Jock White Memorial Field Day Contest

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New Zealand's amateur radio operators will be preparing their stations for the annual Jock White Memorial Field Day Contest, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday February 23rd and 24th.
Times: (NZDT): 1500 to 2400 Saturday then 0600 to 1500 Sunday
Home stations can also operate in the contest but are strongly encouraged to make a minimum of either 50 phone or 25 CW contacts on 80m and/or 40m and submit logs.
Why not combine the event with a club BBQ / Picnic?
Rules: For the latest version please see: Team leaders must be familiar with the rules as on the NZART web site.
Bands, Modes and Power
40 and/or 80 metres, PHONE (SSB) and/or CW, 100 watts maximum.
Stations using two transmitters may operate simultaneously on both bands, however only one transmitter may be operated any one band at any one time. Single transmitter stations may operate on one or both bands.
• Single Operator – unassisted by any other person.
• CW only – single band or two bands
• Phone only – single band or two bands
• 80m only
• Single-transmitter station 40m and 80m
• QRP – 5 watts maximum (WM Hall Memorial Cup)
• Home stations
• Overseas stations in the South Pacific area
Branch Number
If you intend to operate with a branch number that is not that of your ‘home’ branch, please check the branch number section of the rules carefully. If you need any help or clarification please contact me at my e-mail address below.
I am looking forward to hearing you on, I will be active as part of the Marlborough, ZL2KS team.
Stuart Watchman ZL2TW

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