International Day of Persons with Disabilities special activities

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Written by OD5RI - IARU Region 1 IPHA Coordinator  

- Wakefield District Radio Society (David Evans G0EVA and other members) will operate special callsign station GB0IDD ( International Disability Day ). Wakefield District Radio society does have a significant proportion (around 30%) of members who are variously disabled. On days 1, 2 and 3 December 2012  to mark the UN International Day for persons with disabilities. Activity will be mainly ( but not exclusively ) in SSB bands at 14-28 MHz. QSL via eQSL only.
- Francisc Grünberg YO4PX published an article about the International Day for persons with disabilities.
- Klaus Woerner DJ9DX send an article written from Ralf DH7RD about the World handicaped day: Integration through Amateur Radio Disability is No Obstacle Werner Divé (DL7PD) The Center for the Severely Physically Disabled (Zentrum für körperlich Schwerbehinderte) in Frankfurt’s Niederrad district opened 25 years ago.
The then-manager of the facility contacted the DARC even before the first phase of construction was complete. She saw amateur radio as offering the opportunity to give the facility’s disabled residents an exciting technological connection to the outside world. Ralf Dauksch (DH7RD), at the DLØFVA station a radio station as a “window” to the outside: That was the idea behind establishing contact between outsiders and facility residents. Subsequent face-to-face contact “in real life,” such as at the center’s cafeteria, was expressly desired.
After all, the facility wanted to truly be a part of life in the Niederrad community. Antenna cable in rain downspout The then-president of the local amateur group for Frankfurt, Werner Klein (DL2FBG), ran with the idea. It didn’t take long to find space for a radio station. The center financed radio equipment and antennas itself. Technical difficulties were resolved in consultation with the building contractor and the architect. For example, aesthetics made it impossible to install the antenna and control cables along the building’s exterior wall.
The creative solution was an additional rain downspout to discreetly conceal the cables. In the end, the DLØFVA (Frankfurt Association for Assistance to the Elderly and Disabled, or Frankfurter Verband für Alten- und Behindertenhilfe) station was equipped with a 3-el. Yagi, W3DZZ, a dipole and ground planes from 70 cm to 160 m.

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