DARC DXNL 1813 (Jan 2, 2013)

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5Z, Kenya:
     Bertrand, DF3ZS and Tom, DL1QW will be QRV as 5Z4/DF3ZS and
     5Z4/DL1QW respectively from Diani Beach on 80 - 10m in CW, SSB
     and RTTY with dipoles, GPs and vertical loops from January 7
     to 20. QSLs via home calls.

6W, Senegal:
     Francis, F6BLP, will be 6W7SK again from January 4 to 18. From Saly
     Portudal (aka Sali or Saly Port) in holiday style. He's using an
     IC7000 with a G5RV and will be mostly in CW on 10 - 80m. He's also
     trying to get on the air on 160m with an inverted L antenna.
     QSL via home call, LoTW and eQSL.

DL, Germany:
     For the 50th anniversary of the French-German Treaty of Friendship
     (Elysee Treaty) there will be a special station DL50FRANCE on the
     air during the whole year of 2013, with special DOK 50FRA.
     This activity is an example for the international understanding
     which is fostered by amateur radio activities. Horst, DF8VV came
     up with the idea for this activity, the QSL manager is DK8VR.

     On the occasion of the anniversary of the first official broadcast
     transmission from the Voxhaus Berlin on October 29th 1923, the
     Deutsche Amateur Radio Club e.V. (DARC) local chapter Maerkische
     Viertel (D13) issues a diploma and will be active on the bands
     as DR90VOX with special DOK 90VOX.  http://www.ovd13.de/

EI, Ireland:
     "The Gathering" - An Irish party... on and off the airwaves.
     Throughout 2013 Irish families and clans will be coming together
     in thousands of events, both on the island and around the globe,
     to celebrate their history and heritage in a unique event called
     "The Gathering." Irish amateur radio stations, North and South,
     will be participating and all operators throughout the world,
     whether they have some green Irish blood or not, are invited to
     join in the celebrations. The special event callsign EI13CLAN will
     be on the air for the whole year; special diplomas are available.
     QSL via EI6AL. http://www.irts.ie/thegathering

F, France:
     Rodrigue, F8DFO, and Jeremy, F4DVJ, remember the Robert Delrue,
     F3VD, who passed away on August 2012. He was a mentor of many
     radio amateurs. Their activities as TM2VD will take part on
     January 2 - 4 in CW, SSB and digital modes on 80 - 10m.
     QSL via F8DFO.

JA, Japan:
     The special event station 8N2MDR is QRV from January 1st to
     March 31st 2013 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the
     Nagoya's Midori ward (JCC 2001). Nagoya is in Aichi prefecture
     in the Chubu region on Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376).
     QSL via Bureau.

OA, Peru:
     Members of the "Radio Club Peruano" will be QRV during this
     year's "Rally Dakar - Peru" (4 - 13 January) with the special
     event callsign 4T4RDP in SSB, CW, RTTY and Digitalmodes from
     80 - 6m aktiv. QSL via OA4O.

OZ, Denmark:
     Throughout 2013, Danish radio amateurs will remember the 110th
     birthday of the actic explorer Ernst T. Krenkel (RAEM) with the
     special event callsign OU1RAEM. Activities will be on all bands
     in all modes, including contest participations.
     QSL via DF5LW.

PA, Netherlands:
     On the occasion of the 110th jubilee of the football club MVV
     Maastricht, the special event callsign PD110MVV will be on the
     air until January 14th. QSL via PD3R.

S5, Slovenia:
     With the special callsign S5300TP, members of the Radio club
     SOCA Tolmin (S59DAP) will remember the 300th anniversary of the
     peasant uprising of Tolmin. Activities are planned throughout
     the whole year. QSL preferred via bureau.

UA0, Asiatic Russia:
     The special event callsign RU20WC will be QRV until January 5
     during the "IIHF Ice Hockey U20 World Championship" in Ufa.
     QSL via RV9WB.

V5, Namibia:
     Ewald, DJ2BQ, will be on 10 - 80m as V5/DJ2BQ between January
     4 - 18 in RTTY. QSLs will be sent automatically after the end
     of the DXpedition via the bureau.

VK, Australia:
     The "Hills Amateur Radio Group" celebrates their 30the jubilee
     in January with the special callsign VI6AHR30 on all bands and
     in all modes with a focus on January 26/27.
     QSL via VK6IR. http://www.vk6ir.com/.

