WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - October 15th, 2012 (BC-DX #1086)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARMENIA   1350  TWR in English to Israel. On three Saturdays in August and
September, the last being on 8 Sept, a protestant religious programme in
English beamed to Israel has been heard between 1846-1916 UT on 1350 kHz
at a time when TWR is scheduled. The name of the programme sounds like
"Kol Henua" or "Heshua Ministries" and at the end of the programme a www
address was given. TWR have said that there is no such broadcast in
English !
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, BrDXC-UK Oct "Communication" magazine, MW report p20)

The TWR online schedule now shows that a 30 minute programme in English
called "Kol HaYeshua" is aired each Saturday to Israel at 2146 local time
(1846 UT) on 1350 kHz. Seems to be operated by Jerusalem-based Netivyah
and is described as the "first Messianic Jewish radio station broadcasting
in Hebrew to the Land of Israel".
(Tony Rogers-UK, BrDXC-UK Oct "Communication" magazine, MW report p20)

1350 kHz channel uses Kamo Gavar Noratus antenna of old USSR design:

Kamo Gavar Noratus 1350 kHz 8mast directional sidefire MW SV4+4 antenna at
232degr azimuth towards Israel, built up in 1985 - 1990 era, location at:
40 24 07.50 N  45 11 53.34 E
Image see  <>


FEBA Broadcast schedule, Winter B12
28th October 2012 to 31st March 2013

Day 1 Sunday (ITU Convention)

AFRICA, ETHIOPIA, SOMALIA - B12 winter schedule
          Days             Frequ Site
Time UTC  1234567 Languages kHz  code
1600-1630 s...tfs AMHARIC  12125 ERV
1600-1630 .mtw... GURAGENA 12125 ERV
1630-1700 smtwtfs AMHARIC  12125 ERV
1600-1627 smtwtfs ETHIOPIA 11875 KIG
1630-1700 smtw... TIGRINYA  9850 DHA
1630-1700 ....tfs AMHARIC   9850 DHA
1700-1730 smtwtfs OROMINYA  9595 KIG
1730-1757 smtwtfs TIGRINYA  9595 KIG
1700-1730 smtwtfs SOMALI    6180 DHA
1730-1800 smtwtfs ETHIOPIA  7510 ERV
1830-1845 smtwtfs FR (Ce+WeAF) 15250 ASC
2145-2215 smt.tfs HASSINYA/PULAAR (WeAF) 11985 ASC

INDIA, BANGLADESH, TIBET - B12 winter schedule
          Days                Frequ Site
Time UTC  1234567 Languages    kHz  code

0000-0030 smtwtfs BANGLA rural 9390 TAC
1200-1230 smtwtfs TIBETAN     15215 DHA
1430-1500 smtwtfs HINDI        9540 TAC
1500-1530 smtwtfs BANGLA rural 9390 TAC

PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN - B12 winter schedule
          Days                Frequ Site
Time UTC  1234567 Languages    kHz  code
0200-0230 s...... URDU         7315 DHA
0200-0215 .mtwtfs URDU         7315 DHA
0215-0230 .mtwtfs MIXED LANGS  7315 DHA
0230-0300 smtwtfs DARI         6125 DHA
0300-0315 smtwtfs MIXED LANGS  6125 DHA
1400-1430 smtwtfs URDU         7230 TAC
1430-1445 smtwtfs MIXED LANGS  7230 TAC
1500-1530 smtwtfs DARI         9400 ERV
1530-1600 smtwtfs PASHTO       9400 ERV

MIDDLE EAST - B12 winter schedule
          Days                Frequ Site
Time UTC  1234567 Languages    kHz  code
0800-0830 smtwtfs ARABIC      15220 MOS
1800-1927 smtwtfs ARABIC       9550 KIG

Tx Site Codes
ASC Ascension Island    DHA Dhabayya UAE
ERV Yerevan Armenia     KIG Kigali Rwanda
MOS Moosbrunn Austria   TAC Tashkent Uzbekistan

Schedule Engineer, FEBA Radio, Ivy Arch Road, WORTHING BN14 8BX, UK.
WEBSITE: <>  B12 bs01 dated 01.10.12 rww
(FEBA website via Alan Roe, Teddington, UK, Oct 14)

AUSTRALIA   Nice website and many .PDF files to download at HCJB Kununurra
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

AZORES   1503, AFN, Base Aerea das Lajes, Terceira, 2154-2205, Oct 7,
English, musica pop?, 22431, QRM da ESPANHA {de Spain co-channel? wb.}.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Oct 10)

BANGLADESH   Regularly not air Nepali transmissions of Bangladesh Betar
1315-1345 15105 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to SoAS, checking from Sept 29-Oct 9
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

7250  Frequency change of Bangladesh Betar in Nepali to SoAS
1315-1345 NF7250 DKA 250 kW 320 deg, ex15105 kHz. First observed on Oct 13
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

BELARUS   7255  On 12 Oct 2012 took Grodno regional radio in Russian and
Belarusian language from 1500-1600 UT on the frequency 7255 kHz
(Kolodishchi, 250 kW). SINPO: 44444. Information and music program
primarily in Russian.

Only the announcement "You listen to Grodno regional radio" in Belarusian.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Oct 14)

BENIN   Google Earth and BING Maps images of
Parakou MW 936  SW 5025 ex 7190 kHz,
now seemingly a TV / FM txion installation.
09 20 33.03 N  02 32 21.44 E

perhaps here a vertical cone antenna, as in former SWF Rohrdorf location?
09 20 31.88 N  02 32 21.98 E
looks like 6 narrow mast poles at

and 9.5 km to the east in downtown Ladjifarani district, the BC House.
09 20 35.61 N  02 37 41.35 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 8)

BOLIVIA   3310  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, vgd in native dialect 1010
UT, then into Spanish with religious progr 14 Sept.

4716.7  Radio Yura opened abruptly at 1009 UT on 14 Sept with ident in a
native dialect, folk music (marching style), fair reception.
(Bryan Clark-NZL, dxld Oct 9)

BRAZIL   6070  Radio Capital with clear Port ident for "Radio Capital de
Rio de Janeiro" and giving SW frequency then appeared to join SRDA network
3 Oct. Over Canadian.
(Bryan Clark-NZL, dxld Oct 9)

BRAZIL/TANZANIA   11735  Radio Trans Mundial good w/ident & website
details in Port at 1952 UT, contemporary Christian vocals over co-ch
Zanzibar till Brazil closed abruptly 2000 UT, leaving Zanzibar in clear
with news headlines & ident in presumed Swahili 12 Sept.
(Bryan Clark-NZL, dxld Oct 9)

BRAZIL   6185 Radio Educacion.
Tuned into an almost empty 49 meter band tonight. There was virtually
nothing between 6090 and 6180 kHz!  6180 very strong with Radio Nacional
Brasilia, and 6185 presumably Radio Educacion with variety programming.

No ID noted at 0500 UT. Generally fair to good reception. 49 meters almost
looks like what 60 meters looks these days. Sure hope it's not a sign of
things to come in the future!
(Walter Salmaniw-IL-USA, dxld Oct 10)
Oct 8-11, three days geomagnetic storm lasting ... wb.

BULGARIA   QSL: 9400, KBC Radio test to NoAM, UT Sunday Oct 7 at 0000-0027
UT confirmed later same UT day with e-QSL I requested, 100 kW.
Accompanying note confirms the site was "near Sofia, Bulgaria".

Now added to my collexion via <>

Eric van Willegen also tells me, "Yes, we are testing again next week,
same time, same station, same frequency [UT Sunday Oct 14 at 0000-0200].
It is possible that we move frequency if we start with some regular shows.
We will keep everybody informed via our website and facebook page".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 8)

Hi Glenn, Thank you for your reaction, report and your comment. It's much
appreciated. We will study it all. The first 15 minutes we had a
modulation problem. The TX site is near Sofia Bulgaria. I the att. our e-
mail QSL letter. Kind regards,
(KBC Radio, Eric van Willegen-HOL, <http://www.kbcradio>
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 10)

Sunday 21 Oct between 0000-0200 UT on 9500 kHz via Sofia Kostinbrod tx.

9500  KBC. They tell me they are testing on October 21 2012, but are
checking the frequency at the moment.
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Oct 9)

New KBC TEST on 9500 kHz.
The Mighty KBC has changed the date and frequency for our second test to
Canada, USA and South America. We are now testing on Sunday 21 October
between 0000-0200 UT on 9500 kHz. If you have any questions or remarks
feel free to contact us

<themightykbc @>
<>   <>

(KBC mailing list Oct 9 to dxld Oct 10)

Will this also be via Bulgaria, or where? That will avoid the 01-02 UT
clash with R. Liberty on 9400 kHz; HFCC indicates no ACI or CCI on 9500
kHz at 00-02 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 13)

Hi Glenn, Yes it will be from the Bulgarian site, but it is possible that
we move back to 9400 kHz, because it seems that there is also a station on
9505 kHz. We will soon confirm the right frequency.
(KBC Radio, Eric van Willegen-HOL, KBC, Oct 10, ibid.)

See SUDAN about a station on 9505, but unlikely during that particular
(Glenn Hauser, dxld Oct 10)

HI Glenn, FYI. They just confirmed that the 2nd test is on 9500 kHz. After
that we will decide what frequency we will use.
(KBC Radio, Eric van Willegen-HOL, KBC, Oct 10, ibid.)

CHAD   6164.96  RNT, *0452-0530*, Oct 8, abrupt sign on with African hi-
life music. French talk. Some Euro-pop and Afro-pop music. Poor under
Japan at sign on, but in the clear with a good signal after Japan signed
off at 0459 UT. Chad went off the air at 0530 UT.

