WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1157 - 11 April 2014

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALASKA   9610  KNLS tiny signal in Chinese noted downunder in Sydney-AUS
remote SDR unit. Up to S=7 strength only at 1113 UT April 5.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

ALBANIA  7464.982  R Tirana via Shijak txing center site, on 28-March-14
at 0007 UT. Listed  Albania with fair signal, news talk with many mentions
of Tirana. Nice vocals at 0020 UT pass by.
(Brandon Jordan-TN-USA, dxld April 2)

9845  March 30 at 0129 UT. Radio Tirana already on new frequency for A-14
English to North America with IS, 0130 UT sign-on and Klara gives correct
new schedule for the two remaining English broadcasts, the other being
2000 UT on 7465 kHz to Europe, Mon-Sat, while 9845 kHz is UT Tue-Sun. Good
signal with some flutter, propagating well despite recent disturbance, and
no CCI, nor ACI anywhere near 9845 kHz for several channels. Last summer
WHRI was a problem on 9860 kHz, but not at all for A-14.

9845  April 1 at *0126:45 UT, Radio Tirana on with wowy IS, good signal
fading between 27 and 45 dB per PL-880 (but such readings depend on how
much antenna is attached, so how useful are they?); and opening English.
Thinned out band, nearest audible neighbors being 9825 kHz VOA Spe-cial-
ish English, and 9860 kHz Iran q.v. poor in Spanish.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 2)

ANTARCTICA   15475.972  Antarctis Argentina noted on April 7,
around 1950 UT.

Seit einigen Wochen mal wieder ein Antarctis Signal auf 15476 gemeldet.
Ich sehe den Peak bei genau 15475.972 kHz, aber wirklich nur den Traeger
bei S=4 und -96dBm im Perseus. Aber kein Hauch von einem Programm zu
hoeren. Geschweige stn ID. Also nur was fuer die Porsche Antennen User.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

Hier auf Menorca, Spain mit -80 dbm und gut zu verstehen.
(Michael Haun-ESP, A-DX April 7)

S=5-7, allerdings fast keine Modulation. Das Musikprogramm mit kurzen
Ansagen ist schon sehr, sehr duenn. 15476.978 kHz in Salzburg, Austria.
<>  <>
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX April 7)

ARGENTINA   15345.121 kHz  at 0120 UT April 6, usual weekend program of
Radio Nacional Argentina in Spanish language. S=8-9 or -78dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 6)

AUSTRALIA   ABC have commenced emergency broadcasts 15240 and 6150.

ABC Australia Emergency Broadcasts.
A heads up - in around 10 hours from now at 1400 UT Severe Tropical
Cyclone Ita will hit Far North Queensland, Australia. The cyclone is rated
a strength 5, which is the highest rating, so massive destruction is
expected. The emergency broadcasts have started and also In the last few
minutes the ABC have tweeted than some of the ABC transmitters in The Far
North (ie MW & FM) are dropping in and out.

As yet the ABC haven't announced any shortwave frequencies have been
deployed, but previously 9710 and 6080 kHz have been utilised for
emergency broadcasting when cyclones hit this area of Australia. These
frequencies would be worth checking, particularly over the next few days,
particularly if the MW and FM broadcasting infrastructure is damaged.

Much further south, here in Sydney it is a perfect, warm autumn day, but
not so for my brothers and sisters in the Australian tropics. So best of
luck in riding this storm out.
(Mark Fahey-AUS, dxld April 10)

ABC Australia Emergency Broadcasts.
Solid ABC signals 6150 kHz at 1110 UTC with special EnglishG bulletins
about the storms. YL gave out emergency phone number for updates from
listeners and interviewed several listeners while I was tuned in thanks
for the heads up, Mark, and stay safe. I was listening to Radio Havana
last night and they had a special report torrential rains and mudslides in
Argentina. We had similarly crazy weather in Illinois last spring.
(Mike Nikolich-IL-USA  N9OVQ  <N9OVQ @>  dxld April 11)

AUSTRALIA   ABC have commenced emergency broadcasts with special
bulletins about the storms.
Will be using transmitter A of Radio Australia as follows

2200-0900  15240 SHP 100 kW 030 deg English to Far North AUS unchanged
0900-1400   6150 SHP 100 kW 030 deg English to Far North AUS unchanged
1400-1800 NF6150 SHP 100 kW 030 deg English to Far North AUS, ex 5995
1800-2000 NF6150 SHP 100 kW 030 deg English to Far North AUS, ex 9710
2000-2200 NF6150 SHP 100 kW 030 deg English to Far North AUS, ex11650
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 11)

AUSTRALIA   15399.967  HCJB HCA Chinese language sce from Kununurra txing
center, -79dBm at S=8. Endless talk discussion by two females.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

AUSTRIA   9690  Adventist World Radio - via ORS-Moosbrunn-AUT, at 0208-
0220 UT on Apr 2nd, man and woman talking in listed Urdu language with
fair signal until China Radio International via Noblejas opened in Chinese
at 0215 UT inmid-program with a very strong signal now dominating channel.
AWR could still be heard underneath CRI.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer April 6)

AUSTRIA   7320  on April 1st at 0543 UT, TWR chime IS, good signal, 0544
UT Polish on new frequency via ORS Moosbrunn-AUT. It's Mon-Fri only,
100 kW, 300 degrees from Moosbrunn at 0544-0559 UT per HFCC, i.e., not
toward Poland at all, but USward. The listed // remains 5910 kHz which is
100 kW at 30 degrees, much weaker here now, not causing much CCI to
Colombia. I found these easily in HFCC by searching on 0544 UT, the only
transmissions in the world starting or stopping at that odd even minute.
(Glen Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 2)

BELARUS   Reliable radio station "Belarus" (A-14)
From 30 March to 26 Oct 2014

In the SW band:
1100-2300 UT on the frequency 11730 kHz,
1705-2300 UT on the frequency  7255 kHz. {alt. 11930}

In the midrange:
1600-1800 UT on the frequency  1170 kHz.

FM-transmitters and frequencies:
Brest     -  96.4 MHz
Grodno    -  96.9 MHz
Svislach  - 100.8 MHz
Geraniums -  99.9 MHz
Braslaw   - 106.6 MHz
Myadel    - 102.0 MHz
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx April 6)

BOLIVIA   4699.9  Radio San Miguel, Riberalta with fair to good signal at
0012 to 0030 UT April 5, deep fades.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer April 5)

4699.936 kHz  at 0125 UT April 5th checked remote Perseus unit in NY US,
-91dBm S=5 signal noted just above threshold level. Male voice announcer.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

BRAZIL   RNB program around 0615 UT April 11 is on footprint exact
5999.604 kHz, but hit heavily by nearby adjacent RHC powerhouse on
6000 kHz, latter S=9+30dB or -37dBm tremendous signal.

RNB  WAS  NOT  on 6180 kHz, channel is empty.
See below of 6155 kHz distorted signal instead.

Heard very well too, on 11780.005 kHz at 0620 UT
on S=9+15dB or -59dBm level.

Distorted like FM modulation scratchy signal on fundamental 6155 kHz comes
definitely from RNB program // 11780 kHz outlet, very same program on
wideband range 6144 to 6166 kHz. S=9+20dB or - 55dBm, noted on remote SDR
units in Canada and western USA.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 11)

BRAZIL  [and non]  6148-6170 kHz on April 10 at 2327 UT, as I notice RHC
[see CUBA] on 6165 kHz now for the 'Mesa Redonda' breakaway, there is also
heavy interference from some extremely out-of-whack signal making rapid
pulses across this range, and strong enough to QRM Cuba on 6165 kHz
itself. Could it be RHC's own transmitter doing this? A ute, a radar?

No, recheck at 0053 UT on April 11 as RHC is off again, and now I can hear
bits of speech modulation in the pulses. RNB/RNA is still missing from
6180 kHz, so could this be what's become of it? Yes! The modulation peaks
match what I hear on their other frequency, 11780 kHz. Cuba apparently put
6165 kHz on because of the other RNB making a big het with otherwise OK
modulation from 5999.6 kHz onto RHC 6000.0 kHz, and now Brazil is gettin'
'em on the new frequency too, ha2. The heavy pulsing QRM continues at
0105 UT as RHC is now in English back on 6165 kHz, and still with the
heavy het on 6000 kHz too, the only other English frequency until
The Cuban Five overkill at 0500 UT. Recheck at 0252 UT, no change, still
pulsing and hetting both.

RNB's 250 kW transmitters periodically go out of whack and it takes a
while to get them back in whack. Doesn't anyone around Rodeador Park turn
on a radio and listen to their own output?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 10)

BRAZIL   4875.088  Radio Dif. Roraima, Boa Vista, RR, with guitar string
instrument performance and excellent female singer in Brazilian Portuguese
at 0148 UT April 5th. S=9 or at -71dBm strength level. Full station ID at
0150 UT by male announcer.

4915.003  At 0152 and 0155 UT April 5th full station IDs of Radio Daqui,
Goiania, GO, some male singer group observed around 0154 UT. Channels
suffer heavily by adjacent CODAR scratch interference. S=8, -75dBm
strength. All heard tonight on NY-US remote SDR unit.

15190.924 kHz  extremly on upper sideband flank, Radio Inconfidência, Belo
Horizonte MG, male voice in Brazilian Portuguese, and smooth Brazilian
Cancoes at 0110 UT on April 6.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5/6)

3375.06  Radio Municipal. Amazing peak at 0915:20 UT. Tlk by usual morning
M DJ w/nice ID at 0916:50 UT. Faded then. Usual Rooster crowing SFX
between ZY Pop songs at 0921 UT. M returned at 0928 UT, then back to mx at
0930 UT. Another ID at 1004:30 UT on 1 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

BULGARIA   Unscheduled broadcasts of Brother Stair via Secretbrod, updated

0700-1256 11600 SCB 050 kW 030 deg to EaEUR English pwr/azi are tentative
1300-1656  9400*SCB 050 kW 030 deg to EaEUR English pwr/azi are tentative
1600-1656 11590 SCB 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English pwr/azi are tentative

* strong co-ch Voice of America, Learning English + Chinese jammer 1500-
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 11)

CHINA/MONGOLIA   7260 kHz signals always a mess. Terrible to identify,
noted two different programs this UTC morning April 5th on downunder
Sydney SDR post. Probably XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqi on even 7260 kHz,
and odd frequency of Mongolian Radio-2 Ulan Bataar on 7259.959 kHz.
Mix of S=7-8 noted at backlobe in Australia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

CHINA / TAIWAN   18080.002  Good morning, re SOH around at 0650 UT on
April 11.

Guten Morgen Wolf!
Habe auf 18080 kHz in A3A um 0600 UT wieder die Chinesische BC Station
(und leise darunter eine zweite) empfangen. Da sich das taeglich
wiederholt habe ich unsere Behoerde informiert - die bestaetigen den
Empfang. Beste 73 de
(Gerd OE3GSA, OEVSV, <oe3gsa @> via IARU Bandwatch April 10)

0700-0757 UTC  CRI China Radio International in Chinese language.
17740 Xian, 17650 Kashgar - most strongest powerhouse, 17615 Kunming,
17520 Kashgar, 11875 Nanning, 9655 Nanning.

belongs in // to intruder in ham radio band on 18080.002 kHz
heard up to 0650 UT, and to check again to 0725 UT,
for SWL listener weak at -88dBm, or S 5-6 signal at 0702 UT on April 11.
Seemingly approx. 06-09 UT regularly daily on air.

Subject of transmission by mainland China jamming, is likely to be
addressed an underlying exposed SOH Sound of Hope signal from Taiwan.

