WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - April 26th, 2013 (BC-DX #1113)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARGENTINA   11710.732  Very ODD frequency signal of RAE Buenos Aires in
French language about South American culture feature report, S=9 strength
here in southern Germany at 0357 UT Apr 26. // co-channel IRIB Kamalabad
in Spanish, and - tentativelly Chinese sounded radio program.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 26)

ASCENSION ISL   6135  BBC via Ascension, in French O=4, 0450 UT Apr 1.

Hier noch ein Beitrag zur Energieversorgung der BBC dort:
(Olaf Biese-D, A-DX Apr 2)


A-13 Schedule of TWR
Freq  StartStop  CIRAF  FMO LanguageTransmitter Beam kW op Days Notes
 3200 0255-0325 53,57   TWR NEL/ENG Manzini       3  50 1234567
 3200 0330-0600 57      TWR GER/ENG Manzini     233  50 1234567
 3200 0430-0500 57      TWR GER     Manzini     233  25 1.....7
 3200 1545-1659 53W     TWR TSC/TSO Manzini       3  50 1234567 NDC
 3200 1745-2000 57      TWR ENG     Manzini     233  50 1234567
 3240 0255-0340 53      TWR SHD/NDC Manzini       3  50 1234567
 4775 0342-0358 53SW    TWR NGL     Manzini       3  50 1234567
 4775 0400-0800 57      TWR GER/ENG Manzini     233  50 1234567
 5910 0544-0559 28      TWR POL     Moosbrunn    30 100 .23456.
 5995 0400-0445 53W     TWR NYJ     Manzini       5 100 1.....7
 6025 1425-1625 53SW    TWR ENG/SHD Manzini       3 100 1234567 NEL
 6105 0700-0750 27      TWR ENG     Nauen       285 100 1234567
 6120 0601-0800 57      TWR ENG     Manzini     233  50 1234567
 6120 1800-1845 48W     BAB Non-SpecDhabayya    225 250 1234567
 6130 1750-2005 52      TWR Umb/CJK Manzini     312 100 1234567 MNF/KON
 7215 0830-0900 28      TWR HUN     Nauen       135 100 1234567
 7215 1400-1428 28,29,30TWR BEL/RUS Nauen        65 100 1234567
 7225 0544-0559 28      TWR POL     Moosbrunn   300 100 .23456.
 7300 1500-1530 41NW    GFC         Novosibirsk 195 250 1234567
 7300 1600-1630 40E,41NWGFC         Novosibirsk 195 250 1234567
 7300 1705-1735 53W     TWR Yaw     Manzini       3 100 1234567
 7315 1355-1555 53W     TWR Mak/POR Manzini       5  50 1234567 NGL
 7400 0700-0750 27      TWR ENG     Moosbrunn   300 100 1234567
 9475 1700-1815 48SW,53NTWR SWA     Manzini       5 100 1234567
 9500 1800-1900 48,53NW TWR ENG     Manzini      13 100 1234567
 9530 0330-0345 48      TWR Sid/AMH Manzini      12 100 123456.  GAZ
 9585 1455-1525 53SE    TWR MAL/FRA Manzini      64 100 1234567
 9725 1400-1428 28,29,30TWR BEL/RUS Moosbrunn    55 100 1234567
 9910 1100-1230 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 305 200 1234567
 9940 1330-1400 42-44   FCC Yue     Agana, Guam 315 100 123456
 9940 1905-2020 47S,52  TWR LIN/FRA Manzini     343 100 1234567
 9975 1215-1245 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 320 100 .23456.
 9975 1330-1345 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 320 100 123456.
 9975 1345-1445 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 320 100 1234567
 9975 1445-1500 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 320 100 .23456.
11580 1130-1200 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 315 100 .23456.
11580 1200-1215 43,44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 308 100 1234567
11580 1245-1330 49      FCC Vie     Agana, Guam 278 100 123456.
11580 1245-1345 49      FCC Vie     Agana, Guam 278 100 ......7
11580 1345-1415 44-45   FCC Kor     Agana, Guam 335 100 ......7
11580 1345-1445 44-45   FCC Kor     Agana, Guam 335 100 1......
11580 1345-1500 44-45   FCC Kor     Agana, Guam 335 100 .23456.
11635 1630-1700 48E,48SWBAB Somali  Dhabayya    215 250 1234567
11725 1630-1800 48,53NW TWR AMH/Oro Manzini      13 100 1234567 GAZ/Had
11840 1000-1019 51,55,56FCC Eng     Agana, Guam 165 100 .23456.
11840 1000-1030 51,55,56FCC Eng     Agana, Guam 165 100 ......7
11930 1315-1615 41      RAM         Tashkent    131 100 1234567
11965 0030-0130 41      RAM         Tashkent    131 100 1234567
12055 1245-1530 41      GFC         Irkutsk     224 250 1234567
12120 1100-1145 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 320 100 1234567
12120 1145-1200 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 320 100 .234567
13660 1300-1315 48W     BAB Afar    Kigali       30 250 1...567
15105 1557-1627 53W     TWR Kir     Manzini      13 100 .23456.
15190 1400-1423 41,49,50FCC Eng     Agana, Guam 285 100 .23..6.
15190 1400-1430 41,49,50FCC Eng     Agana, Guam 285 100 ....5
15190 1400-1435 41,49,50FCC Eng     Agana, Guam 285 100 1..4...
15200 0850-0930 49,50,54FCC Eng     Agana, Guam 263 100 123456.
15200 0930-1000 54      FCC Mad     Agana, Guam 248 100 1234567
15200 1000-1030 54      FCC Ind     Agana, Guam 248 100 1234567
15200 1030-1100 54      FCC Sun     Agana, Guam 248 100 1234567
15225 1315-1345 41      FCC Asm     Agana, Guam 290 100 123456.
15235 1000-1015 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 305 200 1234567
15235 1015-1100 42-44   FCC Cmn     Agana, Guam 305 200 .234567
15240 1230-1245 41      FCC Trp     Agana, Guam 290 100 .23456.
15240 1245-1300 41      FCC Trp     Agana, Guam 290 100 123456.
15240 1300-1315 41      FCC Sat     Agana, Guam 290 100 1234567
15360 1400-1415 40SE,41NTWR URD     Manzini      43 100 1234567
15390 1200-1245 41,49   FCC Mya     Agana, Guam 285 100 .23456.
15390 1200-1300 41,49   FCC Mya     Agana, Guam 285 100 1.....7
15390 1300-1330 49      FCC KsW     Agana, Guam 285 100 1234567
(HFCC via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 22)

BONAIRE  [Neth. Antilles]   HISTORY.  Re: RNW via TWR Bonaire SW site.
Trans World Radio inaugurated a 500 kW Continental medium wave transmitter
on 15 May 1964. On 13 August of that year they inaugurated SW
transmissions using two Continental transmitters, one with 50 kW and the
other with 260 kW (not 250). There was an agreement to relay some Radio
Nederland transmissions on the 260 kW SW and 500 kW MW transmitters, using
800, 9590 and 15220 kHz until the RNW station was inaugurated on 4 March
(Colin Miller-CAN  VE3CMT, SW TXsite Apr 20)

BRAZIL   15191.263  On Iceland remote stn heard also Radio Inconfidencia
Brazil. This night on UPPER side around 2145 UT, was last week lower than
15190 kHz even.

11815.033  Radio Brazil Central observed in Portuguese lang, at 0400 UT
Apr 26, Wandered some 5 Hertz down from xx.038 kHz, poor strength at S=6
level in Germany.

9565.086  R Tupi / R Super Deus e Amor, Port sermon, poor scratchy noise
at 0330 UT Apr 26. Much stronger on 11764.904 kHz, when 2 x time and stn
annmts at 0355 and 0357 UT at 0356 UT Apr 26, S=7-8 in Germany.

9674.816  Radio Cancao Nova tentat, Portuguese lang program (not Sp PRU).
Weak signal, female sermon at 0335 UT Apr 26. S=4-5 por level just on

9819.181 much ODD away frequency signal this morning Apr 26 at 0342 UT.
Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo SP. S=5 poor signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 21/26)

4885.015  Clube do Para, April 25, at 0751 UT, "Para" ID 0756 UT "Para
Musica" Bold Portuguese man, cuckoo clock sound effects. Lots of talking,
reading ads. 0758 UT Brazilian Pop song.

5035   R Aparecida, April 25, at 0913 UT, Portuguese man, bird call sound
effects. At their sunrise. Just outside Rebelde splash. Usually an evening
catch for me. Fair signal. 0918 UT Braz pop song. 0924 UT ballad.
(Mike Gilchrist-IA-USA, dxld Apr 25)

BULGARIA   AWR Wavescan program: NWS217 Extract

100 Years of Wireless & Radio in Bulgaria - Part 5: The Russian Era.

As our opening feature here in Wavescan today, we pick up the story of
radio broadcasting in Bulgaria in the year 1944, during the month of
September. That's when the Russian army moved into Bulgaria, the Bulgarian
army switched sides in the European conflict, and radio broadcasting began
to move into another direction.

At the time, there were three mediumwave stations on the air and two
shortwave stations. The three mediumwave stations were:

Vakarel with their 100 kW transmitter on 850 kHz
working at half power

Both Varna (1276 kHz) & Stara Zagora (1402 kHz)
working at 2 kW each

The two active shortwave transmitters at this time were both located at
the Sofia site, just 1+ miles south east of Sofia city itself, and both
transmitters were quite new. The rated power of each was 5 kW, though it
is stated that they were operating actually at around 3 kW or 2 kW. The
unit on 7490 kHz was installed in 1942, and the unit on 8465 kHz was
installed during that pivotal year, 1944.

Back then, the main studio for Radio Sofia was still located in a school
building out at Novi Han, some twenty miles southeast of Sofia. It was at
6:00 am on Saturday September 9, 1944, that Russian personnel took over
the radio facilities, which they controlled and developed for a period of
time approaching almost half a century.

During their forty five year occupation of Bulgaria, the Russian
administration oversaw the installation of many new facilities, mediumwave
and shortwave, for the broadcast of radio programming throughout the
country and internationally. In 1945, work began on the reconstruction of
the old Radio Rodina transmitter, and test broadcasts were aired from
Pavlova during the following year. Two years later, this transmitter was
inaugurated with a regular broadcast service with 15 kW on 740 kHz, as
Radio Sofia 2.

