End of the World, Railway Station

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End of the World, Railway station is a special event that will be aired on 10 November 2012 from Tierra del Fuego (WAP ARG-23, SA-008, WFF LUFF-034, WLOTA 2448).
Several stations will be on the air and this is a good opportunity to collect new calls for WAP-WACA Award and work ARG-23 for WAP-WADA.
Operators will be: Cecilia LU3XUC, Cristian LU5XUC, Jaime LU4XPE, Gerardo LU3XUJ, Hector LU3XUH, Omar LU5XTS, Pablo LU4XUP, Guillermo LU6XSG, Guillermo LU9XPR, Luli LU4XUL, Diego LU5XWA, Mariana LU5XTI, Erica LU4XUE, Miriam LU3XUM, Cintia LU3XYL and Guillermo LU7XX.
They will use their home call /XP; as most of them are novice, they will operate on 10 metres from 28.300 to 28.350 MHz and on 80 metres on 3.650 MHz.
QSL via the individual operators home callsign.

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