WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - November 17th, 2012 (BC-DX #1091)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALASKA   6190  KNLS, Anchor Point, at 1700 UT on Nov 15, IS, unmistakable
but only just about audible and soon lost. Russian scheduled here to
1800 UT badly mixing with co-channel BBC &Xinjiang PBS. Cannot remember
ever hearing them as low as 6 MHz.
(Martien Groot-HOL, dxld Nov 15)

ALASKA   KNLS Anchor Point. B-12 Broadcast Schedule - started Oct 28, 2012

0800-0900  7355
1000-1100  7355
1200-1300  7355  9615
1400-1500  7355

0800-0900  9655
0900-1000  9655
1000-1100  9615
1100-1200  9615
1300-1400  7355
1300-1400  9680
1400-1500  9615
1500-1600  9655
1600-1700  7355
1700-1800  9655

0900-1000  9680
1100-1200  9680
1500-1600  9680
1600-1700  6190
1700-1800  6190

 6190 1600 1700 23,24,25,33 NLS 100 315 Rus
 6190 1700 1800 23,24,25,33 NLS 100 315 Rus
 7355 0800 0900 45,50N      NLS 100 270 Eng
 7355 1000 1100 45,50N      NLS 100 270 Eng
 7355 1200 1300 45,50N      NLS 100 270 Eng
 7355 1300 1400 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 7355 1400 1500 45,50N      NLS 100 285 Eng
 7355 1600 1700 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9615 1000 1100 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9615 1100 1200 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9615 1200 1300 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Eng
 9615 1400 1500 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9655 0800 0900 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9655 0900 1000 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9655 1500 1600 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9655 1700 1800 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9680 0900 1000 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Rus
 9680 1100 1200 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Rus
 9680 1300 1400 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Chi
 9680 1500 1600 24,33,34    NLS 100 300 Rus
(acc hfcc/us fcc requests, wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)

ANTARCTIC  [Argentine]  LRA36 ha retornado al aire hoy, segun comentario
en mi blog.

15476.2  at 1258 UT Nov 15. "En LR36 Radio Arcangel San Gabriel es tiempo
de música ... Ident son las 1300 UT. Música folclorica"  35443.
(Hugo López, Santiago-CHL  CE3BBC, lista ConDig / DXplorer Nov 15)

A rather strange way to learn that LRA36 has resumed broadcasts today has
just happened:

Mirta, co-announcer of R Arcangel San Gabriel, during the 2012 Antarctic
Campaign has just commented in a post of my blog "La Galena del Sur"
featuring the station on Aug. 2012, that they are on the air from today

This is the message posted as a comment that I am roughly translating from

"My name is Mirta and I share the studio, during this year 2012 at Base
Esperanza station, with two more partners and the technical operator and
we are very excited because today we returned to convey to everyone after
the repair of equipment. We are proud to share this news with everyone!"

Original text in Spanish:
LRA36 ha retornado al aire hoy, segun comentario en mi blog.

ExtraNa manera de enterarme que LRA36 ha reiniciado sus trasmisiones en el
día de hoy.

Mirta, co-locutora de R Arcángel San Gabriel, durante la CampaNa antártica
2012 ha dejado un comentario en la publicación que hice oportunamente
sobre la emisora, en mi blog "La Galena del Sur".

Asi comenta:
"Mi nombre es Mirta y durante este año 2012 comparto el estudio de la
emisora en Base Esperanza junto a 2 compañeras más y el operador técnico y
estamos muy emocionados por que hoy volvimos a transmitir para todo el
mundo luego de la reparacion de los equipos. Es un orgullo poder compartir
esta noticia con todos!!!"
(Horacio Nigro, Montevideo-URG, lista ConDig / DXplorer Nov 14)

ARGENTINA   13363.6*  R. Rivad[av]ia (pres), estacao das F. A. Argentinas,
B. Aires, 2220-2242 UT, relatos e infos. futebolisticas; sinal em BLI;
35433. Tenho visto esta ser relatada em ~363.5, mas o facto e que, sem
possibilidade de fazer "batimento de freq.", por ser em BLU, a freq. em o
audio e melhor, mais natural, e em ~363.6, nao ~363.5.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Nov 4)

13363.5-LSB  Sunday Nov 4, excited talk in Spanish, so the LTA army feeder
(to Antarctica?) is on again, as probability is highest on weekends. Not
play-by-play game, however. 2317 UT a long adstring mentioning such things
as Cataratas de Iguazu, Buenos Aires and Monte Grande addresses, and most
of them cite 0-800 phone numbers which I assume are the Argentine
equivalent of toll-free. Those and websites in .ar (pronounced as one
syllable), addresses are spewed so fast that I don't see how even native
speakers can retain or copy them but hey, gotta make the most of a 30-
second spot. One of them even has an even worse compressed-speech tag.

2322 UT mentions "Super-Monumental" is that an ID in passing, or the name
of a team? El Monumental is the name of the major futbol stadium in Buenos
Aires. Then resumes talking about some game involving a pelota (so it's
not ice hockey), replete with phony enthusiasm, also mentions Rioja, but
still no play-by-play. Never caught originating station ID, could be
Rivadavia or Continental, or ??? Signal sufficient in LSB mode, but *much*
weaker than 15345 kHz, q.v. At 0016 UT on Nov 5 recheck, still audible now
mentioning goals.

13363.5  LSB, unidentified Argentine Feeder, at 2310-2355 UT on Nov 4,
Spanish talk. Promos. Talk about futbol. Fair.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, dxld Nov 5)

Right now I'm listening to 13364 LSB, and they're broadcasting Metro 95.1
MHz, well-known FM station from Buenos Aires. At 0154 UT annmt by YL: "Fin
espacio publicitario", followed by canned OM anns and then into English
rap music at 0156 UT. Terrible, noisy quality.
(Eduardo Peralta-ARG, dxld Nov 8)

ARMENIA  [to Myanmar]  7510 NF, Democratic Voice of Burma, at 2337-0030*
UT on Nov 4-5, New Frequency. ex-11595 kHz summer frequency. Tune-in to
Burmese talk. Many mentions of Myanmar. Short breaks of lite instrumental
music and some short breaks of local Burmese music. Good.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, dxld Nov 8)

Winter B-12 of Brother Stair TOM as of Nov 7:

0000-1300  3185 WRB 100 kW 045 deg to NoEaAM
0100-0400  7490 BCQ 050 kW 245 deg to NoEaAM Mon-Thu
0200-0400  7490 BCQ 050 kW 245 deg to NoEaAM Fri
0400-1300  5890 WCR 100 kW 090 deg to NoEaAM Mon-Fri
0500-1200  5890 WCR 100 kW 090 deg to NoEaAM Sat/Sun
1100-1300 15565 ERV 300 kW 125 deg to FE
1200-1530 13570 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM Mon-Fri
1300-2100  9980 WCR 100 kW 090 deg to NoEaAM Mon-Fri
1300-2400  9370 WRB 100 kW 045 deg to NoEaAM
1400-1600  9460 WER 100 kW non-dir to WeEUR
1400-1600 13810 WER 100 kW 120 deg to NE/ME
1500-1600 15420 BCQ 050 kW 245 deg to NoEaAM Sat
1500-1800 11900 ERV 300 kW 090 deg to NE/ME
1500-2300  9980 WCR 100 kW 090 deg to NoEaAM Sat/Sun
1700-1800 15420 BCQ 050 kW 245 deg to NoEaAM Sat
1900-2000  9835*WER 500 kW 165 deg to NoWeAF
1900-2030 13570 INB 050 kW 242 deg to CeAM Mon-Fri
1900-2200  9700 SOF 050 kW 306 deg to WeEUR, new from Nov 1
2000-2100  7290#TIG 100 kW 290 deg to WeEUR
2000-2300  9990 ERV 300 kW 192 deg to EaAF
2200-2400  9980 WCR 100 kW 090 deg to NoEaAM Mon-Fri
* strong co-ch Radio France International in Russian
# strong co-ch Radio PMR Pridnestrovye Mon-Fri
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

AUSTRALIA   15160  Two accompanied peak spurs listened of RA Shepparton,
resumen commentary on US Pres election, S=4-5 signals at 0430 UT Nov 12 on
15144.5 and 15175.5 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

