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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ANTIGUA  [and others]   Re: MEDIUMWAVE SPLITS, dxld #13-23

Mr. Dangerfield's comment about odd frequencies being quite common in
CeAmerica, Caribbean, and parts of SoAmerica in former times is correct.
I think it was Ecuador which had most stations on 25 kHz splits
[no, I think Ecuador splits were all over the place; CR was at 25 kHz
steps gh].

I remember clearly that the Caribbean Lighthouse in Antigua was on a 5 kHz
spacing, 1165 kHz, because when the RJ-81 Region II Agreement was finally
promulgated I sent a note to Curt Waite (who operates the station) telling
him which of the two nearby 10 kHz spaced channels had been assigned to
his station. If I remember correctly it was 1170 (I am at the farm and not
in the office so can't check my files) but it may have been 1160 kHz.

And Mr Whaley's comment about Costa Rica is, I believe, correct also. I
also remember that one of the Anchorage stations used to experience
interference out in the Aleutians from a 9 kHz spaced high power Japanese

Most of Region II outside NoAmerica sometimes assigns nearby stations to
30 kHz spacing, too, unlike the US where stations 30 kHz spaced under
rules in force for the past 40 or 50 years cannot have 25 mV/m overlap.
(Ben Dawson-OR-USA, dxld June 8)

ARGENTINA   New A-13 schedule of Radio Argentina Exterior (RAE)
from May 13
1000-1100  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir SoAM  Chinese  Mo-Fr, new sce
1000-1100 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg EaAS  Chinese  Mo-Fr, new sce
1100-1200  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir SoAM  Japanese Mo-Fr, ex10-11
1100-1200 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg EaAS  Japanese Mo-Fr, ex10-11
1200-1300  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir SoAM  Portuguese Mo-Fr, ex11-12
1200-1300 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg SoAM  Portuguese Mo-Fr, ex11-12
1300-1500  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir SoAM  Spanish Mo-Fr, ex12-15
1300-1500 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg NoAM  Spanish Mo-Fr, ex12-15
1500-1530  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir SoAM  Spanish Mo-Fr, new txion
1500-1530 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg NoAM  Spanish Mo-Fr, new txion
1700-1800  9690 # BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR German  Mo-Fr*
1700-1800 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR German  Mo-Fr*
1800-1900  9690 # BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR English Mo-Fr*
1800-1900 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR English Mo-Fr*
1900-2000  9690 # BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR Italian Mo-Fr*
1900-2000 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR Italian Mo-Fri*
2000-2100  9690 # BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR French  Mo-Fr*
2000-2100 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR French  Mo-Fr*
2100-2200  9690 # BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR German  Mo-Fr
2100-2200 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR German  Mo-Fr
2200-2400  9690 # BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR Spanish Mo-Fr
2200-2400 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 035 deg WeEUR Spanish Mo-Fr
0000-0100 11710.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg NoAM  Portuguese Tue-Sa*
0100-0200 11710.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg NoAM  Japanese Tue-Sa*
0200-0300 11710.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg NoAM  English Tue-Sa
0300-0400 11710.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg NoAM  French  Tue-Sa
0400-0500 11710.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg EaAS  Chinese Tue-Sa, new service
# not active at present
* news in Spanish in the last 3 minutes at xx57-xx00 hrs.

A-13 of LRA-1 Radio Nacional Argentina (RNA):
2000-2400  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir to SoAM  Spanish Sa
2000-2400 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 035 deg to WeEUR Spanish Sa
0000-0230  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir to SoAM  Spanish Su
0000-0230 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 035 deg to WeEUR Spanish Su
1800-2400  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir to SoAM  Spanish Su
1800-2400 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg to NoAM  Spanish Su
0000-0300  6060 # BUE 100 kW non-dir to SoAM  Spanish Mo
0000-0300 15344.8 BUE 100 kW 335 deg to NoAM  Spanish Mo
# not active at present
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 15)

ARGENTINA   15344.833  No LRA36 service on Sats/Suns, but R Argentina
Exterior from Buenos Aires heard rather on propper level S=9+20dB at
2035 UT June 22, "Programa HIST+RIA" in Spanish language. Maybe relays
LRA1 Radio Nacional program.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

ARGENTINA   13363.5  LSB LTA Armed Forces, at 0110 UT, just above
threshold with Spanish talk by a man, perhaps live sport; suffering from
slow, deep fades. June 8.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, DXplorer June 21)

The broadcast will occur June 21 at 2130-2200 UT on selected channels
7350  Ascension Isl    207 degrees
9890  Woofferton-UK    182 degrees
5965  Al Dhabayya-UAE  203 degrees
(Dan Ferguson-USA  K4VOA, DXplorer June 20)

Re: BBCWS annual broadcast to Antarctic on 21 June night.

9890  Woofferton-UK, 2130 to 2140 UT, BBC 2013 winter solstice broadcast
to the British Antarctic Survey. Messages from family and friends at home,
reminded a bit of the old CBC Northern Messenger program. 21 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 22)

UK   9890  is the best choice here in EUR, S=9+40dB tremendous signal at
2132 UT June 21. Free channels around, only 9875 KCBS Pyongyang and 9910
AIR Delhi are covered this hour, but these are far away channels.

ASCENSION ISL   7350  suffered an hour ago on 7352.5 and 7353.5 kHz two
tone buzzy UTE / CW morse next door, but now ASC S=9+25 dB sign on
BACKLOBE azimuth into Europe, many greetings from relatives. Now at
2139 UT again a CW morse code heard on 7352.5 / 7353.5 kHz. The engineer
at Ascension set up the TX already a hour ago around 2030 UT for few
seconds antenna alignement and sender-antenna feed check.

UAE   5965  MISERABLE 50 mb signal at sidelobe direction, AS ALWAYS Al
Dhabbaya here in Europe, not readable, very tiny and suffering of 300
Hertz heterodyne tone of Kajang Malaysia on 5964.704 kHz this night. Main
target goes southwards across Saudi Arabia, East Africa, across southern
Africa into Antarctic.

Nothing heard on 5905 and 9535 kHz test frequencies of last week so far.

Woofferton 9890 kHz stopped and s-off exact 22.00 UT, but ASC 7350 still
the carrier on air til 22.01:06 UT s-off.

BUT 5965 kHz from UAE Al Dhabbaya SUFFERED MUCH of adjacent 5960 CRI
English, great 150 kW Albanian relay CERRIK powerhouse signal ! Latter
wonderful S=9+45dB across Stuttgart Germany to London UK - and will be to
NoAM too from late August propagation then.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 21)

ASCENSION ISL/SINGAPORE/UAE/U.K.  The BBC 2013 winter solstice broadcast
to the British Antarctic Survey on June 21 at 2130-2200 UT.

 7350 Ascension Isl   207 degrees
[5905 Kranji-SNG      185 deg ?? really on air June 21 ?? wb. ]
 9890 Woofferton-UK   182 degrees
 5965 Al Dhabayya-UAE 203 degrees

British Antarctic Survey annual mid-winter broadcast - Tech Notes,
Information from our UK member Dave Porter.

DP: S84 is a 300 kW sender with no AMC so this was radiated at 1200 kW pep
rather than the 250kW pep had it been on an AMC sender!

DP: Yes the 9 megs was from WOF

Four sites were used ASC DHA and SNG[?] as well as WOF.

IB: I also wanted to ask you what AMC meant - excuse my ignorance :-)

DP: AMC is a BBC/Marconi invention and is short for Amplitude Modulation

Imagine a 250 kW carrier wave then modulate it conventionally to 100%,
this results in a peak envelope power of 4 x 250 kW ie) 1 MW. All this
energy has to come from the mains power supply and is metered and paid

AMC is a processing system and with no mod the carrier sits at 250 kW. At
100% mod the carrier is reduced in amplitude by 6 dB, that is a quarter so
62.5 kW.

Now add the modulation to the 62.5 kW and x4 as before and the pep is now
250 kW and so only a much reduced power consumption is recorded.

At all the other modulation indexes the carrier drops anywhere between
250 and 62.5 kW depending on the mod level. So essentially on AMC the pep
output is always 250 kW.

The theory says that the AGC in the RX is good enough to mask the effects
of the changes.

We note the difference on site when we listen to the sender output using
just a simple demodulator on the output. With regular AM the volume is say
a certain level, when the tx is switched to AMC the difference in volume
markedly different and at a much lower volume.

For low level classical music modulation and speech with long pauses then
AMC is not as economical as the Telefunken DAM system but for processed
audio especially with Optimod and classic rock then the savings are better
than DAM.

DAM has say, a full 100% modulation carrier of 250 kW and 4 x pep to equal
1 MW but with no modulation the carrier will be as low as 62.5 kW so the
variation of tx output power will vary widly.
(via Ian Baxter-AUS  SW TXsite June 25)

AUSTRALIA   2485  VL8K Katherine NT, at 0955 to 1005 UT with audio on
17 June; 1032 UT audio faded up till 1040 UT, on 21 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 22)

AUSTRIA   8000 radio hours ORF Vienna Radiojournal archive.

ORF-Radiojournale von 1967 bis 1999 nun online.

Die Ermordung John Lennons, der Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs, der zweite
Golfkrieg und der Unfalltod Lady Dianas:
Egal fuer welche Art von zeitgeschichtlichen Ereignissen man sich
interessiert - auf der Onlineplattform wird man fuendig. Auf
der Website, die einem Relaunch unterzogen und erweitert wurde, sind nun
saemtliche ORF-Hoerfunkjournale von 1967 bis 1999 zum Nachhoeren digital

Das sind rund 8.000 Stunden oder 100.000 Einzelbeitraege mit
Kurznachrichten, Reportagen, Interviews und Hintergrundberichten zu
oesterreichischen sowie internationalen Themen aus Politik, Wirtschaft,
Wissenschaft und Kultur. Heute wurde die von der oesterreichischen
Mediathek ueberarbeitete Plattform bei einer Pressekonferenz vorgestellt.
Gefaehrdete Zeitzeugnisse gerettet

Bereits seit 2001 digitalisiert die Mediathek die am meisten gefaehrdeten
analogen Bestaende des Archivs, um sie fuer die Zukunft zu sichern. Auch
bei juengerem Material ist die Digitalisierung dringend und unumgaenglich,
wie die Aufnahmen des Jahres 1990 gezeigt haben.

Hier waren Hydrolyseeffekte aufgetreten, die im Endeffekt zur
Nichtabspielbarkeit oder zum Baenderriss fuehren. Um die Aufnahmen fuer
die Digitalisierung verwenden zu koennen, mussten sie aufwendig getrocknet

"ORF-Radiojournale aus 32 Jahren stehen nun der Oeffentlichkeit zum
kostenlosen Nachhoeren im Internet zur Verfuegung", so ORF-Radiodirektor
Karl Amon. "Durch die Digitalisierung dieser historischen Zeitdokumente
durch die oesterreichische Mediathek ist eine dauerhafte Erhaltung
moeglich", so Amon.

