DARC DXNL 1830 (May 1, 2013)

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4J, Azerbaijan:
     4J20RO and 4K20RO are special event calls celebrating 20 years
     of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Baku. Active till
     the year's end, QSLs via 4J6RO. http://en.russia.edu.ru/links/1557/

4X, Israel:
     Three FOC members will be active during May for their club's 75th
     anniversary with the call 4X75FOC, on all bands on the following
     1st - 10th of May    Daniel, 4X1FC
     11th - 20th of May   Ami, 4X4DK
     21st - 31st of May   Mark, 4Z4KX
     QSL via 4Z4KX.

5T, Mauritania:
     Jean, 5T0JL (ON8RA) joins the FOC jubilee in May as 5T1FOC.
     QSL via h/c.

A3, Tonga:
     With his recent S21XV expedition behind him, Vadym (UT6UD) will
     be active as A35UD from Tongatapu Island (OC-049) between the 1st
     and 7th of May. QRV 40-10m in CW, SSB, and RTTY, QSL via h/c.

     Masa, JA0RQV is working for the Tongan government and will get
     on the air between the 5th and 22nd of May with the call A35JP as
     far as his work duties will permit. QRV on 80-10m in CW and SSB.
     QSL via h/c.

C9, Mozambique:
     Gert, ZS6AYU, will put Mozambique on the air holiday-style between
     the 1st and 7th of May as C91GR (QTH Bilene, Gaza Province). QRV
     40-10m with 400W and R7000 vertical antenna. QSL via h/c.

DL, Germany:
     DA0KOL (special DOK 200KOL) is a special event station QRV during
     May on HF. QSL via DL4HCF, eQSL.

     DR0PALAEON brings attention to the oldest human-made weapons ever
     discovered in an archaeological exploration near Schoeningen. The
     discovered spears date back ca. 300000 years. Activity begins 1st
     of May and will continue till the end of March 2014 (special DOK
     SPEERE only 16th of May 2013 - 15th of June 2013).
     QSL via (B), eQSL.

ES, Estonia:
     Mek, SP7VC, and Kate, SQ7OYL, plan on activiating loc. squares
     KO17ax, KO18aa, and KO07xx, between the 1st and 5th of May as
     ES0/SP7VC and ES0/SQ7OYL. QRV 160-2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 6cm, 10GHz,
     and 24GHz. QSLs via h/c, LotW.

F, France:
     The radio club of Provins (F6KOP) looks back on 35 years and
     celebrates its jubilee and the opening of their new facilities with
     the special event call TM35KOP. QRV between 3rd and 18th of May,
     160m - 10GHz. QSL via F6KOP, direct via F5NQL.

     The radio club of Pau (F6KDU) will get on the air as TM64PAU in the
     context of the 72nd Grand Prix Car and the 4th Grand Prix History
     between the 6th and 21st of May. QSL via F6KDU.

FO, French Polynesia:
     Al, KZ3AB, travels on the MV "Paul Gauguin" and will visit Tahiti,
     Bora Bora, Raiatea, Taha'a, and Moorea between the 3rd and 13th of
     May. QRV as FO/KZ3AB on 40, 20, 15, and 10m in SSB. QSL via WA3EOP.

FO, French Polynesia, FO/A, Austral Islands:
     Yoshi, JJ8DEN/KH0PR, plans activity according to the following
     schedule on 40-10m with an IC-7000 and an inverted-V, in CW, RTTY,
     PSK31, and JT65A:
     till May 7      Pukapuka Island         (OC-062)         FO
     8th - 15th      Raivavae Island         (OC-114)        FO/A
     prefered QRGs:
     CW: 7004, 10104, 14004, 18074, 21004, 24894, and 28004 kHz
     RTTY: 7034, 10144, 14084, 18104, 21084, 24924, and 28084 kHz
     Availability of mains electricity on Pukapuka is limited to
     0630-2400 local time. Yoshi hopes for a supply of fuel and a car
     battery for the rest of the time. QSL via JJ8DEN.

G, England:
     GB75FOC and M0RSE join the FOC jubilee (see qrz.com for a list of
     OPs). QSLs via G3SWH (online request available), LotW.

LY, Lithuania:
     Till the 20th of May LY550W celebrates 550 years of city rights for
     Kaunas. QSL via LY5W.

LZ, Bulgaria:
     24th of May commemorates the orthodox Saints Cyrill and Methodius,
     the developers of the cyrillic alphabet. LZ2013KM will be active
     the whole month of May. QSL via LZ1BJ, email request via
     lz1bj[@]yahoo.com, LotW.

OM, Slovakia:
     OM60DAT is a special event station in the context of the 60 year
     anniversary of the Transport Academy in Trencin. QRV May till the
     end of the year on all bands in CW, SSB, BPSK, and RTTY. QSL via
     OM4CI (B), eQSL.

     Slovakia's telecommunications agency was installed 20 years ago.
     OM20TUSR will be active in this context. The agency's spokesman,
     Roman Vavro (OM3TOW), will be QRV 1st of May - 31st of December.
     QSL via OM3RP.

