WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - April 19th, 2013 (BC-DX #1112)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA    Summer A-13 SW schedule of Radio Tirana:
0130-0200  9850 SHI 100 kW 310 deg to NoAM  English Tue-Sun
0700-0900  7390 SHI 100 kW non-dir to WeEUR Albanian
1700-1730  7465 SHI 100 kW non-dir to SoEUR Italian Mon-Sat
1730-1800  7465 SHI 100 kW 310 deg to WeEUR French  Mon-Sat
1931-2000  7465 SHI 100 kW 310 deg to WeEUR German  Mon-Sat
2000-2030  7465 SHI 100 kW 310 deg to U.K.  English Mon-Sat
2300-2400  9850 SHI 100 kW 310 deg to NoAM  Albanian
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

ALGERIA   New SW sites Ourgla and Bechar discussion.

Wavescan NWS216 - April 2013 (Extract)
High Frequency Coordination Conference Update:
The Algerian Radio does have a service on shortwave, using the facilities
of TDF, Telediffusion de France, in Issoudun. But this appears to be
temporarily, as engineer Lotfi Chelali of Algeria's TDA explained to us
that they are building two shortwave transmitter sites in Ourgla and
Bechar, each with a 300-kilowatt DRM-capable transmitter.

These sites are expected to be on air within the next year. The
programming is intended for the countries of the Sahel in northwestern
Africa; Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Mauritania, Chad and the Polisario front
(via Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Apr 16)

[...]  A look at recent GE imagery at both Ourgla and Bechar MW sites
still doesn't reveal any new work on the ground in preparation for the SW
antennas from recent 2013 & 2012 imagery.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Apr 16)

Schedules for these so far imaginary sites have been registered in HFCC
for *years*. Quite a headstart! Maybe hoping to keep the planned
frequencies clear? But unfair to real stations. {requests... wb.}
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 16)

ARGENTINA   Harmonic - Evening Hilltopping Apr 6: 30689.8v, RAE, 2 x
15345v, poor, 1843 UT.
(Tim Bucknall-UK, April 6, harmonics yg via dxld)

AUSTRALIA   Google Earth image - AUS: Brandon site. If I'm not mistaken,
Brandon SW site in higher resolution in GE now available. 2010 imagery.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SWsites YG Apr 11)

In the north eastern corner, some masts visible, 13 May 2010 image in dark
BROWN colour.

I'm back now vv from Version_6 to GE Google Earth BUT I'AM NOT
SATISFIED with version 7 of G.E. of time slide control !!!! especially.
The standard image of G.E. (without time slide control) is 13 March 2006
image in light GREEN colour.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews / SWsites YG Apr 11)

This has been a long standing problem with Google. I have instructions on
how to convert back to version 6 (the good version) on mwmasts Yahoo
Group. To properly see Historical images either use version 6 or wait
until version 8 is brought out. If any swsites members wants me to post
details on this Group of how to "back-convert" please let me know.
73's and 88's Dan Goldfarb (owner of mwmasts YG, Apr 11)

Thanks Dan,
since Oct 2012 I've been many times to re-install Vers.6 by Vers.7 and
vice versa!!!, after each week I change my decision.

Is a pity with the time slide control at all, and also sometime when I
start the image of a known location the image freezes on a strong 'deep'
ZOOM IN position (very close to the earth ... I've to ZOOM OUT by hand

I wish for the near future the Google develop team will soon release
Version 8.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews / SWsites YG Apr 11)

AUSTRALIA   6150  on April 8 at 1316 UT, R. Australia on new frequency so
the A-13 changes are finally in effect. Good here initially, // 9580 kHz,
and missing from 6020 kHz and any other 49m channel as well as 11945 kHz,
as expected. 1332 UT show about apps, and I notice there is some hum on
6150 kHz, unusual for Shepparton, but it's synchro with 9580 kHz, so must
be from there. Before 1300 UT, 6150 kHz will be colliding with Cuba's only
49m channel in the mornings! {Yet another example, Arnie & Nigel, why you
should not boycott HFCC.}

At 1343 UT I also detect a JBA RA signal on 5940 kHz, also // 9580 kHz.
6150 kHz is off after 1400 UT, but 5995 kHz is audible poorly at 1404 UT.
Finally find replacement for 11945 kHz, which is 12065 kHz, VG at 1408 UT
with documentary about Indonesia.

What I am hearing correlates with the A-13 sked version 1 in dxld,
 5940 1300 1700 43,44,50,51,54,55,58N SHP 100 334 D En AUS ABC
 5995 1400 1800 51,55,56,61,64,65,76,77 SHP 100 30 D En AUS ABC
 6150 1100 1400 51,55,56,61,76,77 SHP 100 30 D En AUS ABC
 9580 1000 1500 56,60-63 SHP 100 70 D En AUS ABC
12065 1000 1530 56,60-63,65 SHP 100 70 D En AUS ABC
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 10)

AUSTRIA   11955  AWR Hausa service regular 0500-0530 UT, sermon spoken by
woman, S=9+25dB sidelobe signal from ORS Moosbrunn Austria TX site signal
at 190degr azimuth. 300 kW powerhouse signal noted at 0508 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

AZERBAIJAN   [KARABAKH REP]  9677.734  Voice of Justice, heard today Apr 9
at 1410-1422 UT, with S=9+5dB signal here in southern Germany. Commentary
by woman in - probably - Azeri, and often "between play" break interlude
as "Dr. Schiwago" music theme. Next check on 14.33 UT showed no program
audio, but empty TX only, still on air til 15.00 UT.
Reports say end of program on 14.28 UT.

Unit wandered a little 10 Hertz up,
measured at 1450 UT on frequency 9677.744 kHz.

9677.744 at 15.00 UT, Tolishstoni Saedo Radio started with 3 time pips,
and ID at 15.00:03 UT, Frequency annmt, some local Persian music, but
distorted audio, compared to VoJ broadcast at 14 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 9)

Re 9677.42,
*1400-1410, AZE, Tue 19 March, Aedalaetin Saesi Radiosu (Voice of
Justice), Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh I/S, talk in Azeri, 24333
(Scheduled with 10 kW Tu/Fr 1400-1425 UT)
(Anker Petersen-DEN, via Dario Monferini-ITA, playdx yg via dxld)

BANGLADESH   Radio Bangladesh or Bangladesh Betar monitored schedule
Here is the monitored sked of Radio Bangladesh till 1815 hrs.
The 1815 and 1900 hrs transmission could not be monitored.

1230-1300 English       15105 kHz to South & So.Ea.Asia
1315-1345 Nepali         7250 kHz to South Asia
1400-1430 Urdu          15505 kHz to South Asia
1515-1545 Hindi         15505 kHz to South Asia
1600-1630 Arabic         7250 kHz to Middle East
1630-1730 Bengali        7250 kHz to Middle East
1745-1815 V.O.Islam(Eng) 7250 kHz to Europe
1815-1900 English        7250 kHz to Europe(tent)
1915-2000 Bengali        7250 kHz to Europe(tent)
(Alok Dasgupta-IND, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 13)

BELARUS   279 kHz Belaruskaye Radio 1, QSL letter in 1 day for e-report to
<radio1 @>   v/s Anton Vasyukevich, Chief Director.
(Artur Fernandez Llorella-ESP, hcdx April 6)

BENIN   1566  TWR Benin, Parakou, full data transmitter-building-generator
eQSL in 1 day (!) for English email report sent to Lorraine Stavropoulos,
lstavrop at twr dot org. Really a very nice eQSL, signed by Ms.
Stavropoulos. A friendly verifier.
(Albert Muick-PA-USA, hcdx April 14)

BOLIVIA   Bolivians back on 4735, 4650 ?? kHz.
Bolivians are not very well received up here on Cape Cod, but I thought I
would just check these out since I was listening 4451 kHz - I am getting a
definite wave sine on the Perseus here. Appears to be drifting between
4451.14 to 4451.2 kHz. There is no audio and severe local atmospheric
noise. This was a 2235 UT 16 April. A check of the other two frequencies
mentioned, 4735 & 4650 kHz, shows nothing. No audio, no wave, not that I
expected anything. Santa Cruz on 6134.8 kHz is coming in very nicely right
about now.
(Stephen C Wood-MA-USA, dxld Apr 17)

Ultimas escutas realizadas aqui em Alta Floresta d'Oeste:

5952, 2126, 13/04, Emisoras Pio XII, mx regional, Sp, Siglo Veinte, 55343

4735, 2130, 13/04, R. Universitaria, Cobija, Sp, nx em espanhol em fv,
55433, JFN

4650, 2130, 13/04, R. Santa Ana, Santa Ana Dell Yacun [sic], Sp, mx
instrumental, 55333, JFN Receptores Degen 1103 e MotoglobeAntenas:
Loopstick ge AM e Telescopica (Joviniano Furtado Neto/PW8001SWL, Alta
Floresta d'Oeste-RO, Brasil, radioescutas yg via DXLD)

! The first log is certainly correct, but no such station listed on 4735,
and R. Santa Ana del Yacuma was last known on 4451, as in WRTH 2013, 2012.
Bob Wilkner, Florida just reported Yacuma March 23 on 4451.2.

Aoki, which preserves numerous dead LA stations, shows:
4732 Radio Uniersitaria [sic] 2200-0100 .234567 Spanish 1 ND Cobija Pando
BOL 06845W 1101S Uni. WRTH 2011 also had it on 4732, gone from WRTH 2012
and 2013.

According to LA SW Logs, 4732 was last reported in July 2008:
4732.1v BOL R. Universitaria, Cobija [*1100/2230-0255*] (1.95-4.0) Jul08 H
e Sp (irr/off) (a)"Somos R Universitaria"

Altho this reference has not been updated since February 2012.

DSWCI has just published the Domestic Broadcasting Survey No. 15:

B 4451,2 1 BOL R Santa Ana, Santa Ana del 1000-1700 1930-2400v S
Yacuma, Beni MAR13 and nothing anywhere near 4732 or 4735.

In the deleted since May 2008 section:
4732,2 BOL R Universitaria, Cobija, Pando JUL08

And nothing around 4650 kHz, which means that frequency must have been
deleted even earlier than 2008.

Of course, there is always a chance these two stations have just
reappeared unexpectedly. Therefore it would be extremely important to cite
an ID heard, which is not done, making them suspicious as list-loggings on
long-outdated info. But if he did hear something on 4650 and 4735 kHz,
what could they have been? Others please monitor!
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 17)

BOTSWANA   12025  VOA English from Botswana, hit by an exact annoying
625 Hertz whistle tone on upper side flank. At 0512 UT Apr 12, of same
powerful signal S=9+25dB level, maybe interference from Zimbabwe ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

More and more IBB changes in A-13 season:

Voice of America
0100-0200 NF 15205 UDO 250 kW 292 deg to SoAS   English, ex11705
1300-1400 NF 13690 IRA 250 kW 340 deg to WeAS   Pashto Deewa Radio,x11590
1400-1500 NF  9850 BIB 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS   Kurdish, ex15130
1400-1500 NF 13690 LAM 100 kW 093 deg to WeAS   Pashto Deewa Radio,x11590
1400-1500 NF 17870 IRA 250 kW 299 deg to WeAS   Kurdish, ex15525
1500-1600 NF 13690 UDO 250 kW 300 deg to WeAS   Pashto Deewa Radio,x11590
1700-1800 NF  7365 BIB 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS   Kurdish,  ex15130 WER
1800-1830 NF 13630 IRA 250 kW 255 deg to CeSoAF Port Mo-Fr,ex17530 GB
1900-2100 NF  9490 UDO 250 kW 038 deg to EaAS   Korean, ex6060
2130-2200 NF 12005 BOT 100 kW 350 deg to WeAF   Bambara Mo-Fr,ex15255 ASC

Radio Liberty
0500-0700 NF 17780 KWT 250 kW 035 deg to CeRUS  Russian, ex17810
1900-2000 NF  7475 UDO 250 kW 335 deg to EaEUR  Russian, ex 5920 BIB

Radio Free Asia
0200-0300 NF 21520 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS   Tibetan Wed, ex17620
0200-0300 NF 21530 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS   Tibetan Thu, ex17620
0200-0300 NF 21540 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS   Tibetan Fri, ex17620
0200-0300 NF 21550 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS   Tibetan Sat, ex17620
0200-0300 NF 21560 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS   Tibetan Sun, ex17620
0200-0300 NF 21570 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS   Tibetan Mon, ex17620
0200-0300 NF 21580 TIN 250 kW 295 deg to CeAS   Tibetan Tue, ex17620
1400-1500 NF  9720 TIN 250 kW 270 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese,  ex9715
1500-1600 NF 11870 KWT 250 kW 078 deg to CeAS   Tibetan,     ex11835
1500-1700 NF  5830 TIN 250 kW 325 deg to EaAS   Korean,      ex5820
2330-2400 NF 13730 TIN 250 kW 280 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese,  ex13570
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

BRAZIL   6180.007  R Nacional da Amazônia, Brasilia, DF, observed with
radioplay in progress, at 0422 UT Apr 12, S=9+10dB here in Germany.
// 11780.0 as S=8 fluttery signal, Brazilian modern pop mx at 0425 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

4905  R Relogio (Brazil) is really active again on 4905 kHz. Heard this
morning (Apr 14, 0620 UT) via SDR in Iceland. The station plays mostly
Brazilian pop with some talk incl. IDs. On every full minute there is a
time announcement by a woman (different of what we can hear on 10 MHz)
with 3 dots. But this time annoucement was 17secs too late this morning!
(Karel Honzik-CZE, hcdx Apr 14)

BULGARIA   Summer A-13 of Brother Stair from Sofia Kostinbrod
1800-1900 11685 SOF 070 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English
1900-2100  7400 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English
All other transmissions from Kostinbrod are cancelled!!
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

BULGARIA   Vidin 576 kHz.
Sehr geehrter Herr Robic, Wir danken Ihnen fuer Ihr Interesse an unserem
Sender und die Radiofunksendungen des bulgarischen Rundfunks. Ab
08.04.2013, nach mehr als einem Jahr der Erneuerung, ist der Sender in
Vidin wieder aktiv.

