WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - December 9th, 2012 (BC-DX #1094)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

AZERBAIJAN   Any broadcast not in the official language is prohibited.

Interview c chairman of the National Council on Television
and Radio Broadcasting of Azerbaijan Nushirevanom Maharramli.

What is the basis of the state policy in the field of television and

How it is done and what is being done in the field of broadcasting?

- Government policy in the field of television and radio broadcasting by
the National Council for Television and Radio (NCTR). Developing the
concept of broadcasting activities in light of the study of the current

Broadcasting policy is put into practice through:

improvement of the legal framework in this area,

the necessary regulations

organization monitoring compliance with legal requirements,

issuance of a special permit (license) for broadcasting

international cooperation,

monitoring the activities of foreign broadcasters

ensure the use of the state language in television and radio,

National shooting films and television series,

implementation of government programs.

A more detailed report, as the five-year and ten-year, posted at NRTC.

Difficulties which impede development?

- No obstacles to development. Just stages of development should be
implemented gradually. For example, the transition to digital broadcasting
in our country is going in 2004. Then started test broadcasting in digital
format. According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2011,
in 2013, is expected to complete this transition. Of course, as in every
country, we also have a number of difficulties. For example, problems
arose with providing poor decoders. But NBCA to the president on this
issue, and the problem is slowly being solved.

In the ethereal space, there are separate sports and cultural channels.
What is required to open an economic or business channel?

- Opening of the individual line channels - sports and cultural - is an
indicator of the economic strength of the country. These industry-channels
can be opened only in the developed countries. If necessary, it may appear
specialized channels devoted to other areas.

Today, the space is dominated by Azeri TV entertainment. How can you
comment on this?

- Subject programs depends purely on the policy broadcasters. The Council
does not interfere with it. But, at the same time, take the necessary
steps to prevent the same type of programs broadcast congestion. In case
of such an overload is not excluded and introducing a mechanism of
penalties. Each gear has its own audience, the final choice, of course,
for the audience.

Do you agree with the fact that the reason for the low ranking of
intelligent transmission is that people are not watching these shows?

- No. Intelligent transmission looks majority, and NRTC are interested in
increasing the number of such programs. As I have indicated above, each
transmission has its audience. There are some problems in determining the
rankings. In this area, the Council is taking steps in the office. We can
even say that the majority of the population of Azerbaijan ensures
intelligent transmissions. The main suggestions made to the hotline of the
Council, are connected with the increase in the number of intelligent

What TV shows are the most popular, successful in terms of coverage and

- The success of the programs is determined by the rating agencies. NRTC's
hotline receives mostly unsuccessful claim for programs. For example, the
Board has received many calls with requests to stop broadcasting the so-
called marriage programs. Of course, the Council does not have the
authority to influence the subjects of broadcast transmissions. But we
made recommendations, and the channels react to them with understanding.

Council limits are broadcast in foreign languages, mostly - in Russian and

- We do not agree with the phrase "substantially." Any broadcast not in
the official language is prohibited. Council decided to expand the use of
the state language and the important steps to preserve its purity.
Restricting broadcast in foreign languages ??programs, programs and movies
also serve an important purpose - to keep the purity of the national
language. Broadcast of any program in the state language corresponds to
the common interest.

Worldwide cable and Internet TV is developing rapidly. Azerbaijan also has
Internet channels. Do you see them as a threat to traditional television?

- At present, Internet TV in the country is governed. We believe Internet
TV dangerous due to poor quality of broadcast programs, promotion of drug
abuse and pornography. If you are a television product, its quality
control to be implemented. The law defined the scene, which allowed you to
view the children, but for Internet TV there are no restrictions, and it
affects the education of the younger generation.

Are there any suggestions for ensuring transparency in the financing of

- Azerbaijan Television and Radio can be funded from any source which is
not prohibited by law. The Council does not interfere in such matters.

What are the plans for the near future NRTC?

- Our plan - to take all necessary steps to ensure the continuous
development in the field of broadcasting.

(via MIDXB Russia Dec 4)

BANGLADESH   15505  Bangladesh Betar program from Dhaka in Urdu 1400-1430
UT. Heavy BUZZ hum of 120 Hertz (3 peaks on each side).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

BULGARIA/GERMANY   The Mighty KBC Trucker Radio 6095 kHz shortwave

The Mighty KBC is going globally with The Giant Jukebox!!
Extra broadcasts on 22, 23, 25, and 26 Dec 2012 between 1500-1600 UT.
We are using 3{three} extra transmitters to go globally:

One 125 kW TX extra on +/- 9 MHz, 1500-1600 UTC, Non Directional
(we already use 6095 on 22 & 23 Dec),

One 250 kW transmitter for the USA (East Coast time) UTC-5hrs
on +/- 21 MHz, 1500-1600 UTC, 300 degr, 250 kW

One 250 kW transmitter to Asia (Vietnam time) UTC+7hrs / Australia (Sydney
time) UTC+11hrs

We will soon announce the exact frequencies for those 4 days in December

A one time KBC Radio event. Sponsored by and

For a QSL card check the link below
Spread the word, tell your friends about The Mighty KBC.
(via Mike Terry-UK / Alan , BrDXC-UK Dec 5)

Re: The Mighty KBC - Frequencies for 3 extra Dec txns + DRM.

Correction to DX News: Netherlands, page 20 December 'Communication':
KBC frequency to Europe on 22, 23, 25 & 26 Dec should read 9835 kHz
(as below - not 9895).

KBC have also added a DRM transmission on the same dates at 1600-1700 UTC
on 9755 kHz 100 kW from Kostinbrod (Sofia) Bulgaria.

Full schedule at:

The Mighty KBC have now added frequencies for their extra December txs:

"The extra frequencies and transmitters for 22, 23, 25, and 26 December

EU (German time) UTC +1
9835 kHz, 1500-1600 UTC, Non Directional, 125 kW

USA (East Coast time) UTC -5hrs
21600 kHz, 1500-1600 UTC, 300 degr, 250 kW  {Wertachtal, Germany}

Asia (Vietnam time) UTC +7hrs / Australia (Sydney time) UTC +11hrs
15470 kHz, 1500-1600 UTC, 75 degr, 250 kW  {Wertachtal, Germany}

And on 22, 23 December we also have our 6095 transmitter on the air as
well with 100 kW 0900-1600 UT. {Wertachtal, Germany}

During weekdays we also have The Mighty 6095 on the air between 0900-1100
UTC with 100 kW"
(The Mighty KBC Facebook page Nov 16)

BULGARIA/POLAND   Requested permanent on HFCC B-12 file in Prague since
Oct 12.
12095 kHz 1400-1615 UT to zones 29,30 SOF 50kW 30degr ant#618  Mul BUL NEW
SPC request#17077.

Frequency change of Polish Radio External Service:
1630-1730 NF 6000*SOF 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEUR, ex9755 Polish
1730-1830 NF 6000*SOF 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEUR, ex9755 Belorussian
1830-1900 NF 6000 SOF 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEUR, ex9755 Russian

* strong QRM in Moscow and Minsk from RRI in Romanian 1700-1757 UT
on 5990!!!
(DX Re Mix News, Bulgaria, 25 Nov via dxld)

Dear radio listeners, We are glad to inform you, that due to the signals
from you, failed to change the frequency of our transmission at 22.30 hrs
Moscow time (1830 UT), which is very poorly or not at all to be heard in
Central Russia. On Friday 23 November, she will be published in the range
of 49 meters, at a frequency of 6000 kHz. To the resurrection of 25 will
act both frequency: 9755 kHz and the new 6000 kHz. We will be glad, if you
check and let us know, as we heard. With respect, Natalia Voroshilskaya,
Russian service of Polish radio.
(via Anatoly Klepov, editor, RusDX 25 Nov via dxld)

12095.000  Polish Radio Warsaw in Russian at 1400 UT. Polish Radio
External Sce from Kostinbrod Bulgaria, noted at 1410 UT in Russian
language, about 'Literaturnija' ... S=9+15 dB signal.

