DARC DXNL 1816 (Jan 23, 2013

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     Jean-Claude,6W/F6IRS, is working holiday style on all bands usually
     during his late afternoon and early evening until Feb 7.
     QSL via homecall.

     Marcel,AI6MS, is active as 9G5MS using his FT-857D until May. Skeds are
     possible especially for QSOs with schools and universities. Marcel is
     a volunteer working for "Medicine on the Move" and demonstrated our
     hobby amateur radio in the classroom of the "AvTech Academy" in Kpong.
     QSLs via homecall and can be expected in the 2nd half of 2013.
     See also: http://www.medicineonthemove.org

     The first German State Railway from Braunschweig via Wolfenbuettel,
     Boerssum, Schladen, Vienenburg to Bad Harzburg was opened 175 years ago
     and the special event station DR175EDS celebrates this anniversary
     throughout the year. They will hand out the special DOK 175EDS between
     Aug 19 and Sep 18. See also: http://www.amateurfunk-vienenburg.de

     Nodir,EY8MM, announced to take part as single OP in the upcoming
     CQWW 160m CW Contest (Jan 25-27) from Dushanbe (CQ zone 17).
     QSL via K1BV. See also: http://www.ey8mm.com

     Ron,WA8LOW, is hitting the airwaves as WA8LOW/KH2 from Guam till Jan 29
     and will sign WA8LOW/KH8 from American Samoa from Feb 5-28. Ron is
     working with 500 watts in SSB on 40m-10m. QSLs via homecall.

     Vagner,PY2CDR, is leaving for the first long distance bicycle mobile
     QRP DXpedition on Jan 28. The route will be from Bertioga 490km to the
     north to the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. He expects to be active in
     SSB and digital modes on 10m, 15m and 40m until Feb 3.
     QSLs will be sent automatically. See: http://grupocdr.com.br/dxp_en.htm

     Raf,ON5RZ, Jean,ON4JW, and Dirk,ON7DS, will be QRV as SI9AM from the
     "King Chulalongkorn Memorial Station" from Jan 23-28. They plan to take
     part in the UBA SSB DX Contest (Jan 26/27).
     QSL via SM3CVM, bureau QSLs can be requested via e-mail: info@si9am.se
     See also: http://www.si9am.se

     Sam,K0YAK, is working as ST2SF in SSB, CW and digital modes on 40m-10m,
     maybe also on 80m and 6m until the mid of April. QSL via K0YAK.

     The TC Special Wireless Activity Team celebrates the 150th anniversary
     of the "Robert College" in Istanbul by activating the special event
     station TC150RC until Jan 31. It is the oldest American school outside
     the US still remaining at the original place. See http://www.tcswat.org
     All QSOs will be confirmed via the bureau automatically.
     Rolf,TA4/DL6RO, is working from Side (70 km east of Antalya) until
     February 18. QSL via homecall.
     Members of the Turkish Radio Amateur Club (TRAC) local club in Bursa
     (YM3KB, ex TA3KB) are using the special callsign TC16BURSA in CW, SSB,
     PSK and ROS modes until Mar 10. QSL via bureau.
     See also: http://www.bursatrac.org  and

     Tony,UN/RT9T (RX9TL), will join the CQWW 160m CW Contest as RT9T from
     CQ zone 17. He will be QRV on HF before and after the contest.
     QSL via RT9T (QRZ.com).

     VE3COLD is the special callsign of Rick,VE3ZUP, during the "Society
     for the Preservation of Amateur Radio Winter Field Day" on Jan 26/27.
     QSL via LoTW and direct.
     See also: http://www.spar-hams.org/contests/winterfd

     The special event station AX5CE will be QRV during the "Australia Day"
     from Jan 25 (1330 UTC) until Jan 26 (1329 UTC). QSL via VK5CE.

     Robert is active as LU1ZG from the Ejercito General Belgrano II Base.
     He has been spotted in SSB on 20m between 0425 and 0510 UTC.
     QSL via LU4DXU.