PA, Netherlands:
     Geetruidenberg was granted city rights 800 years ago. Because of
     that Cor, PA0GTB, Bert, PA1BM, Frank, PA1FM, Bert, PA2TT, and
     Louis, PA3ATN, will put PA800GTB on the air from now on till the
     31st of October. QSL via bureau.

     Bob, PA5V, will take part in the FOC activities as PA75FOC, 4th
     till 31st of May. QSL via h/c.

     The "Englandspiel monument" - commemorating the death of 54 Dutch
     secret agents during a German counter-intelligence operation
     between 1940 and 1944 - will be the QTH of PA54ES on the 4th of
     May. QTH is Den Haag, QSL via bureau.

     On May 5, 1923 the first two-way radio contact took place between
     the Netherlands (Radio Kootwijk, call: PCG) and their East India
     territory (Radio Malabar, call: PKX). PI90PCG will operate in that
     context between the 4th and 28th of May. The Radio Malabar side
     will be QRV as YE90PK. QSL via bureau.

PY, Brazil:
     ZW1CCOM54 celebrates the graduation of the Signal Corps' Academy
     54th class. QSL via LotW, eQSL.

SU, Egypt:
     A team of Egyptian Operators (Said, SU1SK, Ateff, SU1AO, Ayman,
     SU1AR and Yasser, SU3YM) is going to Nelson's Island (AF-109)
     between the 3rd and 10th of May. The particularly small island
     (350m x 150m) will be activated for the first time. QSL via SM5AQD,
     direct only.

UA, Russia:
     The following stations will operate around Russia's Day of Victory
     in WWII:
     RP68L     St. Petersburg, Leningrad
     RP68M     Moscow
     RP68MU    Murmansk
     RP68NR    Noworossijsk
     RP68S     Smolensk
     RP68ST    Stalingrad
     RP68T     Tula

UT, Ukraine:
     Similarly from the Ukraine:
     EM68U     Kiev
     EN68JK    Kertsch
     EO68F     Odessa
     EO68J     Sewastopol

V3, Belize:
     Furthermore, regarding 75 years of FOC, Joe (V31JP) will join the
     pile-ups as V3FOC. QSL direct via h/c, LotW.

VE, Canada:
     In a similar vein are also operating two special event stations in
     Canada, VX2X (QSL via VE2AEJ) and XM3X (QSL via VE3HX).

VP2M, Montserrat:
     Nao, JN1RVS, will continue to operate till the 3rd of May from Old
     Towne, Montserrat (NA-103, WLOTA 1475) on 40-10m in CW and RTTY.
     QSL via JA1HGY, LotW, online log on ClubLog.

VQ9, Chagos:
     Jim, ND9M, remains QRV as VQ9JC until July. He also plans to
     operate as VQ975FOC, and between the 22nd of June and 7th of July
     as VQ93JC. Since the dismantling of the club station on VQ9 Jim
     sets up a field-day style station, an FT-897 and a dipole 10m high,
     for each activity. QSL via ND9M.

XU, Cambodia:
     Alex, M6CFW, has received his operating permit as XU7WXA and hopes
     to be on the air during his job-related visits to Cambodia. QRV on
     HF in SSB, PSK31, and PSK63 (100W). He also hopes to receive an
     operating license in Myanmar soon (see also qrz.com). QSL direct
     via M6CFW. LotW, eQSL.

XZ, Myanmar:
     Simon, XZ1K/HS0ZIB, will be QRV again during his spare-time in May
     and June. From July onwards he will move on to Laos, but hopes for
     holiday returns to Myanmar. For QSLs see qrz.com.

YA, Afghanistan:
     Tim, KB2RLB (ex DA2TF and YI9RLB) will be in Afghanistan for at
     least one year. He will be QRV as T6TM, mainly on fridays
     0400-1300z with an FT-897D and a G5RV in PSK, SSB, and maybe some
     CW. QSL via KB2RLB.

     Mike, T6JP, was due to leave the country on the 25th of April but
     will be back within two months till August 2014. QSL via KB2OBQ,
     LotW, eQSL.

YB, Indonesia:
     YE90PK, run by the Organisasi Amatir Radio Inonesia (ORARI), YB
     Land DX Club, and the Bandung Society for Heritage Conservation,
     will commemorate 90 years of the Radio Malabar station in the south
     of Bandung. QRV between the 3rd and 5th of May (see also the entry
     on PI90PCG above). QSL via YB1LZ, OQRS on ClubLog.

YN, Nicaragua:
     Luca, IK2PFL, stays in Grenada between the 2nd and 6th of May. He
     will work as YN/IK2PFL on HF and 6m in CW with 100W and a 3 element
     quad. Luca is also going to participate in the ARI International DX
     Contest. QSL via h/c.

Z8, South Sudan:
     Olli, OH0XX and Martti, OH2BH, are undertaking a Goodwill mission
     in Juba to help the authorities with establishing an amateur radio
     administration. In their free-time they are QRV as Z81X since the
     24th of April. The duration of their stay is unknown.
     QSL via OH0XX.

