Ofcom 27 MHz CB and 915 MHz Consultations

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Ofcom has published a public consultation on draft regulations, the Wireless Telegraphy (Exemption and Amendment) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 and a Decision to make the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Communications Services on Aircraft) (Exemption) Regulations 2014

The proposed Wireless Telegraphy Exemption regulations would implement the following previous decisions by Ofcom:

• authorise the use of 870 to 876 MHz and 915 to 921 MHz for a number of short range devices on a licence-exempt basis (following a statement in April 2014);
• enable the land-based use of Earth Stations on Moving Platforms on a licence-exempt basis (following a statement in January 2014); and
• allow two different Amplitude Modulation (AM) modes of operation to be used for Citizens’ Band radio on a licence-exempt basis (following a statement in December 2013).

The consultation closes on May 19, 2014.

In addition Ofcom has published a statement on its decision to make the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Communication Services on Aircraft) (Exemption) Regulations 2014.

The regulations implement a European Commission Decision by extending the current licence exemption arrangements for the use of mobile terminals when connecting to mobile communication services on aircraft to include 3G and 4G technologies.


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