In the early 1950s, the Hungarian Standard Company renovated three
mediumwave stations and increased their power output. These stations were:

Vakarel from 50 kW up to 100 kW again, on 827 kHz

Varna with, at the time, 600 watts up to 10 kW on 1124 kHz

Stara Zagora, also at 600 watts at the time, up to 20 kW on 1223 kHz

It was in 1946{sic - rather 1956-1958}, that East Germany provided a new
mediumwave station at Sofia-Pleven on 594 kHz. During the ensuing years,
transmission equipment was installed in country locations for an
additional five mediumwave stations: Plovdiv, Stolnik, Blagoevgrad,
Kardjali & Kolarovgrad. Their inverted pyramid studio building, adjacent
to the much older studio building, was constructed in 1971.

On the shortwave scene, a total of four major shortwave stations have been
placed on the air in Bulgaria. The first was always known as Sofia, and it
was located just 1+ miles southeast of Sofia in an area that is still
heavily wooded. Two transmitters were installed here, both originally
at 5 kW, one in 1942 and the other in 1944. One of these transmitters was
upgraded to 15 kW in 1951.

The next shortwave transmitter base in Bulgaria was constructed in 1952
under the Russian administration at Stolnik, some thirteen miles east of
Sofia. When this station was activated six years later, it contained two
Russian made transmitters, one at 15 kW and another at 100 kW.

A few years later, another Russian shortwave station was constructed at
Kostinbrod, ten miles northwest from Sofia, and the original installation
contained four transmitters at 50 kW and one at 100 kW. Work at this
station was underway during the years 1961 and 1962.

The fourth major shortwave station in Bulgaria was also installed by the
Russians and work on this facility at Plovdiv, some fifty five miles
southeast of Sofia, began in the early 1970s. Progressively, five high
powered transmitters were installed at Plovdiv, two at 500 kW and three at
250 kW.

At the end of the Russian era in late 1989, a total of sixteen mediumwave
stations were on the air throughout Bulgaria, ranging in power from 30 kW
up to 250 and 500 kW. On shortwave, three transmitter bases were on the
air, Stolnik, Kostinbrod and Plovdiv, with a total of eight shortwave
transmitters ranging in power from 100 kW up to 250 and 500 kW.

So what happened in the radio scene in Bulgaria after the country exerted
its own individuality? That question will be answered on the next occasion
when we take another consecutive look at the "100 Years of Wireless &
Radio in Bulgaria" - Part 6.
(AWR Wavescan, via Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TX site Apr 21)

It was in 1946 -{at that time Germany was totally destroyed ... and poor
country after war end}

it was in 1956/1958 when Funkwerk Koepenick GDR East Germany, delivered
and erected that 594 kHz 250 kW facility at Pleven.

Masts and TX building look like design copies/duplicates of MW stations in
the GDR. TX type of 250 kW has also been erected at GDR sites like Burg
782, 904/908/935 kHz; Berlin Koepenick 611 kHz; Schwerin Woebbelin 728 kHz,
later at Dresden Wilsdruff 1043 kHz,
and also final at Themar/Hildburghausen Wachenbrunn 792 kHz in mid 1959.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 21)

CHINA   11736, 11744, 11752, 11768, 11776, 11784 kHz, April 22 at 1304 UT,
JBA carriers/hets are back here, 8-kHz-multiple spurs out of CNR1 jammer
on 11760 kHz under Cuba.

These were not audible before 1300 UT, nor anywhere else on the 25m band.
I was checking 11954 and 11962 kHz, where Dave Valko heard Firedrake
carriers April 9 from 1120 UT, but unknown why: to me, that means the
8-kHz-spur-producer was on 11970 kHz at that time, and there probably
would have been more of them also on the hi side.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 22)

CNR started a "Nation Urgent Radio" with an earthquake of Lushan, Ya-an,

National Urgent Radio - Lushan Emergency Radio 24hrs on 9800 kHz,
12000 kHz and FM 92.7 MHz. Ya-an CNR1 24hrs on 639 kHz and FM 99.1 MHz.
This broadcast is coproduction of CNR, Sichuan TV & Radio, Ya-an PBS and
Lushan TV & Radio.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld Apr 23)

National Urgent Radio-Lushan Emergency Radio noted 9800 and 12000 kHz with
reports in Chinese language on remote sdr unit in Nagoya Japan, asked by
woman announcer and answered by male reporter, S=7 signal at 0537 UT
on Apr 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 23)

Re: CNR National Urgent Radio. Some frequency of CNR-1 relays "Lushan
Emergency Radio-Lushan ying ji guang bo" for 24 hrs on 5945, 6125, 7230,
7290, and 9710 kHz. de Hiroshi

Dear Martien,  according to Hiroshi, CNR-2 on 6065 kHz started 24hrs
service from April 22. The // frequencies is not yet found. CNR-2 FM
always 24 hrs service.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, Apr 25/26)

At 1800 UT Apr 25 logged all these frequencies given above, at S=9+15dB
signal level  on remote sdr unit in Tokyo. On 9710 kHz co-channel QRM by
RA Shepparton.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 25)

It is just CNR1 as implied by new Aoki entries:
9800 CNR 1 National emergency broad0000-2400 1234567 Chinese
100 217 Shijiazhuang 723 CHN 11428E3804N CNR1 a13

12000 CNR 1 National emergency broad0000-2400 1234567 Chinese
100 217 Shijiazhuang 723 CHN 11428E3804N CNR1 a13

CNR National Urgent Radio. And CRI has of course been covering this in
English; heard a bit from the scene at 0100 UT on 5990 kHz Cuban relay

And that answers my next question about transmitter site. But why? CNR1 is
already ubiquitous to say the least all over China and most of the world.
There is no point in adding these unless there is special programming on
them. Maybe part of the time it's Lushan Emergency Radio (and how is that
ID in Chinese?), filling the rest with CNR1?

I was monitoring 12000 kHz this morning, and CNR1 // programming was there
for a while, but also something else, detailed report to follow. Of
course, it's also a Voice of Vietnam frequency, not a very good choice for
another China outlet. Note yesterday I was also having CNR1 QRM to VOVTN
at 1251 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 23-25)

Have also been hearing unid Chinese on 6065 kHz on April 23, 24, 25 from
1800 UT tune-in to past 1900 UT. No // freqs found, 5945 & 6125 audible as
well but carried different programming. So what station does this CNR-2
outlet relay? Sei-ichi can you help?
(Martien Groot-HOL, dxld Apr 26)

6117.55   Voice of Strait. Thanks to the timely alert on April 22 from
Dave Valko (PA), which I received just before heading off to the beach to
listen, was also able to catch them off frequency; first time I recall
this happening; nothing on ex-6115; heard just as Mike Gilchrist (Iowa)
and Robin Harwood (Tasmania) have reported in dxld.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Apr 23)

6117.553  Voice of Strait // 4940 kHz April 22 at 1139 I was preparing my
logs for this morning when I discovered an email from Ron Howard to be on
the lookout for Strait off frequency; perfect for an anomaly morning. At
1150 UT a strong carrier came up on 6115 kHz. I checked and it was a
religious broadcaster in English. No ID was heard and it disappeared
entirely at 1145 UT. Strong signal here. 1150 UTmusical interlude and into
news? 1155 UTchild singing interlude, and then man talking over soft flute
music. 1200 UT, as the signal was fading, (It's been almost 45 minutes
since my 1123 UT sunrise), time pips and what I assume was an ID. I didn't
understand any of it, but did record it. Another strange one, thanks Ron.
(Mike Gilchrist-IA-USA, dxld Apr 22)


Summer A-13 schedule of clandestine & other target broadcasts
Radio Republica:
0000-0200  9490 ISS 250 kW 215 deg to Cuba Spanish

Radio Payem e-Doost:
0230-0315  7460 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAS Farsi till April 30?
0230-0315 11710 TAC 100 kW 236 deg to WeAS Farsi from May 1
1800-1845  5900 DHA 250 kW 035 deg to WeAS Farsi from May 1
1800-1845  7480 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAS Farsi till April 30?

Denge Kurdistan
0300-1500 11510 KCH 250 kW 116 deg to WeAS Kurdish
1500-1900 11510 ISS 250 kW 090 deg to WeAS Kurdish

Radio Miraya:
0300-0600 11560 SCB 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF English/Arabic

Radio Okapi, currently inactive, maybe will be resumed from May 1:
0400-0500 11690 MEY 250 kW 340 deg to CeAF French/Lingala

Radio Tamazuj:
0400-0430 11650 SMG 200 kW 145 deg to EaAF Arabic
0400-0430 15400 MDC 250 kW 335 deg to EaAF Arabic
0400-0430 15500 DHA 250 kW 240 deg to EaAF Arabic
1500-1530 15150 MDC 250 kW 335 deg to EaAF Arabic
1500-1530 15725 SMG 200 kW 139 deg to EaAF Arabic

MND Radio:
0400-0455  5150 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
0400-0455  6360 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
0500-0550  4925 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
0500-0550  6550 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
0600-0635  6270 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
0600-0635  6480 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
0700-0735  5290 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
0700-0735  6435 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
1000-1050  4925 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
1000-1050  6550 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
1100-1150  6270 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
1100-1150  6480 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
1200-1255  5150 JNG 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean
1200-1255  6360 CHC 100 kW non-dir to KRE  Korean

EDC Sudan Radio Service Darfur Program:
0400-0530 13720 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to NoEaAF Arabic
1600-1730 17745 WOF 300 kW 135 deg to NoEaAF Arabic

Radio Damal, currently inactive, maybe will be resumed from May 1:
0400-0700 15700 DHA 250 kW 205 deg to EaAF Somali
1830-1930 11980 WOF 300 kW 122 deg to EaAF Somali
1930-2130 11980 DHA 250 kW 205 deg to EaAF Somali

Radio Dabanga:
0430-0600 11650 SMG 200 kW 145 deg to EaAF Arabic
0430-0600 15400 MDC 250 kW 335 deg to EaAF Arabic
0430-0600 15500 DHA 250 kW 240 deg to EaAF Arabic
1530-1630 15150 MDC 250 kW 335 deg to EaAF Arabic
1530-1630 15725 SMG 200 kW 139 deg to EaAF Arabic

Voice of Justice:
0600-0630 9677.5vSPK 010 kW non-dir to CeAS Azeri Wed/Sat
1400-1430 9677.5vSPK 010 kW non-dir to CeAS Azeri Tue/Fri