1400-1430 12095 SOF 050 kW 030 deg to EaEUR in Russian
1430-1500 12095 SOF 050 kW 030 deg to EaEUR in Belorussian
1500-1600 12095 SOF 050 kW 030 deg to EaEUR in Polish
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

BULGARIA/POLAND   6000 (ex9755) the 1630-1900 UT portion of Polish Radio
Warsaw via new B-12 Kostinbrod relay suffers still by some signal

In peaks S=9+10db in Moscow, but adjacent 5995 kHz Voice of Russia Irkutsk
relay Russian service much stronger at same time, at S=9+35 dB level, also
RRI Romania's live sports coverage of European football league match
Copenhagen vv Steaua Bucarest on 5990 kHz at much stronger S=9+35 dB

I guess Spaceline uses only an older 20 to 30 kW unit at Kostinbrod
73 wb

Frequency change of Polish Radio External Service:
1630-1730 NF 6000*SOF 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEUR, ex9755 Polish
1730-1830 NF 6000*SOF 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEUR, ex9755 Belorussian
1830-1900 NF 6000 SOF 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEUR, ex9755 Russian

* strong QRM in Moscow and Minsk from RRI in Romanian 1700-1757 on
(DX Re Mix News, Bulgaria, 25 Nov via dxld)

BULGARIA   9755drm   AWR Wavescan special DRM broadcasts.
The "Wavescan" DX program which is a joint production of NASB members
Adventist World Radio and Radio Miami International, will be included in a
new series of four DRM (digital) shortwave transmissions called "DRM Mix"
sponsored by Spaceline in Bulgaria which will take place

on 22, 23, 25 and 26 December, 2012.
Wavescan will air from 1700-1730 UT on those days.

The frequency will be 9755 kHz from Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria, covering
Europe with 100 kW. Wavescan QSL cards are available for reception reports
on these broadcasts. The program content will include information on the
history of broadcasting in Bulgaria.
(NASB site Dec 7)

CONGO (Dem Rep)   The head of the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of
the Congo Roger Mies concerned authorities' decision to suspend broadcasts
of "Radio Okapi" - radio station set up and functioning with the support
of the UN. In his words, this decision is of particular concern, given the
serious situation in North Kivu province, where the unfolding civil
conflict. Roger Mies said that the program "Radio Okapi" is extremely
necessary to the population: it transfers the calls for calm, the data on
the curfew and other important information.
(UN Radio 03.12.12,
(via MIDXB Russia Dec 4)

CUBA   11880  Radio Havana Cuba to Africa, new transmission.
As of December 3rd, 2012, Radio Havana Cuba incorporated two hours of
broadcasts directed to Africa, on the frequency of 11880 kHz, 25 meter
band. It's scheduled as follows:

French     2100-2130
Portuguese 2130-2200
English    2200-2300

Rosario Lafita Fernandez
Head of Correspondence Dept.
Radio Havana Cuba

Radio Havana Cuba's new English broadcast to Africa on 11880 kHz
(scheduled 2200-2300 UT) was confirmed yesterday evening using Global
Tuners receiver in Johannesburg - fair but clear signal around 2230 UT.
It was supposed to start December 3rd according to RHC's Arnie Coro.

Also weaker using Global Tuners in Italy and Spain, but couldn't hear it
here in Caversham when checked at 2200 UT.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK Dec 4)

re Radio Havana Cuba 11880 kHz. Very weak signal at 2205 UT, almost
unreadable, can't even get a positive ID tonight.

It was just audible last night at 2215 UT tune in, but I never got round
to posting. Will check again tonight.
(Russ Cummings-UK, BrDXC-UK Dec 4)

11880 Re RHC to Africa 22-23 UT. Checked the last 10 minutes on 11880 kHz
tonight Dec 4th, on various remote SDR units in Europe, Isle of Wight U.K.
on channel, both at S=6 poor tiny level.

Is real a sidelobe signal to U.K., originate from older - but general
overhauled - Bauta, but NOT of newer Quivican San Felipe relay site 250 kW
Russian TX units.

But I see only new China designed curtain arrays at 130 degrees, which
azimuth is far MUCH SOUTHERLY at Angola and Mozambique, only small
West Africa at 90 degrees;
London-UK is at 40 degrees of Cuba.
Buenos Aires Argentina at 160 degrees.

But on BACKLOBE signals in North America heard S=9+25dB signal strength in
Atlanta Georgia USA, and S=9+15dB in CA-USA too, Dec 4th.
RHC TX cut off at 2259:05 UTC. 73 wolfy df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

Re: About RHC transmissions to Africa on 11880 kHz and update about our

Hello from La Habana,

have received several nice reports from Africa today, including locations
as Southas South Africa.

We are using a 100 kW transmitter and an antenna beaming to 100 degrees
from Havana on 11880 kHz for two hours {from Bauta site 21-23 UT wb.}.

I am amazed at the amount of speculation and suppositions that you make
about our transmitting facilities !!!

No need to guess and speculate !!!

The Bauta transmitting site was totally modernized, and it now has 7 new
transmitters. The old Brown Boveri, Snieg RFT and Siemens equipment was
sent to the recycler and the new transmitters plus a new antenna switching
matrix were installed. Six are 100 kW and one is a 50 kW, with the
lowerpower one on the air 24 hours with the 5025 kHz Radio Rebelde signal.

Bauta has now a nice antennas field, with curtain arrays, Tropical Band
high take off angle arrays and also omnidirectional 6 dB gain antennas.

As regards to the Quivican site, we are using 250 kW Soviet built PK250M
transmitters modified and updated to DAM, Dynamic Amplitude Modulation
technology, a well known energy saving modification.

The antenna arrays include several high gain curtains of classic design,
plus one different array that uses a wider bandwidth type of fan dipole.
We also have 6 dB gain omnidirectional antennas at that location.

Our station studios have also been upgraded and we are now in a totally
digital signal generation , processing and storage environment.

In contrast to other stations , we will continue to broadcast on short
wave frequencies because we are aware that most of our listeners do not
have access to digital communications technologies that require
connectivity to the Internet.

73 and DX
Arnie Coro
Host of Dxers Unlimited
Radio Havana Cuba
(Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich-CUB <coro @> 
to df5sx at wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

CUBA/GUIANA FRENCH   11880  RHC's unethical takeover of R. Japan

11880  on 5 Dec at 2149 UT, GUIANA FRENCH relay, R. Japan in Portuguese.
YL talking about crimes against humanity. Reception compromised by
moderate QRM from Radio Habana Cuba on same frequency with its new
transmissions to Africa [and also in Portuguese during this semihour! --
gh]. Herewith my protest against this total lack of consideration and
ethics by RHC for using the same frequency as NHK. Reception here
alternates between NHK and RHC, with NHK slightly predominating.
(Jorge Freitas-BRA, translated by gh for dxld / hcdx Dec 6)

CUBA   JAMMING. This morning around 07 to 08 UT Dec 8, when the 31 mb path
from North America to western Europe was wide open, heard FOUR typical
"SHRAP, SHRAP tone" jamming signals like against WRMI from Cuba on
9954.950 kHz.