576 kHz wird fuer die Sendungen des bulgarischen Rundfunks 24/7 hrs
Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
Goran Raynovski, Account Manager
Sales Department, NURTS Bulgaria
(Goran Raynovski-BUL, via Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Apr 9)

BNR "Horizont" was heard with good signal already yesterday, 6 April, on
963 kHz. Thanks to Georgi and Ivo for providing the details. Until 2200
UT, BNR was behind CRI German from the doomed Pori site (this relay ends
on 15 April). After CRI's sign-off at 2201 UT, Horizont's news and weather
report for 'centralna Bulgaria' etc. was heard with SINPO 53533 (Tunisia
in the background), a clear ID jingle "Horizont" at 2204 UT. I couldn't
check the other frequencies because this was a specific recording of 963
kHz. I had already heard Horizont on 576 kHz, however, on 23 March at 1130
UT (very weak in Leipzig, but a decent signal on a remote Perseus in
(Eike Bierwirth-D, dxld Apr 7)

11560  Radio Miraya FM via {tentat.} Sofia Kostinbrod relay, talk on South
Sudan problems, talked on "Odabi Gold Mine", where primitive tools and
machines are in use now. S=9+10dB at 0455 UT Apr 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

CHINA   11884.967  Example - of seldom noted - odd outlets from China
mainland. are these Uighur services of PBS Xinjiang Urumqi site, S=6-7 at
0504 UT Apr 12, // 13669.977 kHz from same site, and even 15390 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

27520  at 1730 UT, CRI English program, 2 x 13760 kHz, heard via the
Enschede University SDR receiver. At the same time 5B4CY from Cyprus was
heard on 28220 kHz.
(Juergen Lohuis-D, Apr 8, harmonics via dxld)  Kashgar-China En 16-19 UT.

v7325 - see also Wantok R under PapuaNG.
SARFT Jinhua Youbu [JIN] off the air. SARFT Jinhua Youbu 831 units off the
air for maintenance from April 15 to May 25.

0000-0100 11780 Chinese
0000-0100 15100 Hakka
0100-0400 15160 Chinese
0300-0400 17710 Russian
0400-0500 15160 Cantonese
0500-0600 15170 Cantonese
0600-0700 15170 Chinese
0700-0800 11640 Cantonese
0800-0900 11640 Chinese
0900-1100 13790 English
1000-1300  7325 Japanese
1130-1200  7390 Filipino
1300-1400  7215 Japanese
1400-1500  7430 Japanese
1400-1500 11900 Sinhala
1500-1600  7220 Japanese
1500-1600  9800 English
1600-1800 11900 English
1800-1900  7435 Italian
1830-1900  9695 Bulgarian
1900-2000 12095 Portuguese
2030-2100  7390 Hungarian
2200-2300  7430 Chinese
2200-2400 13640 Japanese
2300-2400 15100 Cantonese
de Hiroshi
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld Apr 17)

CHINA   11728, 11736, 11744, 11752, 11768, 11776, 11784 kHz, April 9 at
1310 UT, they're baaaack! The panoply of 8-kHz spurs from the ChiCom
jammer on 11760 kHz, as we figured out last year. Quite weak carriers, but
11752 and 11768 kHz the strongest. Most obvious by the hets some of them
make with even-frequency stations on 11735, 11745, 11750, 11775, 11785
kHz, the last two with identical 1-kHz hets but on opposite sides.

But what's to jam on 11760? CRI English via Kunming is scheduled in HFCC!
The answer needs Aoki, a hi-power Sound of Hope too:

11760*SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng 0900-1100 1.....7 Chinese 300 325 Tanshui TWN
11760*SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng 1300-1500 1234567 Chinese 300 325 Tanshui TWN
SOH a13

Jamming content here is probably CNR1 rather than Firedrake. Of course,
11760 kHz itself remains dominated by Habana here. These were last heard
on November 19, 2012 as in dxld. Wolfgang Bueschel and Ivo Ivanov also
found a bunch of other frequencies at different dayparts with the same
8-kHz constellations, surely from the same wacko transmitter.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 9)

Others to look for according to YT, comparing A-12 and A-13 listings:

"I checked all TX site outlets Saipan Agingan Point, Taipei and Tainan
today Apr 11, as done last year in August 2012 but couldn't hear any
FAULTY jamming transmitter today. 73 wolfy

Last Year A-12     A-13
Saipan   15410     15430    15-17 UT
Saipan   13610     13610    09-11 UT VOA Chinese
Tanshui  11760     11760    13-15 UT SOH Taiwan
Taipei   11710     11720    11-13 UT CBSC RTI Mandarin"

The only other ones I heard last year were around 11710 before 13 UT (gh)

After a tip of Nils Schiffhauer DK8OK and Patrick Robic in A-DX ng,

I heard same CHN Mainland station spurious signals of fundamental
11760 kHz here in Germany, Moscow and Kanuma-city Japan remote units,
best signals heard on Japan remote sdr's.

Checked 1740-1755 UT April 14, same program noted on spurious
11760   fundamental frequency
11792 kHz channels.

But national radio content puzzles me, CNR is off at 1805 til 1955 UT at
CNR1 til CNR10 services. Which Chinese language program to be heard on
11760 kHz during deep night in China mainland?

Rather I guess this faulty '8 kHz fense' unit isn't anymore used as a
jamming unit, rather converted to some Chinese national radio instead?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

CHINA   6185  eQSL and log - China Huayi BC, China Huayi Broadcast Company
(CHBC), at 1210-1218 UT on April 3. All in Chinese with "Culture Homeland"
program; mostly fair with some adjacent QRM. Recording at

For several years now have attempted to contact Qiao Xiaoli, the CHBC QSL
manager, but without any success until April 4, when I received this reply
to yesterday's reception report sent to  <2883752 @>
"I am very glad to verify your reception of CHBC, as of your clip audio,
it is CHBC programme and it include an station ID , so here is the

Date:      April 3, 2013
Time:      1210-1218 UTC same as 2010-2018 BJT
Frequency: 6185 kHz
Station:   China Huayi Broadcast Company
Language:  Chinese
Programme: "Culture Homeland"

Please find an e-qsl as an attachment.
Qiao Xiaoli < Jonathan Short >"

Attached was a very nice blue CHBC eQSL card with full data. Copy of QSL
card is posted at <>
(adjust zoom).

Am very pleased to make contact again with Qiao Xiaoli < Jonathan Short >,
as in the past he was excellent at verifying CHBC reception reports from
listeners outside China, sent to him in English! He lives in Changshu
(Jiangsu Province).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld April 4)

CHINA   e-QSL Guangzhou Coast Radio Station.

17398-USB, Guangzhou Coast Radio Station, at *0300- 0305* UT on April 8.
In Chinese with assume marine weather.
Website: <>  and for frequencies "(SSB)" see:

The email address used to QSL the Guangzhou Coast Radio Station by
Takahito Akabayashiis in dxld is no longer in operation
(this is NOT active - <gzrdo @> ),
even though it is still shown on their website

I searched the Web and found the appropriate e-mail address that
does work.

Sent off a reception report in CHINESE to  <lmb @>
(including a reference to a recording of my full reception at,
which was actually listened to). Received an e-QSL in CHINESE in just two
hours from Mingbiao Luo, the same person that Takahito heard from. QSL
confirms my reception. Here is a translation:

Dear Ron Howard:
How are you? First of all, thank you for listening to our station's
broadcast on safety information at sea. We confirm you heard our station's
weather forecast at sea on Monday, 8 April, 2013, between 11:00 AM CST -
11:05 AM CST (Beijing Time), on 17398-USB kHz.

Guangzhou Coast Station was established to participate in the
International  Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and to
fulfill the responsibilities and obligations under the International
Maritime Organization (IMO). It provides safety information to ships at
sea on distress alert, safety, rescue communication, ship-to-shore public
communication, weather forecast on China marine waters, and navigational

Every year we receive reception reports from radio listeners around the
world. What makes us especially pleased is our signals are heard as far as
in the United States. We really appreciate you providing us with this
information. It is encouraging. We  hope you will continue to follow our
broadcasts with interest. A 24-hour continuous report would be most ideal.
We will try to provide the best services to ships at sea.

Guangzhou Coast Station is located in Guangzhou city, which is in
Guangdong Province of China. Guangzhou is a beautiful city. We hope you
will be able to visit Guangzhou some day. Wish you great success and good
Mingbiao Luo Guangzhou Coast Station.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, April 9)

CHINA   Voice of the South China Sea on FM 101.0 MHz.

CRI began new Target Broadcast Programe "Nanhai zhi sheng-Voice of the
South China Sea" on Apr. 9 at 2200-1700 UT on FM 101.0MHz.
<>  in Chinese.

CRI seems to be planning MW and SW, but does not yet start. As for the
language to be used in this broadcast, Chinese, English, Vietnamese,
Tagalog, Malay and Indonesian are planned, but only Chinese and English
are served now.
English at 0405 UT.  <>
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld Apr 13)

1008 kHz New MW sender: "Voice of the South China Sea".
Wenn wir schon bei der Mittelwelle aus Asien sind:
China Radio International has launched a frequency in the South China Sea.

The Voice of the South China Sea broadcasts in six languages, including
Mandarin, English, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Filipino as well as Indonesian.
You can hear the English programs of the "Voice of the South China Sea" at
AM 1008, 1400-1500 (Local Time).

The new frequency covers several countries around the South China Sea.

CRI President Wang Gengnian says it is designed to promote peace and
cooperation on top of offering radio services on local airwaves.

Your feedbacks on the this frequency are most welcome.

Yours sincerely,
English Service
China Radio International

Unklar ist noch die tatsaechliche UTC Sendezeit, da sind aber die Experten
vor Ort dran ... gepostet von Tim Breyel, Malaysia.
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM  <> Apr 12)

Alan Davies' Liste zeigte bisher einen 200 kW Sender von CNR in Kunming.
2000-1735 (off air Tues 0600-0850) UT.

SARFT Transmitting Station 501
Kunming area
Yunnan Province

Irgendwo bei
24 52 34.50 N  102 29 17.20 E
oder <>   einer der vier 4-Mast Anlagen.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

CUBA  [and BRAZIL/CHINA/USA]   9565v  PBS Xinjiang 9560 kHz Uighur program
from Urumqi is covered and heavily disturbed by likely Cuban 24 hours
jamming against R Marti on 9565 kHz, latter is scheduled only in 20-24 UT
time segment. Cuban jamming covers 9558-9570 kHz in our morning propagate
across the Atlantic at 0436 UT. Also Radio Tuli Brazil on 9565.066 kHz is
intense jammed by 60/120/180 Hertz scratchy jamming. Similar Cuban jamming
signal also noted on RMI Florida channel of 9954.947 kHz. Also 11923 to
11936 kHz range suffers scratching jamming signal 24 hrs even here in
western Europe, R Marti scheduled here 14-24 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

CYPRUS/U.K.   THE BBC World Service's Cyprus shortwave relay station
closed on April 1, meaning listeners are no longer able to listen to the
famous World Service broadcasts. Shortwave broadcasts of World Service
Arabic will also end by the end of April.

The closure of the Cyprus shortwave relay station will see the loss of
26 jobs. These are Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Babcock employees
who are funded by the World Service.

Peter Horrocks, director of the BBC World Service, said that the changes
reflected listening trends, as audiences increasingly embrace TV, mobiles
and the internet over shortwave radio. "The changes are in line with our
overall strategic aim of ensuring that we are able to respond to changing
audience needs and invest in the way audiences consume news," he said.
"Shortwave audiences are declining as radio audiences come to rely
increasingly on medium wave and FM, and there has been a rapid growth of
television and digital media."

The UK government's 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review set the World
Service the target of saving £42m by April 2014. It has already achieved
nearly £30m with the loss of five language services and around 480 jobs.

According to the BBC, World Service English shortwave transmissions will
be reduced to six hours a day [PER REGION], with 1.5m listeners likely to
be lost as a result. Currently, there are between seven and 19 hours of
shortwave depending on region.