Gabriele Froeschl, Leiterin der Mediathek, meinte, die Plattform zeige
"einen Weg, wie sich Archive oeffnen koennen, und es ist eine Einladung an
die Wissenschaft, sich eingehend mit diesen wichtigen und nun leicht
zugaenglichen Zeitdokumenten zu beschaeftigen".

"Saemtliche" nun auch wieder nicht:
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX June 19)

9677.7 Voice of Justice maybe has suspended its broadcasts SW
0600-0630  9677.7v SPK 010 kW non-dir to CeAS Azeri Wed/Sat, zero signal
1400-1430  9677.7v SPK 010 kW non-dir to CeAS Azeri Tue/Fri, zero signal

9677.8  Voice of Talyshistan is back on the air. Observed again on Wed
June 26 at 1500-1600  9677.8 kHz SPK 010 kW non-dir to CeAS Talysh
Tue-Sat, SINPO 33433 in Sofia.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

BOLIVIA   3310  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, at 1000 to 1008 UT with YL
in Q., fair to good signal. 21 June.

4451.2  Radio Santa Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma at 2330 UT, best in usb, deep
fades with OM chat en Español, 18 June and same time on 19 June.

4716.64  Radio Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura, at 2330 to 0000 UT with flauta
andina, OM en Español, good signal 16 June.

4795.82  Radio Lipez, Uyuni at 0942 UT, on earlier than usual, as was
Bolivia on 4700 and 4716 kHz same time during band scan. 21 June.

5952  Pio XII, Siglo Veinte, at 1100 to 1110 UT, with clear signal YL and
OM chat 19 June.

6105.4  Radio Panamericana, La Paz, at 1058 to 1110 UT with fair signal,
deep fades in usb with Español. 17 June.

5580.2   Radio San Jose, San Jose de Chiquitos, at 0000 to 0035 UT, OM
with comment into music, deep fades, best in usb 17 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 22)

BOLIVIA   3310  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, Quillacollo, Cochabamba, at
1036 UT, discussion between a man and a woman with several casual
references to "Cochabamba". Fair. June 6.

4716.68  R. Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura, San Antonio de Quijarro, Potosi, at
1132 UT, very weak and presumed, with Spanish talks and Andean music. Just
above threshold. June 6.
{DBS list - dswci ID like: "Esta es Radio Yura, La Voz de los Ayllus".}

5952.42  R. Pío XII, Siglo XX, Llallagua Potosi, 1055 UT, Spanish, time
check by a woman, further talk by a man, into ballad at 1058 UT, then ads
or similar, "...en todo ... Bolivia..." Very good. June 6.

6105.51  R. Panamericana, La Paz, 1106 UT, noted as massive het against
nominal, good copy in USB with news by a woman, "Las noticias de R.
Panamericana..." Also, "Panamericana ... La Paz". June 6.

6134.87  R. Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, at 1117 UT, noted as het
against nominal but copyable in LSB with nice Andean music, local advts.
June 6.

6154.94  R. Fides, La Paz, 0950 UT, t/in to convenient "Radio Fides" ID,
announcements, music bridge, very strong. June 6.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, DXplorer June 21)

BRAZIL   9664.651  ZYE890  Radio Voz Missionária, Camboriú, SC. Nice
morning fade-out Europe signal heard with nice sweet Brazilian religious?
song, at 0645 UT on June 22, weak S=4-5.

9565.069  Super Rádio Deus é Amor, Curitiba PR, this morning tiny signal
on threshold level, 0650 UT June 22.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

BRAZIL   3355 Grabación. Favor considerar:
3355  Difusora Grabación dice Junio 6, debe decir Junio 3. Adjunto
grabación con la modificación del caso. Con las disculpas del caso.
(Pedro Arrunátegui, June 24)

Re: Grabación 3355 kHz.
The Rádio Difusora Acreana news bulletins are regularly heard on Rádio
Educadora 6 de Agosto.
This was noticed already in 2011 when logged by Thomas Nilsson-SWE.

Under "Programação" at

one may read that the Xapuri outlet belongs to the Acre State network
whose flagship is Rádio Difusora Acreana and so they regularly relay the
newscasts of this station.

Raimari Cardoso, who is the station manager of Rádio Educadora 6 de
Agosto, wrote to Henrik Klemetz-SWE, Febr 19, 2011:

A Rádio Educadora de Xapuri faz parte de um sistema de emissoras
denominado Sistema Público de Comunicação do Acre, do qual a "Voz das
Selvas" é a nave-mãe. Em razão disso, parte de nossa programação (da
Educadora) é retransmitida da Difusora Acreana, daí você ter ouvido a
identificação desta em 3355 kHz.
Saudações do Acre,
Raimari Cardoso

It is interesting to note that this station is not regularly heard in the
Rio and São Paulo areas, but can be heard in Scandinavia ... and in Peru.
(Henrik Klemetz-SWE, direct via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 25)

BRAZIL   Some observations of Brazilian radio station in 49 to 25 mb in
0330-0530 UT slot, June 23. Noted some Brazilian transmissions here in
Europe, even radio propagation on solstice is rather low across the

5939.827  SC86 Rádio Voz Missionária from Camboriú SC in Portuguese logged
at 0442 UT June 23, S=7 fade-out signal. Nice canzione, magnificent female

6010 co-channels. Thanks to observations by Mike Gilchrist-IA-USA, dxld
May 5:

"With the continued absence of the Mexican R Mil, I have been trying to
sort out the mess on 6010 kHz for several days. This morning, with some
band enhancement I came closer I believe. We have had reports of both a
Brazilian and a Colombian close together around this frequency. The
Brazilian lower, and the Colombian higher."

So noted June 23 at 0445 UT probable stations on poor and tiny signal
strength at solstice condition: ZYE521 Radio Inconfidencia, Belo
Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, footprint on 6010.107 kHz, and little
stronger La Voz de tu Conciencia, Lomalinda, Puerto Lleras, Colombia on
6010.206 kHz.

6120.009  Super Rádio Deus é Amor, São Paulo SP, tiny S=3-4 signal at
0454 UT June 23.

9645.395  ZYE957  R Bandeirantes, São Paulo SP, heard tiny poor signal
level at 0517 UT on June 23.

9664.655  ZYE890  Radio Voz Missionária, Camboriú, SC, S=7 getting poorer
fade-out on our European morning, extended talk interview by two female at
0520 UT June 23.

11765.815  ZYE726  Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba PR, [ex-R Tupi],
S=6-7 fluttery, sermon by two men at 0340 UT June 23. Approaching
equinoxial conditions reveals in poorer Brazilian station reception here
in the northern Europe target. Two men talked on sermon in Portuguese like
a 'machine gun' via R Super Deus e Amor.

11925.222  ZYE958  Poor tiny signal from Radio Bandeirantes, São Paulo SP,
in Portuguese, tiny on only S=4 threshold level, modern Brazilian dance
music observed at 0350 UT on June 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

BRAZIL   3375.1  ZYF276 Rádio Municipal, São Gabriel da Cachoeira AM, at
0030 to 0040 UT on 17 June with Portuguese programming, 1005 UT noted on
21 June.

4805  ZYF273  Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus AM, at 1000 and 1010 UT
with OM in Portuguese, good signal during band scan on 21 June.

4985tent.  Radio Brasil Central, Goiânia, GO, 0040 to 0050 UT, mixing with
rtty but detectable, 0935 to 0950 UT similar situation with RTTY about the
same strength as Brasil. 17 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 22)

BRAZIL   3375.08  R. Educadora, { - ?? - DBS dswci: Rádio Municipal, São
Gabriel da Cachoeira, AM} at 1017 UT, weak, with Brasopops and talk by a
Portuguese man. First time logged on this freq. June 6.

4755  Rádio Imaculada Conceição, Campo Grande MS, at 1028 UT, presumed the
one with Portuguese talk, het with The Cross high side so best copy in
LSB. June 6.

4785  Rádio Caiari, Porto Velho, RO, at 1045 UT, good with discussion
between two Portuguese men, bothered by CODAR sweeps. June 7.

6180  ZYE365  Rádio Nacional da Amazônia, Brasilia DF, at 2047 UT, weak
with Brasopops; only readable in LSB to escape heavy slop from 6185 kHz.
June 7.

9819.17  Rádio Nove de Julho, São Paulo SP, at 2032 UT, Portuguese, fair
with hyper male DJ and nice local music. Up slightly from my previous log,
which had this on 9818.7 kHz. June 7.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, DXplorer June 21)

4985  R. Brasil Central, Goiânia, GO, 2117 UT, just above threshold with
PT M. Poor.

9565.07  SRDA, Super Rádio Deus é Amor, Curitiba PR, 2126 UT, very excited
PT pentecostal preacher, better than 9586v and all alone on freq.

9586.29  SRDA, Super Rádio Deus é Amor, São Paulo SP, 2110 UT, noted as
big het against nominal and partially readable in USB w/PT sermon.

9630  R. Aparecida, Aparecida, SP, 2053 UT, noted in passing with
Brasopops; slightly low audio, fair.

9645.33  R. Bandeirantes, São Paulo SP, 2137 UT, throwing-up a huge het
against lowside nominal and partially readable in USB with energetic talk
by a PT man. Poor.

9819.13  Rádio Nove de Julho, São Paulo SP, fair with PT talk by a man at
2040 UT, then into nice ballads. USB necessary to escape big slop lowside.
Observatorio Nacional (10000) also noted same time.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, DXplorer June 21)

BULGARIA   Salam Watandar is a new program via Kostinbrod effective June
0230-0400 11545 SOF 100 kW 083 deg to WeAS Pashto, also 2nd hx on 23090
1330-1500 15615 SOF 100 kW 083 deg to WeAS Pashto, also 2nd hx on 31230

Very frequently observed empty carrier or not broadcast on both
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 18)

11545  Salam Watandar in Pashto heard 0333 UT June 23. Mentioned Taliban
over and over again. Backlobe from Kostinbrod-BUL into Germany at S=9+15dB
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

15615  Radio Salam Watandar via Kostinbrod Bulgaria coming in with fair
signal, although much noise, today 23 June from 1428 UT tune-in. Some
local music and western pop earlier, and YL & OM talk since.
(Alan Roe-UK, dxld June 23)

Salam Watandar is a national (independent?) FM network in Afghanistan.

The following Request for Qotations
states that the station is/was officially seeking for a shortwave service
provider to cover the whole Afghanistan (100 kW, 3 hours daily) in 2013.

Station's web site  <> is in Pashto and Dari
only. Google translator doesn't support any of them but you may try
Persian as a source in the language pair for Dari pages. These two
languages are very similar.
(Dmitry Mezin-RUS, dxld June 23)

Somehow this was ringing a bell, and indeed:

I see this previous series of shortwave transmissions last reported for
A-05, Samara in the morning and Rampisham in the evening, cf. dxld 5-057.

It seems that it was rather an extra of which they have been convinced
when approaching [outsourced BBC WS transmitter operations]*) for a
Hotbird satellite signal. This Hotbird signal is gone as well; on the
formerly used slot (the general configuration of this Globecast mux
appears to be still the same) some Thamizhamutham Radio is now listed,
which seems to be a completely unrelated Tamil operation. Perhaps back
then the Hotbird and shortwave distribution ceased together.