AUSTRALIA   19000  Nov 6 at 0128 UT, RAustralia VG with tail of an
interview with an Indian academic asserting that altho no longer
government-owned, All India Radio is not trusted by the people, who
consider it still a government mouthpiece, run by ex-bureaucrats; while
they do trust the Parliament Channel, which is funded directly from
parliament. Hmm, isn't that government too?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 8)

BAHRAIN   9745  Radio Bahrain, 0040-0120, Nov 12, carrier + USB, local pop
ballads. Local Mid-East style music. Poor. Weak but readable with adjacent
channel splatter. Barely audible at 0130 check.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Nov 12)

BRAZIL   5014.95  Acc to information received from Anker Petersen, in DX-
Window #466 there is a Brazilian log by Cassio of 5014.95 kHz, R Cultura,
Cuiaba, MT. Thanks a lot Anker for this info. Have to wait for a better
signal so it is possible to catch an ID.
(Thomas Nilsson-SWE, dxld Nov 8)

CANADA   6160.84  CKZN, St. Johns, NF - Heard this station yesterday
evening at 2220 UT with better than average signals. Tune in to feature on
the expected increase in heating costs this winter in Eastern Canada. Into
several program promos including one with a contest to win a trip to visit
the Hadrain Collider in Switzerland. I had not heard this in at least the
last several days ; perhaps more than a week. This evenings signal was
better than anything I had heard from them in quite awhile.
(Stephen Wood-MA-USA, dxld Nov 16)

Stephen, measured Nov 16:
At 1830 UT  6160.855  CKZN, St. Johns, NF
At 1840 UT  6069.961  CFRX Toronto.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16)

CHINA   15570  CNR11th program in Tibetan from Baoji Sifangshan #724 TX
site, suffered by nearby wobbling UTE audio on 15572-15573 kHz. At 0447 UT
Nov 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

this morning around 0500 UT Nov 12. Some Mandarin Chinese bcast of RFA
Tinian-Mariana Isls on 21540 and 21775 kHz, and also VOA Tibetan from
Tinang-PHL site heard on 21570 kHz, all accompanied by one or more / 2-3
echo word CNR jamming signals, on 21775 also up to 2-3 echos of 1 second
delay duration. On 21540 kHz measured echo jamming also on odd minus 31

UNID like SHO / China Jamming pair with endless Chinese political
commentary observed also on nearby 21784.965 kHz at 0515 UT Nov 12.

Two more international broadcaster at same time logged: IRIB Iranian
external service in Russian from Sirjan site S=9+10dB in Brisbane
Australia and Tokyo Japan. Radio Australia Shepparton as usual on 21725
kHz too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

CONGO  [Brazzaville]  6115.000  R. Congo, Brazzaville, thanks to a tip of
Thorsten in A-DX ng, heard 1830-1845 UT Congo, fair signal on Nov 16. At
same time slot also RTVC N'djamena Chad in French on 6164.960 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

ECUADOR/GERMANY   6050  HCJB, Mt. Pichincha site, sent QSL cards for June
and December 2011 reports in 437 and 276 days, respectively. Also enclosed
a short note apologizing for the delay. Both were for postal reports with
audio CDs and MS or $3. The cards were sent in the same envelope with a
QSL card for the 11920 kHz Portuguese service via Germany (59 days). All
three reports had been sent to HCJB Global Voice, Casilla 17-17-691,
Quito, Ecuador.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld Nov 3)

B-12 schedule of HCJB Global Voice via MBR Germany provider:
1530-1630 13740*NAU 100 kW 095 deg to CeAS Russian Sats only.
2245-2300 11920 WER 100 kW 240 deg to BRA Kulina
2300-2330  9835 WER 100 kW 240 deg to BRA German
2300-0045 11920 WER 100 kW 240 deg to BRA Portuguese
* strong co-channel Voice of America in Kinyarwanda from 1600 UT.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, dxld Nov 6)

EGYPT   Winter schedule B-12 of Radio Cairo:
Tentative schedule, not confirmed by monitoring yet, wb.

0400-0600 15610 ABZ 100 kW  170 deg CEAF   Swahili alt. 13650
0700-1100 17510 ABZ 100 kW  250 deg WeAF   Arabic General Sce
1015-1215 17480 ABZ 250 kW  090 deg WeAS   Arabic
1215-1330 17870 ABZ 250 kW  090 deg SoAS   English
1230-1400 15710 ABS 250 kW  106 deg SoEaAS Indonesian
1300-1400 15365 ABZ 250 kW  070 deg WeAS   Dari alt. 17725
1300-1600 15800 ABS 250 kW  241 deg WeAF   Arabic alt. 15080/15770
1330-1530 15245 ABZ 100 kW  070 deg WeAS   Persian
1400-1600 15545 ABZ 250 kW  070 deg WeAS   Pashto
1500-1600 15160 ABZ 250 kW  061 deg CeAS   Uzbek
1500-1600 13580 ABS 250 kW  315 deg EaEUR  Albanian
1530-1730 17810 ABZ 250 kW  170 deg CeEaAF Swahili
1600-1700 15450 ABZ 100 kW  160 deg EaCeAF Afar
1600-1700 13680 ABS 250 kW  315 deg EaEUR  Bosnian Serbo-Croatian
1600-1800 17585 ABZ 250 kW  090 deg SoAS   Urdu
1600-1800 15345 ABZ 150 kW  196 deg CeSoAF English
1630-1730 15285 ABZ 100 kW  160 deg EaCeAF Somali
1700-1900  9280 ABS 250 kW  005 deg NE/ME  Turkish
1730-1900 15285 ABZ 100 kW  160 deg EaCeAF Amharic
1700-2300  9250 ABZ 250 kW  180 deg AF     Arabic - not heard wb.
1700-2300 17485 ABZ 100 kW  170 deg AF     Arabic - not heard wb.
1800-1900  9655 ABZ 250 kW  315 deg WeEUR  Italian alt. 9805
1800-2100 15710 ABS 250 kW  241 deg WeAF   Hausa alt. 9990
1845-2000 17625 ABZ 200 kW  245 deg WeAF   Fulfulde alt. 11555
1845-2000 15520 ABZ 100 kW  250 deg WeAF   Fulfulde alternate
1900-2000 11560 ABS 200 kW  325 deg WeEUR  German
1900-2000  9280 ABS 250 kW  005 deg EaEUR  Russian alt. 9885
1900-2030 15290 ABZ 250 kW  250 deg WeAF   Eng
1900-2400  9305 ABS 250 kW  315 deg WeEUR  Arabic General Sce.
1900-0030 11540 ABZ 100 kW  160 deg EaCeAF Arabic R. Voice of Arabs
1900-0030  9295 ABZ 100 kW  160 deg EaCeAF Arabic R.V.O.A. alternate
2000-2115 11560 ABS 200 kW  325 deg WeEUR  French
2000-2200  9855 ABZ 250 kW  110 deg AUS    Arabic  alt. 6860
2100-2300 15210 ABS 250 kW  241 deg WeAF   French
2115-2245 11890 ABS 200 kW  330 deg WeEUR  English alt. 12050
2215-2330 13810 ABZ 250 kW  245 deg SoAM   Portuguese alt. 15480
2300-0030  9965 ABS 250 kW  325 deg NoWeAM English alt. 11510
2330-0045  9250 ABS 250 kW  282 deg CeAM   Arabic
2330-0045 13855 ABS 250 kW  286 deg CeAM   Arabic alt.
2330-0045  9290 ABZ 250 kW  245 deg SoAM   Arabic alt. 15480
0000-0700  9305 ABS 250 kW  315 deg NoAM   Arabic General Sce.
0030-0430  0065 ABS 250 kW  325 deg NoWeAM Arabic alt. 11510
0045-0200  9720 ABZ 250 kW  315 deg NoEaAM Spanish alt. 9315
0045-0200  9250 ABS 250 kW  282 deg CeAM   Spanish
0045-0200 13855 ABS 250 kW  286 deg CeAM   Spanish {alternate}
0045-0200 13620 ABS 250 kW  241 deg SoAM   Spanish
0200-0330  9720 ABZ 250 kW  315 deg NoAM   English alt. 9315
0200-0700  9905 ABS 250 kW  315 deg NoAM   Arabic General Sce

[N.B.: Many (most?) of these frequencies have severe technical
problems such as extreme distortion and/or undermodulation gh]

(updated by wb. via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12; used
B-11 DX Mix News-BUL schedule of Dec 29, 2011 via gh dxld)