6164.96  RNT, at 2025-2045* UT on Oct 8, French talk. Abrupt sign off.
Weak but readable.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 8)

CHAD   History of Radio Chad. Source: <>

20 Oct 1955 Installation of a studio at Maison de la France, next to the
hotel Le Méridien Chari.

01 Nov 1955 First test transmissions from the National Assembly, as a
relay of Radio AEF (French Equatorial Africa). A PTT transmitter was used
during hours when the Post Office didn't need it.

20 Jan 1956 First own 250 W Collins transmitter for 49m and 60m, housed in
the same ASECNA building in Gredia as the studio. It was operated under
the supervision of OCORA (Office de Coopération Radiophonique)

11 Aug 1960 Independence of Chad, and a law of 10 August establishes the
Radiodiffusion Officielle du Tchad. Radio Tchad was nationalised the same
year in an agreement with France, and placed under direct control of the
President. The station was mostly run by expats, especially French. It
began broadcasting 81 hours per week in French, local Arabic, and Sara.

1963 Separation of production and emission. Studios are now in Sabangali,
in the second arrondissement of N'Djamena, with two studios. They are
connected by a cable along av.Mobutu and blvd.Sao, and later by FM radio
connection. Studio equipment comes from Geraldin and Schlumberger.

17 May 1965 The Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne is founded. They have
a 4 kW mediumwave and a 30 kW shortwave transmitter.

1972 A new 100 kW shortwave transmitter is installed.

2000 Digital studio equipment is installed

2006 Creation of the "Office National de Radiodiffusion  et Télévision du
Tchad" which contains "Télévision Nationale Tchadienne" and
"Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne".
(Eike Bierwirth-D, SW TX site Oct 1)

CUBA   RHC's multiple-spur producing 17580 kHz transmitter was back in
whack yesterday, but resumed today Oct 4 checked after 1243 UT: all spurs
have that whine of same constant pitch, and more of them this time, than
last time, also have some *Spanish modulation when tuned in AM mode, while
with BFO they are nothing but squishy FMy blobs. Approximate displacement
is 56 kHz above and below, putting the primary and strongest ones on
*17636 and *17524 kHz.

Below, also audible circa: 17468, *17412, 17356, [but none on 17300??],
*17244 QRMing Firedrake on 17250, 17188, 17132 kHz.

Above: *17692, 17748, 17804, [but none on 17860??   like the fifth order
17300 on the lo side, why?], *17916, [not heard on 17972 either], 18028-
barely audible.

The 9540 kHz RHC spur-transmitter tries to compete, but only manages a
weak, squishy blob circa 9525 kHz vs no VOI, at 1312 UT on Oct 4, and same
sounding thing circa 9555, while 9540 kHz itself has heavy CCCCCCI.

17580  Oct 5 at 1255 UT, this RHC transmitter is again putting out spurs
over most of the 17 MHz band; the fundamental is not as strong as
previously and neither are the spurs, but still plenty of disruption at
approx. 56 kHz intervals, worst ones being the closest, 17636 and 17524
kHz, and many of them not only with the constant whine pitch, but also
with some // Spanish modulation: 17468, 17412, 17356, 17244, 17132. On hi
side: 17692, 17748, 17804, 17860, 17916 kHz. Today fundamental and spurs
still on at 1330, 1355, but not after 1400 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 10)

ERITREA   7190  Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, *0256-0320, Oct 8,
sign on with IS. Vernacular talk at 0300 UT. Horn of Africa music. //
9715.03 kHz - both frequencies fair to good.

9715.03  Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, *0255-0310, Oct 7, sign on
with IS. Vernacular talk at 0300 UT. Horn of Africa music. Fair. // 7185
kHz - poor with HAM QRM.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 8)

FRANCE   [to ALGERIA and Sahel zone in central Africa]
Two different programs of R. Algerienne this morning, Oct 11:

0500-0558 7295 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF,
          confirmed: Holy Qur'an [Radio Koran] sce
0500-0558 9535 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF,
          UNIDENTIFIED sce in Arabic {Chaîne 1}
0600-0658 9535 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF,
          UNIDENTIFIED sce in Arabic {Chaîne 1}

Please check the evening transmissions and tomorrow morning.
Mystery to me!

R Algerienne in Arabic shortwave from Oct 1:

0400-0458  7295 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF
0500-0558  7295 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF
0500-0558  9535 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF
0600-0658  9535 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF
1800-1858 13820 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF
1900-1858 11775 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF
1900-1958 13820 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF
2000-2058  9375 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF
2000-2058 11775 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF
2100-2158  7495 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF
2100-2158  9375 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF

French transmission is only 5 min 2000-2005 UT 11775 kHz Oct 11,
and this morning Oct 12 0500-0505 UT 7295 kHz.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11/12)

Hi Ivo, yes, seems, that they have started using also other services. Now
13820 kHz carries Chaîne 1, web feed having considerable delay to SW.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

Re: Radio Algerienne this morning, Oct 11

Heard both Radio Algérienne "Radio Koran" sce relay 9375 kHz, and Radio
Algérienne Chaîne 1 on 11775 kHz services in 20-21 UT slot Oct 11, latter
suffered by co-channel Anguilla ministry.

Now at 2100-2105 UT I hear French sce news from Radio Algérienne Chaîne 1
Algiers 7495 kHz, and Radio Algérienne "Radio Koran" HQ program as always
9375 kHz, Oct 11.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)

FRANCE  Noted Radio Algérienne programs at 0535 UT Oct 13:

0500-0558  7295 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF
0500-0558  9535 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CeEaAF
0600-0658  9535 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF

7295 "Radio Koran" HQ prayer, S=9+25dB proper signal.
9535 undermodulated! in peaks S=8-9, 162 degrees antenna doesn't cover
area around France Europe well !
{"but that weaker signal is open carrier, or possibly just barely
modulated ...} (gh)

At 0557 UT station and frequ annmt in Arabic by female 7295 kHz,
{but 9535 kHz continued to be HQ prayer program ... }
7295 kHz TX switched OFF around 07.57:10 UT.

At 05.58:05 UT 9535 kHz TX CUT OFF tambien.

At 05.59:09 UT 9535 kHz Radio Algérienne program TX ON AIR again, but new
antenna at 194 degrees, and much stronger signal at S=9+20dB level.

Time pips at 0600 UT, station ID in Arabic by female. News in Arabic read
by male and female.

[later]  Today Oct 13 AT 19 UT both programmes on air.
11775 kHz is Radio Algérienne "Radio Koran" Algiers,
13820 kHz is Radio Algérienne "Chaîne 1" Algiers.
Both similar S=9+20dB strength.

QSL address should read
Radio Algérienne
12, rue Shakespeare
El Mouradia, 16070
Algér, Algeria

<technique @>

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

GERMANY   New registration of Radio 700 Kall / HLR Hamburg program in B-12
schedule on popular 6190 kHz channel, formerly used by DLF Berlin Britz

6190 kHz 0000-2400 UT to zones 18,19,27,28,29,37N KLL 20kW non-dir 975
daily periode 281012-300313 HLR
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

GREECE   Updated summer A-12 schedule of ERA-3 and ERA-5 as of Oct 9:
ERT-3 Radiophonikos Stathmos Makedonias in Greek:
1200-1655  9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR/NoAM, ex1400-1655
1700-2255  7450 AVL 100 kW 323 deg to WeEUR/NoAM, no change

ERA-5 Voice of Greece in Greek:
1200-1755 15650 AVL 100 kW 105 deg to SoAS/AUS,   ex1400-1755
1200-0800  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR/NoAM, ex1400-0200
1800-2355 15630 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR/NoAM, no change
2300-0255 15650 AVL 100 kW 226 deg to CeAM/SoAM,  or 2300-0155
0000-0255  7475 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR/NoAM, ex0000-0200
0300-0800 15630 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR/NoAM, or 0200-0800 additional
0300-0500 11645 AVL 100 kW 355 deg to WeEUR/NoAM, additional
0500-0800 11645#AVL 100 kW 355 deg to WeEUR/NoAM, additional

# Sun, Oct 7 surprise Radio Filia in Polish around 0643
# Mon, Oct 8 surprise Radio Filia in Albanian 0500-0600
# Tue, Oct 9 no transmissions of Radio Filia 11645!!
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

GREECE   Thanks to John Babbis for forwarding this ERA/ERT schedule
from  <Apodimos_ERA5 @>  as received on October 9th.

A-12 short-wave Transmission Schedule
(Eff March 26 to October 29, 2012)
extended transmission hours from Oct 4th.

            Avlis 1      Avlis 2     Avlis 3
   UT       (100 kW)    (100 kW)    (170 kW)
0000-0200  15650/226    7475/285    9420/323
0200-0300  15650/226   *7475/285    9420/323
0300-0400 *15650/226   15630/260    9420/323
0400-0800  11645/182   15630/260    9420/323 {0752 UT TX OFF}

0800-1200  SILENT       SILENT      SILENT

1200-1400  #9935/285   15650/105    9420/323
1400-1500  #9935/285   15650/105    9420/323
1500-1600  #9935/285   15650/105    9420/323
1600-1700 *#9935/285   15650/105    9420/323
1700-1900  #7450/323   15650/105    9420/323

1900-2000  #7450/323   15630/260    9420/323
2000-2100  #7450/323   15630/260    9420/323
2100-2200  #7450/323   15630/260    9420/323
2200-2300 *#7450/323   15630/260    9420/323
2300-2400  15650/226  *15630/260    9420/323

* Transmission ends 10 minutes earlier.
# ERT-3 Radiophonikos Stathmos, Makedonias (Thessaloniki)

To Asia, AUS, NE/ME  1200-1900 15650*

To North America     2300-2400  9420  15630*
                     0000-0300  9420   7475*
                     0300-0800  9420
To South America,
South Atlantic,
Panama Zone.......   1900-2400 15630*

To South America,
South Atlantic....   2300-0400 15650*

To Africa            0400-0800 11645

Latter heard also at 0500 Albanian, 0600 Polish

Filia stream to be heard here

Voice of Greece stream, ! 34 ! seconds LATER than 15650 kHz shortwave !!