     Mario,Z6/S56A, plans to join the CQWW 160m CW Contest as SO/LP.
     QSL via homecall.

60m: Johan,SM0TSC, has got an experimental license for six months to work
     on 60m (5310, 5320, 5380 and 5390kHz;  +-1.5 kHz). Skeds are possible
     via e-mail to sm0tsc[at]hflink.net
     Peter,OX3XR, reports that the frequency range 5250-5450 kHz has been
     allocated to amateur radio in Greenland and he wants to show up with
     a dipole soon.

10th Antarctic Activity Week (AAW): The 10th Antarctic Activity Week will
     take place in February. Rules and announced operations can be found at:

WW Iron Ham Contest results: The results of the WW Iron Ham Contest have
     been published at: http://www.araucariadx.com/ih

Ham Radio and CW in Movies: Producer Steven Spielberg has used amateur radio
     or Morse code in three of his last four movies: Super 8 (2011),
     The Adventures of Tin Tin (2011) and Lincoln (2012). Spielberg got
     advice from radio amateurs. See also:

YASME Foundation: The YASME Foundation is a non-profit organization which
     supports scientific and educational projects related to amateur radio,
     including DX and the introduction and promotion of amateur radio
     in developing countries. See also: http://www.yasme.org

INDEXA: Obviously, for a given reason, the International DX Association
     (INDEXA) has adapted its production conditions. The Hellenic Amateur
     Radio Association of Australia (HARAOA) has no funds for the ZL9HR
     DXpedition paid to the participant, but retained for future personal
     activities. Anyone applying for a future INDEXA funding must promise
     to pay remaining funds to the participants or to return them to the
     main sponsors.
     See: http://www.indexa.org  and  http://www.indexa.org/support.html

DXCC: Following DXpedition was approved for DXCC credit: Z81Z

OPs wanted: Ralph,H44RK, plans to activate the Sikaiana atoll. He is looking
     for 2 or 3 other OPs, if you are interested please contact Ralph via
     ralph.honiara[at]gmail.com or NR6M at turvin2009[at]yahoo.com

SILENT KEY: With regret, the DARC has learned that his honorary member
     Dr. Walter Schlink,DL3OAP, has died at the age of 77 years on Jan 18.
     He was a DARC member for over 40 years and very active in several
     committees and also in the DARC Board.
     Hans-Peter Guenther,DL9XW, died on Dec 27. He founded the DARC chapter
     Emsland based in Lingen in 1948 and got his firs radio amateur license
     in 1952. DL9XW was the DARC DLD manager since 1959 and member of the
     DARC committee for DX and HF Contesting.
     Our condolences and sympathy are with their families and friends.
     We do not want to be sad that we lost them, but grateful that we could
     get to know them as a radio friend. We will always keep them in memory.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de

Jan 25-27  CQWW 160m Contest
Jan 26/27  REF Contest
Jan 26/27  BARTG RTTY Sprint
Jan 26/27  UBA DX Contest

IOTA                compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG  (e-mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)
Island activities:
AF-008, FT*W, Crozet  & AF-048, FT*X, Kerguelen Islands: Gildas,TU5KG, is
     working from the Austral Islands and often active maritime mobile but
     tries to become active from the islands as well. He will sign FT5WQ
     from Crozet Island and FT5XT from Kerguelen. QSL only direct via F4DXW.

AF-014, CT3, Madeira archipelago: Dirk,DO7DP, is travelling to the island
     of Madeira (Loc IM12jr) from Jan 26 until Feb 9 and will show up as
     CS9/DO7DP in SSB and PSK31 on 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m. QSL via DO7DP.
     See also: http://www.do7dp.de

AF-032, 5H, Zanzibar Island: Sam,F6AML, is visiting Zanzibar (WLOTA 1980)
     from Jan 20 until Feb 28. He will sign 5H1Z in SSB and CW on 40m-10m
     working with his FT857D and verticals during his spare time. He will
     also try to activate the IOTA groups AF-054, AF-063 and AF-075.
     QSL via F6AML (bureau/direct), no eQSL.