The distribution changes - which include cuts to medium wave transmissions
- are designed to save £4.8m in 2013/14. It's a large chunk of the £12m
savings the World Service is targeting in its third phase of cuts as a
result of a 16% reduction to its grant-in-aid. The World Service first
set-up in Cyprus in 1957 when it established the British East
Mediterranean Relay Station (BEMRS) in Limassol, which was one of the most
powerful broadcasting stations on the island.
(via Kevin Redding, ABDX via dxld Apr 10)

Further to comments in WOR 1663 about the BBC WS no longer being on
1323 kHz from Cyprus, I can confirm that I am still hearing the BBCWS
on 1323 kHz coming from somewhere but only from 2100-2300 UT. The signal
is weak but clear here in Nigeria. 1323 kHz doesn't appear in the online
schedules. I came across an announcement on the Middle East stream (via
satellite) saying that listeners could still listen on mediumwave, but
only 1413 and 702 kHz were mentioned.

As an avid World Service listener, I am saddened by the recent reduction
in shortwave hours. I was fortunate that between the West and East Africa
streams I used to be able to listen all day on shortwave. Now the absence
of transmissions between 0800 and 1500 UT means it is impossible to hear
any of the weekday science or documentary/interview programmes on
shortwave. Although I am often able to listen via satellite, I miss the
convenience of listening by radio wherever I am, especially during
(James MacDonell-NIG, dxld Apr 9)

Strong also here in Finland on 1st April with bells s/on at 2059 UT and
s/off at 2259:30 UT.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld April 11)

Apparently not a mere coincidence that the very same transmission does
appear in the first BBC A13 schedule that was forwarded by Alokesh Gupta:

1323 0700-09-00 smtwtfs BBC CYPRUS 200 150 English 38E,39W
1323 2100-23-00 smtwtfs BBC CYPRUS 200 150 English 38E,39W
(schedule 15th March via Alokesh Gupta-IND, via Eike Bierwirth-D, ibid.)

I spoke to a colleague. 1323 kHz is indeed still from Zygi-CYP, but only
as a very temporary measure, to tell mediumwave listeners to move. It
should be gone by next week, perhaps even by this weekend.
(Chris Greenway-UK, dxld Apr 11)

EGYPT   13850  Einen Hoergenuss der besonderen technischen Art bietet das
Radio Cairo 'El-Bernameg Al-Aam' program in Arabisch, taeglich 02-07 UT
aus Abis. S=9+20dB hier in Stuttgart.

Auch nach dieser sogenannten muslimischen "Revolution" sitzen immer noch
die unfaehigen Techniker auf der Grosssendeanlage und senden solch ein
klaegliches Signal in die Welt hinaus.

A listening experience of the specific technical nature, the Radio Cairo,
"El-Bernameg Al-Aam" program in Arabic, terribel signal every day from
02-07 UT via Abis site. S=9+20 dB signal strength here in Stuttgart.

Even after these so-called Muslim "revolution" still sitting incompetent
technicians on the large end resort and send such a pitiful Signal out to
the world.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

EGYPT   13850  Radio Cairo in Arabic, "El-Bernameg Al-Aam" program,
02-07 UT, S=9+20dB at 0520 UT Apr 12. Terrible awful audio quality... at
same time AWR Arabic via Wertachtal 15225 kHz entirely different kind of
very good audio quality at 0545 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

EGYPT   11276 kHz  Unid station. An unid clandestine ? on 11276 kHz,
Arabic music and talk at 1930 UT. Heard with remote web sdradio at Twente.
An idea ?
(Nicolas Delaunoy-F, dxld Apr 12)

re March 15, 2013: - not clandestine stn !
Intermodulation in A-13 season from Abis site.
12050 kHz minus 774 kHz = 11276 kHz

Latter contain the Arabic service "Izaat Al-Sharq Al-Awsat - Middle East
Radio" of Abis 774 kHz near Cairo Egypt.

12050 kHz contain R Cairo's German sce at present.
73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 12)

EGYPT   Intermodulation between Abis-EGY 774 kHz mediumwave antenna and
SW broadcast antenna / feeder line at 325 degrees. "Middle East Radio"
program on MW 774 kHz noted on various short waves in B-12 season.

Izaat Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (Middle East Radio) on MW 774 was noted on SW

1800-1900 9655 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR   Italian minus MW 774= 8881v
          in A-13 8881v, or alternate either 8716v 8981v kHz.
1900-2000 11560 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  German minus MW 774=10786v
2000-2115 11560 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  French minus MW 774=10786v
          in A-13 10786v, or alternate either 8636v 11276v kHz.
2115-2245 11890 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  English minus MW 774=11116v
          in A-13 11116v, or alternate 11276v kHz. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
2300-0030  9965 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to NoEaAM English minus MW 774= 9191v
0030-0430  9965 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to NoEaAM Arabic  minus MW 774= 9191v
          in A-13 9191v, or alternate 10736v kHz.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15, 2013)

ERITREIA   9705  Voice of the Broad Masses, Eritrea, banging in here at
0309 UT on 9705 kHz on 07 April with reggae style and Horn of Africa
music. Hanging steady at S=9+. Mixing it up pretty good. Occasional
transmitter fault-offs and they were on with a guitar interval signal with
male / female announcements before scheduled sign on at 0300 UT.
(Al Muick-PA-USA, dxld Apr 10)

FRANCE   3965  Conferma QSL di R. Taiwan International 3965 kHz Issoudun
France, on 13 March at 20:00 UT. Address P.O.Box 123-199 Taipei, 11199
Taiwan, ROC.

Con una QSL, schedule B-12 in 29 giorni. Rapporto inviato via web Report
La cartolina QSL e visionabile al seguente URL:
(N. Marabello-ITA, Apr 12)

5910  NHK Radio Japan in Spanish via relay TDF Issoudun France scheduled
0400-0430 UT, S=9+35 powerhouse at 0408 UT on Apr 12, nx in Spanish on
Boeing 787 passenger jets grounding ... baterias incidentes.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

FRANCE/GERMANY/SRI LANKA   [Canada non]  Bible Voice Broadcasting
A-13 Summer 2013 schedule

15215 kHz 19 mb 100 kW 120degr Wertachtal
Sunday   1700-1900 English
Tuesday  1700-1715 English
Thursday 1700-1730 English
Friday   1700-1715 English
Saturday 1700-1900 English

9430 kHz 31 mb 250 kW 125degr Nauen
Sunday   1815-1845 English
Saturday 1800-1815 English

9735 kHz 31 mb 250 kW 120degr Wertachtal
Thursday 0500-0530 Arabic
Friday 0500-0515 Arabic

13810 kHz 22 mb 100 kW Wertachtal
Sunday    1700-1800 Arabic  135degr
Monday    1655-1800 Arabic  120degr
Tuesday   1655-1745 Arabic  120degr
Wednesday 1655-1800 Arabic  135degr
Thursday  1655-1800 Arabic  120degr
Friday    1655-1800 Arabic  120degr
Saturday  1700-1715 Arabic  120degr

13580 kHz 22 mb 250 kW 115degr Issoudun
Monday    1700-1720 Arabic
Tuesday   1700-1720 Arabic
Wednesday 1700-1735 Arabic
Thursday  1700-1720 Arabic
Friday    1700-1720 Arabic

9635 kHz 31 mb 100 kW 120degr Wertachtal
Sunday 1830-1915 English

7310 kHz 41 mb 125 kW[HFCC 250kW] 124degr Nauen
Monday    0300-0315 Arabic
Tuesday   0300-0315 Arabic
Wednesday 0300-0315 Arabic
Thursday  0300-0315 Arabic
Friday    0300-0315 Arabic
Saturday  0300-0315 Arabic
Sunday    0300-0315 Arabic

13720 kHz 22 mb 125 kW 120degr Wertachtal
Monday 1700-1715 Arabic
Tuesday 1700-1715 Arabic
Wednesday 1700-1715 Arabic
Thursday 1700-1715 Arabic
Friday 1700-1715 Arabic
Saturday 1700-1715 Arabic
Sunday 1700-1715 Arabic

9460 kHz 31 mb 125 kW 120degr Nauen
Monday    0430-0445 Arabic
Tuesday   0430-0445 Arabic
Wednesday 0430-0445 Arabic
Thursday  0430-0445 Arabic
Friday    0430-0445 Arabic
Saturday  0430-0445 Arabic
Sunday    0430-0445 Arabic

5930 kHz 49 mb 250 kW 120degr Nauen
Monday    2000-2015 Arabic
Tuesday   2000-2015 Arabic
Wednesday 2000-2015 Arabic
Thursday  2000-2015 Arabic
Friday    2000-2015 Arabic
Saturday  2000-2015 Arabic
Sunday    2000-2015 Arabic

11855 kHz 25 mb 100 kW 105degr Nauen
Sunday    1830-1900 Farsi
Tuesday   1830-1900 Farsi
Thursday  1800-1900 Farsi
Friday    1800-1830 Farsi
Saturday  1800-1815 English

7535 kHz 41 mb 100 kW 105degr Nauen missing from request HFCC list.
instead on 13590 kHz 100 kW 120degr from Wertachtal.
[Correct time is 1600-1800, not 1530-1730 - Ivo Ivanov]
                           [HFCC requested max time schedule]
Sunday    1530-1730 Farsi  1645-1900
Monday    1530-1730 Farsi  1645-1800
Tuesday   1530-1730 Farsi  1645-1715
Wednesday 1530-1730 Farsi  1645-1700
Thursday  1530-1730 Farsi  1645-1730
Friday    1530-1730 Farsi  1645-1745
Saturday  1530-1730 Farsi  1645-1900

New unregisterd frequency of Bible Voice Broadcasting (BVB):
1600-1800 NF7535 WER 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS Farsi, ex13590 registered
(Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, dxld Apr 5)

9410 kHz 31 mb 100 kW 110degr Nauen
Sunday    0400-0430 Luri
Monday    0400-0430 Luri
Saturday  0400-0430 Luri

9440 kHz 31 mb 125 kW 105degr Nauen
Sunday    0330-0345 Farsi
Wednesday 0330-0345 Farsi
Thursday  0330-0345 Farsi
Friday    0330-0345 Farsi
Saturday  0330-0345 Farsi

15320 kHz 19 mb 250 kW 105degr Wertachtal
Sunday    1600-1615 Farsi
Wednesday 1600-1615 Farsi
Thursday  1600-1615 Farsi
Friday    1600-1615 Farsi

17515 kHz 16 mb 100 kW 142degr Nauen
1600-1630 Oromo
1630-1800 Amharic
1800-1830 Somali
1830-1900 Tigringya
1600-1630 Oromo
1700-1730 Tigringa
1730-1800 Amharic
1700-1800 Amharic
1800-1830 Tigringya
1700-1730 Tigrinya
1730-1800 Amharic
1600-1630 Oromo
1700-1800 Amharic
1800-1830 Tigringya
1600-1630 Oromo
1700-1730 Tigrinya
1730-1900 Amharic
1615-1700 Oromo
1700-1730 Amharic
1730-1800 Amharic
1800-1830 Somali
1830-1915 Amharic

Egypt 1
17535 kHz 16 mb 125 kW 135degr Wertachtal
Friday 0900-1000 Arabic

17495 kHz 19 mb 250 kW Issoudun
Sunday   1400-1500 English  14-1430 83degr, 1430-1500 95degr
Saturday 1430-1500 English  1430-1500 95degr

15215 kHz 19 mb 125 kW Wertachtal
Sunday 1630-1645 Tamil    105degr
Friday 1630-1645 Tamil     75degr

9490 kHz 31 mb 250 kW 90degr Wertachtal
Sunday   0100-0115 English
Saturday 0100-0115 English

17600 kHz 16 mb 100 kW 95degr Nauen
Friday   1530-1600 Urdu
Saturday 1530-1600 English

5945 kHz 49 mb 100 kW non-directional Wertachtal
Sunday   0700-0745 English
Saturday 0700-0745 English

6130 kHz 49 mb 100 kW 60degr Nauen
Sunday   1800-1900 English
Tuesday  1800-1830 Russian
Thursday 1800-1815 Ukrainian
Friday   1800-1815 Russian
Saturday 1830-1845 English

[7470 kHz 41 mb 125 kW Tashkent]
HFCC lists 15270 kHz 125 kW 45degr Trincomalee-CLN instead.
{21480 TRM 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS, not 7470 TAC, see also below}

1100-1130 English
1130-1157 Japanese
1115-1130 Mandarin
1100-1115 Cantonese
1100-1115 Cantonese
1100-1115 Cantonese
1115-1145 English
1100-1157 English

KOREA [not accesible on BVB website,
but HFCC lists 15180 kHz 250 kW 45degr Trincomalee-CLN,
now 1300-1400 Sundays, 1300-1330 Mo-Sa, presumably all in Korean.