Radio Abkhazia (Apsua Radio):
0700-0800  9535 SUK 005 kW non-dir to CeAS Abkhaz  Mon/Wed/Fri
0800-0830von  9535 SUK 005 kW non-dir to CeAS Russian Mon/Wed/Fri
But much to my surprise there was no broadcast April 10, 17 & 22

Radio ERGO:
0830-0930 13685 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to EaAF Somali

Voice of Talyshistan:
0900-1000 9677.5vSPK 010 kW non-dir to CeAS Talysh
1200-1300 9677.5vSPK 010 kW non-dir to CeAS Talysh
1500-1600 9677.5vSPK 010 kW non-dir to CeAS Talysh

Radio Free Kenyalang:
0900-1000 15400 HBN 100 kW 270 deg to SoEaAS Iban, ex15360

Radio Free Sarawak:
1100-1300 15420 TAI 100 kW 200 deg to SoEaAS Iban till April 17
1100-1300 15430 TAI 100 kW 200 deg to SoEaAS Iban from April 18

Suab Xaa Moo Zoo, Voice of Hope:
1130-1200 11570 TAI 100 kW 250 deg to SoEaAS Hmong
2230-2300  7530 TAI 100 kW 250 deg to SoEaAS Hmong

Voice of Tibet:
1200-1230 15607 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese
1230-1300 15562 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1300-1330 15563 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1300-1330 15607 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese
1330-1400 15568 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1330-1400 15608 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese
1400-1430 15567 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1400-1430 15525 MDC 250 kW 045 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1430-1500 17535 MDC 250 kW 045 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1530-1600 15485 MDC 250 kW 045 deg to CeAS Tibetan
Changes between each frequencies varied from 3 to 5 min.

Que Me:
1200-1230  9930 HBN 100 kW 318 deg to EaAS Vietnamese Fri

Khmer Post Radio:
1200-1300  9960 HBN 100 kW 270 deg to SoEaAS Khmer

Radio Free Chosun:
1200-1400 11540 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean
1200-1400 15720 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean
2000-2100  7505 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean

Open Radio North Korea:
1230-1430 11550 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean
1230-1430 15700 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean
2100-2200  7480 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean

Voice of Wilderness (BVB):
1300-1330 17650 NAU 250 kW 048 deg to KRE  Korean Mon-Sat
1300-1400 11860 TRM 250 kW 045 deg to KRE  Korean Mon-Sat
1300-1400 17650 NAU 250 kW 048 deg to KRE  Korean Sun
1300-1430 11860 TRM 250 kW 045 deg to KRE  Korean Sun
1900-2000  7375 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean Mon-Sat
1900-2030  7375 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean Sun

Nippon no Kaze:
1300-1330  9950 TAI 100 kW 002 deg to NoEaAS Korean
1500-1530  9975 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to NoEaAS Korean
1530-1600  9965 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Furusato no Kaze:
1330-1400  9950 TAI 100 kW 002 deg to NoEaAS Japanese
1430-1500  9960 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to NoEaAS Japanese
1600-1630  9780 TAI 250 kW 045 deg to NoEaAS Japanese

JSR Shiokaze Sea Breeze:
1330-1430  6020 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE various Japanese Mon/Wed/Thu;
Chinese/Korean Tue; English Fri; Korean/Japanese Sat and Japanese/Korean
2000-2100  6075 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE various Japanese Mon/Wed/Thu;
Chinese/Korean Tue; English Fri; Korean/Japanese Sat and Japanese/Korean

North Korea Reform Radio:
1400-1600  7590 TAC 200 kW 070 deg to KRE  Korean, ex1500-1700

Democratic Voice of Burma:
1430-1530 11560 DB  100 kW 125 deg to SoEaAS Burmese
2330-0030 11595 DB  100 kW 125 deg to SoEaAS Burmese

Radio Free North Korea:
1430-1630 11570 DB  100 kW 071 deg to KRE  Korean, ex1200-1400

Voice The of Tigers:
1530-1630 11550 TAC 100 kW 163 deg to CLN  Tamil Sat

Radio Ranginkaman/Radio Rainbow:
1600-1630  7550 KCH 100 kW 100 deg to WeAS Farsi Mon/Fri not 1700-1730

Radio Xoriyo:
1600-1630 17630 ISS 500 kW 130 deg to EaAF Somali Tue/Sat
1600-1630 17870 SCB 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Somali Mon/Fri
Transmissions are jamming by Ethiopia with broadband DRM-like white noise

Radio Shorouq/Radio Sunrise:
1600-1700 11610 SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Arabic Mon-Fri

Radio Dialogue FM:
1600-1700 12105 MDC 250 kW 265 deg to ZWE  English/Shona/Ndebele

Voice of Martyrs:
1600-1730  7515 TAC 100 kW 065 deg to KRE  Korean

Dimtse Radio Erena:
1700-1730 11560 SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Afar/Oromo

Voice of Oromo Liberation:
1700-1800 13810 WER 100 kW 135 deg to EaAF Oromo/Amharic Sun/Wed

Voice of Assenna:
1700-1800 15245 SCB 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Mon/Wed/Fri
Transmissions are jamming by Ethiopia with broadband DRM-like white noise

E-SAT Radio:
1700-1800 15xxx*SCB 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Amharic 1st/3rd  Mon
*15355-15390 different frequencies in different days and different weeks
All frequencies are jamming by Ethiopia with broadband DRM-like white

SW Radio Africa:
1700-1900  4880 MEY 100 kW 005 deg to SoAF English

Radio EYSC - Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change
1730-1800 15310 WER 100 kW 135 deg to EaAF Tigrigna Tue/Fri

Radio Voice of The People:
1800-1900  9345 MDC 250 kW 265 deg to ZWE  English/Shona/Ndebele

Lutheran World Federation, Voice of Gospel (Sawtu Linjilia)
1830-1900 15315 WER 500 kW 180 deg to WeCeAF Fulfulde

Sound of Hope:
2200-2300  6280 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese Fri/Sat
2200-2300  7105 TSH 100 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
2200-2300  9635 TSH 100 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
2300-2400  6280 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese Fri/Sat
2300-2400  7310 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
0900-1100  9540 TSH 100 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese Sat/Sun
0900-1100 11760 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese Sat/Sun
1100-1300  7280 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
1300-1400  6030 TSH 100 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
1300-1400  6240 BAO 100 kW 310 deg to EaAS Chinese
1300-1400  7310 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
1300-1400 11760 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
1400-1500  9450 PAO 100 kW 335 deg to EaAS Chinese
1400-1500 11760 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
1500-1600  9450 PAO 100 kW 335 deg to EaAS Chinese
1600-1700 11765 TSH 100 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 22)

6150  Radio Bayrak verified with a full data personal letter and full data
card ("The best station in the nation") with a big envelop of goodies in
472 days from initial report and 152 days from a follow up report from v/s
Mustafa Tosun, Department Head of Transmissions.

His letter was dated November 27th so there was quite a delay in getting
the package to me. Among the items in the package were several tourist
booklets in English, several local magazines in Turkish, a booklet about
Myths and Legends in English, several city maps Gazimagusa, Girne, Iskele
and Lefkosa, other road maps of North Cyprus, half dozen tourist things to
do? brochures and two tote bags. I presume the late November posting was
by surface mail and the size and weight of the package made the postal
trip a long one.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Apr 22)

FALKLAND ISL   Felix Riess DL5XL hat auf seiner Reise auf den Falklands
Station gemacht und im Museum einen FRG-7 gefunden, das Bild dazu auf
unserer Facebookseite

Ein Kurzwellenempfaenger im Museum, entdeckt auf den Falkland-Inseln in
einer Ausstellung zum 30. Jahrestag des britisch-argentinischen Krieges:
"The radio used by the Heathman family and their friends at Estancia Farm
to listen to the BBC World News, the highly amusing 'Radio Rye' and even
the Task Force..." - in Stanley, Falkland Islands.

Weiters schreibt Felix:
Den Yaesu FRG-7 nutze ich zu Hause bis heute. Inzwischen senden die
Falklands nicht mehr auf Kurzwelle, aber zwei MW-Sender auf 530 kHz und
550 kHz sind noch in Betrieb. In Suedafrika soll der Empfang auf 530 kHz
gelegentlich moeglich sein - in Europa wohl kaum.

Danke Felix fuer die Nachrichten fast vom Ende der Welt.
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM,  <>  Apr 22)

FRANCE   9530  AWR via Issoudun France in probably Tigre language and HOA
typical music at 0325 UT Apr 26. Scheduled 0300-0330 UT, S=9+15dB suffers
in dead sidelobe zone here in Germany, some short 550 kms away across
river Rhine.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 26)

GERMANY   693 MW  Oranienburg Rehmate relay. Nice QSL-letters have been
received from Lutherische Stunde, Postfach 1162, D-27363 Sottrum, Germany
on their broadcast Jan 23 at 1755-1800 UT in German. On Jan 31 they
dropped the relays via Voice of Russia due to reduced frequency
availability. Instead they can now be heard daily via HCJB, Weenermoor, on
3995 at 0825-0830 LT and 1955-2000 and at 1925-1930 LT Wednesdays via R
Luxemburg on 1440 MW. Alltimes are local German time.
(Jorgensen and Anker Petersen-both DEN, dswci DXW Apr 17)

GERMANY   3995 and soon also on 7365 kHz from May 1.
"Missionswerk Voice of Hope" ab sofort Dienstags auf Radio HCJB um 16.30
UT. / Tuesdays at 1630 UT (not AWR VoHope ...)

Hallo zusammen, ab sofort laeuft jeden Dienstag ein einstuendiges Programm
des "Missionswerkes Voice of Hope e.V." (nicht zu verwechseln mit dem
gleichnamigen AWR-Programm). Zeit: 16.30 UTC, Frequenz 3995 kHz
(demnaechst auch // 7365 kHz) from Weenermoor.