     As every year since 1999, on January 6th the "Ham Radio University"
     special event call W2V will be on the bands.
     QSL via N2MUN. http://www.HamRadioUniversity.org

YO, Romania:
     The "Radioclub QSO Banat Timisoara" celebrates their 10th
     anniversary with the special event callsign YP10KQT throughout
     the year 2013.
     QSL via YO2KQT.

Z3, Macedonia:
     20 years ago, Macedonia (formerly YU5) was assigned the prefix
     Z3. With the special event calls Z320RSM and Z320A - Z320Z,
     radio amateurs from Macedonia will remember this anniversary.
     QSL info according to the operators.

Z6, Kosovo:
     Stein, LA4MIA, will be on the air as Z6/LA4MIA until January 8
     in SSB on 40, 20 and 15m. QSL via home call.

     Dusan, S52DD, can be worked as Z6/S52DD until April or May on
     40 - 10m in CW, SSB and possibly some RTTY.
     QSL via home call, after his return home.

     Miko, SP5CJQ, will also work from Kosovo as Z6/SP5CJQ over the
     next few months. QSL via home call.

Caribbean tour:
     Bjorn, SM0MDG will be on the air as V26BM until January 4 from
     Antigua (NA-100), after that he'll be active from January 4-8 as
     VP2MSW from Montserrat (NA-103) with a focus on 15/17m and if
     conditions permit on 10m with a FT-857D and simple wire antennas.
     QSL via M0URX (OQRS), LoTW. http://www.m0urx.com

Results of the WAE DC Questionnaire:

"DX Code of Conduct":
     At a meeting of RSGB, CDXC and GM-DX on October 13th we
     agreed to strengthen the 'DX Code of Conduct' and to prioritise
     the DXpedition side. This has now been completed, thanks to
     Wayne N7NG and 'DX University', and has been renamed 'Best
     Practices for DXpedition Operating'.

Radio Activity Award January 2013:

     This award is sponsored by "Brave Radio Friends" and is given
     out to hams and SWLs, who need to work or hear as many DXCCs
     as possible in January 2013, with a minimum of 20 DXCCs.
     Applications with log excerpt (PDF, DOC, XLS or JPG) can
     be sent to de3ear@darc.de until February 28. The award which
     comes as a PDF document is free of charge.

Morse Code as UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage (Update to DXNL 1809)

     On December 12th, the Cabinet of Germany ratified the UNESCO
     Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural
     Heritage, which brings us one step closer to the goal of the
     Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) and IARU to have Morse
     Code added to the list of Intangible cultural heritage.
     The national UNESCO offices are checking the applications
     of their respective countries, and upon success they will
     be send to Paris, where in November 2014, Morse Code could
     finally be accepted to the list.

     The following operations have been accepted for DXCC credit:
     5T0SP, J6/W4VAB and ZL9HR.

Upcoming contests

05.01.       Schwaben-Contest
05./06.01.   EUCW 160m Contest

The results of the CQMM Contest 2012 have been published:

IOTA     Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG (E-Mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)

Island activities

AF-017; 3B9; Rodrigues Island: Until January 7, Juha/OH1LEG will be
     active from Rodrigues Island as 3B9/OH1LEG. He's operating on
     160 - 10 Meter in SSB, RTTY and PSK31. QSL via OH1LEG (d).

AS-079; JA6; Miyako Island: From Miyako Island, Take/JS6RRR will
     be active until January 7. He also uses the callsigns
     JI3DST/JS6 and JA3YEC/JS6. Activities take place on the HF
     bands in SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31. QSL JS6RRR via JS6RRR (B),
     JI3DST/JS6 via JI3DST (B). JA3YEC/JS6 QSLs will be sent via
     the bureau.

NA-073; V3; Corozal/ Belize District group & NA-123; V3; Turneffe
     Islands: Markus/DJ4EL will be in Belize January 3-17 and plans
     to activate two IOTA groups as V31ME. From January 3-5 he's
     QRV from Abergris Caye (NA-073) and January 5 - 12 he's on
     Long Caye (NA-123; Lighthouse Atoll). After that he'll be
     back on Abergis Caye (NA-073) until January 17th.
     He will use wire antennas and 100W for his SSB operations
     on 10 - 40m. QSL via DJ4EL (d/B).

SA-096; LU; Chubut Province North group: Cezar/VE3LYC,
     Johan/PA3EXX, Alex/LU5WW and Luc/LU1FAM are attempting the first
     activation of Isla Escondida as LU6W from January 2 - 6. They have
     tough logistical challenges to master and are not absolutely sure
     whether the operation will succeed. If they manage to get on the
     air, they will be operating with two stations on the HF bands.
     QSL via VE3LYC (d/B) Online Log auf ClubLog.

