ARISS contact on EchoLink and IRLP

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Please join us in listening to the ISS contact with participants at the Innalik School, Inukjuak, Nunavik, Quebec, Canada on Friday April 12th. AOS is anticipated at 17:30 UTC
The duration of the contact is approximately 9 minutes and 30 seconds. The contact will be a telebridge between OR4ISS and IK1SLD in Italy. The contact is expected to be conducted in English, French and Inuktitut.
Inukjuak is a remote, fly-in Inuit community located on the Hudson Bay in Northern Quebec. Its population is approximately 1 600. The Inuit of Inukjuak still partake in many cultural practices, for example; constructing sleds or harpoons, sewing traditional garments, training dogsled teams, hunting, fishing and berry picking. However, they also have a window into the modern world and are current on fashion trends, popular music, and breakout phenomena like “Gangnam Style”. The primary language in the school and in the village is Inuktitut; English and French are secondary languages.
Audio from this contact will be fed into the:
EchoLink *AMSAT* (101377) and *JK1ZRW* (277208) servers
IRLP Node 9010 Discovery Reflector
Streaming Audio at:
Audio on Echolink & web stream is generally transmitted around 20 minutes prior to the contact taking place so that you can hear some of the preparation that occurs. IRLP will begin just prior to the ground station call to the ISS.
Please note that on Echolink there are automatic breaks of 1.5 seconds in the audio transmission. These occur every 2.5 minutes during the event. Breaks on IRLP are manual and occur approximately after every third question.
* Contact times are approximate. If the ISS executes a reboost or other manoeuvre, the AOS (Acquisition Of Signal) time may alter by a few minutes
John - AG9DARISS Audio Distribution

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