North Africa 1
11655 kHz 25 mb 125 kW 180degr Nauen
Sunday    0600-0615 Arabic
Monday    0600-0615 Arabic
Tuesday   0600-0615 Arabic
Wednesday 0600-0615 Arabic
Thursday  0600-0615 Arabic
Friday    0600-0615 Arabic
Saturday  0600-0615 Arabic

North Africa 2
9515 kHz 31 mb 250 kW 180degr Nauen
Sunday    2030-2045 Arabic
Monday    2030-2045 Arabic
Tuesday   2030-2045 Arabic
Wednesday 2030-2045 Arabic
Thursday  2030-2045 Arabic
Friday    2030-2045 Arabic
Saturday  2030-2045 Arabic

Source: <>  as of 9 April 2013
with own comments in [brackets]
(Eike Bierwirth-D, dxld Apr 10)

Both of You, as usual, in each season a lot of bad entries on their BVB
Canada website occur. Examine every transmitter, schedule and program
detail with great responsibility and sensitivity. 73 wolfy df5sx

Correct frequency for Bible Voice Broadcasting to China is
1100-1200 21480 TRM 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS, not 7470 TAC as follows:
1100-1115 Cantonese Tue-Thu
1100-1130 English Sun
1100-1200 English Sat
1115-1130 Chinese Mon
1115-1145 English Fri
1130-1200 Japanese Sun
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

EGYPT   Summer A-13 schedule of Radio Cairo:
0030-0430  9965 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to NoEaAM Arabic + MERadio 9191v
0045-0200  9720 ABZ 250 kW 330 deg to NoAM Spanish
0045-0200 13620 ABS 250 kW 241 deg to SoAM Spanish
0045-0200 13855 ABS 250 kW 286 deg to CeAM Spanish
0200-0330  9720 ABZ 250 kW 330 deg to NoAM English
0200-0700 13850 ABS 250 kW 315 deg to NoAM Arabic GS
0400-0600 15610 ABZ 250 kW 170 deg to CeEaAF Swahili
0700-1100 17510 ABZ 100 kW 250 deg to WeAF Arabic GS
1015-1215 17830 ABZ 250 kW 090 deg to WeAS Arabic
1215-1330 17870 ABZ 250 kW 090 deg to SoAS English
1230-1400 15710 ABS 250 kW 106 deg to SoEaAS Indonesian
1300-1600 15535 ABS 250 kW 241 deg to WeAF Arabic
1330-1400 15365 ABZ 250 kW 070 deg to WeAS Dari
1330-1530 15245 ABZ 100 kW 070 deg to WeAS Farsi
1400-1600 15545 ABZ 250 kW 070 deg to WeAS Pashto
1500-1600 13580 ABS 250 kW 315 deg to EaEUR Albanian
1500-1600 15160 ABS 250 kW 061 deg to CeAS Uzbek
1530-1730 17840 ABZ 250 kW 170 deg to CeEaAF Swahili
1600-1700 15450 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg to EaCeAF Afar
1600-1800 15345 ABS 150 kW 196 deg to CeSoAF English
1600-1800 15735 ABZ 250 kW 090 deg to SoAS Urdu
1700-1730 15285 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg to EaCeAF Somali
1700-1900  9280 ABS 250 kW 005 deg to NE/ME Turkish
1730-1900 15285 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg to EaCeAF Amharic
1800-1900  9490 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR Italian + MERadio 8716v
1800-2100 15710 ABS 250 kW 241 deg to WeAF Hausa
1845-2000 17625 ABZ 250 kW 245 deg to WeAF Fulfulde
1900-2000  9685 ABS 250 kW 005 deg to EaEUR Russian
1900-2000 12050 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR German + MERadio 11276v
1900-2030 15290 ABZ 250 kW 250 deg to WeAF English
1900-0030 11540 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg to CeEaAF Arabic Voice of Arab
2000-2115 12050 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR French + MERadio 11276v
2000-2200 15225 ABZ 250 kW 110 deg to AUS  Arabic
2100-2300 15205 ABS 250 kW 241 deg to WeAF French
2115-2245 11890 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR English + MERadio 11116v
2215-2330 15480 ABZ 250 kW 245 deg to SoAM Portuguese
2300-0030  9965 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to NoEaAM English + MERadio 9191v
2330-0045 15480 ABZ 250 kW 245 deg to SoAM Arabic
2330-0045 13855 ABS 250 kW 286 deg to CeAM Arabic

Note: Many of these frequencies, most have severe technical
problems such as extreme distortion and/or undermodulation.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)
+ INTERMODULATION at Abis TX site of MW MERadio 774 kHz high power. wb.

GABON   Another Nice Surprise: Finally Moyabi {close to Djoutou}, Gabon
reveals itself. New Google Earth imagery (dated 29 March 2011, but just
released) now exposes the Moyabi SW site to the public. Lots of curtain
arrays. Yay :-)
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Apr 11)

Did waiting many years for a sharp image of former TDF Moyabi site.
Only visible at
01 40 33.32 S  13 17 58.29 E  when using the time slide function.

At least 18 curtains seen, and probably some quadrant non-dir antennas
close to the TX house. But the image is still too dimmly... 73 wb

GERMANY   6020  AWR religious program in Bulgarian via Nauen, scheduled
0400-0430 UT, despite of dead propagation zone here in Germany, heard
powerhouse S=9+30dB at 0415 UT Apr 12. Noted rather modern with "pop mx"
program before religious accented "coping with everyday life" items.
Reports of clima in Bulgaria. S=9+30dB powerful signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

6105  only carrier at 0420 UT Apr 12. RFE/RL Lampertheim had difficulties
to put their audio feed on air, heard with rather "more breaks" than
audio. Scheduled 03-05 UT in Belarussian. S=8-9 fluttery in nearby dead
zone. All other checked Russian service feeds from Lampertheim and Biblis
were regular on air and had no difficulties.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

GERMANY   711 kHz ex SWR MW Heilbronn Obereisesheim Mast verkauft.
"Antenne mit ungewisser Zukunft".

Sent:    Sunday, April 7, 2013
Subject: 711 SWR HN-Obereisesheim in der Heilbronner Stimme.

In der Samstagsausgabe vom 7. April der Heilbronner Stimme war in der
Neckarsulmer Ausgabe der Artikel "Antenne mit ungewisser Zukunft" zu
finden, der die aktuelle Situation beschreibt.

Ich hatte anfangs vermutet der Artikel uebertreibt - aus Gespraechen mit
Einwohnern vor Ort ist die Stimmung zum Thema etwas "angespannt", - hoffe,
dass sich dies wieder beruhigt.

Weitere Details siehe hier:

Waere sicher interessant zu wissen, wer die Immobilie erworben hat -
vielleicht ein OM ?  Die Imobilie Obereisesheim wurde über das Internet
einige Zeit auf dem Markt angeboten.
(Heilbronner Stimme, Apr 7)

Re: HN-Obereisesheim in der Heilbronner Stimme.
Der Mast hat 70 m Hoehe - die Bildunterschrift im HSt-Artikel ist falsch.
Bernd aus Mannheim schrieb: "ich habe ihn nicht gekauft ..."

Hallo, ist die Hoehenangabe in dem Onlinebericht mit 20 Metern nicht etwas
zu kurz geraten?

Der Telekom AFN Hirschlanden Mast ist um die 48 Meter hoch. Die Masten in
Koblenz, Trier und Baden-Baden waren 50 Meter hoch.

Das Rundfunk Handbuch schreibt als Inbetriebnahme Termin für den SDR
Sender Obereisesheim den 24. Dezember 1952.

Kurz nach Kriegsende sicher ein gutes {Weihnachts-}Geschenk fuer die
Bevoelkerung im Heilbronner Land. Zumal das nördliche SDR Sendegebiet um
Heidelberg, Sinsheim, Heilbronn, Bad Mergentheim, Künzelsau sehr vom DDR
Gleichkanalsender Leipzig Wiederau auf 575 kHz litt, der weit in das
Versorgungsgebiet des SDR Senders Muehlacker hinein strahlte.

Auch der MW Mast Ulm Jungingen wurde vor einigen Monaten an eine
Amateurfunker-Gruppe in Ulm verkauft.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

GERMANY   792  NDR-Sender Lingen wird abgeschaltet (fuer Wartungsarbeiten)

... und zwar in Zeitraeumen vom 16.-19.4., 22.-26.4., 29.4.- 3.5., 6.-
8.5., 13.-17.5., 21.-24.5., 27.-31.5., 3.-7.6. 2013. Dies teilt der NDR
auf seiner Webseite mit. Alle anderen NDR-Mittelwellensender werden
vermutlich normal weiterlaufen.

Unter <>
hat man eine ganz nette Webseite eingerichtet, die ueber entsprechende
Stoerungen & Wartungsarbeiten informiert.
(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX Apr 17)

aus <> online file
792 kHz  D - NDR Info, Lingen (5 kW) - relays: Hamburger Hafenkonzert Sun
0500-0700, Funkhaus Europa 1500-1700 (Mo-Fr), BBC WS (Europe Today) 1700-
1730, France Info 1730-1800, Italian 1800-1830, Turkish 1830-1900,
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 1900-1930 UT.

INDONESIA   The voice sends a strong signal to 9525.9 kHz, but not in the
correct languages ?? ... to specify, 18 UT clock, instead ran Chinese was
Spanish, and now that German would be it, it sounds more like Japanese

I do not understand a word except "Kyoto" and "Indonesia". On the new
relay frequency 3985 kHz I see a carrier with S=3-4, but somehow missing
modulation. Against 3995 kHz Weenermoor rich program.
(Eike Bierwirth-D, A-DX Apr 13)   google automatc translation.

Michael Grabovski-D reported that on April 10 also.

RRI Jakarta schedule  German <>
English  <>

Showing the colorful table. Only that sent English LIVE at 13-14 UT.
Everything else is recorded Preserve.

In any case, at present they bring the audio without errors to Cimanggis
TX site, compared to the Muslim world bcast terrible signals from Cairo,
Dhaka, Islamabad, or remember Damascus with their devilish signals ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 13)

IRAN   17700.011  IRIB Spanish spurious. IRIB Tehran service in Spanish
via Kamalabad scheduled 0530-0627 UT, produces two symmetrical spurious
signals on 17627-17636 and 17765-17773 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

IRAQ/IRAN   eQSL Voice of Iranian Kurdistan 4870 kHz.
Von der Voice of Iranian Kurdistan 4870v kHz kam heute nach 23 Tagen eine
undetaillierte e-mail-Bestaetigung via address
<secretariat.pdki @>
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Apr 11)

ISRAEL   Israel Forces radio Galei Zahal service on 15850 kHz missed at
0600 UT and later the day April 12.

6885  Galei Zahal noted only on this single frequency in 42mb at 0600 UT
April 12, but not on 15850 kHz daytime signal.

15850.006 GALEI ZAHAL Israel's army forces radio station from Yavne is
back on 19 mb today, noted at 0930 UT Apr 14, also // 6885 kHz.

Rather poor S=6 signal today, due of uncommon sunspot storm propagation
condition ... 15850v operation missed on air past week.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12/14)

Heard both freqs today Sunday Apr 14 on 1320 UT but using my new magnetic
loop. 15850 was good and 6885 fair (using mag loop and Degen1102).
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 14)

ITALY   981  Innerhalb von 3 Tagen kam eine undetaillierte e-mail von der
Chefredakteurin Martina Repinc als Bestaetigung fuer meinen Empfang von
RAI Radio Triest A, dem slowenischsprachigen Programm aus Triest auf
981 kHz. Der Bericht ging an
<programi.slo @>
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Apr 18)

JAPAN   "il bon ue balam (Nippon no Kaze)".
Answering my reception report of Dec 11, 2011 I received a detailed letter
signed by Yasuhiro TOGO from Policy Coordination Division, Headquarters
for the Abduction Issue, Cabinet Secretariat, Tokyo, Japan.

Written that they do not issue any verification cards (SWL/QSL card), and
confirmed my report was their Korean program "il bon ue balam (Nippon no

This program is provided by the Government of Japan to the Japanese people
being abducted and still captive in North Korea.

Suggest more information about this abduction issue and their radio
program on

Also introduced the movie titled "MEGUMI", which is a documentary
animation on the abduction of Japanese girl by North Korea
(Tony, dxld Apr 11)

I guess JCI Nippon no kaze "il bon ue baram" via Palau PLW in Pacific,
brokered by BAB-Babcock.
9950 1300-1330 UT, 9965 1530-1600, and 9975 1500-1530 UT, all in Korean.

KUWAIT   Puzzle 21580 stronger, 21500 weaker in western Europe.
Thanks Alan and Ivo,
so solved easily, due of 500 kW Radio Kuwait powerhouse signals on Kabd TX
site. Due of these strong signals on fundamentals 21540 kHz Arabic and
21580 kHz Filipino language service from radio Kuwait.

The additional observed 21500 kHz signal, as logged with S=6 here in
Germany this morning

IS REAL AN INTERMODULATION PRODUCT of Kabd site installations.

I'll check also 21620 kHz on symmetrical upper side in coming days.
Hopefully - in reality 21620 would also show a weaker Arabic sce signal of
fundamental 21540 kHz.

... Negative - heard nothing on 21620 kHz at same time.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 13)

Yes, Radio Kuwait in Tagalog Filippino at 1000-1200 UT on 21580 KBD 500 kW
84degr to EaAS.

