Amateur Radio balloons recovered in Morocco and Mississippi

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Amateur radio high altitude balloons K6RPT-12 and N0D have been recovered in Morocco and Mississippi.

K6RPT-12 was launched from California on December 3 at 0126 UT, successfully crossed North America and the Atlantic, and landed in Morocco on December 5 at 0923 UT. 

On Christmas Day Ron K6RPT announced that his California Near Space Project payload had been recovered by a team of French and Moroccan amateur radio operators in Morocco on December 23.  
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N0D (BLT-32) was launched late on December 15 but the balloon burst over Mississippi the following day. It was found on December 20 by a hunter in Mississippi who rang the team to ask what the heck was in the box he found with all the wires hanging out! 

Californian 144.390 FM APRS balloon

Transatlantic high altitude balloon bursts

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