Noted also on 9490, 9565, and 9885 kHz.
Channels are used also on different times of day for
9490 Cuban opposite Radio Republica via Montsinery-GUF?
9565 R Marti via Greenville.
9885 VoA Spanish via Greenville.
So, these outlets are 24 hrs operation from cane island...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)


Reporters sans frontieres, 8 Nov 2012: "Reporters Without Borders filed a
complaint with the public prosecutor in Paris on 6 November accusing
persons unknown of acts of piracy against Radio Erena, an Eritrean exile
radio station based in Paris which broadcasts by satellite to the Horn of
Africa and which is backed by Reporters Without Borders. A pirate
transmission jammed the station's signal on 14 August. Arabsat, the
satellite operator that carried Radio Erena on its BADR-6 satellite,
reacted by suspending the station because the jamming was disrupting other
signals. ...

For the time being Radio Erena is only broadcasting on the Internet, but
only the Eritrean diaspora can access the web broadcasts because the
Internet is not sufficiently developed in Eritrea. As a Paris-based radio
station, Radio Erena operates under a convention ratified by France's
Higher Council for Broadcasting (CSA)."
( via WOR dxld Nov 29)

Why not shortwave? As events in the past few months have demonstrated,
shortwave radio is more difficult to jam than satellite broadcasting:
(Kim Andrew Elliott, ibid.) Indeed see below (gh)

Sudan Tribune, 9 Nov 2012: "The first jamming against ERINA radio followed
the station broadcasting an interview last August with an Ethiopian
communication minister, Bereket Simon that covered a number of sensitive
political and economic issues including development of the Ethiopian
economy and on relations between rivals Ethiopia and Eritrea who fought a
border war between 1998-2000y and who since remain at loggerheads over
their unresolved border dispute. After the interview went on air, the
Eritrean government in Asmara immediately accused the Paris-based radio
station of 'inciting its listeners to acts of violence hostile to Eritrean
government representatives'."
( via WOR dxld)

Re dxld 11560kHz (Radio Erena?): Anyone actually heard this since Sei-chi
Hasegawa's logging of 17 November?

I checked 11560 kHz via various Global Tuners receivers on Saturday 24 Nov
and again on Monday 26 Nov, with negative results both times.
Simultaneously monitored the Radio Erena web stream <> and
observed the programme starting 1700v UT only announces their Arabsat
(David Kernick-uk, DXLD Nov 28)

Hello. I receiverd 11560 kHz "Dimtse Radio Erena" on 23rd and 24th Nov.
See bellow: <> <>
Antenna: beverage 100m length. beaming 330 degrees. Location: western pert
(dfs/shimane, ibid. WOR dxld Nov 29)

OK, thanks. Your recording from 24 Nov did feature a wavelength
announcement, so it would seem the web stream is not necessarily in
parallel with the shortwave broadcast. I tried again this evening for this
broadcast, but couldn't hear anything via receivers in South Africa,
Greece or Italy. Thanks again for your help.
(Dave Kernick, ibid.)

ERITREA   7160v  Voice Of The Broad Masses. I am presuming this is the
Voice Of The Broad Masses in Eritrea on 7160 kHz at 1530 UT. Its down in
the qrn/qsb sadly but i am copying an om in a fairly deep voice (not a
ham!) and at 1539 UT i copied a short burst of mx under the noise. Anyone
else logging this station on this freq??
(Steve Calver-UK, BrDXC-UK Dec 6)

7159.989  Right, coming from Asmara Eritrea, today on exact 7159.989 kHz
HOA music presented by young lady at 1711 UT. Nothing heard this afternoon
of Ethiopian White Noise

Not far away Radio Ethiopia on 7234.813 kHz at 1715 UT Dec 6.
And VoIndonesia Cimanggis in SPANISH logged on 9525.890 kHz at 1720 UT on
Dec 6.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA/NIGER   Asmara Eritrea 7179.992 and ETH White Noise
jamming scratch 20 kHz wide at 1610 UT, Dec 4.  At 1615-1630 UT R Ethiopia
wandered 7235.092 to 7235.083 kHz, and // at 1632 UT Ethiopia too 9562.739

Nigeria in Vernaculars at 1637 UT Dec 4, 9690.000 and 50 Hertz BUZZ hum,
either side band. Nothing of ER(ETH and Niger on 9705 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

9563.153  Wandered Radio Ethiopia tx unit settled here, around 0735 UT Dec
3, S=6-7 weak signal too. Is here irregularly, either v9562 ... v9563
[registered 9560 formerly v5959], ... or 9705 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)

9705.39  LV du Sahel, at 2215-2303* UT on Dec 3, continuous vernacular
talk. Qur'an at 2257 UT. Flute IS at 2300:30 UT. National Anthem at
2300:40 UT. Sign off with 13 second test tone at 2303 UT. Weak. Poor with
adjacent  channel splatter. Stable frequency for a change.
(Brian Alexander-PA-USA, DXplorer Dec 4)

On Dec 3 at 1725 UT heard two broadcasts on 9705 kHz channel.

Most probably Asmara ERI or Addis Ababa ETH on 9704.992 kHz, and 9705.031
kHz, probably ORTN La Voix du Sahel, Niamey Niger outlet.

Nothing heard on 9705 kHz at 0745 UT but Ethiopia carrier wandering around
measured 9562.942 kHz up and down.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3/4)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA   7174.990  Fair reliable signal from VoBroad Masses,
Asmara Eritrea, phone in program by two men, at 1708 UT Dec 7, HOA mx, S=8

9562.495  Only wandering carrier of Radio Ethiopia Addis Ababa, at 1715
UT, but suffered heavily by Radio Pakistan Islamabad bad audio broadcast
program on 9560 kHz {latter like R Cairo bad 'quality' ...}.

9704.951  Test tone opening procedure of 1190 Hertz tone, heard from 1710
UT Dec 7 onwards. Peaks on nominal 9704.951 kHz, and two peaks away on
9703.761 and 9706.141 kHz. S=8 fluttery signal. Probably Radio Ethiopia ?

[later]  9704.951 test tone disappeared after one hour !, at 1810:40 UTC.
TX cut-off then.

Fluttery nominal 9704.951 kHz was accompanied by 6 x tone peaks
(3 on each side), i.e. on upper flank 9706.141, 9707.331, and 9708.521

7235.145 ... wandering up to x.158 kHz probably R ETH, hit heavily by KBS
World Radio Seoul in Russian via Wooferton-UK on even 7235 kHz. 1820 UT
Dec 7.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

GEORGIA   9535  For the first time since Nov 19 (reported in Dx press)
heard small Apsua Radio Abkhazia Sukhumi program this morning in 07-08 UT
slot on Dec 3. S=6-7 weak signal, in peaks up to S=8 into Germany,
originate by former USSR era jamming unit.