Good signal in Sofia and very weak signal on // strange 21500 kHz also in
Tagalog Filippino.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 13)

It's Radio Kuwait's Filipino service scheduled 1000-1200UT on 21580 -
heard very strong here with several IDs and many English words. News at
1100 followed at 1110 by a "Requests and greetings" show. 21500 also heard
very weak (I'm not very good with these things, but maybe a leapfrog of
Kuwait on 21540 in Arabic?).
(Alan Roe-UK, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 13)

UNIDENTIFIED   21580 stronger S=9+10 in Germany, 21500 weaker S=6 signal
in Germany heard in 1015-1030 UT April 13 slot. Heard a lot of modern pop
music singer. Station puzzles me, heard some announcements in - probably -
Bahasa Malay or Indonesia - Please help on monitoring.  73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 13)

MALAYSIA   9835  e-mail QSL RTM Sarawak FM.
RTMKajangQSLNo52/2013: Reception Report Of RTM Sarawak FM (SW 9835 kHz)
By Friedrich-Walter Adam, Germany

Dear Mr Adam, thank you for sending us a reception report of SarawakFM (SW
9835 kHz) heard on 12th April 2013 between 1851-1857 UT. We shall send the
QSL verification soon.
Zulkifli Ab Rahim
RTM, Kajang, Malaysia.
Zulkifli Bin Abdul Rahim <zulrahim @>
(Friedrich-Walter Adam-D, A-DX Apr 17)

MEXICO   6184.985  XEPPM Radio Educación, Ciudad de Mexico, rather poor
signal reception after power reduction last year. Heard at 0427 UT
on Apr 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

MOLDOVA   Zero signal of Radio PMR Pridnestrovye from April 1:
2100-2115 9655 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR English Mon-Fri
2115-2130 9655 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR German  Mon-Fri
2130-2145 9655 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR French  Mon-Fri
2145-2200 9655 KCH 300 kW 309 deg to WeEUR English Mon-Fri
Also no signal 2000-2100, 2200-2300, 2300-2400. Maybe cancelled.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

Re PMR Pridnestrovye,
Die Sendungen gibt es weiterhin, und zwar 2300-2400 UTC Sun-Thu (i. e.
0100-0200 CEST) auf 9665 kHz (nicht 9655). Beobachtet am 4. und am 7.
April (nach UTC).

Auch der Programmablauf hat sich geaendert: 2300-2316 En, 2316-2332 Fr,
2332-2348 Ge, 2348-2400 mx. Die Wiederholung der englischen Sendung faellt
also weg, und Deutsch und Franzoesisch haben die Plaetze getauscht. Als
Zielgebiet wird "Europa und Amerika" angesagt.
(Hans Weber-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 9)

The programs of PMR Pridnestrovye are still there, namely 2300-2400 UTC
Mon-Fri (ie 0100-0200 CEST) (on 9665 kHz, not 9655).
Observed on 4 and 7 April (for UTC).

Also, the program flow has changed: 2300-2316 English, 2316-2332 French,
2332-2348 German, 2348-2400 mx. The repetition of the English mission
falls so away, and German and French language sections have swapped
places. As a target area is announced "Europe and America".
(Hans Weber-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 9)

MOROCCO   9579.139  Radio Medit Internat from Nador still on odd frequency
since mid 2012 ... Female announcer noted in Maghreb Arabic, flute and
string instrument music. S=9+35dB powerful signal across the Medit to
western Europe, 0446 UT Apr 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

MYANMAR   6165  Thazin Radio noted with Myanmar dialects on 6165 kHz since
1330 UT today Apr 14 with interruptions and signal variations.
(Sudipta oneghose-IND  VU3TKG, dxld Apr 14)

Seems a one day operation. Not heard since.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, dxld Apr 17)

NIGERIA   15120  Ein bisserl audio-technisch besser, wenn auch mit
minus/plus 50 Hertz Toenen verbrummten Traegern hoert sich Voice of
Nigeria aus Ikorodu an. Eine sehr professionelle weibliche Ansagerin
fordert mich auf, bei schoener westafrikanischer Musik zu relaxen. S=9+5dB
nicht sehr starkes Signal fuer Equinox zur Tag-und-Nach-Gleiche, gehoert
um 0536 UT Apr 12.

Im Hintergrund des Kanals muesste AIR Bangalore laengst den Hindi Dienst
beendet haben. Jetzt hoert man im Hintergrund auch CRI Peking in Englisch.
Ein 'unschoener Dreiklang'.

15120 Vo Nigera BUZZY signal. One hears on 15120 kHz buzzy audio
technically a little better than R Cairo 13850, but with minus / plus
50 Hrtz BUZZ tone carriers of Voice of Nigeria from Ikorodu. A very
professional friendly female announcer asks me to relax with nicer West
African music this early morning. S=9+5 dB is not very strong signal for
Equinox Day-and-After-week, same belongs to 0536 UT April 12th.

In the background of the channel would have to have already completed the
AIR Hindi Bangalore service. Now you can hear in the background even CRI
Beijing in English. An 'ugly triad'.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   7324.96  Wantok Radio Light, at 1401-1424 UT on April
11. Extraordinarily outstanding reception! Religious songs in English with
the exception of one in vernacular; selection of organ music; ID: "Wantok
Radio Light, where we care about our listeners"; CRI open carrier on at
1424 UT. Very nice reception from a 1,000 watt transmitter!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Apr 11)

7324.965  footprint, S=8-9 signal in Brisbane Australia remote unit,
at 1404 UT Apr 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

Re: SARFT Jinhua Youbu off the air - Wantok Radio Light heard.

SARFT Jinhua Youbu 831 units off the air for maintenance from Apr. 15 to
May 25.
[...] 1000-1300 7325 Japanese [...]
de Hiroshi
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld/hcdx Apr 17)

That would explain this from my logs (corrected)
1304121045    7325    CRI 44444  Japanese programming, 2W in discussion.
1050 Chinese female pop singers. Continued with Japanese programming
1100-1200, and then 1200 until 1257:15 carrier off. 12:58:58 back on.
In that brief time segment, I was able to see and measure a strong carrier
on 7325.96 kHz, which I presume was Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea.
Way past sunrise in EC Iowa.

There must be two transmitters involved here, because why would they turn
one off and right back on?

By the way, "seconds" in my logs will always be somewhat suspect because
of the delay in the audio processing in my listening position.
(Mike Gilchrist-EC Iowa-USA, dxld Apr 17)

Very well observed:
> There must be two transmitters involved here...

know where !
maybe, like from HFCC / AOKI entries:

7325  CHINA RADIO INTER. 1000-1300 UT daily Japanese 500 59degr
Jinhua-Youbu 831 CHN  CRI a13

Broadcasts move from Jinhua-Youbu 831 China site at 59 degrees
to Xian at 73 degrees.

7325  CHINA RADIO INTER. 1300-1357 UT daily Japanese 500 73degr
Xian CHN CRI a13
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

7324.963  Radio Wantok Light 32232 Religious hymns at 1037 UT tune-in.
Strong station on low side appears to be R Rossi in Russian. 1043 UT "on
Wantok Light" clearly heard by female evangelist in Pidgin, sans the word
Radio. 1046 UT the high side utility showed up, but not as trong as
before. Right before my local sunrise, the signal begins to peak, but so
does the Russian. No CRI again this morning.

1057 UT "On Wantok Radio Light in the 41 meter band." by the same female
evangelist. She was also talking about some current events in Australia.
1103 UT another hymn. 1106 UT during piano interlude, man gave address and
ID for "Wantok Radio Light." Short recording made with this ID. Appears to
be following a similar format this morning as yesterday. You have to
listen very carefully to catch an ID with this one. 1115:42 UT ID again,
with clear "Wantok Radio Light." (recorded) as before, the static crashes
are propagating at my sunrise.

1151 UT syndicated religious program with Dr. Ravi Zacharias in English.
More fire and brimstorm. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.
Nightlife program appears to be sponsored by local businesses. Very strong
signal and recordings after my sunrise 1208 UT still strong. 1224:30 UT
"24 hour a day Christian Radio, Wantok Radio Light." 1231 UT and still not
fading much. How can this be only a 1 kW station? At times, reception this
morning was armchair copy. 1234 UT "Back to the bible" program. 1256:20 UT
"Wantok Radio Light." 1258:52 UT CRI came on with IS and announcement in
Japanese. RWL had still not faded away yet.
(Mike Gilchrist-EC Iowa-USA, dxld Apr 16)

7324.962  Noted on remote SDR unit in Tokyo Japan at 1130 UT Apr 18,
fluttery fair S=6 signal. Had to cut the lower side, QRM by R Rossii from
7320 kHz channel, from FE tx.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 18)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   4960  Rcvd the following QSL e-mail from Father Paul
Kote, Director of Radio Maria, a Catholic FM network in PNG in response to
a recording I sent him of the Catholic Radio Network broadcast on 4960 kHz
on Jan 3, 2006 from 1201-1331 UTC.

[later]  "Dear Bruce,
Elizta, the audio technician has verified the recording as from St.
Gabriel radio from Vanimo (PNG). This radio station is now operated by
radio Maria. We are transmitting through 103.5 FM. Many greetings and have
blessed day.
Fr. Paul Kote"

WRTH never identified this station as St. Gabriel Radio in its 2006-2008
editions nor did it have any address for sending reports. Apparently CRN
had some problems and Radio Maria was established in 2006 as a new
Catholic broadcasting network in PNG. Both organizations were
headquartered in Boroko while the St. Gabriel Radio transmitter was in
Vanimo as indicated above. Very pleased to get this, especially from a
station no longer operating. This was always a tough catch on WCNA even
though it had as much power as Wantok R. Light and R. Fly.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Apr 17)

ROMANIA   Frequency changes of Radio Romania International
1600-1656 NF  9800 TIG 300 kW 292 deg to WeEUR French,ex9810TIG // 11915
1900-1956 NF 11805 TIG 300 kW 277 deg to SoEUR Spanish, ex11795 // 9665*
* strong co-ch REE in English Mon-Fri, bad frequency choice.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

RUSSIA   World Russian Service Voice of Russia, A-13 season. Daily.

UTC         kHz  Location TX        (kW)   Direction of broadcasting
0000-0200  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Central Asia (CIS countries)
0100-1800  1395  Yerevan Gavar      (500)  Caucasus (CIS)
0200-0400  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Central Asia (CIS countries)
0200-0400  9860  Moscow Taldom      (250)  Central Asia (CIS)
0300-0400  1548  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
0300-0500  1548  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Europe
0400-0500   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
0400-0500  1548  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
0400-1200  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Central Asia (CIS countries)
0500-1700   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
0600-0800   693  Oranienburg (Germany) (250)  Europe
0800-0900   693  Oranienburg (Germany) (250)  Europe
0800-0900  9850  DRM, ch#2 Bolshakovo   (15)  Europe
1200-1400  9850  DRM, ch#2 Bolshakovo   (15)  Europe
1200-1500  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Central Asia (CIS countries)
1200-1500 15585  Moscow Taldom      (250)  Central Asia (CIS)
1500-1600  1026  Novosibirsk        (500)  Central Asia (CIS)
1500-1600  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Central Asia (CIS countries)
1500-1600 15585  Moscow Taldom      (250)  Central Asia (CIS)
1600-1900  1026  Novosibirsk        (500)  Central Asia (CIS)
1600-1900  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Central Asia (CIS countries)
1600-1900  5925  Novosibirsk        (250)  Central Asia (CIS)
1600-1900 15585  Moscow Taldom      (250)  Central Asia (CIS)
1600-2100  1089  Krasnodar Armavir (1200)  Middle East
1600-2100  1170  Krasnodar Armavir (1200)  Middle East
1600-2100  1395  Yerevan Gavar      (500)  Middle East
1600-2100  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Middle East
1700-1800   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Europe
1700-1800   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
1700-1800  1548  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Europe
1700-1800  1548  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
1800-1900  1143  Kaliningrad        (150)  Europe
1800-1900  1413  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Europe
1800-2000   171  Krasnodar Armavir (1200)  Caucasus (CIS)
1800-2000  1089  Krasnodar Armavir (1200)  Caucasus (CIS)
1800-2000  1089  Krasnodar Armavir (1200)  Ukraine and Moldova
1800-2000  1143  Kaliningrad        (150)  Belarus
1800-2000  1395  Yerevan Gavar      (500)  Caucasus (CIS)
1800-2000  1413  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
1800-2100  1143  Kaliningrad        (150)  Baltics
1800-2100  1215  Bolshakovo        (1200)  The Baltic States
1900-2000   693  Oranienburg (Germany) (250)  Europe
1900-2000  1143  Kaliningrad        (150)  Europe
1900-2000  1413  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Europe
1900-2000  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Central Asia (CIS countries)
2000-2100   693  Oranienburg (Germany) (250)  Europe
2000-2100   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Belarus
2000-2100   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Europe
2000-2100   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
2000-2100  1089  Krasnodar Armavir (1200)  Caucasus (CIS)
2000-2100  1089  Krasnodar Armavir (1200)  Ukraine and Moldova
2000-2100  1143  Kaliningrad        (150)  Belarus
2000-2100  1143  Kaliningrad        (150)  Europe
2000-2100  1395  Yerevan Gavar      (500)  Caucasus (CIS)
2000-2300  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Central Asia (CIS countries)
2100-2200   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Belarus
2100-2200   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Europe
2100-2200   999  Grigoriopol-MDA    (500)  Ukraine and Moldova
2100-2200  1170  Krasnodar Armavir (1200)  Middle East
2100-2200  1215  Bolshakovo        (1200)  The Baltic States
2100-2200  1395  Yerevan Gavar      (500)  Middle East
2100-2200  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Middle East
2100-2400  1395  Yerevan Gavar      (500)  Caucasus (CIS)
2200-2300  1395  Yerevan Gavar      (500)  Middle East
2200-2300  1503  Dushanbe Yangi-Yul (500)  Middle East
2300-2400  1395  Yerevan Gavar      (500)  Middle East
(; via RUSdx April 14)  exact location names by wb.

