New 70cms beacon GB3UHF

08:09 Fernando Luiz de Souza 0 Comments

A new 70cms beacon GB3UHF, to be located at the same site in Kent as the 2m beacon GB3VHF, is now licenced.
I will now apply for a site sharing agreement and once an agreement has been finalised the new beacon will appear shortly afterwards.
This process may take some considerable time so an early appearance of the new beacon is unlikely.
The proposed hardware will be similar in principle to that used for GB3VHF in that the frequency will be GPS locked and the keying format will be the same as used for GB3VHF.
The antennas will use the same type of 3 element yagis (Amphenol Jaybeam 7040420) and will point in the same directions (288 and 348 degrees) as those used at 144MHz and with a similar E.R.P.
A beacon operating on 432.430 MHz will provide a very useful tool together with GB3VHF for determining propagation at both VHF and UHF over long distances from the same site
Paul, G4DCV
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