I.C.P.O. Bulletin (2 - 9 November 2012) "Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"

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02/11/2012: Ruben LU3XEM, Luis LU3XEI, Edgar LU5VAT and Carlos LU7DSY plan on activating Pinguino [Penguin] Island (SA-087), Deseado Department, Santa Cruz province (Southern Patagonia), Argentina, between 2-4 November 2012. This particular island was on air for the first time 12 years ago - with no activity since. The team will use the special callsign LT0X and expect to be active on 80, 40, 20, 15, 12 and 10 metre, possibly 6 metre, SSB, CW and PSK31. The intent is to have three stations active simultaneously. They will have 3 generator sets and the camp is near to the sea - about 150 metres from the lighthouse (ARLHS ARG-010, TWLHD WLH LU-006, WLOTA 1459, Admiralty G1152, WW Loc. FE72DC). The island is a nature reserve, the Reserva Provincial Isla Ping?protecting a large colony of Magellanic penguins. QSL via LU7DSY (with SASE and 2 IRC). [rsgbiota]

03/11/2012: Francois, F5JNE in company of Claude, F5MCC will be active on 3 November 2012 as F5JNE/p from the Castle of Fulvy (DFCF 89-348, WW Loc. JN27BR), located in the commune of Fulvy (CP 89160), Department Yonne/89 and Province Burgundy (DPF 05). QSL via F5JNE, bureau or direct. [radioamateur.org]

03/11/2012: Patrick, F8DYD/p, will be QRV on 3 November 2012, weather permitting, to activate the Tour Chappe de Savigne (86400) and the Mill of Ages (DMF 86-055), both located in Department Vienne/86 and Province Poitou-Charentes (DPF 19). Look for Partick on 80 and 40 metre SSB and CW. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. [F8DYD]

03/11/2012: On 3rd November 2012 Bill K4FLV, Eric KD4MZM, Dennis N2DEN and Annette N2RDX will be operating as K4FLV/p from the Boca Grande area, Gasparilla Island (NA-069, USi FL034S, WW Loc. EL86UR), Lee county, State of Florida. Plans are to set up four stations. Two stations at the Boca Grande Entrance Range Rear lighthouse (ARLHS USA-066) and two stations at the Port Boca Grande lighthouse (ARLHS USA-910). Both lighthouses also count for WLOTA LH-3252. Operating times will be 1300 UTC to 1900 UTC, on the HF bands, using SSB and PSK31. QSL direct only to K4FLV. [rsgbiota]

03/11/2012: Daniel, VK4AFU, will be active as YJ0AFU from Port Vila, island of Vanuatu, New Hebrides (OC-035, WW Loc. RH42DG) from 3-10 November 2012. Main mode will be JT65A on (80 to 10M) with a little on 160m. 6M will be priority when open and should be mostly on CW-SSB and JT65 on request. QSL via NA5U direct with SAE + sufficient postage. Website: www.qrz.com/db/YJ0AFU [DX World]

04/11/2012: Bob, W9XY, will be active holiday style as C6AXY from the Breezes Bahamas Resort, Nassau, New Providence Island (NA-001, WLOTA 1115, WW Loc. FL15HB) from 4-9th November 2012. QRV on 40 thru 10m, primarily on CW and SSB with maybe some RTTY and/or PSK31 thrown in. Rig: Yaesu FT857D Ant: TBD. QSL direct to W9XY. [NG3K]

05/11/2012: Eric, SM1TDE, will be in Kenya on family vacation and plans to be active in his spare time from 5-22 November 2012. He will sign 5Z4/SM1TDE from Ukunda - Diani Beach, in Coast Province, Kenya. Plans are to be QRV on 40-10 metre CW only. QSL via his home call by the bureau, LoTW or direct. Website: www.sm1tde.bloggspace.se/[SM1TDE]