(Revised on Oct 9, 2012, by John Babbis, Silver Spring, MD, USA;
updated by wb via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

GREECE   11645 kHz send out different program at 0500-0600 UT Oct 13,
heard Radio Filia annmt at 0531 UT, and continued at 0532 UT R Filia's
German language service at S=9+20dB proper signal level, despite African
azimuth antenna of 182 degrees is in use at this time, but antenna in
Avlis has a big BACK-LOBE outlet though.

At 0531-0550 UT Radio Filia "Griechenland Magazin" in German language,
covered a touristic sve program  "Rundreise durch die Schluchten Nord-

i.e. Round trip through the canyons of northern Greece. Also in the
canyons during the snow melt in spring season ...

At 0600 UT all three outlets //,  Voice of Greece service in Greek 9420
which was signal weaker than both 11645 and 15630 kHz. All transmissions
TX OFF at 0752 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

GREECE   Weekend schedule of Radio Filia as of Oct 13/14

Saturday Oct.13
0400-0500 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME VOGreece
0500-0532 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME Albanian
0532-0545 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME German
0545-0600 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME Russian
0600-0700 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME VOGreece

Sunday Oct.14
0400-0500 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME VOGreece
0500-0530 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME Albanian
0530-0600 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME Spanish
0600-0628 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME German
0628-0643 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME Russian
0643-0700 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME Polish
0700-0730 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME Bulgarian
0730-0800 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/N&ME Serbian

Programs in different languages are 5-7 minutes, during the rest time-
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

INDIA/SWAZILAND   AIR 4660 Leh / 4760 Pt. Blair progr.

The latest Aoki file (Oct 14 at 0500 UT) shows AIR Leh, moved from 4760 to
4660. See the difference file at
<>  Can anyone confirm?
(Dan Ferguson-USA  K4VOA, DXplorer Oct 14)

4660  AIR Leh. Yes They have been on 4660 kHz for about 3 weeks. Somedays
audio is very low. Hope they stay there for good or go to another channel
on 60mb than dueling on 4760 kHz.

Just checking at 1400 UT on 4660 kHz is active, until 1630 UT
usually. Their morning s.on is I think at 0215 UT in summer but even
though I am just one hop away I can't hear anything 2 hours after sun rise
for me, but will probably get all the way to the US!!!
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, DXplorer Oct 14)

AIR 4660 / 4760 kHz. AIR Leh 4660 - possible here, was heard with fine
signal this European afternoon, Oct 14.

4659.997 kHz on foot print exactly like I heard a South Asian language -
an endless talk of a man, and on  t o p  another signal every and now and
radio traffic from Russia (Ship or Air service annmts ?) at 1615-1625 UT
Oct 14th.

And Port Blair remained now with sweetish Indian music on 4760.010 kHz

Previously had TWR Swaziland 4760.002 kHz co-channel, regularly around
1625 UT adopted, with a few bars of so typical TWR signature.

Now at present 1701 UT still to be heard some South Asian flute music.

4760.010 kHz  Pt. Blair. Now at present 1701-1730 UT still to be heard
some South Asian flute and string music.

17.29 UT final annmt by female. 17.30:40 UT program audio end.

17.30:55 UT TX OFF today Oct 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

INDONESIA   9526  On Oct 10 at 1245 UT and more chex past 1400, still no
sign of even a carrier from V. of Indonesia. There was however a weak
spurblob around 9522, probably from RHC 9540 kHz. I've been in contact
with VOI about their problem. They needed a replacement modulator tube,
and were going to start testing at 0700 UT today. So be on the lookout for
them. Also on alternate frequencies 11785, 15150 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 10)

Checked 9526 and 9680.050 kHz channels today Oct 10 at 10 to 14 UT, but
heard nothing from Jakarta Cimanggis Indonesia.

Only RTI Taiwan and some jammers from China mainland on 9680 kHz heard
from 11 UT onwards.

Not heard on 9526v and 9680.050 kHz in Oct 10 to 13.

9680.052  Again RRI progr 4 from Cimanggis on air at 0905 UT Oct 14.
Though nothing on VoINS on 9526v kHz visible - the whole day and nigght.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10/13/14)

Good News from Jakarta:
"Good News from TX site after some time off. VOI on the air again on 9525
kHz", reports their Facebook page. The station was a few weeks Off Air
caused by a technical defect.

Good reception, and evening from 19 clock EDT on 3955 kHz with the German
(Christian Milling-D, Radio 700 Kall Eifel, Oct 14)

ITALY   Mediumwave Italy - Mittelwelle Italien.
Die RAI hat im September 2012 ueberraschend zwei Mittelwellen-Standorte

567 kHz Caltanissetta (Sizilien)

657 kHz Napoli-Marcianise (bis vor kurzem noch 24 Std-Betrieb, und eine
der Saeulen des "Notturno Italiano".

Auf 657 kHz wird jetzt aus Pisa 24 Std. gesendet.
Hintergruende und Kommentare hier:


(Guenter Lorenz-D, A-DX Oct 10)

RAI MW: off even Naples. Towards the total sale?

After the closure of Bologna Budrio - a station that dated back to Marconi
and is embroiled in a complex situation related to the planning of the
municipality building in Bologna - another plant RAI Radio on medium wave
would be at imminent disposal, to Naples Marcianise of 657 kHz (among
other things one of the frequencies deputies to remain on 24 hours of 24
to transmit what remains of the Night from Italy).

Radio 1 Napoli should close their doors within two days, according to
sources who announced the news on the Facebook page dedicated to the
memory of the historic local frequency of Radio Bari (Apulia the current
system in medium wave Ceglie del Campo in Bari - about chiusre - ceased
operations a few months ago on 1116 kHz due to damage suffered during a
raid thieves of copper). The antenna of Caserta, now reduced to 50 kW
probably by more than 100 original, was inaugurated in 1948 by President
De Nicola and stands on land that was owned by the family Cross (yes, the

It is now quite obvious intention - never openly declared, beyond the
usual rumors - to put an end to the infrastructure in the medium wave
public radio, at a time when the various "experiments" by private
operators appeared in the same band in recent months have suffered a
setback because of the explicit repressive attitude taken by the guardians
of the Ministry of Economic Development (broadcast on medium wave in Italy
is not explicitly "illegal" but it is not legal).

The picture, for those on these frequencies are sometimes a solution to
the problems of coverage and interference of RAI in FM stations, it's
pretty bleak. If the bleeding does not stop, will soon run RAI Radio
stations on medium wave and also hopes to one day see approved legislation
that encourages the use of low-power systems and educational aims of the
association are not objectively very real.

Moreover, the tendency to "phase out" of broadcast frequencies below 1602
kHz dominates a little 'everywhere in Europe, where all plants, from those
at the national level to the local low power, eye-catching suffer budget
cuts ended up being deleted. It must be said that in the public perception
is understood in a general sense the possibility of listening on medium
wave are virtually unknown, a little 'because of the now established
dominance of frequency modulation and secondly because of the conditions
increasingly degraded in terms of noise background, especially in densely
urbanized areas. Here with me in the city, for example, often I can not
hear anything below 5 MHz.

A conservation and revitalization of our infrastructure in amplitude
modulation is possible as well as desirable, but it should work out a real
plan, inclusive of a regulatory framework that makes it more accessible
the birth of low-power stations, modeled on similar legislation in Europe
and the United States. At the moment, apart from broadcasters RAI Radio
survivors, you can listen to the broadcasts of Radio irregular Challenger
1368 and 1566 of the Religious Radio Kolbe (audible at night in Milan) and
Radio Melody, the summer has reignited , in Romagna, a transmitter that
had been reported the last time in 2010.
September 17, 2012

(via Guenter Lorenz-D, A-DX Oct 10)

Rai, half in red and plague medium wave: it's up to Caltanissetta.

Do not spend 48 hours of the news of the turning off of the Radio RAI
Naples-Marcianise, announces that the newspaper La Sicilia, on the issue
of September 21, the dismantling of the antenna of Caltanissetta, the
imposing tower over 280 meters which were irradiated programs long wave
(off in 2004).

Since then, Caltanissetta are running only the 567 kHz medium wave, but I
imagine that with the decommissioning of the plant (which is one of the
three hills of the city, at Via Antenna) also stops transmitting this
frequency, unless - but the hypothesis seems unlikely - the structure to
be removed is that of the old long wave and 567 do not continue in the
service of another antenna.

What can I say? Perhaps the decision also weighs the location of the plant
in the middle of urban district and the usual considerations of
electromagnetic pollution. I discussed the question of the medium wave
with friends at the Prix RAI Italy and from what I understand the plan of
gradual divestiture will continue, until leaving in activities in Italy
fifteen antennas on medium wave (in some cases it is structures rather
new). Hard to say if at that point the path away from the infrastructure
broadcast media will stop, but I have no idea that this will be only an
intermediate step.