FOC Anniversary:
     The "First Class CW Operators' Club" (FOC) celebrates its 75th
     anniversary this year. Additionally to the stations listed
     above, the following special callsigns will be QRV during May:

     Call        Manager               Call       Manager
     5B75FOC     M0URX                 K7FOC
     7Q7FOC      G3MRC (L)             KH6FOC     (d), (L)
     9J75FOC                           KM4FOC
     A65FOC                            LY75FOC
     DJ75FOC     (B)                   LZ75FOC
     DK75FOC     DJ2BW (B)             N4FOC
     EM75FOC                           N8FOC      W8AV (B), (L)
     EO75FOC                           OK7FOC     OK1TN (B)
     GC4FOC      G3SWH                 R75FOC     R6AF (B)
     GN4FOC      G3SWH                 S575FOC    S57WJ
     GP4FOC      G3SWH                 TM75FOC
     GS4FOC      G3SWH                 VA3FOC
     GT4FOC      G3SWH                 VE6FOC
     HZ1FOC      7Z1HL (OQRS), (L)     W1FOC
     II0FOC      IK0IXI                W2FOC    (L), please no paper cards
     II6FOC                            W3FOC
     II7FOC      I7ALE (B)             W5FOC
     IS0FOC      IS0AFM (d)            W6FOC
     K0FOC       (d), (L), eQSL        W9FOC
     K2FOC       (d)                   WA1FOC
     K6FOC                             WG4FOC

     The club stations of the "International Short Wave League" (ISWL)
     will operate as follows in May:
     GX4BJC/A    Eastbourne    G0NQZ
     (WAB Square TQ50, England, EU-005 and WLOTA LH-1841).
     MX1SWL/A    Hove          G3VBE
     (WAB Square TQ20, England, EU-005 and WLOTA LH-1841)
     QSLs via G6XOU. http://www.iswl.org.uk

Video 2O12L:
     Fred, G3SVK made a 45 minute video about the special station
     2O12L (Olympics, see DXNL 1790). It can be ordered for GBP 10,
     EUR 15 or USD 20 (including shipping) from Fred

Upcoming Contests
01.05.        AGCW-DL QRP/QRP-Party
01.-07.05.    Activity week of the DTC e.V.
04.-05.05.    ARI International DX Contest
04.-05.05.    DARC VHF-/UHF-Microwave Contest
06.-10.05.    VFDB Activity Days

IOTA     Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG (E-Mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)

Island Activities

AF-003; ZD8; Ascension Island: Bob/G4DBW will stay on Ascension Island
     until May 3rd and operate as ZD8RH mostly in CW. His favorite
     frequencies are 10105, 14007, 18073, 21007, 24897 and 28007 kHz.
     QSL via G4DBW (d/B). LoTW and eQSL after the end of his trip.

AS-073; 9M2; Kelantan/ Terengganu State group: Piju/9M2PJU,
     Khairul/9M2KRZ and Rizal/9M2RDX (Members of the "Malaysian Special
     Expedition Team") and Jacek/SP5APW plan to be QRV from May 1st to
     3rd from Pulau Perhentian Besar (WLOTA 2848) as 9M2SE QRV. Jacek
     will stay a few days longer until May 7th and use the callsign
     9M2/SP5APW. With two 100W stations and vertical antennas they plan
     activities on 40 - 10m in CW, SSB and Digi-Modes. QSL for both calls
     via SP5APW (d/B). http://as-073.blogspot.com

EU-002; OH0; Aland Island: Members of the "Radio Club of Lyly Signals
     Depot" (OI3V) are going to be QRV as OH0/OI3V from Eckero Island
     (OHFF-037) from May 3rd to 5th. They'll be QRV on 80m - 10m in CW,
     SSB and Digi-Modes. QSL via OI3V (d/B).

EU-013; GJ/MJ; Jersey: David/ON4DN will operate as MJ/ON4DN/P in holiday
     style from Jersey from May 6th to 9th. His activities will include
     lighthouse and GJFF activations. QSL via ON4DN (d/B).

EU-038; PA; Noord Holland/ Friesland/Groningen Province group:
     Roland/DL1EAL will spend his vacation (May 4th to 15th) On Texel
     Island. As PA/DL1EAL he'll operate in holiday style on 40 - 10m
     with 100W and vertical atennas. QSL via DL1EAL (d/B).

EU-042; DL; Schleswig-Holstein State North West group: From May 1st
     to 4th, Siggi/DL3HBZ, Lothar/DL8HAL, Helge/DF6LPC, Uli/DJ9IE,
     Benjamin/DB2LS, Steve/DJ7AO and Harry/DL5HAQ will be QRV from
     Hallig Hooge within "Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer" (DLFF-013).
     They will use the callsigns DL0DFF and DK0RZ. QSL via Buero.
     Direkt-QSL fuer DL0DFF via DL3HBZ und fuer DK0RZ via DL5HAQ.

EU-064; F; Pays De La Loire Region group (=Dumet, La Calebasse, Le
     Pilier, Noirmoutier, Yeu): Gil, F4FET, will pay a short two hour
     visit to Yeu (DIFM AT021) on May 5th signing F4FET/P. QSL via
     Homecall. http://f4fet.webs.com/

EU-084; SM5/SM0; Uppsala/ Stockholm County group: Mel/SM0MPV will spend
     some time on Vassaro Island (WW Loc. JP90ig) from May 1st to
     June 16th. As SM0MPV/5 he'll show up on the HF bands in his free
     time while taking care of school classes ans youth groups during
     the camping season. QSL via SM0MPV (d/B).