EU-002, OH0, Aland Islands: The Radiosporting Team (OPs: Juha,OH1JT,
     Ari,OH5DX, and Tomi,OH6EI) signs OH0Z from Mariehamn on Fasta Aland
     (OHFF-037, WLOTA 1373) during the CQWW 160m Contest. QSL via W0MM.

EU-089, CU8, Western group: Antonio,CU8AS, Rudi,HB9CQL, and Hermann,CT3FN/
     HB9CRV, will show up as CR2W in the CQWW 160m Contest. The QTH (station
     of CU8AS) is situated near the lighthouse of Albarnaz (WLOTA 0947,
     Loc HM49jm). QSL via HB9CRV. See also: http://www.to-mk.com/neu

NA-016, ZF, Cayman Island: Theodore,K8AQM, will be QRV as ZF2TA from the
     Caymans working in CW and SSB on 20m-10m between Jan 26 and Feb 2.
     QSL via K8AQM (bureau/direct/LoTW).

NA-021, 8P, Barbados: A few members of the "Buddies in the Caribbean" are
     planning a mini DXpedition to Barbados (WLOTA 0999) from Jan 29 until
     Feb 6. Mike,KC4VG (8P9VG), Weymouth,K8EAB (8P9EA), Paul,KB9AVO (8P9DG),
     Daniel,WZ1P (8P9WZ), Budd,W3FF (8P9FF), Chris,W6HFP (8P9HF),
     Guy,N7UN (8P9UN), and Steve,WG0AT (8P9RT), will be active with 3 fixed
     and several portable stations (battery powered using the suffix /p)
     working in CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK on 160m-10m. They will use mainly
     Buddipoles. QSLs via LoTW or via the OP's homecalls (see QRZ.com).

NA-099, KP4, Puerto Rico: The ARRL HQ Station W1AW announced to show up as
     W1AW/KP4 from Puerto Rico (WLOTA 2802) on Jan 26/27.
     QSL direct via W1AW.

SA-022, LU, Buenos Aires (Bahia Anegada) Province group: 12 members of the
     Bahia Blanca DX Group (LU3DXG) are planning to activate Isla Gama.
     L22D will operate with four stations in CW/SSB/PSK31 on all HF bands
     from Jan 24-27. QSL via LU7DSY (bureau/direct).
     See also: http://www.grupodxbb.com.ar  and

DATE           CALL           DXNL

19Jan-27Jan    2E0KNH..       1815
Resident       3B8BAE         1808
2014           3W3B           1815
     -28Feb    3Z5MT          1808
09Nov-09Mar    4S7KKG         1805
20Jan-28Feb    5H1Z           1816 *
16Nov-         5T0JL          1772/1806
08Dec-01Mar    5W0W           1809/1810
     -2014     5Z4/LA4GHA..   1810
     -2014     5Z4EE          1803/1807
     -07Feb    6W/F6IRS       1816 *
17Jan-10Mar    6W2SC..        1815
Unknown        7P8CC          1807
17Dec-         7P8RI          1810
Resident       8J1RL          1809
     -31Mar    8J1SPY         1788
     -31Mar    8J5SSS         1807
10Dec-03Mar    8J6HAM         1809
23Dec-25Mar    8N119T         1811/12
     -Mar/14   8N2MDR         1813
29Jan-06Feb    8P9DG          1816 *
29Jan-06Feb    8P9EA          1816 *
29Jan-06Feb    8P9FF          1816 *
29Jan-06Feb    8P9HF          1816 *
29Jan-06Feb    8P9RT          1816 *
29Jan-06Feb    8P9UN          1816 *
29Jan-06Feb    8P9VG          1816 *
29Jan-06Feb    8P9WZ          1816 *
     -May      9G5MS          1816 *
     -Oct/14   9V1RM          1751
15Jan-31Jan    9X0PY          1814

