A..              1800*
06.10.                    N3NAH              1800*
Resident                  OD5RW              1799
21.09.-29.09.             OZ/DG0OGM          1799
06.10.-12.10.             OZ/DG5LAC          1800*
29.09.-05.10.             OZ/DG7LAC          1799
04.10.-12.10.             OZ/PA1H            1800*
October                   P40Z               1799
4. - 31. October          PB100PREFIX        1800*
08.10.-14.10.             PD/DO1BEN          1800*
5. - 8. October           PH4RTM/WHE         1800*
01.10.-01.11.             PJ6/G4IUF          1799
until early October       RA0SS/0            1798
until 31. December        S555E..            1772
01.10.-07.10.             SV9/DF8DX          1799
05.10.-15.10.             SW9C               1800*
5. - 7. October           SX100A             1800*
5. - 10. October          T88IK              1800*
until 31. December        TC50TRAC..         1770
until 31. December        TM210VH            1770
until 31. December        TM70TRS            1763
04.10.-19.10.             TO2M               1800*
3. - 16. October          TT8TT              1800*
until November 2014       V73NS              604/1668/1752
22September-6October      VK2IR..            1798*
6. - 12. October          VK9XM              1800*
until mid November        VQ9JC              1755/1793
06.10.                    W3TL               1800*
6. - 7. October           W4O                1800*
08.10.-17.10.             WA4DAN/CY0         1800*
until Mai 2014            XE1/DM3DL          1730
07.10.-13.10.             XF1F               1800*
unknown                   YJ8RN/p            1797
unknown                   Z81A..             1798
unknown                   Z88Z               1800*
27September-3October      ZA/OL8R..          1799
unknown                   ZD9KX              1795
27.09.-04.10.             ZD9UW              1799
until 12. August 2013     ZF2TK              1800*
until 2014                ZY2014WC           1774

 *  = new or upated
 .. = and other calls

QSL information
3D2AS             via    PY2WAS       (B)
3D2OP             via    PT2OP        (B)
3D2PT             via    PY2PT        (B)
3D2XB             via    PY2XB        (B)
3D2XC             via    PY7XC        (B)
4S7DOG            via    JG3DOG       (B)
4S7LSG            via    JA1CJA
4S7QHG            via    JR3QHQ       (B)
5B/G8DX           via    G8DX
5H1HS/3           via    DL7VSN       (B)
5U5U                                  (d)
5U6E              via    F6EXV        (B), (L), OQRS
5U8NK             via    DJ8NK        (B), (L), OQRS
6V7X              via    4L5A         (d)
7Z7AB             via    7Z1CQ
8J1ARK                                (B)
8J1KS                                 (B)
8J1STGY                               (B)
8J6BAL                                (B)
8N1YKR                                (B)
8N2100MD                              (B)
8P2K              via    KU9C         (B)
8P6DR             via    G3RWL        (B)
9M2/JA1XXI        via    JA1XXI
9N7LX             via    DL1ELX
AA4VK/CY0         via    AA4VK
AH0KT             via    JH8PHT       (d), (L)
AH0KY             via    JA1MFR
BV2A/4            via    BV2A         (B)
CG3X              via    VE3JPP       (B)
CR2X              via    OH2BH        (B)
CR2X              via    OH2BH        (B)
CR3L              via    DJ6QT        (B)
CS5NRA                                (d)
GX4BJC/a          via    G6XOU        (B), eQSL
GX4BJC/p          via    G6XOU        (B), eQSL
HA22WFF           via    HA6PJ
PH4RTM/WHE        via    PH4RTM
HF35ZSEIT         via    SP4PXX
HG1912PTT         via    HA5AUC
HQ2N              via    EA5GL        (d), (L)
HS0ZJF/8          via    ON4AFU       (B)
HS8JYX            via    HS8FLU       (d)
I1ASU/IM0         via    I1ASU
II9P              via    IT9CHU,      (L)
K5KUA/5           via    K5KUA        (B)
KL7/SP5EWX        via    SP5EWX
LS1D              via    AC7DX        (d)
MT0SCG            via    M0SCG        (B)
MX1SWL/a          via    G6XOU        (B), eQSL
N1A               as specified by OP
N2A               as specified by OP
N3A               as specified by OP
N4A               as specified by OP
N5A               as specified by OP
N6A               as specified by OP
N7A               as specified by OP
N8A               as specified by OP
NH2T              via    W2YC         (d)
ON4ANL            via    ON5SWA
OO2O              via    ON4LDI
OZ/DG5LAC         via    DG5LAC       (B)
OZ/DL5ASE         via    DL5ASE       (B)
OZ/PA1H           via    PA1H         (B)
OZ/PA7PA          via    PA7PA        (B)
PB100PREFIX       via    PB0P
PD/DO1BEN         via    DO1BEN       (B)
RI1FJ             via    UA2FM        (B)
S55CERKNO         via    S50E
SN35ZSEIT         via    SP4PXX
SP9YFF/p          via    SQ9IDG       (B)
SW9C              via    DL9USA       (B)
SX100A                                (B)
T88IK             via    JF1LUT       (B)
TM125CCAE         via    F6FMT        (B), eQSL
TM41LUC           via    F4MBZ
TM55REF           via    F6KUP        (B), F5LPY (d)
TO2M              via    F6AML        (B)
TT8TT             via    I2YSB        (di), IK2CIO (B), OQRS
V63MJ             via    W5MJ         (B)
VE1WFF            via    VE1WT
VK9XM             via    OH2YY        (B)
VK9XS             via    JA1PBV       (B)
VR2/UA3QNS        via    UA3QNS       (d)
W4O               via    K4KN
WA4DAN/CY0        via    WA4DAN
XF1F              via    XE2HUQ
YB9/DJ7XJ         via    OZ7XJ
Z60K              via    G3TXF        (B)
Z88Z              via    W7DXX        (d), (L), eQSL
ZA/OK1FCJ         via    OK1DRQ       (B)
ZF2TK             via    VE1DX        (d)
ZP5TNT            via    EA5GL        (d)

(d) = direct only      (B) = Bureau ok
(*) = new Manager      (L) = LoTW

* QSL received direct: CY9M (OQRS, M0URX), HD2A
* QSL received by LoTW:  FO4BM, RI1ANF (S. Shetland), T6MO

* QSL received via bureau:
     3XY1D (DL7DF), 5N6/YL2SW, 5X1NH (G3RWF), 6W/DL2AWG, 9X0PY
     (SM6CPY), AA3B, BV100 (BV2KI), DM800ANH, DP3LUNA (DK1PM), EG7MJ
     (EA/NL), EM20L (US0LW), ET3AA (US0LW), FG/DK9PY, FG4NN (NI5DX),
     (LA8DW), JY4NE (K3IR), K0SR, K1ZZ, K3ZO, K4T (K5WW), K8CW, KH2L
     (W3HNK), KP2/N1WON, N1SV, OA1F, PG6HK (PD2J), PJ2/DJ9ON,
     PJ2/PA7JWC, PJ2T (W3HNK), PJ4/K4BAI, PJ4A (K4BAI), PJ7E, S29DO
     (DL5RDO), S79UFT (F6AXX), T70A, TF8SM (N5FTR), TJ3FC (F5LGE),
     (G3TXF), VP5/N1WON, VP6T (G3TXF), VQ5D (K8ESQ), W0IN, W1HQ,
     (G3TXF), ZF1A (K6AM), ZS1CTL (K3IRV), ZS2DL (NI5DX)

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX-Bulletin, DC1DB, DF6EX
DO3ED, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K, VA3RJ, etc

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