EU-105; F; Bretagne (Finistere North) Region group: TM3B will be the
     call sign Geert/ON7USB, Tim/ON5HC, Pat/ON7PQ, Jurgen/ON5MF and
     Francis/ON8AZ from May 4th to 11th on Ile de Batz (DIFM MA-018).
     This activity also counts for LH "L'Ile de Batz" (DPLF PB-094,
     ARLHS FRA-071, TWLHD WLH F-004, WLOTA 0680, WW Loc. IN78xr).
     QSL via Buero oder ON8AZ (d).

EU-115; EI/GI/MI; Ireland: On May 5th / 6th members of the "Ballymena
     A.R.C." will be QRV from vom Shanes Castle Estate (CASHOTA GI-026,
     WCA GI-00032, WAB: J18, WW Loc. IO64ur) on the occasion of the
     "Shanes Castle May Day Steam Rally" signing GN4KPT. Activities
     are planned on HF in CW and SSB. QSL via MI0RYL (d/B).

NA-046; W1; Massachusetts State South (Bristol to Barnstable County)
     group: Members of the "Team HAMCOW" will activate Martha's Vineyard
     (USi MA005S, WLOTA 2804) for the 20th time between May 2nd and 5th,
     signing W1ACT/1. The crew consists of Roland/N1JOY, Dave/W2DAN,
     Bill/KB1G, Don/N1PMB, Paul/KE1LI, Mike/KB1TWA and Bob/KB1JBC.
     A participation in the New England QSO Party is planned.
     QSL via N1JOY. http://hamcow.net/

OC-005; VK9; Norfolk Island: Headed by Chris/VK3QB, a team of ten
     Australian hams plans to activate Norfolk Island (VKFF-392, WLOTA
     1469) from May 3rd to 13th. Using the callsign VK9NT they will be
     QRV from 80 - 10m in SSB, CW and RTTY. OQRS is available via
     Clublog, LotW upload after the DXpedition. Paper cards can also
     be requested via VK2CA (d/B).  http://vk9nt.odxg.org

OC-013; E5; Rarotonga Island: Tony/ZL2AGY plans a three week activity
     as E51AGY from Rarotonga starting May 7th. His CW activities in
     holiday style will include a participation in the CQ WPX CW.
     QSL via ZL2AGY (d/B).

     Another activity from Roratonga will be E51AAO by Bruce/ZL1AAO.
     He'll be QRV in SSB only from May 3rd to 14th on 40m - 10m.
     QSL via LoTW and ZL1AAO (d/B).

OC-086; KH0; Northern Mariana Islands: Nick/JL1UTS (KH0TH) and
     Chieko/7L3PFH (KH0TG) are QRV from Saipan Island (USi NI002S,
     WLOTA 1333) from May 2nd to 5th on HF. QSL via Homecall (d/B).

WWFF Activities
WWFF websites (part 6):
     OKFF: http://www.okff.cz/
     URFF: http://wff44.org.ua/?paged=2

General information:
ARI Mondovi provides a list of current WWFF areas which can be
downloaded at:

GFF-259 - Lincolnshire Wolds Area
     On May 5th, Piotr/M0MNV will be M0MNV/m or /p from GFF-259. He
     plans to start in the morning and depending on battery life
     and weather conditions stay on the air thoughout the afternoon.
     QSL via M0MNV (d/B)

URFF-Krim URFF-Expedition
     Eugene/UV5EVZ and Eugene/UW5EFU will repeat heir traditional Krim
     tour once again and activate the following areas:
     01.05.      URFF-093     Mountain Karst Crimea
     02.05.      URFF-108     Demerdzhi
     03.05.      URFF-104     Chatyr-Dag Yayla
     04.05.      URFF-085     Aiya-Baidarskyi NP
     05.05.      URFF-132     (NEW ONE)
     06.05.      URFF-129     (NEW ONE)
     07.05.      URFF-121     (NEW ONE)
     08.05.      URFF-128     (NEW ONE)
     The list above reflects the current plan which may change
     depending on the weather conditions. The focus will be on
     20m and 40m in SSB. QSL via Homecall (d/B).  http://uv5evz.at.ua/

URFF-070 - Naturpark Dnepr-Teterivska
     From May 1st to 3rd the traditional ham radio spring festival
     "GreenFest-2013" will take place in "Dnepr-Teterivska" (URFF-070).
     Two stations, EM44U and EO5UFF, will be on the air during the
     event. QSL for EM44U via UT7UT (d/B), EO5UFF direct via US5UFF.