     -Sep      A52SV          1752
25Jan/26Jan    AX5CE          1816 *
     -10Mar    BM0LF..        1805
20Jan-27Jan    C6AGH..        1815
01Dec-Jan      C6AGT          1808
     -Dec      C91IW          1787
Unknown        CE8DMT         1815
26Jan-08Feb    CR2V           1815
25Jan-27Jan    CR2W           1816 *
26Jan-09Feb    CS9/DO7DP      1816 *
22Jan-25Jan    CT8/CT3FN      1815
22Jan-25Jan    CT8/HB9CQL     1815
     -May?     D2SG           1748/1780
05Nov-15Feb    D3AA           1806
     -Dec/14   DA0EIM         1815
01Jan-31Dec    DB100AWPB      1814
01Jan-31Dec    DL50FRANCE     1813
     -Feb      DP0GVN         1756
     -Jan      DQ0STRATEX     1770
01Jan-31Dec    DR175EDS       1816 *
01Jan-31Dec    DR90VOX        1813
Resident       DU1/W7XA       1811/12
Resident       DU7TET         1814

03Dec-12Feb    EA8/IK1PMR     1808
03Dec-12Feb    EA8/PA3LEO     1808
01Jan-31Dec    EI13CLAN       1813
Unknown        ET3AA          1805
25Jan/27Jan    EY8MM          1816 *
30Dec-31Jan    F4FET/p        1815
Resident       FG4NO          1811/12
     -01Mar    FH8NX          1747
21Jan-09Feb    FR/F8APV       1815
21Jan-09Feb    FR/F8EOI       1815
Jan            FT5WQ          1816 *
Jan            FT5XT          1816 *
13Jan-30Jan    FY/F5UII       1814
2013           G100RSGB..     1811/12
     -2013     H44RK          1793
01Jan-31Dec    HB30OK         1811/12
15Jan-28Feb    HF0A           1814
Jan            HF0WOSP        1811/12
18Jan-31Mar    HK3JCL         1815
     -Sep      HI3/KL7JR      1745
21Jan-18Feb    HS0ZJF/8       1815
02Jan-12Feb    II3CV          1814
     -31Mar    II7IADO        1815

     -Jul      J28UC          1734
     -Aug/14   J28NC          1796
22Jan-11Feb    J76A           1815
22Jan-11Feb    J77A           1815
09Jan-24Jan    J8/W6HGF       1814
15Jan-Apr      JG8NQJ/JD1     1815
Resident       JT1CO          1814
     -11Apr    JX9JKA         1773/1807
     -Mar      K6H            1803
     -2013     KG4AJ          1756
     -Jun      KH2/N2NL       1680
     -Mar      KH9/WA2YUN     1771
long term      KP2/NQ3X       1799/1803
24Jan-27Jan    L22D           1816 *
permanent      LU1ZG          1816 *
11Jan-25Jan    N4D            1814
22Jan-28Jan    NH0Z           1815
20Dec-02Feb    OA4/PA3GFE     1811/12
15Feb-18Feb    OE2013A..      1814
     -Apr/17   OG3077F        1789
25Jan-27Jan    OH0Z           1816 *
01Jan-31Dec    OU1RAEM        1813
     -2014     P29NO          1814
01Jan-28Jan    PH6SKCC..      1815
28Jan-03Feb    PY2CDR         1816 *

01Jan-31Dec    R400DR         1814
     -Oct      R60SKV         1814
     -23Feb    RK70SF         1815
     -20Feb    RA70MK         1815
     -20Feb    R70SGG         1815
     -31Mar    R350FP         1816 *
22Dec-17Feb    RI1ANC         1810
01Jan-23Dec    S5300TP        1813
23Jan-28Jan    SI9AM          1816 *
     -Jun      SM0TSC         1816 *
Unknown        ST2/ZS6AKB     1815
Resident       ST2FT          1808
     -Apr      ST2SF          1816 *
Unknown        SU/DJ5IW       1815
Resident       SV2ASP/A       1814
     -Mar      T6LG           1795/1807/1815
     -Oct      T6MH           1806
     -May      T6MO           1815
     -2014     T6T            1810
     -18Feb    TA4/DL6RO      1816 *
     -31Jan    TC150RC        1816 *
     -10Mar    TC16BURSA      1816 *
     -2015?    TJ3SN (?)      1806
     -Mar      TT8/US3EZ      1815

