DARC DXNL 1807 (Nov 21, 2012)

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     Ashraf,KF5EYY, will join the WWDX CW Contest as SOABLP from the
     clubstation 3V8BB of the "Institute Superieur de L'Animation Pour
     la Jeunesse et la Culture". QSL via LX1NO, LoTW.
     See also: http://www.justin.tv/kf5eyy and http://www.qsl.net/3v4-002

     A group of Ukrainian HAMs (Serge,UU5WW, Paul,UU0JR, Serge,UT5JCW) will
     be QRV as 3W2J from Vung Tau from Nov 22-28, incl. WWDX CW on 7-28 MHz.
     QSL via K2PF.

     Alim,4K6FO, will start in the SOAB class of the WWDX CW Contest.

     SP2EBG, SP3CYY, SP3GEM, SP6EQZ, SP6FXY, SP6IXF and 5T0JL will show up
     as 5T0SP in CW/SSB/digital modes on 160m-6m between Nov 24 and Dec 10.
     The log will be uploaded to ClubLog. QSL via SP6FXY, LoTW.
     See also: http://5t0sp.dxing.pl

     Sig,NV7E, be QRV as 5Z4EE from Nairobi in the WWDX CW Contest (SOABHP).
     QSL via homecall, direct preferred but via bureau is ok as well.

     Jeff,6W7/N1SNB, will be active prior to the contest next weekend.
     QSL via N0TG.

     The team of 7P8D meets at the airport in Johannesburg on the morning
     of Nov 21 and travels from there to Lesotho by car. They hope to arrive
     there at the same evening to have Nov 22/23 available for setting up
     their M/2 or M/M station ready for the WWDX CW Contest. They will work
     also on the WARC bands already during contest time and will be active
     with 4 stations through Sunday, Dec 2. Their main focus is on CW, but
     they will be QRV also in RTTY and occasionally in SSB. The OPs are:
     Preferred frequencies:
         CW: 1820, 3520, 7026, 10105, 14020, 18075, 21020, 24895, 28015 kHz
        SSB: 1840, 3780, 7160, 14185, 18150, 21220, 24945, 28480 kHz
       RTTY: 7038, 10138, 14085, 18102, 21085, 24922, 28080 kHz
     QSL via ZS2DL, LotW, Clublog, OQRS.
     See also: http://www.zs2dl.co.za/7P8D.html  and
     Gerry,EI7CC, has been spotted as 7P8CC in CW on 10m around 1300 UTC and
     1730 UTC. Nothing is known about the length of his stay. QSL via EI7CC.

     During his 5th visit to Zambia Niko,S53A, will be QRV as 9J3A from the
     Kafue National Park (WFF-9JFF-003, WWL KH35) from Nov 21-26 mainly in
     the WWDX CW Contest running 100 watts into a SpiderBeam and Loops.
     QSL via S57S, LoTW.

     Champ,9M2/E21EIC, is going to be active from Nov 23-27 incl. the WWDX.
     QSL via E21EIC, unfortunately only direct; JAs via JR5XPG, no eQSLs.
     See also: http://www.e21eic.net
     The special event station 9M4SEA will be activated during the
     40th SEANET Convention in Kuala Lumpur from Nov 23-27. QSL via 9W2TKK.
     See also: http://2012sea.net

     Jack,BA4ALC, plans to use the clubstation BY5CD during the WWDX CW in
     the SOABHP category. QSL via BD4HF.

     The "Radio Syd Contest Group" will join the M/M category of the WWDX CW
     as C5A from Banjul for the third time. This time they are supported by
     Jiri,OK1DO, Zdenek,OK1DSZ, Petr,OK1FFU, Martin,OK1HGM, Karel,OK1JKT,
     Vlada,OK1NY, Jiri,OK1RI, Vita,OK5MM, Joe,OM5AW, and Norbert,OM6NM.
     QSL preferably direct via OM2FY, bureau is ok.

     The special event station 5G12ITD is working in all modes on all bands
     until Dec 16 to celebrate the International Day of Tolerance (Nov 16).
     QSL via RW6HS, unfortunately only direct (best with registered mail).

CO, CUBA, NA-015
     Carlos,CO2CW, Winston,CO2WF, Juan-Carlos,CO2JD, and Manuel,CO2MS,
     will use the special call T40C on 80m-10m in der M/S category of the
     upcoming WWDX CW Contest. QSL unfortunately only direct, see QRZ.com.

     Miguel,EA5ZD, will join the WWDX CW Contest as SOSB/LP on 10m.

     Con,DF4SA, Frank,DL2CC, Zoli,HA1AG, Lacy,HA3NU, and Mark,N5OT, will be
     a wanted multiplier as ED9Z. They will sign EA9/homecall outside of the
     contest. QSLs for ED9Z via HA1AG, all others via homecalls.

     Valentin,EU1AA, is working in WWDX Contests since 1952.
     QSLs direct to himself or direct via W3HNK.

     Nodir,EY8MM, will work on 10m single band in the WWDX.
     QSL via K1BV, no eQSL. See also: http://www.ey8mm.com

     Mirek,FK/VK6DXI (aka SP5IXI, 9M8DX, 9V1XE...), is active on the bands
     until mid December. QSL via homecall.