42 59 18.03 N  41 03 57.73 E

9535  Sudden TX off at 07.59:45 UT, midst on song performance. Usual
morning shortwave relay service sign-off time was around 0905 UT til 2010

Abkhazia Standard time now also one hour earlier,
similar like all-Russia standard time change since 2011.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 3)

On Nov 19 from 0700 UT to 9535 kHz accept [picked up] Radio Abkhazia on
the [in] Abkhaz. Leading woman, a dialogue with the man. Between talking
songs and music of the Soviet period. SINPO - 35433.
(Alexander Golovikhin-RUS, "open_dx" via RUSdx 25 Nov)

In Kiev, too, can be heard on 3 [??] and without interference from other
stations. Listened to from 0745, said the woman apparently in Abkhaz
language, sometimes sung. Modulation is quite good, with no distortion. In
0800 hearing has deteriorated. Broadcast continued in the Russian
language, but make out nothing happens. In addition, on the next 9540 kHz
someone started to turn on and off the transmitter.
(Alexander Egorov-UKR, "open_dx" via RUSdx 25 Nov via dxld)

GRECCE   9420  THE VOICE OF GREECE (ERA-5). When checked the 31 mb this
Dec 8 morning around 0700 to 0900 UT missed usual 9420 kHz outlet,
requested 1250-0900 UT operation. Only // 7475 and 11645 kHz heard with
Greek music. TX failure? - [later] all 3 bcasts were back at 1400 UT 9420,
9935, and 15630. But move from 9935 to 7450 kHz of Radio Makedonias
Thessaloniki regional relay service seems one hour earlier, at 16 UT ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

INDONESIA   9525.90 kHz, for the last couple of days I have noted good
reception of Voice Of Indonesia on 9525.90 kHz. Today i have monitored on
and off from 1300 UT thru to past 1900 UT. Programming as per WRTH

1300-1400 English
1400-1500 Indonesian
1500-1600 Chinese
1600-1700 Arabic
1700-1800 Spanish
1800-1900 German
1900-2000 English
(John Hoadd-UK, BrDXC-UK Dec 8)

VoIndonesia measured 9525.890 kHz at 1500 UT Dec 8, heavy BUZZ hum tone.
RRI Jakarta Cimanggis 4th program at 1603 UT on 9680.050 kHz Gamelan
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

KOREAS    4925 at the same time had heavy jamming. Is NoKorea confused and
still thinking that MND Radio is there? Not so, as they actually moved
away some time ago to 5150 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Dec 2/4)

Re: Ron Howard log - 4925 kHz - N. Korea jamming is of MND Radio

Turns out that I was the one confused about the 4925 kHz jamming! MND
Radio has in fact a new schedule, posted to dxld, but I somehow missed it.
Would also explain why today I was still hearing heavy jamming on 5150

Thanks to Mauno Ritola for passing this along to me. What would I do
without his timely assistance and for Sei-ichi's up-to-date information?

Sei-ichi Hasegawa posted this last Saturday Dec 1:

New skd from Dec 1
*1 0400-0455 5150 6360(nf) female ver.
*2 0500-0540 6550 4925(nf) male   ver.
*5 0600-0635 6270 6480(nf) female ver.
*4 0700-0735 6435 5290(nf) female ver.
*2 1000-1040 6550 4925(nf) male   ver.
*3 1100-1140 6270 6480(nf) female ver.
*1 1200-1255 5150 6360(nf) female ver.
(de Hiroshi, Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld Dec 1)

6100  KCBS Pyongyang played lovely lady singer music program around 0610
UT Dec 9, S=9+15dB. But observed also two spurious of 13.7 kHz away both
sides, on 6086.3 and 6113.7 kHz. Spurs with S=8 strength not very strong,
noted on remote units in Osaka and Tokyo.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

MARIANA ISLS   [Tinian]  5889.992  VOA Tinian in Korean, S=9+20dB signal
on remote unit in Osaka JPN, but contained annoying 60 / 120 / 180 ...
Hertz hum BUZZ audio also.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

MICRONESIA   4755.5  at 0856 UT, POHNPEI, The Cross with religious talk,
program "Turning Point". Not observed Saturday nite.
(Waianakarua Trail Nov 2 & 3, DXpedition in NZ, Philip Garden, Ian Wells,
Paul Aronsen, Arthur de Maine, Paul Ormandy; Antennas: 300m beamed North
America, 425m beamed Peru, 7 MHz elevated ground plane, Nov NZL DX Times
direct and via dxld Nov 29)

Measured on Nov 3rd at 0850 UT on 4755.496 kHz, wb.

MYANMAR   7110  Thazin Radio.  Expanded schedule observed from Thazin
Radio. 2330-0200 6030, 0230-0830 9460, 0930-1500 on 7110 kHz.
Announces e-mail addresses during English transmissions as
<thazinradio @>  and
<thazinradio @>

Yes hear it 0130-0930 on 9590 kHz, 1030-1330 7345 kHz, but I need to check
it today Dec 8 for any changes.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, dxld Dec 6/8)

7110  Thazin Radio, 1435-1440 & 1500* UT on Dec 6. In English with local
and international news as well as Myanmar weather and sea conditions for
Myanmar waters; as often happens had QRM from OTH radar (7105 through to
7200 - totally blocking Radio Hargaysa on 7120 kHz).

It should be noted that 1500 UT is their normal sign off time and has been
observed numerous times as such.

5770  Myanmar Defense Forces Br. St. continues silent during checks from
1300 to 1400 UT, as of Dec 6. First noted by Victor Goonetilleke (Sri
Lanka) in early Oct.

5985.83  Myanmar Radio. Quick check at 1413 UT on Dec 6 found fair
reception with on air phone call; in vernacular.

7345  Myanmar Rakhine Broadc. Stn. On Dec 6 found mixing with CNR1; in
vernacular at 1328 UT with sign off announcement followed by the usual
indigenous instrumental theme music till 1329* UT, which is their normal
sign off time; after sign off CNR1 in the clear and // 6125 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Dec 6)

MYANMAR   9589.992  Next to R Nikkei Chiba Nagara splatter over from 9595
kHz, heard Naypyidaw Myanmar program in undoubtedly Burmese Vernac {Aoki:
Karen} today Dec 7 around 0800-0830 UT. Footprint is 9590 minus 8 Hertz
against 10 MHz WWV / WWVH and R Nikkei 9595. Of course heard on remote
unit at AOR Tokyo office !

[later]  Monitored around 1245-1310 UT Dec 7, of course on remote network
units in Osaka and Tokyo Japan:

Nothing heard on 5915 kHz, due of co-channel CRI Mongolian sce from strong
Hohot bcast, heard in Osaka at 1245 UT latter // 5990 kHz.

Peak visible on 5985.832 kHz of Nay Pyi Taw broadcast at 1240 UT Dec 7.

7110.000  Even frequency, was up to minus 9 Hertz - two weeks ago, but
aligned again to even frequency channel now. S=8-9 signal level at 1245-
1300 UT, well heard signal at Tokyo Japan post !  Heard also around
0100 UT Dec 9.

7344.995  Minus 5 Hertz measured, also Myanmar Rakhine bcast sce noted
after 1300 UT, was tronger than CNR1 on even 7345.000 kHz underneath,
heard on remote post north of Tokyo Japan.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

NIGERIA   VON Ikorodu in Hausa at 0840 UT Dec 8th on very odd 9689.917 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

OMAN   15560 1400-1600 UT  48,53  THU 100kW 220deg 205azi Arabic OMA RSO
Noted with most modern percussion and guitar music at 1420 UT, S=8-9 more
than fair signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

PAKISTAN   15425  Weak signal of Radio Pakistan in Urdu, API-5 tx, daily
at 1330-1530 UT. // 11645 kHz API-6 tx acc Aoki list.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

PALAU   T8WH Palau off the air.
I noticed on Dec 1st, but cannot receive all frequencies of T8WH. None of
the broadcast in Palau can be received of WHR, RFA, R.Japan programs etc.
today on Dec 2.
Will it be an electricity obstacle?
de Hiroshi

Pre-emptive shutdown for Typhoon Bopha, and possible damage after storm
passage? (Gerry, Florida, dxld)

T8WH nothing on air on Dec 3.