Similar signals also early today morning
18970.027, and
19969.876 kHz between 0500 and 0730 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 11)

CLANDESTINE STN   RFC - Radio Free Chosun address, see WRTH p.510:
<rfchosun @>

snail mail address

Radio Free Chosun
3rd floor
384-20 Mangwon-dong,
Seoul, 121-821
Republic of Korea
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 9)

CUBA   5010.000  R Rebelde/RHC -69dBm S=9 signal of intermodulation on
fundamentals origin of 5040/5025 kHz, of the Cuban Quivican transmission
installations heard exact at 0200 UT April 5, when Spanish noticias
service of RHC 5040 kHz opened.

S=9+40dB -35dBm noted on s-meter window on both 5025 / 5040 kHz from
Quivican Cuba. Intermodulation signal on 5055 kHz is much weaker like
approx. S=6 at -90dBm level, than symmetrical lower side of 5010 kHz.
All heard tonight on NY-US remote SDR unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

CUBA  ... and Radio Rebelde 5025 kHz too on air at 1100-1200 UT April 9
slot, S=9+10dB -68dBm well heard on remote units in Alberta-CAN,
Vancouver Isl, CA-USA.

"...emisoras des grandes momentos desde Cuba ...",
"R Rebelde, estamos este vida ..." stn ID at 1147 UT on April 9.
Nice audio broadband visible on Perseus screen as 5019.4 to 5030.6 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 9)

CUBA   6165, April 10 at 2327 UT, RHC is on this frequency at unscheduled
time it's the 'Mesa Redonda' TV simulcast, // 6000 kHz, which has that
nasty Brazilian het on it, so apparently the reason for adding 6165 kHz.
This hour is separate from other RHC Spanish not // on 11670, 15230 kHz,
and an echo apart on 6070 kHz. But BRAZIL, q.v., gets RHC on 6165 kHz

15370  on April 10 at 2331 UT, RHC Portuguese with modulation somewhat
suppressed and distorted, but good signal level.

CUBA   Before 0600 UT on April 11 heard both Radio Rebelde 5025 kHz and
RHC 5040 kHz in 60 mband. S=9+35dB like -45dBm strength signal.
After 0600 UT only Radio Rebelde remained on 5025 kHz.

RHC from 0600 UT on April 11
6000 kHz S=9+30dB -47dBm
6165 kHz S=9+35dB -42dBm - but lower modulation,
                         compared than 6000, 6060, and 6100 kHz.
6060 kHz S=9+35dB -42dBm - clean audio feed, but some 100 Hertz BUZZ
6100 kHz S=9+30dB -47dBm - but sratchy audio feed, somewhat distorted
                         feed line.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 11)

CUBA   Frequency changes of Radio Hbana Cuba in Spanish

Frequency announcement of Radio Habana Cuba in Spanish at 1105 UT, April 9
1100-1500 on 17580, 17730, 15230, 11760, 11860, 12010, 9830,
          [9550 too on air, 9830 probably replaced by 9820 soon, wb.]
1100-1300 on  9550,  9850, 6000
1300-1500 on 15340, 15370, 9550*.
The last frequency is wrong*, rather 11750

* 9550 kHz S=7 fair -83dBm, heard at 1130 UT April 9,
  but 11750 channel is empty. wb.

All 10 frequencies was noted of SDR receiver in Toronto Canada on April 9:
at 1105UT 6000, 9550, 9830, 9850, 11760, 11860, 12010, 15230, 17580, 17730

1100-1300 NF9830 HAB 100 kW 340 deg to NoAM, ex9540 {rather CeAM ... wb.}
// 6000, 9550, 9850, 11760, 11860, 12010(ex11690), 15230, 17580, and 17730

All 10 frequencies/transmitters are on the air 1100-1300 UT.

1300-1500 NF 9830 HAB 100 kW 340 deg to NoAM, ex9540 {rather CeAM ... wb.}
1300-1500 NF15370 HAB 100 kW 010 deg to NoEaAM, ex13780
// 9550, 11760, 11860, 12010, 15230, 15340, 17580, 17730

9 frequencies/transmitters are on the air 1300-1500 UT, no signal on 11750
kHz. Using various remote receivers in USA and Canada on April 8.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 8/9)

CUBA    Radio Habana Cuba A-14 finally.

Radio Habana Cuba - Horarios, Bandas y Frequencias
Periodo del 7 de Abril de 2014 a 1 de Noviembre de 2014.

Cuba Daylight Time change on March 9th and November 2nd, 2014.



Norte, Centro y Sudamerica   6100 /49 m 0500-0700
America Central             11760 /25 m 1900-2000
New York                     6060 /49 m 0500-0700
San Francisco                6000 /49 m 0500-0700
Chicago                      6165 /49 m 0100-0700
Washington                   6000 /49 m 0100-0500
Banda Tropical               5040 /60 m 2300-0000 0500-0600
Africa                      11880 /25 m 2300-0000


Europa                      11840 /25 m 1930-2000
America Central             11760 /25 m 2000-2030
Sudamerica                  15370 /19 m 2230-2300
Africa                      11880 /25 m 2200-2230
Banda Tropical               5040 /60 m 0030-0100


Rio de Janeiro              15370 /19 m 2330-0000
Buenos Aires                15230 /19 m 2200-2300
Africa                      11880 /25 m 2230-2300
Europa                      11840 /22 m 2000-2030


Rio de Janeiro              15370 /19 m 2330-0000
Buenos Aires                15230 /19 m 2200-2300
Africa                      11880 /25 m 2230-2300
Europa                      11840 /22 m 2000-2030


Europa                      11840 /25 m 2030-2100


San Francisco                6000 /49 m 0700-0730
Norte, Centro y Sudamerica  11760 /25 m 1500-1530
Sudamerica                  15370 /19 m 2230-2300


Buenos Aires                15370 /19 m 2300-2330
Banda Tropical               5040 /60 m 0000-0030


Buenos Aires                15370 /19 m 0000-0030
(via Dario Monferini-ITA, April 4, playdx yg via dxld)

What about Spanish? One more try to see if their website will display

Undated, but as of April 7 at least updated since the DST shift. In the
usual confusing format forcing you to match up frequencies with time
periods separated by slants; realigned by gh:


Buenos Aires             15230/17580     19/16    23-05 y 11-15/11-15
Nueva York               9550/11860/6060 31/25/49 11-15/13-15[11-15]/00-05
San Francisco            13780#          22       13-15
                        [# 15370 instead 22       13-15]
Chicago                  15340/9850      19/31    13-15/11-13
America del Sur          17730           16       11-15
                        [11670           25       21-05]
Banda Tropical           5040            60       21-23 y 01-05
America Central          11750not April 9 / 9810  25/31    13-15/21-05
                        [9830{soon 9820?},ex9540     31       11-15]
Europa                   17720&          16       19:30-23
                        [& not on air April 8, 9]
Norte Centro Suramerica  11760/6000      25/49    11-15 y 21-05/11-13
Caribe                   6100/9710/11690*49/31/25 23-04/21-23/11-15
                        [* 12010 instead 25       11-15]
America del Sur          11840/11680     25       21-05/23-04

(Lunes a Viernes y días especiales)
América del Norte        6000/13780      49/22    23-00

I did not notice any 17720 kHz yet as I was tuning around this afternoon,
but did notice the European language service surprisingly on lower 11840
kHz instead of 13680 kHz; you might expect that to go up to 16m for

Nor does the above show 15370 kHz* instead of 13780 kHz at 13-15, despite
my hearing it April 7.

[ * 15370 on air at 1340 April 9 at S=8-9 on -77dBm.  wb. ]
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 8; comments by wb on April 9)

CUBA   More and more frequency changes of Radio Habana Cuba for A-14
1930-2000 NF11840 HAB 100 kW 053 deg to WeEUR French,     ex17720
2000-2030 NF11840 HAB 100 kW 053 deg to WeEUR Portuguese, ex17720
2030-2100 NF11840 HAB 100 kW 053 deg to WeEUR Arabic,     ex17720
2100-2300 NF11840 HAB 100 kW 053 deg to WeEUR Spanish,    ex17720

2100-0400 NF13740 HAB 100 kW 130 deg to SoAM Spanish,     ex17705
re 2100-0400 NF 13740 HAB 100 kW
13740 is empty today April 9, nothing heard on that channel from La
Habana, Cuba. Earlier heard RFI Issoudun in French on 13740 kHz. (wb.)

Frequency announcement of Radio Habana Cuba in Spanish at 2100 UT, Apr 9
2100 on 13740[not on air though], 11670, 11760, 11840, 9710, 9810, 5040
kHz via remote SDR rx in Toronto CAN.

(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 8/9/10; comments by wb.)

17720 Spanish to Europe, nothing heard at 1930-2100 UT, also 13680 kHz
channel is empty.

11840 kHz, carrier on from 1925 UT April 9,
1930 UT starts interval signal RHC,
19.30:34 UT ID annmt in French.
20 UT Portuguese, 2030 Arabic.
S=9+10dB  -67dBm on remote SDR unit in NY-USA.

11760 kHz 1900 UT only carrier, no audio of English progr.
S=9  and -76dBm in NY-USA remote unit.

19.11:58 UT suddenly started crash start of English audio switched on.
at 2100 UT April 9 on 9710, 9810, 11670, 11760, and 11840 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 9)

CZECH REPUBLIC   1233  Radio Dechovka hat auf MW 1233 kHz einen weiteren
Sender in Betrieb genommen:
Ceske Budejovice / Husova kolonie (JC) (14 30 E 48 59 N).
Man sendet mit 2 kW.
(Guenter Lorenz-D, A-DX April 10)

EMWG list
CZE - Rádio Dechovka, various (0.5/10) - txs in Líbeznice (10) and Brno
(0.5 kW); brass music.
U Prutníku 232, 250 72 Predboj, Czech Republic.
you can send reception reports to this address.
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX April 10)

FRANCE   15170  Clandestine  BBN (Berekah Broadcasting Network), via
Issoudun-F, at 1900 UT s/on w/M chanting/singing "BBN" and opening anmnt
by M w/BBN ID and ment of Washington. Fanfare and M anncr w/poss. ment of
kilohertz, then tlk by another M w/same "BBN"-like singing in background.
The white noise jammer started at 1901:50 UT. At least it was after the
opening. Good clear signal and 100% copy. 28 March.

17850 Clandestine  Raadiyoo Sagalee Oromoo (R. Voice Oromo) via Issoudun-
F. Signal on at 1559:49 UT and pgm start at 1600:10 UT w/lively HoA mx and
W anncr w/opening ID anmnt. Then anmnt by diff. fast-paced W, dramatic mx
very briefly and tlk by M anncr. 1605 UT HoA mx briefly and M anncr w/ID,
and more tlk mixed w/occas. HoA mx. Nothing but tlk after 1610 UT. Audio
cut off right at 1630 UT and signal gone seconds later. Fair and clear.
29 March.

15180  Clandestine  R. Hilaac, via Issoudun-F. Signal on at 1659:40 UT,
then pgm start at 1700:06 UT w/instru. HoA mx and ID by M w/'roomy"
w/clear ID and more HoA mx. Same M anncr, then M vcl sounding like the
Koran but w/out the breaks. After M anncr again, more HoA mx bridge, and
into tlk by W feature host w/many ments of Somaliland and numerous sound
bites. 1721-1724 UT diff. M anncr w/occas. HoA mx. 1724 UT into nice HoA
vcl mx but cutoff abruptly early at 1729:00 UT. Fair signal and clear.
29 March.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

FRANCE   15175  Response from BBM Radio.