Adresse muesste lauten (wird aber sicher auch am Ende der Sendung

Missionswerk Voice of Hope e.V.
Eckenhagener Str. 21
51580 Reichshof
Man freut sich dort ueber Empfangsberichte.
(Stephan Schaa-D, A-DX Apr 2)

HFCC registrations for HCJB Weenermoor according to

3995 2300-2200 Weenermoor 10 kW non-dir 1234567 31-Mar 27-Oct-2013

7365 0000-2400 Weenermoor 10 kW 145degr 1234567 01-May 27-Oct-2013
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 21)

GERMANY/USA   Compliance Follow-up Review of the International
Broadcasting Bureau Germany Transmitting Stations [Biblis and
Lampertheim]. Posted on March 26, 2013

most interesting item:
One Foreign Service officer serves as the station manager, and there are
19 locally employed staff members at two functioning sites, Lampertheim
and Bib1is, both located in the Consulate General Frankfurt consular
district. The IBB Germany Transmitting Station sold the property at
Erching, a third nonfunctioning site.
(March 28)

11610  AWR via MBR Nauen site in Amharic service for Ethiopia to East
Africa. 0330-0400 UT. Weak S=7 on sidelobe signal.

11680  Terrible mixture signal of NHK Radio Japan World Tokyo via MBR FMO
provider with 250 kW of power at Nauen Germany in Japanisch, RHC Cuba in
Spanish sce , and CNR Shijiazhuang #723 site in Chinese logged all Co-
CHANNEL at 0352 UT Apr 26, S=8-9 signal in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 26)

GERMANY  [Reichspost to 1945 / USSR occupied Zone of Germany / GDR fr
Zeesen SW TXer Site Aerial Imagery - 1943.
I happened upon this website (below) just a while ago.


Apparently it appears to show the German SW TXer site of Zeesen from the
year 1943. The website appears to provide access to home users of its
imagery for as little as UK18pounds per year.

If you knew anyone in Germany interested in a larger size image of this
site & to whom 18pounds isn't all that important consideration then by all
means pass this message on.

The Scottish government website also has plenty of other worldwide WW2 era
images available (mainly Europe). So far I've only found the above tx site
from their collection, but I've only checked Germany, Denmark & The
Netherlands so far. The listing of countries covered appears on their

The GE files on the website are very useful for determining image areas.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsites yg March 30)

Re Reichspost / GDR Stasi Zeesen,
Zeesen SW TXer Site Aerial Imagery - of 1943year.

former Reichspost 1927-1945 / Stasi transmitter mit 1960 til 1990 year.
52 16 25.37 N  13 37 01.95 E


Hi Ian, Yes, both correct.
But there is another shortwave site of German Foreign radio service in
1927 to 1945 (Nazi era) to mention:

Nearby KoeWu-4 like KoenigsWusterhausen#4 at

52 16 25.37 N  13 37 01.95 E

D_DJAtoDJZ_DXAtoDXZ_DZAtoDZZ Zeesen_Koe_Wu#4_DLSender_former Reichspost
1927-1945. GDR Stasi from 1960-1990 year.

Was on air as national LW sender "Deutschlandsender program" in 20 Dec
1927 til 19 May 1939 on frequency 183.5, from 15 Jan 1934-1939: 191 kHz,
60 kW only.

Also first television test transmissions in Germany from 1930 year.

From 26 Aug 1929 onwards some shortwave transmissions started on 9560 kHz
as DJA 8 kW. And DJD 11760, DJB 15200 started in 22 Jan 1932, program
exchange with NBC New York.

Further installations erected with the short calls DJA to DJZ, DXA to DXZ,
and DZA to DZZ followed, especially 12x50/+1x50/+1x12 kW sw txs erected
before Olympic Games started in August 1936.

Was used as main SHORTWAVE station from Germany from 1929 to 1945.

Antennas 60 kW LW tx, 24x curtain arrays, 4 x rhombic, 1 x non-dir
vertical, 2 masts of 210 m height for lw, 11 masts of 70 m, 13 x masts of
100 m, 16 x wooden masts of 30 meters height.

The 60 kW LW tx was also a jamming station against French and British
radio in 1942 to 1945. Smaller two txs were meant for jamming against US
and British bomber fleet radio traffic during the WW II.

All radio gear was confiscated by the Russian occupants in 1945, and
equipment brought to the SowjetUnion then.

The area had no communication purpose in 1946-1959.
In 1960 to 1990 the GDR-German secret service used that area for shortwave
communication using 4 water cooled x 25 kW txs, and 28 aircooled txs of 1
to 20 kW.

Antennas 9x horizontal bow-nets, 8x vertical bow-nets non-dir, 4x
horizontal log-periodics, 9x rhombics in 3vertical levels, 2x W3DZZ, two
parabolics for link access to headquarter. 62x pipe masts of 30 m height,
3x3x lattice towers of 45 m height, 1x lattice mast for micro link of 59 m

(infos taken from "100 years of radio broadcasting in Germany", written by
Peter Manteuffel)
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 4 2007 / April 24, 2013)

658 kHz  {Reichspost foreign service sender in WW II}
"This 100 kW transmitter at Norden Osterloog, west of Bremen, did consist
of ten[!] antenna masts. Used two beam masts of 150 meters height each.
And was radiation coupled with four masts each as directors and

Power gain was boost amplifier five times, so the total output was of 500
kW power. Frequency usage was later during WW II variable, between 500 and
1500 kHz. (taken from "Der deutsche Rundfunk" 1994, and "Technik im
Rundfunk" 1985." Telefunken 100 kW tx at Osterloog, inauguration on Oct 5,

Original aimed to lent out (rent) to the British firm "Air Time Ltd.", to
broadcast commercial advert. broadcasts to England. Started regular
service on November 28, 1939 on the frequency of 759 kHz, 395.8 meters.
But changed later to 904 for short time, and then permanently to 658 kHz
456 meters.

But confiscated at WW II time for Nazi propaganda transmissions to western
Europe. Called as internal name ""Studioanlage der Versuchsanlage 'N'",
later as "Reichssender Bremen".

After WW II end from May 1945 til - at least - March 1950, this station
was used for BBC London European Sercive on 658 kHz 456 m, and 1295 kHz
100 kW. The antenna masts reverted to a directional South East Europe

Parallel BBC frequencies in 1948: Otringham 167 kHz 1796 m; Dobl, Austria
886 338.6, Crowborough 1122 267.3.

BBC English ES and English by Radio from 0545-2300; except 15-minute
progrs in BBC German at 0500, 0600, 0800, 1300, 1600, 1645, 1700, 1815,
1900, and 2300, all local time; separate BBC German to Austria at 0630,
1230, 1715. BBC Polish at 0530, 1330, 1830, 2130.

BBC ES was host for special services of "ACE - America Calling Europe" in
Polish 1615-1630.

Osterlog aerial pictures of 1943:


page # 25 on

(NCAP Scotland, is the National Collection of Aerial Photography;
(wb df5sx, Germany, Dec 11, 2003, April 24-2013 BC-DX via dxld)

SW schedule effective from 31/03/13 to 26/10/13 at 00:00 UTC
VOICE OF GREECE (ERA-5) Shortwave Schedule

Effective from 03/31/13 to 10/28/13 00:00 UTC
UTC        Avlis1/f/az  Avlis2f/az  Avlis3f/az
0000-0100  15650/226     7475/285    9420/323
0100-0200  15650/226     7475/285    9420/323
0200-0300  15650/226     7475/285    9420/323
0300-0400  *15650/226   *7475/285    9420/323
0400-0500  11645/182    15630/285    9420/323
0500-0600  11645/182    15630/285    9420/323
0600-0700  11645/182    15630/285    9420/323
0700-0800  11645/182    15630/285    9420/323
0800-0900  SILENT
0900-1000  SILENT
1000-1100  SILENT
1100-1200  SILENT
1200-1300  #9935/285    15630/285    9420/323
1300-1400  #9935/285   *15630/285    9420/323
1400-1500  #9935/285    15650/105    9420/323
1500-1600  #9935/285    15650/105    9420/323
1600-1700  *#9935/285   15650/105    9420/323
1700-1800  #7450/323    15650/105    9420/323
1800-1900  #7450/323   *15650/105    9420/323
1900-2000  #7450/323    15630/285    9420/323
2000-2100  #7450/323    15630/285    9420/323
2100-2200  #7450/323    15630/285    9420/323
2200-2300 *#7450/323   *15630/285    9420/323
2300-2400  15650/226     7475/285    9420/323
*Transmission ends 10 minutes earlier

Weekly maintenance every Monday at 0800-1400 UT
Daily maintenance at 0800-1200 UT

Greece Time: UTC+3hrs
Time UTC   f/az       Main Coverage Area
1200-1650  9935/285   Europe
1700-2250  7450/323   Europe
(updates by  e-mail: <bcharalabopoulos @ via
John Babbis-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 22)

GUAM   9720  QSL. Got a QSL-cards from the "Voices of Hope" from Tula [via
Agat Guam] for receiving AWR in Russian, on 8 Apr 2013 at 1330-1400 UT on
9720 kHz frequency. On the card shows the transmitter Guam, 100 kW and
stamped "Voices of Hope". The reports sent the e-mail:
<golosnadezhdi @>
The card has two nigretyanki listen to the radio.
(Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan, Russia / "qsl-dx")

INDIA   The latest list of All stations of All India Radio including
frequencies as on 10 Apr 2013 is now available in the official website as
Total stations: 376  Total Transmitters: 548
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia Apr 22)

INDIA   9870  AIR Bengaluru on the road to DRM.
MUMBAI: With digital stated to be as the future of radio, most stations of
All India Radio are aiming to rope in Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
transmitters to improve its transmission and content quality. After
successfully testing the signals as part of a live in-car demo, the DRM
signals will now be tested in AIR Bengaluru to monitor the quality of

AIR Bengaluru will be testing DRM signals for the entire week commencing
Monday, using a 500 kW transmitter for their Vividh Bharati Service on
9870 kHz

More at:
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Apr 23)   RIZ Zagreb Croatia 500 kW unit. wb.

ISRAEL  Re: no Galei Zahal service on 15850 kHz at 0600 UT, Apr 13.
Galei Zahal noted today after 2130 UT with song and telephone talk with
listeners, at 2000 UTC it was not there.
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld Apr 21)

Sarathi - there is no propagation this night on 19meterband from ISR to
IND?, or your antenna is disturbed?

Both transmitters of Galei Zahal are REAL on air at 2155 UT April 21.
Heard both outlets on air in //
6884.964 very odd, S=9+20dB in Iceland SDR remote unit.
15850.005 kHz weak only S=3-4 just on threshold in Iceland, but further
south at Isle of Wight U.K. low noise remote unit at S=8 signal strength.

Galei Zahal armed forces radio station noted back on air on both txs from
April 15 onwards, and reported also positively in Austrian newsgroup A-DX.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 21)

ITALY   Actually looking more carefully at the July 2012 Street View
imagery I can see that ALL of the curtain array antennas have now come
down, but most of the support masts are still in place or were in July

Looking at the very latest GE & SV Imagery of the former Rai Prato
Smeraldo transmission site; there is now evidence that several of the SW
support masts for the curtain arrays have now come down.