SAUDI ARABIA   Saudi Broadcasting Corporation gears up for DRM broadcasts
(DRM India Chapter Newsletter, April 2013)

Saudi Broadcasting Corporation update:
1. The Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) had adopted the DRM system for
digital transmission in all over the kingdom for MW and SW transmitting

2. In the last five years SBC executed some MW and SW transmitting system,
(all are DRM ready), as follows :

Gazan Transmitting Station:
{  16 51 59.08 N  42 34 03.54 E  }
It has one MW transmitting system, consists of two TXs (one main of 100 kW
and a second TX as a hot-standby). This system is DRM ready.

Taiba Transmitting Station:
{  24 49 29.64 N  46 52 07.32 E  probably near Riyadh }
It has three MW transmitting systems, each consists of two TXs (one main
of 50 kW and a second hot-standby). The systems are DRM ready.

Hafr elbatin Transmitting Station: Same as Taiba transmitting station.
{Hafar Al Batin, Asch-Scharqiyya  28 26 30.30 N  46 04 05.25 E  }

Abha Transmitting Station: Same as Taiba transmitting station.
{  18 17 21.18 N  42 35 47.86 E  }

K-29 transmitting station:
{  21 22 59.13 N  39 25 21.48 E  }
It has three MW transmitting systems, each consists of two TXs (one main
of 200 kW and a second as hot-standby). Each system (including antenna)
are DRM ready with 18 KHz bandwidth for simulcast mode or full DRM mode in

SW transmitting Systems at Al-Khumra station (near Jeddah city) :
It has four SW TXs each of 250 kW output power, and four wideband fixed
Curtain antenna systems with all other equipment.
{ Jeddah Al-Khumra, Algwizain PC22711, "Al Kurnayash South" SW site,
TX house at  21 14 40.01 N  39 09 43.69 E  }

The systems are DRM ready with 20 kHz bandwidth for simulcast mode or full
DRM mode in future.

Preliminary acceptance tests will be performed for this project in the
near future.

3. New Projects:
SBC in planning to execute two projects in Afif and Layla (Al-aflag), each
will have three transmitting systems (20 kW main TX with another 20 kW as
a standby TX for each system ).
{Afif  23 51 34.138 N  42 53 58.86 E  three masts}
{Layla Al Aflaj 765 927 kHz  22 17 16.89 N  46 41 52.30 E  }

Third project will be at Duba transmitting station, which will have two
new transmitting system, each consists of 200 kW main TX with another TX
of 50 kW as a standby.
{  27 26 28.93 N  35 35 31.34 E  }

And a fourth project in Riyadh SW station, to replace old SW transmitters
(500 kW each) with new advanced SW TXs of the same power.
{  24 49 30.64 N  46 51 59.30 E  }
All of the new projects will be DRM ready.
(via Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia April 10)  comments by wb.

new Saudi Radio website  <>

Re K-29 transmitting station. "km 29" is the former combined MW and SW
station Jeddah, which has been refurbished and transformed to MW station
since 2010-2012.

Jeddah Bahrah Badawi SW and MW 1512+648 kHz reserve site.
{  21 22 59.13 N  39 25 21.48 E  }


"Rkib radio antennas Posts sending station as km-29 in Jeddah.
Installation of new antennas for medium wave transmitters kilometer-29
station in Jeddah. To shoot videos by camera engineer - Mohammed Bably"

The video recording is shot from the south here, so the location of the
mast structure

ARS MW Jeddah mast  21 22 43.06 N  39 25 31.37 E
There the tree line on the street fits from the transmitter building to
the east, but also the boundary wall behind the southeastern MW antenna /

Old shortwave radio antennas from Saudi Radio corpor I did not expect more
in the video, when you compare GE image of 2006-2010 with the latest
picture of 28 January 2012, where appear STILL only 3 MW antennas.

In minutes you can see at the 1.31min transmitter house in the video.

Die Videoaufnahme ist vom Sueden her geschossen, also vom Mastaufbau der

ARS MW Jeddah mast  21 22 43.06 N  39 25 31.37 E  her. Dort passt die
Baumreihe vom Senderhaus nach Osten, aber auch die Begrenzungsmauer hinter
der suedoestlichen MW Antenne/Strasse.

Alte Kurzwellenantennen von Saudi Radio im Video erwartete ich nicht mehr,
wenn man das GE image aus 2006-2010 mit dem neuesten Bild vom 28. Jan 2012
vergleicht, wo NUR NOCH lediglich die 3 MW Antennen aufscheinen.

Bei Minute 1.31min sieht man das Sendergebaeude im Video.

See also video
Beacon red light in K-29 radio station Jeddah, this video in K-29 radio
station in Jeddah to test beacon and warning red led-lights for mediumwave

Shortwave installations moved from Jeddah Bahrah Badawi at K-29
transmitting station "km 29" to new SW location Jeddah has been built up
at Jeddah, near Al-Khumra.

New Jeddah Algwizain PC22711, "Al Kurnayash South" SW site,
TX house at  21 14 40.01 N  39 09 43.69 E
and some TCI high-gain antennas around azimuth at 255 and 315 degrees, as
well as cross-dipole non-directional HQ Quadrant antenna.

27 km north of Jeddah Taiba another older three MW masts array visible,
much hilly area. Maybe was a former Maritime Radio station, which was
visible on images taken between Dec 2, 2002 and til Sept 2011.
21 45 58.88 N  39 09 56.96 E

MW masts
21 45 58.99 N  39 10 01.49 E
21 45 56.48 N  39 09 59.24 E
21 45 58.09 N  39 09 50.79 E

After that all, installations are torn from February 2012.
1 MW mast is now left on left westerly side. To see in addition to the
construction of sports hall yet. And the new image photos show the
founding / establishment of a large sports arena, whether by the 'stadium'
is still a hall built over? The photos say called "King Abdullah Sports
City". 280 m wide in diameter.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 11)

SOMALIA   New SW station for Puntland / Somalia.

More detailed info enclosed. Thank you Mauno and Jari for cooperation.

Dear Enrico, here's a model example of modern team work within radio
community of the world. Can you confirm all this data below ?
Best regards, Ilpo Parviainen
(Ilpo Parviainen-FIN, dxld Apr 17)

Hallo!!! Yes all confirmed. I designed the station.
Tx Elcor 25 kW (Costa Rica)
Modulation PDM with optical laser switching.
Tube 3cx 20000a
Plate voltage modulation.
64 bit audio sampling rate.
Broadband vertical dual conical.
26 m mast
Radius 27m
Gain at 24 MHz > 5dBi
Take off angle +/- 18 degrees.
Max handling power 50 kW at 10 MHz

Manufacturer Hanjiin electronics Seoul South Korea.
Station civil works and building design by Enrico Li Perni.
Project financed by the Italian government.
Project management UNOPS Nairobi Kenya.

Please note: Elcor Costa Rica is on the verge of closing due to lack of
clients and mismanagement. We have ordered the transmitter in 2009 and
never completed by them.

Enrico Li Perni
In conjunction with a famous RF orm manufacturer in Italia Res Ingenium
are currently designing the next generation of Short wave transmitters for
the new DRM market and to replace the old NEC HF10 transmitters that have
survived but still active in various part of the world.

Goldrock has recently revamped 2 NEC for the Uganda broadcasting
corporation with success and are currently on Air.

Rebuilded completely the tuning circuits burned by incorrect tuning.
Changed the pa tube 4CX 15000 and 2 x 4CX 5000 tube for the audio drive

Project founded by the NGO Invisible Children USA.
If you need more info please contact me or call +254724735011

Kind regards
Enrico Li Perni  5z4es Iv3sbe (via Radiorama ? )

I wonder if Goldrock International in Nairobi is the company building the
station. Enrico Li Perni (mentioned in that Radiorama article) seems to be
working for them.


(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld Apr 17)

Log: Radio Puntland, Somalia, 13800 kHz, 1400 UT, Apr 17, SIO 252
Folgende Information erhielt ich soeben von der Station: Der Testbetrieb
von Radio Puntland auf 13800 kHz lief heute mit nur 50 (!) Watt, da es
Intermodulationsprobleme am Sender gibt. Deswegen wurde auch die
Bandbreite auf 6 kHz begrenzt, was die momentan geringe Signalstaerke des
25 kW Senders erklaert.

50 Watt AM, einer meiner schoensten Empfaenge der letzten Jahre!
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT, A-DX Apr 17)

Re Somalia: Puntland launches new Radio

Xuquuqda Qoraalada, sawirada iyo warbixin kasta waxay gaar u tahay (RBC Radio). Lama adeegsan karo, dib looma daabici karo,
lama baahin karo ama kambayuutar laguma keydsan karo si toos ah iyo si
dadban intuba, haddii aan fasax laga heysan maamulka (RBC
Radio). Fadlan hana xadin

Garowe (RBC News) Puntland president Dr. Abdurrahman Faroole has
officially opened a new radio which will be aired from Garawe.

The establishment of this radio which can be heard on shortwaves has been
going on for two years in the Puntland capital Garawe. Italian government
has funded the radio project and will be the voice of Puntland

The radio is on the air now for testing and the enrolment of staff that
will be running the radio is underway.

Mr. Faroole who spoke at the opening ceremony stated that they were
contemplating about founding of a Radio and TV for Puntland for a long
time so as to disseminate the interest of Puntland state and following
concerted efforts it has now come into effect. He stated that the TV is on
the way and coming soon.

The new radio is named as Radio Puntland will be heard throughout
Puntland. It's now operated by Italian technicians.
RBC Radio.
(via Liagkas Zaxarias-GRC, hcdx Apr 17)

In, Glenn Hauser <wghauser@...> wrote:

Tnx, Jari. Yes, quite often "shortwave" in the news turns out to be in
fact FM. I haven't found their direct email address yet, but I have
already sent an inquiry to their partner organizations (Puntland Library &
Resource Center and Somali Family Services). Let's see how quickly the
community will solve this (Ilpo, ibid.)

Thanks, Ilpo, for the heads-up. I have also sent a few queries around.
Let's hope that it is really on shortwave.

[later:] I got one reply, according to which they plan to start in June
using 6140 and 13800 kHz. Here some more photos:

(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld April 14)

More info (in Somali) and pictures can be found on
Ay-Afka-Qabatay-Idaacado-Madax-Banaan &sid=28193&tirsan=2>

At the moment the frequency used is unknown.  73's IPA
(Ilpo Parviainen-FIN, dxld April 14)

Somalia, Puntland. A station called R. Puntland plans to start on
shortwave in June on 6140 and 13800 kHz. Power should be upto 25 kW in
(WRTH - World Radio TV Handbook Facebook page 14th April)

This report in English from <> (11th April):

RBC Radio.

Puntland is a region of northeastern Somalia which declared itself an
autonomous state in 1998 - see BBC Profile of Puntland:
(Alan Pennington-UK, Apr 15, BrDXC-UK yg direct and via dxld)

Re: New SW station in Puntland / Somalia
That was quick, tnx Mauno. My own contact informed me that SFS (Somali
Family Services) is establishing the first community radio station that
will focus on public affairs broadcasting in Puntland. They are working in
close cooperation with Puntland Library and Resource Centre. Originally
they had plans to use the name "Radio Puntland" but when they heard about
this government-driven project, the name was changed into "Radio Sahan".
More info at  <>  73, (Ilpo, dxld Apr 15)

Thanks for the Sahan item. Seems, that R. Puntland is testing with a
temporary 100 W transmitter. I could hear Somali sounding non-stop music
extremely weak on 13800 kHz from 1400 until Iran s/on at 1430 and again
after 1530 until s/off 1537. But not even a carrier on 6140 kHz after that
(when it was free).
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, April 15, ibid.)

I've heard from a contact in Puntland itself that the frequencies are
13800 kHz daytime and 6160 kHz (sic) at night. That might be a typo for
the 6140 kHz reported by Mauno below, or perhaps they are testing both
6140 and 6160 kHz.
My contact said the station is still in test mode, and only airing music,
but will launch regular programming on 20 April.
(Chris Greenway-UK, dxld Apr 16)

According to

they transmit now with 200 Watts on 6140 kHz in the morning hours and on
13800 kHz in the afternoon but in June they'll activate 20 kW transmitter.
(Ilpo, dxld April 16)

I wonder if Goldrock International in Nairobi is the company building the
station. Enrico Li Perni (mentioned in that Radiorama article) seems to be
working for them.

(Jari Savolainen-FIN, April 16, ibid.)