05/11/2012: Babs, DL7AFS and Lot, DJ7ZG begin another DXpedition - They will be QRV from St Peters Parish, island of Montserrat (NA-103, WLOTA 1475, WW Loc. FK86VT) as Babs VP2MYL and Lot VP2MGZ between 5-19th November 2012. Activity will be on 80-10 metres, mainly RTTY, PSK31, PSK63 and SSB. Look for them on the usual DX frequencies. QSL via the German QSL-bureau DARC to DL7AFS. Direct requests can be sent to: Baerbel Linge, Eichwaldstr. 86, D-34123 Kassel, Germany. Further information and updates on their website at:www.qsl.net/dl7afs/Index_VP2M.html [DX World]

05/11/2012: Look for Paul, W4/VP9KF, to be active from the Tarrafal Apartments, located in Hamilton Parish, island of Bermuda (NA-005, WLOTA 0201, WW Loc FM72PI) as VP9KF from 5-19th November 2012. Activity will be CW only on 80-6 metres. Paul plans to concentrate on the JA greyline. QSL via W4/VP9KF (QRZ.com). Further information on his website at: vp9kf.com/ [NG3K]

06/11/2012: Nick, G3RWF, is returning to Uganda on 6 November 2012 and will be active for five weeks as 5X1NH from the University of the Mountains of the Moon (MMU) in Fort Portal (WW Loc. KJ50CO). QRV on the HF bands, mainly CW. Nick will also participate in the CQWW CW Contest (24-25 November) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry, CQ zone 37. QSL via his home call, direct or bureau. Website: www.qrz.com/db/5X1NH[QRZ.com]

06/11/2012: Han, SM6CVX, plans to be active as P29VCX from Bougainville Island (WLOTA 0814, Grid Loc. QI73), Solomon Islands archipelago (OC-135), Bougainville Province, Melanesia, between 6th and 9th November 2012. He will be QRV on the HF bands, plus 6 metres. QSL via SM6CVX, direct or bureau. [DX World]

06/11/2012: Look for Albert DB5IJ, Sven DF9MV, Michael DJ1MGK and Mathias DL5MFL will be active as PJ2/homecalls from the Signal Point contest station, island of Curacao (SA-099, WLOTA 0942) from 6-15 November 2012. They will also participate in the Worked All Europe RTTY Contest (10-11 November). Outside the contest, look for them to be QRV on all bands and modes. QSL via their home calls, direct or DARC bureau. [DE0MST]

08/11/2012: Zorro, JH1AJT will be QRV from Thimphu, Bhutan, as A5A between 8-15 November 2012. Activity will be on 40 to 10 metres, but spare time operation. QSL to home call, direct or JARL bureau. [K1XN]

09/11/2012: Max, ON5UR, reports that after more than six months of work and hunderds of international phone calls, he and Marc ON8AK finally found a base location for a DX trip to Monaco. From 9-17 November 2012 look for 3A/ON5UR and 3A/ON8AK running SSB only. So far they have permission for one base station, but hope to find a solution to get two stations on the air. They will operate from 80-10 metres. QSL via M0URX (OQRS). Webpage to follow. [DX World]

09/11/2012: Peter, DC0KK, will again be active as 4S7KKG from Sri Lanka (AS-003, WLOTA 0762, WW Loc. MJ96XK), this time between 9 November 2012 until 9 March 2013 as. Look for him on Digital modes and CW. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Log will be uploaded to LoTW [DX World]

09/11/2012: Marco PE2MC (MDG #2372, EPC #3656), Peter PJ4NX and Bert PE2KY will be active as PJ4X from the island of Bonaire (SA-006, WFF PAFF-024, WLOTA 1279) from 9-16 November 2012. QRV on the HF bands, holiday style, with focus on the digital modes and some SSB. QSL via home call, direct or by the bureau. Further information and updates can be found on his website at: www.pe2mc.nl/bonaire-here-we-come-pj4pe2mc/ [DX World]