*) Merlin, VTC, VT, Babcock, whatever it's called (and which armaments
trust it belongs to) this week.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld June 22)

Re: Radio Salam Watandar from Kostinbrod, Bulgaria. dxld 13-25.

There's also an info sheet in English.

BTW: The station was on shortwave back in 2004, according to their QSL
card via VT Merlin Communications transmitter in UK.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, dxld June 21)


"Afghan National Radio Network Launches as Independent NGO
Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nine years after its establishment, Salam Watandar ("Hello Countrymen")
Radio was officially inaugurated April 8 as an independent, non-
governmental Afghan organization. Throughout its history, the radio news
and current affairs service has vocalized and connected the voices and
aspirations of its listeners from urban centers to rural areas across


"Salam Watandar is a national radio service that broadcasts thorough a
network of 53 radio stations in nearly 34 provinces across Afghanistan."

Quite detailed 12-page PDF, starting with name meaning "Hello,
Countryman". Established 2003 by USAID. Last page coverage map shows lots
of local transmitters (59 "partner stations" all on FM < 100.5 MHz) but
many gaps which SW will fill.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 23)

From the archive.
Here's the answer to the mysterious unID Afghan sce on 17700 kHz:
Pashto/Dari at 0130-0300 UT daily on 11795, 1330-1500 UT daily on 17700,
no sites given, and no further info about who is behind it, etc.
(WRTH July 2004 Update)

Internews Radio / Salaam Watandar in Pashto and Dari via Merlin Comm:
0130-0300  11795 DHA 250 kW  45 deg
1330-1500  17700 RMP 500 kW  85 deg
DHA=Al-Dhabbaya, UAE                          RMP=Rampisham, U.K.
(R BUL Observer, Ivo Ivanov and Angel Datzinov, via BC-DX July 13, 2004)

From Oct 1, 2004 Internews Radio / Salaam Watandar via RUS txs:
0130-0200 11795 ARM 250 kW 110 deg, xDHA 250 kW 45 deg ex0130-0300
1330-1500 15195*SAM 250 kW 140 deg, xRMP 500 kW 85 deg
*on Suns totally blocked by RVI in Dutch via MSK 250kW 248deg to WeEUR

B-04 for Internews / Salaam Watandar via VT Communications:
0130-0300 Daily  7230 DHA 250 kW 45 deg in Dari/Pashto.
1330-1500 Daily 17720 RMP 500 kW 95 deg in Dari/Pashto.
(R BUL Observer, Ivo Ivanov and Angel Datzinov, via BC-DX Oct 8, 2004)

New time and freq of Internews / Salaam Watandar in Dari/Pashto:
1300-1430 NF 13650 (55555) RMP 500 kW 95 deg, ex1330-1500 on 17720.
(R BUL Observer, Ivo Ivanov and Angel Datzinov, via BC-DX Jan 25, 2005)

New station Internews Radio / "Salaam Watandar" heard in Pashto/Dari,
today July 8 1330-1500 UT on 17700 kHz. First 30 mins under heavy co-
channel QRM by the BBC (QTH?) Nx Hour. They went off the air at 1400 UT.
After that strong, steady and good signal. The programme was divided into
three segments and after each segment, there was a break of several mins.
Many fine "Salaam Watander" - ID's.
(Jouko Huuskonen-FIN, dxld July 8, 2004)

11795  Internews Radio /"Salaam Watandar" prgm (apparently via MNO
Merlin), better here at 0130 UT than on 17700 kHz at 1330 UT. Carrier came
on arnd 0128 UT July 9, then began "grand" opening sequence, "Salaam
Watandar" ID at 0130 UT. Better signal all around than 17700 kHz, tho
suffering from hvy thunderstorm QRN this particular night.
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer July 9 / 11, 2004)

The program is also broadcast to Afghanistan by a network of 19 FM and AM
affiliates. We expect the number of affiliate stations to reach 40 by the
end of the year as new stations and existing state broadcasters join The
network. The SW broadcasts are expected to continue through Sept 15, 2004.

Thank you and we will send you a QSL card via Afghan post as soon as
possible. Regards, David Trilling. [presumably attached the following:]

Salam Watandar The Internews National Program March 20th 2004.
Afghanistan's isolated rural population is the target for a new media

Internews Afghanistan is building a network of 40 FM txs throughout the
country which will be used to broadcast a new national program called
Salaam Watandar to large portions of the country's rural population for
the first time ever.

The national program of independent nx and information will be broadcast
for three hours every day - 90 mins in the morning and 90 minutes in the
evening - using satellite link to txs and radio stations positioned across
the country.

Internews has already laid the groundwork for this USAID-funded project
with two years of training, program production and successful local
station development in Afghanistan.

(...) Gradually output will be increased throughout the year to reach at
least four hours by the end of 2004. The Salaam Watandar national program
will start a test run early in May. The initiative will 'go live' in June.
(excerpt; via Jorge R. Garcia-VEN, via dxld July 30, 2004)

[Woofferton to AFG]  VT Communications (VTC) has provided part of the
vital link to enable the communities all over Afghanistan to receive radio
programming produced live from Kabul. Internews Network has been charged
with developing indigenous Afghan media with a focus on radio as part of
USAID's Office of Transitional Initiatives efforts to rebuild the country.
Internews Afghanistan approached VTC with a requirement to live feed a
network of FM and AM affiliate stations being built in 35 key locations
broadcasting the programming of Salaam Watandar. In addition the
programming needed to be made available on short wave radio for the rural
population and those not yet served by an FM transmitter.

VTC supplied and installed a VSAT uplink to feed programming onto the
Europe. Star satellite. Programming is down linked at VTC's Woofferton
transmitting station in Shropshire, UK before being fed to its Central
London Control Room. VTC distribute programming to its txion sites for
short wave coverage and to Eutelsat's Hotbird 6 satellite to feed the FM
and AM rebroadcast txs in Afghanistan. The flexibility provided by passing
through the control room allows programming to be backed up or provided
from other locations in Afghanistan or the world. The solution ensures
that engineers are on hand 24 hours per day to ensure the smooth txion of
this very important community voice.
Taken from The Radio Newsletter (Ray Browell-UK, Cumbre Nov 24, 2004)

Channel details: Channel name - AfghanSW; satellite - Eutelsat Hotbird 6;
transponder - 94; freq - 12.597 GHz.
John West, Country Director, Internews Afghanistan
Phone (AWCC): +93 70 257455  Phone (Roshan): +93 79 216513
<johnfxwest @>   <>
(Cr-Afghan mailing list, 9 July, 2004)

The contact address is: David Trilling, Program Associate, Internews
Afghanistan, Baharistan, Karti-Parwan, Next to Haji Mir Ahmed Mosque,
Kabul, Afghanistan.
telephone +93-70-220-243,  E-mail  <david.trilling @>
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, BC-DX TopNews Aug 10, 2004)

CHAD/LITHUANIA   6164.962  Radio Diffusion Nationale Tschadienne from
N'Djaména footprint, with fair signal across Sahel zone into Europe, at
0454 UT June 23. Very nice West African music program. But slightly ahead
heard NHK Radio Japan Tokyo, in Russian via Sitkunai LTU relay, azimuth
towards Eastern Russia, Moscow area and Ural behind.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

CHINA/PNG    7325   CRI. As predicted by Aoki, CRI is currently off the
air from 1300-1357 UT (scheduled maintenance); indeed not heard June 25
when checking at 1313 UT; the bad news is that I heard no hint of even an
open carrier from Wantok Radio Light (PNG); in fact Aoki also shows WRL
off the air now. An unfortunate turn of events to have them both off the
air at the same!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

7325 empty channel. Nothing visible on Perseus screen on remote SDR unit
downunder, at 1305 UT June 26. wb.

COLOMBIA   5909.908  Alcaraván R, Lomalinda, Puerto Lleras, Meta, heard in
Spanish at 0438 UT June 23, S=7-8 fair signal, noted Cuban rhumba music
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

CONGO   6115  Radio Congo-Brazzaville, at 1810 UT, French, extended news
by man, ID's as "Radio Congo". Low modulation but readable and all alone
on freq. June 8.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, DXplorer June 21)

CUBA   At 0330-0500 UT on June 23 noted some RHC transmissions here in
Europe, even radio propagation on solstice is rather low across the
Atlantic in June.

 6000 S=9+10dB, English at Washington, 0400 UT.
 6060 S=9+10dB 0000-0500 UT at Nueva York.
 6100 S=8 in peaks. 23-05 UT at Antilles. ex-6120.
 6165 S=6-7, poor to fair, English at Chicago target, 0100-0700 UT.
 9810 S=6-7 21-05 UT at Central América. fair signal.
11680 S=7 23-04 UT at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
      suffers co-channel Japan. sce by NHK R Japan via Nauen at 03-04 UT.
11760 S=9+5dB 23-04 UT at No/Ce/SoAmérica.
      Suffers co-channel Ar by IRIB Kamalabad at 0230-0527 UT
11840 S=7 21-05 UT at Chile target, wobbling suffered audio, backlobe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

CUBA   11760, June 16 at 1338 UT, RHC DX program 'En Contacto' is
underway, finishing the birthday notices. Pedro Martinez, Director-General
of RHC is then interviewed about the 28th anniversary of the #3
transmitter site, Titan, inaugurated 23 May 1985, which was only three
days after the evil R. Marti was started by the US government (dentro-
Cubans always ignore the fact that it's run by fuera-Cubans who have fled
the repressive regime; and also strangely, said nothing about setting up
all the SW jammers against it!).

For RHC, first site was Bauta in 1961; second was Bejucal in 1965. He gave
some technical details about the transmitters' provenance, Russian or
Chinese, and how they had been modified over the years, so might be worth
going back and listening to this show once the June 16 edition be uploaded
Or catch the broadcast repeats at 2240v Sunday, 0135 UT Monday. He
misidentified "regimen dinamico de portadora" as "DRM"!

At 1345 UT on to Pedro Sedano's monthly DX report from Spain, about the
WRTH pdf update; Voz de Grecia, giving its postal address but not spelling
it, as no one but a Greek who already knew it could have copied it
correctly; also Spanish schedule for Voz de Vietnam, which he says is not
a good QSLer but P- and E-mail addresses to try anyway.