     Sergey,R4WAA/HI7, is working on 40m-10m from Nov 21-30 including the
     WWDX CW Contest. QSL via homecall.

     Hiro,JA6WFM, will be QRV again as HQ2N (SOSB 10m) from San Pedro Sula.
     QSL direct via EA5GL, LoTW.

     Tom,VE3RSA, hopes to make many QSOs as J34K in the WWDX. QSL via LoTW.

     The special event station 8J5SSS is working until March 31, 2013, from
     the 55th Saijo-shi Sangyo Sai Industry Festival in the Ehime prefecture
     on Shikoku Island (AS-075, JCC 3806). QSL via bureau.
     The special event station 8N1CJ marks 40 years of diplomatic relations
     between Japan and China until Dec 31. QSL via bureau.

     Svein,LA9JKA, is on Olonkin Base on Jan Mayen (EU-022, WLOTA 1454,
     Loc IQ50rx) since Mar 21 and is working as JX9JKA until April 11, 2013.
     QSL direct via LA9JKA, LoTW, no eQSL!

KH2, GUAM, OC-026
     The Guam Contest Club members Toshinobu,JI3ERV, Hiroyuki,JG7PSJ,
     Mikiawa,JR7OMD, and Nozomu,JE8KKX, will join the WWDX CW Contest
     as AH2R from Tumon (OC-026, USI GU003S, WLOTA L-0064).
     QSL via JH7QXJ, bureau is ok (not via KH2 bureau), LoTW.

     Al,NH7A/F5VHJ, will be QRV as NH7A (SOAB HP).
     QSL via bureau to F5VHJ or LoTW.

     Brad,K7EUG/NP2, is working in SSB and digital modes on 40m-10m from
     St. Croix (NA-106) until Nov 27. QSL via homecall.

     Sandy,DL1QQ, Helmut,DK6WL, Gerd,DF9TS, Mike,DF3VM, Frank,PA4N,
     Philippe,LX2A, and maybe some more will take part in the WWDX CW with
     a new antenna setup at LX7I. Reports to compare with other EU stations
     are welcome via lx2a@gmx.net. QSL via LX2A.
     See also: http://www.lx2a.com/net

     Carsten,OY1CT, will join the WWDX CW Contest as SOHP (without 160m).
     QSL via bureau.

     Fred,PA0FAW, will be QRV as PG100NOM in CW, SSB and some digital from
     the "De Hoge Veluwe National Park" (WFF-PA-005) from Dec 1-28 using
     a 3 ele yagi for 10m/15m/20m. QSL via homecall, SWL reports welcome.

T8, PALAU, OC-009
     Naotsugu,JA1MML, is working as T88NS from Palau (OC-009) from Nov 21-26
     including the WWDX CW Contest (SOAB).

     A Bulgarian group with LZ1GC, LZ1SDR, LZ2UW, LZ2NW, LZ2JE, LZ2NG,
     LZ3FN and LZ5VK will be QRV as TC2M from Turkey in the WWDX CW.
     They will sign TC2W before and after the contest. QSLs via LZ1NK.
     See also: http://tc3a.alle.bg

     Martin,DL5RMH, is working in holiday style from Guatemala City signing
     TG9/KF9LSG in CW and RTTY on HF until Jan 13. He uses an Icom 706 MKII,
     a Cushcraft R7 and will join the WWDX CW Contest (SOABLP) as TG9IDX.
     QSLs via DL5RMH. See also: http://www.dl5rmh.de

     Alan,K0AV, uses TI5A in the WWDX CW Contest. QSL via TI5KD or LoTW.

     Andy,N2NT, will join the WWDX as V47NT if he gets the station up again.
     QSL via W2RQ.

     Victor,VA2WDQ, will sign VE2EKA as SOAB-LP assisted. QSL via VA2WDQ.

     Thomas,OZ1AA, announced to join the WWDX as VK8GM. QSL via VK8GM.
     Nick,VK4FMAG, is the only HAM on Magnetic Island (OC-171). He uses only
     little power and a rotary dipole 4m high. He can be found at 21250 kHz.
     QSL unfortunately only direct.

     WPX hunters can look forward to a full series of the rare AU prefix.
     Following special stations will be activated from Nov 23 until Dec 7
     to celebrate the 152th birthday of the Indian scientist Acharya
     Jagadish Chandra Bose:
        Call      OP       QSL via
        AU1JCB    VU2UR    VU2SMNS
        AU2JCB    VU2DSI   VU2DSI direct
        AU3JCB    VU2JAU   VU2JAU direct
        AU4JCB    VU2HFR   VU2SMN direct
        AU5JCB    Multi    VU2SMN direct
        AU6JCB    VU2LR    VU2LR
        AU7JCB    VU2SMN   VU2SMN direct
        AU8JCB    VU2ACK   VU2ACK
        AU9JCB    VU2SMN   VU2SMN direct
        AU0JCB    VU3DJQ   VU3DJQ
     See also: http://au9jcb.angelfire.com
     Prasad,VU2PTT, will join the WWDX CW as SOABHP. QSL via bureau, LoTW.

     Retu,OH4MDY, will be QRV again as XV2RS mainly in digital modes, SSB
     and CW on 6m-20m between Nov 23 and Dec 10. He will be connected to
     the HA6DX cluster and skeds can be arranged via e-mail.
     QSL via homecall, unfortunately only direct (QRZ.com).