     -23Feb    UE70DP         1815
18Jan-02Mar    UE70Q          1815
     -31Jan    UE75VV         1815
25Jan-27Jan    UN/RT9T        1816 *
     -24Jan    V31YN          1815
     -Nov/14   V73NS          1604/1668/1752
26Jan/27Jan    VE3COLD        1816 *
     -Jan/14   VK0JJJ         1815
Resident       VK4FMAG        1807
Jan            VI6AHR30       1813
Unknown        VK8/OZ1AA      1809
     -Mar?     VU3BPZ/3..     1800
26Jan-27Jan    W1AW/KP4       1816 *
26Jan/27Jan    W1AW/KP4       1814
20Jan-27Feb    WA2USA/4       1815
     -29Jan    WA8LOW/KH2     1816 *
05Feb-28Feb    WA8LOW/KH8     1816 *

     -May/14   XE1/DM3DL      1730
Resident       XV4Y           1808
Resident       XW1A           1814
2014           XW4XR          1815
14Nov-         YI1IRQ         1807
01Jan-31Dec    YP10KQT        1813
11Jan-31Jan    YS3CW          1814
     -31Dec    YU15OTC        1815
01Jan-31Dec    Z320RSM..      1813
     -Apr/May  Z6/S52DD       1813
25Jan-27Jan    Z6/S56A        1816 *
Unknown        Z6/SP5CJQ      1813
Unknown        Z81Z           1815
     -Oct      ZD9KX          1795
26Jan-02Feb    ZF2TA          1816 *
     -12Aug    ZF2TK          1800
     -2014     ZY2014WC       1774