I took my own advice and made a point of listening again to RHC's 'En
Contacto' on the second airing which started at 2244 UT on 17720 (better
than // 17705), Sunday June 16, to copy more details about their
transmitter site #3 called Titan. The interviewee, Pedro Martinez is the
sub-director-general. I missed the sub before. It seems the name Titan
comes from El Titan de Bronce, nickname for the XIX century revolutionary
hero Antonio Maceo.

a quick wiki on him:

"Lt. General Jose Antonio de la Caridad Maceo y Grajales (June 14, 1845 -
December 7, 1896) was second-in-command of the Cuban Army of Independence.
Fellow Cubans gave Maceo the sobriquet of the "Bronze Titan" (Spanish: El
Titan de Bronce), which was a reference to his skin color, stature and

Pedro mentioned that there's a mural of him at the SW site. At first I
thought the bronze bit referred to a statue, and there is a monument in
Santiago wherein on his horse he is dwarfed by jagged bars:


For the 28th anniversary of Titan, staff were given DVDs containing
the 86 episodes on the history of RHC. Of the five transmitters there: #1
and #5 are Soviet "PKV" models (meaning RKB in Cyrillic?). Those have low-
frequency PSM modifications. The others, #2, #3 and #4, are also Russian
and have been modified for "DRM" [sic], i.e. "regimen dinamico de
portadora". Which I assume is like Dynamic Carrier Control, as explained
in dxld 12-34, which also explains Pulse Step Modulation under
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 20)

4319usb  AFN Diego Garcia seems silent at 2300-0100 UT checks in last
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 22)

EGYPT   13850  On of these terrible BAD AUDIO transmissions from Abis,
scheduled 02-07 UT daily, seemingly in Arabic, only 6 kHz wide small audio
quality, audio signal visible on Perseus screen more on upper flank.

The emitted terrible broadcast transmission quality, is waste of main
power usage ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

ETHIOPIA   6030  Log and e-QSL letter - Radio Oromiya with new schedule.
Just back from a relaxing vacation to Canada (Vancouver-Vic CAN)

6030  Radio Oromiya (confirmed new schedule), 0311-0343 UT on June 24. On
a relatively clear Monday (UT), with R. Martí already off the air (their
normal Monday only schedule), found definite and distinctive HOA music and
singing cutting through the normal presences of the Cuban jamming. Back in
April, I speculated about a new, earlier sign on time and it's now
definite; they are broadcasting from 0300 UT (probably their repetitive
xylophone-like IS will be played at 0250 UT). Brief MP3 audio of HOA
singing and Cuban jamming at


No hint of Calgary QRM. Am very pleased to hear this one so well, even
with jamming. Wonderful to receive an e-QSL letter in just one hour from
Habtamu Dargie (Engineering Department Head), from e-mail:
Habtamu Dargie Gudeta  <habtamu_dargie @>

"Dear Ron,
Thank you very much for your e-mail.

I am very pleased and grateful to hear the reception our radio signal in
California USA. It is amazing to see how the shortwave signal propagates
that far.

From the audio file you sent me I can confirm that the signal you received
is Radio Oromiya that broadcast from Ethiopia. Radio Oromiya broadcast its
program in Oromo Language on shortwave, medium wave and FM radio. (Oromo
is the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia).

Thank you very much once again for taking your time to write to us.
Habtamu Dargie
Engineering Department Head"

He responded in 6 minutes to a follow up question I had about their new,
earlier sign on time:

"Dear Ron,
Our starting time has changed by 30 minutes.
We start at 6:00 AM EAT (0300 UT).
Best regards, Habtamu"

Is great to have a station that will respond so quickly to reception
reports and to questions!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 24)

GERMANY   177  LW on DLR Culture Berlin.
27 July, 1805 MESZ/CEST - 1605 UTC "Here is Radio Tirana" in German.

Tip Programm DeutschlandRadio Kultur
Sat 27 July 2013 - 1805 MESZ/CEST "Hier ist Radio Tirana"

Nachrichten aus einem unbekannten Land
Von Fritz Schuette
Regie: Karin Hutzler
Mit Herbert Schaefer
Ton: Johanna Fegert
SWR 2012 / 54min30sec

Albanien war bis 1991 ein weisser Fleck auf der Landkarte. Touristen
durften das Land nur in Reisegruppen besuchen und Einheimische nur als
Mitglied offizieller Delegationen ins Ausland reisen. Westliche Medien
berichteten von Behoerdenwillkuer, Zwangsarbeit und Sippenhaft. Aus dem
Land selbst toente nur die Stimme des Staatsrundfunks: In mehr als
20 Sprachen pries Radio Tirana rund um die Uhr "die glaenzenden
Perspektiven", die der Sozialismus den Albanern eroeffnete. Das deutsche
Programm von Radio Tirana ist bis heute auf Sendung. 20 Jahre nach der
Wende hat sein Leiter treue Hoerer zu einem Besuch nach Tirana eingeladen
- zu einem Treffen der besonderen Art.

(DLR Program July 2013, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

GREECE  [and non]  Logs for 21 June, 2013.

Using the new made 'basketena' as shown in
Using 1102 as radio, outside the house.

 702 TUR TRT Catalca good + France info [MCO Le Col de la Madonne] Fair
 792 F   Limoges Nieul, R France info 1730
 801 D   Munich Ismaning Germany, Bayern Plus, 1725 with pop songs fair
 981 ALG Ouled Fayet Algeria, Tamazight language 1722
1188 HNG Hungarian 1801 off leaving Greek Pirate "Ahalinotos"
1197 ROU Romania, song 1755 'Neumarkt' ID with progr in German
1251 HNG Hungarian gypsy classic songs
1278 F   Strassbourg Selestat France, 1705 good
1287 GRC "744" program, 1744 UT Greek pirate, folkies, good
1296 SRB Vranje?/Loznica?, Serbia 1734 poss ID poor
1314 ROU Antenna Satelor, 1732 ID good
1323 ROU Targu Mures, 1727 popular song
1332 ROU Galati, R Romania aktualitati, 1724 talks
1341 EGY? Arab, talks abt Prometheus, 1721
1395 ARM Gavar Armenia, Golos Rossii, 1805 poor
1404 ROU Vadu Izei, Maramure?, Romania, 1701 song
1476 UAE?/EGY? Arab 1710 talk fair
1503 ARS Arab, 1715 talks fair
1521 ARS Arab, talks 1709 good
1548 MDA Grigoriopol Maiac Moldova, Golos Rossii 1706 news fair

Sw logs
4880 AFS Meyerton, SWR Africa[to Zimbabwe] 1820 Good, 1700-1859 UT.
4835 AUS RA talks 1828
4780 DJI Djibouti fair 1829
9835 MLA RTM songs 1824

Logs with with typical system, Icom R75 / 16H / 16inv V
11725 NZL RNZI 2111 talks by OM S7
 9820 ARS BSKSA Riyadh, 2122 ID Arab songs S9
 9745 TWN Kuanghua 2133 S9, little undermodulated
 9664.653 BRA Brazil 2140 with songs style 60s IS, Voz Missionaria S5.
Please reply to <zliangas @>
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, hcdx June 26)  comments by wb.

GUAM   13362usb  AFN/AFRTS, at 2106 UT, English, discussion about "dirty
tactics" by the Chinese, including: fixing of currency, cyber-hacking of
U.S. military and corporate websites and theft of industrial secrets.
(FYI - they never said "alleged" they asserted with all certainty the
Chinese are doing this.) Good-very good. June 8.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, DXplorer June 21)

INDIA   15184.957  Usual odd frequency signal from Goa Panaji bcast site,
AIR very tiny at S=4-5 on June 23 0414 UT.

15210  Despite Persian program by AIR on very even frequency, seemingly
from Bangalore site instead, despite HFCC table show Goa Panaji... more
than fair at S=8-9 level here in Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

INDONESIA   9680.051  Footprint seen of RRI Jakarta outlet even at 0700 UT
June 22, maybe across the Pacific/Atlantic ocean on long path via Colombia
South America-Azores. Tiny signal on threshold level. At same time also
Malaysia heard on 9835 kHz too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

IRAN   15470  Powerhouse Kamalabad of IRIB's English service, S=9+35dB at
0418 UT, scheduled 0330-0427 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

ISRAEL   15849.922 / 15850.010 kHz - annoying 90 Hertz heterodyne tone,
heard June 23 at 0425 UT. The lower band side signal 15849.922 kHz is
always a little stronger here in Germany, like S=8, the upper channel like
S=6 in this early morning. "JERUSHALEIM" in Hebrew mentioned very often
during that time slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

ISRAEL   Tonight I'have got a tip of Walter Eibl:

6884.964 and 15850.007, Army radio station Galei Zahal Hebrew from Israel.
Galei Zahal on June 23: co-channel side-by-side on 15849.922 and 15850.010
kHz. Tonight June 25 at 1908-1920 UT Galei Zahal again separate on 7 and
15 MHz channels.

6884.964  S=7 in Iceland fair 1913 UT, S=8 in Hamburg, S=9+10dB in Bavaria

15850.007  Guitar mx at 1908 UT, 25 June, S=4 poor in Iceland, S=6 in
Bavaria Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews / dxld June 25)

6885  Galei Zahal noted tonight, June 26, back on this frequency with
local rock / dance music at 0124 UT. Good signal but usual summertime
static crashes. YL dj at 0126 UT w/brief Hebrew announcement than back to
(Stephen C Wood-MA-USA, dxld June 26)

MADAGASCAR   5014.52  R. Malagasy, tentative, at 1530 UT, fair with
lengthy talks by a man, music bridge, some UTE QRM, June 8.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, DXplorer June 21)

MEXICO/BRAZIL   6184.988  footprint, seemingly 2300-0500 UT slot of XEPPM
R Educación, Ciudad México, very weak signal just on threshold level.

6180.007  ZYE365  Rádio Nacional da Amazônia, Brasilia DF, nice smooth
Brazilian canciones on S=9 nice signal level, at 0459 UT June 23. See next
door VoVTN 6175 kHz item under USA.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

MOROCCO (SPANISH)  1485  QSL Radio Melilla, Melilla, station stamp and
seal with "Reception OK" on my original report in 594 days, sent in
Spanish via airmail with 2 IRCs, 2 follow-ups via email, and finally a
follow-up with Spanish mint stamps. Heard while on vacation in Marbella,
Spain. V/s Antonia Ramos Pelaez, Directora Melilla,
e-mail  <aramos at prisaradio dot com>
(Albert Muick-PA-USA, hcdx June 21)

MOZAMBIQUE   738  QSL Radio Mozambique, Maputo, no data Portuguese thank
you letter and frequency list via registered mail in 810 days for
Portuguese airmail report and 2 IRCs, an email follow-up in Portuguese,
and finally an EMS letter in Portuguese to the attention of the Director
with US $5 return postage. "QSL" arrived 72 days after EMS follow-up. V/s
Eng. Nazario Muchango, Technical and IT Department Administrator.
e-mail  <nazario dot muchango at live dot co dot za>
Reception from Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.
(Albert Muick-PA-USA, hcdx June 21)

MYANMAR   7200.090  footprint June 26 at 1220 UT. When checked the
7325 kHz CHN/PNG matter, came across Myanmar Radio smooth Burmese song
at 1215-1220 UT June 26. S=7 signal of poor/fair level in downunder
SDR net unit. But seems UNSTABLE TX, hopps away some few Hertz, -
and way BACK again.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

NICARAGUA   8989usb  "El Pescador Preacher", at 2303-2330 UT with el Senor
repeated, 0040 RTTY dominating 16/17 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 22)

OMAN   Frequency changes of Radio Sultanate of Oman:
1400-1500 NF 15140 THU 100 kW 315 deg to WeEUR English,ex15560
1500-1600 NF 15140*THU 100 kW 315 deg to WeEUR Arabic, ex15560
1600-2200 NF 15140#THU 100 kW 315 deg to WeEUR Arabic, ex15595
2200-2400 NF 15355$THU 100 kW 315 deg to WeEUR Arabic additional
0000-0200 NF  9760 THU 100 kW 315 deg to WeEUR Arabic additional

* co-ch 1500-1530 Voice of America in Uzbek, only Monday
# co-ch 1615-1715 All India Radio in Russian in DRM mode
$ co-ch 2300-2330 Radio Veritas Asia in Tagalog Filipino
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 18)

PALAU/UAE   Radio Free Sarawak QSLs.
QSL RADIO FREE SARAWAK: 11600 via T8WH,    PALAU; 17840 via

4 B/W full-data, except sites, cards. The sites I reported were those
listed on various websites at the time of the loggings and since. Palau
was logged on March 17; the other 3 on May 4. Reports were sent to, and
QSLs received from:

Bruno Manser
Fonds, Socinstrasse 37,
4051 Basel, Switzerland.

