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The Wireless Institute of Australia is strongly behind this week's Expo,
which showcases the benefits of modern Amateur Radio.
This occurs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 11-13th.
The participating WIA clubs will be in parks, other public places and electronic stores, with everyone invited to join them on air.

The Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society VK5BAR in Belair National Park will run a display and public station on 7.100 MHz SSB plus CW on 40m and 20m.
The Eastern and Mountain District Club VK3ER at Jells Park in Wheelers Hill, will have a kite antenna if weather permits, foxhunting, HF operating, and Amateur TV telecasts.
The RadioActives VK3DQ at Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster will on HF, VHF, and UHF in voice and digital modes. The ALARA display shows we are a hobby both genders enjoy.
The Summerland Amateur Radio Club VK2SRC at the Lismore Public Library, hopes to recruit a local TV presenter and politician, to show SSB, FM, Slow Scan TV and digital modes.
The Townsville Amateur Radio Club VK4WIT is at the Jaycar store with a dynamic display that will encourage those attending to try out Amateur Radio.
Sounds very professional.
The Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club VK4BW has tour guides to take visitors around the stations and displays at the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct.
What a unique idea.
The Ipswich District Radio Club VK4WIP clubrooms will explain Amateur Radio, and operate on HF using its famous squid pole antenna. Exposure and recruitment is the aim.

Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group VK3YVG is at Jaycar in Ringwood, with HF, VHF, and computer based modes.
Shows we are a diverse and modern activity.

The Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club VK3SOL, uses the Showgrounds Rotary Market for crowds as it operates on 40m, and through the Mt Wombat repeater and IRLP.
Just arrived have been registrations from the Amateur Radio Direction Finding Group at Melbourne's Westerfolds Park, The Melbourne Electronics Radio Club in Bunnings Water Gardens, and the Central Queensland Amateur Radio Association located at Jaycar at Rockhampton.
Demonstration stations will call "CQ Expo" - this is your opportunity to
invite those on the microphone, most likely for the first time, to consider
joining the wonderful hobby of Amateur Radio.

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