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
3Z1K         via SP1KRF (B)
5H1Z         via F6AML (B)
6W/F6IRS     via F6IRS (B)
6W2SC        via HA3AUI (d)
8P9DG        via KB9AVO (B)
8P9EA        via K8EAB (B)
8P9FF        via W3FF (B)
8P9HF        via W6HFP (B)
8P9RT        via WG0AT (d)
8P9UN        via N7UN (B)
8P9VG        via KC4VG (d)
8P9WZ        via WZ1P (B)
8S0DX        via SM0DSG
9G5MS        via AI6MS
9X0PY        via SM6CPY (B)
ATS150           route announced by OP
AX5CE        via VK5CE (B)
BD3CB        via BA4EG (B)
CR2W         via HB9CRV (B)
CS9/DO7DP    via DO7DP (B), (L)
CT8/K0RUI    via K0RUI (L)
DR175EDS         (B)
EY8MM        via K1BV (B)
FT5WQ        via F4DXW (d)
FT5XT        via F4DXW (d)
GB2LBC       via MX0WRC (B)
HB0/DK3RED/p via DK3RED (B)
HG2W         via HA2QW (L), eQSL
HG4I         via HA5LN
HK1T         via EA5KB (B)
JP1EWY/1     via JP1EWY 8b9
KD0JJO/DU7   via KD0JJO (direct to DU preferred)
KH0K         via JE4SMQ (B)
KH7Y         via EA5GL (L), (d)
L22D         via LU7DSY (B)
LU1ZG        via LU4DXU (B)
LZ20TRC      via LZ1YE (B)
OE2013A      via OE8SKQ (B)
OE2013AGT    via OE7AGT (B)
OE2013B      via OE2RWL (B)
OE2013BCK    via OE8BCK (B)
OE2013C      via OE4RGC (B)
OE2013CAL    via OE2CAL, (L)
OE2013CFC    via OE3CFC (B), eQSL
OE2013DRM    via OE5DRM (B)
OE2013E      via OE4VIE (B, automatically) (L)
OE2013F      via OE7SPI (B)
OE2013FKS    via OE3FKS
OE2013G      via OE9SEI
OE2013GBK    via OE8GBK
OE2013GOA    via OE1GOA
OE2013GTU    via OE1GTU (B), eQSL
OE2013HTG    via OE6HTG (B), eQSL
OE2013I      via OE7XCI (B)
OE2013J      via OE5DFL (B)
OE2013K      via OE1DIA (d), eQSL
OE2013LCM    via OE2LCM (B)
OE2013LRO    via OE2LRO (B)
OE2013M      via OE3KLU (B)
OE2013MMF    via OE6MMF (B), (L), eQSL
OE2013N      via OE5NNN (B)
OE2013O      via OE3XOA (B)
OE2013P      via OE8SPW (B)
OE2013Q      via OE5KE (B)
OE2013R      via OE9XRV (B), (L)
OE2013RJJ    via OE9RJJ (B)
OE2013SEL    via OE7SEL (d)
OE2013SNL    via OE2SNL (B)
OE2013SWR        (B)
OE2013T      via OE7XCI (B)
OE2013U      via OE3GCU (B), (L)
OE2013V      via OE6WIG (B)
OE2013W      via OE1W
OE2013WCW    via OE3WCW (B)
OE2013WMW    via OE3WMW (B)
OE2013X      via OE5RBO (B only)
OE2013XFS    via OE3PFS (B)
OE2013XRG    via OE6CBG (B)
OE2013Y      via OE2IGP
OE2013Z      via OE6CLD (B), (L), eQSL
OE2013ZK     via OE3ZK (B)
OG9W         via OH2BCI (B)
OH0Z         via W0MM (B)
OK/OE2013J/p via OE5DFL (B)
PY0F/PP1CZ   via PP1CZ (B)
PY2CDR           automatically
RV9DC        via EA6SK (B)
RW17AK       via R3COM (B)
S21B         via KX8YT (B), (L), eQSL
SE6W         via SM6XKB (B)
SF6DX        via SM6FUD (B), (L), eQSL
SI9AM        via SM3CVM (B) e-mail to info(at)si9am.se
ST2SF        via K0YAK (B), (L)
T88CP        via JA6UBY (d)
T88HK        via JE6DND (d)
TA4/DL6RO    via DL6RO (B)
TA2MES           (d), eQSL
TC150RC          automatically
TC16BURSA        (B)
TC2C             (d)
UE75VV       via RW0UM
UE70Q        via RM3Q (B)
UK8OM        via 4Z5OG (d)
UN/RT9T      via RT9T (QRZ.com)
UN7NFD       via RW6HS (d)
UT2G         via UR7GW
VE3COLD          (d), (L)
W1AW/KP4     via W1AW (d)
WA8LOW/KH2   via WA8LOW (B)
WA8LOW/KH8   via WA8LOW (B)
XE1RK        via EA5ZD
XV1X         via RW6HS (d)
XV4Y         via OK1DOT (d)
YL1S         via YL1ZS (B)
YN9SU        via TI4SU (d)
Z320K        via Z33A (B)
Z6/S56A      via S56A
ZA1E             (d), I2MPQ (d, mail drop)
ZF2PG        via K8PGJ (L), (d)
ZL7IC        via ZL1IC
ZF2TA        via K8AQM (B), (L)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSLs arrived direct: KL2HD/p (NA-039)