     After staying in Sihanoukville (XU7HRN) Naim,OD5LN, is expected to show
     up from Laos until Nov 24. The callsign is not known yet.
     QSL via OD5LN. See also: http://www.od5ln.net

     Ilian,LZ1CNN, will be QRV as T6LG from Afghanistans second biggest city
     Kandahar during the WWDX CW Contest (SOAB/LP). QSL via LZ1ZF.

     The Iraq Amateur Radio Society clubstation YI1IRQ is back on the air
     since Nov 14. The last valid QSO was made in August 2008. All other
     QSOs in the meantime were made by pirates.
     See also: http://www.iraqi-ars.org

     Mario,Z6/S56A, will join the WWDX from Gracanica in the SOAB/LP class.
     QSL direct via homecall.

     Manu,ZP9MCE, announced to show up on 10m single band in the WWDX CW.
     QSL via EA5ZD. See also: http://www.zp9mce.blogspot.de

     Bernie,ZS4TX, works in both the RTTY Contest and the WWDX CW Contest.
     The log will be uploaded to LoTW.

HAM RADIO EXHIBITION: The Associacao de Radioamadores da Vila de Moscavide
     organizes an exhibition in Lissabon on Nov 25.
     See also: http://www.arvm.org/fr2012.html

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de

Nov 24/25  CQ WWDX Contest, CW

IOTA                compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG  (e-mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)
Island activities:
AF-004, EA8, Canary Islands: Jyrki,EA8/OH6CS, will be QRV in CW/SSB on HF/6m
     from Gran Canaria (DIE S-005, WFF EAFF-078, WLOTA 0969, Loc IL28DD)
     from Nov 22-28. During the WWDX CW Contest he will sign EA8CUU.
     QSLs for both calls only direct via OH6CS.
     See also: http://personal.inet.fi/cool/sierra/ea8.htm

AF-018, IH9, Pantelleria Island: Emil,IZ1GAR, is returning to Pantelleria
     (IIA TP-001, MIA MI-124, WLOTA 0041) signing IH9R from Nov 22-25.
     QSL only direct via IZ1GAR.

AS-013, 8Q, Maledives: Claudio,HB9OAU, will stay on Maayafushi Island,
     Ari North atoll (WLOTA 3911) from Nov 27 until Dec 11. Listen for
     8Q7AU in SSB only on 80m-10m. QSL via HB9OAU (bureau/direct).
     See also: http://www.hb9oau.ch

EU-023, 9H, Malta group: Olaf,DL4HG, and Holger,DL5XAT, are working on the
     HF bands as 9H3OG (Olaf) and 9H3TX (Holger) from Gozo (MIA MM-004,
     WLOTA 0046) from Nov 21-26. They will sign 9H3TX in the WWDX CW.
     QSLs via homecalls (bureau/direct/LoTW).

NA-001, C6, Great Bahama Bank group: Brian,ND3F, will be QRV as C6AQQ from
     New Providence Island (WLOTA 1115) from Nov 22-28. His favourite bands
     are 160m, 80m, 17m and 12m and he will join the WWDX CW as well.
     QSL via ND3F (bureau/direct).

NA-023, VP2V, British Virgin Islands: Bob,VP2V/AA7V, and Art,VP2V/N3DXX,
     will be QRV from Tortola in all modes on 160m-10m from Nov 21 until
     Dec 3. They will sign VP2V/AA7V during the WWDX CW. QSLs via homecalls.

NA-100, V2, Antigua and Barbuda: Bud,AA3B, will be active again as V26K from
     Saint George Parish on Antigua (WLOTA 1118, Loc FK97bc) working on HF
     in CW only from Nov 22-26 (incl. WWDX). QSL via AA3B.

NA-105, FS/PJ7, St. Martin: Pete,VE3IKV, plans to become active in CW/SSB
     on 10m and 6m signing FS/VA3RA from St Martin (DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383)
     from Nov 23-28.
     He will take part in the WWDX CW as PJ7/VA3RA from the Dutch side
     Sint Maarten (WLOTA 0711). QSLs for both calls via VE3IKV (d).

NA-134, OX, Greenlands Coastal Islands North West: Graham,G4MFX, has to work
     on Aasiaat Island from Nov 20-26. He plans to work as OX/G4MFX only in
     SSB with his FT817D (5 watts) during his spare time. QSL via G4MFX.

OC-010, V6, Pohnpei Island: Shoji,JA7HMZ, and Masa,JA7EPO, will be QRV as
     V63DX and V63EPO from Pohnpei (Loc QJ96cx) from Nov 23-28. They will
     sign V6A in the WWDX CW Contest.
     QSLs for V6A and V63DX via JA7HMZ (d) and for V63EPO via JA7EPO (d).
     Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. See also: http://v63dx.pupu.jp
     Another activity from Pohnpei has been announced by Masatuki,JH1DVG.
     He will be QRV as V63JX on 40m/20m/15m and 10m from Nov 23-26.
     QSL via JH1DVG (bureau/direct).