IOTA frequencies:
     CW  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530
     SSB 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3755

from  to                  DX                 DX-NL
Resident                  3B8BAE             1808
18.12.12-07.01.13         3B9/OH1LEG         1813*
till 28. February         3Z5MT              1808
4. - 13. January          4T4RDP             1813*
23.12.-09.01.13           5P1KZX             1811/12
09.11.-09.03.2013         4S7KKG             1805
fm 16. November           5T0JL              1772/1806
08.12.-01.03.13           5W0W*              1809/1810
7. - 20. January          5Z4/DF3ZS..        1813*
till 2014                 5Z4/LA4GHA..       1810
till 2014                 5Z4EE              1803/1807
4. - 18. January          6W7SK              1813 *
till early Januar         6Y5/W8YCM          1809
unknown                   7P8CC              1807
fm17. December            7P8RI              1810
till 15. January 2013     7P8ZM              1811/12
Resident                  7Q7DFC             1805
Resident                  8J1RL              1809
till 31. March 2013       8J1SPY             1788
till 31. March 2013       8J5SSS             1807
10.12. -03.03.2013        8J6HAM             1809
23.12. - 25.03.2013       8N119T             1811/12
till 31. March 2014       8N2MDR             1813*
26.12.-03.01.12           8Q7MS              1811/12
till 2012                 9J2RI              1739/1742
Resident                  9V1KK              1803
till October 2014         9V1RM              1751
Resident                  A22LL              1803
till September 2013       A52SV              1752
till 10. March 2013       BM0LF..            1805
till Ende 2013            C91IW              1787
Resident                  CD6713             1805
01.12.-Jan. 2013          C6AGT              1808
till May 2013?            D2SG               1748/1780
5.11. - 15.2.2013         D3AA               1806
till 13. January 2013     DL125HHZ           1778
1.1 - 31.12.              DL50FRANCE         1813*
till February2013         DP0GVN             1756
till January 2013         DQ0STRATEX         1770
1.1. - 31.12.2013         DR90VOX            1813*
Resident                  DU1/W7XA           1811/12
8. 12 - 18. 1.2013        DU9/M0GHQ          1810
10.12.-05.01.13           E51E               1809
03.12.-12.02.13           EA8/IK1PMR         1808
03.12.-12.02.13           EA8/PA3LEO         1808
1.1.- 31.12.              EI13CLAN           1813*
unknown                   ET3AA              1805
Resident                  FG4NO              1811/12
till 1. March 2013        FH8NX              1747
2013                      G100RSGB..         1811/12
22.12.-07.01.13           H40FN              1811/12
till spaet 2013           H44RK              1793
1.1. - 31.12. 2013        HB30OK             1811/12
January                   HF0WOSP            1811/12
till zum 14. January      HF2012PLL          1811/12
till September 2013       HI3/KL7JR          1745
till Juli 2013            J28UC              1734
till August 2014          J28NC              1796
30.12.-04.01.13           JD1BMH             1811/12
27.12.12-07.01.13         JS6RRR             1813*
till 11. April 2013       JX9JKA             1773/1807
29. 12  - 2.1.2013        K1GI/VP9           1811/12
till March 2013           K6H                1803
till 2013                 KG4AJ              1756
till Juni 2013            KH2/N2NL           1680
till March 2013           KH9/WA2YUN         1771
long term                 KP2/NQ3X           1799/1803
02.01.-06.01.             LU6W               1813*
20.12 -2.2.2013           OA4/PA3GFE         1811/12
Resident                  OD5RW              1799
till 3. April 2017        OG3077F            1789
till 31. December         OH150VR            1772
December                  OH9SCL..           1810
1.1. - 31.12.2013         OU1RAEM            1813*
till 14. January          PD110MVV           1813*
22.12.-17.02.2013         RI1ANC             1810
till 5. January           RU20WC             1813*
till 15. January 2013     S505SLG            1803
till 15. Januar2013       S512IAPMC          1803
1.1. - 23.12.2013         S5300TP            1813*
18.12.-07.01.13           S79QT              1810
Resident                  ST2FT              1808
till February 2013        T6LG               1795/1807
till October 2013         T6MH               1806
till summer 2014          T6T                1810
24.12.-06.01.13           T8CW               1811/12
till 13. January          TG9/KF5LSG..       1807
till 2015?                TJ3SN (?)          1806
2.  -  4. January         TM2VD              1806/18091813*
till 4. January           V26BM              1813*
03.01.-17.01.             V31ME              1813*
till 18. January 2013     V5/DJ2BQ           1813*
till November 2014        V73NS              604/1668/1752
till 18. January 2013     V5/DJ2BQ..         1809
Resident                  VK4FMAG            1807
January                   VI6AHR30           1813*
unknown                   VK8/OZ1AA          1809
21.12.-03.01.13           VP2MRV             1811/12
4. - 8. January           VP2MSW             1813*
unknown                   VP8CMH/mm..        1804
unknown                   VP8DFR             1803
till March 2013?          VU3BPZ/3..         1800
6. January                W2V                1813*
20. 12. -  2.1.2013       XE1/DJ4EL          1811/12
till May 2014             XE1/DM3DL          1730
12.12.-04.01.13           XV0VR              1810
Resident                  XV4Y               1808
15.12.-15.01.13           YC9MLL             1810
fm14. November            YI1IRQ             1807
1.1. - 31.12.2013         YP10KQT            1813*
1.1. - 31.12.2013         Z320RSM..          1813*
till 8. January           Z6/LA4MIA          1813*
till April or May         Z6/S52DD           1813*
unknown                   Z6/SP5CJQ          1813*
unknown                   Z88Z               1800
till October 2013         ZD9KX              1795
till 12. August 2013      ZF2TK              1800
till 2014                 ZY2014WC           1774

