DATV-Express Project - March update

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Ken W6HHC provides the latest news on the Digital Amateur Television DATV-Express project

In March, BATC announced that fully-assembled DATV-Express boards can also be ordered through the BATC Shop under the "Hardware and Kits" category. See: http://www.batc.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3773   

With BATC working in partnership with the DATV-Express team, BATC is stocking (ex-stock) the PCBA to enable members in the UK and Europe to purchase it without the hassle of exchange rates / customs duty / VAT when importing it from the USA.

The BATC price is directly comparable to the US price from the DATV-Express website after you have added VAT and customs/admin charges. Currently, Art WA8RMC is shipping more DATV-Express boards to the BATC Shop, almost every week.

Charles G4GUO has been now working full-time on allowing the Raspberry-Pi processor to drive the DATV-Express board in DVB-S protocol (instead of using a full-blown Ubuntu PC). This is not a quick project. Charles sees at least four "development phases" to finishing our Raspberry-Pi work.

• Development-Phase01 - move all DVB-S encoding into FPGA and talk to board with ubuntu-PC using MPEG-2

• Development-Phase02 - integrate ubuntu code used in phase01 into Raspberry and use MPEG-4 payload with a Pi-camera and receiving on a DVB-S2 STB

• Development-Phase03 - use Hauppauge USB encoder to produce true MPEG-2 with the DVB-S protocol

• Development-Phase04 - combines DVB-S dongle receiver with the Phase03 design to create a DVB-S transceiver that is Raspberry-Pi controlled


The link to the BATC Shop listings can be found at

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