OC-026, KH2, Guam: Yoshi,KH2/JK2VOC, will be QRV from Guam (USi GU003S,
     WFF KFF-110, WLOTA 0064) from Nov 23-27 including the WWDX CW.
     He is working in CW and SSB on all bands before and after the contest.
     QSL via homecall (d).

OC-036, ZL, North Island: The "East Coast Contesters" Lee,ZL2AL, Mike,ZL2MY,
     Gary,ZL2IFB, Holger,ZL3IO, John,ZL1BYZ, and Peter,ZL2LF, will be QRV
     as ZM4T from Hawke's Bay (WLOTA 0069) during the WWDX.
     QSL only direct via ZL2AL. For Paypal QSL see also: http://www.zm4t.com

OC-086, KH0, Northern Mariana Islands: Jussi-Pekka,OH6RX, and Esa,OH7WV,
     have rented the Saipan Rental Shack (USi NI002S, WLOTA 1333) from
     Nov 22-27 and will be QRV as AH0DX in the WWDX CW.
     They will use KH0/homecall before and after the contest.
     QSLs for AH0DX via WX8C, all others via homecalls.
     See also: http://saipan.rental-shack.com/english

IOTA activities in the WWDX CW Contest
The WWDX CW Contest will take place on Nov 24/25 and following stations
announced their IOTA activities:
AF-004, EA8, Canary Islands: Luis,EA8AY, will be QRV as EF8X from Santa Cruz
     on Tenerife (DIE S-012, WLOTA 1276, EAA TF). QSL via W2GR.
     See also: http://www.ea8ay.com/ef8x
     Mauri,OH2BYS, will be QRV as EF8S on 160m. QSL via OH2BYS.

AF-086, D4, Windward Islands: D4C will join from Sao Vicente Island.
     QSL via IZ4DPV (bureau/direct).

AS-004, 5B/ZC, Cyprus: Jack,R2AA, will be QRV as P3N in the contest.
     QSL via RW3RN (bureau/direct).

EU-002, OH0, Aland Islands: Tomi,OH6EI, will show up again as OH0Z from
     Riddarklint Hill on Fasta Aland (WFF OHFF-037, WLOTA 1373, Loc JP90xi).
     See also: http://oh0z.net

EU-003, CU2, Eastern group: Kim,OH6KZP, works as CR2X from Ribeira Grande.
     QSL via OH2BH (bureau/direct).

EU-013, GJ/MJ, Jersey: GJ2A will be QRV from Jersey.
     QSL direct via K2WR (USA) or GJ3DVC. See: http://www.jerseyars.com

EU-019, R1FJ, Franz Josef Land: Eugene,UA4RX, plans to take part as RI1FJ
     from Heiss Island (WFF RFF-180). QSL only direct via UA2FM.
     Logs will be uploaded to LoTW and OQRS will be set up as well.

EU-021, TF, Iceland: Siggi,TF3CW, will be QRV as TF2CW from the home QTH
     of Georg,TF2LL, in Borgarnes (WLOTA 2975, Loc HP94hr).
     QSL only direct via LX1NO.
     Phil,G3SWH, Tom,N3ZZ, Andy,UA3AB, Mike,WA6O, Oskar,TF3DC, Yngvi,TF3Y,
     and Thor,TF4M, will join as TF4X from Otradalur (WLOTA 2975/Loc HP85FP)
     QSLs only direct via G3SWH. See: http://www.g3swh.org.uk/tf4x.html

EU-023, 9H, Malta group: Zoli,HA5PP, is QRV again as 9H3PP from Qawra/Malta
     (MIA MM-001, WLOTA 1113, Loc JM75fw). QSL via HA5PP.

EU-025, IT9, Sicily Island: Members of the Arcibessi Contest Team will show
     up as II9P from Ragusa on Sicily (IIA SC-001, MIA MI-107, WLOTA 1362).
     QSL via IT9CHU (direct/LoTW). See also: http://ii9p.com

EU-114, GU/MU, Guernsey: Dick,GU4CHY, will join the contest from Castel on
     Guernsey (WLOTA 0013). QSL only direct (see QRZ.com).

NA-016, ZF, Cayman Islands: John,K6AM, Bob,K5WA, Robert,K5PI, and Dave,N6AN,
     will be QRV as ZF1A from Savannah, Grand Cayman Island (WLOTA 1042).
     QSL via K6AM (bureau/direct/LoTW).

NA-099, KP4, Puerto Rico: NP3X is  the contest call of Jaime,WP3A, in the
     WWDX. QSL only direct to NP3O or LoTW. See: http://kp2b.net/stx/welcome

NA-103, VP2M, Montserrat: Alan,N3AD, will be QRV as VP2MMM from Montserrat.
     QSL via W3HNK.

NA-106, KP2, US Virgin Islands: Yuri,N2TTA, activates KP2MM in Christiansted
     on St. Croix (USi VI-002S, WLOTA 2477) in the WWDX CW. QSL via N2TTA.
     See also: http://www.n2tta.info
     Another activity is planned by Robert,K3EST, Fred,K9VV and Philip,KT3Y.
     They will join the WWDX as KP2M from Virgin Island (USi VI-002S,
     WLOTA 2477). QSL only via AI4U.

OC-001, VK, Australia: Bernd,VK2IA, plans to take part in the WWDX as VK6AA
     from Perth (WLOTA 1520). QSL via DK2BJ (bureau/direct).