Re: Italy: Prato Smeraldo - down they come......
Hi Andrea, Thanks for the report. Probably just the 3 SW mast towers to
the SE removed.

I look through my archive of images of this txer site & the web, but find
no hi-res large digital camera images of this site - just low res or old
low/med res images. Has anyone visited this site just before it closed for
images inside or for hi res images of the curtain arrays?

The 2008 Street View images that did show the curtain array antennas were
very poor. Global Street View imagery was quite poor pre 2009/2010. Of
course the new 2012 Street View images of the site show all the curtain
arrays gone.

It would be disappointing if no further images of this tx site were taken.
Maybe someone has a private collection? I don't see anything on
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsites yg Apr 25)

Andrea Borgnino wrote, yes ... I see the site last week from my car ...
all the tower are still there ... without any antenna.
Andrea Borgnino IW0HK
(Andrea Borgnino-ITA, SW TXsites yg Apr 25)

Some remain images of RAI Smeraldo shortwave site close to Rome capital




(Andrea Borgnino via Marie Lamb-USA, Cumbre Dx, Aug 8, 1998)

KOREA  D.P.R.   6101.23v  KCBS, Pyongyang, at 1333 UT on Apr 02, after
briefly returning to the exact frequency, they have again gone off
frequency; in Korean with hum // 9665.000 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dswci DXW Apr 17)

6100.000 Symphonic music, violine concert // 9665.000 kHz, exact
frequency, when used the new transmitters at Kujang tx site, where new
Chinese txs Made by BBEF company has been erected. Scheduled 1300-1800 UT,
2000-0835 UT.

KRE - Voice of Korea Kujang, Main power / frequency accuracy seems
improved during Korean night at least, many exact even .000 kHz settings

Is my strong guess, according extensive monitoring during Febr/March 2013
of new 9 to 10 tx units, that D.P.R.'s Kim Jong-Un government bought new
BBEF Chinese transmitters equipment from Beijing China, ... and
installed/connected at Kujang transmission center site in past 5 weeks
since Febr 1st til March 15.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 20)

Re: KRE on 6100 even from Kujang site.
Did you happen to see the following story from LAST YEAR? Engineers from
Beijing BBEF Science and Technology were NOT allowed to go to DPRK to
install the new transmitters, but DPRK engineers instead went to China to
train on how to install and operate the transmitters. BBEF website does
not show any new information about their activities in 2013.

(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Apr 21)

Thanks Ron, yes, we reported about various activities of Chinese firm BBEF
Beijing few times in the past.

We heard and reported a BBEF item on 16 Aug 2008, about the new SW txs at
Cerrik and Shijak Albania in November 2004.

BBEF also involved in delivery of MW and SW txs at NAYPYIDAW in Myanmar,
completed in March 2010.

We at wwdxc had reported already on 24 Jan 2012 the BBEF delivery story to
foreign countries like
and new Semi jamming on 1170 kHz just happened to be co-channel with VOA
transmissions to China via Poro-PHL, against VOA Poro as 600 kW MW
transmitter in Jiangxi log before North Korea Tech featured the same

Projects in North Korea - D.P.R.

"our company supplies North Korea with 10 kW TV transmitter, 20 / 50 / 100
/ 150 kW SW radio transmitters, 600 kW MW radio transmitter, together with
the accessories."

BUT the website in Chinese language brought the MAIN INTERESTING ITEM of
the SECRET behaviour of the North Koreans, belonging erecting new BBEF
hardware {6 - 7 SW units, I guess} at Korean domestic sce Kanggye site in
2011 {and at least 9 - 10 units at foreign and jamming station Kujang in
Febr 2013 now}.
"will be installed is a state secret..." see below.


Automatic translation Chinese - English:
"From 1-27 June 2011 a delegation of eight technicians from KPPTC, North
Korea, joined a training programme at the company, centred on the current
SW transmitter contract and the previous MW contract. "Due to political
factors on the North Korean side, the site where the shortwave
transmitter(s) will be installed is a state secret, so the installation
and set-up of the 100 kW shortwave transmitter(s) will have to be solved
entirely by North Korean technicians and it will be impossible for
technicians from our company to visit North Korea to inspect. Meanwhile
the installation of the shortwave transmitter(s) is taking place in (a)
tunnel(s), and there are a huge number of technical problems to be

North Korean trainee project.
North Korea SW Project Technical Training was Rounded off.


100 kW SW Project in Vietnam

mentions BBEF 500 / 600 kW in 2009 and 2010, unfortunately Chinese text is
an image, and could not be translated by Google Chinese / English

Similar training have done also for the Ethiopian engineering staff.

"The training lasted for one month. And the courses were designed
according to the equipments, including dual-cast transmitter
[AM and digital WHITE NOISE jamming, wb.},

FM transmitter system and relevant apparatus, which would be exported to
Ethiopia. Various teaching forms, such as lectures, real machine operation
and resolving doubts, were adopted during the training. Ethiopian cadets
enriched their knowledge and made progress through the discussion and
interaction with BBEF technicians."
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 21)

MICRONESIA   4755.513  PMA Cross Radio April 25, at 0838 UT, Christian
music and announcers in English. The Cross continues its drift up in
frequency. I don't usually look this early for them and was surprised. My
logs show off at 1200 UT. Always in the clear and a fairly easy catch.
(Mike Gilchrist-IA-USA, dxld Apr 25)

MONTSINERY CLOSURE    The international broadcast centre at Montsinery in
French Guyana reportedly closed in early April. The centre has five
transmitters of 500 kilowatts. Built in 1981 by TDF (formerly
TeleDiffusion de France) allowed international stations like the BBC or
RFI to reach the whole American continent, West Africa and Australia.

Several reasons for the closure were mentioned: competition from Internet
and satellite platforms, and also the fact that many developing countries
were our main targets are more stable politically," explained Rene
Iafrate. The territorial delegate in charge of TDF Guyana admitted
"Shortwave no longer attracts and the market collapses. Our turnover is
now four times lower and it is difficult in these conditions to continue
operating the site, the biggest consumer of electricity in French Guyana.
It is also not the only one to close - Bonaire (off Venezuela) and
Sackville (Canada) have suffered the same fate.

The Montsinery base will be dismantled in 6 to 9 months and the 6
employees at the site offered training by TDF for alternative employment.
(adapted from report by Sami Niemelaeinen-FIN via Partha Sarathi Goswami-
IND via Glenn Hausers-OK-USA, dxld on NZL DX Times April)

MYANMAR   5985.785  Myanmar Radio from Rangoon, local Burmese pop music,
weak signal at 1540 UT Apr 25 heard on Tokyo sdr unit. Weak S=6 signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 25)

PNG   3384.997  NBC affiliate on April 25, at 1122 UT. Typical programming
in Pidgin, was surprised to hear at 1125 UT English Christian motivational
PSA in English. Other NBC outlets also fair to strong this morning.

3205v kHz still struggling with whatever it is happening on 3185 kHz that
continues to QRM over 50 kHz of the band, 3260v kHz fair, 3365v kHz poor.
3905 kHz is still missing.

7324.963   WRL, April 24, at 0925 UT, Fair signal w/open carrier on
7325 kHz. Usual religious programming in Pidgin. 0931 UT Signal suddenly
degraded with modulation on 7325 kHz. 1042 UT when I rechecked the signal
on 7325 kHz was gone and WRL was alone with a fair signal.

April 25, at 0930 UT, fair signal with open carrier on 7325 kHz, usual
programming. 1000 open carrier on 7325. 1030 open carrier suddenly off
with no modulation at all this morning. 1100 still in the clear, stunning
signal. 1139 still in the clear and strong! Well past my 1114 sunrise.
1147 an USB convo in Spanish on 7325.360 kHz (short lived). 1200 still in
the clear and absolutely listenable. 1203 carrier came up on 7325 for
several seconds and then off. 1215 still in the clear and going strong,
one hour after my sunrise! 1kw??? 1220 starting to fade. The engineers
must be testing the transmitter. I suspect we may lose the opportunity for
this DX station soon.
(Mike Gilchrist-IA-USA, dxld Apr 25)

PERU   4789.886  Radio Vision on April 25, at 0814 UT, Besides having to
contend with the obnoxious CODAR windshield wiper QRM, now it seems the
frequency is being jammed by a signal stronger on a SW heading/lesser on
SE heading. Typical religious programming w/music audible underneath the
(Mike Gilchrist-IA-USA, dxld Apr 25)

PORTUGAL   MW transmitters in Portugal. Inside information from a person
working at r/com group (Radio Renascenca' s group, also owner of Radio
Sim), who post the original message (in Portuguese) at


the administration gave the order to switch off temporarily some MW
transmitters in Portugal mainland. Therefore, the transmitters at Evora
(927 kHz 1 kW), Valongo (1251 kHz 10 kW) & Viseu (1251 kHz 10 kW) have
been inactive since last week. r/com is still evaluating the situation of
963 kHz Seixal, which could be the next one.

The decision of the nationwide commercial religious (Catholic) broadcaster
is a consequence of the economic crisis in Portugal, which led to serious
cuts in advertising revenues, forcing media (including radio stations) to
cost reduction. The affected txs were chosen because they are located in
regions already served by VHF-FM transmitters:

97.5 kHz Portel (near Evora), 100.8 MHz Maia (tx in Valongo - near
Oporto), 106.4 Viseu & 102.2 MHz Palmela (near Setubal, covering also
Lisbon). The remaining transmitters should work as usual. Meanwhile, Muge
594 kHz uses the space transmitter running at 1 kW in order to save on the
electricity bill.

The station did not decided yet when should the transmitters be
reactivated; viability studies will take in account the evolution of DRM
(Digital Radio Mondiale) in Europe - to see if it is worth keeping active
MW licences. I hope RR's definition for "temporary" / "provisional" ; is
not synonymous with "permanent".
Best regards & 73s, Luis Carvalho, Portugal
(via Dario Monferini-ITA, April 11, playdx yg via dxld)

PORTUGAL   RDPi - Radio Portugal: a question of semantics.

I decided to enquire about the actual fate of our HF site at sao Gabriel,
and even before going into details, the RTP official on the phone
explained that - contrary to recent news on the issue, i.e. the suspension
and later suppression of HF b/casts -, strictly speaking, there is no
suppression... yet.