ETHIOPIA   1359  Voz da Revolucao do Tigre, Mekelle, at 1826-1840 UT on
Nov 3, Tigre language, texto, chamadas de ouvintes, alguma musica; 44433,
QRM da G; // 5950 kHz sob forte QRM adjt. ate as 1830 UTE.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Nov 8)

FRANCE/ALGERIA    Winter B-12 schedule of Radio Algerienne:
0400-0458  5865 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CEAF Arabic, new "Chaine 1"
0500-0505  5865 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF French nx
0505-0558  5865 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF Arabic HQ
0500-0558  7295 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CEAF Arabic, new "Chaine 1"
0600-0658  5865 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF Arabic HQ
1800-1858 11955*ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CEAF Arabic, new "Chaine 1"
1900-1905 11775#ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF French nx
1905-2000 11775#ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF Arabic HQ
1900-1958  9390 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CEAF Arabic, new "Chaine 1"
2000-2058  9390 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CEAF Arabic, new "Chaine 1"
2000-2005 11775#ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF French nx
2005-2058 11775#ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF Arabic HQ
2100-2105  7495 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF French nx
2105-2158  7495 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF Arabic HQ
2100-2158  9395 ISS 500 kW 162 deg to CEAF Arabic, new "Chaine 1"
2200-2258  7495 ISS 500 kW 194 deg to NoWeAF Arabic HQ

* totally blocked by Radio Romania International in English
# co-ch Caribbean Beacon in English
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

0100-0158 11635 GUF 250 kW 235 deg to Peru Spanish, not 15400 from 0300
2000-2058  5950 ISS 250 kW 182 deg to NoWeAF French
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

FRANCE/TAIWAN   Winter B-12 of R Taiwan International via TDF France:
1400-1458 15180 ISS 500 kW 060 deg to RUSS Russian
1600-1658 15485 ISS 500 kW 085 deg to SoEaAS English
1700-1758  7465 ISS 500 kW 055 deg to RUSS Russian
1700-1758 15690 ISS 500 kW 160 deg to SoAF English
1800-1858  3965 ISS 250 kW 345 deg to U.K. English
1900-1958 11875 ISS 500 kW 190 deg to NoAF French
2000-2058  3965 ISS 250 kW 215 deg to SoEUR Spanish
2100-2158  3965 ISS 250 kW 050 deg to WeEUR German
0200-0300 11995 GUF 500 kW 195 deg to SoAM Spanish
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

GEORGIA  [Abkhazia province]  9535  Nothing heard from Sukhumi lately on
this tiny 5 kW unit ... Rumen - it#s your turn...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

GERMANY   The Mighty KBC - 3 extra transmitters to go globally in
The Mighty KBC Trucker Radio 6095 kHz shortwave.

The Mighty KBC is going globally with The Giant Jukebox!
Extra broadcasts on December 22, 23, 25 and 26, 2012 between 1500-1600 UT.
We are using 3 extra transmitters to go globally:

One 125 kW TX extra on +/- 9 MHz, 1500-1600 UT, Non Directional (we
already use 6095 on 22 & 23 Dec).

One 250 kW transmitter for the USA (East Coast time) UTC -5 on +/- 21 MHz,
1500-1600 UT, 300 degr, 250 kW.

One 250 kW transmitter to Asia (Vietnam time) UTC +7hrs / Australia
(Sydney time) UTC +11hrs

We will soon announce the exact frequencies for those 4 days in December.

A one time KBC Radio event.
Sponsored by and

For a QSL card check the link below
Spread the word, tell your friends about The Mighty KBC
(KBC via Mike Terry-UK BrDXC-UK Nov 13)

GREECE    Winter B-12 schedule from Greece:

ERA-5 Voice of Greece in Greek:
1250-1850 15630 AVL 100 kW 105 deg to SoAS/AUS
1250-0900  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR/NoAM not air from Nov 11
1855-2250 15650 AVL 100 kW 260 deg to CeEUR/SoEUR
2255-0250 15650 AVL 100 kW 226 deg to CeAm/SoAM
2255-0900  7475 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR/NoAM Radio Filia from 0600*
0255-0900 11645 AVL 100 kW 182 deg to NoAF/NE/ME

ERT-3 Radiophonikos Stathmos Makedonias in Greek:
1250-1650  9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR/NoAM,x till 1750 from Nov 6
1655-2250  7450 AVL 100 kW 323 deg to WeEUR/NoAM,x from 1755 from Nov 6

*with different duration different days of the week in Albanian,Spanish,
German,Russian,Polish,Bulgarian,Serbian and some days VOGreece in Greek.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

IRAN   3965.000  IRIB Tehran in Urdu morning sce via Zahedan site.
S=9+10dB at 0215 UT Nov 10. Commentary about USSR era 1979 of Leonid
Breshnew. // 6100 kHz S=9 via Kamalabad, and much weaker on 6185 Ahwaz

6040  Sirjan site, IRIB in Kazakh S=9+5dB, 7205 Sirjan site S=9+10dB.

9510  Sirjan site, IRIB in Hindi S=9+15dB, 11820 Sirjan site S=6 poor and

7350  Kamalabad site, "Palestine radio of Al-Quds TV progr" at 0230-0527
UT, powerful S=9+35dB. 9740 Kamalabad at S=8 level, 9895 Zahedan relay
site S=9+25dB.

5950  Sirjan site, IRIB Pashto language sce, S=9+15dB, 6095 also S=9+15dB.

6010  Kamalabad site, IRIB Tehran in Spanish, powerful lobe to LatAM
across Germany receiving post... S=9+30dB.

6175  Kamalabad site, IRIB in Uzbek S=9+10dB, 7300 Sirjan site S=9+40dB
strong powerhouse!

All on 0215-0240 UT time slot on Nov 10th.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 10)

IRAN/CYPRUS   7410  BBC Persian service via Zyggi Cyprus relay registered
at 0230-0330 UT. Channel suffers heavily by Iranian BUBBLE jamming, + put
bubbler 1042 Hertz away upper side, occur additional whistle interference
tone. S=9+20dB powerhouse at 0245 UT Nov 10. Bubbler covers upper side
7410 to 7415.5 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 10)

KYRGYZSTAN   5130  Sadaye Zindage from Bishkek was checked regularly
during the Sheigra DX-pedition and confirmed to be on the air most days at
1630-1730 UT (sometimes to 1745) with a weak or very weak signal.
Programming was from Radio Sadaye Zindage (Sound of Life), a Christian
broadcaster which targets Afghanistan in Pashto and Dari. 5130 kHz
transmitter has been reported previously with various names such as Hit
Shortwave or Radio Maranatha, but the only ID heard was Sadaye Zindage.
(Dave Kenny-UK, Sheigra 5-19 Oct, BrDXC-UK Communication magazine, dxld)

LITHUANIA     Winter B-12 of Sitkunai relay:
0430-0500 NF6115 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to EaEUR Radio Japan NHK in Russian
1000-1100   9690 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to CeAS Radio Free Asia in Tibetan
2300-2400   9875 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to CeAS Radio Free Asia in Tibetan
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

MADAGASCAR   5010.00  Radio Madagasikara, at *0223-0245 UT on Nov 11,
carrier + USB. Sign on with lite music. IS at 0228 UT. National Anthem at
0229. Talk at 0230. Lite music at 0233 UT. Very weak. Very poor in noisy
conditions. Reception was much better yesterday.