QSLs arrived bureau: 3B8/M1KTA (AF-049), 3Z2012RKT (SP1RKT), 4O9A (YU1AM),
                     4X6KJ, 4Z4DX, 5B4XF, 7Q7GM, 9G5SG (AF-035, JA7SGV),
                     9U1RSI (DL2RSI), BH4SCF, C21HA (OC-031, HA5UK), C37N,
                     CT5/DJ4UF, D44TBV (AF-086, JA1PBV), DF0MI, DL0YLN,
                     DL6SAK, DM2MB, DM50UEA, DM800ANH, DO6YL, DP9A/p, EA9BO,
                     EL5CB, EM2012GG, F/DJ2VO (EU-070), F5JNE/p (EU-048),
                     F9IE/VK3/p (OC-136), G3ZGC, G4MZL, GM4FDM, HB0/HB9ELV/p
                     HB0/I2AE, HB100FLP, HB9EE/p, HB9ERU, HB9P/p, HF100MSC,
                     HZ1PS, J39A (KQ1F), IB0/IQ6LN (EU-045), JA1FIO/1,
                     IT9/DL4KM/p (EU-025), JA3BRI, JA4FHE, JS3CTQ, K2TE,
                     K5ZD, KB1H, KL7/DL3LAB, LZ916SS, MU/EA1SA (EU-114),
                     MU0FAL (EU-114), OH2U/5 (EU-140), OJ0B (EU-053, OH2BH),
                     OJ0UR, OL4A (OK1SDX), P4/W1HEO (SA-036),
                     PJ2/DL5RDP (SA-099), PJ2/GM4AFF (SA-099), PY4RGS,
                     SV8/DL6NBR/p (EU-067), T70A, T77NM, TC4X (OH2BH),
                     TC57A, TK12IOTA (EU-164), V5/GI4DOH, V5/DK1CE, V55V,
                     VP5/WA2VYA (NA-002), VP9/K1XM (NA-005), ZA/HA5X

QSLs arrived LoTW:   5W0VB, A35YZ, D64K, EA1/F4BKV, EK3GM, HB9RL, 2O12L,
                     2O12W, 3A/ON5UR, 3D2VB, 5N6/YL2SW, 5R8IC, 5V7TH, 5W1SA,
                     5Z4/SM1TDE, 6Y9X, 7P8D, 9A7A, 9J3A, 9M2RDX, 9M6TBT,
                     9Y4D, AA4GA, AD8P, AO1AHO, AY4DX, CQ24IUA, CT1DJE,
                     CT9/CT1FFU, D4A, DF0WBS, DJ8OG, DJ9AL, DK7LA, DL4RU,
                     DL5L, DL8DBW/p, DL9LF, EA6XQ, EA8/DL3KVR, EA8CNR,
                     EC7AMT, EC7DTQ, EC8AFM, EI80IRTS, EM500E, EV200M,F4ERS,
                     F4FFH, FK/AC4LN, FS/K9NB, GM5X, H44VV, HB9/PB2T/p,HH2B,
                     HZ1FI, JR1GMK, JW6VJA, K0XB, K3AJ, K5TR, KH0/AC4LN,
                     KL2HD/p, LA8G, LU4DX, LW2DBM, LX/SP7VC, LY8O, N1IW,
                     N3RS, N6TT, NH8S, NX2X, OD5ZZ, OE3Q, OE4VIE/p, OG73X,
                     OH1F, OK2QA, OM2ZZ, ON5MF, OZ1DAE, P29VB, P4/PG4DX,
                     P40F, PF7DKW, PJ4DX (Oct 2012), PP1CZ, PY1NX, RV9DC,
                     RW0A, RY6Y, S54A, SP9YFF/1, SQ6PLD/p, SV1IZJ, SV3DCX,
                     SV5/OM3AG/p, T30VB, T6LG, TA4AU, TC57A, TK4LS, TM0FIL,
                     TM1OOL, TM5FFT, TT8TT, UA9UDX, VC2T, VP2MYL, W1CU,
                     W3EP, W9RE, WB8MIW , WK1Q, WO6, YJ0VB, YO9GJY,
                     YU6AO (Montenegro), YV4FJJ, Z22CW, Z38N, ZA/I2GPT,
                     ZK2C, ZK2VB

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, ICPO Bulletin, OPDX Bulletin,
DO3ED, DO7DP, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, I1HYW, NG3K, OE7AJT, PY5EG,
TA1HZ, TA2RX and others.

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