As can be convinced that the medium wave RAI can still play a useful role,
and despite the undoubted presence of a hard core of fixed and mobile
listeners, there are too many factors of obsolescence of a technology
increasingly "old" (at least in his conception of antenna very powerful
and pelvis listening very extensive, especially at night).

Then there is the not insignificant aspect of the economic situation of
the public and of Italy in general. Just as I was in Turin employees of
RAI received by mail a copy of the interim report ended 30 June (can be
found here thanks to First Communication). The results, even in the face
of the commitment to the European Football Championship (over 100 million
of expenditure), are bad. The net operating profit saw a loss of 129
million, the net financial position was negative by 168 million. Despite
an increase in revenue from fees and a reduction of external costs, the
collapse of advertising (less than 14%) and other expenses, sports or not,
led to a sharp deterioration compared to the first half of 2011.

You can bet that the offer RAI will focus in recent months the attention
of "auditors cart". Radio broadcasting, meaning programs and
infrastructure will necessarily the end of the crock pot. We begin to say
goodbye to the ambitions of DAB (a topic unknown to most people, and
lacking any electoral weight) and get ready to see new, unpleasant cuts.

(via Guenter Lorenz-D, A-DX Oct 10)

KOREA Rep of     Updated schedule of MND Radio in Korean
0400-0440 NF4925 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex5900
0400-0440 NF6760 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6230
0500-0540 NF5150 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6435
0500-0540 NF6480 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6550
0600-0635 NF4740 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex5410
0600-0635 NF6700 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6300
0700-0735 NF5290 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6670
0700-0735 NF6360 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6270
1000-1040 NF5150 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6435
1000-1040 NF6480 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6550
1100-1135 NF4740 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex5410
1100-1135 NF6700 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6300
1200-1240 NF4925 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex5900
1200-1240 NF6760 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6230
1300-1335 NF5290 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6670
1300-1335 NF6360 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE, ex6270
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

KYRGYZSTAN   5130  R. Maranatha in Persian is not hard to hear with us in
the evenings. Someone tell me what is this station and QSL policy of this
(Shukhrat Rakhmatullaev-UZB, deneb-radio-dx via RusDX 23 Sept)

I know that it works from Kyrgyzstan. She wrote on <guvas @> (in
2009 or 2010.) the return was not, but the answer is the same. Never tried
it. Yesterday hear failed. Today, if we can take to try to send to this
address. If it still works.
(Alexander Golovikhin-RUS, deneb-radio-dx, ibid.)

Radio "Maranatha" is broadcast for a long time. But TWR (in any case, the
service broadcasting in the former USSR) denies its connection with the
station. We Mauno Ritola a couple of years ago trying to find out where
and how is it organized, but alas ... it is possible that he- or add to
the information.
(Vasily Gulyaev-RUS, open_dx via RusDX Sept 23 via dxld)

I recall 5130 kHz reported years ago, but is it active now? Not in WRTH
2012 under Kyrgyzstan or in the SW frequency list. Aoki thinks so:
5130 Radio Maranatha 1457-1757 UT daily Persian/Tajik 100 NonDir
Bishkek KGZ TWR a12.

And so does EiBi: 5130 1350-1700 KGZ Radio Maranatha FS ME Not in A-12

DBS 14 released in April 2012 has 5130 kHz as a deleted station, with the
date it was last reported: 5130 KGZ SW Relay Sce, Krasnaya Rechka, DEC

Searching back thru my mailbox and DXLD, the last log of it was a bit
later than that, but not by much:

KYRGYZSTAN   5130  Radio Maranatha/Hit Shortwave, Bishkek heard on 5130 at
1448 January 13 [2011], carrier came on, too weak to take down any
specific programme details. Noted during random checks to 1801 UT carrier
off again.
(Martien Groot-HOL, dxld via WDXC Contact magazine)

and before that, oops, wrong 'stan:

{TAJIKISTAN}  5130  R Hit Shortwave, Bishkek (pres), 1742-1900*, Dec 15,
[2010] songs, very weak, 15331.
(Bernard Mille-F, dswci DX Window Dec 31 via dxld)

And before that:

KYRGYZSTAN   5130.00  R Hit Shortwave, Bishkek (ex 6030 kHz), 1720-1757*
UT on Fri Dec 03, Vernacular conversation, religious hymns, 25322.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Dec 16 via BC-DX 18 December 2010)

Note: the 5.1 MHz area is a prime spot for 2 x IF receiver images which
one must beware of if the rig is subject to those: 5130 kHz could
originate on 6030 or 6040 hmmm, look at that, it was reported to have
moved from 6030 to 5130, coincidence?

All this could be pointless, if the original item from Shukhrat above was
axually saying it is *NOT* heard now! transformed into the opposite by
stupid machine translation.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 3)

Probably Persian station on 5130 kHz seems to be Radio Sedaye Zindagi in
Dari (Afgan-Persian) for Afghanistan. I copied ID of "Radio Sedaye
Zindagi" in Feb. 2012. The condition was bad under the influence of OTH
from China in Japan.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld)

Which says, "the home of Afghan Christian Radio", and not 5130 kHz, but is
this outdated:? "Afghan Radio Broadcast Times: You can listen to Radio
Sadaye Zindagi every morning at 7:00 am on the 31 meter band (9790 kHz).
And every evening at 7:30 pm on the 25 meter band (11755 kHz)."
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 3)

LAOS   6130  LNR, 1409-1430, Oct 8. News in English in progress; ID "Lao
National Radio", with frequencies; promo for the upcoming 9th Asia-Europe
Meeting Summit of heads of state and government (ASEM 9), to be hosted by
Laos in November, at the capital Vientiane; "The aim of the 9th ASEM
Summit is Friends for Peace, Partners for Prosperity. We would like to
invite all our people to be good hosts for ..."; summit website at


contains MP3 audio recording of the short promo.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Oct 8)

MADAGASCAR   Co-operation between two stations SW Radio Africa and Voice
of People in Shona, Ndebele and English to Zimbabwe.
Confirmed Sat, Oct 13:

0601-0720 15115 MDC 250 kW 265 deg to Zimbabwe Sat/Sun SW Radio Africa
0720-0801 15115 MDC 250 kW 265 deg to Zimbabwe Sat/Sun Voice of People
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

MADAGASCAR/VATICAN STATE   Special live broadcasts of Vatican Radio
Oct 11 and 14:

Thu, Oct 11: Holy Mass for the opening of the Year of the Faith
from 1000 11625 SMG 100 kW 210 deg to NoWeAF in French
from 1000 13765 SMG 500 kW 215 deg to NoWeAF in English
from 1000 21620 MDC 250 kW 300 deg to CeSoAF in Portuguese

Sun, Oct 14: Angelus
fron 1200  6075 SMG 100 kW 350 deg to WeEUR
fron 1200  7250 SMG 250 kW 150 deg to WeEUR
fron 1200  9645 SMG 250 kW 004 deg to WeEUR
fron 1200 11740 SMG 100 kW 310 deg to WeEUR
fron 1200 15550 SMG 500 kW 200 deg to NoAF
fron 1200 15595 SMG 250 kW 107 deg to NE/ME
fron 1200 17570 MDC 250 kW 260 deg to SoAF
fron 1200 17590 SMG 250 kW 084 deg to SoAS
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

MEXICO   Mexico Street View Research.

Here's some observations. You might have to patch the Street View web
addresses together. The short Google Maps URL's wouldn t work for me for
Mexico unfortunately.

Radio Education: Mexico City


Radio Mil - 6010 kHz : Mexico City

Radio UNAM

Radio Transcontinental - 4810 kHz

Radio Universidad de San Luis Potosi
MW antenna seen only.

RASA, Radio Merida (Candela FM) - 6105 kHz
Merida ?
Where is this?
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Sept 2)

Radio Universidad de San Luis Potosi

Radio Mil - 6010kHz : Mexico City

Radio UNAM  19 30 38.71 N  99 06 49.70 W

also many masts on nearby peak
19 32 00.95 N  99 07 49.22 W
Cerro del Chiquihuite, Benito Juarez, Gustavo A. Madero, 07259

MEX  XERTA-OC World Radio 4810 kHz 7 kW, Cuauhtemoc, D.F.
Radio Transcontinental de America, probably at
19 26 25.61 N  99 09 16.93 W


Merida - all on the northern area,
- i.e. the airport is on southwesterly area ...

MEX  Merida MW mast 970 and 6105 kHz SW ?
MEX  Merida ?970 ? 6105 ? kHz.
Looks like a MW / SW area ?
20 56 46.14 N  89 34 17.29 W

MEX  RASA, Radio Merida (Candela FM) - 6105 kHz, MW 970 kHz
MEX  Merida tentatively ?970 ? 6105 ? kHz.
Looks like a MW / SW area ?
21 03 00.27 N  89 38 36.65 W

MEX  Merida MW ?
21 02 55.23 N  89 38 06.07 W

MEX  Merida MW mast
21 00 54.13 N  89 33 41.73 W

MEX  Merida MW mast
21 01 25.61 N  89 33 14.17 W

MEX  Merida MW mast
20 56 59.75 N  89 34 02.95 W

MEX  Merida MW mast
20 58 52.70 N  89 41 09.22 W

MEX  Merida communic mast ?
20 57 18.98 N  89 34 07.50 W

masts Merida, mainpower masts instead?
21 02 59.18 N  89 38 03.22 W
21 03 15.43 N  89 37 49.82 W
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 2)

MOLDOVA   [PREDNESTROVE]  On Oct 8 received confirmation letter by e-mail
from Radio Transnistria reception in Russian 21 Sept 2012, 0300-0400 UT at
the frequency of 999 kHz.