5010.00  Radio Madagasikara, at 0224-0245 UT on Nov 12, carrier + USB.
Tune-in to lite inspirational music. IS at 0228:28. Choral National Anthem
at 0229. Lite music at 0231 UT and opening announcements. Malagasy talk
and inspirational music. Poor. Weak but readable in noisy conditions.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Nov 12)

5010.006  Measured this Malagasy Radio signal at 0255 UT Nov 10, just on
THRESHOLD level, could trace only pop chorus music...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 10)

MOLDOVA  [break away separated PMR]  7460  Persian language Bahai religion
station "R Payem-e-Doost" request 0230-0315 UT via Grigoriopol Maiac in
Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Logged at 0250 UT on Nov 10th, S=9+35dB
signal level on back lobe heard in Germany. Talk by two men.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 10)

MOLDOVA    Updated winter B-12 schedule of Radio PMR Pridnestrovye Mon-
1800-1830  7290 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR English 15' and Music 15'
1830-1900  7290 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR German  15' and Music 15'
1900-1930  7290#KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR Russian 15' and Music 15'
1930-2000  7290#KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR French  15' and Music 15'
2000-2030  7290*KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR English 15' and Music 15'
2030-2100  7290*KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR German  15' and Music 15'
2100-2130  7290 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR Russian 15' and Music 15'
2130-2200  7290 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR French  15' and Music 15'
2200-2230  7290 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR English 15' and Music 15'
2230-2300  7290 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR German  15' and Music 15'
# strong co-ch NEXUS txions Friday
* strong co-ch Brother Stair English
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

NIGER   9705.59  LV du Sahel, 2245-2300*, Nov 12, French talk. Indigenous
vocals at 2252. National Anthem at 2258:54. One second test tone at 2300
and off. Weak but readable. Very weak by 2254. Frequency stable tonight.
No drifting.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Nov 12)

PAKISTAN   9560  Radio Pakistan. Tune in at top of hour at 1700 UT, to
time pips followed by Yl w/ID in English. Into news headlines w/brief
fanfare between each story. Then into news in detail. Another ID at 1705
UT ending w/Sports and repeat of headlines also mentioned website than
into listed Urdu by OM at 1710 UT. Somewhat surprising mid day reception
here. It's been quite awhile since I have heard anything in English from
Pakistan. Really wasn't sure that they were even still broadcasting these
brief English segments. Overall the signal was pretty good although
plagued by heavy static and moderate fading. Audio was somewhat muffled
making specific details difficult to hear but the ID's were definite as
was the language, English.
(Steve Wood-MA-USA, dxld Nov 12)

Re 9560 Radio Pakistan. Yes, new B-12 winter channel, RP has a lot of
WOODEN requests on ITU/HFCC list. Supposedly at night only very special
Kashmir bcast on 3975 kHz at 1500-1815 UT, and 9560 Urdu service for
EUR/NE target at 17-19 UT. Heard at 1850 UT here in Germany, but weak
signal level. Not like 250 kW of power.

Searched for 2nd // night sce channel, but seemingly serves only SINGLE
frequency bcast on 9560 kHz so far.

0500-0700 UT 17830 21460
1330-1530 UT 11575 11675 11800 kHz.
1700-1900 UT requests: 7530  9350  9380 9390 9470 9500 - and 9560 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

PHILIPPINES  [tentat.]   9581.750  Most probably DZFM PBS Radio ng Bayan
Filipino program from Quezon City Marulas site 'seen' on Perseus browser
peak at 0425 UT Nov 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

ROMANIA/UKRAINE   R Romania MW Boldur Lugoj 756 kHz site, nice view image.


Resita site

Paltinis Sibiu Hermannstadt site


Timisoara - Budapest nice train trip.

Sure, older ex Jamming transmitter facility, 11 masts in
UKR  Chernivtsi 1449 kHz 25 kW
48 16 16.70 N  25 53 32.20 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 2)

RUSSIA   Voice of Russia signal 7000 kms across Alaska and western Pacific
coast of Canada.

Noted three 800 Hertz tone procedure signals at 0150 to 0200 UT on all
three channels 15630, 17665 from Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy, and weaker
17690 from Vladivostok site.

Used various remote SDR units in WA, OR and CA on western coast of US.

15630 S=9+40dB
17665 S=9+30dB
17690 S=9+10dB

02-04 UT English
 7250 Armavir Tbilisskaya 500 NoAM, CeAM
 7290 Grigoriopol-MDA 500 NoAM CeAM
15630 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 250 Western NoAM, ALS, CAN
17665 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 250 Western NoAM, ALS, CAN
17690 Vladivostok 250 Western NoAM, ALS, CAN

0400-0500 English
 1314 Yerevan Gavar-ARM 1000 NE/ME/CIS/Caucasus
 9830 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 250 Western NoAM, ALS, CAN
15630 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 250 Western NoAM, ALS, CAN
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8)

RUSSIA   Winter B-12 schedule of Tatarstan Wave in Tatar/Russian:
0410-0500 11895 SAM 160 kW 058 deg to FE, ex15105 065 deg in B-11
0610-0700  9410 SAM 250 kW 058 deg to RUS
0810-0900 11610 SAM 250 kW 294 deg to WeEUR, ex305 deg

Winter B-12 schedule of Radio Rossii in Russian:
0400-0700  9840 MSK 250 kW 267 deg to WeEUR, ex260 deg
0725-1200 12075 MSK 250 kW 267 deg to WeEUR, ex260 deg
1225-1500  7310 MSK 250 kW 267 deg to WeEUR, ex260 deg
1525-2100  5905 MSK 250 kW 267 deg to WeEUR, ex260 deg
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

RUSSIA   Radio "Mayak" gone from a rural road and air soon.

RTR decided to stop with January 1, 2013 broadcast on "Mayak / Lighthouse"
program in the long and medium waves, causing radio silent outside cities.

After January 1, 2013 of the "Lighthouse" will be broadcast only in FM and
These FM frequencies used for broadcasting in the cities because of the
small radius of the transmitter.

Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR) last week
sent a letter to the state company RTRS notice of termination of funding
for services RTRS broadcasting radio "Mayak" on long (LW) and medium (SW)
waves across Russia. This "News" said a source close to the RTR. In
addition, since the beginning of the new year is significantly reduced and
foreign radio "Voice of Russia", and some of the country areas will stop
by broadcasting altogether.

Transmission is in LW and SW heard almost the entire populated area of
??the country, including remote and rural areas, as well as roads outside
built-up areas. Therefore, termination of broadcasting "Mayak" in these
bands will make it inaudible in rural, suburban areas and on the roads.

According to the source, "Izvestia", the cessation of broadcasts of
"Mayak" in the LW and MW due to economic factors:

RTR profitable to spend money on it because of the virtual absence of
broadcasting in non-urban air advertising revenue of the company. With the
departure of "Mayak" from LW and MW in most parts of Russia outside the
city the population will become available for the first in the USSR
laundry information and music radio, operating since 1964. In the
"provincial" air, so there will be only "Radio Rossii".

The decrease in broadcasting on January 1, take and Radio "Voice of
Russia", working in foreign countries. Deputy chair Alexander Shirokov Nov
8th informed the RTRS letter, the content of which acquainted "Izvestia".
Of the letter that reduced broadcasting company in all frequency bands
with transmitters located in Russia.

In particular, short wave (SW), total broadcasting reduced to about 26
hours a day compared to 50 hours in 2012. Also, in the letter of
broadcasting is defined only for the 1st quarter of 2013, whereas usually
the "Voice of Russia" RTRS agrees with the scope of services for the
broadcasting of their programs for at least six months, or even a year.

The decline in broadcasting "Voice of Russia" corresponds to a reduction
of financing services company RTRS. The notification "Voice of Russia"
states that it plans to submit in 2013 to pay for their broadcasts radio
center RTRS from Russia no more than 220 million rubles, compared to about
550 million rubles in 2012.

At the same time, according to informed sources in the industry, the
"Voice of Russia" in the coming year and will refuse to lease three of the
four foreign transmitters, which were conducted with the broadcasting
company. As a result of these factors, some of the country's "Voice of
Russia" does no longer broadcast. Among them, for example, Serbia,
Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Iran, Afghanistan, as well as Ukraine and

Official representative of the RTRS Igor Igor Stepanov confirmed a
downward trend in recent years of broadcasting "Voice of Russia". As for
the care of "Mayak" with LW and MW bands, at the moment he does not know
about the official notification to this effect.

Source "News" in the "Mayak" confirms plans to stop broadcasting on long
and medium waves and maintain the existing network broadcasting in FM and

IT specialists are concerned about the fate of the powerful broadcasting
due to the reduction of its use for an inclusive broadcasting in Russia
and other countries, because the public broadcasting station "Radio
Russia", "Mayak" and "Voice of Russia" today provide the main load of this
type of broadcast.

The corresponding reduction in pay for the powerful Russian broadcasting,
according to experts, is threatening to collapse. According to them, the
situation became critical after this June, the Russian government has
decided to stop funding the modernization of powerful broadcasting. Before
that, it was planned to allocate from the state budget 13.7 billion rubles
for the installation of new equipment and replacement of the existing,
worn which is 80-100%.

Chairman of the consortium, "Digital Broadcasting Technology Platform"
(CTPD) Andrew Bryksenkov believes that reducing the revenues from
broadcasting "Mayak" and "Voice of Russia" can lead to the complete
closure of some centers transmitting RTRS. Among these centers in St.
Petersburg, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk, Kamchatka and in the suburbs.

