POLAND- Commemorating the Battle of Ostroleka (1831) -1 April to 31 May 2014

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Battle of Ostrolenko was fought May 26, 1831, and was one of the greatest and most decisive battles of the November Uprising. The Polish Army under the command of General Jan Skrzynecki, returning from an unsuccessful expedition to the Russian guards were surprised by the unexpected arrival of Ostrolenko Russian army Field Marshal Ivan Dybicz. Polish army rested deployed in the villages on the west bank of the Narew. Ostrole;ka from the east was only protected the slim Polish forces. The Russians managed to oust them from their positions.

This award celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Ostroleka during the period from 1 April to 31 May 2014. Earn a total of 26 points for contacts with the station club and club members, including 2 mandatory QSOs with the special event station SN0B, and a minimum of 2 required communication with any members of the club..
Polish operators with category III license may obtain the award after obtaining a minimum of 13 points for communication with the station club and club members, including conduct one mandatory communication with the station commemorative SN0B any band and a minimum of 1 mandatory communication with a member of the club.
SWL OK on same basis as licensed stations.
Communication with the station SN0B can substitute for another contact or on another band HF / VHF, any such communication shall be counted only as one time for a particular band or broadcast without the possibility of duplication of the next day (eg 5 x QSO band ssb 80m = 1 time) . Digital Communications emissions will count on a RTTY x1, bpsk/psk31/psk63/psk125 x 1 - change the speed of transfer is not considered a change in the type of emissions.
Communications with members of the club only count one time with each member of the club .
• Station commemorative SN0B = 10 points for each QSO
• Member of the Club SP5KVW = 3 points for each operator
The award is available only as a digital file which you can print on your own equipment. In order to receive a diploma you must submit an electronic application form to the address sp5kvw@gmail.com no later than 23 June 2014.
The list of club participants and their call signs will be announced on the club WWW pageson 15 June 2014. You may send the electronic application form (any - pdf, doc, Adif, Cabrillo)
E-mail: sp5kvw@gmail.com
Internet: http://sp5kvw.com/ And http://www.qrz.com/db/SN0BEM

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