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
3B9/OH1LEG        via    OH1LEG       (d)
3Z6M              via    SP6IEQ       (B)
4A0MAYA           via    XE3RCC
4JR0HYT           via    JR0HYT       (B)
4L1HD             via    DL8KAC       (B)
4T4RDP            via    OA4O         (B)
5Z4/DF3ZS         via    DF3ZS        (B)
5Z4/DL1QW         via    DL1QW        (B)
6E3EM             QRZ.COM
6W7SK             via    F6BLP        (B), (L), eQS
7P8JA             via    JE1WVQ
7P8ZM             via    JO1CRA       (B)
9A1WFF            via    9A6AA        (B)
9A203SM           via    9A3SM        (B)
9A2WJ/p           via    9A2WJ        (B)
9A3SM/p           via    9A3SM        (B)
9A8BEN            via    DO1BEN       (B)
9K2UU             via    EA5ZD
9M2PJU/p                              (d), (L), eQSL
A61AS             via    YO3FRI       (B)
AT1WPS            via    VU2NRO       (B)
C31CT             via    EA3QS        (B)
CK3B              via    VE3JO
CM2ECO            via    EA7HBC
CW90A             via    CX2ABC       (d)
DA0NR             via    DL1BDF       (B)
DK40AHLEN         via    DG8YCA
DL50FRANCE        via    DK8VR        (B)
DR90VOX                               (B)
E70YL             via    E77E         (B)
EA7/DL8FCL        via    DL8FCL
EA8/DF5JR         via    DF5JR        (B)
EA8/PD1DX         via    PD1DX
EA8/RW3DO         via    RW3DO
ED7IVN            via    EA7IVN
EG2MEJ            via    EG2MCK
EI/MM0MUN         via    MM0MUN
EI/W5GN           via    W5GN
EI13CLAN          via    EI6AL        (B)
EN400UG           via    US5UZ
EO20              via    UR4PWL       (B)
ER4DX             via    RA4LW        (d)
EX2U              via    IK2QPR       (B)
FK8GX             via    W3HNK        (d)
FO/JI1JKW         via    JI1JKW       (B)
GX4BJC/A          via    G6XOU
H40N              via    HA8DD
HA100CGCDH        via    HA0MO
HG56OD            via    HA3OD             (B)
HL2ZBD/3          via    JK3IJQ
HP3AK             via    W4JS         (B)
HR2/NP3J          via    EA5GL        (d)
HZ1NM             via    IZ8CLM       (B)
II0XMAS           via    M0OXO        (B), OQRS, eQSL
II7IAOI           via    IZ7AUH,      (L), eQSL ClubLog (OQRS)
J85K                                  (d)
JA3YEC/JS6        automatic via bureau
JI3DST/JS6        via    JI3DST       (B)
JS6RRR            via    JS6RRR       (B)
KH2L              via    W3HNK        (d)
KL1A/W2           QRZ.COM
LU6W              via    VE3LYC       (B)
LZ1500PNB         via    LZ1KCP       (B), (L)
MX1SWL/A          via    G6XOU
MX1SWL/P          via    G6XOU
N0D               via    KK5W
OG30OJ            via    OH3OJ        (B)
OS0X              via    ON4JM
OT200HC           via    ON4PRA
OT4A              via    ON4AEK
OU1RAEM           via    DF5LW        (B), OZ2CBA (B)
P29ZAD            via    NI5DX        (B)
PD110MVV          via    PD3R         (B)
PH0NO/p           via    PH0NO        (B)
PR2X              via    PY2ADR
R60SKV            via    RA1QD        (B)
RA/NT2X           via    RW1AI        (B)
RA70WR            via    RM4A         (B)
RI1ANF            via    ZS1ANF;RK1PWA (B)
RU20WC            via    RV9WB        (B)
S5300TP                               (B)
SK25VJ                                (B)
SM5F              via    SA5BJM
SN2012END                             (B)
SP9EVP            via    SP9BGL       (B)
SP9YFF                                (d), (L)
SV2ASP/A                              (d)