In turn, the disabling of a powerful radio broadcasting centers can lead
to negative consequences, including a reduction in the reliability of
systems alerting the public in emergency situations, and reduced levels of
security and defense. This is especially evident from the fact that now in
Russia there are only 65 transmitters, providing a powerful internal
national radio, against 624 in China and 637 in the United States - said
the expert.

Media specialists believe that the failure of "Mayak" from broadcasting on
long and medium waves may be associated with cost optimization.

This step is quite logical, because the "Lighthouse" thus concentrates its
listeners on shortwave. And those students who live in remote parts of the
country, can listen to "lighthouse" on the wired radio, which has not been
canceled - the president said Media Holding Alexander Shkolnik.

Anyway, people in rural and remote areas will have to forget the call sign
of "Mayak", since wire radio in these places, or never had, or has been
curtailed in recent years. Today, networks wired radio preserved mainly in
the big cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, etc. In most regions
of Russia wire radio active retirement. For example, it turned out,
"News", outside Novosibirsk in wire radio all stopped working. Around the
Krasnodar region registered only about 100 thousand pixels wired radio,
and even in fairly large cities the number of users wired radio does not
exceed 1-2% of the population.

Read more:
(Izvestia_newspaper, via wb wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 13)

[see item above]

Radio Mayak abandons MW/LW, Voice of Russia cuts.

VGTRK terminated the transmission contracts for all LW/MW transmitters
still carrying Radio Mayak, effective Jan 1. The terrestrial service of
Radio Mayak will be limited to FM in larger towns, VGTRK considers it as
economically not viable to still do more.

Voice of Russia for its part notified the transmitter operator RTRS on Nov
8 of its intention to cut the use of RTRS shortwave transmitters by half
and to spend in 2013 not more than 220 million roubles (as opposed to 550
millions in 2012) for RTRS services. The use of transmitters abroad is
even supposed to be cut by three quarters. This may result in the closure
of Voice of Russia transmissions to the former Yugoslavia, Spain,
Portugal, Iran, Afghanistan as well as the Ukraine and Moldova.

All this results in a uncertain future for the AM transmitter network of
RTRS after a program, worth 13.7 billion roubles, to replace the old
equipment has already been terminated. Some observers think that the
situation could result in the closure of facilities in the regions of
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk and Kamchatka.


On a related note: Any actual observations concerning 1044 from Kurkino,
which was supposed to be turned off on Nov 10? And what about co-located
738 and 810 which carry/carried WRN and VOA, respectively, both in
theory now outlawed as well for more than 48 percent of the shares of
these broadcasters being in foreign possession?
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Nov 16)

RUSSIA   K/A - Komsomolsk-on-Amur: link of history file on website of the
Russian Far East transmitter center station.


Very detailed description of the history of the
broadcast center RC-5 Komsomolsk-na-Amure.
G.C. at

most modern two SW antennas at
50 39 36.71 N  136 54 19.44 E

LW 153 kHz 1200 kW mast, Amur-257, RB-200, 257 meters height mast
50 39 18.71 N  136 55 04.84 E

Komsomolsk-na-Amur 666 kHz 150 kW, 927 kHz 1152 kHz 50 kW
50 39 27.42 N  136 54 31.59 E

9 shortwave masts, - scrapped mast / poles.
50 39 03.92 N  136 55 08.91 E

MW tower at the right side
rather FM/TV and Telecom mast installation

Komsomolsk-na-Amur, Malaya Zarya antenna 630 kHz 162 degr
18masts of 1.55 kms length, at
50 38 27.17 N  136 56 40.83 E

Too comprehensively, not to summarize it here, just one detail: the 1965
installed very first Sneg transmitter unit was actually used for shortwave
and mediumwave. This option was also used on some other Soviet
broadcasting centers at this era.

The site has had to recognize a comprehensive utility department (62
antennas and the usual transmitter types), which was mined in the late 90
years / 2000y, and is therefore no longer visible on Google Earth images.

G.C. southerly at 50 37 22.51 N  136 56 11.88 E

Komsomolsk-on-Amur radio center.

Centre t / p and broadcasting / communications, Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
In n. a. COMS. Centre t / p / broadcasting, being the largest block of the
Caves region, center, performs govt. challenges in t / Vision and p /
broadcast programs. Technological complex. equipment. center can take t /
Vision and p / broadcast programs on cable, r / relay and satellite links,
produce processing and broadcasting in the bands long, medium, short and
ultrashort waves. The center consists of p / broadcast department,
providing broadcast programs vnutriros. and external p / broadcasting and
network p / m / transmitting stations providing televiz. Broadcasting's.
Komsomolsk, Amursk paragraphs. Sunny, Elban, throat. COMS points. and
Cupid. areas. Perspective develop. centers - in fullscreen. count
transmitted t / Vision and p / broadcast programs, improving the quality
of services provided by the implement. new techniques and uses. cutting-
edge digital technology.

In 1932, on the Amur began pages of h with Disabilities and new. city
titles. subsequently Komsomolsk-on-Amur. This task was impossible without
a reliable connection with the regional center and Moscow. Therefore, in
1932, was installed first. auditory p / us: p. Permian-d. Khabarovsk
transmitter "Kazakhstan", ICC-3. Low-power short-p / station could not
provide reliable communication. It was decided to p-ve b. powerful p /
center. In December 1936 pages of it over and Par. been adopted since. p /
center (VPRTS) in the district of the village. them. Chkalov. Thus was
organized. p / telegraph through Khabarovsk to Moscow.

The site for the construction of the transmission w / center was selected
in the 16-km from the city. On a small hill, surrounded by swampy forest,
built a log cottage 150 meters from the broken highway, and connects them

In the equipment room housed two by the time the powerful 15 kW shortwave
(SW) type transmitter DRC-15. An adjacent antenna field almost to the
house; supports transmission antennas were 25-meter guyed masts of metal
and cables. The masts were cut down from the Far Eastern right barrel

The site was chosen as a reception center near the village Hummi. Near the
center was a lake to-Roe provided and the transmitting and receiving
centers, especially in the years of World War II, a sufficient number of
CMV fish.

Small in number. tech. staff p / stations live on the site PMSC (district
village. them. Chkalov).

With this p / q associated means. event.

In October 1938, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur was brought banners crew
"Homeland", headed by V. Grizodubova, crashed at the end of the flight. At
the request of the crew through tech. means VPRTS was first. organisms. p
/ tel. communication K.-by-A with Moscow. Following the report of human-
tion Commission of the crew was asked to give them an opportunity to talk
with family and friends. Their request was granted.

At the same time, continued page of powerful p / center. December 29. 1939
pages of finished objects #430 (now p. ? 5) with a residential village and
object #437 (RS-1, now tehzdanie #1 shop number 1) with a residential
village and Reception p / station in the village Hummi (object number
match the number of units Dallaga).

Early objects was appointed Philip S. Petrov.

So from August 10. 1940 was organized. COMS. p / Center (KRC).

The structure includes RRC p / pre-ment: the object #430, object #437,
temporarily transferring p / center temporarily receiving p / center p /
office (with the exception of the telegraph apparatus).

After entering Par. requirements specification, structures, residential
village object #430 in terms of reference workshop #5 placed the
transmitter of the "Extra" - 10 kW (with their own. en / base, diesel
generator sets like "Vorktington" 100 hp.

[...] In order to improve the reliability and quality of the transmitter
"Extra" was renovated in 1956. In 1954, the RS-5 has been set yet another
medium wave broadcasting transmitter of special deliveries. Installation
and commissioning of the transmitter led PM Makarenko.

In 1967, the transmitter has been completely renovated with complete
replacement of vacuum tubes, circuit elements. In the reconstruction of
the transmitter radio center staff attended workshops. [...]

In the years 1972-73 at the radio station were replaced old equipment with
the installation of new radio transmitters such as "Tesla", "Storm", to
install, configure transmitters involved [...]

TCR forces CRD-8 and operational staff in 1999 was renovated and installed
shortwave transmitter "Lightning" with a connection to the reconstructed
antenna mast.

To receive programs broadcast in 2002, a satellite receiver capable of
receiving three programs broadcast.

Currently, the shop number five has four radiovesch transmitter.

Exploitation of the whole set of equipment involved in the collective
workshop, consisting of experienced professionals and young workers who
came [...]