Also enclosed was a scenic card with a brief personal note. Just under the
wire on logging these; I was very lucky.
(Wendel Craighead-KS-USA, DXplorer June 25)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3325  NBC Bougainville reactivated (presumed). After
checking here almost daily, finally found reactivated again; last heard
last July when they had coverage of the PNG elections. Heard again on June
26 from 1212 to 1303* UT; first noted far underneath RRI Palangkaraya
(fortunately RRI was all talking today with no music); signal improving
the whole time; DJ in Tok Pisin/Pidgin playing pop Pacific Island songs.
Very pleased to hear them again!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

3204.9  Radio. Sandaun West Sepi at 1000 to 1010 UT with audio 21 June,
Wilkner & XM.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 22)

PERU   4789.8  R Visión, Distrito José Leornardo Ortiz, Chiclayo,
Lambayeque, at 0955 to 1020 UT with Peruvian music, strong signal 17 June
and other days same time, Wilkner & XM.

4810  Radio Logos, Chazuta, Tarapoto, at 0945 to 1030 UT with variety of
flauta and om religion, this is the strongest Peruvian signal here 21 June
and other days.

4824.49  La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos, at 2351 UT, fading in with music,
better than usual signal during band scan 18 June.

4939.9tent.  Radio San Antonio de Atalaya, Villa Atalaya, Ucayali, at 2350
to 0010 UT with deep fades en Español, under thunderstorm crackle 18/19

5039. 22  Radio Libertad de Junin, Junin, at 1000 to 1020 UT, with music
and chat, good signal on 17 June, Wilkner & XM.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 22)

3329.54  Rádio Ondas del Huallaga, Huánuco HUC, at 1009 UT on June 6, weak
with Andean music, sight het high side presumably CHU but couldn't pull
any audio.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, DXplorer June 21)

ROMANIA   Frequency change of Radio Romania International:
0300-0356 NF 17800*GAL 300 kW 100 deg to SoAS English, ex17830, clear.

*strong co-ch T8WH HBN 100 kW 270 deg to SoEaAS English. Who needs this?
Special thanks to Georgi Tamahkyarov for this frequency change of RRI.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

ROMANIA   1404  MW locations, Romania, Sighétul Marmatiei (Maramure?)
ROU Vadu Izei, Sighétul Marmatiei (Maramure?) 1404 kHz 50 kW
location visible at G.E., Google Maps, Bing Maps:
47 52 38.20 N  23 56 34.87 E
vy73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 26)

RUSSIA   In order to improve the quality of programs broadcast on the
"Voice of Russia" in the summertime 2013 was amended as follows:

April 24 this year:
- In Hindi in the time periods 1300-1400 and 1500-1600 broadcast is
  carried out at a frequency of 7505 kHz instead of 7585 kHz;

- Urdu for time interval 1400-1500 broadcast is held at a frequency of
  7505 kHz instead of 7585 kHz;

May 8 this year:
- In Russian in the time period 1600-1900 in the direction of Central
  Asia broadcasting is conducted at a frequency of 5975 kHz instead of
  5925 kHz;

- In English in the time period 1600-1800 to Asia broadcasting is
  conducted at a frequency of 6035 kHz instead of 6070 kHz.

Broadcasting schedules in other areas remain unchanged.
(Department coordinate the schedules of VOR, 04.06.2013
via MIDXB June 11 via RusDX June 16 direct and via dxld)

RWANDA   DW 60th Anniversary - Kigali Video.

Some Kigali video footage in this DW 60th anniversary video - approx. 28
minutes in length. Video presentation is basically all in German, but the
content is such that one can get a bit of an idea of the video content.
Some similarities between written German & English along with some similar
sounding or words helps in that regard. Lots of imagery of buildings,
studio, interviews with staff present & past. Also lots of focus on Middle
Eastern programs. Also a bit of Radio Afghanistan content + lots more.


Access the video titled: Building bridges - 60 years German Wave
Credit: Wolfgang B. for link posting on DXLD YG - June 19th.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite yg via dxld June 20)

According of comments by the former DWL transmitter site engineers, the
DWL area at Kigali erected from 1968 is coveted as a speculative real
estate area for modern housing complex in Rwanda, once the SW txion end
loom on this site installation. (wb.)

SAUDI ARABIA   9714.925  Usual odd frequency non-directional outlet,
'locally' to Near East and NoEastern Africa target, at 03-10 UT from
Riyadh bc center. Tiny poor S=4 morning fade-out signal in mid-summer
condition. Heard in Germany at 0522 UT June 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

SINGAPORE/UAE/UK   6195  BBC London in Persian at 15-16 UT replaced Al
Dhabbaya UAE transmission on same channel from Kranji Singapore relay
site, 100kW at 315 degr, from June 18.

BBC Burmese sce on 7600 kHz at 1345-1500 UT via Singapore Kranji from
July 1st. 100kW at 340deg.

9430  Voice of Vietnam German service scheduled at 1930-2030 UT daily and
brokered by Babcock via Al Dhabbaya site, moved to Woofferton 250 kW
90degr unit from June 18.

BBC Bengali sce 9610 kHz 14-15 UT moved from Al Dhabbaya-UAE to Singapore
Kranji site 100kW 340degr, from June 18.

BBC Urdu sce 12075 kHz 15-16 UT moved from Al Dhabbaya-UAE to Singapore
Kranji site 100kW 320degr, from June 18.

BBC Indonesian on 9610 kHz at 2200-2330 UT from Singapore Kranji site
250kW 140degr, from June 18. ex9695 kHz.

FEBA's Tigrinya service on 9820 kHz 1630-1700 replaced Al Dhabbaya UAE
relay by Woofferton-UK site 250kW 126deg from June 18.

BBC's Somali sce 21470 at 14-15 UT replaced Al Dhabbaya UAE relay by
Woofferton-UK site 300kW 120deg from June 18.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 20)

9610  Radio Australia Indonesian sce now 2200-2330 UT via Singapore
Kranji, 250kW 140deg, from June 18.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 22)

SPAIN   1386  QSL  Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao, full data photocopy QSL with
address and reception detail stickers applied in 832 days for Spanish
airmail report and 2 IRCs, follow-up via email, follow-up via fax, and
finally follow-up via airmail in Spanish with mint stamps. QSL arrived
21 days after follow-up with mint stamps. Also sent very nice
Radio Euskadi t-shirt, which, regrettably, is too small for me! LOL Heard
from Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

[sigh]. I remember when Mozambique had such a beautiful card. I still
treasure mine from the 70s. All things considered, this was a most
unsatisfying QSL, although I realize that Eng. Muchango did me a favor.
I honestly believe that had I not sent the follow-up via EMS to the
Director, where it probably got a lot of attention, it also would have
went unanswered.

Euskadi also used to have a very beautiful card back when they were
clandestine.. I guess I can reminisce all day for all the good it will do
me. :-)

At any rate, it looks like mint stamps have saved the day again.

I am ending this week a day early as I am off to Maryland to visit friends
and family. We shall see what the next week brings, but my spirits are
greatly lifted by this rash of outstanding QSLs.
(Albert Muick-PA-USA, hcdx June 21)

locations side by side, EAJ362 Euskadi Irratia 1386 kHz registered 50 kW,
EAJ462 R Euskadi 756 kHz, and also R Popular Bilbao next the area Monte
Avril, on 900 kHz 10 kW.

43 16 10.36 N  02 53 35.75 W

SRI LANKA  [not]   Re: My Perseus on line tonight! - 4S7VK in Piliyandala
Sri Lanka remotedly.

Thanks Victor for this excellent service,
heard already 1820 - 1850 UT June 21 slot in 60 and 50 mb.

SWAZILAND   9500  TWR Africa from Manzini Swaziland site, most modern
evangelic protestant religious pop music and gospel singer, English
program to South Western Africa at 05-08 UT. Nice fair S=6-7 signal
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

TAJIKISTAN   4765.041  Tajik Radio from Dushanbe-TJK, local nativ music,
S=7, male singer at 1825 UT.

4960  Voice of Russia on even frequency via Dushanbe TJK relay, S=7-8
fluttery signal into South Asia target. Talk by Russian men at 1851 UT.

DJIBOUTI   4780  RTD Djibouti in Arabic, talk by man at 1830 UT. S=7-8
fluttery signal. But local BUZZ from DJI shows two 50 Hertz mains peaks,
and annoying audio sound too.

ETHIOPIA/SOUTH AFRICA   5950  Strong signal with continously HoAfrica
music, typical drums and female singer at 1859-1903 UT June 21, S=9+20dB
powerful across the Indian Ocean.

Co-channel 5950 kHz RFI Portuguese via Meyerton-AFS, but is is very tiny
into Indian Ocean and Australia target. Heard poor in Piliyandala Sri
Lanka remote and tiny at Brisbane remote Perseus units. Voice of Tigre was
still heard at 1909 and 1928 UT too, despite Aoki Nagoya list and WRTH
p189 show scheduled til 1900 UT on Mon-Fris. Seemingly weekdays schedule
extend til 2000 UT now ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 21)


According to the latest information from Sri Lanka, the large historic
shortwave station located at Ekala near Colombo is going silent forever.
During its long 2/3rds century on air usage, this station was heard almost
worldwide, and it acted also as a relay station for several other
international shortwave broadcasting organizations. On this historic and
dramatic occasion, this is our "Tribute to Ekala".

The beginning of the story of the SEAC radio station at Ekala goes way
back to the year 1941 when preliminary work began on the construction of a
shortwave station for the home service radio broadcasting station, Radio
Colombo. The chosen location for this new transmitter station was some ten
miles north of Colombo city and about five miles from the deep waters of
the nearby ocean.

Then, when Lord Louis Mountbatten came into the picture during the latter
part of the war in Asia, work on this new shortwave station was taken
over, enlarged and speeded up. The Ekala project, now under the auspices
of SEAC, the South East Asia Command, became a matter of high priority.

A nearby radio communication station already in operation by the Royal Air
Force became a temporary interim location for the broadcast of programming
from the studios of SEAC Radio at 191 Turret Road Colombo, just opposite
the Town Hall. The first on air test from the RAF station at Ekala took
place on October 11, 1944 with the use of a 7.5 kW RCA transmitter model
ET4750. The on air slogan at this stage was United Nations Radio Kandy.