OC-026, KH2, Guam: NH2T will be QRV from Guam (USi GU003S, WFF KFF-110,
     WLOTA 0064). QSL via W2YC (bureau/direct).
     Joel,KG6DX, announced to join the WWDX from Latte Heights on Guam
     (USi GU003S, WFF KFF-110, WLOTA 0064). QSL only direct or via LoTW.

OC-133, 9M6, Sabah's Coastal Islands: Satoshi "Saty",JE1JKL, will be QRV as
     9M6NA from Labuan Island (WLOTA 0456). QSL via JE1JKL.
     See also: http://jsfc.org/je1jkl

SA-036, P4, Aruba: Andy,AE6Y, plans to join the WWDX again as P49Y from
     Aruba (WLOTA 0033). QSL via AE6Y (bureau/direct/LoTW).
     W2GD wants to produce a big signal as P40W from Aruba (WLOTA 0033,
     Loc FK52AL). QSL via N2MM (d). From 2013 only LoTW.

SA-014, PY0/S, St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks: PT0S will be QRV in the WWDX CW
     as well. QSL see also: http://pt0s.com/qsl.html

DATE           CALL           DXNL

24Nov/25Nov    3V8BB          1807 *
22Nov-28Nov    3W2J           1807 *
     -31Dec    4G0LD          1761
24Nov/25Nov    4K6FO          1807 *
     -31Dec    4O60GBP        1790
09Nov-09Mar    4S7KKG         1805
     -16Dec    5G12ITD        1807 *
08Oct-15Dec    5H3NP          1798
10Nov-09Dec    5R8IC          1805
16Nov-         5T0JL          1772/1806
24Nov-10Dec    5T0SP          1807 *
     -15Dec    5X1NH          1801/1802
05Nov-22Nov    5Z4/SM1TDE     1804
     -2014     5Z4EE          1803/1807 *
2012           6D0LM          1774
Nov            6W7/N1SNB      1807 *
Unknown        7P8CC          1807 *
21Nov-02Dec    7P8D           1807 *
Resident       7Q7DFC         1805
     -31Dec    7T50I..        1788

     -31Dec    8J1KS          1800
     -31Mar    8J1MBR         1788
     -31Dec    8J1MST         1779
     -31Mar    8J1SPY         1788
     -31Dec    8J1STGY        1800
20Oct-25Nov    8J2ARDF        1802
     -31Dec    8J3IPA         1802
     -31Dec    8J50YAX        1794
     -31Mar    8J5SSS         1807 *
     -31Dec    8J6O           1773
     -31Dec    8J6OKAJO       1788
     -31Dec    8N1CJ          1807 *
     -31Dec    8N1TDU         1780
     -30Nov    8N1YKR         1800
     -30Nov    8N2100MD       1800
20Nov-28Nov    8P9DF          1806
27Nov-11Dec    8Q7AU          1807 *
21Nov-26Nov    9H3OG          1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    9H3PP          1807 *
21Nov-26Nov    9H3TX          1807 *
     -Dec      9J2RI          1739/1742
21Nov-26Nov    9J3A           1807 *
23Nov-27Nov    9M2/E21EIC     1807 *
30Oct-26Dec    9M2MRS         1803
23Nov-27Nov    9M4SEA         1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    9M6NA          1807 *
Resident       9V1KK          1803
     -Oct/14   9V1RM          1751

Resident       A22LL          1803
     -Sep/13   A52SV          1752
24Nov/25Nov    AH2R           1807 *
23Nov-07Dec    AU1JCB..       1807 *
     -10Mar    BM0LF..        1805
24Nov/25Nov    BY5CD          1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    C5A            1807 *
22Nov-28Nov    C6AQQ          1807 *
     -Dec/13   C91IW          1787
Resident       CD6713         1805
     -31Dec    CN2YZ          1771
20Nov-11Dec    C6AKQ          1806
20Nov-11Dec    C6ARU          1806
20Nov-11Dec    C6AUM          1806
24Nov-25Nov    CR2X           1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    CR3L           1806
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/DJ2YA      1806
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/DK7YY      1806
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/DL1CW      1806
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/DL5AXX     1806
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/DL8WAA     1806
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/UA9MA      1806
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/UA9ONJ     1806
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/UA9PM      1806
     -Dec      CW90A          1805
     -Dec      CY0/VE1AWW     1784

     -May/13?  D2SG           1748/1780
05Nov-15Feb    D3AA           1806
24Nov-25Nov    D4C            1807 *
     -31Dec    DA0LSW         1785
2012?          DL0SLITISA     1764
     -13Jan    DL125HHZ       1778
01Jan-31Dec    DL150BH        1761
01Jan-31Dec    DL1630Y        1760
     -31Dec    DL250COAL      1779
20Nov-27Nov    CT9/DL1CW..    1806
01Jan-31Dec    DM100MGY       1763
01Jan-31Dec    DM50KSJ        1763
     -31Dec    DM800ANH       1767
     -Feb/13   DP0GVN         1756
     -31Dec    DP87SIXD       1792
     -Jan/13   DQ0STRATEX     1770
     -31Dec    DQ125HSB..     1784/1802
     -31Dec    DR50DTANGO     1791
12Nov-30Nov    E51ABS         1805
12Nov-30Nov    E51BZD         1805
12Nov-30Nov    E51C           1805
12Nov-30Nov    E51CHX         1805
18Nov-08Dec    E51TLA         1806
     -31Dec    E720RS         1770
24Nov/25Nov    EA5ZD          1807 *
     -22Nov    EA8/DL5OK      1804
22Nov-28Nov    EA8/OH6CS      1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    EA8CUU         1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    ED9Z           1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    EF8S           1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    EF8X           1807 *
     -31Dec    EI100T         1770
01Jan-31Dec    EI80IRTS       1763/1788
17Nov-27Nov    EL2A..         1806
Unknown        ET3AA          1805
24Nov/25Nov    EU1AA          1807 *
     -30Nov    EV200BP..      1805
24Nov/25Nov    EY8MM          1807 *