 9875 R. FREE ASIA                    1900-2200 1234567 Chinese
 9905 R. FREE ASIA                    1500-1800 1234567 Chinese
 9930 T8WH Preparing For Jesus        0800-0900 ......7 Japanese
 9930 T8WH Palau WHRI                 0800-1000 1234567 English
 9930 T8WH Palau WHRI                 1200-1400 1.....7 English
 9930 T8WH Que Me                     1200-1230 .....6. Vietnamese
 9930 Hmong World Christian Radio     2200-2300 .....6. Hmong
 9950 FURUSATO NO KAZE                1430-1500 1234567 Japanese
 9960 Khmer People Power Movement     1200-1300 12....7 Cambodian
 9960 Khmer Post Radio                1200-1300 ..3456. Cambodian
 9965 NIPPON NO KAZE"il bon ue baram" 1530-1600 1234567 Korean
 9965 R. AUSTRALIA                    1300-1430 1234567 Chinese
 9975 NIPPON NO KAZE"il bon ue baram" 1500-1530 1234567 Korean
11925 R. JAPAN                        1315-1400 1234567 Indonesian
11925 R. JAPAN                        1400-1430 1234567 English
15420 Radio Free Sarawak              1000-1200 1234567 Iban
15680 T8WH Palau WHRI                 1600-1630 ......7 English
17650 T8WH Palau WHRI                 0100-0400 1...... English
17650 T8WH Palau WHRI                 0300-0400 .23456. English
17650 T8WH Key to the Kingdom         0900-1000 ..3...7 English
17840 R. AUSTRALIA                    0400-0500 1234567 Indonesian

However, single tone of 9930 kHz was carried to only 15420 kHz from
1000 UT for two hours.

I confirmed that T8WH was activated again at 0300 UT Dec 4 on 17650 kHz.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld Dec 2/3/4)

T8WH Palau off the air.
Probably. The following article says power is out, phone service is
disrupted, and local radio/TV went off the air due to the typhoon.

(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld Dec 4)

Program crash start at 1300:06 UT Dec 4th, of R Australia Mandarin Chinese
service at T8WH relay site on 9965.002 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   7325  If someone have recently logged R. Wantok from
New Guinea on 7325 kHz, if so, what is the current offset? Many thank for
the help.
(Nicolas Cantareil-F, mwoffsets Dec 4)

Re 7324.962 kHz, 38 Hertz lower than CRI co-channel. Measured around 1457
to 1458 UT Dec 4, when break of Xian and Beijing outlet switch/site move
of CRI.

7325.000  Was covered at 1430-1457 UT Dec 4 of Filipino Tagalog sce of CRI
Xian relay. From 15 UT CRI English from Beijing. Endless talk of Nov 11
... 11 ... 11 Eleven Eleven ... But peak seen also on odd 7324.962 kHz
today, which could be Radio Wantok, was measured Sept 4 on 7324.961 kHz,
was Sept 3rd narrow to 7324.958 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

ROMANIA   7300  new  at 1800-1856 UT, RRI Romania Tiganesti transmission
in English, and // 9780T-DRM mode, (ex11955TIG).

9790 and 11870  new RRI Romania Tiganesti in Spanish, 2200-2256 UT
(ex13860TIG ex15160TIG).

9870  new RRI Romania Tiganesti in Spanish, 0300-0356  9765G 11825T 11850G
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

ROMANIA   9510  As usual on Saturday morning noted bcast start of IRRS
Milano take over programm via Saftica Romania transmitter relay. TX
switched on at 0856:10 UT. Crash start midst on the talk program of two
men, content about Pres Obama, S=9+25 .. 30 dB signal strength in western
Germany, excellent Continental units audio...

Then at 0858:30 UT sudden start of "IRRS hymn" like from - Giuseppe Verdi
- Aida "Gloria all Egitto" - "O King, by the sacred gods ...".

At 0901:05 UT ID "This is IRRS Milano signing on ....".
Switched to "Free Speech Radio News" program, 09-10 UT Sats only.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

SPAIN   B-12 REE new schedule:
Se ha publicado el nuevo esquema de frecuencias de REE - B12

(Jose Bueno-ESP, hcdx Nov 30)

Radio Exterior, Radio en Directo, select Radio Exterior...

Live Radio program in internet is 15 seconds behind Noblejas shortwave
11895 kHz, and 11 seconds behind Costa Rica 5965 kHz relay, at 0605 UT on
Dec 2.

And at 1140 UT 21540 is 75 seconds ahead of audio livestream, and 21610 is
28 seconds ahead of REE radio livestream.


SPAIN   6055, Dec 3 at 2344 UT, REE French hour is back! After being
canceled last week. And from 0000 UT Dec 4, so is ENGLISH! Justin Coe
opening the hour with world news as if nothing had happened. Altho
listener protests may have played a role, I suspect this reversal is more
due to internal conflict between REE management and higher-ups at RTVE who
apparently decided to kill SW to Europe and North America without even
telling REE.

John Figliozzi, Halfmoon NY, however, fears it's not back for good:

"Received this e-mail from REE late last week; The gist they got a
temporary reprieve.

"Dear John, thank you so much for your letter, for listening and for
thinking about us! It's been an awful week. We had no idea the broadcasts
were cut, and apparently, neither did the REE director. Oh. But the good
news - really good news - is that the broadcasts, at the same hours on the
same frequencies are going to be restored, perhaps this weekend,
definitely on Monday. That way, should it be decided that Spain can no
longer afford its short wave world service, we should have time to warn
our listeners and prepare ourselves for new media.

We'll keep you informed and again, John, thank you!! All our best, Alison,
Justin and Frank"
(via dxld yg Dec 4)

And right now, at 0050 UT, also English to North America has apparently
not been restored (yet). I can not even trace a carrier on 6055 kHz, while
6125 kHz and 9535 kHz (Spanish to Latin America) come in as well as it can
be expected to the back of the beams. (Dec 2)

But the good news - really good news - is that the broadcasts, at the same
hours on the same frequencies are going to be restored. That's only half
the truth, or Noblejas just made a mistake. Either way I found at 1015 on
15585 no restored REE service but DRM racket instead.

Checked around 0800 UT: 12035, 21540 empty (and yesterday after 1000 only
Arabic, so presumed Radio Kuwait, was audible on 21540), DRM racket on
9780 kHz.

In the case of 21540 it could be a matter of propagation, but 12035 must
indeed be off. So assurances about "the same hours on the same
frequencies" being restored were, to put it harsh, a lie.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Dec 2/4/5)

And the evening service on 7275 kHz seems to be on week-ends only ...
REE heard in Spanish on 7275 (football live coverage match) from 1940 UT
tune in to 2100+ Dec 2nd. Nothing noted on 9665 kHz...
(Jean-Michel Aubier-F, dxld Dec 2/5)

Re: Spain 15585 DRM now. Today European morning Dec 5 noted by quick

13720drm heard 11-12 UT, but not 12-13 UT, S=9 in Germany, seems but lower

21610 registered 11-17 UT to NE/ME, heard at least 11-14 UT, S=9

21540 registered 09-15 UT to Africa, heard at least 11-14 UT, only S=7,
due of co-channel R Kuwait is much stronger ahead.

11910 via Beijing-CHN 500 kW powerhouse relay, heard on SDR remote unit in
Australia at 1320 UT Dec 5. Small audio bandwidth noted, of satellite
circuit hops via Atlantic and Indian Ocean ...

9765 and 11815 Cariari CTR relays, registered 12-15 UT,  heard both around
1325-1335 UT; and noted at 1440 UT too, Dec 5.