BBN RADIO (Berekan Broadcasting Network) via Issoudun France txing center.
Five days after I sent a reception report to
<bbn @>

I got the shortest response I've ever received - just single word:

I've heard this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday broadcast on 15170 & 15155
kHz as well as 15175 kHz. Moderate jamming was heard on all but one
(Wendel Craighead-KS-USA, DXplorer April 6)

FRANCE/SPAIN   9535  REE and TDA/TDF have failed to coordinate, causing a
collision on 9535 kHz, March 31 at 0535 UT, Spanish talking about Morocco
with Qur'an in background at first thought might be within program, but
none such on REE // 6125 kHz.

Instead, Algeria via FRANCE is now also on 9535 kHz at 05-07 UT, while
Spain continues on 9535 kHz at 00-06 UT. Of course, the official CIRAF
zone targets do not overlap, so everything's peachy, right? Wrong. Signals
from adjacent countries are bound to QRM each other everywhere, even with
different azimuths. Algeria/France also on 7295 kHz but not // , Arabic
talk instead.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 2)

GERMANY   LW 183  Radio Europe 1. Ich vermisse Radio Europe 1 auf 183 kHz
seit ein paar Tagen. Weiss hier jemand Naeheres?
(Andreas Tschauder-D, A-DX April 5)

Re: LW 183. Hier gibt es einen Hinweis dazu, es gibt Wartungsarbeiten:
(mit Video)

Zu Abschaltungen kommt es an folgenden Tagen:

Des opérations de maintenance vont avoir lieu sur nos émetteurs grandes
Notre émetteur grandes ondes sera prochainement coupé pour maintenance.
Dates des coupures:

Maintenance operations will take place on our big wave transmitters.
Our large wave transmitter will soon cut for maintenance.
Dates cuts:

- Saturday ....Sunday   shutdowns and maintenance work:
from Apr  5 0100 to Apr  7 0200
from Apr 11 2300 to Apr 14 0200
from May  9 2300 to May 12 0200
from May 16 2300 to May 19 0200
(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX April 5)

GERMANY/LATVIA   The Swedish DX Federation continues its monthly
broadcasts on medium-wave and shortwave as follows

April 19th - Hamburger Lokalradio on 7265 kHz at 1100 UT
May   11th - Radio Merkurs on 1485 kHz at 1800 UT
May   17th - Hamburger Lokalradio on 7265 kHz at 1100 UT
June   8th - Radio Merkurs on 1485 kHz at 1800 UT
June  14th - Hamburger Lokalradio on 7265 kHz at 1100 UT

Via Radio Merkurs, Riga, Latvia, on 1485 kHz MW at 1800 UT on May 11 and
Jun 08.

Via Hamburger Lokalradio, Goehren, Germany, on 7265 kHz at 1100 UT on
Apr 19, May 17 and Jun 14.

The programmes are mainly in Swedish and hosted by Ronny Forslund.
Short announcements in English and German will also be included.

Reports of reception can be sent to
SDXF, Box 1097, 405 23 Goeteborg, Sweden.
For QSL response please enclose some form of returnpostage.
(Tom Taylor-?, dswci DXW March 28)

GERMANY   Updated summer A-14 schedule of Mighty KBC Radio,
from March 30 till Oct.19
0800-1500 6095 NAU 100 kW 240 deg to WeEUR English Sat/Sun

till Apr.27 and from Sep.7
0000-0200 7375 NAU 125 kW 300 deg to NoAM English Sun

from May 04 till August 31
0000-0200 9925 NAU 125 kW 300 deg to NoAM English Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 11)

GUAM   9460.020  KSDA AWR Guam Russian service logged at 1100-1130 UT
slot, well ahead of co-channel UNID program of likely CRI Nanning
Chinese? S=7 sidelobe of -84dBm, at 1127 UT the final announcement
in Russian and amongst Moscow mail address given so far.

13710.030  AWR Cambodian service via KSDA Guam site, scheduled 10-11 UT,
noted in downunder at 1025 UT April 5, S=8 at -81dBm strength level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

ICELAND   VLF 37.5 kHz Grindavik Iceland.

{discussion with ultrasonic black box device of Malaysian airlines jet
MH370 on 37.5 kHz
<>  }

Naja, "da unten" sendet schon so einiges, tut sich aber oft schwer im
haeuslichen Stoernebel. Eine Uebersicht gibt es hier

(Guenter Lorenz-D, A-DX April 5)

37.5 kHz  Links, westlich die hoechste Antenne






(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

INDIA   AIR External Services A-14 changes.
1315-1415 UT in Dari, 1415-1530 UT in Pushtu 11740 now via Goa Panaji
250 kW site (ex Bengaluru 500 kW since Jan 2014).

0215-0300 UT in Kannada 11985 (ex 13695) from Bengaluru txing site.
There are no other changes from B-13 period.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia April 3/5)

INDIA   All India Radio on SW in frequency order
Home & External Services - A-14 schedule of 8 Apr 2014

 kHz   kW Station        UTC (Target Area)
 3945* 50 Gorakhpur      0130-0230 Nepali (NPL), 0230-0300  HS,
                         1330-1430 Nepali (NPL),
                         1430-1735 Urdu (PAK) (Off Air)
 4760  7  Leh            s0130/w0213-0430 1130-1630
 4760 8.5 Port Blair     2355-0300 1030-1700 (Sat, Sun 1730)
 4775  50 Imphal         s0000/w0030-0215 1030-1700/1730 (Irregular)
 4800  50 Hyderabad      0020-0215 1130-1744
 4810  50 Bhopal         0025-0215 1130-1742
 4820  50 Kolkata        0025-0215 1130-1745 v
 4830* 50 Jammu          0025-0445/Sun 0450 1030-1741 (Off Air)
 4835  10 Gangtok        0100-0500 1030-1600
 4840  50 Mumbai         2355-0400 1230-1730
 4850  50 Kohima         0000-0415 1000-1600/1630/1700 (Irregular)
 4860  50 Shimla         0025-0200 1300-1741
 4870 100 Delhi Kingsway 0230-0330, 1330-1415 Nepali, 1430-1530
 4880  50 Lucknow        0025-0430 (Sun 0415v), 1215-1741
 4895  50 Kurseong       0055-0400 (Sat Sun 0430) 1130-1700(Sat Sun 1741)
 4910  50 Jaipur         0025 0430 (Sun 0530) 1130-1741
 4920  50 Chennai        0015-0245 1200-1739
 4940* 50 Guwahati       s0000/w0025-0415 1135v-1700(Sat 1741) (Off Air)
 4950* 50 Srinagar       s0030/w0120-0215 1120-1743, (2130-2245v for
                         Ramzan Special broadcasts) (Off Air)
 4960* 50 Ranchi         0025-0445 1100(Sun 1130)-1741 (Off Air)
 4970  50 Shillong       0025-0400 1056-1630
 4990  50 Itanagar       0020-0400 1000-1630 (Irregular)
 5010  50 Thiruvananthapuram 0020-0215 1130-1745
 5040  50 Jeypore        0025-0445,  1130-1741
 5050  10 Aizawl         0025-0400 1130-1630
 5965* 50 Jammu          0630-0930 (Off air)
 5985* 50 Ranchi         0630-1000  (Off air)
 5990 250 Delhi Khampur  0100-0200 Sindhi (PAK)
 6000   7 Leh            0700 (Sun 0630)-0930
 6020  50 Shimla         0215-0410, 0700-0930 (Sun 0415-1000) 1130-1230
 6030 250 Delhi Khampur  0200-0228,1215-1430 (Uttarakhand program)
 6040  50 Jeypore        0446-0915
 6045 100 Delhi Kingsway 1430-1930 Urdu (PAK)
 6065  50 Kohima         0430-0510 0700-0900 (Irregular)
 6085  10 Gangtok        For special broadcasts in day time
 6100 250 Delhi Khampur  0730-0830
 6100  50 Delhi Khampur  0900-1200 (Vividh Bharati, $ DRM NVIS ant)
 6110* 50 Srinagar       0225-0501 (Sun 1115), 0600-1115
 6150  50 Itanagar       0700-0900 (Irregular)
 6155 250 Aligarh        0015-0430 Urdu (PAK)
 6155 500 Bengaluru      1430-1930 Urdu (PAK)
 6165 250 Delhi Khampur  1230-1500 Sindhi, 1500-1600 Baluchi (PAK)
 7210  50 Kolkata        0230-0400, 0730 (Sun 0700)-1001
 7225 250 Aligarh        0215-0300 Pushtu, 0300-0345 Dari (AFG, PAK)
 7230  50 Kurseong       0620-1030
 7240  50 Mumbai         0430 (Sat, Sun) /0530-0930
 7250  50 Gorakhpur *    0700-0800 Nepali (NPL), 0830-1130 Urdu (PAK)
                         1130-1140 HS(Off Air)
 7250 250 Panaji         1615-1730 Hindi, 1730-1830 Malayalam (ME)
 7270 100 Chennai        0000-0045 Tamil, 0045-0115 Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
                         0130-0430 HS 1000-1100 English 1115-1215 Tamil
                         1300-1500 Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
 7280* 50 Guwahati       0600 (Sun 0530)-0930 0945-1130 (Off Air)
 7290  50 Thiruvananthapuram  0230-1000 (Sat, Sun 1030)
 7295  10 Aizawl         0700-1000
 7315  50 Shillong       0656-0931
 7325  50 Jaipur         0630-0931
 7335  50 Imphal         0225-0400 (Sun 0430), 0630(Sun 0600)-1000
 7340 100 Mumbai         0015-0430 Urdu, 0830-1130 Urdu, 1130-1140 HS,
                         1230-1500 Sindhi, 1500-1600 Baluchi (PAK)
 7370 100 Delhi Kingsway 0100-0200 Sindhi (PAK)
 7380  50 Chennai        0300-0930 (Sun 1130)
 7390 8.5 Port Blair     0315-0400 (Sat 0415, Sun 0500),
                         0700-0900 (Sun 0930)
 7420  50 Guwahati *     0130-0230 Nepali, 0230-0300 HS, 0300-0430 Bangla
                         0700-0800 Nepali, 0800-1100 Bangla,
                         1215-1330 Tibetan, 1330-1430 Nepali,
                         1445-1515 Bangla, 1515-1600 HS, 1600-1730 Bangla
 7420  50 Hyderabad      0220-0930 (Sun 1030)
 7430  50 Bhopal         0225-0932
 7440  50 Lucknow        0700 (Sun 0430)-1000, 1005-1006
 7550 500 Bengaluru      1745-1945 English, 1945-2045 Hindi,
                         2045-2230 English (WeEUR)
 9425 250 Delhi Khampur  1320-0043 (National Channel)
 9445 250 Delhi Khampur  1615-1730 Hindi (ME),
                         1745-1945 English (We.NoWeAF)
 9445 500 Bengaluru      2045-2230 English (WeEUR)
 9470 250 Aligarh        1320-0043 (National Channel)
 9575 500 Bengaluru      1215-1330 Tibetan (Tibet)
 9595 250 Delhi Khampur  0015-0430 Urdu (PAK), irr. sometimes on 9950
 9595 100 Delhi Kingsway 0700-0800 Nepali (NPL), 0830-1130 Urdu (PAK)
 9620 500 Bengaluru      1615-1715 Russian (EaEUR)
 9620 250 Aligarh        0100-0200 & 1230-1500 Sindhi,
                         1500-1600 Baluchi (PAK),
                         1615-1730 Persian, 1730-1945 Arabic (WeAS),
                         1945-2030 French (We.NoWeAF)
 9635 250 Aligarh        0100-0200 Sindhi (PAK)
 9690 500 Bengaluru      1330-1500 English, 2245-0045 English (EaSoEaAS)
 9705 250 Panaji         2245-0045 English (EaSoEaAS)
 9810 250 Delhi Khampur  0130-0230 Nepali (NPL)
 9810 250 Panaji         1115-1215 Tamil, 1215-1245 Telugu (SoEaAS)
 9820 250 Delhi Khampur  1300-1500 Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
 9835 100 Delhi Kingsway 0000-0045 Tamil (Sri Lanka)
 9870 500 Bengaluru      0025-0435 0900-1200 1245-1740 (Vividh Bharati)
 9910 250 Delhi Khampur  0215-0300 Pushtu, 0300-0345 Dari (AFG, PAK)
 9910 250 Aligarh        1315-1415 Dari, 1415-1530 Pushtu,
                         1530-1545 English (AFG, PAK),
                         2045-2230 English (AUS NZL),
                         2300-0000 Hindi, 0000-0045 Tamil (SoEaAS)
 9950 250 Delhi Khampur  1515-1615 Swahili, 1615-1730 Hindi (EaAF, MAU)
 9950  50 Delhi Khampur  DRM mode: 1745-1945 English, 1945-2045 Hindi,
                         2045-2230 English (WeEUR)
11580 250 Aligarh        1745-1945 English (We.NoWeAF)
11620 500 Bengaluru      0015-0430 Urdu (PAK)
11620 250 Delhi Khampur  0830-1130 Urdu (PAK), 1130-1140 HS,
                         1330-1500 English (EaSoEaAS),
                         1515-1600 Gujarathi (EaAF)
11620 500 Bengaluru      1615-1715 Russin (EaEUR)
11620 500 Begaluru       $ DRM mode: 2045-2230 English (AUS NZL)
11645  50 Delhi Khampur  $ DRM mode: 2245-0045 English (NoEaAS)
11670 250 Aligarh        0400-0430 Persian, 0430-0530 Arabic (ME)
11670 250 Aligarh        0530-0600 (Urdu) (Haj Service to Saudi Arabia)
11670 500 Bengaluru      1115-1200 Thai (SoEaAS), 1745-1945 English,
                         1945-2045 Hindi, 2045-2230 English (EUR)
11710 250 Delhi Khampur  1215-1315 Burmese (Myanmar), 1615-1730 Persian,
                         1730-1945 Arabic (ME)
                         1945-2030 French (WeNoWeAF),
                         2245-0045 English (EaSoEaAS NoEaAS)
11715  50 Delhi Khampur  $ DRM mode: 0130-0230 Nepali (NPL)
11740 250 Aligarh        0215-0300 Pushtu, 0300-0345 Dari (PAK AFG)
11740 250 Panaji         # 1315-1415 Dari, 1415-1530 Pushtu (AFG, PAK)
                         (ex via Bengaluru)
11740 250 Panaji         2045-2230 English (AUS NZL), 2300-2400 Hindi,
                         0000-0045 Tamil (SoEaAS),
                         0045-0115 Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
11775 250 Panaji         1215-1330 Tibetan (Tibet), 1330-1430 Nepali (NPL)
11840 250 Delhi Khampur  0315-0415 Hindi (WeAS),
                         1145-1315 Chinese (NoEaAS)
11850 100 Delhi Kingsway 0700-0800 Nepali (NPL)
11935 100 Mumbai         1745-1945 English (EaAF)
11985 250 Delhi Khampur  0000-0045 Tamil, 0045-0115 Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
11985 500 Bengaluru      # 0215-0300 Kannada (ME) (ex 13695)
12025 250 Panaji         1615-1730 Hindi, 1730-1830 Malayalam (ME)
13605 500 Bengaluru      1000-1100 English, 1145-1315 Chinese (NoEaAS),
                         1515-1615 Swahili, 1615-1730 Hindi (EaAF)
13605 500 Bengalurur     $ DRM mode: 2245-0045 English (EaSoEaAS NoEaAS)
13640 500 Bengaluru      1515-1600 Gujarati (EaAF), 1615-1730 Persian,
                         1730-1945 Arabic (ME),
                         1945-2030 French (WeNoWeAF)
13645 250 Aligarh        1115-1200 Thai (SoEaAS)
13695 500 Bengaluru      0315-0415 Hindi (ME),
                         1000-1100 English (AUS NZL),
                         1115-1215 Tamil, 1215-1245 Telugu (SoEaAS),
                         1745-1945 English (EaAF)
13710 500 Bengaluru      1330-1500 English (EaSoEaAS)
13795 500 Bengaluru      0000-0045 Tamil,  2300-2400 Hindi (SoEaAS)
15030 250 Aligarh        1000-1100 English (NoEaAS)
15040 500 Bengaluru      1215-1315 Burmese (Myanmar)
15050     For special broadcasts
15050 250 Delhi Khampur  1115-1215 Tamil, 1300-1500 Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
15120 500 Bengaluru      0215-0300 Kannada, 0315-0415 Hindi,
                         0415-0430 Gujarati, 0430-0530 Hindi (ME)
                         0315-0415 Hindi (ME)
15140  50 Delhi Khampur  $ DRM mode: 1615-1715 Russian (EaEUR)
15175 250 Panaji         1515-1600 Gujarati (EaAF)
15185 250 Panaji         0315-0415 Hindi, 0415-0430 Gujarati,
                         0430-0530 Hindi (EaAF, Mauritius)
15210 250 Panaji         0400-0430 Persian, 0430-0530 Arabic (ME)
                         0530-0600 (Urdu)
                         (Haj Service to Saudi Arabia Sept-Oct 2013)
15410 500 Bengaluru      1000-1100 English (NoEaAS)
15410 250 Panaji         1115-1200 Thai (SoEaAS)
15770 250 Delhi Khampur  0400-0430 Persian, 0430-0530 Arabic (ME)
15770 250 Delhi Khampur  0530-0600 (Urdu) (Haj Service to Saudi Arabia)
15770 250 Aligarh        0845-0945 Indonesian, 1115-1215 Tamil,
                         1215-1245 Telugu (SoEaAS)
15795 500 Bengaluru      $ DRM mode: 1145-1315 Chinese (NoEaAS)
17510 250 Delhi Khampur  0845-0945 Indonesian (SoEaAS)
                         1000-1100 English (AUS NZL),
                         1115-1215 Tamil (Sri Lanka)
17670 250 Delhi Khampur  1515-1615 Swahili, 1615-1730 Hindi,
                         1745-1945 English (EaAF)
17715  50 Delhi Khampur  $ DRM mode: 0315-0415 Hindi, 0415-0430 Gujarati,
                         0430-0530 Hindi (EaAF, Mauritius)
17875 500 Bengaluru      0845-0945 Indonesian (SoEaAS)
17895 500 Bengaluru      $ DRM mode: 1000-1100 English (AUS NZL)