     -01Mar    FH8NX          1747
     -15Dec    FK/VK6DXI      1807 *
19Nov-26Nov    FM/KL7WA..     1806
20Nov-28Nov    FS/K9EL..      1806
23Nov-28Nov    FS/VA3RA       1807 *
     -31Dec    GB50WVR        1767
2012           GB80PW         1762
24Nov-25Nov    GJ2A           1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    GU4CHY         1807 *
Nov            GX4BJC/A..     1805
17Oct-10Dec    H44MS          1802
     -2013     H44RK          1793
     -31Dec    HA50ZH         1780
01Nov-15Dec    HF70TWARDY     1804
     -31Dec    HG90ST         1804
     -Sep/13   HI3/KL7JR      1745
21Nov-30Nov    HI7/R4WAA      1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    HQ2N           1807 *
22Nov-25Nov    IH9R           1807 *
     -30Nov    II5TNA         1806
01Jan-31Dec    II6LN          1763
24Nov-25Nov    II9P           1807 *

     -Jul/13   J28UC          1734
     -Aug/14   J28NC          1796
24Nov/25Nov    J34K           1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    J43J           1806
14Nov-27Nov    J75Z           1806
     -17Dec    J79WTA         1804
22Nov-26Nov    JW1U           1806
     -Nov      JW2US          1791/1797
22Nov-26Nov    JW4KQ          1806
24Nov-25Nov    JW5E           1806
22Nov-26Nov    JW9OI          1806
14Nov-21Nov    JU850AA..      1806
     -11Apr    JX9JKA         1773/1807 *
     -Mar      K6H            1803
     -27Nov    K7EUG/NP2      1807 *
     -2013     KG4AJ          1756
24Nov-25Nov    KG6DX          1807 *
22Nov-27Nov    KH0/OH6RX      1807 *
22Nov-27Nov    KH0/OH7WV      1807 *
23Nov-27Nov    KH2/JK2VOC     1807 *
     -Jun/13   KH2/N2NL       1680
     -Mar/13   KH9/WA2YUN     1771
long term      KP2/NQ3X       1799/1803
24Nov-25Nov    KP2M           1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    KP2MM          1807 *

     -31Dec    LX75RL         1788
24Nov/25Nov    LX7I           1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    NH2T           1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    NH7A           1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    NP3X           1807 *
Resident       OD5RW          1799
24Nov-25Nov    OH0Z           1807 *
     -31Dec    OH150VR        1772
01Jan-31Dec    ON65BR         1763
     -31Dec    ON85RCL        1790
20Nov-26Nov    OX/G4MFX       1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    OY1CT          1807 *
     -Nov      OZ/KH6DXX      1804
     -31Dec    P3EU           1786
24Nov-25Nov    P3N            1807 *
18Nov-26Nov    P4/R5GA        1806
24Nov-25Nov    P40F           1806
18Nov-29Nov    P40W           1806/1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    P49Y           1807 *
01Dec-28Dec    PG100NOM       1807 *
20Nov-27Nov    PJ4/K4BAI..    1806
18Nov-01Dec    PJ4D           1806
09Nov-16Nov    PJ4X           1805
24Nov-25Nov    PJ7/VA3RA      1807 *
18Nov-24Nov    PJ7XK..        1806
10Nov-25Nov    PT0S           1805/1806
20Nov-27Nov    PZ5T           1806

21Nov-30Nov    R4WAA/HI7      1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    RI1FJ          1807 *
     -15Jan    S505SLG        1803
     -15Jan    S512IAPMC      1803
     -31Dec    S555E..        1772
09Nov-24Nov    S79NU          1805
24Nov/25Nov    T40C           1807 *
     -Feb/13   T6LG           1795/1807 *
     -Oct/13   T6MH           1806
21Nov-26Nov    T88NS          1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    TC2M..         1807 *
     -31Dec    TC50TRAC..     1770
24Nov-25Nov    TF2CW          1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    TF4X           1807 *
     -13Jan    TG9/KF9LSG..   1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    TI5A           1807 *
     -2015?    TJ3SN (?)      1806
     -31Dec    TM210VH        1770
     -31Dec    TM70TRS        1763
24Nov-25Nov    TO7A           1806