09/11/2012: Hardy, DL8NU will be active from Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay, island of Mahe (AF-024, WLOTA 3286), Seychelle inner islands, as S79NU from 9-24 November 2012. QSL on the HF bands, mostly CW. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Website: www.qrz.com/db/S79NU [DX World]

09/11/2012: Toshiharu, JA3JND, will be active as T88ON from the Palau rental shack located on Koror Island, Republic of Palau (OC-009), from 9-13 November 2012. QRV on the HF bands using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via JA3JND, direct or JARL bureau. [OPDX Bulletin]

09/11/2012: Operators Wally VK6YS, Nigel VK6NI, Steve VK2SJK and Reinhard DF4TD will be active as VK6WDI from Woody Island (OC-170), Western Australia, from 9-13th November 2012. Plans are to run two stations covering 40 through 10 metres. Low power 100 watts into verticals and one Spiderbeam. QSL only direct to VK6YS. Website:www.westozdx.net/IOTAS/OC170/OC170.html [rsgbiota]

09/11/2012: Rich W6VX, Don N6IC, Frank N6FH, Gary NY6Y, Skip KJ6Y and and Jim N6KZ will be active as homecall/p from Santa Catalina Island (NA-066, USi CA016S, WLOTA 2912) Los Angeles county, California, from 9-12 November 2012. They plan to operate on 80-10 metre CW and SSB. QSL via home calls. [425 DX News]  


10/11/2012: Ian, 2E0EDX/p will be activating Brough Castle (G-047, WCA WCA G-00047, WW Loc. IO84UM, WAB NY71), Cumbria, on 10 November 2012 all day. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. [COTA]

10/11/2012: Martin, 5B/DC8MH and Mike, 5B/DL4ABO plan a DXpedition to the island of Cyprus (AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA 0051) from 10-14 November 2012. Look for them on 40, 30, 20 and 17 metre CW and SSB. QSL via home calls, bureau preferred. Website: www.qrz.com/db/dl4abo[rsgbiota]

10/11/2012: "End of the World, Railway station" is a special event that will be aired on 10 November 2012 from Tierra del Fuego (WAP ARG-23, SA-008, WFF LUFF-034, WLOTA 2448). Several stations will be on the air and this is a good opportunity to collect new calls for WAP-WACA Award and work ARG-23 for WAP-WADA. Operators will be: Cecilia LU3XUC, Cristian LU5XUC, Jaime LU4XPE, Gerardo LU3XUJ, Hector LU3XUH, Omar LU5XTS, Pablo LU4XUP, Guillermo LU6XSG, Guillermo LU9XPR, Luli LU4XUL, Diego LU5XWA, Mariana LU5XTI, Erica LU4XUE, Miriam LU3XUM, Cintia LU3XYL and Guillermo LU7XX. They will use their home call /XP; as most of them are novice, they will operate on 10 metres from 28.300 to 28.350 MHz and on 80 metres on 3.650 MHz. QSL via the individual operators home callsign. [waponline.it]

24/11/2012: Tomi, OH6EI, will activate the Radio Sporting Team contest station OH0Z for the CQWW CW Contest (24-25 November), located on Riddarklint hill, Mariehamn, Fasta Aland (EU-002, WFF OHFF-037, WLOTA 1373, WW Loc. JP90XI). Plans are for a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry from CQ zone 15. QSL goes via W0MM. [NG3K]

24/11/2012: Ilian, LZ1CNN, will be active as T6LG from Kandahar, Afghanistan, for the CQWW CW Contest (24-25 November) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry, CQ zone 21. QSL via LZ1ZF. [NG3K]

24/11/2012: Siggi, TF3CW, will be active as TF2CW in the CQWW CW Contest (24-25 November) from the QTH of Georg, TF2LL, in Borgarnes, Iceland (EU-021, WLOTA 2975, WW Loc. HP94HR). Siggi plans a Single-Op/All-Band entry from CQ zone 40. QSL direct only to Norby, LX1NO. [NG3K]