Object #437 (the present period terms of reference #1 shop number 1) with
a residential village was built at the end of 1939.

Technically, the building was equipped with two types of zones of
transmitter-120 for the purpose of broadcasting. Antenna structure
originally consisted of antennas DRG Mintz, were then built antenna RG and
RGD. To reserve a telecommunications facility #10 in the first stage was
mounted transmitter connected DRC-15.

In 1954, in addition there is one more of the special broadcasting
transmitter supply. In the assembly and installation of the transmitter
involved [...]

In 1965, the engine room of the liberated tehzdaniya shortwave transmitter
was installed "Snow", who also in the medium range. In 1968, there is one
more transmitter "Snow" in umoschnennom version, assembly involving BT
Kulagin, VJ Graudina, IA Bogdanov, IN Gobies.

In 1987, ZON-120 transmitters were removed as obsolete and in their areas
was installed modern medium wave transmitter "Surf" with parois
paritelnuyu executive cooling radio tubes. In order to heat recovery in
1988 by the operational staff in the cooling system was installed a couple
of steam heat exchanger and thus implemented the idea for water heating
boiler in the winter and hot water supply of the village through waste
heat transmitter.

In the late 90's and into the 2000's to the vacated area in terms of
reference connected transmitters were installed, detached for PC-3 (SMR-5,
RMB-20 "Lightning", "blizzard", P-140).

In works on the installation, configuration and operation of shop
equipment directly involved [...] and other workers.

Along with the installation of radio transmitters was installed and put
into operation the equipment in between radio set antenna switch "Sage."

In 1952, at the site of the object #437 has been the construction of the
complex, there is a new tehzdanie - terms of reference TK-2, control
building, a school, a boiler house, 3 houses and treatment facilities. In
terms of reference were installed two shortwave broadcast transmitter VCR-
120 with a set of transmit antennas SG. A lot of energy and creativity
when the equipment is made of IS Azarov, Ershov, VS Bernstein.

During the existence of the transmitters have undergone several
renovations to the change components, increasing power output.

Cardinal reconstruction transmitters were in 1993-1994. Transmitters were
switched to paroisparitelnuyu cooling system instead of water, to allow
utilization of process heat and provide heating of the residential village
and hot water. In this paroisparitelnaya cooling system was built
according to the original scheme with the supply of steam to cool down
instead of the standard (up), allowing to do without the add tehzdaniya
and associated high costs.

Direct participation in the reconstruction of the transmitters involved NF
Kholmanskikh, AB Bobrikov, PF Grishchenko, Y. Garshin.

Surgical equipment maintenance shop with the commissioning performed by

During these years, carry out reconstruction of antenna-feeder structures.
Were umoschneny clarification antenna, antenna reconstructed pavilion with
installation of new antenna switch and reversing antennas.

Work performed by employees of aerial services. like [...]

In 1963, #437 diesel facility was renovated in technical building #3 shop
number 1. It was mounted transmitter LW, MW-band "Buran" and built the
antenna APPT and "Dawn."

In the installation and commissioning of the equipment involved, MS
Smirnov, GA Averensky, AE Kozlitin, IN Bychkov, NG Parkhomenko.

In 1973, the transmitter "Buran" was renovated with umoschneniem two
times. In this aerial APPT was reconstructed in the antenna-mast shunt

In 1982, the transmitter was again rebuilt. For the first time in the
region was carried out biharmonic mode to high-power transmitters, thereby
increased industrial efficiency and increased radiated power of 1.2 times
without increasing power consumption, which significantly extend the range
of audibility of the transmitter. The reconstruction was carried
transmitter AA Jasinski, PF Grishchenko NG Parkhomenko.

Online maintenance of equipment during the operation of the transmitter
carried by [...]

Temporary broadcasting center existed before September 1, 1944, when it
completed the station #3 (10th building).

Construction of PC-3 was carried out to provide radio communications with
the center and the regions of the Far East. The chief object of RS-3 (10th
building) was named AA Pies.

These years were installed transmitters connected RC-15, RC-40, RC-60. To
reserve power station had its own energobaza, consisting of two units of

Chief object was appointed SY Borovik. At this time, the radio station
worked [...]

In the years 1960-1970 transmitters modernized and replaced by the more
advanced type of PC-2M. Great work on the installation of new equipment
carried by [...]

To supply the central programs in the northern Far East in 70-80 years
were installed three broadcast transmitter "Ural", "snow", "Thunder". 16
transmitters provide radio telecommunications backbone 7, 3 vnutrikraevye,
10 tenant relations for the Ministry of Defence.

A total of 24 radio stations were working, providing connection to the
center and the regions, and radio and mute foreign broadcasting.

In the installation, reconstruction of radio and broadcasting actively
involved [...]

In the 80-90 years old were replaced with new radio transmitters such as
"elm-2M", P-140, RMB-5, "Molniya-2M", RMB-20, R-140, PTP-5, "Molniya-2M",
RMB-20, "blizzard". Was completely replaced by park agents ICP-100 in
high-stability agents in-71 with remote control transmitters. Great work
on the installation of new equipment performed newcomers specialists VL
Uzhdin, AB Bobriki, N. Afonin, MI Sanyuk, Y. Tignes.

Antenna installations PC-3 were built as commissioning transmitters and
increasing needs, and by the early 90's, their total number was 62
antenna. VGDSH, VSPVSH, RG, RGD mainly on asbestos concrete masts and
towers feeder.

Maintenance, construction and repair of AFD engaged anntenschiki
machtoviki-by [...]

To improve efficiency, remote control capabilities have been installed
initially antenna switch "Matrix-M30," and then more advanced "Sage."

In the late 90s-set radio equipment was dismantled and moved to the free
areas other shops, the station was closed down.

The so-called "Southern area", later receiving station #2 was put into
operation in 1940.

On radio in the first period of radio receivers were CTF. Be resistant to
radio DR-89 from special deliveries.

Active participation in the construction and maintenance of radio
equipment involved plummet Levin, [...]

In 1942, employees of the radio center on their own hand-laid transkabel
from RB to RS-2. Built houses, harvested wood, hay for the families of
soldiers and family. Excelled in the [...]

In 50-60 years began to be introduced into service CMPA, "Crab-M". On
radio and radiovesch antenna used construction WG RGD, BS-2.

In 80 years at the radio station also were working on automation and
remote control of radio channels. Here were have the latest in this field
receivers "Prism", "Cranberry", P-399, remote antenna switch "Trident",
controlgear receivers 'Centre', seals AURK radio channels "and" TT-12 ".
To reserve a physical connection lines installed RRL "container."

Employees of Radio IP Savchenko, AM Kolmykov, LA Kolmykova, MF Zavalin, MS
Rogov, SS Yakimov, V. Povalyaev, VV Swiderski, ON Nefedov, V. Primerova,
GN Ryzhkov, IG Brill, N. Ovchinnikov were heavily involved in the
installation and operation of equipment station.

At the same time (ie, 1940), according to the order was created
radiobureau (PTA) as a connecting link between the telegraph, the
receiving station and the radio station. In the initial period, the
organization of telecommunications at the hearing held in Morse code, and
later began to be buhtopechatayuschie devices "Creed", "Bodo", ST-35, T-
19, "Arrow", "wave", "Lambda", "Tram".

Served by radio in the 40-50 years [...]

In 80ties years working in RB YA Mashloenko, EK Lookout, VV Suprun, VV

In 2000 radiobureau equipment was dismantled and installed in the KPA.

Number in 1940 was organized by the Komsomolskaya broadcasting apparatus
(PBA), which since 1963 serves as the CRA.

At the beginning of activity (from 1939 to 1955.) PBA used equipment with-
P (P station equipment). In 1955, studio equipment was upgraded. In 64-65
years installed a new hardware types PRA-1, and then rack broadcasting
"CBKC." Great work on the installation of the equipment, its maintenance
performed VG Wrasse, VA Polyakov, VA Kochkina, NG Arhilova, VA Primerova.

After the installation and assembly of equipment radiobureau in 2000y
organized a workshop for the organization and radio broadcasting channels

To reserve a trunk cable in 1999 on the site of shop #2 and CSC was
established RRL "Complex-5M" with hardware compression and channel
allocation of broadcasting and telephone channels. In the future, RRL was
the main connecting element between these units. Since 2002, this works on
installation and operation of television equipment for the television
broadcast of the city and surrounding areas.