Probably the accuracy of the details varies a bit depending on the writer,
but the big picture seems to be the same. Seems they also got the word
about my yesterday's tentative reception including the Youtube video
links, but they don't care to comment it to me any more (or they don't
hear anything in the clips, without earphones and DX-practice?):

Today s/on at 1319 and off at 1445 UT.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld April 16)

Any more information on transmitter location or power? Are there any links
related to this station on the Internet? I found this page but there was
at least no mention of the SW frequencies:
(Mika Maekelaeinen-FIN, WRTH Facebook via dxld)

SOMALIA   7120 QSL   Rcvd a nice card (almost full data except for time)
in 16d from Baldur Drobnica, the Consultant for Radio Hargeysa for a Dec
13, 2012 reception at 1459 UT on 7120 kHz. Same card design as Jerry
reported in early March. I used snail mail and enclosed $2 for reply
postage. Earlier report without postage was not answered - lesson learned
there, Hi!
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Apr 17)

Re: QSL Radio Hargeysa Somaliland
Hi dear Bruce,

> "Earlier report without postage was not answered - lesson learned

Baldur is a pensionist in age of 77 years, amateur radio operator and DX
radio friend, and has no money to give away. Nevertheless, he is great in
activity in the Somaliland matter.


click left column
"Radio Hargeisa 2009"

in German language, the story of the Spratly-Island ham radio expedition
in 1983. Three German ham ops were shot/died by Vietnamese army attack.
Baldur DJ6SI survived.

jxWljgiAi_npM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=126&zoom=1&usg= ZMmrJBw31a5lO-

73 wolfy df5sx

SOUTH AFRICA   11605.043  Odd frequency RFI French via Meyerton-AFS
scheduled 05-06 UT, but heard already at 0455 UT Apr 12. Powerhouse like -
S=9+25dB here in Germany, mean mainlobe northwards of 340 degr antenna.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

SPAIN   Euskadi Irratia to close MW from 1st May Basque EITB Euskadi
Irratia will close its medium wave service [on 1476 1386 1197 963 819 and
756 kHz] from 1st May 2013 due to economic problems. Full article:

(via Alvaro Lopez-ESP, PlayDX #1586 4-Apr-13, via Alan Pennington-UK,
BrDXC-UK yg direct and via dxld)

Re WRTH 2013, powers of these Radio Euskadi channels are:
 756 10 kW
 819 10 kW
 963  5 kW
1197 50 kW
1386 50 kW
1476 50 kW
(Alan Pennington-UK, Apr 9 BrDXC-UK yg direct and via dxld)

Radio Euskadi - Euskadi Irratia ... last days!
It is official ... MW stations of EITB will be switched off on May 1st.

During April the power will be progressively reduced until the total
switch off. Published on April 10th:

< nuevas-

Last days to QSL!

Euskadi Irratia:
1197 EAJ162 Vitoria (Estibaliz)
1386 EAJ362 Bilbao (Ganguren-Artxanda)
1476 EAJ562 San Sebastian (Biribilondo-Zubieta)

Radio Euskadi:
756 EAJ462 Bilbao (Ganguren-Artxanda)
819 EAJ262 Vitoria (Estibaliz)
963 EAJ662 San Sebastian (Biribilondo-Zubieta)
(Mauricio Molano-ESP, via MWDX Apr 17, via Mike Terry BrDXC-UK)

History of 2009, - real short live of the new TX installations of 2009:

SPAIN   Biribilondo is the new tx. site for RNE and EITB in San Sebastian
(province of Guipuzcoa, Basque Country, Spain). It consist in 4x50 kW
transmitters tetraplexed into the same antenna. It works on 558 (RNE
R5TN), 774 (RNE), 963 (R. Euskadi, Spanish lang.) and 1476 (Euskadi
Irratia, Basque lang.). Note the interchanged frequencies of Radio Euskadi
between San Sebatian and Vitoria (probably to meet the needs of the
tretraplexer instaled in San Sebastian). This is the actual situation of
the EITB stations:

Euskadi Irratia:
1197 EAJ162 Vitoria (Estibaliz)
1386 EAJ362 Bilbao (Ganguren-Artxanda)
1476 EAJ562 San Sebastian (Biribilondo-Zubieta)

Radio Euskadi:
756 EAJ462 Bilbao (Ganguren-Artxanda)
819 EAJ262 Vitoria (Estibaliz)
963 EAJ662 San Sebastian (Biribilondo-Zubieta)

Some more info and photo of the equipment in the site of the supplier,

[later]  The first MW station owned by the Basque Autonomous Gov. was EAJ-
62 Radio Vitoria. They bought the station from the bank who had the
ownership of it at that time. But they still want the presence in MW of
their other two stations: Radio Euskadi(in Spanish and based in Bilbao)
and Euskadi Irratia (in Basque and based in San Sebastian). As the Spanish
National Gov. did not allow more MW stations they used the "brute force"
way: they put on the air some one without permission and started the usual
political play: you need my votes in Madrid for approving the budgets and
I will not give it to you if you do not allow me to have my wished toys
(the MW stations). That form of blackmail of the nationalistic regional
governments has worked always very well in Spain and they got the licenses
for their stations.

And why all call signs ending in 62? I don't know for sure but as they
already owned the EAJ-62 station it seems that the person in charge just
decided to put an order number (from 1 to 6) before the 62 of Radio
Vitoria (being this one 062 in the listings for use in computers).

Mauricio Molano
Spain. (SW txsite / mwdx Aug 7, 2009)

Re Basque EITB call signs. Thanks to Mauricio Molano-ESP for correction.
Yahoo maps, MS Virtual earth, Google Earth imagery. Some high resolution
place. VE Update - Google Earth V.5 historical image.

Location midst between Artxanda and Ganguren, as Monte Avril location:
ESP  Bilbao Monte Avril, R Euskadi Irratia EAJ362 1386[x1071] kHz 50 kW /
Radio Euskadi EAJ462 756 25 kW

43 16 10.36 N  02 53 35.75 W



San Sebastian - Biribilondo-Zubieta location
ESP  RN5 San Sebastian, Biribilondo - Zubieta de Donostia,
4x50 kW 558, 774, 963, 1476 kHz

43 14 50.78 N  02 03 16.69 W

Microsoft and Yahoo have old images on Maps.

... and what's now on 1161 kHz channel via
ESP  San Sebastian Monte "exEuskadi Irratia 1161 kHz" 50 kW, Cope 1224 kHz
10 kW two - grey and red - masts at
43 19 50.09 N  01 57 33.82 W
and older image

Vitoria Estibaliz (Araba) EITB location.
EAJ162 R Euskadi Irratia 1197 kHz 10 kW / EAJ262 R Euskadi 819 kHz 10 kW
SER R Vitoria 1602 10 kW

42 50 45.54 N  02 34 23.68 W


(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 8, 2009)

SRI LANKA   15420  R. Free Sarawak via Sri Lanka Apr 11 1111-1122 45444
Iban, Talk, ID at 1119 UT.

15420  R. Free Sarawak via Sri Lanka Apr 13 1135-1155 35433-45444 Iban,
Talk, ID at 1153 UT.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, dxld Apr 16)

15420 Empty channel, nothing heard in FE remote at 1140 UT Apr 18. wb.

SRI LANKA or TAIWAN {tentat.}   15430.04  Radio Free Sarawak (site?),
1237-1300* UT on April 18. In assume Iban; several IDs; fair to good with
strong signal; a longer than usual program today, as no ID at 1300 UT, but
off in mid-sentence. Frequency seemed slightly higher than heard before.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Apr 18)

SWAZILAND   Frequency change of Trans World Radio Africa from April 7:
1630-1800 NF 11725#MAN 100 kW 013 deg to EaAF Amharic/Oromo, ex11760*
# strong co-ch CRI in Arabic, again bad frequency selection!
* to avoid VOA in Swahili 1630-1700 & VOA in Azeri 1730-1800
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

TAIWAN/CHINA   28980.0  Broadcast harmonic of fundamental 9660 kHz,
on 16 Apr at 1000 UT. Via Japan on 9660 kHz rather powerful loud.
Your idea? 73 de Wolf DK2OM, (DARC / IARU Bandwatch Apr 16)

Hi Wolf and Peter,
the transmitter CBSC Radio Taiwan International is listed on Aoki Nagoya
list from Japan under 9660 kHz.

* The asterisk denotes co-channel jamming, naturally against radiation of
mainland reception in China.

9660 kHz * R. TAIWAN INT. 1000-1400 UT daily Chinese 100kW 267degr
Kouhu in Yunlin province TWN CBSC

there are also 2 x strong 250/300 kW MW stations, each with multiple
MW masts, vissible see image

TWN_Kouhu RTI CBS 1098 kHz 250 kW
23 32 14.40 N  120 09 49.55 E

TWN_Kouhu TWR 1557 kHz 250 kW
23 32 13.46 N  120 10 28.23 E

The short-wave was only poor in recent years, stn are available here is
now stronger on 100 kW of power, expanded the antennas. Earlier there were
only there from the 3335 kHz.

TWN_Kouhu SW 6075 6105 6150 7385 9660 11640 kHz, antenna 267 and 310 degr
23 32 04.41 N  120 10 04.87 E
see rather better image at BING Maps

vy73 Wolfy df5sx

btw. Which organization produce the HX 28980.0 kHz?  Taiwan or CHN jammer?

If the TWN and CHN 9660 kHz transmitter are not identifiable of exact
differ 'foot print' show frequency in 31mb (multiple on 28 MHz); it could
also be the Chinese jammer on 9660 kHz ... which were often noticed on
exact frequency.

Actually, the Taiwanese channels are always read for a frequency
inaccuracy of 10 to 100 Hertz!
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

TAJIKISTAN   15760.080  Voice of Russia's Kurdish morning service via new
500 kW unit at Dushanbe Yangi-Yul site {Aoki lists wrongly Orzu}, as usual
a little odd frequency. Moscow chimes at 0558-0600 UT, disrupted in
between by switches to Tajik national radio channel, at 0600 UT Tajik
program was heard for 2-3 seconds, before TX off.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

UKRAINE  re 657 kHz MW Chernivtsi 25 kW in Romanian at 17, 19, 21 UT
during summer season, in winter 1hr later, see WRTH page #483.

Dear Tudor,
may you can check the frequency 657 kHz, whether there is a regular Radio
Ukraine service in Romanian language to Moldova and Romania ?

On  <>  <>  you see under item
"RUI" and "Frecvente" an advice to mediumwave, but NOW I don't see any
program schedule on the Romanian pages for MW 657 kHz anymore.

vy73 wolfy df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

Subject: Re: 657 kHz from Ukraine ?

Hi Wolfy,
They are still broadcasting the Romanian language program from Radio
Ukraine International on 657 kHz. Last night I listened to their 2100 UT
broadcast. The Government in Kiev intended to cancel the Romanian section
of the RUI altogether (12 people losing their jobs), but apparently Mykola
Azarov, the prime minister, reconsidered this decision after a discussion
with Ion Popescu, a deputy or Romanian ethnicity in the Ukrainian
Parliament. So they are confident the Romanian language broadcasts will go

Also yesterday I listened to the Romanian language program from Radio
Bukovyna in Chernovtsi (837 kHz, 1110-1150 UT). I heard several people
phoning in, happy to hear RUI will continue to broadcast in Romanian
language. It looks like these programs are important for the Romanian
ethnics living in Ukraine. It's most likely their only source of news in
Romanian about their country.

On a side note, Radio Bukovyna has recently changed their schedule
on 837 kHz. There used to broadcast all day long (or at least between
0600 and 1700 as per various schedules online). Now I noticed they sign
off at 1200 UT.

I will monitor the frequency today to see when/if they come back on
air later in the evening.
(Tudor Vedeanu-ROU, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 17)

UKRAINE   Transradio TRAM-10 transmitter in Ukraine.
New TX Izmail 1404 kHz UR1 program, also DRM coded tests on air:




(Alexandr Diadischev-UKR, via open_dx, Apr 14)

UAE   13720.037  Sudan Radio Service in Arabic, West African like poppy
music, via Al Dhabbaya-UAE relay site, scheduled 0400-0530 UT daily, heard
at 0518 UT Apr 12. Poor sidelobe signal into Germany.

15549.953  Radio Dabanga S=8-9 sidelobe signal from Al Dhabbaya-UAE relay
site. At 0558 UT Apr 12, Radio Dabanga station jingle heard twice
at 0552 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 12)

Frequency change of BBC:
0300-0400 NF9410 DHA 250 kW 255 deg to CeEaAF Arabic, ex9425*
* to avoid Voice of Greece 9420
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

USA   4930 / 9860 harmonic.

Been hearing a religious station on 4930 kHz for last couple weeks,
various nights, during the 0200-0300* UT time slot. Usually pretty weak
and regular deep fade cycle, but when peaking, not too bad. Able to
determine one night at s/off that announcement was for World Harvest Radio
and a specific frequency announcement that I couldn't copy. Nothing in the
WHRI site about this.

Signed off before VOA Botswana xmtr signed on, and certainly sounded like
very different xmtrs (one initial guess was that WHRI might have been
renting time from the Botswana xmtr site, but that seems unlikely).
Anyone else hearing this?
(Ralph W. Perry-IL-USA, dxld Apr 14)

Before I read your details, I figured it would be WTWW, which puts
a 2 x 450 kHz image on 4930 from 5830 kHz on certain receivers. But it
would not be going off at 0300 UT.