The ace international radio monitor in Sri Lanka, the noted Victor
Goonetilleke informs us that the two radio stations, RAF Ekala & SEAC
Ekala, were both established on the same large property, though these
days, a housing complex lies in between.

According to the historians, the first transmitter, and an antenna system
taken from the Isle of Wight, were sent out from England by boat. However,
the ship with its cargo was torpedoed and sunk off the coast of Ceylon. A
second transmitter and antenna system were sent out from England by ship a
few months later and these arrived safely in Colombo for installation at
SEAC Ekala.

Another RCA transmitter ET4750 at 7.5 kW and the Marconi SWB18 at 100 kW
were installed simultaneously in the new Transmitter Hall at SEAC Ekala
towards the end of the year 1945, and test broadcasts began in early 1946.
Both transmitters were taken into service on May 1, and the official
opening ceremony was conducted one week later, on May 8, 1946.

Soon afterwards, a second RCA unit ET4750 at 7.5 kW was installed; and in
addition, a 1 kW RCA shortwave unit was installed at Ekala, and we would
conclude that this was the old original pre-war VPB from Welikada,
modified and upgraded to 1 kW.

At this stage, four shortwave transmitters were on the air, three for
international coverage and one for island wide coverage. International
programming was beamed towards India, the North Pacific, Burma & Japan,
and England.

With the rapid onward progress of the war in Asia, Mountbatten transferred
his SEAC headquarters from Kandy & Colombo in Ceylon to Singapore in
Malaya, and the new SEAC radio station at Ekala was then taken over by the
War Office in London, though there seemed to be very little change in the
programming content. Around this time, the station was receiving some
8,000 letters a month from listeners around the world and all were
answered, usually with their rather plain, though these days highly
prized, black text QSL card.

The War Office in London ended its control of Radio SEAC Ekala at the end
of February 1949, at which time, it would seem, the station was closed for
just a few weeks. However at this stage, the BBC in London needed a
temporary fill-in station due to the fact that they were in the process of
constructing a huge new station at Tebrau on the Malay peninsula and they
were transferring their operations from Jurong on Singapore island to the
new Malaya station.

Thus it was that the BBC London took over the ex-SEAC station at Ekala in
Ceylon on April 1 and this station began the broadcast of BBC programming
beamed to Asia. At the end of the following year, 1950, the BBC
transferred their programming relay from Ekala to their new Far Eastern
Relay Station at Tebrau in Malaysia, and they ended their temporary usage
of the SEAC station in Sri Lanka.

However, during all of these events, the radio scene in Ceylon was also
changing, and Radio Ceylon inaugurated a new Commercial Service under the
program management of Clifford Dodd who had recently come in from
Australia under the auspices of the Colombo Plan. This new Commercial
Service was inaugurated on September 30, 1950, shortly before the BBC left
the scene.

On the very next day, October 1, 1950, the Adventist church began a
program relay from the new Radio Ceylon as the very first customer of this
new Commercial Service on shortwave via the Ekala radio station. Thus
began a long time association with Radio Ceylon, the Sri Lanka
Broadcasting Corporation, that developed ultimately into the formation of
the international broadcasting unit AWR-Asia, Adventist World Radio in

Among the legendary announcers in the Commercial Service on shortwave from
Colombo, whose names & voices became so well known throughout Southern
Asia and beyond, were for example: Vernon Corea, Jimmy Bharucha, Shirley
Perera, and Nihal Bharathi.

In fact, during the height of its success, it is stated that half of all
shortwave radio receivers in India were tuned to the SLBC All Asia
Service. For several years, they operated an additional commercial office
in Bombay in neighboring India, and a specially designed QSL card was also
available from this Bombay office.

At 7:18 on the morning of Thursday January 5, 1967, Radio Ceylon, the
Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation, transmigrated and officially became the
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

On the technical side, the Voice of America constructed their own
transmitter building adjacent to the SEAC installation, in which six
transmitters were installed: 2 at 10 kW, 3 at 35 kW and 1 at 100 kW.
Around the same time, another 8 transmitters at 10 kW, all Philips from
Holland, were installed in the main SEAC building.

{during tourist tour to SoAsia in 1973 and 1975 I've visited that Ekala
installation and Torrington Square studios, guided by tx engineer Mr.
?Pereira? - a family name sound like from Portuguese empire era at Ceylon,

Since that time, the Japanese installed two Kokosai shortwave transmitters
at 300 kW in a new adjoining building, and they replaced four of the
ailing 10 kW transmitters in the main SLBC Transmitter Hall.

We should also mention that several other international radio broadcasting
organizations have also utilized the relay services of SLBC Ekala. For
example, back in the 1940s, the live programming from All India Radio
Delhi was relayed at times via the Ekala shortwave station. Then, in the
1980s, the programming from Trans World Radio was carried over at least
three different shortwave transmitters at Ekala; a 10 kW Philips, the 12.5
kW standby transmitter, and a 35 kW VOA transmitter.

The programming of Family Radio & FEBA Radio were also heard from Ekala,
as were other well known Christian programs. Back in the earlier years,
Ekala carried the broadcast of special sports programs from Radio
Australia, as an onward relay to the BBC London. Then in the 1980s, the
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation made a gracious offer to Radio Moscow
to act as a relay station on their behalf, though this offer was never

The venerable 100 kW Marconi transmitter that was inaugurated under SEAC
back in 1945 was still on the air, it is reported, even just 10 years ago.
According to some authorities, the official callsign for the Ekala
shortwave station, at least in recent time, was 4SN.

Regarding the closure of the Ekala shortwave station, we quote a recent
email message from Victor Goonetilleke:

This historic station which began at Ekala under the wartime South East
Asia Command, Radio SEAC, is now on its last legs. Of the three VOA 35 kW
transmitters, only two are working, though the two NHK transmitters from
Japan are both still in good condition, but spares are not available and
they are too expensive to repair and run. The old 10 kW Philips
transmitters are almost gone, and the old Marconi from the Radio SEAC days
is rusty with cobwebs, and gone forever.

This old, historic and venerable transmitter base at Ekala on the island
of Sri Lanka is silent forever and a modern housing complex will take its
place. Taking its place on the shortwave radio scene is the former
shortwave relay station operated by Deutsche Welle at Trincomalee on the
east coast of the island of Sri Lanka.

All that we can say is: Ekala you performed well.
Thank you, and Goodbye!

* Identification Signal
City FM Colombo: Identification announcement

* On the Air in the Island: DX Programs from SLBC Ekala.

The world renowned annual publication, World Radio TV Handbook for the
year 1969 carries two listings for the first DX program that was on the
air via the shortwave station at Ekala in Sri Lanka. This program of
fifteen minute duration was on the air twice each month, the second and
last Saturdays, under the title, "DX Panorama".

Victor Goonetilleke tells us that he and Sarath Amukotuwa of the Ceylonese
Shortwave Listener Club researched and wrote the program and that each
program was on the air twice, in the South East Asia Service and the
European Service of Radio Ceylon. The script for this DX program was read
by Mrs Myrle Walpola Williams and Nihal Bharathi and it was included in
the highly acclaimed program, Radio Journal.

The listings for this original DX program on shortwave from Colombo,
"DX Panorama", are included in three consecutive issues of the WRTVHB,
1969, 1970 & 1971.

A second attempt at a DX program on shortwave from Colombo took place in
1974 and this is recorded in the edition of the WRTVHB for that year. This
new program, under the new title "DX Corner", was intended to be a half
hour program as part of Radio Journal with Nihal Bharathi. However, as
Victor Goonetilleke tells us, this revived DX program never went any
further than the planning stage.

However, soon after we as a family took up residency in Colombo, Sri
Lanka, Victor invited me (Adrian Peterson) to make contact with the
Program Director for the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Jimmy
Bharucha, with the suggestion of preparing and presenting a weekly DX
program as a regular insert in their program, Radio Journal. Thus was born
the new DX program, "Radio Monitors International", which initially was
recorded in the SLBC Torrington Square studios in Colombo. This first
broadcast, just ten minutes in duration, took place on Sunday June 1,

A few months later, I was transferred to Poona, India, where a radio
recording studio was already in operation and so the production of "Radio
Monitors International" was transferred from SLBC Colombo to what became
AWR-Asia in Poona, India. The recordings of this DX program were sent from
Poona to Colombo, Sri Lanka by air mail post.

On February 19, 1978, "Radio Monitors International" became a fifteen
minute self contained program that was on the air twice each Sunday from
SLBC Ekala, in the All Asia Service and the South East Asia Service. One
year later, RMI as this DX program was known affectionately by its
listeners, was expanded to a half hour duration each week.

The second half of each program was given a special title, Window on the
World, and inserted into this section of the program were taped recordings
from other well known DX programs, which included:

* Ron Meyers World DX News Adventist World Radio Europe
* Ian MacFarland DX Listeners Digest Radio Canada International
* Jonathan Marks Media Network Radio Netherlands
* David Hermges Shortwave Panorama ORF Vienna Austria
* The Two Bobs SW Merry-go-Round Swiss Radio International
[RCI program was called just DX Digest, later SWL Digest gh]

Program Insert SRI: Swiss Merry-Go-Round

As an expansion for the DX programming in Radio Monitors International in
1980, the regular half hour program was included in the Home Service
broadcasts from the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation on mediumwave,
shortwave and FM. At the same time, a quarter hour version of this
broadcast was included in the SLBC Service to the Middle East. Then too,
back then Jeff White with his earlier Radio Earth programming, included
Radio Monitors International in the shortwave outreach from Radio Clarin
in the Dominican Republic.

Back then, the two announcers in the program, in addition to myself as the
DX host, were Sonia Christo Poddar, who is now living in England, and she
sends her greetings to SLBC in memory of the historic shortwave station at
Ekala. The other announcer was Maxine Bell, who is now living somewhere in
the United States.

Several thousand QSL cards were issued for the broadcasts of Radio
Monitors International, and in fact way back then for one particular
program a total of 900 reception reports was received. We are issuing a
special QSL card for the one time broadcast today of this our special
edition of Radio Monitors International.

Thank you Ekala!
Welcome to the international radio scene, SLBC Trincomalee!

* National Anthem - Sri Lanka: Brass & orchestra

* Closing Announcement - Thanks for listening to this special edition of
"Radio Monitors International", as a tribute to the historic shortwave
station located at Ekala in Sri Lanka. This program was researched and
written in Indianapolis. Next week, we will revert to our regular program
name, "Wavescan".