HS = Home Service, S = Summer, W=Winter, V=Varies
* Off Air
# Entries in Red are latest changes for A-14
$ DRM mode: Digital Radio Mondial
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia April 8)

INDONESIA   9525.891  Usual odd frequency figure of VoINS Cimanggis site,
poor S=6 backlobe signal at 1115 UT. Program scheduled to be Chinese at
1100-1200 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

3325  RRI Palangkaraya (pres.) Apparent nx by W in Ins from 1102 to at
least 1111 UT. Fading though and much too noisy. Possible mx, then W again
at 1116 UT. Wish I would have been there over 1100 ToH. 25 March.

4869.92  RRI Wamena at 1125 UT nice RRI nx promo at t/in and into soft mx.
Incredible signal at 1134 UT return w/more soft rom. mx. UTE started at
1138-1140 UT. 1139 UT fast tlking M, and nice RRI promo/ID over rom. mx.
Instru. mx bridge. 1141 UT M w/anmnt and ID. Ment of Jakarta and "RRI".
1142 UT canned anmnt by deep-voiced M, then more rom. mx. 25 March.

4869.93  RRI Wamena Playing "Still the One" by Shania Twain at 1147 UT.
Hrd the same song on 3365 kHz NBC Milne Bay yesterday too. I guess its
popular in the south Pacific these days. 28 March.

4869.92  RRI Wamena at 1115 UT nx by M anncr in IN w/sev. ments of RRI
ending w/nice site ID at 1117 UT, then "Bagimu Negeri". Then M returned at
1119 UT w/clear site ID again, and ment of informsi and Jakarta. Into the
"The Rivers of Babylon". Fairly good signal. 1 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

IRAN/CHINA   Strong co-ch on 15680 kHz between Sedaye Radio-ye
Mehr Iran & CRI

Sedaye Radio-ye Mehr Iran
1630-1700  15680 ISS 500 kW  91 deg to WeAS Farsi Mon/Fri

China Radio International
1600-1757  15680 KAS 500 kW 308 deg to WeEUR French Daily.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

ITALY   Active mediumwave stations of RaI Italy.

Impianti onda media RAI attivi. Impianti RAI ancora attivi, completi di
ubicazione e potenza impiegata. Rete Rai in OM in tecnica analogica a
modulazione di ampiezza (AM)
                                                      Freq  TX
Impianto                Coordinate                    kHz   kW

ANCONA MONTAGNOLO       13 28 30.22 E  43 35 38.78 N  1062   6
BELLUNO                 12 14 28.39 E  46 08 25.47 N  1449   2.5
CAGLIARI DECIMOPUTZU    08 51 48.53 E  39 20 13.52 N  1062  60
CATANIA CODA DI VOLPE   15 03 15.96 E  37 23 05.16 N  1062  20
FOGGIA                  15 30 01.08 E  41 27 52.76 N  1431   5
GENOVA PORTOFINO        08 54 42.95 E  44 25 24.71 N  1575  30
MILANO SIZIANO          09 11 59.16 E  45 19 54.33 N   900  50
PALERMO M. PELLEGRINO   13 21 31.16 E  38 09 41.00 N  1116  10
PISA COLTANO            10 25 17.78 E  43 38 15.80 N   657 100
ROMA MONTE CIOCCI       12 26 31.64 E  41 54 33.57 N  1107   1
TORINO VOLPIANO         07 49 35.59 E  45 11 32.33 N   999  50
TRIESTE (progr sloveno) 13 46 01.13 E  45 40 27.88 N   981  10
VENEZIA CAMPALTO        12 17 48.47 E  45 28 42.35 N   936   5
(no source given, via, April 10; some correction by wb.)

KOREA D.P.R.   Assumption by Y.T. - what happened in Kim Jong-un land?

From many years of experience with the Pyongyang-KRE Korea shortwave radio
signals worldwide received on all continents, as seems currently main
power shortage happen in this country of ruler Kim Jong-un?

For some days now of extensive monitoring, all Kujang transmitter power on
all channels and all meterbands out of Far East Asia area reveal like tx
power reduction from 200 kW to a reduced to a quarter 50 kW for example.

Last week 15160 kHz Kimje-southernKOR program heard powerful as susal here
in Europe, but 15245 kHz from Kujang-northernKRE in Russian suffered much
compared to former usual signal strength.