24/11/2012: Dimitry, UT5UGR, will once again be active from Ducos, island of Martinique (NA-107, DIFO FM-001, WLOTA 1041) as TO7A in the CQWW CW Contest (24-25 November). He plans a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via home call. [NG3K]

07/12/2012: Russell, G5XW, will once again be active as GM5XW from mainland Orkney (EU-009, IOSA OR01, SCOTIA 0I14, WLOTA 1652) between 7th-11th December 2012, no set times or frequencies. He will be touring the island, staying and operating with good friends. QSL direct only to G5XW. [rsgbiota]

11/02/2013: Valery, RG5A, will once again be active from the FM5BH QTH in Ducos, island of Martinique (NA-107, DIFO FM-001, WLOTA 1041, DDFM 97) as FM/R5GA from (approx.) 11-17 February 2013. This will include a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry in the ARRL DX CW Contest (16-17 February) using the callsign TO5X. QSL via home call. [NG3K]

16/02/2013: Luis, EA8AY, has announced his plans to be a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry in the ARRL DX CW Contest (16-17 February 2013), using the callsign EF8USA, from Santa Cruz, Tenerife Island (DIE S-012, WLOTA 1276, EAA TF, WW Loc. IL28HC), Canary Islands (AF-004). QSL via W2GR. Website: www.ea8ay.com/ef8x/ [NG3K]

25/02/2013: Al, F5VHJ, will be active from the QTH of Laurent FM5BH in Ducos, island of Martinique (NA-107, DIFO FM-001, WLOTA 1041, DDFM 97) between (approx.) 25 February and 3 March 2013. QRV on all bands and modes using the callsign FM/F5VHJ. Al will also participate in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (2-3 March) using the special callsign TO5A, a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via home call, LoTW or REF Bureau. [NG3K]

04/04/2013: Paul, G4BKI (VP9KF), will be on the island of Corsica (EU-014 DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-001, WLOTA 1390) from 4-18 April 2013. He will be active on the HF bands as much as as possible (travelling point to point, not single stopovers). QSL W4/VP9KF direct only (QRZ.com). [NG3K]  


INTERNATIONAL SHORT WAVE LEAGUE (I.S.W.L.) CLUB CALLSIGNS - The ISWL Club Callsigns in use throughout the month of November 2012 are:

GX4BJC /A - Operated from Great Missenden, in Buckinghamshire, by John - G8XTJ. (WAB Square = SP80 - England, IOTA = EU-005 & WLOTA 1841).

MX1SWL /A - Operated from Hartford, in Cambridgeshire, by Tom - G3RPV. (/A WAB Square = TL27 - England, IOTA = EU-005 & WLOTA 1841).

ALL QSL's will be handled by Herbie G6XOU and NOT the individual Operator. The I.S.W.L. is a member of the European PSK Club. All QSL Info is on www.iswl.org.uk/ or www.qrz.com/ or via www.eQSL.cc/ NO LOTW. I.S.W.L. Awards are available to all Hams and SWL's - seewww.iswl.org.uk/ for full details. eQSL.cc cards ARE welcomed for our awards. Very best wishes to all, Pete Rayer, ISWL Life Vice President, Bournemouth, UK. [Pete at the DX-Newsdesk]
05/11/2012 Special event callsign VI6ARG30 is to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Peel Amateur Radio Group located some 50km south of Perth, western Australia (OC-001 WLOTA 1520). The club was established back in 1982 to service the Amateur Radio Operators located form Kwinana in the North to Pinjarra in the south. The club actively competes in the John Moyle competition and some community events when possible, and has about 30 members. The callsign VI6ARG30 will be active from 5-18 November 2012. A special QSL card will be issued for stations worked. Please note for Australian stations worked please include an sase and international stations 2 green stamps or 2 IRCs. Website: www.qrz.com/db/VI6ARG30 [425 DX News]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at: www.arrl.org/special-event-stations  


