DIPLOMA "45 YEARS SP8PRL" - 1 May - 22 July 2014

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This award commemorates the 45th anniversary of the club SP8PRL. The sponsor of the diploma "45 YEARS SP8PRL" is Chelm Amateur Radio Club SP8PRL with its registered office at 22-100, ul. Wojs?awicka 21/23.
Requirements: To obtain the, earn a minimum of 45 points by contacting club officials and members during the period from 01-05-2014 to 22-07-2014.

Point Values:
a. List of stations - the current members of the Club - belonging to the diploma "45 YEARS SP8PRL" and the number of points awarded for establishing contact with these stations:
     Sylwia SQ8MXN - 5 points
     Marek SQ8MFM - 5 points
     Marek SQ8MXS - 5 points
     Andrew SP8FNA - 5 points
     Viktor SP8ENS - 5 points
     Sebastian SQ5NWD - 5 points
     Radek SQ8HNB - 5 points
     Peter SQ8PKJ - 5 points
     David SQ8SKD - 5 points
b. Station Club SP8PRL - 30 points - one contact is mandatory. During contests, the club uses the special call sign of SN8P, which counts for the mandatory QSO.
c. Foreign stations and SWLs have the same requirements as Polish stations.
d. Stations who were previous members of the Club SP8PRL - may receive the diploma for the fulfillment of just one requirement, namely one contact with SP8PRL club station, giving the operator the dates that they were members.
e. "Excellent sticker", will be added to the award for anyone who contacts all of the specific stations listed above in item a.
f. All bands and modes. Communications by repeater QSOs are OK.
Diploma in electronic format (JPG) is free. The paper version of the diploma, including the cost of envelopes and postage stamps will be sent after sending postage stamps with a value of PLN 6.
Applications for the diploma in paper format should be sent to klub@sp8prl.pl or postal address Chelmski Amateur Radio Club 22-100 ul. Wojs?awicka 21/23, Poland.
The deadline for applications is 31-08-2014. Confirmation of communication in the form of QSL cards are not required but greatly appreciated.
E-mail: klub@sp8prl.pl
Internet: http://www.sp8prl.pl/viewpage.php?page_id=48
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