URFF-112 - Tokovsky Geological Reserve
     Roman/UT5ERP and Sergey/US5ERQ will activate URFF-112 QRV on
     May 2nd/3rd. They'll be QRV from 80m - 10m in SSB and digital
     modes. QSL via Homecall (d/B)

URFF-116 - Velikoanadolsky
     Members of the club station UT4IYZ will activate Velikoanadolsky
     (URFF-116) on May 3rd to 5th. They will sign UT4IYZ on HF and
     VHF in SSB, CW and digital modes. QSL via UT5IH (d/B).

from  to                  DX                 DXNL
         -       14       3W3B               1815
unknown                   3Z80SPC            1827
         - 32.12.13       4A1TD              1826
         - 31.12.13       4A2I               1820
         - 31.12.13       4J20RO..           1830*
unknown                   4O7TC              1826
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       4X75FOC            1830*
07.04.13 - 08.05.13       5H3MB              1826
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       5T1FOC             1830*
20.04.13 - 30.05.13       5U9AMO             1829
         -       14       5Z4/LA4GHA         1810/1827
         - 31.12.13       5Z4EE              1803/1807
         -       14       6O0LA              1810/1827
26.04.13 - 05.05.13       6V7T               1829
         - 31.12.13       7P8CC              1807/1820
01.03.13 . 30.05.13       7T50ARA..          1822
         - 31.03.14       8J1IC              1827
         - 30.06.13       8J1ITAKO           1827
06.04.13 - 14.10.13       8J1TK              1827
10.03.13 - 18.05.13       8J1W               1822
26.04.13 - 30.06.13       8J1VLP..           1829
         - 05.05.13       8J4FF              1827
         - 31.05.13       8J4G               1822
         - 30.09.13       8J4M13OO           1827
         - 19.05.13       8J4ROSE            1827
         - 05.05.13       8J6DON             1829
         - 28.02.14       8J6KKC             1825
         - 31.03.14       8J7JUMP            1827
22.04.14 - 11.08.13       8J88RL             1828
         - 31.07.13       8J7YAE             1827
06.04.13 - 31.08.13       8N1A               1826
         - 28.07.13       8N1TW              1827
         - 31.03.14       8N2MDR             1813
         -    05.13       9G5MS              1816
01.05.13 - 07.05.13       9M2/SP5APW         1830*
01.05.13 - 03.05.13       9M2SE              1830*
         -    10.13       9V1RM              1751
         -    03.14       9X0ZM              1824
05.05.13 - 22.05.13       A35JP              1830*
01.05.13 - 07.05.13       A35UD              1830*
         -    09.13       A52SV              1752
07.05.13 - 11.05.13       C91GR              1830*
         - 31.12.13       C91IW              1787
unknown                   CE8DMT             1815/1824
         -    08.13       CN2ZA..            1817
         - 31.12.13       CS250CLE           1826
         -    05.13       D2SG               1748/1780
         -    12.14       DA0EIM             1815
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       DA0KOL             1830*
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       DB100AWPB          1814
         - 31.12.13       DP50IPAHB          1826
01.05.13 - 04.05.13       DK0RZ              1830*
01.05.13 - 04.05.13       DL0DFF             1830*
         - 31.12.13       DL100OUI           1821
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       DL50FRANCE         1813
         - 31.12.13       DL60BADEN          1823
         - 28.02.14       DL75KUE            1827
         - 31.12.13       DM750PZL           1825
         - 31.12.13       DP50IPAHB          1826
01.05.13 - 31.03.14       DR0PALAEON         1830*
         - 31.12.13       DR10EDBG           1823
         - 31.12.13       DR13IGS            1825
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       DR175EDS           1816
         - 31.12.13       DR20CFT            1820
         - 31.12.13       DR90VOX            1813
03.05.13 - 17.05.13       E51AAO             1830*
07.05.13 - 31.05.13       E51AGY             1830*
resident                  E51AND..           1824
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       EI13CLAN           1813
01.05.13 - 03.05.13       EM44U              1830*
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       EM68U..            1830*
         - 01.10.13       EM70LI..           1819
2013                      EM7UT              1821
2013                      EO0UD              1821
01.05.13 - 03.05.13       EO5UFF             1830*
         - 01.06.13       EO90LCR            1825
05.05.13                  F4FET/p            1830*
         - 15.05.13       FO/KH0PR           1830*
03.05.13 - 13.05.13       FO/KZ3AB           1830*
01.01.13 -                FT5WQ              1816
01.01.13 -                FT5XT              1816
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       G100C..            1817/1821
         - 31.12.13       GB2RAF..           1826
permanent                 GB3RS              1821
unknown                   GB4C               1825
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       GB75FOC..          1830*
2013 (WE)                 GM100C             1820
         - 04.05.13       GM6VXB             1826
05.05.13 - 06.05.13       GN4KPT             1830*
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       GX4BJC/A..         1830*
         - late 13        H44RK              1793
unknown                   H70ORO             1828
         - 30.06.13       HA30IGY            1820
2013                      HA30S              1819
2013                      HA110RAEM          1817
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       HB30OK             1811/1825
         - 05.06.13       HF55OP..           1827
20.03.13 - 20.06.13       HF80JATA           1828
         - 31.03.14       HG50NOHAB          1828
         - 31.05.13       HG52FC             1823
         -    09.13       HI3/KL7JR          1745
         -    01.14       HR2/NP3J..         1820
25.02.13 - 25.05.13       HR5/F2JD           1820
29.04.13 - 04.05.13       IA5A               1829
         - 25.05.13       II0IEE             1826
         - 02.06.13       II0FTC             1824