02/11-04/11 LT0X: Isla Pinguino WLH:LU-006 ARG-010 WLOTA:1459 QSL LU7DSY (d)
03/11 K4FLV/P: Port Boca Grande WLOL:USA-910 WLOTA:3252 QSL H/c (d)
03/11 K4FLV/P: Boca Grande Rear Range USA-066 WLOTA:3252 QSL H/c (d)
04/11-09/11 C6AXY: New Providence Island WLOTA:1115 QSL W9XY (d)
05/11-18/11 VI6ARG30: Australia (main island) WLOTA:1520 QSL VK6VKS (d)
05/11-19/11 VP2MGZ: Montserrat Island WLOTA:1475 QSL DL7AFS (d/B)
05/11-19/11 VP2MYL: Montserrat Island WLOTA:1475 QSL DL7AFS (d/B)
05/11-19/11 VP9KF: Hamilton Island WLOTA:0201 QSL W4/VP9KF (d)
06/11-09/11 P29VCX: Bougainville Island WLOTA:0814 QSL SM6CVX (d/B)
06/11-15/11 PJ2/DB5IJ: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL H/c (d/B)
06/11-15/11 PJ2/DF9MV: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL H/c (d/B)
06/11-15/11 PJ2/DJ1MGK: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL H/c (d/B)
06/11-15/11 PJ2/DL5MFL: Curacao Island WLOTA:0942 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/11-9/3/13 4S7KKG: Sri Lanka Island WLOTA:0762 QSL DC0KK (d/B)
09/11-12/11 KJ6Y/P: Santa Catalina Island WLOTA:2912 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/11-12/11 N6FH/P: Santa Catalina Island WLOTA:2912 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/11-12/11 N6IC/P: Santa Catalina Island WLOTA:2912 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/11-12/11 N6KZ/P: Santa Catalina Island WLOTA:2912 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/11-12/11 NY6Y/P: Santa Catalina Island WLOTA:2912 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/11-16/11 PJ4X: Bonaire Island WLOTA:1279 QSL PE2MC (d/B)
09/11-24/11 S79NU: Mahe Island WLOTA:3286 QSL DL8NU (d/B)
09/11-12/11 W6VX/P: Santa Catalina Island WLOTA:2912 QSL H/c (d/B)


02/11-04/11 LT0X: Isla Pinguino SA-087 Grid:FE72DC 6m CW/SSB QSL LU7DSY (d)
03/11-04/11 ARRL EME Competition SO/MO/50-1296 MHz 03 0000z-04 2359z
03/11-04/11 RSGB 144MHz CW Marconi SO Fixed/Open 03 1400z-04 1400z
03/11-10/11 YJ0AFU: Vanuatu OC-035 Grid:RH42DG 6m CW/SSB 100W QSL NA5U (d)
05/11-19/11 VP9KF: Bermuda NA-005 Grid:FM72PI 6m 100W CW QSL W4/VP9KF (d)
06/11 NRAU 144MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1800z-2200z
06/11 RSGB 144MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open 2000z-2230z
06/11-09/11 P29VCX: Bougainville OC-135 Grid:QI73 6m SSB/CW QSL SM6CVX (d/B)
07/11 MOON Contest 144MHz CW/Digital/FM/SSB 1900z-2100z
08/11 LY 50MHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1800z-2159z
08/11 NRAU 50MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1800z-2200z

Contest Calendar: www.qsl.net/va3rj/con_nov.html

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:http://noars.net/got6/GOT6.txt (Updated: 29 October 2012)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: www.MMMonVHF.de/

SMIRK: www.smirk.org/ SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:www.sotawatch.org/   QSL INFO -

Rex, NR6M, reports that he is now the QSL manager for H44RK. Rex's address and instrucyions are on his QRZ page. [K1XN & The GoList]
3B9SP OQRS system has been activated at Club Log. [KG4W]
T6LG expedition added to Club Log.
QSLs via Bureau: None to report this week! :o(