October 11 hosted Radio Pridnestrovie in the Ukrainian language on the
frequency 621 kHz (Grigoriopol, 150 kW) from 1800-1830 UT. Reception -
33333. Interference from Radio Russia (most likely through Syktyvkar).

Radio Transnistria took in Russian on the frequency 999 kHz (Grigoriopol,
500 kW) from 0300-0400 UT, 12 Oct 2012. SINPO: 45,433.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Oct 14)

MYANMAR   5770  Defense Forces Broadcasting Unit in Taunggi has been
missing for at least 10 days. I doubt a frequency change. Maybe TX
problem. All other stations appear to be holding to their regular skeds
other than the 7200.1 operation, also heard 0130-0230 and 1030-1300 UT.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, DXplorer Oct 10)

7109.991  Once again litte odd frequency of Myanmar R at 1110 UT Oct 10.
S=6-7 fluttery Burmese talk radio, observed on remote SDR unit in southern
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 10)

MYANMAR   7110  Myanmar - Thazin Radio with different format in English

Thazin Radio via Pyin Oo Lwin (Mandalay Division). Since the inception of
their English segment (1430-1500* UT), I have always heard non-stop pop
songs, along with a portion about midpoint about Myanmar culture. So I was
surprised today (Oct 12) at tune in at 1436 UT to find not pop songs as
usual, but instead the news; 1441 UT "the weather" with current conditions
in Myanmar and "rough seas ... Myanmar waters" and the weather "outlook
for the next two days"; pop songs; 1446 UT program "Teachings of the
Buddha" about Myanmar Buddhism; more pop songs till usual sign off
announcement; indigenous theme music till 1500* UT; almost fair. How long
have they used this news/weather format? Certainly more interesting than
just pop songs!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

I hadn't seen the website of ORTN Niamey before, but here it is:

And an interesting article about broadcasting in Niger can be found (in
French) at

Here is a short summary in English:
1952: Founding of La Société de Radiodiffusion de la France d'Outre Mer
(SORAFOM) for the French colonies; Radio Dakar took the lead for the West
African colonies, becoming "Radio Inter-AOF", with studios in Dakar and
transmitters in Rufisque (Senegal) and Markalo/Bamako (Sudan, now MALI).

1958: The colonies within French West Africa obtain internal autonomy,
thus the following regional stations are created:

Radio Niger, Niamey;
Radio Soudan, Bamako;
Radio Haute Volta, Ouagadougou;
Radio Dahomey, Cotonou.

Two hours per day on air, 2000-2200, with the exception of Sunday, 1000-
2200. Three languages: French (90%), Hausa and Zarma (10%). [this seems to
refer to Niamey only] [likely local, or UT?]

Back then, Niger had 15 km of paved roads, one international and 4
regional airports, one telephone cable, and the waterways were navigable
only 8 months in the year. Therefore, Radio Niger was essential to the

Radio Niger was established in a colonial building (former potato storage)
at the corner of rue de Sahel and rue des Souvenirs in the Terminus
district. Transformations of the building and installation of the
equipment were completed July 31, 1958. The transmitting centre was built
in the current water tower near Stade Municipal. The antennas were located
across from the tennis club and the House of the Youth Diado Sékou.

Power was connected on 31 July 1958, but due to highly political reasons
and an instruction of the French High Representative, Mr. Colombani, the
facility was declared inoperative.

First test transmissions took place in mid-September 1958, asking for
reception reports in French, Zarma, and Hausa.

The first broadcast started like a fairy tale:

"Mon nom de baptême est "Radio Niger". J'ai vu le jour un 6 Octobre 1958
où, pour la première fois, les habitants de Niamey ont entendu crépiter la
voix. "ici Radio Niger émettant de Niamey, sur les fréquences suivantes:
en onde moyenne sur 1575 Kilohertz, en onde courte sur la bande des 60 m,
soit 5020 Kilohertz".

Most of the programming came from the SORAFOM network in Paris, from the
"Agence de Programmes, d'Informations et de Documentations" (APID). Short
pieces of local information in French and local languages as well as
concerts were prepared on 6.25 mm tape and inserted locally.

Thus, the first programme was broadcast on 6 October 1958.

1959: New radio house with two studios; new transmission centre with 1 kW
mediumwave and 4 kW shortwave, made by TRT (Télécommunications
Radioélectriques et Téléphoniques), the French outlet of Philips.

1960: Independence of Niger, SORAFOM is transformed into Office de
Coopération Radiophonique (OCORA), part of Radio France Internationale.
Radio Niger establishes the first regional office in Zinder.

1963: Purchase of a 30 kW transmitter (AME) for Goudel, where the French
had already operated the Centre Emetteur France Câble Radio to maintain
the contact between France and the former colony.

1963-1968: More transmitters throughout the country; mediumwave at
N'Guigmi (50 W), Zinder (100 W), Maïné-Soroua, Gouré, Ingal (250 W,
shortwave), Téra (100 W), Tillabéri, Gaya.

1967: End of OCORA, the Office de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Niger
(ORTN) was created on 11 February 1967.

1971: Funding of a new transmitting centre and purchase of two new
transmitters (shortwave for Chaine 2, mediumwave).

1972: The transmitters in Goudel/Niamey are:
* Chaine-1 (French, Zarma, Fulfulde, Tamajaq):
TRT,  1 kW, 1575 kHz
TRT,  4 kW, 3260/7155 kHz
AME, 30 kW, 7155 kHz.

* Chaine-2 (French, Hausa, Kanuri, Tubu):
CSF, 1 kW, 1210 kHz
TRT, 4 kW, 6060 kHz
Thomson, 20 kW, 5020/9755 kHz

West Germany donated a mobile relay facility on a UNIMOG vehicle, which
had a 60 W Thomson shortwave transmitter (6 frequencies), one 50 W FM
transmitter (Siemens), one FM transmitter for studio contact.

Libya donated a mobile relay on a Peugeot 404, which had two Thomson FM
transmitters (10 W) and two TRT shortwave transmitters (60 W).

Libya suggested to build a studio and two 500 kW shortwave transmitters at
Tahoua in order to cover all of Africa with the "Voice of Islam". Due to
political pressure from abroad, Niger declined the offer.

1973: Further regionalisation with studios in Zinder, Agadez (1976),
Tahoua (1977), Maradi (1978), Dosso (1979), and Diffa (1980).

1974: As Niger was experiencing a severe drought, the military overthrew
the Government of Diori Hamani on 15 April 1974. Radio Niger changed its
name to La Voix du Sahel (7 May 1974).

1976-1984: West Germany funds a modern radio house, new studios, a new
Siemens MW transmitter (20 kW), and backup power supplies for the radio
house (2x250 kVA) and the Goudel transmitting site (800 kVA). The new
radio house was inaugurated on 2 July 1984.

Last entry: Regional stations are equipped with FM transmitters, with
local programmes at

0800-1230 and 1600-1800. At other times they rebroadcast the central
programme from 0630 to 2300. The UNIMOG was replaced by a Land Rover
mobile studio for 70 million CFAFrancs.
(Eike Bierwirth-D, dxld Sept 2, via WDXC-UK "Contact" magazine)

NIGERIA   7254.92  Voice of Nigeria, 1945-1957*, Oct 8, English news
program. ID. Abrupt sign off. Slightly off frequency for the English
service but back on the air at 2000 UT in French on 7255.00 kHz.

15120  Voice of Nigeria, *0446-0510, Oct 8, sign on with IS. IDs. National
Anthem at 0455 UT. Opening English ID announcements at 0456 UT and preview
of upcoming program. News at 0501 UT. Strong but audio somewhat distorted.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 8)

NIGERIA   15120.000  Abuja vs. Ikorodu. Now at 0750 UT on Oct 14 on
15120.000 kHz just exactly on the frequency. S=9+10dB here in Germany,
flute mx from West Africa.

Just measured it at 0920 UT on 9690 kHz in English, the channel is exactly
9690.000 kHz, rather down half a Hertz.

Terrible mess on 7255 kHz at 19-20 UT slot. Noted at 1940 UT CRI Turkish
and R Belarus on EVEN frequency 7255.000 kHz, but terrible 80 Hertz
heterodyne signal, seemingly caused from Voice of Nigeria Ikorodu on ODD
7254.920 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

PERU   4789.91  Radio Vision, 0725-0750, Oct 8, presumed with a very
distorted blob of noise. Too distorted to make out any program details.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 8)

3329.6  Radio Ondas del Huallaga, Huanuco, w/folk songs 1010 UT, ident
1024 UT & t/check. Echo effect on anncts, fair 14 Sept.

4955  OAX5S  Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta strong in Sp 1126 UT on 15 Sept
with short religious talk, website and postal address in Chile.

5039.2  Radio Libertad, Junin with Sp ident & anncts, folk songs, fair
strength 1029 UT but moderate static and Over the Horizon scatter noise 13
(Bryan Clark-NZL, dxld Oct 9)

PERU   QSL addresses, DBS show
5024.8 kHz 5 kW PRU

OAX7Q  Radio Quillabamba,
Avenida Martin Pio Concha 339
Quillabamba, Cusco,

Radio Quillabamba,
el centro de comunicación social del valle de la Convención.