Nothing heard of REE on 15585 and 17595 kHz.

btw. but heard 17580 and 17730 "Gazeta Cultural" program instead, from
strong La Habana transmission...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

15585drm  REE heard here at 0900-1100 UT Dec 6. S=9+15dB in Germany.
13720drm  REE heard here at 1100...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

TAIWAN   15265.162  CBS2 RTI Tanshui in Chinese 13-14 UT, also
interference buzz tone by CHN mainland jamming.

11875.110  Odd frequency signal of RTI Indonesian via Tainan TWN site at
14-15 UT Dec 8, S=9+10dB, well readable. Interfered by adjacent 11870 kHz
RVA Manila Palauig-Zambales in Bengali / Chin from 1430 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

TAIWAN/CHINA mainland   Check of FIREDRAKE jamming and SOH operations from
Taiwan, Dec 9, 06-08 UT.

Seldom heard ECHO jamming type on single frequency 12800 kHz.

FIREDRAKE Chinese jamming music noted on
12370 12500 12980 13530 13970 14750 14700 14800 14870 15800 15940 16100
16250 16920 16990 17080 17250 17300 17370 kHz.

SOH word program only, on
10960 11230 11300 12230 12320 12670 12800 12870 13130 13270 13350 13430
13775 13820 13920 14370 14750 14980 15750 15870 15900 16360 16600 17170
17370 17900 18250 18970 19970 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

UNIDENTIFIED/PALAU/GUAM   {Yangi Yul Tajikistan or Palau relay ???}
15650  Radio Free Kenyalang. Radio Free Kenyalang, new from Nov 30:

1200-1400 15650 secret hidden site to SoEaAS Iban, NOT FROM SOFIA and SPL
Confirmed Sun Dec 2 1200-1245 15650 55555+ in Troyan, Bulgaria
Confirmed Mon Dec 3 1200-1400 15650 35543  in Sofia,  Bulgaria
No check Tue Dec 4. And no signal today Wed Dec 5.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, and Georgi Bancov-BUL, hcdx Dec 5)

Re Radio Free Kenyalang.
Negative, 15650 is empty again, Dec 6th around 1200-1230 UT, as it was too
on Dec 4 and 5. I checked 15650 kHz every day in past 4-5 days, but I was
not fortunate, I heard only band level noise, but no program content ...

used remote SDR units in Europe, NoAM and Japan ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4/5/6)

[SARAWAK]  15650, Dec 6 at 1330, still no trace of a signal from Radio
Free Kenyalang, nor has it been heard for sure since Nov 30-Dec 1. Here's
why; WRN explains,
"It was a brief test period on 15650 kHz, and stopped because it was not
performing as well as the client expected. We are now assessing it and
will let you know what will come next."

Still unknown the transmitter site, but next one may well be different.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 6)

Radio Free Kenyalang on new frequency.
Please check new frequency of Radio Free Kenyalang in Iban:
1200-1400 UT NF15430 kHz, secret transmitter site to SoEaAS, ex15650
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx Dec 7)

15420 on 07 Dec at 1000 UT, Palau, R Free Sarawak in Iban. Start of
transmission. OM talk and ID, background of instrumental music. At 1009
UT, OM presents news. 35333.
(Jorge Freitas-BRA, hcdx Dec 7)

15420.000  Nothing heard of WRN brokered 15430 kHz today. Very weak signal
of S=4 - probably - Radio Free Kenyalang in Iban noted at remote Japan and
Russia posts, around 1145-1155 UT, Dec 7. Nothing heard on western Europe.

Though from 1200 UT different AWR Agat Guam broadcast starts in probably
Amoy / Chinese, different stronger, even in Europe S=8 signal.

[later]  R. Free Kenyalang / R. Free Sarawak ?

Is that not same opposite organization and WRN brokery behind ?

still a puzzle, compared the poor signal always take into account on 15650
and 15420 ... compared to all other PAC, Asian, FE Russia, Taiwanese and
China mainland station signal strength noted today ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

No, we have the habit of listing stations acc. to their name. These seem
even to have different background organisation.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, hcdx Dec 7)

Yes, this is actual:
15420 Radio Free Sarawak 1000-1200 Iban 100kW 270deg PLW Palau Medorn T8WH
(Theodor Averbeck-D, hcdx Dec 7)

UNIDENTIFIED   15400  Heavy China mainland FIREDRAKE music jamming noted
from 1400 UT start onwards, against Chinese? lang also even co-channel...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

UAE/RWANDA   Some Babcock FMO requests. Moved TWR Africa in Somali from
Kigali to Al Dhabbaya:

TIME/UTC   DAY      LANGUAGE   FREQU  Site kW  AZI  Reception
           MTWTFSS                                  Area
1630-1657  12345    Somali     11635  KIG  250 000  Kenya/Somali
1630-1645        7  Somali     11635  KIG  250 000  Kenya/Somali

But moved from 1 Dec:
1630-1657  12345    Somali     11635  UAE  250 225  Kenya/Somali
1630-1645        7  Somali     11635  UAE  250 225  Kenya/Somali

9890 new Radio Australia via Al Dhabbaya-UAE in Indonesian,
registered from Dec 5th:
9890 (ex11830) 2200-2330 UT to zones 51W,54 DHA 500kW 105deg
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

UAE/GERMANY   13700 kHz DWL in Chinese via Al Dhabbaya.
Seit 1300 UT kann man das chinesische Programm der Deutsche Welle auf
13700 kHz mit O=4 hoeren. Gesendet wird via Al DHABAYYA UAE. Die Frequenz
ist ungestoert und es auch kein Jamming wahrnehmbar. Das Signal hat ein
leichtes Echo - Mehrwegempfang.
(Jan Balzer-D, A-DX Dec 4)

Von dem ganzen Strauss von vielen DWL Feederprogrammen der vergangenen
Jahrzehnte sind jetzt bei mir auf dem Hotbird 13E Zugriff noch 7 DWL
Kanaele uebrig geblieben.

Die UAE Aussendung aus Al Dhabbaya in Chinesisch Mandarin kommt real
3 Sekunden spaeter an, als der Hotbird Sat Feedzugriff ueber die Sat-
Schuessel, wobei aber auf allen Wegstrecken noch Zeitverluste drin liegen.
Ich weiss ja gar nicht wie lange der Decoder des Samsung TV UE6710
braucht, um das Radiosignal zu decodieren.

DW-Feed1 bringt ein endloses Pausensignal
DW-05 DWL   Chinesisch um 1300 und 1330 UT
DW-08 DWL   Hausa      1300-1400 UT
DW-09 DWL   Chinesisch 1300-1330 UT
            Dari AFG   1330-1400 UT
DW-FM01 DWL Dari AFG   1330-1400 UT
DW-FM04 DWL endloses Pausensignal
DW-FM07 DWL endloses Pausensignal
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

17859.952  Very odd Al Dhabbaya UAE relay of DWL Pashto service towards
Afghanistan target, featured about eastern Germany{ex GDR} students who
hired for Strassbourg France University and their problems in France ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

U.K./USA   Some new VoVietnam relays, after Sackville-RCI-CAN ceased
operation in Oct 2012.

6135  VoVTN Russian 2000-2030 UT via Woofferton 250 kW.

6175  VoVTN Vietnamese 0430-0528 UT to zone 6 via HRI-USA relay site,
ex requested 7345WOF.

9640  VoVTN English 0100-0258 UT, and 0330-0358 UT via Woofferton-UK
250 kW. to zone 8.

7335  HCJ Arabic sce vie Woofferton site, 2100-2145 UT, 250 kW 170 degr
to zone 37S.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

USA   11715.011 to ... x.019 kHz, signal wandered UP of KJES Vado USA
around 1440 to 1450 UT Dec 8. Weak signal in western Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

USA   Broadcasting Board of Governors - Information War Lost - Scorched

As we like to say:

We know the Broadcasting Board of Governors/International Broadcasting
Bureau (BBG/IBB) officials very, very well.