SV6/DJ8XA         via    DJ8XA
T88NC             via    XE1TNC
T8CW              via    JA0FOX
TC9SAM            via    TA1HZ        (d)
TF3IG             via    TF3-035
TF3ML             via    TF3-035
TM2VD             via    F8DFO
TT8FC             via    EA3GWK
UE10SK            via    R9XC
UN8FE             via    IK2QPR       (B)
V26BM             via    M0URX        (B, OQRS), (L)
V31ME             via    DJ4EL        (B)
V5/DJ2BQ          automatic via bureau
V5/DK1CE          via    DH3WO        (B)
V5/DL3DXX         via    DL3DXX       (B)
VA2SG/DD495       via    VA2SG
VE3/G3SXW         via    G3SXW        (B)
VI6AHR30          via    VK6IR        (B, OQRS)
VP2MSW            via    M0URX        (B, OQRS), (L)
VP8ROT            via    GM0HCQ       (d), (L), eQSL (21./22.12.2012)
VP9/K1GI          via    JG2BRI       (d), (L)
W1E               via    AI4U         (B)
W2V               via    N2MUN
XE1/DJ4EL         via    DJ4EL        (B)
XE1/VE7BDI        via    VE7BDI
XR0Y              via    M0URX        (d, OQRS), (*)
XV0VR             via    DD0VR
YA/IZ1CCK         via    IZ1BWB       (B), (L)
YJ0MB             via    VK2BXE
YM1KD             via    TA1BX
YP10KQT           via    YO2KQT       (B)
YP1WFF/p          according to OP instructions
YU175SB           via    YU1KN
Z320A             according to OP instructions
Z320B             according to OP instructions
Z320C             according to OP instructions
Z320D             according to OP instructions
Z320E             according to OP instructions
Z320F             according to OP instructions
Z320G             according to OP instructions
Z320H             according to OP instructions
Z320I             according to OP instructions
Z320J             according to OP instructions
Z320K             according to OP instructions
Z320L             according to OP instructions
Z320M             according to OP instructions
Z320N             according to OP instructions
Z320O             according to OP instructions
Z320P             according to OP instructions
Z320Q             according to OP instructions
Z320R             according to OP instructions
Z320RSM           according to OP instructions
Z320S             according to OP instructions
Z320T             according to OP instructions
Z320U             according to OP instructions
Z320V             according to OP instructions
Z320W             according to OP instructions
Z320X             according to OP instructions
Z320Y             according to OP instructions
Z320Z             according to OP instructions
Z6/LA4MIA         via    LA4MIA
Z6/S52DD          via    S52DD        (d)
Z6/SP5CJQ         via    SP5CJQ
ZV2K              via    PY2SHF

(d) = only direct      (B) = bureau ok
(*) = new manager      (L) = LoTW

* QSL rcvd direct: D64K (GDXF), NH8S, P29NI & P29VPB (GDXF)
* QSL rcvd via bureau:
  5R8AL (G3SWH), 5Z4HW (DL7UFN), 6Y5/K1XM (KQ1F), 8Q7FF (JK1FNL),
  9K2/SP4R (SP7DQR), A65CA (RV6AJJ), AA1AC/VP9, AH0J (JA1NVF), C56E
  (W7XU), D2AM (OM5AM), FG/DK9PY, P29NI (G3KHZ), PJ5/K1XM (KQ1F),
  PJ5/SP6IXF, PJ7/K2GSJ, PZ5MM (DK1MM), S21YZ (JH1AJT), T31A (W2IJ),
  T70A (IZ4ZQS), T88IK (JF1LUT), V21ZG (DL7AFS), V26OB (DL8OBQ),

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
  Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, ICPO Bulletin, OPDX-Bulletin, DF6EX
  F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K, OA4AI, OE2IKN, OZ2CBA, PY4WAS, u.a.

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