In Febr/March 2013 new 10 tx units bought and erected by D.P.R.'s Kim
Jong-Un government of BBEF Chinese transmitter equipment factory from
Beijing China, installed/connected at Kujang transmission center site
since Febr 1st til March 15, 2013.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5, 2014)

KOREA REP of     9645  New additional transmission of KBS World Radio from
Kimjae txing site

1300-1400  9645 KIM 250 kW 305 deg to allRussia/EaEUR Russian, 35553 in
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

LIBERIA   4760  ELWA at 2315 UT pgm of Christian Pops, 2317 UT soft-voiced
M anncr in English acknowledging listeners, then back to mx. Voice audio
seemed a little distorted. 2323 UT nice canned echo ID between songs. The
ID was played again by accident during the song at 2327 UT. 2328 UT live M
w/song anmnt, TC, said would be on until 12 o'clock, then more listener
acknowledgements. 2329 UT back to mx. The best I've heard it since
reactivating back in December. Wonder if it was enhanced due to the solar
flare earlier. 28 March.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

MADAGASCAR   17540  Clandestine  Radio Impala via Talata Madagascar site
{Address: MGLOB SA, P.O.Box 404, Antananarivo - 101, Madagascar.}

1658 UT huge OC, then 1700 UT pgm start w/brief fanfare, M anncr in
Kinyarwanda w/ment of Rwanda and ID. Cont. tlk w/many ments of Rwanda.
Played a long choral song w/ments of Rwanda from 1747 UT until it suddenly
went off during the song at 1757 UT. Also had another audio feed in
English in the background but it was too weak to identify. It was gone
when the Impala signal was cut. Interesting that their website gives
17540 kHz as coming from Kigali and even shows a generic omnidirectional
field strength map. 5 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

MADAGASCAR   [to Tibet China]  Frequency change for Voice of Tibet,
via Talata-Volondry-MDG

1415-1430 NF15530 MDC 250 kW 45 deg to CeAS Tibetan.

ex15520 1400-1408 UT; ex15515 1408-1428 UT in B-13 season.
ex15520 1400-1408 UT; ex15525 1408-1428 UT in A-13 season.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

MARIANA ISLS  [Angian Point Saipan relay site]   9325.029  RFA Laotian
service from Marianas, S=6  -91dBm signal backlobe into downunder SDR post
at Sydney at 1130 UT April 5.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

MICRONESIA   [FSM]  4755.5  The Cross 1125-1128 UT, English rel. pgm w/M
host and 100% copy. 1134-1145 UT Nonstop Pops. Came back at 1151 and cont.
Pops. Usual 3 phone touch tones and off at 1156:41 UT. Wish they would
have ID'd before going off. 25 March.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

MONGOLIA   12084.874  Voice of Mongolia's Japanese service from Ulan
Bataar Khonkor site leads to a strong signal downunder in Australia too.
At 1037 UT April 5th, S=9+15dB signal at -58dBm noted in past dayys too.

Both male and female announcer, followed by local native Mongolian singer
and string instrument group performance.
{see also U-B 7259.959 kHz item under China.}
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

MYANMAR   9730.000  Even zero or 1 Hertz below side frequency from Myanmar
Radio Rangoon site, tentat. Burmese program sound heard at 1105 UT on
April 5. Combined string and chimes music heard at S=7 or -86dBm strength
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

9730  Myanmar Radio Rangoon. Caught the ABC Radio English Language lesson
again this week, 1107-1118 UT. Ment of ABC Radio at 1107:30 UT, and
"Lesson 13 The Tour Guide" at 1108:10 UT. Better than last week and more
readable. 2 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

PAKISTAN   Frequency change of Radio Pakistan
1330-1530 NF15235 ISL 250 kW 282 deg to NE&ME Urdu, ex 15730 on March 30
// frequency17550 ISL 250 kW 282 deg to NE&ME Urdu, under VIRI in Arabic
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 4)

PAKISTAN    A-14 season frequency change of Radio Pakistan
17830 kHz Urdu sce noted at 0125 UT April 6th, S=4 like -102dBm
in Edmonton CAN on remote SDR unit, and
// 15730 kHz scheduled at 0045-0215 UT,
Urdu singer before 0130 UT at S=5-6 or -94dBm signal level.

15730 0045 0215 49-51,54   250 118  urd
17830 0045 0215 49-51,54   250 118  urd

15235 1330-1530 37,38      250 282  urd,ENG

15235 noted on S=7 level in Australia;
S=7 and -84dBm signal here in Germany at 1430 UT April 6.

17550 1330-1530 37,38      250 282  urd,ENG
channel is totally covered by IRIB Teheran's Arabic sce at 0530-1630 UT to
very same area. R Pakistan should move to 17520 instead.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 6)

PALAU   9930  Clandestine  Que Me Radio (via T8WH Palau) Signal on 1158 UT
and audio on in middle of contact and ID info. 1200 UT start of Que Me R.
w/apparent patriotic choral song and opening VT anmnt by W w/ID and ments
of Vietnam an kilohertz, e-mail, and website. Brief Asian mx and W anncr.
More Asian mx and feature by M w/ments of Vietnam. Glad to finally get a
decent copy of this at s/on. 28 March.

9960  Khmer Post Radio via Palau relay site. 1200 UT pgm start w/instru.
mx and W anncr voice-over opening ID anmnt. Mx bridge and more tlk by same
W. Not that strong and some slop-over QRM from WRMI but no RTTY QRM for a
change. Too bad this wasn't stronger. 28 March.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

PNG   7325  Wantok Radio Light Port Moresby returned to air on 7325 kHz.

I confirmed reactivated of Wantok Radio Light on 7325 kHz at 1718 UT on
April 6 tune-in. ID at 1719 UT by female.
(de Yuto in near Nagoya-JPN,
via Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, I confirmed it at 1900 UT, too. dxld April 6)

7324.951 footprint.  Wantok Radio Light returned to air on 7325 kHz. Heard
at S=7 or -82dBm signal in downunder Qld-AUS at 0730 UT April 7, Radioplay
on Bible history in English language, move and landing in Lebanon and
Egypt ...

3905.000  NBC New Ireland at 0800 UT to be read, only very tiny at
threshold level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

Re:  Wantok Radio Light returned to air on 7325 kHz.

Now we must again concern ourselves with what other, much bigger stations
are on 7325 kHz and at what times; are there any windows during the PNG
night or slightly into the daytime? Make that 07-21 UT.

HFCC shows nothing between 04 and 10 UT when CRI starts Japanese until
1400 UT. Like last year there is a half-hour window 1400-1430 UT before
CRI comes back in Filipino, but 1400 UT is too late for most of North
America in the summer, altho possible on the west coast. There could also
be a brief break in CRI Japanese between less than 1257-1300 UT when sites
switch from Jinhua to Xian, per Aoki.

CRI runs 1430 until 1700 UT, when HFCC pretends the Adygey service of now
defunct R. Rossii takes over from "Armavir" until 1900 UT, one or three
days a week. That makes 17-19 UT the a good window for Japanese listeners,
but useless in North America, and borderline in European summer.

Babcock in French from Woofferton will keep it out of Europe at 19-20 UT
(but Aoki says it's Taiwan via UAE). Then it's CRI again in various
languages from various sites at 2000 UT onward, except 2030-2100 UT Mon-
Fri, VOA Hausa via Sao Tome.

Aoki adds some more: AIR Jaipur at 0630-0931 UT, but that's totally
daytime, so maybe PNG could still make it eastward into the night even
before 0930 UT. Another blocker in Aoki but not HFCC is RFI Chinese via
Taiwan at 0930-1030 UT IF carried over from B-13.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 7)

PNG   7324.951 kHz footprint.
Wantok Radio Light returned to air on 7325 kHz.
Heard at S=7 or -82dBm signal in downunder Qld-AUS at 0730 UT April 7,
Radioplay on Bible history in English language, move and landing in
Lebanon and Egypt ...

3905.000  NBC New Ireland at 0800 UT to be read, only very tiny at
threshold level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

7325v  Wantok Radio Light, Papua, sendet wieder.

Auf University Twente whispert auch etwas, knapp ueber der Grasnarbe.
(Horst-Dieter Doericht, A-DX April 7)

Ich habe jetzt hier ein schwaches Signal mit S7, Signal etwa 10-15 db
ueber dem Rauschen. Wieder Unterhaltung zwischen einer Frau und einem
Mann, Sprache moeglicherweise (spekulativ) Englisch. Und jetzt Musik,
1853 UT April 7.
(Michael Haun-ESP, A-DX April 7)

PNG   3204.96  NBC Sandaun reactivated, at 0950-1216 UT on April 10. Had
been absent for about 8 months. First noted as just an open carrier below
threshold level; by 1017 UT started to get bits of audio; 1101 UT positive
distinctive PNG birdcall and into news in Tok Pisin; played some Pacific
Islands pop songs; 1200 UT into news in English (probably was the usual
"News in Brief," but too weak to confirm); much stronger than NBC New
Ireland on 3905 kHz. Great to hear this one again, as it is one of my
favorite NBC stations!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10)

PNG/RUSSIA   Jetzt um 19 UT ist nichts von PNG 7324.951 kHz zu sehen, auch
nicht in Australien im Remote Geraet.

Um 19-20 UT sendet dort Radio Taiwan International in Franzoesisch,
aus UAE Al Dhabbaya Babcock brokered.

Von 17-19 UT hoert man Radio Maykop mit Adygeyan Radio Nationalprogramm,
ueber den Sender aus Armavir Tbilisskaya in Russia suedwaerts. Im Winter
auf 6020 kHz.

Nur So/Mo/Fr fuer die Nachkommen der Vertriebenen/Ausgewanderten in
Richtung frueheres Gross-Armenien, Tuerkei, Syrien Gebiete des
Osmanischen Reichs etc.
ganz interessante und traurige Geschichte des Tscherkessen Volkes.


Im 19. Jahrhundert gelang es den russischen Truppen, nach einem langen und
unbarmherzig gefuehrten Krieg, am 21. Mai 1864 die Tscherkessen als
letztes der nordkaukasischen Voelker zu bezwingen. Hunderttausende wurden
in der Folge in das Osmanische Reich vertrieben, dabei kamen zahlreiche
Tscherkessen ums Leben. Diese Vertreibung muendete im Genozid der
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

3905  NBC New Ireland at 1051 UT long dead air. Nice choral song at 1055
UT recheck. Weak Ham at this time tlking about Pineapple bread. 1058 UT W
anncr w/poss. ment of NBC, "Boys ?? Band", then ment of National News
coming up, TC. 1121 UT nice signal w/PSAs by studio W anncr w/help wanted
ad for Mobile IC Office Systems and phone 74481459, "Worker In-Service
Program", and "LCB News". Best hrd in a long time. Too bad the Ham net is
here. 25 March.

3385  NBC East New Britain at 1048-1100 UT studio W DJ giving
PSAs/messages. Phone numbers given and ments of Rabaul. 1050:50 UT ment of
NBC and station. 1100 UT into ad (prob. nx sponsor) and into nx by W
starting w/ment of NBC news at 1101 UT. Nice NBC nx promo at 1106 UT.
Madang also in but weaker and very low modulation. Better on the Delta
Loop but it did pick up more local noise though. 1 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

PERU  [perhaps]  4774.896 kHz.  UNID probably Radio Tarma, Tarma, Junin,
Peru at 0138 UT April 5, nice Latin AM music. -90dBm S=5-6 tiny signal.
All heard tonight on NY-US remote SDR unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

PHILIPPINES   9794.983  Over and over again logged Chimes interval signal
of FEBC, like announcement in between as "This is FEBC, broadcasting from
Manila, the Philippines", already at 1056 UT til 1100 UT on  April 5.
At 1100 UT when Vietnamese 11-12 UT regular service starts. S=7 at -84dBm
logged sidelobe at -84dBm strength in downunder Sydney.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

ROMANIA   9510  IRRS Milano brokered via Radiocom.facilities at Saftica-
Tiganesti-ROU txing center site, replaying Radio Caroline from 0937 UT for
the 50th anniversary. Very poor but could tell it was Caroline. Tnx Mike
Nikolich tip. 29 March.