We know that their "flim-flam-not-so-strategic-plan" is bogus.

What it really represents is a "scorched earth" plan, intended to fully
destroy US Government international broadcasting and render it useless,

Think this is an exaggeration? Let's look at the track record, just in
2012 alone:

The proposed elimination of 14 of 43 Voice of America (VOA) language
services in FY 2013,

The proposed elimination of approximately 200 positions throughout VOA,

A precipitous loss of VOA's estimated audience in less than one year, from
about 141-million down to 134-million, across all its media platforms
(BBG's total audience dropped from 187-million in 2011, which was
overestimated by BBG's own admission, down to 175-million),

The decimation of the veteran Russian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio
Liberty (RFE/RL) and replacing it with what is derisively being referred
to as "Radio Gessen,"

The miniaturization of the US Government strategic broadcasting global
footprint through eliminated radio broadcasts and frequencies along with
successful interdiction efforts by foreign governments intent blocking
agency programs TV and the Internet, and

The perpetuation of an institutionalized hostile work environment for its
employees as determined in the annual Federal employee workplace survey.

Impressive - in a wholly negative way.

This is what the cabal the Third Floor of the Cohen Building is all about.

They aren't finished.

They won't be finished until they have successfully eliminated all
effective US Government strategic broadcasting, leaving the agency nothing
more than a useless waste of taxpayer money generating press releases
related to its $50-million dollar contract with the Gallup organization
and websites of dated news and social media chit-chat.

(Kind of like The Rolling Stones tune [I Can't Get No] "Satisfaction." You
know that part of the verse - "...useless information supposed to drive my

The damage that has been done is extensive as it is intentional.

But there remains one department to be completely destroyed that will
virtually assure that US Government strategic international broadcasting
will no longer be mission effective:

The VOA Central Newsroom.

The VOA Central Newsroom (aka, the Newsroom) is a core strategic component
to the agency's mission. It is the primary gatekeeper of the principles of
the VOA Charter, including:

"(1) VOA will serve as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of
news. VOA news will be accurate, objective and comprehensive."

The BBG/IBB "scorched earth" strategy lays waste to the VOA Charter and
the Newsroom in particular. The BBG/IBB has gone way off the reservation,
ignoring the Charter and unilaterally redefining the agency's mission as
"supporting freedom and democracy."

"Supporting freedom and democracy" is hollow ideological pandering by the
BBG/IBB. At best, it is an intended outcome. Judging by events around the
world, it is a difficult and elusive outcome for the BBG/IBB. Actions by
the BBG/IBB make this outcome even more unachievable, as noted above, with
the cuts to its program effectiveness.

And because it is not achievable in any meaningful or sustainable way,
mouthing this BBG/IBB mantra severely damages any residual credibility the
agency may have left with global publics.

And it isn't much.

In the last week of November 2012, Newsroom personnel were presented with
the results of an Office of Program Review (OPR) assessment of the
Newsroom. We have obtained a copy of that report.

(Note: Our principal focus in this commentary is the OPR meeting with
Newsroom staff. Future commentaries will also focus this meeting and
comments coming from the meeting. At some point, we will also examine the
OPR Newsroom document itself.)

The mindset of the OPR is important to note. There are people in this
office who are of like mind with the apparatchiks the Third Floor of the
Cohen Building. Perhaps they see this is an opportunity to further their
personal interests and curry favor with the bosses.

One story making its way around the Newsroom is of an encounter a Newsroom
staff person had with an OPR employee. AS our sources report, during the
meeting the broadcaster raised the subject of the VOA Charter. Allegedly,
the OPR staffer retorted:

"...There is no more international broadcasting.It's all about feeding our

(Note: this OPR staffer appears to mean either foreign radio/TV stations
which the agency has placement agreements for VOA programs or the US
Government grantee broadcasting entities which have a different mission
than that of the VOA.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the only place where "there is no more international
broadcasting" is in the Cohen Building. One would be hard-pressed to make
this argument to "The Big Three -" China, Russia and Iran - all of whom
have robust international broadcasting campaigns underway. And more than
likely, the British Broadcasting Corporation (even with its own
difficulties) would also find this statement absurd.

But most importantly, the United States Congress believes that
international broadcasting is in the national and public interest. This
OPR staffer takes it upon himself to subvert the intent of the Congress.
This is called contempt of Congress.

Contempt is one of the things the Third Floor of the Cohen Building excels
in: contempt for the Congress, contempt for American taxpayers, contempt
for its employees and its intended audiences.

(Here's a thought: if you are an analyst for a foreign government not too
friendly toward the United States, a statement like that of the OPR
staffer from inside the Cohen Building has to make you feel very, very
good. In essence, it is a clear indication of the rot and decay that
pervade this agency: giving up its strategic broadcasting mission. The Big
Three know what strategic broadcasting is all about. They are not trying
to be "CNN-lite." They are not trying to be an insipid social media
operation. The big boys are professionals. They are playing serious
hardball. In this contest, the wimps of the BBG/IBB are big time in only
one category: big time losers, with a loser/defeatist mindset. And most
importantly, you know that the BBG/IBB is the cusp of imploding - one more
indication that the 21st Century will not be an American Century - our
former greatness to be replaced by weakness and defeatism.)

The OPR staffer then loaded up with another blast concerning adherence to
the principles of the VOA Charter:

"What are they going to do, come and put handcuffs you?"

"They" in this context means the United States Congress. If this is an
accurate representation of the statement made, this staff person was
suggesting violating the Charter (a public law) regardless of
Congressional intent and leaving it to Members of Congress to do something
about it.

And worse, it can also be seen as a form of threat, intimidation and
coercion: as an employee the receiving end of the statement, the message
is clear: do it the BBG/IBB way - or else.

In short, the attitude of contempt for the rule of law coming from the
BBG/IBB is seeping down into the ranks of its staffers to find root with
opportunists only too eager to give expression to their arrogance and
defiance that has become a trade-mark of the BBG/IBB (as in Steve Korn's
act of gross insubordination in refusing a request for information from
members of the BBG).

Considering the agency's mission, the mindset of the BBG/IBB appears to be
every bit as coercive and threatening as that of any foreign government
which acts in a similar manner to stifle free discussion.

In other words, if you are looking for guiding principles of American
democracy, do not look to the BBG/IBB. This is a rogue agency conducting a
rogue operation, making a mockery of American principles and ideals.

And what is also intimated in the OPR staffer's outbursts is the agency
taking a hard turn toward propaganda, disinformation and misinformation.

Returning to the November 2012 OPR meeting with the Newsroom staff:

Front and center, we have David Ensor, the VOA director. We recall early
in Mr. Ensor's appointment another meeting with the Newsroom staff in
which he described the future as one with "blood the floor" (staff
reductions) and "no turning back" (putting something in place that would
likely represent a radical departure from the norm of VOA operations).

We also recall a recent interview that Mr. Ensor gave in which he marked
the agency's audience at 140-million. It was in fact estimated at only
134-million, a drop of several million from the 2011 estimate of 141-
million. AS we note, this would be a significant audience drop for VOA. At
this pace, VOA might lose its audience before too long.

That would make the collapse of this agency complete.

Mr. Ensor delivered closing remarks to the proceeding.

