German radio hams to launch school balloon

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The Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) reports there have now been ten years of successful cooperation with amateur radio and electronics at the Eichenlaub school in Weiskirchen. Two projects are planned; a stratospheric balloon launch, and a drifting buoys experiment

Google English translation of DARC post:

The balloon should start at about 11:00 CEST from the school yard on Tuesday, May 6. The payload is in addition to sensors for temperature, relative humidity and pressure is also a Geiger-Müller counter, cameras and a GPS module on board. The telemetry data and voice messages are sent out on 145.200 MHz and the position of the balloon to 144.800 MHz in APRS.

In addition, the balloon will carry a radio frequency 433.025 MHz parrot on with it. The wireless operation via the radio parrot will be hosted by the school radio station DL0ERW/DN1ERW. For the remaining home students from the partner schools and all interested parties, the action of the AG in a public live-stream is provided on

The local chapter of Black Forest high forest and the AG of Eichenlaub school would be delighted if as many radio amateurs and, because of the start on a Tuesday, and numerous school stations the project with observation on the amateur radio frequencies, participation in the live-stream, as well as a lively radio operation via the Radio Parrot support.

The projects will be implemented with the assistance of the projects funds of the DARC and the Saar district. The amateur radio and electronics AG at the Eichenlaub School will present the Comenius project to host students from several European partner schools with a stratospheric balloon experiment amateur radio as a unifying and technical-experimental pastime. Details for drifting buoys experiment in Lake Constance during the Friedrichshafen Ham Radio event can be found in the next edition of CQ DL.

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