QSLs via Direct: 4J5A (QRZ.com), 5U5U (TL0A), 5U8NK (OQRS), 7O6T (OQRS), 9M2FB (CBA), HL3ERJ (HL1XP), KL7XK/p (H/c), KP2/K5WE (H/c), VA7AQ/NL5 [NA-161] (H/c), VK9CS (JA1PBV), VP8LP (QRZ.com), VU7M (QRZ.com), ZA/OK2BOB (H/c), ZD9UW (OQRS) and ZG2FX (G3RFX).

QSLs via LoTW: 2O12L, 7O6T, 8R1K, AY4DX, BU2AW, CO2JD, CR6K, D4A, E51EWP, EA1DR, EI5JQ, EI80IRTS, J28AA, K0DEQ, K6NR, K7QQ, K8IA, K9NR, K9OM, KA3DRR, KD7H, KH8/DL3DXX, KI1U, KL7KY, KP4RV, KZ5D, LA7DHA, LR3M, LU4DX, LU7DW, LZ2HM, MW0RLJ, N2GC, N4AF, N4BAA, N4UU, N5KO, N6TV, N6WIN, N8NA, NG7Z, NK7U, NU1AW/9, OH1F, OH8X, PP1CZ, PY1PL, RZ6FA, SJ2W, T77C, UA2FR, VA2WA, VE3CX, VE3UTT, VE3XB, VE3YAA, VE4VT, VE6BMX, VO1TA, W1CU, W5GAI, W6NN, W6TK, W7OM, W7ZRC, W8TM, WP2Z, XE2B and ZW1AS.   LINKS - IOTA (Islands On The Air) at: www.rsgbiota.org/ USi (U.S. Islands Award Program) at: www.usislands.org/ WCA (World Castles on the Air) at: www.wcagroup.org/ENG/wcag.html WFF (World Flora & Fauna) at:www.wff44.org/program/wff/ WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air at:www.wlota.com/  


CY0 - Sable Island - QRT 27 October 2012 "Weather conditions are deteriorating. Maritime Air is enroute to Sable Island. AA4VK/CY0 and WA4DAN/CY0 expect to go QRT and depart Sable Island by 1900Z."
New IOTA Checkpoint for Mexico/Central America/Caribbean Islands - The RSGB IOTA Committee are pleased to announce the appointment with effect from 1 November 2012 of Alejandro Valdez, XE1EE as their checkpoint for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands (with the exception of territories with US or French zip codes). Alejandro, a holder of many amateur radio certificates, can be reached atiota.mexico@gmail. His mailing address is Alejandro Valdez, P.O. Box 3-13, Col. La Era, Queretaro, QRO. C.P. 76151, Mexico. We welcome Alejandro on to the team and look forward to an increase in IOTA awareness in this area which with its many IOTA groups contributes so much to the enjoyment of the programme. http://www.rsgbiota.org/ 73 Col, MM0NDX
Subject: ADXO News Items Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 21:45:42 -0400 Hi Bill, Hope you are well. Here are a couple of ADXO entries that I would appreciate you posting for this month:

Start: Nov 24 End: Nov 26 DXCC: Sint Maarten Call: PJ7/VA3RA QSL via: VE3IKV Reported by: VE3IKV Notes: By VE3IKV as PJ7/VA3RA (NA-105) on 10m and 6m, CW + SSB. QSL via VE3IKV direct. See also FS/VA3RA before & after contest. [NG3K]

Start: Nov 23 End: Nov 28 DXCC: St Martin Call: FS/VA3RA QSL via: VE3IKV Reported by: VE3IKV Notes: By VE3IKV as FS/VA3RA (NA-105) on 10m and 6m, CW + SSB. QSL via VE3IKV direct. See also PJ7/VA3RA during the contest Nov 24-25. Thanks & 73, Pete VE3IKV [NG3K]

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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