According to our sources, Mr. Ensor believes that VOA is not broken, that
it is effective and reaches a lot of people and that he wants it to reach
more people.

Mr. Ensor is fond of this refrain. But fondness doesn't make the refrain a
fact and clearly runs contrary to reality. We don't know if Mr. Ensor
truly believes it. Clearly, he wants the Newsroom staff to believe it.

However, VOA and US Government international broadcasting most assuredly
is broken. It does not reach a lot of people and the IBB scorched earth
trajectory it faces the prospect of even smaller audiences. At 175-million
for all of BBG, and 134-million for VOA, out of a world population of 7-
BILLION, one can surmise that global publics see things quite differently
than Mr. Ensor. A couple more hits like this and the VOA will be most
assuredly -


(Yes, we repeat these numbers because it is shocking. Seventy years worth
of American taxpayer investment in strategic international broadcasting is
about to crash and burn at the hands of the IBB. This is simply
unconscionable and atrocious. It is an abuse of a public trust.)

Mr. Ensor also offered that the agency must commit resources to doing more
news content that the VOA language services need for their programs. At
the same time, he also suggested that the language services start doing
more themselves and not relying Central News (aka, the Newsroom) to do
everything the services want.

These resources do not exist.

Let's repeat the fact that the agency proposed to eliminate 43 positions
in the Newsroom. The cuts didn't come because the budget legislation
stalled in the Congress. However, the Third Floor most certainly hasn't
given up this objective and may add more positions to be cut in FY 2014.
(We'll know about that in February 2013 when the White House releases its
FY 2014 budget proposal.)

In addition, the VOA language services are not fat with personnel either.
Not surprisingly, they must rely the Newsroom's agency-wide material which
the language services then use for their specific broadcasts.

The bottom line: whether the Newsroom or the language services, the staff
is under-resourced, scrambling to cover multiple platforms (radio, TV, the
Internet) and doing all badly. On top of that, the staff is besieged by
competing demands from a poorly constituted Newsroom management.

Mr. Ensor also offered that he doesn't want to go to Congress and ask for
permission to re-organize VOA and then started talking about management
"teams" to achieve results. In an already hostile work environment, we can
only imagine what the results of this idea might be.

It is well that Mr. Ensor doesn't want to go to Congress and ask for
permission to re-organize VOA. Certain Members of Congress are fed up with
BBG/IBB failure, including the constantly revised "flim flam Soviet-style
strategic plan." Mr. Ensor and the rest of the crowd the Third Floor of
the Cohen Building would have to answer a whole lot of questions and
subject themselves to further scrutiny that, at this juncture, they
probably would prefer to avoid.

by The Federalist, December 2012 (via dxld Dec 6)

VENEZUELA   New Calabozo Shortwave Txer Site.

Progress is being made on the new International SW Txion Site at Calabozo,
VENEZUELA - located 8 kms SouthEast of the township.

The latest BING Maps satellite imagery update (November, 2012) provided
new imagery of this site which now shows the land clearing for antennas &
feeder lines & also guy wire concrete mounts now in place in preparation
for the SW transmission towers.

I often have trouble getting the Bing Maps "Imagery metadata" app to work
on the Bing Maps webpage, (and so is the case today with this site) so I
can't acquire the image date for the site image. Perhaps one of our
members can & provide us with the image date?
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Dec 2)

NOW, I count no less than 170-180 congrete mast poles of big and small
size, around the TX house
08 53 13.87 N  67 21 46.44 W
on the BING maps image.



Looks like will also be a big transmission center in future, like RHC
Quivican San Felipe site, latter which consist 16 curtain array, 2xNVIS 60
mband antennas, and a log-periodic ant.

On the left side of the TX house probably curtain arrays to be erected,
and on the north-eastern side area around

08 53 19.57 N  67 21 38.64 W

a NVIS non-dir 49/60 meterband and log-periodic antenna pole design seen

I guess image picture is of March 2012, see Metadata problem
set 'find' to
08 53 19.57 N  67 21 38.64 W

or permalink

zoom in





Ian, as English is NOT my native language, I would appreciate it if you
help me with the usual access URL procedure I would to get access the Bing
Maps metadata.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2)

VIETNAM/CHINA   UNIDENTIFIED. 7216.50 kHz. Thanks to an alert from Dave
Valko, heard a station off frequency here; several mentions of "Radio
Vietnam"; Dec 3 from 1249 UT to end of audio at 1257 UT (in Russian?);
open carrier till 1300 UT and sounded Chinese. At 1300 UT strong sign on
of CRI with Japanese on 7215.0 kHz. Is UNID also CRI?

CRI B-12 schedule:

1200-1257 Russian 9685uru, 9590szg, 7410szg, 7215xia, 6100bei, 5905kas,
          1521htb-xin, 963hua-jil

1300-1357 Chinese 13855kas, 13650uru, 7215xia, 7205bei
          Japanese 7325jin, 7215xia, 1044hnl-jia
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Dec 3)

"Now at 1157 UT VOVTN Russian on 7214.472 kHz with ID: "Radio Golos
Vietnama", so drifting from 7220 kHz. At 1158 UT blocked by CRI starting
on 7215 kHz and started in Chinese at 1200 UT. VOK alone on 7220 kHz with
very poor audio.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld Dec 4)

7216.472  Totally different at 1230 to 1300 UT Dec 4. noted on remote
Perseus Osaka JPN unit:

Lower signal strength CRI Russian via 500 kW Xian site 7215.000 kHz at
1235 UT, but much S=9+15 to +20dB strength stronger via Son Tay site
requested registration 7220 kHz 1100-1330 UT to zones 31-33 VN1 100kW
27degrees VTN VOV on very ODD frequency 7216.472 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

VIETNAM/SRI LANKA   13735 and 12130  BOTH very heavy Vietnamese SIRENE
jamming against RFA Vietnamese service from Iranawila relay site, S=8-9
level. 14-15 UT Dec 8.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)


Following-on from the series of Wavescan scripts entitled "Radio in
Ceylon" that we ran in previous issues of Contact, I found the following
new book due for publication in paperback on 15 February 2013 by Helion &
Company Ltd

"Making Waves - Admiral Mountbatten's Radio SEAC 1945-49"

ISBN-10: 1906033951, ISBN-13: 978-1906033958  Regular Price: 29.95 GBP
Pre-publication price via <>  26.96 GBP

The following extract is from the description on the publisher's website
at <>

"The story of British Forces Broadcasting began officially on 1st January
1944 in North Africa. Mobile stations were used in the advance northwards
through Italy, and followed closely behind the troops after D-Day as they
fought their way across Europe into Germany. However, this approach was
not suitable for the war east of Suez. The India and South-East Asia
Commands (SEAC) covered such a huge area that other means were needed to
deliver programmes to the forces in that theatre.

Discussions involving the War Office and the BBC reached the conclusion
that the best option was a powerful short wave transmitter, supported by
another with less power. This was approved by the War Cabinet, along with
most of Munster's recommendations. What was much more difficult to resolve
was the disagreement between those who wished to have the station in
Delhi, and Mountbatten who wanted it under his command, in Ceylon. The
text of a signal is included in which he set out his reasons. The furious
argument was decided in his favour, and the result was Radio SEAC.

The story of Radio SEAC, and Mountbatten's pivotal involvement in it, has
remained untold until now. Eric Hitchcock presents a balanced and
fascinating account, blending military, social, political and scientific
history together to produce an important account."
(WDXC-UK, Contact magazine final Nov/Dec 2012)


Dear friends,

the maximum of the current solar cycle is expected for 2013. There has
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