25.04.13 - 28.04.13       IY4MKD             1829
         -    07.13       J28UC              1734
         -    08.14       J28NC              1796
02.04.13 - 30.06.13       J49C               1827
27.04.13 - 07.05.13       JA3YEC/JS6         1829
22.04.13 - 04.05.13       JD1BMH             1828
28.04.13 - 05.05.13       JD1BLC             1829
28.04.13 - 05.05.13       JD1BLY             1829
28.04.13 - 05.05.13       JD1YBT             1829
27.04.13 - 07.05.13       JI3DST/JS6         1829
27.04.13 - 07.05.13       JS6RRR             1829
           31.12.13       KG4AJ              1756
02.05.13 - 05.05.13       KH0TG              1830*
02.05.13 - 05.05.13       KH0TH              1830*
              06.13       KH2/N2NL           1680
         - 20.05.13       LY550W             1830*
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       LZ1771SDG..        1819
2013                      LZ20TRC            1828
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       LZ2013KM           1830*
05.05.13                  M0MNV/p            1830*
         - 24.04.13       M6ADB/p            1829
         - 30.04.13       MI0RYL/p           1829
06.05.13 - 09.05.13       MJ/ON4DN/p         1830*
22.04.13 - 27.04.13       MM0KLR             1828
27.04.13 - 01.05.13       NH0J               1829
         - 03.04.17       OG3077F            1789
03.05.13 - 05.05.13       OH0/OI3V           1830*
01.05.13 - 31.12.13       OM20TUSR           1830*
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       OM60DAT            1830*
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       OU1RAEM            1813/1824
         -       14       P29NO              1814
04.05.13 - 15.05.13       PA/DL1EAL          1830*
15.04.13 - 12.05.13       PA30ALEX           1828
26.04.13 - 23.05.13       PA33KBX            1827
18.04.13 - 05.05.13       PA200KING          1827
04.05.13                  PA54ES             1830*
20.04.13 - 20.05.13       PA6KING..          1828
01.05.13 - 31.10.13       PA800GTB           1830*
11.04.13 - 08.05.13       PB200KING          1827
15.04.13 - 12.05.13       PB2013KING         1827
20.05.13 - 15.05.13       PB2013KWAC         1828
20.04.13 - 01.05.13       PB33Q              1827
22.04.13 - 02.05.13       PC13KING           1827
20.04.13 - 11.05.13       PG6KING            1827
         - 31.12.13       PH600AMF           1825
04.05.13 - 28.05.13       PI90PCG            1830*
22.04.13 - 17.07.13       R27AFM..           1828
01.04.13 - 30.06.13       R350FL             1825
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       R400DR             1814
         -    10.13       R60SKV             1814
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       RP68L..            1830*
01.03.13 - 31.05.13       RG61PP             1821
01.02.13 - 31.12.13       RI1ANP             1817
01.04.13 - 15.05.13       RL22RW             1828
   03.13 -    10.13       RV3EFH/0           1821/1824
         - 15.06.13       S503EO             1824
01.01.13 - 23.12.13       S5300TP            1813
01.05.13 - 16.06.13       SM0MPV/5           1830*
         -    06.13       SM0TSC             1816
permanent                 SP73VOT            1829
         -    06.13       ST2/ZS6AKB         1815
         -    06.13       ST2FT              1808/1826
03.05.13 - 10.05.13       SU8N               1830*
unknown                   SU9AF              1827
         - 30.05.13       SV3/ON4LO/p        1828
         -    08.13       T6DA               1829
         -    08.14       T6JP               1830*
         -    10.13       T6MH               1806
         -    05.13       T6MO               1821/1825
         -    06.14       T6T                1810
         -    05.14       T6TM               1830*
         -       15       TJ3SN (?)          1806
27.04.13 - 04.05.13       TM0SI              1829
03.05.13 - 18.05.13       TM35KOP            1830*
04.05.13 - 11.05.13       TM3B               1830*
         - 31.12.13       TM50ENSO           1822
18.04.13 - 02.05.13       TO4IPA             1828
29.04.13 - 06.05.13       TS8TI              1829
20.08.13 - 21.08.13       UP44WFF            1828
02.05.13 - 03.05.13       US5ERQ/p           1830*
03.05.13 - 05.05.13       UT4IYZ             1830*
02.05.13 - 03.05.13       UT5ERP/p           1830*
01.05.13 - 08.05.13       UV5EVZ/p           1830*
01.05.13 - 08.05.13       UW5EFU/p           1830*
27.04.13 - 04.05.13       V25PM              1829
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       V3FOC              1830*
29.04.13 - 05.05.13       V6H..              1829
         -    11.14       V73NS              604/1668/1752
         -    01.14       VK0JJJ             1815/1822
03.05.13 - 13.05.13       VK9NT              1830*
         - 03.05.13       VP2MRV             1830*
         -    07.13       VQ9JC              1830*
23.04.13 - 05.05.13       VU7KV              1829
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       VX2X               1830*
02.05.13 - 05.05.13       W1ACT/1            1830*
unknown                   W5/OE3SZA          1821
         -    05.14       XE1/DM3DL          1730
01.05.13 - 31.05.13       XM3X               1830*
unknown                   XU7WXA             1830*
         -       14       XW4XR              1815
   05.13 -    06.13       XZ1K               1778/1830*
26.04.13 - 02.05.13       YE8B               1829
03.05.13 - 05.05.13       YE90PK             1830*
02.05.13 - 06.05.13       YN/IK2PFL          1830*
         - 30.08.13       YP0FOTE            1821
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       YP10KQT            1813
         - 31.12.13       YP20ARER           1826
         - 31.12.13       YU15OTC            1815
01.02.13 - 31.12.13       YU313EDICT..       1819
01.01.13 - 31.12.13       Z320RSM..          1813
         -    05.13       Z6/S52DD           1813
         -    08.14+      ZA/IZ4JMA          1821
         - 03.05.13       ZD8RH              1830*
         -    10.13       ZD9KX              1795
         - 12.08.13       ZF2TK              1800
01.05.13                  ZW1CCOM54          1830*
unknown                   Z81X               1830*