In a parliamentary inquiry, the RTP administration recently confirmed the
suspension, not suppression, but added "there are no plans to reactivate
RDPi on HF due to a number of reasons."

This means the licence for HF use is still in their hands, and if is not
renewed, than one simply can't expect any private b/caster here will
eventually fill the gap by being licensed to "replace" the RDPi. That's
shear utopia.

If such a reply from the administration isn't devious, than I don't know
what is. Like many things in this country, there seems to be a difference
between A and B, only simple mortals can't find it ...

Whether it is soon to speculate on the fate of the HF site, needless to
say the RTP person I spoke with simply couldn't say a word about it, and
I'm sure there would be no premature disclosure to me about the whole
business either, if this official knew something about it.

So, who knows, maybe, just maybe Sao Gabriel's waves are heard once more
in the future.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 22)

ROMANIA   11795 replaced by change to 11805/11985 kHz. Cambio frecuencia
Estimados amigos, Os informo que, para no afectar el trafico aereo, la
frecuencia de 11795 kHz de las 1900 UT ha sido reemplazada por la
frecuencia de 11985 kHz. Un cordial saludo.
(RRI Victoria Sepciu-ROU, dxld Apr 18)

Air traffic? Presumably a higher harmonic on VHF of 11795 was the problem.
Is there an airport or glide path close to which transmitter site?

Wait a minute, HFCC as of April 19 does not show any 11985 for RRI, but
11795 was scheduled in Spanish via Galbeni at 23-24, not 1900. However,
the April 15 HFCC did have Tiganeshti in Spanish at 19-20 on 11795, but it
was completely removed later rather than showing a TDATE, and not (yet?)
replaced with 11985 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 20)

Airports nearby
19 km southerly Bucharest Otopeni International.
21 km northwesterly at Strejnicu  44 55 25.48 N  25 57 47.59 E

ROMANIA   R Romania International heard in Spanish at 1910 tune-in today,
12 April, on new 11805 kHz, ex-11795, still in // with 9665 kHz. 9665 kHz
meanwhile completely wipes out REE Spain in English on the same channel,
although fortunately, // 11615 kHz to Africa is well heard.
(Alan Roe-UK, dxld)

And RRI heard in French at 1600 UT on 9800 (ex 9810) kHz.
(Jean-Michel Aubier-F, ibid.)

11805  Yes, noted RRI Bucharest Spanish service when checked on Apr 22 at
1945-1955 UT, signal at S=9+25dB level in western Europe, but a lot
stronger on // 9665 kHz S=9+45dB powerhouse, covered totally REE English
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 22)

Frequency changes of Radio Romania International:
1600-1656  9800 TIG 300 kW 292 deg WeEUR French,  ex  9810 // 11915
1900-1956 11805 TIG 300 kW 277 deg SoEUR Spanish, ex 11795 // 9665*
* strong co-channel REE in English Mon-Fri, bad frequency choice.
(DX MIX NEWS #776 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov-BUL, Apr 16)

RUSSIA   Industry report of the Federal Agency for the Press and Mass
Communication, "Broadcasting in Russia in 2012. Situation, Trends and

(2.3 MB, in Russian), ("Radiopanorama" for 20.04.13.)
(Alexander Dyadischev-UKR, "deneb-radio-dx" & "open_dx"; RUSdx Apr 21)

SRI LANKA   11905  on 2 Apr at 0117 UT. UNID. Strong signal of 1 kHz. At
0120 UT Indian music. Listening in SDR, Twente. At 0121 UT Yl talk with
buzz moderate. At 0127 UT local music. In my QTH very weak signal, but
does not appear to be the same broadcast, perhaps SLBC. Constants cuts in
the modulation at 0134 UT. The buzz back when there is modulation. In the
air at that moment. (Jorge Freitas-BRA, hcdx Apr 2)

11904.991  Yes, SLBC Colombo Ekala program, probably Tamil service.
Noted at 0149 UT Apr 2nd, with young shrill lady singer, S=6 here in
Germany. I visited that station on tourist trip in 1975.

Measured footprints of tonight:
11904.991 kHz S=6
 7189.797 kHz S=5 just above threshold level.
Had to switch OFF the AGC=off, and set volume level by hand.

Til 0157 UT TRT Emirler in Spanish powerhouse covered 3rd channel, but
after close-down of TRT, heard Ekala program here around 0159 UT Apr 2nd
on 9770.204 kHz, also S=5 level, not strong matter this night.
(wb, hcdx April 2)

TAIWAN/ROMANIA   15430.009  Today April 20 at 1100 UT Radio Free Sarawak
ONLY heard on remote SDR units in Far East.

In Moscow and Germany powerhouse RRI Galbeni in English sce with backlobe
signal of Ce&EaAfrican service, but still S=9 signal. Weather report and
news from Romania started 1102 UT.

Radio Free Sarawak in Bahasa Malay or tentat Iban(?) language, but not in
English, at 1110 UT Apr 20, S=8-9 signal in Tokyo on back/sidelobe signal
at 47degrees azimuth towards JPN, see 200 degr item of Ivo towards MLA.

Usual odd frequency Taiwanese signal, some 9 Hertz higher than even RRI
Galbeni 15430.000 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 20)

Radio Free Sarawak again on 15430 kHz.
Radio Free Sarawak-history of changes:
1100-1300 15430 TAI 100 kW 200 deg SoEaAS Iban Mar31,Apr 1/2/3/4/6/18/19
1100-1300 15425 TAI 100 kW 200 deg SoEaAS Iban April 5 only
1100-1300 15420 TAI 100 kW 200 deg SoEaAS Iban April 7-17
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 19)

TAIWAN   RTI (Taiwan) SW TXer Site News 2013-Apr-11.

As I expected RTI finally officially announced that the Huwei SW TXer will
close in the near future. Also new from my observations; I note new (just
released) GE imagery of the Kouhu & Paochung SW Txer site.

Kouhu appears to still have the two SW 'net style LP antennas, as
previously in other imagery.

Of particular interest to me is the very recent imagery of the Paochung SW
Txer site. At the northern section of this txer site there "appears" to be
new SW antenna mast sections (lying on the ground) ready for assembly of a
possible new SW curtain array at this site.

It could 'possibly' be that the mast sections are from a disassembled
curtain array from one of the long since unused arrays at either Huwei or
Tainan - we need confirmation of this.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TX site Apr 11)

Of particular interest to me is the very recent imagery of the Paochung SW
Txer site. At the northern section of this txer site there "appears" to be
new SW antenna mast sections (lying on the ground) ready for assembly of a
possible new SW curtain array at this site.

It could 'possibly' be that the mast sections are from a disassembled
curtain array from one of the long since unused arrays at either Huwei or
Tainan - we need confirmation of this.

I guess Taiwan is awaiting new Thomcast ant and TX equipment soon, right ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 18)

Re: Kouhu site location ?
Hi Wolfy, The SW antennas easily seen here:
23.534195 N  120.167644 E

The MW antennas found a long time ago (re Alan's notes). the SW antennas
only very recently seen in GE with the new higher resolution imagery.

Maybe Keith Perron knows more about the Thomcast Txers etc. I suspect
those plans were cancelled, if RTI was the client? RTI doesn't claim to
know anything about new SW DRM txers.

Could this leave one of the two other Taiwanese SW broadcasters? I don't
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TX site Apr 19)

This is your e-mail of 2010, see also the log-periodics ?


both antennas at Kouhu ARE HORIZONTAL LOG PERIODICS at

TAIWAN   Kouhu - Hukou Village. Here's a new Panoramio image of a net
style LOG periodic at or near the RTI Kouhu site. I didn't know RTI
utilised any log periodics SW antennas at any of it's sites?? Perhaps this
antenna is used by a different organisation adjacent to the RTI site?? I'm
really not sure - more investigation needed.


Below is the link to the previously seen RTI MW antenna at Kouhu.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Jan 17, 2010)

Ian, acc to Ampegon/Thomson prospectus
- the easy RIGID antenna is NOT of revolving type,
- but can be slewed +/-30 degr,
- revolving unit of RIGID type, but called Ampegon RCA 2/2 or 4/4 dipol
  element are revolving types though.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 20)

Re: TWN_PAO Pao-Chung Bau Jong_new Thomcast antennas 23Feb2013

Hi Wolfy, Thanks for the information.
You may well be correct with your thoughts re *Bau Jong & *Thomson Ampegon

Time will tell I guess. I'll keep an eye on that. Also perhaps a new
electricity substation added there recently or so it appears?

I found an email item today from a year ago that Huwei TX site would
That decision was made back in 2009 apparently!

Also seemingly that either a 90 or 75mb outlet SW antenna removed from
Kouhu site some time ago (assume many years ago now), but I find no early
imagery to confirm that.

New land clearing around the old PaLi site. But the disused PaLi site
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Apr 20)

see my finding in BING, seen is an easy Dipol two mast in 267 and 310degr
direction. Kouhu appears to still have the two SW 'net style LP antennas,
as previously in other imagery.

G.E. image of 23 Febr 2013
New Thomcast RCA / RIGID antennas on CBS / RTI site ?

TWN _ PAO Pao-Chung / Bau Jong,
new Thomcast antennas, image of 23 Febr 2013,
seemingly two revolving RIGID type antennas, like at Sines Portugal
23 43 38.83 N  120 18 02.96 E

see older Terraserver image of 21 May 2012

but probably also remove of the older easy dipol masts and will be
replaced by another Thomcast antenna ?? RCA 2x2 / 4x4 dipols,
or RIGID antenna.

the tx building site is being cleared? at:
23 43 38.68 N  120 17 57.70 E
probably dipole antennas and the four poles to be removed, and replaced by
revolving RIGID ANTENNA unit.

see Sines antenna images:
enclosed revolving Thomson Ampegon RCA 4 x 4 dipols antenna
enclosed revolving Thomson Ampegon RIGID antenna

see below.

History of 5 Jan 2013:
TAIWAN  Reading all this gloom & doom on the shortwave front here's
something to cheer up for 2013...

Five new 300 kW DRM compatible shortwave transmitters for Asia
{source code shows Taiwan mentioned, wb.}

No info on where these txers are headed for but my wild guess is Taiwan
... yours ?
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, dxld Dec 29, 2012)
If you look at the photo source in the press release, the filename
actually has "Taiwan" in it!