QSL Cards: On this occasion we are preparing a special QSL card to honor
the 72 years of on air service from the historic shortwave station located
at Ekala, near Colombo in Sri Lanka. This one time QSL card will feature a
reproduction of the original QSL card offered by the DX program, Radio
Monitors International and the program service offered by the original
AWR-Asia in Poona India. This special edition QSL card will be used to
verify the reception of this one particular program as may be heard from
any of the relay outlets, including Adventist World Radio, the Sri Lanka
Broadcasting Corporation, shortwave stations WRMI, WWCR, WINB, Spaceline
Bulgaria, and any other radio station that rebroadcasts this particular
program. This one time QSL card is available from only the one postal
address for Adventist World Radio:

Radio Monitors International
Box 29235
Indiana, 46229 USA

Return postage is preferred and appreciated
<Wavescan @>
Jeff White, shortwave WRMI

* Music of the World - Tamil music: Folk style, instrumental & vocal
* Program Ends - 28:55
(Adrian Peterson-USA  AWR Wavescan/RMI script for week of June 9, 2013
via dxld June 20)

SRI LANKA  Latest monitored schedule of SLBC All Asia Service:

11905 0115-0130 UT Bangla (Christian program)/Hindi, 0130-0330 UT
Hindi/Occasional English Christian programs.

9770 1115-1130 UT Hindi, 1130-1145 UT Malayalam (Christian program),
1145-1200 UT Hindi, 1200-1215 UT Tamil (Christian program).

The continuity announcements are all now in Hindi.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, dxld June 17)

SRI LANKA   New, updated SW schedule of Sri Lanka Broadcasting

0115-0330 11905 TRM 125 kW 345 deg to SoAS Hindi+Bengali/Tamil/English#
0215-0330  9770 TRM 125 kW 345 deg to SoAS English, Asia sce is deleted
1115-1215 NF  9720 TRM 125 kW 345 deg to SoAS Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam,x9770*
1630-1830 11750 TRM 125 kW 345 deg to SoAS Sinhala+En/Tamil^Mon-Wed/Sat

Special thanks to Victor Goonetilleke for useful information about SLBC.
# sponsored programs in Bengali/Tamil/English
* to avoid KBS World Radio Vietnamese/Chinese
^ Sinhala plus announcements in English/Tamil
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

New time of PCJ Radio International broadcasts from June 30:
1330-1430 11835 TRM 125 kW 045 deg to EaAS English Sunday, ex1300-1400.
The next broadcast will be air Sun, July 7 at same time and frequency.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

TAIWAN   Taiwan gives up on SW to North America.
Frequency change (2013-06-24).

Starting from July 1st, RTI will end its shortwave broadcasts to North
America due to drastic budget cuts. Meanwhile, our transmission to
Mainland China from 0100-0200 UT on MW 1422 kHz will be suspended. In
South Asia, from 1600-1700 UT, transmission will be switched from 9440 to
6180 kHz.

We apologize for any inconveniences that the changes may cause
(RTI via Richard Lemke-Alb-CAN, dxld June 24)

It will be "inconvenient" for RTI to lose most of its audience in North
America, tsk2. No reply to my message urging them to make other relay
arrangements. Direct broadcasts would be possible as a last resort, but
the are not even trying that.

For the final week, English via WYFR is:
2200-2300  15440    0300-0400  6115
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 25)

TAIWAN   Re: Taiwan gives up on SW to North America. I just read an email
from longtime online friend Andrew Ryan, a producer/writer/host on Radio
Taiwan International.

He insists that RTI absolutely is still interested in broadcasting on SW
to North America. (He is well aware that this is not the trend with other

He wrote "Unless some other radio station is planning on jumping in to
save us, this could be the end".

He said the loss of both WYFR, and the budget cuts, is the root of the

He also asked rather pointedly about my hearing RTI in the past on
transmissions not targeted for USA. I had previously shared one of my logs
with him where I had gotten excellent copy of RTI via France - a
transmission targeting SoEaAsia, actually. I responded with comments on
the frequencies that work best from Europe and Asia and at what times. I
did mention how Asian DX pounds in to USA in early mornings, and how the
best heard station here (my QTH) is often Voice of Korea from the DPRK.

Hopefully these other options are still being discussed behind closed
doors in Taipei.
(Rick Barton-AZ-USA, dxld June 26)

TAJIKISTAN   Frequency changes of Voice of Tibet:
1300-1315 NF15548 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15542
1345-1400 NF15542 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15548
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

UGANDA   Uganda Radio broadcasts on 7195 kHz.
In spite of complaints to the Uganda and Kenya Communications Commissions
what appears to be Uganda Radio continues to broadcast daily from around
0445 until after 1130 UT, using English, Luganda and Swahili languages,
with good world news items, music and Koran recitations.

The signal is not too strong in Nairobi, much weaker than Radio Hargeisha
on 7120 kHz, but is clearly audible and does not appear to be a spurious

It would be appreciated if I could receive any reports from your area to
support our complaints to CCK and UCC.
73, Ted 5Z4NU, ARSK Nairobi
(Ted -  alleyne-KEN, via ng, via df5sx June 24)

Kampala Uganda Radio broadcasts on 7195 kHz.
I can detect the carrier here in (my) evenings, but that is about all.
Unfortunately, I have a G7D sort of signal on 7197 kHz that appears to
operate 24 x 7, so not easy to hear under it.

73 John Kirk-AUS  VK4TJ  QG52xi (via ng, June

UKRAINE   Brovary transmitter site.
Thanks to Alexandr Diadischev for forwarding this Ukrainian article of
14 June 2013 about the former transmitting site Brovary, Ukraine,
to open_dx yg.

While it talks a lot about MW, it also includes an update about the former
RUI SW site. I provide a translation of his translation into Russian.
The original in Ukrainian (with photos) is at


My additions in [brackets] - [start quote]

On 12 June [2013], the 180 meter tower of Brovary's transmitting centre
was demolished (it was used for mediumwave broadcasting; until 1 January
2013 it transmitted the last remaining station "Promin" on 549 kHz).
Video of the demolition:
(via Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR in open_DX, June 15)

As to the [LW 209 kHz old til 1972! wb.] longwave and [9xmasts] shortwave
towers at Kiev Street 227
[50 31 00.41 N, 30 46 45.80 E
- GM points the address to a slightly different spot further south on Kiev
St, but the masts are easily found on GE]: almost all of them were
demolished in December 2012.

As of Jan 2013, only on 110-meter tower remained (of formerly 8 [I count
9 on GE, 5 smaller and 4 taller towers]), but it was also taken down
in the spring. These towers used to emit the first programme of Ukraine's
National Radio and the world service of Radio Ukraine. Currently, multi-
storey appartment buildings are being built there.

For medium wave broadcasting (including the advertised DRM), only one
tower remains (height 257 m, built in 1972 [latter for LW 209 kHz, from
1988 207 kHz, wb.]), but nobody knows whether it will also be taken down
or not. The Brovary transmitting centre had existed since the 1930s.
[end quote]

Other antenna towers in Brovary on GE:
50 29 49 N  30 48 10 E
50 30 08 N  30 48 52 E
and three centered at 50 30 13 N  30 48 42 E

Additional comments from Alexandr Yegorov, Kiev: "The last broadcast of
Promin on 549 kHz came from the 257 m tower (formerly 209/207 kHz).
The Youtube video shows the fall of the 180 m MW tower."

And here is a local TV report about the SW towers. After the end of
transmissions, the towers were used by jumpers and climbers...

And here falls a 110 m SW tower in Brovary [also shown in the newscast]:

Sightseeing on the 257 m tower:
(via Eike Bierwirth-D, SW TXsite ng June 15)

1 -  This northerly site installation at
Brovary Kiev LW 209 kHz til 1972, contained also SW 4x100 kW [and reported
also 9 x 50 kW, maybe combined to 100 kW total?] units during Radio Moscow
and Radio Kiev in USSR era, and 8x curtains on 9 tall SW masts, azimuth in
074/254 degr direction towards Kazakhstan and western Europe. In 60 mband
4820/4825 kHz was used even for German sce from Kiev, and Ukrainian
language transmission covered on 4940 kHz also from Brovary with strong
signals to all-Germany these days.

Kai mentioned in Nov 1998:
NRCU/Sajuk gives 4820 kHz as operational 0200-0100 UT, at 1415 UT I found
it indeed already on the air. The nearly 24 hrs operation (exc for one hr
maintenance per day) suggests, that alongside with Kharkov another
possible origin is the Brovary site near Kiev with it's 60 ms antenna,
which was used until a few years ago (three, if I remember correct) to
radiate the third home sce progr on 4940 kHz.

Also spurious signal on 5870 kHz (mixture of 5905 / 5940 from same tx site
Kyyiv Brovary), all in English occured.

Some time changes in RUI Kiev B99 schedule:
 5905 1700-0200   254   27S 37N
 7420 0000-2300   074   29 30
 9560 1500-0200   254   27 28   new time
 9600 0300-1200   254   27 28
11720 0500-1800   266   27 28

There is only one active centre left - Brovarskiy (Kiev) with four txs of
total power 100 kW. All the mentioned centres ceased their work due to
financial and technical reasons, as the lack of spare parts for equipment,
that Ukraine doesn't produce.

Freq schedule
 171  2200-2400 Lviv       5905  1700-0200
6020  2100-0500&0600-2000  6130  0600-1600     9560  1700-0100
9620  0200-1600           11840  0400-1700
(Andrey Erlikh-UKR, RUS-DX #74, Sep 11, 1999)

11570 kHz spurious. I have this afternoon identified an Ukrainian signal
on 11570 kHz after PAK went off at 1615 UT. I had been hearing something
co- channel to them from at least 1400 UT, but unidentifiable, although I
now assume it was this one. My feeling is that it is either a spur or
harmonic, but I am not very good at working these things out! However,
11705 minus 11570 = 135, 11705 plus 135 = 11840 kHz. I guess the answer is
within that equation, but which is the "faulty" tx?
(Noel R. Green-UK, Aug 25/26, 2000)

Mixing products will occur everytime that two signals are influenced by a
non-linearity in the system. A non-linearity, for instance an oxidized
contact or a dirty isolator, is any element that distorts the signals. In
a non-linearity the impedance (AC resistance) seen by the signal varies
with the momentary amplitude. I think that rainy weather and more
specifically snowy weather with streaming water or ice on the isolators
and in the curtain elements is one explanation for occasional mixing
products. They may also be caused by a switch that has not been properly
(Olle Alm-SWE, Aug 25, 2000)

What I heard yesterday was very typical of a harmonic. Yes, no doubt this
was a mixing product of 11705 and 11840 kHz at the Brovary site. Such
mixing products arises when a sufficient amount of one txs output reaches
the PA stage of the other tx through the antenna connections, resulting in
a mirror like known as annoying problem on single conversion rx.
(Kai Ludwig-D, Aug 26, 2000)

"Bad news: yesterday the Brovary Radio Centre was switched off on Short
and Medium waves. I don't know for how long time."
(Alexander Yegorov-UKR, via Kraig Krist, dxld July 25, 2001)

Northerly was initially going LW location since the 30s (T-antenna used).
But later (1972) was then the 257m ARRT antenna built south at
50 29 48.89 N  30 48 09.18 E
(and a new 500 kW transmitter installed also), and LW *here* laid.