The assembly, installation and maintenance of complex equipment CSC
engaged LI Goncharov, Y. Mamloenko, SA Haraldina, OP Dobreli, EK Lookout,
(very bumpy translation of automatic Google_translator file, Nov 2012)

SOUTH AFRICA   729 MW Cape Town. Klipheuwel 567 Cape Talk R., and 729 kHz
exPunt op Medium Golf, latter closed in January 2012.

Opened new Radio Kansel in Afrikaans at 25 kW
33 42 01.80 S  18 42 27.43 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

I have picked up hints over the last few months that the Cape Town
Klipheuwel site is being expanded in use. Last night through mwdx Yahoo
Group John Plimmer confirmed hearing Radio Kansel on 729 kHz in Afrikaans
- presumably using another 25 kW transmitter.
(Dan Goldfarb-UK, mwmasts Nov 13)

SPAIN   REE Madrid - General Strike.
REE Spanish service at present (on 7275 at 1930 UT on Tuesday 14 Nov)
broadcasting back-to-back music instead of regular programming. Music
interspersed with occasional canned announcement referring to "huelga
general" or the "general strike", currently in progress in Spain
protesting on the austerity measures. No sign of the regular English
programme scheduled 1900-2000 UT on 9605 kHz.
(Alan Roe-UK, BrDXC-UK / dxld Nov 14)

Re 9605, but REE heard in French at 2000-2100 UT, looks like usual
'normal' program, no music - like still on 7275 kHz at 2030 UT.
No music on 7275 kHz on Nov 16th.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

SRI LANKA   15745  SLBC Ekala site at 0123 UT, brought up the other
service on 11905 kHz a few times, tone off and on a couple times, then
deadair. 0127 UT tone again, then the signal went off the air. Came back
on 10 seconds later with tone, deadair, and choral song at 0130 UT barely
audible. Drums, and another song, then M with English morning greeting,
ID, and frequency, fanfare, then off the air. Having all sorts of
difficulty. Modulation still not sufficient. 25 Oct.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, dxld Nov 8)

TAIWAN   15319.982  CBSD Radio Taiwan International in Hakka language to
mainland China, scheduled 4-5 UT, noted at 0440 UT Nov 12 from Pao Chung
Taiwan site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

TAJIKISTAN   7245  VoTajik via Dushanbe Yangi Yul site, much fluttery
signal morning path S=9+20dB. Modern Tajik pop music, hit a little by
adjacent 7250 kHz Voice of Russia's English program from Krasnodar Armavir
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 10)

TAJIKISTAN   4950 VoRussia replaced by requested 4780 kHz, Nov 16th.
4950  AIR Srinagar India in the clear channel,  measured on 4949.986 kHz
after 17 UT.


Winter B-12 schedule of Voice of Russia Moscow.
UPDATE Foreign languages Service schedule in B-12 season.

1200-1300 Pashto
  648 Dushanbe-TJK 1000 NE/ME/CIS
  801 Dushanbe-TJK 500 CIS-CeAS
 4780 Dushanbe-TJK 100 NE/ME/CIS  (ex4950)
15470 Samara 250 NE/ME/CIS

1300-1400 Pashto
  648 Dushanbe-TJK 1000 NE/ME/CIS
  801 Dushanbe-TJK 500 CIS-CeAS
 4780 Dushanbe-TJK 100 NE/ME/CIS  (ex4950)
15470 Samara 250 NE/ME/CIS

1400-1500 English
  648 Dushanbe-TJK 1000 AS, CIS-CeAS, NE/ME/CIS
 4780 Dushanbe-TJK 100 AS, CIS-CeAS, NE/ME/CIS  (ex4950)
 7260 Vladivostok 500 AS/SoEaAS
12075 Dushanbe-TJK 500 AS
13790 Samara 250 AS, CIS-CeAS, NE/ME/CIS

1500-1600 English
  927 Dushanbe-TJK 300 AS, NE/ME
 1251 Dushanbe-TJK 500 AS, NE/ME
 4780 Dushanbe-TJK 100 AS, CIS-CeAS, NE/ME/CIS  (ex4950)
 9735 Moscow 500 NE/ME
 9880 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 250 AS
11985 Yerevan Gavar-ARM 1000 NE/ME/CIS

1600-1700 English
  801 Dushanbe-TJK 500 CeAS, NE/ME
 4780 Dushanbe-TJK 100 AS, CIS-CeAS, NE/ME/CIS  (ex4950)
 5885 Dushanbe-TJK 100 CeAS, NE/ME/AS
 5955 Novosibirsk 250 AS
 9735 Moscow 500 NE/ME/AF
 9880 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 250 AS/SoEaAS

1700-1800 English
  648 Dushanbe-TJK 1000 NE/ME/CIS
  801 Dushanbe-TJK 500 AS/NE/ME/CIS
 4780 Dushanbe-TJK 100 AS, CIS-CeAS, NE/ME/CIS  (ex4950)
 7240 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 250 CeAS/AS
 7330 Moscow 250 EUR
 9735 Moscow 500 EUR
 9735 Moscow 250 AF, NE/ME
 9880 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 250 CeAS/AS

1800-1900 English
  648 Dushanbe-TJK 1000 NE/ME, CIS-CeAS
  801 Dushanbe-TJK  500 NE/ME, CIS-CeAS
  927 Dushanbe-TJK  300 NE/ME, CIS-CeAS
 4780 Dushanbe-TJK 100 AS, CIS-CeAS, NE/ME/CIS  (ex4950)
 7330 Moscow 250 EUR
 9735 Moscow 500 EUR
 9735 Moscow 250 AF, NE/ME
11985 Yerevan Gavar-ARM 1000 AF/NE/ME/CIS
(Voice of Russia website, transformed from dxbase to txt file format and
adapted by wb to wwdxc BC-DX TopNews, Nov 7; updated TJK channel Nov 18)

UNIDENTIFIED   OTHR signal covered 20987 to 21011 kHz frequency range at
0457 UT Nov 12. Heard in downunder Brisbane QSL remote unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)

U.K./CYPRUS   5790  on Nov 3 at 0518 UT, BBC in Arabic has QRM from
another station making SAH of about 5 Hz. Seemed like there was weak non
// audio, but the only explanation in HFCC is that Woofferton is running
two 250 kW transmitters here between 04 and 05, i.e. 03-05 UT at 126
degrees, and 04-07 UT at 184 degrees, both with Arabic; except by 0518 UT
the other must have stayed on late, and furthermore should be
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 8)

7325 kHz at 04-05 UT, similar happens on BBC Arabic of WOF 170deg and CYP
185deg, not synchronized on same frequency channel. (wb.)

USA   [non]  B-12 sason RFA Daily Broadcast Frequencies.


All times in UTC.
Some Mandarin broadcast from Tinian, Mariana Isl. vary in Frequency
from day to day of the week.

Re 21450 kHz Radio Free Asia US propaganda station on amateur radio band
edge request.

After monitor documents should now take place from 03 to 06 UT instead of
21450 kHz request entirely different frequency spectrum is used. This
leads to a frequency hopping every day of the week on a different
frequency to avoid the jamming from China Mainland.