15515  Raadiyoo Warra Wangeelaa, IRRS Milano brokered via
Radiocom.facilities at Saftica-Tiganesti-ROU txing center site. 1457 UT on
and into instru. Italy NA, then M w/IRRS sign on ID. Into rel. pgm R.
Warra Wangeela (from Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches in Europe)
opening ID by M in soft voice over mx. Gave the e-mail addr too. 1502 UT
cont. w/vcl mx and more tlk by M over mx. Tlks. Apparent closing at
1529 UT, then IRRS ID by M and off. A little bit of an echo to the signal.
5 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

RUSSIA   Since the beginning of the new season is NOT in the air:
very powerful 1000 kW 648 kHz of Razdolnoe (near Ussuriisk), broadcast in
the direction of East Asia, "Voice of Russia" and a number of
international service, in particular - VOA Korean. On the vacant frequency
currently bugged Chinese station and a couple of Japanese, barely.
(Igor Ashihmin, Primorskiy kray-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx April 6)

another cold war again,

RFA Korean (5 hours daily)
1500-1700   648RAZ*   5820TIN   7210IRK*  7455TIN
1700-1900   648RAZ*   5820TIN   9975TIN
2100-2200   648RAZ*   7460MNG   9610TIN  11945SAI

* IBB RFA 648 kHz from Russia's Far East Vladivostok Razdolnoe relay site
in Korean via huge Zarya antenna ceased service already now, acc Russian



What's about WRN relay MW 738 kHz in Moscow in future?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

RUSSIA   1089  QSL Russia. QSL received from the Krasnodar regional radio
communications center. Acknowledgement "Vesti FM" on medium wave. The
frequency 1089 kHz.

Address: RTTc-4, pos. Octybrskiy, Tbiliskiy rajon, Krasnodar, 352341,
There can also send and receive reports for Radio Adygea.
(Andrew Kuznetsov-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx April 6)

RUSSIA   Voice of Russia. On April 1 (this is not a belated joke!) Do not
celebrate programs in Russian, "Voice of Russia" at frequencies that were
previously heard in my region: 999, 1143, 1395, 1548 kHz. At 657 kHz still
sounds radio "Caucasus".

"Voice of America" ceased broadcasting on 810 kHz for Moscow and the
region from Monday April 1.
(Vasily Gulyaev, Astrakhan-RUS, RUSdx April 6)

Krasnodar - Armavir - Tbilisskaya, Second name - Kuban radio center.

Kuban radio center is the largest in Russia transmitting complex provides
further shortwave broadcasting to foreign countries - South-East Asia, the
Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America, as well as public
broadcasting in the south of Russia and the CIS (the Caucasus, Crimea,
eastern regions of Ukraine).

To ensure the accomplishment of the tasks on the Kuban radio center uses
unique transmission systems and antenna-feeder system extra high capacity
by domestic science and industry, and operated by qualified personnel.
(Vasily Gulyaev, Astrakhan-RUS, RUSdx April 6; Editor)

RUSSIA   Relay station "Atlantika" through Murmansk regional radio.

Radio station "Atlantika" returned to the air !  April 1 !

April 1, 2014 resurfaced radio call sign "Atlantika". For almost 40 years
, from 1965 to 2004, a program for sailors and fishermen of the North
Basin regularly aired from the studio of the Murmansk regional radio.
Sailors murmanchane while in flight, could not only hear news from their
native land, but also sound letters relatives. "Atlantika" was a true
friend to many of Murmansk families and, of course, crews assigned to the
port of Murmansk.

10 years ago the broadcasts of "Atlantika" ceased. The number of fishing
fleet has decreased, and communication with relatives of sailors using
modern technology has become much easier. However, with "Atlantika" took
the life of our region is something very important - a sense of the
indissoluble unity of the coast and the fleet, Murman live voice, sounding
in all corners of the oceansa.
( /, Murmansk region, RUSdx April 6)

Audio Release

<atlantika @>
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, "open_dx" RUSdx April 6)

Murmansk regional radio frequencies in the MW and SW:
 657 kHz 150 kW Murmansk
1449 kHz  40 kW Monchegorsk
5930 kHz  50 kW Monchegorsk, SW disconnected January 9, 2014.
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, RUSdx April 6)

April 1, 1930 first aired with its own transmissions Murmansk broadcasting
studio ...

Since 1934, when first put into operation in our region broadcasting
station PB-79 transfer from Murmansk could catch in the air ... Today is a
regional radio large and complex set, which is highly creative and
technical capabilities. In the House of radio programs on the preparation
and issuance of their broadcast journalists work and sound designers,
engineers and technicians.

Regional radio broadcast covers the entire Murmansk region. broadcasting
is three hours on weekdays and fifty minutes on weekends.

Morning block basis with 03.10-04.00 UTC is an information program "Good
morning, Arctic ! " It reports, interviews about important events in
political, social and cultural life of the region, Reviews regional
newspapers. At 06.00 UTC aired out a 30-minute edition.

Daytime block with 08.00-09.10 UTC develops information about the day's
events. In this being aired out program. To participate in it are involved
heads of the region and the city of Murmansk Regional Duma deputies, union
leaders, entrepreneurs, leading experts. In these cases feedback from
radio listeners work contact numbers. Murmansk radio program completes the
evening edition from 14.10-14.24. Saturday from 06.00-07.00 UTC in the
program has been broadcasting, Which sums up the week.

(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx April 6)

GTRK Murman is - Radio Mayak.
Dynamic news radio that runs for an audience of 25 to 45 years Russia's
oldest radio station in 2007, significantly updated concept broadcasting:

Murmansk, one of the first regions in the country, has the ability to take
Lighthouse updated. It would be nice to first attract you as our
listeners, and then as advertisers and good partners. We broadcast on wave
103,5 FM. At the moment we can hear throughout the Murmansk area (the
second button trehprogrammnika).

Net radio broadcast <Mayak- Murmansk> :
Monday - Friday: 03.50-04.00, 04.50-05.00, 05.50-06.00, 05.50-08.00,
08.50-09.00, 09.50-10.00, 11.50-12.00, 13.50-14.00 UT.

Core product <Mayak- Murmansk> - Regional News , prepared correspondents
broadcasting service GTRK Murman. This is the most expeditious and recent
news from every corner of the region ...
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx April 16)

SERBIA/BOSNIA/YUGOSLAVIA   International Radio Serbia, a.k.a. Voice of
Serbia, a.k.a "Radio Yugoslavia"!! still publishes imaginary schedule
showing 9685 kHz to North America for A-14 season:


including 250 kW English at 0030-0100 Tue-Sat.
Whom do they think they are fooling?

Other broadcasts to Europe may still exist, including English; please

1300-1330 9635 with  10 kW
1830-1900 6100 with 250 kW
2100-2130 6100 with 250 kW
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 9)

A-14 schedule, imaginary.
Confirmed, only 1730-2130 (Fri till 2200) UT on 6100 kHz via Bijelnia
Bosnia tx site. At 1727 UT strong carrier on 6100 kHz, for Italian
broadcast at 1730 UT.

These 10 {rather 17} kW transmissions on 9635 kHz used to go out from
Stubline in Serbia. I think the equipment there is already dismantled and
the station grounds were to be leased-out. So the only transmissions that
really are still on air are those on 6100 kHz.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld April 9)


9635/9640 kHz Stubline outlet noted LAST in May ... July 2012 ?

Before the Stubline area leased-out to the farmers nearby.

9634.993 kHz in A-12 season:
1300-1330 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR English,  ex9640
1330-1400 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Serbian,  ex9640
1400-1430 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Spanish,  ex9640
1430-1500 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Arabic,   ex9640
1500-1530 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Russian,  ex9640
1530-1600 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR French,   ex9640
1600-1630 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR German,   ex9640
1630-1645 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Chinese,  ex9640
1645-1700 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Albanian, ex9640
1700-1715 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Hungarian,ex9640
1715-1730 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Greek,    ex9640
1730-1800 NF9635 BEO 017 kW 310/130 to WeEUR Italian,  ex9640

But was 5 kHz up on 9640v in Febr, 2012.

SERBIA   9639.994  SRI Stubline old movable 16 kW puppet heard 5 kHz up
now (ex9635v), on Febr 27 at 1545-1548 UT in Arabic, played some typical
Serbian songs, final annmt by female in Arabic at 1558 UT, then interval
music 1548-1600 UT, short break of 10 seconds - seemingly changed the
antenna from muslim world target to Russian azimuth. Novosti in Russian
at 1601 UT Febr 27, female news anncer.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 27, 2012)

Stubline which was destroyed during NATO airforce ride on 25 May 1999 at
1108 UTC. At Stubline remained only a poor amateur radio like reserve
unit[former 9505] of small 10 kW and a poor dipol rope, which unit always
was odd frequency on 6099.971, 7200.03, and 7239.938 to 7239.943 kHz and
wobbling carrier in April 2007.

YUG / SRB Radio Serbia oldSW site Stubline destroyed on 25 May 1999
44 33 49.41 N  20 08 32.24 E

and item of July 2010:
SERBIA   STUBLINE, HF transmitting station photos Thanks to David Kriz
from the Czech Republic, who paid a visit to STUBLINE HF transmitting
station near Obrenovac, SERBIA, now we can see 16 photos - how these days
looks the station. Photos are from July 2010.

I'm surprised how International Radio Serbia have not removed the
destroyed buildings from 1999 NATO bombing ...

(Dragan Lekic-SER, dxld July 21, 2010)

Similar NATO ride demolition on Belgrade Zvecka mediumwave site 684 kHz
2000 kW former Continental tx
44 38 31.76 N  20 08 23.87 E


and Aleksinac mediumwave 1008 kHz 200 kW destroyed by NATO 1999
43 21 54.67 N  21 42 43.61 E


and another bomb ride location, but recovered with lower power now.
YUG Serbian Province Kosovo Pristina 1413 kHz 1000 kW TX NATO 1999
42 43 34.38 N  21 06 45.00 E

7.084961&ie=UTF8&ll=42.727249, 21.113105&spn=0.002747,0.006968&t=h&z=18>

Dragan, - still a puzzle from which site came the 17 kW low power signal
on 6100 kHz two years ago, when Bijeljina-Bosnia was silent a half year, -
... and Stubline totally destroyed ?
(wb, dxld July 21, 2010)

see also some video slides of Radio Serbia's 78th anniversary



Marking 78 years of Radio Yugoslavia - International Radio Serbia, the
employees greeted with trepidation when it comes to the fate of the Mass
Media, the world's only radio service of the Republic of Serbia, which
broadcasts programs in the area around the world, in 11 languages, and
Serbian, the short wave and Internet.

International Radio Serbia (Radio Yugoslavia) celebrated his 78th birthday
recently. These special days are an opportunity to summarize the past and
plan for the future. We did that and we from whose work depends on the
program and the reputation of IAS and we tied to the fate of the only
shortwave radio station in Serbia.

International Radio Serbia (Radio Yugoslavia) celebrated his 78th birthday
recently. These special days are an opportunity to summarize the past and
plan for the future. We did that and we from whose work depends on the
program and the reputation of IAS and we tied to the fate of the only
shortwave radio station in Serbia. They wrote to us and congratulated
radio colleagues, friends, admirers and listeners from around the world,
for which we are immensely grateful. We are pleased to refresh our memory
of what we were doing, but also helps you select the best path for the
future, that we were on this significant anniversary, spoke cautiously,
because nobody knows what it will be. Negligence of the authorities, has
turned us into a stepchild of the media scene and threatened us "Collapse

Birthday we celebrated materially modest, as conditions warrant, and
toasted plenty of good wishes and messages from listeners all over the
world, who have congratulated us, but it also encouraged to persevere in
almost impossible conditions for the work. To say how nice it is to hear
words of praise and thanksgiving, because these words are big and binding.
The most vocal diaspora. Program of International Radio Serbia is, say, a
strong link with the country they love the most, with loved ones that are
left in it. They want to know every detail of the life of Serbia and
always encourage us to investigate further, and declare an emergency, loud
and clear. Voice homeland carry with you everywhere, because such is the
power of short waves.

Listeners from all linguistic backgrounds are grateful that in their
language listening and reading everything they care about Serbia, as it so
easily available and a variety of programs, they say, they can not get in
other media programs. They hope that we will resist the trends and
financial problems and continue to broadcast in 12 languages. They say it
is good to maintain and improve broadcasting on short wave, since the
signal does not require expensive equipment, and voice Serbia just hear
the rich and the poor.