5120 kHz 1 kW  PRU
Radio Ondas del Suroriente,
"La Voz de la Liberación",
Jr Ricardo Palma 516
Quillabamba, Cusco,


28 October 2012 to 31 March 2013


0030-0057 15265
1400-1427 11870

2330-2357  9720
1130-1157 15450

2300-2327  9720
1500-1553 15320 [VIA CVA - Santa Maria de Galeria, Vatican state]

0030-0057 15280
1330-1400 11870

1200-1227 11935

2330-2357  9645
1230-1257 15225

0000-0027 11935
1200-1230 15225

1000-1030 11850

2100-2257 6115
1000-1157 11945

0000-0027 11855
0000-0027 15460
1330-1400 9520

0030-0057 11935
1400-1427 9520

0100-0127 15530
1430-1500 11750

0100-0127 15280
0100-0127 17860
1430-1457 15330 [VIA CVA - Santa Maria de Galeria, Vatican state]

2330-2357  9670
0130-0230 15530
1030-1127 11850
1300-1327 11850

0130-0157 15255
1430-1500 11870
(RVA Technical Dept, via Ashik Eqbal Tokon-UK, hcdx Oct 12)

ROMANIA   Winter B-12 schedule of Radio Romania International

ARABIC    0730-0756 15155G 15330T 17500T 17810T
          1500-1556  9655G 11620G 15280T 17540T
AROMANIAN 1530-1556  6060S
          1730-1756  5960S
          1930-1956  7345S
CHINESE   0500-0526 17870T-DRM  21500T
          1400-1426  9725T 11825T
ENGLISH   0100-0156  6145G  7325G
          0400-0456  6130T  7305T 15220G 17870T
          0630-0656  7310T  9600G-DRM 17780G 21600T
          1200-1256 15460G 17530T 17765G 21570T
          1800-1830  5895(DRM) - questionable ? joke; Kvitsoe-NOR IS DEAD.
via KVI-Norway 65 kW 220deg hardware in Norway is dismanteled now. (wb)
          1800-1856  9780T-DRM 11955T
          2130-2156  6030G  7310T  7380G  9435T
          2300-2356  6015G  7220G  9530T 11810T
FRENCH    0200-0256  5975G  7325G
          0600-0626  9650G-DRM  9690T 11740G 11790T
          1000-1056 15260G 17870G Suns only
          1100-1156 15150T 15255G 17820G 17870T
          1700-1756  9690T 11635T
          1800-1856  7350G
          2000-2056  7380G
          2100-2126  6030G 7370G-DRM
GERMAN    0700-0726  9450T-DRM 11810T
          1300-1356  9810T 11700T
          1700-1730  5875(DRM) - questionable ? joke; Kvitsoe-NOR IS DEAD.
via KVI-Norway 65 kW 160deg hardware in Norway is dismanteled now. (wb)
          1900-1956  6010T 9805T-DRM
ITALIAN   1500-1526  7390S
          1700-1726  7415S
          1900-1926  7345S-DRM
ROMANIAN  0100-0156  5910T  7340T
          0200-0256  5910T  7340T
          0500-0556  6145G  7220G
          0800-0856 15370T 15430G Suns only "Curierul romanesc"
                    17850G 17860T
          0900-0956 15380G 15430T Suns only "Curierul romanesc"
                    17745T 17775T
          1000-1056 17780T 21500T Suns only "Curierul romanesc"
approx.1300-1356 7420S Saftica transmission opens earlier or later too...
                 sometimes 1252 UT, or late at 1306 UT ...
          1300-1456 11870G 15170G
          1600-1656  9655G 11870G
          1700-1756  5995G  7325G
          1800-1856  5990G
          1900-1956  5990G  7430G
          2000-2056  5990G
RUSSIAN   0530-0556  6175T-DRM  7210T
          1430-1456 11690T 15735T
          1600-1656  7300T-DRM  9810T
SERBIAN   1630-1656  6030S
          1830-1856  6030S
          2030-2056  7425S
SPANISH   0000-0056  7315G  9525G 13590T  15110T
          0300-0356  9765G 11825T 11850G  13630T
          2000-2056  6010T  9895T
          2200-2256 13860T 15160T
UKRAINIAN 1600-1626  5960S
          1800-1826  6090S
          2000-2026  6170S
G=Galbeni 2x300 kW, S=Saftica 1x100 kW, T=Tiganesti 3x300 kW.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

ROMANIA   Radio Romania International B-12 English schedule
valid from 28 October 2012 - 31 March 2013.

1200-1300 cAF  17765gal  21570tig
1200-1300 wEUR 15460gal  17530tig

1800-1830 GB    5895(DRM) - questionable ? joke; Kvitsoe-NOR IS DEAD.
    via KVI-Norway 65 kW 220deg hardware in Norway is dismanteled now.

1800-1900 wEUR  9780tig(DRM)  11955tig
2130-2200 wEUR  6030gal(DRM)   7380gal
2130-2200 eNAM  7310tig   9435tig
2300-0000 wEUR  6015gal   7220gal
2300-0000 Japan 9530tig  11810tig
0100-0200 eNAM  6145gal   7340tig
0400-0500 wNAM  6130gal   7305tig
0400-0500 seAS 15220gal  17870tig
0630-0700 wEUR  7310tig   9600gal(DRM)
0630-0700 Pac. 17780gal  21600tig
(RRI Website via Alan Roe-UK, WDXC-UK Oct 14)

RUSSIA   13665.37  Radio Rossii via Taldom site RV-353, at 1240-1300 Oct
11. Noted two females in Russian language conversation. These two continue
there program until the hour which included a male singing. At 1257 heard
familiar canned ID for Rossii.

More ID's by a female follows. However, the schedule finishes by 1301 UT.
Signal was fair but had a disturbing carrier on the lower side. No more
activity from Rossii after 1300 UT.  {switches to 9480 kHz in the European
afternoon til 1700 UT, followed to be on 7215 kHz til 21 UT. wb.}
(Charles - Chuck Bolland, hcdx Oct 11)

13665.000  R Rossii SW outlet from Moscow still disturbed in bad audio
quality today at 1240 UT Oct 12. This faulty audio last at least for past
2-3 weeks now!

But TX outlet is strong even exact at x.000 kHz.

97 Hertz buzz tone fence.
Suffers by some strange audio tone companion of 97 Hertz peaks on browser
screen, counted approx 44 peaks, i.e. 22 peaks ore more on each sideband.

Signal of 265 deg azimuth out of Moscow for Rossii is always strong here
in Germany, like S=9+35dB at least.

Similar 97 Hertz BUZZ tone {like fence}also heard on 9480.000 kHz at 1330
UT Oct 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

RUSSIA   6195  QSL Radio Rossii, Ulan-Ude, 2156 UT, SIO 333
Einen aktuellen QSL-Brief aus Ulan-Ude siehst Du hier:

(Jan Balzer-D, A-DX Oct 13)

Received a QSL-card from the English edition of "Voice of Russia" for the
reception 4 Oct 2012, 1400 UT at the frequency 9560 kHz. The report sent
the e-mail: <world @>   Card from the series with Gagarin.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "qsl-dx" RUSdx Oct 14)

On Sakhalin may stop broadcasting Radio "Mayak". As it became known from, from January 1, 2013 on Sakhalin can reduce the number of
radio stations. The company plans to stop RTR broadcasting "Lighthouse" on
the island. Initially it was only the medium wave, but now under
consideration and on the FM band.

"Lighthouse" in Sakhalin broadcast on medium wave three transmitters:
Vestochka 720 kHz, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsk 1548 kHz; and Okha 1377 kHz .

Broadcasting closes almost all the territory of Sakhalin. "Lighthouse" can
be taken on the road, or on vacation, while radio FM band can be listened
to only within the boundaries of settlements.


Comment by wb:
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Vestochka Sachalin 720 kHz
46 49 44.75 N  142 52 23.69 E

Alexandrovsk Sakhalinskiy
792 kHz 50 kW, 1044 kHz 10 kW, 1206 kHz 20 kW, 1548 kHz 10 kW, 120 m mast.
50 52 57.52 N  142 09 12.05 E

Okha Sachalin, 792 kHz 50 kW 220 m mast
53 35 57.38 N  142 56 04.80 E
<>  TV and FM masts.
(Victor Rutkowski-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx Oct 14)

RUSSIA   Future of DRM digital radio in Russia.
{automatic translation by go_ogle}.

Specifically, this confirms that the financing of the entire Russian DRM
plan was canceled in broadcasting development plan 2009-2015.

Called the exact number of the originally planned new stations: 17 LW, 79
MW and 30 Radio Rossii Russian KW transmitter for domestic programs, also
82 "MW + KW" tx (ie combined number) for foreign service abroad programs.

We will now develop "a new concept", but it should be clear that this will
all ultimately fizzled ... wb.

Russia has developed a special concept for digital radio!

The Government Commission on the development of broadcasting before the
end of the current city is going to consider the establishment of a
separate concept of broadcasting, said the Ministry of Communications.
Such a need has appeared in communication with the fact that the
government decided the development of digital radio in the country are
excluded from the federal program "The growth of broadcasting in Russia in

Accordingly, aside from the state budget financing activities for the
invention of a strong network of digital broadcasting for public radio.
However, the issue of the digital radio can be raised again, much less
that they are interested in Russian military. What was planned to make for
broadcasting in the FTP "The growth of broadcasting in Russia in 2009-
2015," digital radio has been devoted a special section. The program
states that the fundamentally important condition for the development of
the industry is a gradual transition to digital broadcasting in the
wavelength range (LW), medium (E) short (HF) waves.