Burmese (4 hours daily)
0030-0130 12115IRA  15700TIN  17835TIN
1230-1330 11795TIN  12105IRA  13735TIN
1330-1400 11795IRA  12105IRA  13735TIN
1400-1430 11795KWT  12105IRA
1630-1730  9940TIN

Cantonese (2 hours daily)
1400-1500  6025TIN   7470TIN
2200-2300  7250TIN   9780SAI  11775TIN

Khmer (2 hours daily)
1230-1330 13765IRA  15160TIN
2230-2330  5840IRA  11850IRA

Korean (5 hours daily)
1500-1700   648RAZ   5855TIN   7210IRK  11585TIN
1700-1900   648RAZ   5855TIN   9385IRA
2100-2200   648RAZ   7460MNG   9385TIN  11995TIN

Lao (2 hours daily)
0000-0100 15690TIN  17770SAI
1100-1130  9325IRA  15120IRA
1130-1200  9325IRA  15120SAI

Mandarin (12 hours daily)
0300-0400 13710TIN  15665SAI  17880TIN  21540TIN
          TIN hopping: 21755Sun  21765Mon  21775Tue  21785Wed
          21700Thur  21710Fri  21745Sat
          Wed only 11980TIN. excWed 11980TJK
0400-0500 13710TIN  15665SAI  17880TIN  21540TIN
          TIN hopping: 21765Sun  21775Mon  21785Tue  21700Wed
          21710Thur  21745Fri  21755Sat
          Wed only 11980TIN. excWed 11980TJK
0500-0600 13710TIN  15665SAI  17880TIN  21540TIN
          TIN hopping: 21775Sun  21785Mon  21700Tue  21710Wed
          21745Thur  21755Fri  21765Sat
          Wed only 11980TIN. excWed 11980TJK
0600-0700 13710TIN  15150TIN  15665SAI  17880TIN  21540TIN
          Wed only 11980TIN. excWed 11980TJK
1500-1600  6025TIN   7445TIN   9605SAI   9790SAI   9905PAL  11945TJK
1600-1700  6020TIN   7415TIN   7445TIN   9455SAI   9605SAI   9905PAL
          11945TJK  13725TIN
1700-1800  6020TIN   7415TIN   7445TIN   9355SAI   9455SAI   9905PAL
          11945TJK  11965TIN
1800-1900  6025TIN   7385TAI-TWN   7415TIN   7445TIN   9355SAI   9455SAI
           9905TIN  11790SAI  11945TJK  11965TIN
1900-2000  1098KOU-TWN   5860TIN   6025TIN   6095TIN   7385TAI-TWN
           9355SAI   9455SAI   9875PAL   9905TIN  11790SAI  11945TJK
2000-2100  1098KOU-TWN   5860TIN   6025TIN   6095TIN   7355TAI-TWN
           7495TIN   9355SAI   9455SAI   9875PAL  11945TJK
2100-2200  1098KOU-TWN   6025TIN   6095TIN   7355TAI-TWN   7495TIN
           9355SAI   9455SAI   9875PAL  11945TJK
2300-0000  7540TJK   9585SAI   9825TIN  11775TIN  11975SAI  15550TIN

Tibetan (10 hours daily)
0100-0200  9670TJK  11695UAE  13620KWT  15610TIN  17730MNG
0200-0300  9670TJK   9700KWT  11695UAE  15520TIN  17730MNG
0600-0700 17515TJK  17675KWT  21610TIN  21695UAE
1000-1100  9690SIT  15140LAM
1100-1200  7470MNG   9350TJK  11545KWT  15375UAE
1200-1400  7470MNG   9350TJK  11590KWT  13625TIN  15375TJK
1500-1600  5825TJK   9955TIN  11905UAE  12085KWT
2200-2300  6005TIN   7470TJK   9835LAM
2300-0000  6010UAE   7470TJK   7550KWT   9875SIT

Uyghur (2 hours daily)
0100-0200  7480TJK   9480KWT   9645UAE   9690UAE  17805TIN
1600-1700  5810TJK   7310IRA   9725UAE  12035SAI

Vietnamese (2 hours daily)
0000-0030  9920IRA  11605TSH-TWN  11965TIN  15170TIN
1400-1430  1503FAO-TWN
1400-1500  9400TIN  11605TSH-TWN  12130IRA  13735IRA
2300-2400  1503FAO-TWN
2330-2400  9920IRA  11605TSH-TWN  11965TIN  15170TIN
(Radio Free Asia, via William Hague-UK  NWDXC Nov 14)

USA   7555  KJES Vado, NM at 0322 UT Nov 16, Spanish, man leading children
in Bible recitation. Good signal.
Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Nov 16)


QSLing the World - A How-to Guide,
is written by Gayle Van Horn, a Monitoring Times columnist and the
shortwave frequency manager for the magazine. It is a comprehensive
resource and reference ebook for any radio hobbyist who is interested in
acquiring a verification of reception from almost any type of radio
station, whether it is broadcast, utility, amateur radio, satellites, or

For many radio listeners who tune to shortwave, broadcast (AM/FM/TV),
VHF/UHF scanner spectrum, or the amateur radio bands, the main objective
of listening is to collect stations for the listener's logbook. While some
radio hobbyists are program listeners who just listen for the content
being broadcast, there is a large segment of the hobby who collect written
proof that they have monitored the stations they have received or talked

These participants in this portion of the radio hobby attempt to QSL or
verify the reception of the stations they hear or work. They do this by
sending them a report of reception or their verification card in the hope
that the station staff will return a card or letter (a.k.a. a QSL)
verifying the radio reception. Along with QSLs, some radio hobbyists also
collect station memorabilia that may include such items as frisbees,
bumper stickers, pennants, decals, T-shirts, or anything associated with
the station logo, slogan or call sign.

This new 140 plus page Kindle eBook covers the "how-to's" of QSLing, drawn
from Gayle's 30 plus years of experience in the radio hobby. This includes
best general practices in logging, reporting, and mailing a station
reception report.

Should you try to send a report in a language you don't speak? What
enclosure should you include with your reception report? How long should
you wait for a reply from the station? Should you send a second report?
This book answers these common questions and much more.

Finally, Gayle addresses an often-neglected question - what do you do with
your QSL cards and letters after they start to accumulate? This and more
is now available in this new edition of QSLing the World.

This second edition of QSLing the World, now in Kindle eBook format, is
the most comprehensive compilation of trends and tips on the art of QSLing
ever published for the radio listening hobby. It is a must-have reference
in any hobby radio shack if you want to QSL the stations you are hearing
on your radios.

(Kindle_Edition, publication date May 14, 2012
via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK Nov 16)


Messages of Bandwatch of DARC German Amateur Radio society.

automatic translation by G_oogle

Here are the short messages of Bandwatch of DARC,
prepared by its director Ulrich Bihlmayer, DJ9KR

Radio Hargeisa from Somaliland will continue to send the 40-meter band.

The radio station was released on 13 September at 7120 kHz with morning
(0430-0530 UTC) and evening programs (1500-1900 UTC) with typical Arabic
music and program contributions in the Somali language. The Bandwatch of
DARC has led to the Federal Network Agency and foreign telecommunications
administrations international Interference messages to Somaliland.

The Russian Army station REA4, location Moscow has made frequency change.

The band intruder sent during the summer with a highly distorted signal
rapid shift keying in F1A with a shift of 1 kHz on the frequency 7117 kHz.
Now he has, following an appeal to the Federal Network Agency changed
since the beginning of November, the frequency and transmits on 7018 kHz.
Unfortunately, this is still in the amateur band!

It is really true that Russia, with its right not Military stations
consideration for Amateur radio bands.

The Sporadic-E openings in the 10-meter band make taxis audiable from the

In summer and autumn make the Sporadic-E openings audiable a large number
of taxis from Russia and the CIS countries, as in the CIS taxi services
use for years, the entire 10-meter band as a reliable contact in FM radio
between taxi companies and their taxis.

OM Hadel DK2OM listed with the Agency taxis from Russia (the majority),
Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. What is new is that these taxis were
recently even in the 15-meter band, frequency 21402 kHz, heard in FM.

Datawell-Waverider buoys in the 10-meter band.

After Wolf Hadel DK2OM already on 12th October belongs to 29525 kHz with a
strong signal a buoy the company "Datawell" location east coast of Brazil,
had to send in F1B with 82 baud, he took on 29500 or on 29525 kHz Datawell
buoys off Gibraltar and Casablanca. Wolf has the Dutch Bandwatch informed,
since the buoys are produced in Holland.

Over the horizon radars in Amateur radio bands from China, Turkey, Cyprus
... and France !

They disturb by rattling and rumbling, which can be up to 50 kHz wide.
Clips are on the website of the DARC bandwatch. Disturb the radars in
areas 10, 14, 18, 21 and 28 MHz, being always the MUF, the maximum usable
frequency, followed.

OM Mario DG0JBJ sent the Bandwatch 62 reports in the 15-meter band
and 126 in the 10-meter band. The evaluation made OM Bihlmayer DJ9KR.

New is an overview horizon radar at 7000, 14000, 14250 and 21000 kHz
with 6 sweeps per second and a bandwidth of 20 kHz.
It is located in France.

Wolf Hadel DK2OM has informed the Federal Frequency Agency.

Codar Ocean Wave Radar from India.

This radar, it sends 14075 to 14125 kHz, with 50 kHz bandwidth comes from
the Bay of Bengal, India.

Ulrich Bihlmayer DJ9KR.
Leader of the band watch the DARC.
(German Amateur Radio society Bandwatch, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

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