Two masts remained, LW 209 til 1972, then unknown freq transformed to MW
mast transmission at
50 30 45.19 N  30 46 31.92 E
scrapped already after 23 May 2005 and 24 Sep 2007 images.
old former LW 209 kHz / MW TX house still visible at
50 30 43.20 N  30 46 38.17 E

The two poles of the T-antenna for other frequencies were then used
(supplied separately executed, I suppose), to the progressive abolition in
the 2000s, see history in images on GE:
04 Apr 2002 rural and wooden covered area,
            rather farming area on westerly side.
23 May 2005 some private housing development seen in western part of the
            area.  LW masts scrapped now ...
16 Sep 2006 and 24 Sep 2007 great built up development of more housing
            area erection.

2 -  This southerly site of the LW (from 1972), few MW installations, and
usual USSR security forces and jamming transmission facilities at Brovary

45 smaller masts visible around the MW masts and BC house facilities,
mostly on the southeasterly side of the area, best image take 30 March
2002 visibility...

History of the GE images in past decade:
see registrations too

Acc ITU MW lists, Brovary used on various mediumwave channels like
549/783/1242 kHz 150kW 150m tall mast, MW 594 / 873 kHz 50n kW 210m mast,
972 kHz 100d 10n, 891 kHz 50d 10n 210 m mast.

50 30 08.47 N  30 48 52.25 E

549 kHz UR-2 Promin  Brovary Kyiv 75(?) 210m mast 0400-2200
50 30 08.47 N  30 48 52.25 E

Brovary, exITU registrations at Dniepropetrovsk 648 and 810 kHz 100 kW
AART 257m tall mast, seen on GE image of 30 March 2002.
at  50 29 48.89 N  30 48 09.18 E

[KL comment in dxld: "...was used until yearend 2010 on 207 kHz and then
from 15 May 2012 til 1 Jan 2013 on 549 kHz... ]

USSR usual standard mast height was 257m, always rounded up to 260 meters,

Sight towards the west

and without comment:
"Radio Supressor pole - soviet times artefact"

"Radio Supressor equipment - rusty and useless"
corner reflector like quadrant steep fountain angle type antenna.
50 30 05.51 N  30 48 16.99 E

"Radiostanciya Field"

"Former Radio Suppressor Building"
Brovary TX house MW and jamming site
50 30 13.52 N  30 48 32.75 E

209 / 207 kHz.  31 mast pictures of Kiev Brovary LW/MW site of USSR era,
ARRT mast made in 1972year, 210 m height, LW since 1972/1973 at 500 kW of

It's Ukraine, Kiev, Brovary, 31 nice images taken on a USSR era 1972year
built LW mast, 210 meters height.

this mast

the same site, title "Plasma Radio", some kilometers away on SW site?

So it's the power an unused antenna picks up. This antenna can be seen at
the horizont when viewed from the transmitting antenna. Despite the
distance the rcv'ed power is quite high...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 20)

From archive:
Shut-downs in the Ukraine. Since Jan 17th, Klaus Lieberwirth misses the
usual txions of Radio Kazakhstan via Brovary on 9620 and 11840 kHz.
I checked this today at 1400 UT and found also no trace of them, so
seemingly the txs are indeed off. [...]
(Kai Ludwig-D, Jan 26, 1999)

UKRAINE   Nine kilometers northerly direction another installation a Kiev
CDAA Wullenweber direction finding antenna (probably ?) visible here:
50 34 47.42 N  30 46 33.72 E
best GE images of 2 Febr 2009, and 3 Sept 2012.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 20)

UAE   13719.961  Usual odd frequency transmission 'Sudan Radio Service'
program in Arabic, scheduled 0400-0530 UT daily, heard today at 0428 UT
June 23, rather fair sidelobe signal into Europe by S=6 level.

15550.033  Usual odd frequency transmission from Al Dhabbaya, Radio
Tamazuj program in Arabic and Vernac? to Sudan, S=6-7 rather poor at
0420 UT June 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

USA   New 'Bing Maps' Birds Eye Imagery of KJES: Vado, NM. I can see the
LP (Yagi Style) antenna & the 80 degree azimuth Rhombic, but I'm confused
as to where the zero degrees azimuth Rhombic might be. Anyone know this SW
TXer site? The Bing Maps Birds Eye Imagery offers the best imagery of this
site that I've seen so far. Again no photos or videos of this SW TX site
to be found on the Internet that I can find :-(
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite ng June 19, via dxld)

USA   6115 the King is dead on June 30, WWCR programs will appear here in
future instead.

YFR Arabic from Wertachtal 2000-2200 UT, and YFR Okeechobee-FL-USA 2200-
0400 UT in English, both will cease service totally from June 30 for ever.

New WWCR English 6115 kHz 100kW 46deg 2100-0100 UT on July 1st to Oct 27
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 20)

USA   [VIETNAM non]  6175.004  Voice of Vietnam program in Vietnamese
language via HRI Furman SC, scheduled 0430-0530 UT. S=7-8 sidelobe signal
strength here in Europe at 0459 UT June 23. See next door RNB 6180.007
kHz, latter little stronger at S=9 under MEXICO/BRAZIL item.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

9330.103  Footprint of WBCQ The Planet Monticello ME next to Canadian
border, H3E mode outlet this morning at 0505 UT June 23. ID at 0506 UT
"The Bible Voice" every day. This morning poor S=4 signal during mid-
summer condition.

see G.E., WBCQ bc center area at
46 20 28.29 N  67 48 57.98 W
at Britton Road

and WRFM mw mast nearby, at
46 20 30.33 N  67 49 04.93 W
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

USA   [non]  At 2000 UT on June 19, I can receive AFN on 15599.50 kHz USB.
The condition is good. AFN-Guam??? S/off at 2032 UT. And FSK(?) s/on at
2033 UT on 15602.50 kHz, probably from Guam, the same transmitter.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld June 20)

Fluke or replacing 13362-USB?
There are some high-power AM broadcasters on 15600 kHz,
R. Free Asia/Tinian, CRI, FEBC Philippines, but not all the time.
(Glenn Hauser, ibid.)

USA/PALAU   The Angels of World Harvest Radio

You will note that the latest DX Re Mix News schedule for World Harvest
Radio shows T8WH Palau as Angels 3, 4, and 5. Angel 5 used to be "located"
at the South Carolina site.

Angels 1 & 2 are the two 500 kW transmitters in SC; originally those
numbers meant the two 100 kW in Indiana, which were later moved to SC as 5
and 6.

Angels 3 & 4 were originally the two transmitters of KWHR in Hawaii, then
moved to Palau.

Angels 5 & 6 were originally the transmitters in Noblesville IN, later
moved to Cypress Creek/Furman SC, once WHR had acquired the former
Christian Science site with two 500 kW transmitters which became 1 & 2.

I am sure that the technical info page of WHR for a long time had showed
Angel 5 as one of the SC transmitters, but now it does show Angels 3, 4
and 5 as as T8WH PALAU. With 1, 2 and 6 as WHRI, SC.

Angel 5 has been redesignated as a T8WH service; this does not necessarily
mean that a SC transmitter has been moved physically to Palau. But with
four transmitters there, they can easily handle three different broadcasts
at once, if not four.

Closer inspection of the present page:
which I have copied as text below

Shows that the 'Angels' do not refer to one transmitter each, but to a
group of transmitters which may be used for a *service* or program stream
designated by one of the Angel numbers.

Thus Angel 1 could be using one of the two 500 kW Brown Boveris, or the
100 kW Harris.

Angel 2 would only be using one of the BBs, presumably also 500 kW but not
specified as such. The 500s are probably powered way down.

Angel 3, 4, and 5, Palau: EACH has access to four 100 kW transmitters, two
Thomsons, a Harris and a Continental. I assume this does not mean EACH
Angel has 4 separate transmitters, but four altogether.

Angel 6, WHRI, is one 100 kW Harris, but other data is missing

The coverage maps for each are also blank, unlike previously.

However, the coverage maps on this page are still filled in:

Showing Angel 5's target area is Africa only, which does not make sense
for Palau, but probably a holdover from the ex-Maine site if not SC!

Since so much info in the program schedule showing SW frequencies is
IMAGINARY, we must also suspect much of the transmitter technical info is
too, if not merely inaccurate, confused, or outdated!!

This may have improved since the last time we looked at it. For example
the Angel 5 program schedule now has MHz entries for certain blox but
blanx for many others, altho there is some named programming, presumably
only on the satellite feed/webcast.

The FCC schedule via HFCC for A-13
shows Palau running three frequencies at once during some hours,
especially Asian prime-time 13-16 UT, but careful: some of these could be
registered as alternates. FCC and HFCC have no use for the "Angel"

If anyone can elucidate on what I have said, please do so.

Here is the copy of the WHR technical info page:

WHRI - Angel 1
Entire Map
Transmitter Location:
Cypress Creek, South Carolina USA
Latitude: N 32deg 41' 03", Longitude: W 81deg 7' 50"
(2) Brown Boveri SK55, 500kW
(1) Harris SW100B, 100kW
Antenna Model / Gain:
(10)T.C.I.-611 Dipole Curtain
(2) Thomcast Dipole Curtain / 30, 60 million watts ERP
Satellite Audio Carrier: Angel 1 - Galaxy 16, Transponder 15

WHRI - Angel 2
Entire Map
Transmitter Location:
Cypress Creek, South Carolina USA
Latitude: N 32deg 41' 03", Longitude: W 81deg 7' 50"
Brown Boveri SK55
Antenna Model / Gain:
(10)T.C.I.-611 Dipole Curtain
(2) Thomcast Dipole Curtain / 30, 60 million watts ERP
Satellite Audio Carrier: Angel 2 - Galaxy 16, Transponder 15

T8WH-Angel 3
Entire Map
(2) Thomson 2311P, 100kW
(1) Harris SW100A,
(1) 100kW Continental 418F, 100kW (operational 2009)
(3) Dipole Curtains
Location: Latitude 7deg 46 N & Longitude 134deg 48 E 14" (Palau)
Satellite Audio Carrier: Telstar 10, Transponder 6A

T8WH - Angel 4
Entire Map
(2) Thomson 2311P, 100kW
(1) Harris SW100A,
(1) 100kW Continental 418F, 100kW (operational 2009)
(3) Dipole Curtains
Location: Latitude 7deg 46 N & Longitude 134degr 48 E 14" (Palau)
Satellite Audio Carrier: Telstar 10, Transponder 6A

Entire Map
(2) Thomson 2311P, 100kW
(1) Harris SW100A,
(1) 100kW Continental 418F, 100kW (operational 2009)
(3) Dipole Curtains
Location: Latitude 7degr 46 N & Longitude 134 degr 48 E 14" (Palau)
Satellite Audio Carrier: Telstar 10, Transponder 6A

WHRI - Angel 6
Entire Map
Harris SW-100B
(2) T.C.I. 611 Dipole Curtain
Antenna Power:
Satellite Audio Carrier:
[blanks sic]
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 18)

UZBEKISTAN   Voice of Tigers maybe has suspended its broadcasts SW:
1530-1630 11550 TAC 100 kW 163 deg to CLN Tamil, Sat no signal May-June
1500-1600 12250 TAC 100 kW 163 deg to CLN Tamil, Sat no signal May-June
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 23)

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