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL Information
3B8CF                                 (d)
4A2I              via    XE2I         (B)
4J20RO            via    4J6RO
4K20RO            via    4J6RO
4M5CW             via    W4SO         (B)
4M5IR             via    YV5KG        (B)
4S7DXG            via    EA5HPX       (d)
5T1FOC            via    ON8RA        (B)
5U9AMO            via    M0URX        (B, OQRS), (L)
7N1PRD/0          via    7N1PRD       (d), (L)
7Q7DFC            via    OE4VIE       (B), (L)
9A/IZ3NXC         via    IZ3NXC
9H3DD             via    M1DDD        (B)
4X75FOC           via    4Z4KX        (B)
4Z65OQ            via    4Z4OQ        (B)
4Z65TT            via    4Z5TT
5B4/I2VGW         via    I2VGW        (B)
5B75FOC           via    M0URX        (B, OQRS), (L)
5T1FOC            via    ON8RA        (B)
7Q7FOC            via    G3MRC,       (L)
9M2/SP5APW        via    SP5APW       (B)
9M2SE             via    SP5APW       (B)
9Q6AL             via    DF9TA        (B)
9X0ZM             via    JO1CRA       (B)
9Y4LAS                                (d)
A35JP             via    JA0RQV       (B)
A35UD             via    UT6UD        (B)
A65BR             via                 (d); UA9AB (B), (L), eQSL
AX2FAJA           via    VK2FAJA      (d), eQSL
AX2IG             via    VK2IG,       eQSL
AX2LAW                                (d, QRZ.COM)
AX2TQ             via    VK2TQ        (d)
AX3AUQ            via    VK3AUQ
AX3CFA            via    VK3CFA
AX3GL             via    VK3GL
AX4ASK            via    VK4ASK
AX4DXA            via    VK4DXA       (B)
AX5ASK            via    VK5ASK       (B), eQSL
AX5PAS            via    M0OXO        (B, OQRS), (L), eQSL
AX6FLAB           via    VK6FLAB      (B)
AX6IR             via    VK6IR        (B, OQRS, (L), eQSL
AX6RO             via    VK6RO,       eQSL
AX7CW             via    VK7CW        (d), (L)
AX7GN             via    VK7GN,       NA5AR
AX8NSB            via    M0URX        (B, OQRS), (L)
AX8ZMX            via    VK8ZMX
BG5EFD            via    BD4HF
BG5EFD            via    BD4HF        (B), (L)
BH4LOS            via    BA4EG        (B), (L), eQSL
BH4SCF                                (B), (L)
BH7PFH                                (B), (L), eQSL
C91GR             via    ZS6AYU       (B)
CO6CAC            via    PY4WAS
DA0KOL            via    DL4HCF       (B), eQSL
DJ75FOC                               (B)
DK75FOC           via    DJ2BW        (B)
DR0PALAEON                            (B), eQSL
DU1/R6AF/p        via    R6AF,        (L), eQSL
E51AAO            via    ZL1AAO       (B)
E51AAO            via    ZL1AAO       (B), (L), eQSL
E51AGY            via    ZL2AGY       (B)
E75A              via    E77E         (B)
EK98GM            via    EK3GM        (B), (L), eQSL
EW/DL7VFM         via    DL7VFM       (B), eQSL
EM2G              via    UR7GO
EM44U             via    UT7UT        (B)
EN27U             via    US0UX        (B), eQSL
EO5UFF            via    US5UFF       (d)
EO90LCR           via    UT2LY
EP3SMH                                QRZ.COM
ES0/SP7VC         via    SP7VC        (B), L
ES0/SQ7OYL        via    SQ7OYL
F4FET/p           via    F4FET
FK/VK6DXI         via    VK6DXI       (B)
FO/KH0PR          via    JJ8DEN       (B)
FO/KZ3AB          via    WA3EOP       (B)
FO5RH                                 (B)
FO8WBB            via    N6JA         (B)
GB0PA             via    G7AGZ,       eQSL
GB2SPR                                (B)
GB75FOC           via    G3SWH        (B, E-Mail), (L)
GC4FOC            via    G3SWH        (B, E-Mail), (L)
GJ100C            via    M0OXO        (B), (L)
GN4FOC            via    G3SWH        (B, E-Mail), (L)
GN4KPT            via    MI0RYL       (B)
GP4FOC            via    G3SWH        (B, E-Mail), (L)
GX4BJC/A          via    G6XOU
HB9/RV3DH         via    RV3DHC
HB0/DL2JRM        via    DL2JRM       (B)
HF15UM            via    SQ9UM        (B)
HF3A              via    SP3PJY       (B)
HF660OL           via    SP4ICP       (B), eQSL
HG52FC            via    HA5BSW       (B), (L), eQSL
HJ4GJO                                (B)
HK6AAY                                (B), eQSL, (*)
HK6DOS                                (B), eQSL, (*)
HR2ZA             via    JL1UTS       (B)
HZ1FOC            via    7Z1HL        (OQRS), (L)