_taiwan diagonal_3.jpg>
(Fibber, dxld Dec 30, 2012)

Alokesh: More than likely it could be for RTI in Taipei (My Best Guess),
but who knows? This may improve the signal of the RTI station by insuring
they don't loose the relay via Okeechobee reaching from the US to Asia.
Ampegon is a newly formed company which was part known as Thomson-CSF at
one time and possibly Swiss German ABB {at Turgi-SUI, Mannheim /
Schifferstadt Germany}. I wish them luck in this new project.
(Noble-TN, dxld Dec 30, 2012)

Re: Five new 300 kW DRM compatible shortwave transmitters for Asia.

These were my wildest assumptions, wb.
[see Taiwan location mentioned ABOVE in PDF source code]

Hm, five Rigid antennas ... RIGID antenna page 7 right of
also image of DRM RTL Junglinster Luxemburg directional antenna aimed at
Berlin angle. "near distant coverage" antenna, also visible once at TRT
Cakirlar northern area part, DWL Sines Portugal...

Re RTL, actually modestly directional, with comparatively steep elevation.
This antenna aims at Berlin, it was an attempt to achieve the best
possible coverage of Germany on 6090 / 6095 which they intended to use for
that paltry "national radio station for Germany" which, as it seems, could
soon be replaced by some new program output from Berlin, considering that
they applied for a new licence there.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Dec 30, 2012)

Rigid Dipole Antennas [not revolving type]
Shortwave broadcasters with near distant coverage areas can now profit
from a space-saving antenna innovation from Ampegon based on our well-
proven rigid folded dipole technology. An obvious disadvantage of
classical open wire design, i.e. the need of antenna suspension towers
with all their guy ropes, is reduced to a single self-supporting central
tower. Consequently ground space, material, assembly and maintenace works
are minimized to a cost-efficient solution. With robust, easy-to-maintain
and highly reliable RF components, the system has a very high availability
with extraordinarily long MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and very short
MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).

The rigid dipole antenna has a remarkably small footprint and allows
installation on even smallest estates. There is no need of extensive and
complex guy ropes including insulations and foundations. The antenna
radiation characteristics are optimized for DRM.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 30, 2012)

On PDF page 4: economical Rigid antenna,
KUWAIT IBB KUWAIT Thomson rotatable 1.1 km feed, 2 x 250 kW
29 31 24.32 N  47 40 20.71 E

undoubtedly according a video taken of 25 Jan 2010, markable yellow
coloured feeder line poles, shaft is lemon emergency-yellow coloured,
feeder line is set inside of white tube, to protect against sand storm.

like similar but different design at Radio Kuwait Kabd site
29 08 32.99 N  47 45 14.88 E
29 08 11.77 N  47 45 38.11 E

like at DWL Sines Portugal site
37 56 26.23 N  08 46 25.28 W and
37 56 16.91 N  08 46 05.52 W

like at TRT Cakirlar site
39 58 41.95 N  32 40 45.25 E

like at Al Dhabbaya UAE site
24 11 17.22 N  54 14 54.26 E

like at different 2 x 2 dipols design at
TIWAN Kuan-Yin site, SW 9745 kHz Rigid Thomson antenna
25 02 19.84 N  121 06 14.26 E and

25 02 09.48 N  121 05 48.58 E for 6105 kHz, best image of 20 Sept 2009

That's not a pure ALLISS antenna type. There are new fixed RIGID dipol
elements in use, but the accompanied transmitter is not placed on the
shaft mast, like at other Thomson made installations at Issoudun France,
Nauen Germany, Montsinery French Guiana, and Qiqihar Heilongjiang in China
[of April 2003], but signal is fed by more than 1 kilometer distance long
feeder line from TX house, like onn Sines Portugal and Abuja Nigeria
installations implemented.

Similar "Thomson RIGID dipole antenna" erected worldwide, like 2x at DWL
Sines Portugal, RTL Luxembourg Junglinster, not real yet Radio Pakistan
Karachi {planned since 2006], Abuja Nigeria; and Turkey revolvings at
Emirler and Cakirlar sites.

On PDF page 5 and 7; same twin line 'feeder line' design like antenna at
Al Dhabbaya UAE, BUT NOT same Dipole design !

I guess strongly is Radio Kuwait Kabd installation at
29 09 10.61 N  47 45 42.18 E

like similar type Sabrata Libya
32 35 55.12 N  12 20 18.21 E

or BBC Seela Oman
21 55 18.41 N  59 36 53.10 E

or Emirler Turkey antenna
39 24 17.15 N  32 50 38.92 E

or Abuja Nigeria antenna
08 58 04.81 N  07 21 55.19 E

different feeder line design Sines Portugal at
37 56 23.14 N  08 46 06.33 W

"Thales News" #14 of winter 2003 mentioned delivery of
13 x [exThomcast] Thales TSW2500 transmitter and
a single ALLISS antenna, taken at
Qiqihar Heilongjiang in China [of April 2003]
47 20 47.09 N  124 16 07.32 E
(wb, dxld Dec 30, 2012)

TAIWAN/CHINA   28980.0  Broadcast harmonic of fundamental 9660 kHz,
16 Apr 1000 UT. Via Japan on 9660 kHz rather powerful loud. Your idea?
73 de Wolf DK2OM, (DARC / IARU Bandwatch Apr 16)

Hi Wolf and Peter,
the transmitter CBSC Radio Taiwan International is listed on Aoki Nagoya
list from Japan under 9660 kHz.

* The Aoki list asterisk denotes co-channel jamming, naturally against
radiation of mainland reception in China.

9660 kHz * R. TAIWAN INT. 1000-1400 UT daily Chinese 100kW 267degr
Kouhu in Yunlin province TWN CBSC

there are also 2 x strong 250/300 kW MW stations, each with multiple MW
masts, vissible see image

TWN _ Kouhu RTI CBS 1098 kHz 250 kW
23 32 14.40 N  120 09 49.55 E

TWN _ Kouhu TWR 1557 kHz 250 kW
23 32 13.46 N  120 10 28.23 E

The short-wave was only poor in recent years, stn are available here is
now stronger on 100 kW of power, expanded the antennas. Earlier there were
only there from the 3335 kHz.

TWN _ Kouhu SW 6075 6105 6150 7385 9660 11640 kHz,antenna 267 and 310 degr
23 32 04.41 N  120 10 04.87 E see also BING Maps

btw. Which organization produce the HX 28980.0 kHz? Taiwan or CHN jammer?

If the TWN and CHN 9660 kHz transmitter are not identifiable of exact
differ 'foot print' show frequency in 31mb (multiple on 28 MHz); it could
also be the Chinese jammer on 9660 kHz ... which were often noticed on
exact frequency.

Actually, the Taiwanese channels are always read for a frequency
inaccuracy of 10 to 100 Hertz!
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 16)

TUNISIA   7275  on April 24 at 0512 UT, IWT is gone again, altho 7285 kHz
SoAfrica and 7295 kHz Algeria via France are in normally. Not on 7225 kHz
either, night frequency which is sometimes on by mistake. Will it be off
for another week like the recent hiatus? How about the other
transmissions? Check 17735 kHz at 1600-2010v* UT if you can get it, or
7225 kHz at 1655-2110 UT, or 7345 kHz at 1900-2310 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 24)

At 1737 UT BOTH scheduled broadcasts from RTT Sfax ARE OFF at present.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 24)

TURKEY   13510  Easy INTERMODULATION formula task at the
TX center EMIRLER:
13635 0600-1300 EMR 500kW 310deg TURKISH     EUR/AM
13760 1130-1230 EMR 500kW 310deg GERMAN      EUR

13635 x 2 = 27270 minus 13760 = 13510 kHz German px
symmetrically maybe COULD also be on 13885 kHz, Turkish px.
37 wb df5sx wwdxc
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 26)

TURKEY   Uebrigens meldet Vlad aus der Ukraine, dass Istanbul Catalca
702 kHz wieder im alten Sendeplan sendet. Schedule OBSERVED
at *0258-2202* UT by Vlad.

702 kHz Istanbul Catalca Izzettin, 1200 kW (2 x 600 kW)
41 11 03.30 N  28 30 44.21 E

2nd most active mediumwave broadcaster in Turkey
Antalya Aksu Gücünde 891 kHz 600 kW.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 21)

Btw, Wolfy, may be this is news to you:
I've noted TUR-702 kHz active full day now, heard them as late as ~20z,
s.on *0258- UT, have to check sign-off time (presumed -23* UT) - 73, Vlad
(Vlad Titarev-UKR, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 21)

UKRAINE   1404 (ex549) INFA first hand - Ismail, 10 kW, broadcast from
March 1, 2013 (UR1). April 2 (16-17 pm local) spent the first DRM-tests.
In the future, reg. broadcasting in digital. Thus Ishmael - the pioneer
Ukrainian DRM broadcasting.

On the effectiveness of broadcasting in Moldova - allegedly checked in
Cahul, fine finishes ... The frequency of 1404 kHz, of course.
(Alexander Egorov-UKR, "open_dx" via RUSdx Apr 21)

April 14, 2013 13:53:58 user  (daa-dxer @ wrote:

"April 12, 2013 at RTPS" IZMAIL "were first carried out to radioveschan ¬
uw in DRM. Transmitter ¬ - TRAM-10, a modulator - DRM DMOD3, program VP-1,
a satellite"





P.S. Frequency likely, 1404 kHz, for use the AM broadcasting.
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, "open_dx", RUSdx Apr 21)

Ismajil 1404 (ex549) kHz 5 kW DRM tests
45 22 39.63 N  28 50 53.30 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 21)

In March, after a month's break, the second channel of the Donetsk
regional resumed broadcasting on medium wave (Dokuchaevsk, 1359 kHz,
40 kW) to cut back on the schedule. Air time - 0900-1148 UT.
< # msg50279>
(Alexander Dyadischev-UKR, "deneb-radio-dx", RUSdx Apr 21)

UAE   9410.047  Odd frequency transmission of BBC Sudan Arabic sce phone
in program by male announcers at 0320 UT Apr 16, disturbed low signal of
S=7. Scheduled 0300-0400 UT via Al Dhabbiya. Request entry MISSED in AOKI
list yet. Disturbed signal from powerhouse on next door 9420 kHz ERT
Voice of Greece Avlis at S=9+45dB level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 26)

U.K.    3955  KBS World Radio via Woofferton-UK  blasting-in with
excellent signal with English program at new time (to me) of 2100-2130 UT
today 21 April. This transmission doesn't show up on the KBS web site, but
is on HFCC and on EiBi since 15 April.
(Alan Roe-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Apr 21)

USA   7489.970  WBCQ noted performing somy voice Brother Stair program of
The Overcomer Ministries Voice, at 0158 UT April 19, fair S=7 signal here
in Germany.