They remember that during the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia only in
our study could not hear what was going on, because the other broadcasters
were easily disturbed. Many of us that are still in our news program heard
the truth about Serbia, age forced into media blackout of western
countries. "Serbia is beautiful, I will come as a tourist,"We have heard
so many times. "Your program greatly helps me in my profession,"says our
professors, historians, political scientists. "My child learns to Serbia
from your shows,"tells us parents - Germans, Russians, Americans... If any
emission failures, there is an internet program, which never fail to
praise and notice every program and technological progress.

The most beautiful and the biggest thank you to every listener who wanted
to us on the occasion of 78th birthday of International Radio Serbia
thanks to the hard work, congratulate and wish all the best for the future
days. We regret that we are very worried how it will look your future
days, because you still do not know the answer to any question of
importance for the survival of our and your radio. A lot of things we do
not know, but we know that we will continue to work as we have a treatment
in their own countries have the BBC or Voice of America, of which we,
otherwise, a few years older. We hope that the authorities will soon give
us all the answer needed and worthy tradition of state radio and its
listeners around the world and above all and above all - Serbian.

For years, the listeners of Radio Yugoslavia at all meridians sign of
recognition was a slogan where it can not hear, there's around the world.
Everyone has the right to a birthday wish, and we want to believe that the
knowledge, determination and the will to win and no one will be declared
Serbia at the end of the world.

Author Katherine Dostani. RSI (April 9)

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 9)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5019.87  SIBC Nice ID by W anncr after song at 1053 UT,
canned promo or some such, then back to mx. Fairly good. 25 March.

9545  SIBC Found back on at 0940 UT w/same W anncr and mx. W anncr
chatting w/M at 0950 UT. Took a phone call a few minutes later. 1000 UT
usual ToH wind instru. signature melody and ID by same W, then nx by same
W including soundbites. 1048 UT tlk by M on phone about heavy rains in PNG
w/ments of Western Province, Rabaul and tropical cyclone. W DJ thanked him
for coming on the SIBC "this evening". Fair signal. Not nearly as noisy as
the lower freqs. 3 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

SOUTH AFRICA   5820 MEY  -  RTE Ireland still has its English shortwave
broadcast in the A-14 season, though it doesn't seem to be listed in the
HFCC schedules. Broadcast is on 5820 kHz (weekdays only re the WRN Africa
schedule) from 1930-2000 UTC, presumably via Meyerton, South Africa.

As it's a relay of WRN Africa you also get a WRN ID and maybe a snippet of
the preceding WRN programme (Radio Slovakia Int)
{or sometimes also Babcock control room CELLO pause music theme, wb.} .

Fair clear reception here in Caversham this evening (SIO 354).
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng April 10)

Was registered in mid January already, Mon-Fri only, contained in table
til 12 March issue,

b u t  after that from HFCC issue March 19 dis-appeared from the file:

5820kHz 1930-2000UT to zones 46,47,48,52,53  MEY  100kW  0=true North
slewed -30degrees, ant ITU#216  23456=Mon-Fri  300314-251014 eng
AFS RTE WRN #11001

I know, - from time to time WRN delete all WRN entries, due to veil and
protect a lot of WRN brokered Clandestine broadcasts, i.e. like Asian /
Korean / China belongings ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10)

SOUTH AFRICA   11790  AWR Fulfulde service to Africa, noted via Meyerton-
AFS relay site 1930-2000 UT, but heard early Babcock UK control room Cello
music pause music signal from 1925 UT on April 9.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 9)

SRI LANKA   9719.916  SLBC Colombo via Trincomalee site, scheduled
1115-1215 UT, at 345 degrees to Southern Asia, CeAS and ME, reduced 125kW
of power, sidelobe signal heard in Alb-CAN remote site, S=5 or -96dBm at
1125 UT April 9.

Either Tamil or Hindi, different entries in EIBI or Aoki Nagoya lists. But
daily broadcasts entry in detail see WRTH, Hindi 1115-1130, 1145-1200 UT;
Malayalam 1130-1145 UT; Tamil 1200-1215 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 9)

11905  April 1 at *0114:16 UT, carrier on from SLBC {via Trincomalee
site}, soon adding music, and timesignal ending at 0115:19 UT, Hindi
service opening. Not checked after 0200 UT, when there might be some
English segments, but should now be clear of Cairo QRM now moved to
13850 kHz as noted yesterday; and no sign of CNR6 Amoy/Hakka service from
Beijing as in Aoki at 01-09+ UT on 11905 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 2)

SRI LANKA   13720  PCJ R. (via Trincomalee site on Sri Lanka) 1320 UT end
of anmnt in English by M at t/in, and into instru. song. 1322 UT ID by M
starting an anmnt "And you're listening to PCJ ..." then contact info
given for QSLs, and website. 1325 UT another instru. and off at
1327:55 UT. Weak but readable. Better on the Delta Loop.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 5)

13720  PCJ Happy Station Sundays - from April 6th.

Due to Pyongyang on 13650 kHz we changed to 13720 kHz 1230-1330 UT.
Hope it gives you guys a chance, from Trincomalee Sri Lanka site.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, Frequency Manager PCJ Radio,
DXplorer April 5)

13720 kHz TX Trico switched on air at 12.29:12 UT, S=9+5dB
or -70dBm strength in downunder QL Australia remote SDR unit.

12.30:08 UT "This is PCJ - Radio International" 2x times, to SoAsia and
SoEaAsia target. ... I'm Andy Sennitt at 12.31 UT ...

Signal in Australia has a 50% sound level of REE Madrid Noblejas DRM
digital noise - co-channel daily - underneath.

13720 in Germany REE Noblejas in DRM mode is heard as powerhouse of
S=9+35dB or -38dBm digital noise though.

[later]  13720  Noted again on remote SDR unit in QL AUS downunder at
1325 UT "Smile to cross the ...", PCJ address given by Keith?
at 13.26:45 UT, of Taiwan snail address, followed by BBC / special
Beetles song " be on my way ...", still S=8 signal in Queensland
like -78dBm at 1328 UT.

Trincomalee TX from eastern Sri Lanka off air, after few final
and IS at 13.30:03 UT April 6th.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 6)

13720, at 1230 UT on Apr 6, "PCJ" IS, my rcvr says S9 but my ears say
"decent" level at best, fluttery, poor overall, and the talking is not
understandable. But the signal is definitely there.
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer April 6)

PCJ coming in quite nice here in SoCA ... when I first tuned in at 1318 UT
there was a demonstration of some type of digital signal (missed what it
was) and I thought there was bad QRM on theUT but just woke up to hear the
end of the bcst. Probably S3-S4 here with no QRM and very enjoyable
listening. Anmt for "Fun Across the Dials" at 1326 UT by Keith fol by
program anmts and close with Beetles song from their album "I'll Be On My

At 1329 UT station ID by man and closing IS (Bells and "This is PCJ Radio
International") repeated several times - carrier off at 1330 UT. Checking
my recording at the opening of the bcst at 1230 UT, the signal was even
stronger at a solid S4, almost S5, with noticeable QSB. After opening IS
and station ID, anmt by Andy Sennitt "Focus Asia and Pacific" with news
headlines fol by on an opening news bcst by a man and woman concerning the
indictment of President Musharraf in Pakistan, climate change issues,
whaling in Japan, etc.

Noticeable signal reduction from S4/S5 to S4 at 1246 UT until end of bcst
- don't know why this would have happened, but after 1246 UT, the signal
was still quite good at S4. Great program for early morning listening...
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer April 6)

re 13720 (ex13655) kHz.
Dear Friend, Frequency and Time Change 30th March 2014 (in A14 season).

In the last year you have been faithfully listening to the Happy Station
of PCJ Radio International. Starting tomorrow (March 30, 2014) there is a
time change to 1230-1330 UT and we shall be starting up the A-14 season on
13655 kHz[but on April 6th 13720 kHz instead], hoping that it will be a
good frequency from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. We had to do this at short
notice due to Technical reasons. We will appreciate your reports and will
QSL all reports.

We are interested to know how you receive 13655[13720now] kHz between 1230
and 1330 UT. Our e-mail address is
<pcjqsl @>
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, Frequency Manager PCJ Radio,
dxld March 29)

Re: 13655 PCJ Radio changing frequency again. Good morning, Victor; the
previous 9335/11835 kHz one was always weak and tiny signal here in
Europe. It's not the mainlobe from TRINCO though. You should ASK the DXers
monitors in IND, BGD and in INS like Richard Lam.

I can help you from posts here in Europe only little. And the Global-Tuner
receiver post in HongKong or Perseus net at Tokyo are too far easterly.
You should first wait occupancy in the new season A-14, and then hit every
decision. Please watch these channels too, instead: 13680 and 13820 kHz in
(wb df5sx, March 26)

I HAVE CHECKED so much there this is the only frequency I can have, Wolfy.
China is everywhere and jamming also. So decided to start the season on
13655 kHz and change, if the stations registered really use the
frequencies registered.

Also problem is, if I use 15 MHz which should be okay in East Asia or Far
East, South India is in signal skip zone. Very hard to try to cover all
areas with one transmitter!!! I saw Kigali Rwanda with 1300-1315 for East
Africa. Once the season starts if 13655 kHz is not giving me good signals
in target, will see operational / occupancy and change. Any suggestions??
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, Frequency Manager PCJ Radio,
BrDXC-UK March 26 via BCDX March 28)

13655  PCJ Radio, heard this morning on March 30 at 1230 UT with their
Happy Station program. Their audible signal started out fair, but
eventually went poor. The music was more discernible than the talk. SINFO
(Larry Zamora-TX-USA, dxld March 30)

PCJ Radio are changing frequency yet again for next Sunday's April 6th
broadcast: "Because of interference issues we had last Sunday [on 13655]
that came from Voice of Korea using a 13650 frequency at a time they don't
have listed. As of the 5th of April we will move to 13720 kHz"
[1230-1330 UTC] Keith Perron, PCJ Radio on F_B 31 March.
(via Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC_UK yg direct and via dxld)

re 13650 / 13655: usually Voice of Korea uses this channel since few
seasons. 73 wb

and underneath poor KRE D.P.R. Korea
at different 238degr azimuth to South East Asia too

1000-1057 13650 KUJ 200 kW 238 deg to SoEaAS English
1100-1157 13650 KUJ 200 kW 238 deg to SoEaAS French
1200-1250 13650 KUJ 200 kW 238 deg to SoEaAS Korean KCBS
1300-1357 13650 KUJ 200 kW 238 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1400-1450 13650 KUJ 200 kW 238 deg to SoEaAS Korean KCBS

at least on weekdays REE Madrid Noblejas power house is co-channel too
[13720 kHz] with DRM mode transmission 11-13 UT today S=9+25dB or -52dBm.
but in SoEaAS, Pacific and FE Asia may different signal.
(wb, dxld March 31)

SUDAN   Radio Omdurman Sudan, and Voice of Africa, Sudan Radio have
been inactive for past few weeks. Various checks between March 28 and
April 2 confirm this. Here's a tentative summer A-14 schedule

Radio Omdurman Sudan
0215-0430 7205 ALF 100 kW 210 deg to CeAF Arabic
1430-1530 7205 ALF 100 kW 210 deg to CeAF Arabic
1930-2100 7205 ALF 100 kW 210 deg to CeAF Arabic

Voice of Africa, Sudan Radio
0600-0630 9505 ALF 100 kW 110 deg to EaAF Tigrinya
0630-0700 9505 ALF 100 kW 110 deg to EaAF Amharic
0700-0800 9505 ALF 100 kW 110 deg to EaAF Swahili
0800-0900 9505 ALF 100 kW 110 deg to EaAF English
1630-1730 9505 ALF 100 kW 210 deg to CeAF French
1730-1830 9505 ALF 100 kW 210 deg to CeAF English
1830-1930 9505 ALF 100 kW 210 deg to CeAF Hausa
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 2)

SURINAM   4989.989  Radio Apintie, Paramaribo, heard tiny just above
threshold level at 0158 UT April 5. All heard tonight on NY-US remote SDR
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

TAIWAN   9734.867  RTI Tainan TWN Japanese service, schedule given by male
announcer at 1101 UT April 5, S=8 -79dBm sidelobe signal heard to
Sydney SDR unit remote post.