Even more so now that radio transmitters in the park ranges in the network
is a strong radio equipment operating time of 50-60's. last century.
Moreover, its depreciation is 80-100 percent. Because this equipment is
not only unsuitable for broadcast quality to a modern standard, but also
can not be often even reconstruction. At the same time, the properties of
wave propagation in LF, MF and HF broadcasting bands from covering vast
remote areas of the Russian Federation with a low population density,
where other types of broadcasting, including VHF and FM, to develop cost
effective. Too powerful in the radio band allows broadcast and overseas.

Today, a strong national network broadcasting in LW, MW and SW bands is in
analog standard and operated by RTRS to broadcast programs of public radio
stations. FTP Broadcasting Development before its change involves the
replacement of equipment in the broadcasting network to digital and the
overall modernization of the network. Work is expected to take place in
2012-2015, ...

Planned to install 17 digital transmitters for LW band. For programs of
"Radio Russia" had to be fixed transmitters NE 79-band and 30 transmitters
HF band. To broadcast programs in foreign countries in the mid and short
waves envisaged 82 digital transmitter and NE-SW-band antennas and 12
full-circle HF band. The total amount of government funding of such work
was 13.7 billion rubles ...

Another 310 million rubles allocated for the emergence of local government
networks for digital broadcasting in FM-band. The government's own orders
determined that for digital radio in the RF will be standard DRM. Although
after all these activities were excluded from the current FTP.

What will happen to the radio in the Ministry of Communications said that
the issue of the digital radio will bring to a session of the Government
Commission on the development of broadcasting before the end of the
current city. In the case of a positive decision in establishing the
concept is supposed to consider and take into account the likelihood of
views of all stakeholders. The problem of the concept of use -
prioritizing development of broadcasting with the latest trends in the
music and broadcast technologies. The financial component of the work has
not been determined, said the ministry. Although it is possible to assume
that the implementation of the proposed concept will need financing,
comparable to what has been previously found in the previous version of
FTP. It is significant that in the development of a strong digital
broadcasting in Russia are interested military.

Available is the message sent in June, Acting Chief of the Armed Forces
Communications Oleg Maslennikov to the consortium "Digital Broadcasting
Technology Platform" (CTPD) and the Ministry of Communications. The letter
states that the radio transmitting the centers of strong interest to the
Defense Ministry. The question of their further development and
functioning is relevant. For this reason, the representative of the
Ministry of Defense concluded that the modernization of strong radio and
its infrastructure is appropriate. Military interest due to the fact that
the powerful digital broadcasting may be a dual purpose: used for both
civilian and military purposes. Including such a system can be used for
electronic warfare, passive radar, the purpose of determining the

The governmental commission on development of tele-radio broadcasting till
the end of current year plans to consider the problem on working out of
the separate concept of development of broadcasting, have informed
"Marker" in Minkomsvjazi. Such necessity has arisen because under the
decision of the government questions of development of digital radio in
the country are excluded from federal program "tele-radio broadcasting
Development in the Russian Federation for 2009-2015". Accordingly,
financing from the state budget of actions for creation of networks of a
powerful digital announcement for the state radio programs is cancelled.

But the question on digital radio can be lifted again as the Russian
military men are interested in it. That was planned to make for
broadcasting In FTP "tele-radio broadcasting Development in the Russian
Federation for 2009-2015" the special section has been devoted digital
radio. In the program it was noticed that essentially important condition
of development of branch is gradual transition to digital broadcasting in
ranges long (LW), average (N) short (HF) waves.

As now the park of radio transmitters in these ranges on a network of
powerful broadcasting consists of the equipment of working out of 50-60th
years of the last century. Thus its deterioration makes 80-100%. Therefore
such equipment not only is not suitable for maintenance of an announcement
with the quality meeting modern requirements, but also is not subject
frequently even to reconstruction. At the same time characteristics of
distribution of radio-waves in LW, MW and Kv-ranges allow to cover with
broadcasting the big remote territories of Russia with small population
density where other kinds of broadcasting, in particular VHF and FM, to
develop is economically inexpedient.

Besides, powerful broadcasting in these ranges allows to conduct
translations and on foreign countries. Now the state network of powerful
broadcasting in LW, MW and Kv-ranges works in the analogue standard and is
maintained by company RTRS with a view of translation of programs of the
state radio stations.

FTP developments of tele-radio broadcasting before its changes assumed
replacement of the broadcasting equipment in this network on digital and
the general modernisation of a network. Works were supposed to be spent in
2012-2015. It was planned to establish 17 digital transmitters for the Dv-
range. For translation of programs "Radio of Russia" 79 transmitters of
the Sv-range and 30 transmitters of the Kv-range should be established.
For an announcement of programs on foreign countries in ranges of average
and short waves 82 digital transmitters Sv - and Kv-ranges and 12 full-
circle Kv-range aerials were provided. The total amount of state financing
of these works made 13,7 ???? roubles. With 310 million roubles more it
was allocated for creation of the state networks of a local digital
announcement in a FM-range.

The government the decision has defined that standard DRM will be applied
to digital radio in Russia. However then all these actions have been
excluded from operating the FTP. That will be from radio In Minkomsvjazi
today have told to "Marker" that the question on digital radio is planned
to take out for one of sessions of the governmental commission on
development of tele-radio broadcasting till the end of current year. In
case of acceptance of the positive decision by concept working out it is
supposed to consider and whenever possible to consider opinion of all
interested parties. The purpose of working out of the concept - a choice
of priorities of development of broadcasting taking into account the last
a tendency in development of technologies of a sound announcement. The
financial component of works is not defined yet, speak in the ministry.
However it is possible to assume that for realisation of the prospective
concept financing, comparable is required to that has been earlier
established in the previous variant of FTP.

It is indicative that military men are interested in development of
powerful digital broadcasting in Russia.

At the disposal of "Marker" there is a letter directed in June VrIO of the
chief of Central administrative board of communication of Armed forces of
the Russian Federation by Oleg Maslennikov to a consortium "Digital
broadcasting technological platform" (CTPD) and in Minkomsvjazi. In the
letter it is underlined that radio transmitting centres of powerful
broadcasting are of interest for the Minister of Defence. The question of
their further development and functioning is actual. Therefore the
representative of the Minister of Defence does a conclusion that
modernisation of powerful broadcasting and its infrastructure is
expedient. Interest of military men is caused by that powerful digital
broadcasting can be system of double appointment: to be used both in
civil, and in the military purposes. In particular, such system can be
applied to radio-electronic struggle, a passive radar-location, problems
of definition of a site.

A blog about computer security, new threats Privacy of your information
and control. New products-reviews antivirus their advantages and
(krakoziabr website, July 5, 2012)

SERBIA   All txions of International Radio Serbia 9635 are cancelled:
1300-1400  9635 BEO 015 kW 310/130 to WeEUR English/Serbian
1400-1500  9635 BEO 015 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Spanish/Arabic
1500-1600  9635 BEO 015 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Russian/French
1600-1630  9635 BEO 015 kW 310/130 to WeEUR German
1630-1700  9635 BEO 015 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Chinese/Albanian
1700-1730  9635 BEO 015 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Hungarian/Greek
1730-1800  9635 BEO 015 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Italian
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 9)

SOMALILAND   7120  Radio Hargeisa, *0332-0355+ UT on Oct 8, strong carrier
on at 0331. Sign on with local chants at 0332. Talk at 0344 UT. Good.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 8)

SUDAN   7200  SRTC, *0230:30-0401*, Oct 8, sign on with Qur'an. Arabic at
at 0231 UT. Back to Qur'an at 0232 UT. Arabic talk at 0237 UT. Indigenous
vocals. Local Sudanese music. Fair.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 8)

SUDAN   [non]  From Oct 1 Voice Of South Sudan Revolutionary Radio ceased
its shortwave broadcasts 0500-0800 on 15725 & 1200-1500 on 11650 kHz, both
from DB. Instead of it, on Oct 2, 0500-0600 on 15725 and 1400-1500 on
11650 kHz, a new program with African music and several times
announcements in Arabic:

"Saut Afrikya min Idaa-tu Sudanya" and in French: "La Voix du Soudan,
Radio National du Soudan" was being broadcasted. There were announcement
in third language too, probably in Somali/Swahili. Please check in a next
few days!!
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

Re: New station ???
Not heard today on 15725 kHz at 0530 UT. But instead, per Thorsten
Hallmann tip I hear similar announcement on 9505 kHz at 1840 UT yesterday.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

Re: New station???
SUDAN   9505.000  Arabic songs of HOA type at 1800 UT Oct 12. Whole
western Europe remote units had only reflected a rather weak
undermodulated audio signal. Much fluttery. Which site? Sudan ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

Sudan on 9505 kHz. Listening since 1818 UT Oct 13, several IDs in Arabic,
and at 1833 UT in French "... la radio nationale du Sudan". Program
consists of typical songs and announcements, good signal and modulation.
// 7246, 7200 kHz.
(Guenter Lorenz-D, dxld Oct 13)

{to SUDAN}   From Oct 1 Voice Of South Sudan Revolutionary Radio ceased
its shortwave broadcasts 0500-0800 on 15725 & 1200-1500 on 11650, both
from DB. Instead of it, on October 2, 0500-0600 on 15725 and 1400-1500 on
11650, a new program with African music and several times announcements in
Arabic: "Saut Afrikya min Idaa-tu Sudanya" and in French: "La Voix du
Soudan, Radio National du Soudan" was being broadcasted. There were
announcement in third language too, probably in Somali/Swahili. Please
check in a next few days!!
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

SWEDEN   Save Solvesborg MW - a letter.
Hello! I've typed a letter that I will send to the Swedish National
Heritage Board to make a new attempt to save Solvesborg MW from being
demolished as the owner Teracom wants to do. The Solvesborg Community is
positive to preserve the station if it can be made through state funds.