22Nov-26Nov    V26K           1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    V47NT          1807 *
23Nov-28Nov    V63DX          1807 *
23Nov-28Nov    V63EPO         1807 *
23Nov-26Nov    V63JX          1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    V6A            1807 *
     -Nov/14   V73NS          1604/1668/1752
11Nov-23Nov    V84SMD         1805
24Nov/25Nov    VE2EKA         1807 *
Resident       VK4FMAG        1807 *
24Nov-25Nov    VK6AA          1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    VK8GM          1807 *
17Nov-27Nov    VK9/OH1VR..    1806
24Nov-25Nov    VP2MMM         1807 *
21Nov-03Dec    VP2V/AA7V      1807 *
21Nov-03Dec    VP2V/N3DXX     1807 *
20Nov-11Dec    VP5/W5CW       1806
24Nov-25Nov    VP5CW          1806
Unknown        VP8CMH/mm..    1804
Unknown        VP8DFR         1803
24Nov/25Nov    VU2PTT         1807 *
     -Mar/13?  VU3BPZ/3..     1800

Nov            W2WSC/100..    1805
     -May/14   XE1/DM3DL      1730
27Oct-25Nov    XL3A           1803
Nov            XV1LC..        1804
23Nov-10Dec    XV2RS          1807 *
14Nov-         YI1IRQ         1807 *
Unknown        YJ8RN/p        1797
20Nov-28Nov    YN2CC          1806
24Nov/25Nov    Z6/S56A        1807 *
Unknown        Z81A..         1798
Unknown        Z88Z           1800
18Nov-30Nov    ZD8W           1806
24Nov-25Nov    ZF1A           1807 *
     -Aug/13   ZF2TK          1800
24Nov/25Nov    ZP9MCE         1807 *
24Nov/25Nov    ZS4TX          1807 *
     -2014     ZY2014WC       1774