7506.418  WRNO broadcast at 0152 UT Apr 19 was much stronger than WBCQ
though. S=9+15dB in Stuttgart. Pastor asked for collect donations, address
given twice.

9329.989usb flank signal portion ... religious program of US sermon
preacher against muslim fundamentalists. Via WBCQ station at 0316 UT Apr
26 S?8-9 here in Germany post.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 19/26)

USA   WRMI in A-13 season. Have a look at WRMI schedule grid in UT -4hrs:

Note the huge blocks of Brother Scare. Jeff says this contract lasts until
the end of May. NO DX programs Mon-Fri at 1500-1600 UT, not even on
webcast. No guarantee the old scheduling will resume in June.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Apr 22)

KGEI Belmont SW Antenna site diagram & antenna layouts
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Apr 25)

VIETNAM   7435.51  Voice of Vietnam, Son Tay, 1200-1210, Apr 07,
Vietnamese, S=9+5dB signal on remote unit in Japan.

7435.502  Voice of Vietnam, Son Tay, S=8-9 on remote SDR unit at Tokyo.
QRM de CRI Chinese 7435.000 kHz til s-off at 1157 UT Apr 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7/20)

7220.133  VoVietnam in Vietnamese at 1515 UT Apr 25, S=7 poor in Tokyo
remote unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Apr 25)

7210  VoVTN 1 Buon Ma Thuot hrd from 0930 UT w/ man and woman ancrs in
Vietnamese language and various types of background mx in domestic svc.
Faded in circa 0915 UT and at 0930 UT SINPO 24542. Trending up in signal
strength after 0930 UT (SINPO 35443 by 0955 UT) and dominating the channel
over what was presumed AIR Kolkata. By 1025 UT tune out SINPO was 45544.
Slight xmtr hum but not bothersome. Buon Ma Thuot is in the Central
Highlands of the former South Vietnam. New xmtr site for me in Vietnam.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Apr 20)

Location at
VTN  Buon Me Thuot MW 819 kHz, inactive 690 / 1090 kHz
SW 4800/6020/7210 kHz 20 kW at
12 38 37.16 N  108 01 07.73 E main MW mast
12 38 37.43 N  108 01 00.45 E reserve mast

and some other MW masts
12 38 34.47 N  108 00 59.28 E
12 38 40.52 N  108 01 01.77 E

and communications mast at
12 38 45.91 N  108 01 14.93 E

2mast SW antennas at

2masts on 10Jan2010 image, take time slide switch option
12 38 30.35 N  108 01 07.44 E
12 38 39.43 N  108 01 14.01 E

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 20)

And the fun continues: Vietnam: Son Tay - Lekhe Son Tay, Vietnam exposed
with new GE Black n White imagery from 2011. Many SW & MW arrays noted.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Apr 11)

But 2 Dec 2011 image is still dimmly and not prefect too,
though the cloud is lesser ...
(in GE V7 still only catched with time slide function)

Miss still the 27 degr array to FE CHN/RUS: probably
4 masts at 21 08 23.53 N  105 24 54.84 E
on right leg end also at
057 to JPN_CHN azimuth.

fine clear image of Africa 260deg
21 08 24.35 N  105 24 45.54 E

320 EUR / Western Russia
21 08 29.67 N  105 24 52.73 E

MW former highpower 1010 kHz 005/185deg
21 08 12.06 N  105 25 03.81 E

MW_60 / 240
21 07 58.83 N  105 25 22.98 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 18)


Check log on Iceland and Isle of Wight U.K. taken posts, here is my quick
log check at 2145-2230 UT Apr 21

15130 CNR1 ? Chinese S=8
15140 CRI ?  Chinese S=7
15205 R Cairo S=8-9 bad modulation
15215 KSDA Guam Chin S=7
15230 RHC Port S=9+15dB
15240 RA SHP S=7-8
15245 VoKorea Kujang Sp at 2216 UT, S=9+15dB via Arctic, Alaska/Canada
15290 RFA Tinian + Chinese Firedrake jamming S=9+15dB
15320 KSDA Guam Indonesian S=7
15344.933 RN ARG Sp, Andean music, S=9+20dB
15370 S=9 empty carrier only at 2221 UT, ? Cuba early on air ?
15415 RA SHP S=8-9
15435 KSDA Guam Javanese S=6
15440 RTI Taiwan En, S=8-9
15470 Vatican Radio via Tinian relay, Ch S=7-8
15480 R Cairo Port S=7-8
15505 CRI Bamako MLI, Chin low modulation S=8
15515 RA SHP S=6-7
15525 HCJA Australia, ID + mx pause filler before 2230, S=9+15dB
15610 EWTN chorus S=9+25dB
15630 Vo Greece S=9+15dB
15720 R NZLi S=6
15790 OTHR 20 kHz wide, S=9 - short lived
15800 SOH Taiwan weak S=5
73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 21)


Final results of the Associazione Italiana Radioascolto Contest.
N degr Participant, Country Points

 1. Dmitri Mezin, Russia 5345
 2. Jean Barbat, France 5208
 3. Giuseppe Pettiti, Italia-AIR 4761
 4. Hans Nerlich, Germany 4409
 5. Dmitriy Puzanov, Kazakhstan 3648
 6. Claudio Dario Perdomo, Argentina 2894
 7. Tony Ashar, Indonesia 2691
 8. Rodolfo Zucchetti, Italia-AIR 2629
 9. Guy Le Louet, France2493
10. Claees-W. Englund, Sweden 2320
11. Alwi Hasan, Indonesia 2198
12. Rene Grondin, Is. de la Reunion 2139
13. Bernd Henning, Germania 2055
14. Eugeniy A. Konyushenko, Russia 1887
15. Jorge Luis Medina, Venezuela 1803
16. Bernard Grondin, Is. de la Reunion 1747
17. Arnold Heiles, Luxemburg 1696
18. Ermanno Pasquini, Italia-AIR 1508
19. Gilles Gautier, France 757
20. Michael Brawanski, Germany 755
21. Bheilal, Indonesia 643
22. Juergen Biesinger, Germany 585
23. Jose Luis Salaverria Gomez, Spain 502
24. Hans Peter Themann, Germany 425
25. Sandro Montorsi, Italia-AIR 352.
(Pecolatto-ITA, via dswci DXW Apr 17)


32. ueberregionales DX-Treffen des Ottenauer Kurzwellenhoererklubs Murgtal
mit RTI Hoeerertreffen am 11 Mai 2013.

Am Samstag, 11. Mai 2013 findet ab 1300 Uhr Mitteleuropaeischer Sommerzeit
in der Gaststaette Steakhouse Strauss in der Marxstrasse 12 in D-76571
Gaggenau-Ottenau das 32. ueberregionale DX-Treffen fuer Kurzwellenhoerer
und Freunde des Rundfunkfernempfangs statt. Verbunden wird dieses Treffen
wie schon in den letzten Jahren wieder mit dem Hoerertreffen des Radio
Taiwan Hoererklubs Ottenau.

Wie in den letzten Jahren wird auch RTI Redaktionsleiterin Chiu Bihui
an diesem Hoerertreffen teilnehmen und uns ueber die Lage bei Radio Taiwan
 International informieren. Zu dieser Veranstaltung sind natuerlich alle
Kurzwellenhoerer, DXer und Freunde des Rundfunkfernempfangs sehr herzlich
eingeladen, unabhaengig einer Klubmitgliedschaft.

Auf dem Programm des Treffens steht ein Rueckblick ueber die
Hobbybezogenen Ereignisse in den letzten 14 Monaten in unserer Region und
das bekannte Stationsquiz. Auch eine QSL-Karten-Schau mit aktuellen und
historischen Empfangsbestaetigungen internationaler Rundfunkstationen wird
wieder zu sehen sein.

Durch eine Telefonschaltung ist auch die Redaktion in Taiwan wieder mit
den Teilnehmern des Treffens verbunden und berichtet in ihren Sendungen
von diesem Hoerertreffen.

Wie in jedem Jahr geben wir auch diesmal wieder einen Ausblick auf
bevorstehende Hobbyaktivitaeten in unserer Region.

Auch die Mitglieder verschiedener DX-Clubs wie ADDX, RMRC, Radio Tirana
Hoererklub, KBS Hoererklub, Radio Japan Club Brilon und CRI Club treffen
sich in Ottenau.

Der Tagungsort ist am besten zu erreichen ueber die Autobahnausfahrt
Rastatt. Von dort auf die Bundesstrasse 462 bis zur Ausfahrt Gaggenau-
Mitte. Nach der Ausfahrt nach links ueber die Murgbruecke bis zur Ampel,
von dort nach rechts auf die Hauptstrasse einbiegen und weiterfahren, bis
zur zweiten Bruecke. Ueber die Lindenbruecke wieder die Murg ueberqueren,
dann ist auf der rechten Strassenseite auch schon das Gasthaus zu sehen.

Weitere Informationen zum Treffen gibt es auch im RTI Hoererbriefkasten am
10. Mai. Auch in der Tuerkei live Sendung von TRT am 9. Mai koennen noch
aktuelle Informationen vor dem Treffen bekannt gegeben werden. Mit der
Bahn anreisende Besucher fahren aus Richtung Karlsruhe mit der Linie S 41
in Richtung Forbach-Freudenstadt bis zur Haltestelle Ottenau. Von der
Haltestelle zu Fuss in Richtung Bahnuebergang gehen, nach rechts an der
Kirche vorbei ueber die Lindenbruecke bis das Gasthaus schon zu sehen ist.

Uebernachtungsmoeglichkeiten bestehen unter anderem im
Gaestehaus Lauer in der Beethovenstr. 25 in Ottenau, Telefon 07225 984868
im Hotel Krone in Gaggenau-Selbach, Telefon 07225 5779
sowie beim Hotel Nachtigall in Gernsbach, Telefon 07224 2129.

Der RTI Hoererklub Ottenau fuehrt auch in diesem Jahr aus Anlass des
Hoerertreffens wieder eine Diplomaktion mit Radio Taiwan International und
einer Partnerstation durch. Fuer Empfangsberichte im Kontestzeitraum gibt
es beim Hoererklubsekretaer Christoph Preutenborbeck wieder ein

Am Vormittag des 11. Mai gibt es auch wieder den bekannten Funk- und
Elektronikflohmarkt in Baden-Baden Sandweier.
(Bernhard Seiser-D, April 22)

Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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