The county administration board has said no because they don't find it old
enough and not important enough since it has been aimed toward foreign
countries. It'd be great if some of you would like to sign this letter.
Please send me an e-mail with your name and QTH. 73's de
(Chris Stoedberg-SWE  SM6VPU, <c_stodberg @>
Oct 10, mwmasts yg via dxld Oct 10))

TAIWAN   RTI special broadcasts from Tainan, Taiwan site.

Love listener of Radio Taiwan International, we want you invite again to
our special broadcasts in October 2012, directly from Tainan bcast site:

Frequency: 9955 kHz. Time: 1700-1800 UTC

We transmit our regular German program additionally on the following days
from 1700-1800 UTC on the clock frequency of 9955 kHz from Tainan:

Friday      5 October
Saturday,   6 October
Sunday,     7 October
Wednesday  10 October
Friday     12 October
Saturday   13 October
and Sunday 14 October.

We look forward to your participation and activity reports!

With best regards from Taipei
Your RTI Editor
For more information or changes will be announced on our website:

RTI Sonderausstrahlungen aus Tainan.

Liebe Horerinnen und Horer von Radio Taiwan International,
wir moechten Sie nochmals auf unsere Sonderausstrahlungen im Oktober 2012
direkt aus Tainan hinweisen:

Frequenz: 9955 kHz. Zeit: 1700-1800 UTC

Wir strahlen unser regulaeres deutsches Programm an folgenden Tagen
von 1700-1800 Uhr UTC auf der Frequenz 9955 kHz aus Tainan aus:

Freitag, 5. Oktober, Samstag, 6. Oktober, Sonntag, 7. Oktober, Mittwoch,
10. Oktober, Freitag, 12. Oktober, Samstag, 13. Oktober, Sonntag, 14.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Beteiligung und Empfangsberichte!

Mit besten Gruessen aus Taipei
Ihre RTI-Redaktion

Weitere Informationen oder Aenderungen werden wir auf unseren Webseiten
bekanntgeben: <>
(RTI Eva Triendl-TWN;  via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 1)

TANZANIA   [Zanzibar]  11735  ZBC, 2030-2108*, Oct 8, local Mid-East style
music. Local pop music. Swahili talk. "Spice FM" jingles at 2100 UT along
with other English and Swahili ID announcements. Many station promos. "The
best radio station in the land, Spice FM." "Number one station, Spice FM."
"Spice FM Radio." Abrupt sign off. Fair to good. Once again, running past
their usual 2100 UT sign off.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Oct 8)

TANZANIA   [Zanzibar]  6015  ZBC Radio, Dole. Oct. 13, 2012. Saturday.
*0300-0318 UT. No Spice FM warm-up time today. Carrier suddenly on at
*0300, but no modulation until 0305, when it cut-in in mid-monologue,
Swahili. Apparently no Koran today, or it was unusually brief. Fair -
poor. Some weak broadcast QRM which I could not pin down, did not seem to
be either co- or adjacent-channel, possibly an image or intermod product?.
Jo'burg sunrise 0335 UT.
(Bill Bingham-AFS, dxld Oct 13)

UKRAINE   Changed broadcast schedule second channel Dniepropetrovsk
Regional Radio 873 kHz. The channel on the air from 0700-1900 UT, instead
of the previous 0500-1700 UT. Transmitter power is reduced from 10 to 2.5
kW. Personally, I did not feel the loss of power (I live 3 miles from
towers), but there are reports from the field that the reception is
noticeably worse.
(Alexander Dyadischev-UKR, "open_dx" RUSdx Oct 14)

Dniepropetrovsk 873 kHz 10 kW
48 25 46.29 N  35 08 30.76 E

USA   FCC: 15.000 stations

The FCC's official count of radio stations shows there are now 15.128
licensed full-power radio stations in the U.S. Three-quarters are
commercial stations, with 43% commercial FMs and 31% commercial AMs. The
FCC says there are also 6.103 FM translators and boosters. And 822 low-
power FMs have so far been licensed.

Full details here
(Inside Radio, Oct 12, via Mike Terry-UK, dxld Oct 13)

VATICAN   3975.5  Vatican Radio with chiming bells 0529 UT then "Laudateur
Jesus Christus" and into Mass, poor 2 Oct // 7250 vgd, 6075 good, 9645
strong but het QRM from Brazil 9645.4 kHz.
(Bryan Clark-NZL, dxld Oct 9)

Bryan, Audio signal only on upper side of 3975.325  ! 73 wb

VATICAN GARDEN   3975.325usb mode  peak tiny signal from Vatican city
downtown Rome, S=5-6 in Germany. Scheduled 0230-0645 UT, partly schedule
every day.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 2)

VIETNAM   7285  Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi fair in English with Press Review
1118 UT. Ident at 1120 UT.
(Bryan Clark-NZL, dxld Oct 9)


DSWCI 3rd International DX Contest "The Grand Tour Across the Continents

This completely new contest is held from

Friday   23rd November 2012, 0000 UTC,
to Sunday 2nd December 2012, 2400 UTC.

It is open to all shortwave listeners regardless to their membership in
any DX club.

Primary contest frequencies are from 2300 to 26100 kHz. Logs outside this
range will be valued by half points.The contest fee EUR 3.00 / IRC 4 / USD
5.00 shall be sent together with the contest form to:

Jaroslav Bohac, Svestkova 2828/7, 400 11 Usti n.L., CZECH REPUBLIC

Email: <trams @>

Deadline: 14th December 2011 (date of post stamp)

Each participant will receive a contest diploma with his/her
classification and a list of participants with their results. The first
three participants will be awarded non-cash prizes.

In Part 1 listen please to any BC station of the contest country, for 15
minutes at least. For one country one log only. Unofficial, pirate and
clandestine stations are not allowed.

Scoring: 1000 points of each logged country will be divided by a number of
logs and rounded to two decimal places.

In Part 2 you can raise your score by listening to any DX programme. The
number of DX programmes is limited to 4! No particular country limit.
Scoring in the same way as in Part 1, maximum point value 100 points for
one DX programme.

We wish you good listening!

73 Christoph
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX Oct 12)


MW log of odd frequencies on Oct 14th, 0430 to 0730 UT,

used also some remote SDR units in Greece, UK, Germany, Italy,
Austria and Ukraine.

 558     SVN Muravideki Magyar Radio, Radio Slovenija 1, Nemcavci 20 kW,
         overmodulated disturbed signal. Mass in Hungarian.
 666.000 GRC
 729.009 GRC
 791.998 GRC
 828.003 GRC   pirate ? "Studio ... ", S=9+35dB
 846.002 UNID  probably GRC pirate, international pop mx, S=9+50dB
 855.014 ROU
 873.0025 BUL adverts for hospital services,
          0453 UT ID and presenter names.
 890.992 ?
 909.036 GRC  Greek pop music, S=9+35dB
 918.029 SVN  Ljubljana
 963.000 BUL
 962.977 TUN "Idaat Tunis ..."
         National Anthem progr start 0500-0503 UT.
 981.000 ITA  RAI Trieste, mass
 981.002 GRC  Sport 0506 UT S=9+55dB
1053.025 ROU  orthodox mass; Arabic 1053.002
1088.997 GRC  pirate?, Greek music, S=9+15dB
1097.989 SVK  Hungarian program, and more 1098.001 1098.004
1106.996 D    AFN Hohenfels(?)
1107.000 SRB  Belgrade? S=9+10dB
1124.990 BEL  RTBF in French
1142.994 GRC  pirate?, Greek music, S=9+20
1152.006 ROU  S=9+25dB
1178.999 D    Heusweiler Saar; MDR Info program
1179.011 ROU  S=9+20dB, was Orthodox church mass transmission,
         but could be instead be from Thessaloniki ?,
         acc. to Zacharias Liangas from Greece.
         That make me wonder, whether my log of Orthodox Church mass
         was Roumanian or Greek on 1179.011 this morning ...

"Also 1179 kHz ERA Thessaloniki was off Oct 13 night and morning Oct 14 !!
on 1044 kHz the vacant freq from THS a pirate(?) relayed Radio TIF with
medium signal here in Thessaloniki.
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

1188.000 HNG  Croatian mass
1188.043 GRC  S=9+15dB
1196.992 ROU
1215.088 ALB  CRI Beijing relay, varying 55 Hertz !.
         down wandering x.054 0658 UT, x.033 0735 UT.
1278.000 GRC  S=9+20dB
1286.999 GRC  pirate?, S=9+20dB
1296.002 SRB / YUG  ?, S=9+10dB
1314.002 ROU
1331.998 CZE
1367.997 ITA
1368.025 UNID at 0547 UT
1377.004 UKR?
1386.986 GRC  pirate?, Greek music
1404.000 Ajaccio-F local phone talk,  E RNE 1404.017,
         and two ROU stns Sibiu and Sighet, 1403.996 and 1404.000
1412.995 RNE  Spanish
1476.006 GRC  pirate? Greek music S=9+10dB.  Unid 1475.999
1484.996 D    AFN Hohenfels
1494.001 UNIDs, also 1493.936
1502.994 E    RNE
1511.934 GRC  Orthodox mass
1511.993 E    RNE
1530.000 ROU  probably Constanta site, but Mihaileni odd 1530.006
1592.992 ROU  synchronous odd BOTH ROU transmitters !

Pirate stations
1512.000 ?German pirate "Heidemarie spazierengehen ..."
1619.990 ?Dutch pirate, deutsche Schlager popular mx.

73 wb df5sx  (Oct 14)

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