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
3B8BAE      via K5XK (d)
3B8CZ       via NI5DX (B)
3V8BB       via LX1NO (d), (L)
3W2J        via K2PF (d)
4K6FO           QRZ.COM
5G12ITD     via RW6HS (d)
5T0SP       via SP6FXY (B), (L), OQRS
5Z4EE       via NV7E (B)
6W7/N1SNB   via N0TG (d)
6Y3M        via VE3NE
7P8CC       via EI7CC (B)
7P8D        via ZS2DL ,(L), Clublog, OQRS
7Z1TT       via NI5DX (B)
8J5SSS          (B)
8N1CJ           (B)
8Q7AU       via HB9OAU (B)
9A203ND     via 9A3ND (B)
9H3OG       via DL4HG (B)
9H3PP       via HA5PP (B)
9H3TX       via DL5XAT (B)
9J3A        via S57S (B), (L)
9M2/OH1VR   via OH1VR (d)
9Y4/DL7VOG  via DL7VOG (B)
9M2/E21EIC  via E21EIC (d), OQRS; JAs via JR5XPG
9M4SEA      via 9W2TKK
9M6NA       via JE1JKL (B), (L)
A31KJ       via JA1KJW (B)
A31VE       via JA8VE (B)
A65CI       via IZ8CLM (B)
AH2R        via JH7QXJ (B), (L)
AU0JCB      via VU3DJQ
AU1JCB      via VU2SMNS
AU2JCB      via VU2DSI (d)
AU3JCB      via VU2JAU (d)
AU4JCB      via VU2SMN (d)
AU5JCB      via VU2SMN (d)
AU6JCB      via VU2LR
AU7JCB      via VU2SMN (d)
AU8JCB      via VU2ACK
AU9JCB      via VU2SMN (d)
BY5CD       via BD4HF (B)
C5A         via OM2FY      (B)
C6AQQ       via ND3F (B)
C6AXY       via W9XY (B), (L)
CO4SM       via HA3JB (d)
CO6LE       via EA5GL (d)
CO8WOH      via RW6HS (d)
CR2X        via OH2BH (B)
CR6LH       via CT1GZB (B)
D44TWO      via DF2WO (B), (L)
D4C         via IZ4DPV (B)
DU1/OE3SGU  via OE3SGU (nur LoTW)
E51KBR      via ZL2KBR (B), (L), eQSL
EA3GYK      via DK7TM (B)
EA8/DL3BC/p via DL3BC (B), (L), eQSL
EA8/OH6CS   via OH6CS (d)
EA8CUU      via OH6CS (d)
EA9/DF4SA   via DF4SA (B)
EA9/DL2CC   via DL2CC (B)
EA9/HA1AG   via HA1AG (B)
EA9/HA3NU   via HA3NU (B)
EA9/N5OT    via N5OT (B)
ED5URR      via EA5URR
ED9Z        via HA1AG (B)
EF8S        via OHBYS (B)
EF8X        via W2GR (B)
EG1MOU      via EA1URO
EG5ERC      via EA7HBC (B)
EG5MSV      via EA5URR
EU1AA           (d), via W3HNK (d)
EY8MM       via K1BV (B)
FK/VK6DXI   via VK6DXI (B)
FK8DD       via LZ1JZ (B)
FS/VA3RA    via VE3IKV (d)
G3XLQ       via AF4K
GJ2A        via K2WR (d) (USA); rest of the world via GJ3DVC (d)
GU4CHY      via (d) QRZ.com
GX4SRC      via G3SVK (B), eQSL
H44MS       via DL2GAC (B)
H44RK       via NR6M (B), (L)
HA/OM0AM    via OM0AM (B)
HB9EME      via EA7FTR
HI3/KL7JR   via KL7JR (d)
HI7/R4WAA   via R4WAA (B)
HV5PUL      via IW0DJB (B)
HQ2N        via EA5GL (d), (L)
IH9R        via IZ1GAR (d)
II9P        via IT9CHU (d), (L)
J28NC       via F5RQQ (B)
J34K            (L)
J6/K7KMR    via K7KMR (B)
J75Z        via K7ZZ (d)
JU850CS     via JT1CS (B)
JU850KAA    via JT1KAA (B)
JX9JKA      via LA9JKA (d), (L)
K7EUG/NP2   via K7EUG (B)
KG6DX       via KG6DX (d), (L)
KH0/OH6RX   via OH6RX (B)
KH0/OH7WV   via OH7WV (B)
KH2/JK2VOC  via JK2VOC (d)
KH6LC       via WA6WPG (L), (d)
KH7Y        via EA5GL (d)
KP2M        via AI4U
KP2MM       via N2TTA
KP3A        via W3HNK
LX/PA3ERA   via PA3ERA (B)
LX7I        via LX2A (B)
LZ6K        via LZ2PL
NH2T        via W2YC (B)
NH7A        via F5VHJ (B), (L)
NP3X        via NP3O (d), (L)
OH0Z        via W0MM (B)
OM/HA5RT    via HA5RT
OT4A        via ON4AEK (L), eQSL
P29VCX      via SM6CVX (B)
P3N         via RW3RN (B)
P4/VE7QC    via VE7QC
P40W        via N2MM (d)
P49Y        via AE6Y (B), (L)
PA/ON2KMJ/p via ON2KMJ (B)
PG100NOM    via PA0FAW (B)
PJ7/VA3RA   via VE3IKV (d)
PR2P        via PY2OE (d)
PT0S        via HA7RY (B), (L)
OX/G4MFX    via G4MFX (B)
OY1CT           (d)
PT2ZXR      via DJ0XR (B), eQSL
R1943S      via RN4ABD (B)
R4WAA/HI7   via R4WAA (B)
RI1FJ       via UA2FM (d)
SC2012ARDF  via SM6AGR
SN2012UP    via SQ9PPO (B)
SO5O        via SP5KVW (B)
SU1IE       via HA3JB (d)
T30TT       via W7JET (B), (L), eQSL
T40C            (d) QRZ.COM
T6LG        via LZ1ZF (B)
T88NS       via JA1MML (B)
T88ON       via JA3JND (B)
TC2M        via LZ1NK (B)
TC2W        via LZ1NK (B)
TF2CW       via LX1NO (d)
TF4X        via G3SWH (d)
TG9/KF9LSG  via DL5RMH (B)
TG9IDX      via DL5RMH (B)
TI5A        via TI5KD (d), (L)
TM2VD       via F8DFO (B)
V26K        via AA3B (B)
V47NT       via W2RQ (B)
V63DX       via JA7HMZ (d)
V63EPO      via JA7EPO (d)
V63JX       via JH1DVG (B)
V6A         via JA7HMZ (d)
V84SMD      via IK2VUC (B), (L)
VE2EKA      via VA2WDQ (B)
VK2IA       via DK2BJ (B), (L), (*)
VK2IA       via DK2BJ (*), (B), (L), eQSL
VP2MYL      via DL7AFS (B), (L)
VK4FMAG         (d)
VK6AA       via DK2BJ (B), (L), (*)
VK8GM           (B)
VK8VJ       via DK2BJ (B), (L), (*)
VK9AA       via DK2BJ (B), (L), (*)
VK9AA/9     via DK2BJ (B), (L), (*)
VP2MMM      via W3HNK (d)
VP2V/AA7V   via AA7V (d), (L)
VP2V/N3DXX  via N3DXX (d), (L)
VP8DLB      via 2M1DHG (d)
VU2PTT          (B), (L)
W0V         via KB0NMQ (d)
XL3A        via VE3AT (B)
XQ7HL       via CE3AA (B)
XV1X        via RW6HS (d)
XV2RS       via OH4MDY (d), (QRZ.com)
YI1IRQ          (B)
YU100SAF    via YU1AVQ (B), eQSL
Z6/S56A     via S56A (d)
ZF1A        via K6AM (B), (L)
ZP9MCE      via EA5ZD
ZS4TX           (L)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSLs arrived direct: TT8TT (via GDXF QSL service)

QSLs arrived bureau: 3XY1D (DL7UFR), 5X1NH (G3RWF), 9L1NH (G3RWF),
                     9Q0HQ/6 (K3IRV), A65BM (W4JS), A71M, C5YK (ON7YK),
                     FG4NN (NI5DX), FS/F5JSD (GlobalQSL), J79WI (WI9WI),
                     KH2L (W3HNK!!), T70A (GlobalQSL), TI5/KI7Y,
                     TJ3IC (F5LGE), V26K (AA3B), VP6T (G3TXF January 2012),
                     ZD7XF (G3TXF March 2012!), ZD8D (DL9HO), ZX5SPM (SP9PT)

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
ARVM, Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, ICPO Bulletin, OPDX Bulletin, CT1AOZ,
F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K, SP5UAF and others.

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