Looking over the WHRI frequencies, I think this must be it: a sub-harmonic
of 9860 kHz, which is exactly 2 x 4930 kHz, and registered until 0300 UT.
These are quite unusual compared to other spurs like differences and
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 14)

USA   KVOH coming back.
I don't know how much you know of the KVOH history, but it was originally
set up in 1987 by Dr. George Otis. It was part of the "High Adventure"
network, which had transmitters in Southern Lebanon and Palau, Micronesia.
In 2002, George fell ill and was no longer able to lead his ministry. It
was decided to break up the various stations. The Palau facility, which at
the time had two 100 kW transmitters, was sold to LeSea Broadcasting, and
is now part of the World Harvest Radio network. The Lebanon facility was
moved into Israel proper, and continues to this day as the Voice of

The Los Angeles facility was sold to a local Hispanic pastor, who used
just the 31 metre frequency and rebranded it (in Spanish) as the Voice of
the Resurrection. He was targeting an audience in Central and South
America, and ran it for about 8 years. However, he finally ran out of
resources to continue the operation and the transmitter fell silent for a
couple of years. Last fall, the pastor approached the people who had
previously been working with George Otis, and offered to transfer the
station back to them, if they would continue with George's original

So now, about six months later, the FCC licenses for the two original
frequencies (9975 & 17775 kHz) have been renewed and are in good standing,
the enormous log periodic antenna has been inspected and certified,
funding is in place, and the transmitter building has been cleaned out and
reorganized. Some maintenance work on signage, antenna field fencing, etc.
is currently being carried out. The transmitter itself has been tested,
but troubleshooting remains to be done to eliminate spurs. Some of the
large tubes will probably also be reconditioned before regular
transmissions commence. A small studio is under construction at the
transmitter site, and the goal is to start by producing around 4-6 hours
daily of English language programming. Some of that time will be paid
programming (pre-recorded), but a substantial amount will be live from the
onsite studio, possibly with sponsorship.

There is no set target date for commencing transmissions yet, but you are
likely to start hearing tests within the next couple of months. In time
Spanish language programming will be added, and eventually we expect there
to be more hours in Spanish than in English. We are trying to source a
100 kW solid state transmitter that will be more energy efficient than the
current RCA Ampliphase, and that will also permit DRM. More news as events
(Ray Robinson-LA-USA, dxld Apr 14)

Welcome to Ray, who just joined the dxld yg. The only frequency used for
the last years was 17775, not 9975 kHz. Also, it was called La Voz de la
Restauracion, which I guess is slightly different from Resurrection.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 15)

USA   BBG - IBB - Budget Request Reflects Strategic Priorities.


and links to pdf files.

Rationalize Broadcast Infrastructure - $2.8 million.

The BBG is proposing an investment of $2.8 million in broadcasting
infrastructure and related support costs, in order to fulfill the
strategic plan objective to rationalize program delivery. These projects
will also yield future savings through positioning the agency for more
efficient operations.

In order to achieve a substantial recurrent reduction of as much as $3
million in annual rent costs, the BBG will begin to consolidate space
requirements in the Wilbur J. Cohen Building and reduce occupancy of the
Mary E. Switzer Building. The agency expects to consolidate up to 75,000
square feet of space currently utilized by about 60 agency employees to
reduce rent costs.

By realigning shortwave transmission assets in Kuwait, Sri Lanka and
Djibouti, the agency will improve service to critical targets of the world
while optimizing operating costs by increasing utilization of existing
lower-cost BBG transmission stations and eliminating or reducing reliance
on external leases.

Focus is placed on improving transmissions to Africa, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Iran, Tibet, and Western China. This proposal will not eliminate
shortwave; rather, it will restructure the BBG shortwave distribution
network to leverage the use of stations with the lowest operating costs
and maintain adequate shortwave service to high priority target areas
where shortwave transmissions will continue to be important to satisfy
agency mission requirements. Out-year cost savings are estimated to be
$1.25 million annually. This will be a multi-year project.

By realigning shortwave transmission assets in Kuwait, Sri Lanka and
Djibouti, the agency will improve service to critical targets of the world
while optimizing operating costs by increasing utilization of existing
lower-cost BBG transmission stations and eliminating or reducing reliance
on external leases.

Focus is placed on improving transmissions to Africa, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Iran, Tibet, and Western China. This proposal will not eliminate
shortwave; rather, it will restructure the BBG shortwave distribution
network to leverage the use of stations with the lowest operating costs
and maintain adequate shortwave service to high priority target areas
where shortwave transmissions will continue to be important to satisfy
agency mission requirements. Out - year cost savings are estimated to be
$1.25 million annually. This will be a multi - year project.

Performance Goals
FY 2014 Target FY 2015 Target FY 2016 Target
Realign Kuwait transmitting station
Add one shortwave antenna
Expand transmitter building and add two shortwave antenna pairs and two
shortwave transmitters
Add two shortwave antenna pairs and two shortwave transmitters
Realign Sri Lanka transmitting station
Divide antenna feed and add additional transmitter
Realign Djibouti transmitting station
Shortwave antenna and transmitter installed

(source: <> Apr 11)

USA   Jerome Hirigoyen of TDF to speak at NASB Annual Meeting.

Jerome Hirigoyen, Head of Business Development and International
Broadcasting at Telediffusion de France (TDF), will be one of the speakers
at this year's annual meeting of the U.S. National Association of
Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB) in Birmingham, Alabama May 15-17. Hirigoyen
will give a presentation about TDF's large shortwave transmission facility
in Issoudun, France that is used by many of the major international
broadcasters, including Radio France International.

The meeting will take place at the headquarters of EWTN, the global
Catholic television network which also operates shortwave station WEWN in
the suburbs of Birmingham. Meeting participants will have the opportunity
to tour the large shortwave station in a scenic mountaintop area, where
station personnel will serve a barbecue lunch as well.

Other speakers at the NASB annual meeting will include Dr. Dowell Chow,
President of Adventist World Radio; A.J. Janitschek of Radio Free Asia;
Mike Rosso and Dave Hultsman of shortwave transmitter manufacturer
Continental Electronics; Mark Allen of Rohn Tower Company; and various
representatives of EWTN/WEWN itself.

Shortwave listeners, broadcasters and anyone with an interest in shortwave
broadcasting is welcome to attend the meeting in Birmingham, which is free
of charge, including a welcome reception and lunches on Thursday and
Friday. More information, an agenda and other details on nearby hotel
accommodations can be found at
The Holiday Inn Express in Irondale, Alabama will provide free
transportation between the hotel and EWTN for the meeting.

Questions about the NASB meeting may be directed to
<nasbshortwave @>
(EDXC News via Mike Terry-UK, dxld Apr 9)

VATICAN CITY   12160 SMG intermodulation. Radio Dabanga to SUDAN.

11650  April 9 at 0517 UT, R. Dabanga good signal via VATICAN, but with
het on lo side about 11648 kHz, suspect jamming. And below that much
weaker Greece on 11645 kHz.

11650  April 10 at 0521 UT, R. Dabanga in the clear with ID in passing,
which they do so frequently, via VATICAN STATE, and no het/jamming, unlike
last night (Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 14)

12160  R Dabanga, at 0550 UT Apr 4 with talks in Arabic, S=2 signal. At
0555 UT with seemingly preaching and a HOA song, ID Dabanga at 0556 UT,
off then. (Zacharias Liangas-GRC, dxld April 10)

Really?  None of the schedules show it on 12160 kHz at either time; EiBi
list has Dabanga on 11650, 15400, 15550 kHz at 0430-0600 UT; 1530-1630 on
15150, 15725 kHz. Maybe he wrote 12160 kHz instead of 15150 kHz? How about
PROOFREADING? But the off-time implies it was really the morning
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 14)

I also have it weak on 6th April. Maybe difference higher spur of 11650
and 11905 kHz?
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld Apr 14)

Mauno  -  Bingo,
TX station INTERMODULATION of 255 kHz distance in SMG site on Vatican
State on

11650 0400-0557 47,48W SMG 250 145 Multi   CVA PNW FPU Radio Dabanga
11905 0500-0600 39N,40 SMG 250 113 Kurdish CVA IBB IBB VOA Kurdish

2 x 11905 kHz = 23810 kHz minus 11650 = 12160 kHz.
but VOA Kurdish should also occur on symmetric on lower side 11395 kHz...
but didn't catch any signal when checked on lower side 11395 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 14)

VIETNAM   Rcvd preliminary replies from both VISHIPEL GMDSS Director (Vu
Thi Phuong Nhung) and Asst. Director of Hai Phong Radio (Nguyen Thi Thanh
Huyen) for March 23, 2012 and April 4, 2013 receptions respectively of
Vietnam's VISHIPEL coastal radio sites from 1020 to 1415 UT. All stations
were hrd Poor to Good with Ho Chi Minh Radio the best and Hai Phong Radio
the worst in signal strength.

In 2012, Ho Chi Minh Radio used English during its transmission - not so
in 2013. Thanks to Ron Howard for the heads up on these stations in 2012
(and again this year) and to T. Breyel in Malaysia for ID and contact info
of VISHIPEL personnel. Have not rcvd veries yet but one can only hope! The
GMDSS head seemed to want to know more information about who I was, what
company I worked for, what business was I in and so forth. Interesting...
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Apr 17)

VIETNAM   Google Earth new images. And the fun continues:
Vietnam - Son Tay - Le Khê, Ba Vi District

Son Tay, Vietnam exposed with new GE Black and White imagery from 2011.
Another yay :-) Many SW & MW arrays noted.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TX site Apr 18)

But 2 Dec 2011 image is still dimmly and not prefect too, though the cloud
is smaller ... (in GE V7 still only catched with time slide function)

Miss still the 27 degr array to FE CHN / RUS: probably
4 masts at  21 08 23.53 N  105 24 54.84 E
on right leg end also at
057 degr to JPN / CHN azimuth.

fine clear image of Africa 260degr
21 08 24.35 N  105 24 45.54 E

320 EUR / Western Russia
21 08 29.67 N  105 24 52.73 E

MW former highpower 1010 kHz 005/185degr
21 08 12.06 N  105 25 3.81 E

MW  60 / 240 degr
21 07 58.83 N  105 25 22.98 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 18)



edited by DSWCI Chairman, Anker Petersen.
ISSN 1399-8218

The 56 years old DSWCI which counts experienced DX-ers in 29 countries all
over the world as members, has just issued the 15th Edition of its annual
Domestic Broadcasting Survey. This survey is divided into three parts:

Part 1: The 41st edition of the Tropical Bands Survey covering all ACTIVE
broadcasting stations on 2300-5700 kHz, including clandestines.

Part 2: Domestic stations on international shortwave bands above 5700 kHz
broadcasting to a domestic audience.

Part 3: Deleted frequencies between 2 and 30 MHz which have not been
reported heard during the past five years, but may reappear.

This new Survey is based upon monitoring by our members, many official
sources and DX-bulletins. A13 schedules are included when available. In
order to make the DBS reliable, our own monitors around the world have
checked throughout the period April 2012 - March 2013, if each of the 640
station frequencies is on the air.

ACTIVE stations are marked with an A ("Regular"), B ("Irregular") or C
("Sporadic") in the list. D means "Likely inactive".

A unique feature is the right column called "Last log". It shows the last
month and year before DBS deadline on March 31, 2013 when the particular
station was reported logged by a DX-er somewhere in the world. This is
another way of indicating the current audibility of the station. To avoid
inactive stations in this DBS, most frequencies which have not been heard
during the past year, have been deleted and are moved to Part 3. No other
frequency list has this feature!

Other useful features for easy identification (ID) are the parallel
frequencies and reference to Station ID slogans.

Three sample extracts from the DBS-14 are shown on the next page. Reviews
can be found on

All buyers of DBS-15 will get a username and password to the monthly
updates on the tropical bands published as "Tropical Bands Monitor" on our
website. The similar, historical data from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
2010, 2011 and 2012 are available to anybody at <>

The 23 pages A-4 size DBS-15 is available by e-mail as pdf-format (about
400 kB). A limited number is also available printed on paper.

It is sold by the treasurer:

c/o Bent Nielsen, Egekrogen 14, DK 3500 Vaerloese, DENMARK

E-Mail edition:  DKK 35,00 or
                 USD 7.00 or
                 EUR 5,00 or
                 GBP 4,50 or
                 SEK 40,00 or 3 IRC's.

Printed edition: DKK 70,00 or
                 USD 14.00 or
                 EUR 10,00 or
                 GBP 9,00 or
                 SEK 80,00 or 6 IRC's.

Payment by cash notes are accepted whereas checks and postal money orders
are not accepted.
DSWCI Bank is Danske Bank, 2-12 Holmens Kanal, DK-1092 Copenhagen K.
BIC/SWIFT : DABADKKK. IBAN: DK 44 3000 4001 528459.
Danish buyers please use: Reg. 3001 - konto 4001528459.

If you have EURO as national currency, you are advised to pay to our
representative in Germany, Andreas Schmid.

Andreas Schmid, Lerchenweg 4, D-97717 Euerdorf, Germany.
E-mail: <schmidandy @>

Account# 2912472076 at Targobank BLZ: 30020900. BIC: CMCIDEDD.
IBAN: DE24300209002912472076

If you want to pay via PAYPAL, you have to contact Andreas Schmid, before
you send your payment. Payment via PayPal only in US$ currency and only
for persons, living outside the European Union (EU).

Best 73's,
Anker Petersen-DEN and Bent Nielsen-DEN, dswci press release April 8.

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