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15 November, 2012

Island activities:

AF-003, ZD8, Ascension Island:
Oliver,W6NV, will be QRV as ZD8W on all HF bands from Ascension Island (WLOTA 1491) from Nov 18-30, incl. WWDX CW.
QSL only direct via W6NV.
AF-014, CT3, Madeira Archipelago:
Arno,DL1CW, Ulf,DL5AXX, Frank,DL8WAA, Uli,DJ2YA, Falk,DK7YY, Gena,UA9MA, Mike,UA9PM, and Ruslan,UA9ONJ, plan to show up as CT9/homecalls from Santana on Madeira (AF-014, DIP MA-001, PIP MD-001, DPRN FF-101, WFF CTFF-030, WLOTA 0053) from Nov 20-27. They will sign CR3L in the M2 class of the WWDX CW Contest.
QSLs via homecalls, CR3L via DJ6QT.
AN-007, VP8/SG, South Georgia Islands:
Like announced before Mike,GM0HCQ/mm, is active from onboard the Royal Research Ship "James Clark Ross" from the South Atlantic. Whilst in Antarctic and Falkland Islands waters he uses the call VP8CMH/mm, at all other times he uses GM0HCQ/mm. The ship will stop at the base "M" (WAP GBR-24/WFF GFF-023) at King Edward Point on South Georgia (AN-007) on Nov 18/19. Mike hopes this will be an overnight stop which would increase the time of being active as VP8SGK.
He works only in SSB. QSLs for all calls only direct via GM0HCQ.
See also:
EU-026, JW, Spitsbergen Island:
Jorn,LA1U, Borge,LA4KQ, and Olav,LA9OI, are going to hit the airwaves from the QTH of JW5E on Svalbard signing JW1U (Jorn), JW4KQ (Borge) and JW9OI (Olav) from Nov 22-26. Nevertheless they will join the WWDX CW Contest as JW5E. Their own QSLs via homecalls. QSLs for JW5E direct (see See also:
NA-002, VP5, Caicos Islands:
Dave,W5CW, will again be QRV from the VP5JM "Hamlet" on Providenciales Island (NA-002, Loc FL31vs) signing VP5/W5CW in CW and SSB on 160m-6m from Nov 20 until Dec 11. Dave's main focus will be the upcoming WWDX CW Contest (Nov 24/25), using the call VP5CW.
On 6m he will monitor 50.125 MHz USB.
QSLs for VP5/W5CW and VP5CW only direct via W5CW.
NA-018, OX, Greenland:
Henning,OZ1BII, will sign XP2I from Kangerlussuaq (Sondrestromfjord, WLOTA 0072, WFF OZFF-006, Loc GP47pa) on Nov 17/18, during the LZ DX CW (SOABLP). He plans to show up in CW on 80m and the Top Band on Nov 18 around 2200 UTC and on Nov 19. QSL via OZ1BII.
NA-021, 8P, Barbados:
Dave,WJ2O, will be QRV as 8P9DF mainly in Cw on the HF bands from the Surfsong Resort on Barbados (WLOTA 0999, Loc GK03gd) from Nov 20-28, including the WWDX CW. Before and after the contest he
prefers to work on the WARC bands. QSL via WJ2O (d).
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NA-080, C6, Little Bahama Bank group:
Bob,N4BP (C6AKQ), Tim,N4UM (C6ARU), and Mike,K4RUM (C6AUM), want to hand out a few IOTA points from Grand Bahama Island (WLOTA 0527, Loc FL06pm) between Nov 20 and Dec 11.
This operation includes activities during the WWDX CW, ARRL 160m and
ARRL 10m Contests. Before and after the contests Tim,C6ARU, will focus
on the digital modes (e.g. PSK31, Olivia and RTTY) and Bob,C6AKQ, will
be active in CW on 160m-6m.
QSLs for C6AKQ via N4BP (d), C6ARU via N4UM (bureau/direct) and
C6AUM via K4RUM (bureau/direct).
NA-101, J7, Dominica:
Thomas,K7ZZ, is staying on Dominica again for 14 days starting on Nov 14. Listen for J75Z on the HF bands including the WWDX CW Contest. QSL direct via K7ZZ. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW.
NA-105, FS, St. Martin:
John,FS/K9EL, and Nick,FS/K9NB, will be QRV from St. Martin (DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383) in CW/SSB/RTTY on 80m-10m from Nov 20-28, including the WWDX CW Contest. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW
and Clublog after his return home. QSLs via homecalls.
See also:
NA-107, FM, Martinique:
Dimitry,UT5UGR, is going to visit again Ducos on Martinique (DIFO FM-001, WLOTA 1041) and plans to become active as FM/KL7WA from Nov 19-26. He will join the WWDX CW as TO7A.
QSLs for both calls via UT5UGR (d). See also:
SA-014, PY0/S, St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks:
The PT0S DXpedition announced in last DXNL extended its stay to join the WWDX CW Contest as well.
SA-036, P4, Aruba Island:
Valery,R5GA, will be QRV again from the QTH of P49V on Aruba (WLOTA 0033, Loc FK52am) signing P4/R5GA from Nov 18-26.
He will sign P40F in the WWDX CW Contest.
QSLs for both calls via UA3DX (bureau/direct).
Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXGDeutscher Amateur Radio Club

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