Antarctica - Indian Base 'Bharati'

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Gianni, I1HYW, has informed OPDX that Bhagwati Prasad is still active as VU3BPZ/P from the new Indian Base 'Bharati' (WAP IND-04) in Antarctica, until November 22-23rd.
The new team will be there around November 15th, and Bhagwati (VU3BPZ) will move on board the "P/S Ivan Papanin", soon after he hands over the Bharati radio equipment. He should be ready to operate as VU3BPZ/MM between December 5-6th and January 2nd (2013).
At the moment, during the day light, he is busy doing several duties and Bharati station activities, so it could be that sometimes he cannot operate the radio as per schedule. However, when he gets spare time, he will be on the frequencies as per the following table:
15M Band 21260 +/- 2 0915-1000z EU, ASIA & Pacific
17M Band 18150 +/- 2 1015-1200z JA, VU, Asia and Pacific
20M Band 14180 +/- 2 1400-1500z EU, ASIA & Pacific
17M Band 18150 +/- 2 1530-1615z EU, North America & ASIA
20M Band 14180 +/- 2 1630-1745z EU, South America
20M Band 14242         0130-0300z North & South America

Operations will be SSB for the above times/frequencies.
The Bharati Station (Larsemann Hills, Antarctica) is actually getting 19 hours of daylight; sunrise 2126z, sunset 1554z and Local time = UTC+5 hrs.
QSL for VU2BPZ/P is in the printing process. QSL Manager I1HYW will start to QSL about November 15th.

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