II0FOC            via    IK0IXI
II1TLA            via    I1YRL        (B, CW), IZ1GZF (B, SSB)
II7FOC            via    I7ALE        (B)
IS0FOC            via    IS0AFM       (d)
J8/PE1IGM         via    PA3C         (B), eQSL
JY9ET             via    M0OXO        (B), (L)
K0FOC                                 (d), (L), eQSL
KH0TG             via    7L3PFH       (B)
KH0TH             via    JL1UTS       (B)
KH6FOC                                (d), (L)
LY550W            via    LY5W         (B), eQSL
LZ1876SMB         via    LZ1KCP       (B), (L)
LZ2013KM          via    LZ1BJ        (B, E-Mail), (L)
M0MNV/p           via    M0MNV        (B)
M0RSE             via    G3SWH        (B, E-Mail), (L)
MI0RYL/p          via    MI0RYL       (B)
MJ/ON4DN/p        via    ON4DN        (B)
MX1SWL/A          via    G6XOU
N8FOC             via    W8AV         (B), (L)
OD5ZZ             via    NI5DX        (B)
OH0/OI3V          via    OI3V         (B)
OK7FOC            via    OK1TN        (B)
OM20TUSR          via    OM3RP
OM60DAT           via    OM4CI        (B), eQSL
OO2A              via    ON4ADN       (B)
OP4D              via    ON4MAW       (B), eQSL
OX3LX             via    OZ1PIF       (B)
PA/DL1EAL         via    DL1EAL       (B)
PA00KING          via    PB0P         (B)
PA200KING         via    PD5ROB       (B)
PA2013KING        via    PB6W         (d)
PA33KBX           via    PA0ABM       (B)
PC13KING          via    PA1DV        (B), eQSL
PG6KING           via    PD9ND        (B)
PA54ES                                (B)
PA800GTB                              (B)
PI90PCG                               (B)
R27TTT            via    RT3T         (L)
RO85MC            via    R8MC         (B)
RO85MD            via    R8MC         (B)
RO85MN            via    RV9MN        (L), eQSL
RO85NN            via    UA9NN
RU27TT            via    RU5TT        (B), (L), eQSL
R75FOC            via    R6AF         (B)
RI1ANU            via    ZS1OIN       (d)
S5/OE4VIE         via    OE4VIE       (B), (L)
S575FOC           via    S57WJ
SA5A              via    SM5DXV
SM0MPV/5          via    SM0MPV       (B)
T6JP              via    KB2OBQ,      LoTW, eQSL
T6TM              via    KB2RLB
TG9AHM                                (d)
TM35KOP           via    F6KOP        (B), F5NQL (d)
TM3B              via                 (B), ON8AZ (d)
TM5ACS                                (B)
TO4IPA            via    HA3JB        (d)
TR0A/p            via    SM7EHU       (23-30 April)
UB3EYL                                (B), eQSL
US5ERQ/p          via    US5ERQ       (B)
UT4IYZ            via    UT5IH        (B)
UT5ERP/p          via    UT5ERP       (B)
UV5EVZ/p          via    UV5EVZ       (B)
UW5EFU/p          via    UW5EFU       (B)
V31DX             via    DO4DXA       (L), eQSL
V3FOC             via    V31JP        (d), (L)
V47GIW            via    W4GIW        (d), (L)
VK9NT             via    VK2CA        (B), (L)
VP2MRV            via    JA1HGY       (B)
VP8LP                                 (d)
VQ93JC            via    ND9M         (B)
VQ975FOC          via    ND9M         (B)
VQ9JC             via    ND9M         (B)
VU3DJQ            via    EA7FTR       (d), (L)
VX2X              via    VE2AEJ
W1ACT/1           via    N1JOY        (d)
W2FOC                                 (L), please send no paper QSL
W3FOC             via    KR3E         (d)
W9FOC                                 (L)
WA1FOC            via    K1SA
XM3X              via    VE3HX
XU7WXA            via    M6CFW        (d), (L), eQSL
XZ1K                                  QRZ.COM
YE90PK            via    YB1LZ        (B, OQRS)
YN/IK2PFL         via    IK2PFL       (B)
YU/IZ1VUC         via    IZ1VUC       (B), eQSL
Z81X              via    OH0XX        (B)
ZD8RH             via    G4DBW        (B), (L), eQSL
ZP5YW             via    W5UE,        (L), eQSL, (*)
ZV1WSA                                (B)
ZW1CCOM54                             (L), eQSL

(d) = direct only      (B) = bureau OK
(*) = new manager      (L) = LoTW

* QSL received by LotW: 3C0E

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, ICPO Bulletin, OPDX-Bulletin, 4J5A,
DL3FD, DL4HCF, DL7MAE, DL7VOA, EK3GM, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX,

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