9734.868  RTI Tainan TWN Japanese service, schedule and frequencies given
at end on 1128 UT April 9, S=9 strength at -62dBm on remote SDR unit post

11915.118  Indonesian service or Radio Taiwan International from Paochung
site, logged at 1047 UT April 5th, male singer in Chinese language. Proper
S=9 strength at -68dBm level. Rather unidentified perhaps CNR2
Baoji-Sifangshan service co-channel noted underneath.

15269.986  Vietnamese service of RTI from Paochung site scheduled at
09-10 UT. Heard at 0955 UT on S=8-9 signal at -80dBm.

15340.148  Most probably SOH Chinese from veiled location heard at
1004 UT, talk on Mao Zedong leader. S=5 tiny strength in Australia remote
SDR unit like -96dBm.

15464.992  Cantonese sce from RTI Paochung at 1008 UT on April 5.
Backlobe fair at downunder S=7 or -79dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5/9)

THAILAND   17770  Udorn Thani relay of NBT Bangkok Thai language program
to National Workers in CeAS/ME/NE target, 10-11 UT 250kW at 305degr, S=7
backlobe at -70dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

U.K.  {UAE not anymore}   17500  Radio Ndele Luka, via Al Dhabbaya in
B-13, now via Woofferton-UK in A-13 season.

[HFCC registration entry says Wofferton-UK site instead, wb.]
17500 1700-1730 47S,52N  WOF 250kW 152deg 216 French  G   BAB

Al Dhabbaya relay site. Pgming started just a little before 1700 UT w/M
anncr in French giving the freq in khz and ment of Ondes Courtes, Congo,
and Afrique. Really nice quick choral ID jingle at 1728:55 UT, then anmnt
by M w/ment of "kilohertz", brief Ndele Luka them song which was stopped
and the plug pulled at 1729 UT, 5 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 5)

{in B-13 winter season}
17500, R. Ndeke Luka, Dhabbaya. 30-minute service to CeAF at 1710 UT with
talk in the Sango language and occasional station jingles. Good ID at 1715
and 1720 UT. Then lively African music to end the broadcast at 1729 UT.
Nice signal on  March 21.

Sango is a true African (Bantu) language and spoken primarily in the
Central African Republic (along with French). But it can also be found in
Chad, Congo D. R. and surrounding regions. For nearly half a million
people, Sango is their primary tongue, but it is also a second language
for up to 5 million people. The sound of Sango is at times quite "French-
like" to the ear, and this is because it has a lexical similarity with
French (i.e. there are many borrowed words from that language). It is also
a tonal language with high, middle and low tones.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, April ADXN of ArDXC direct and via dxld)

U.K. [and non]   BBC A-14 schedule is now online here -


Al Dhabbaya-UAE, Meaerton-AFS, and Madagascar transmitters seem to have
taken the hours that Mahe Seychelles transmitted on.
(Stephen Cooper-USA, dxld March 29)

BBC WS - A-14 Schedule Tue Apr 1.
30th March - 25th October 2014. All times UTC.
Global Short Wave Frequencies.

West & Central Africa
From To Days Frequency (kHz)
0500 0600 Daily 5875
0500 0700 Daily 6005
0600 0700 Daily 7355, 15105
0600 0800 Daily 12095
0700 0800 Daily 11770, 13660, 17830
1600 1800 Daily 17830
1700 1800 Daily 17780
1700 2000 Daily 15400
1800 2000 Daily 13660
1800 2100 Daily 11810
2000 2100 Daily 9915, 12095
2100 2200 Mon-Fri 9915, 11810, 12095

East Africa
0400 0500 Daily 7355
0400 0800 Daily 15420
0500 0600 Daily 11945
0600 0800 Daily 13580
1500 1700 Daily 12095, 21660
1700 2000 Daily 7445, 9410

Southern Africa
0500 0600 Daily 3255, 7355
0500 0800 Daily 6190
0600 0700 Daily 12095*
0600 0800 Daily 9410
1600 1700 Daily 17640
1600 2000 Daily 6190, 3255
* West Africa programmes

South Asia
0000 0100 Daily 5970, 9410, 11750*
0000 0300 Daily 12095
0100 0300 Daily 15310
0200 0230 Daily 1413
1300 1400 Daily 1413, 17790
1300 1500 Daily 6195*, 15310
1400 1700 Daily 11890
1500 1700 Daily 7465
1430 1500 Daily 1413
1430 1800 Daily 1413
* East Asia programmes

East Asia
0000 0100 Daily 9740, 13725, 15335, 15755
1100 1200 Daily 15285, 17760
1100 1500 Daily 9740
1200 1300 Daily 11750
1200 1500 Daily 5875
1300 1400 Daily 6195
2300 0000 Daily 5875, 9740, 9890, 12010

South East Asia
0000 0100 Daily 9740, 11750, 11955, 15335
1100 1500 Daily 6195, 9740
2300 0000 Daily 5875, 6195, 9740, 11850

Middle East & Gulf States
0200 0230 Daily 1413
0300 0400 Daily 1413
0300 0500 Daily 12095, 13660
0300 0700 Daily 1323
1300 1900 Daily 1323
1500 1700 Daily 9410, 11675
1700 1900 Daily 6195, 7375
1900 2100 Daily 1413
* East Mediterranean Only

The BBC World Service Arabic language service is available 24 hours
a day on satellite, FM in some cities and online at the BBC Arabic

Afghanistan, Iran & Central Asia
0200 0230 Daily 1413
0300 0400 Daily 1413
0300 0500 Daily 12035, 13660
1500 1700 Daily 7465*, 9410, 11675, 11890*
1700 1900 Daily 6195, 7375
1900 2100 Daily 1413
* South Asia programmes
(via Roberto Scaglione-ITA, yg via dxld April 2)

WOF - Late Info DRM mode:
Apologies for this late info passed onto me from someone I guess.

Sunday on A-14 WOF [BBCWS via Woofferton, presumably English]
will just have 1 hour of 3955 kHz in DRM mode, between 05 & 06 UT.
(Ian Baxter-NSW-AUS, dxld March 29)

Southgate March 27, 2014

BBC News reports that Raymond 'Jerry' Roberts - one of the last of a top
World War Two code-breaking team at Bletchley Park - has died, aged 93,
following a short illness. Captain Roberts, from Liphook in Hampshire, was
part of a group that cracked the German High Command's Tunny code at the
British listening post. Their decrypts made it possible to read Hitler's
own messages during the war. The team is credited with helping to shorten
the war by at least two years. Read the full BBC News story at:
(via Mike Terry-UK, dxld April 2)

USA   5049.992  Cuban intermodulation of 5055 kHz hit heavily by adjacent
US WWRB Manchester TN, En sermon at 0211 UT, on 5049.992 kHz, S=9+20 or
-51dBm signal. Mostly small band supressed audio at 3 kHz, in peaks
4.5 kHz. And some other English speaker in the background underneath.

5085.002  Brother Stair preacher at 0213 UT April 5th, via WTWW provider
probably. S=9+20 or -51dBm.

5109.771 and broadband signal of WBCQ on upper side flank in cusb? mode,
visible up to 5119 kHz in guitar string instrument play peaks, noted at
0223 UT April 5th. All heard tonight on NY-US remote SDR unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

15825  PERHAPS? WWCR Saturday only Russian service here ?
10-11 UT heard at S=7 strength with -87dBm.

12105.015  Perhaps WTWW from the states?
UNIDentified Russian language services at 1034 UT on Saturday/Sunday
program April 5. S=8 in Sydney Australia like -76dBm strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

USA   Time and standard signal station WWV on 25 MHz.
I sent off a brief report (with audio clip) to the
<wwv @>
address yesterday and received this reply in less than 24 hours.

Begin forwarded message:

Thanks for your email, and your reception report of the WWV experimental
broadcast at 25 MHz.

WWV first began broadcasting on 25 MHz in 1946, but the broadcast was
suspended in 1977. Due to listener interest and changes in broadcasting
technology, NIST is pleased to be able to provide this service on a
limited basis once again. At present, the broadcast is carried on a base-
fed broadband monopole antenna. All normal WWV frequencies operate on a
center-fed half-wave dipole antenna, with a dedicated backup transmitter
that will come online automatically should the main transmitter fail.

The 25 MHz broadcast does not have this capability at this time. Please
note that the experimental 25 MHz broadcast may be interrupted without
notice at any time.

For the latest status in the 25 MHz broadcast, refer to the NIST Radio
Station WWV web site.

Due to the number of QSL requests to this experimental broadcast, it may
take more time to respond to your QSL request.
Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Staff of Radio WWV
(John Herkimer-NY-USA, DXplorer April 9)

WWV has resumed broadcasting on 25 MHz on a limited, experimental basis.

NIST - Notice: Experimental 25 MHz WWV Broadcast.

As of Friday, April 4, 2014 WWV has resumed broadcasting on 25 MHz on a
limited, experimental basis. The broadcast consists of the normal WWV
signal heard on all other WWV frequencies, at the same level of accuracy.

Current 25 MHz Broadcast Specifications (subject to change):

Schedule: variable; as an experimental broadcast, the 25 MHz signal is not
continuous. It will typically be on the air from approximately 1500-2100
UTC Mondays through Fridays, but may operate outside these hours as well.
The broadcast may be interrupted or suspended without notice.
Radiated Power: varies; no more than 2500 W

Antenna: broadband monopole, coordinates:
40 40 50.8 N  105 02 32.6 W

Listener comments and reception reports may be emailed to:
<wwv @>

or sent via postal mail to:
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Radio Station WWV
2000 E. County Rd. 58
Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA

NIST radio station WWV broadcasts time and frequency information 24 hours
per day, 7 days per week to millions of listeners worldwide. WWV is
located in Fort Collins, Colorado, about 100 kilometers north of Denver.
The broadcast information includes time announcements, standard time
intervals, standard frequencies, UT1 time corrections, a BCD time code,
geophysical alerts and marine storm warnings.

Broadcast Frequencies

WWV operates in the high frequency (HF) portion of the radio spectrum. The
station radiates 10,000 W on 5, 10, and 15 MHz; and 2500 W on 2.5 and
20 MHz. Each frequency is broadcast from a separate transmitter. Although
each frequency carries the same information, multiple frequencies are used
because the quality of HF reception depends on many factors such as
location, time of year, time of day, the frequency being used, and
atmospheric and ionospheric propagation conditions. The variety of
frequencies makes it likely that at least one frequency will be usable at
all times.


The WWV antennas are half-wave vertical antennas that radiate
omnidirectional patterns. There are actually five antennas at the station
site, one for each frequency. Each antenna is connected to a single
transmitter using a rigid coaxial line, and the site is designed so that
no two coaxial lines cross. Each antenna is mounted on a tower that is
approximately one half-wavelength tall. The tallest tower, for 2.5 MHz, is
about 60 m tall. The shortest tower, for 20 MHz, is about 7.5 m tall. The
top half of each antenna is a quarter-wavelength radiating element. The
bottom half of each antenna consists of nine quarter-wavelength wires that
connect to the center of the tower and slope downwards to the ground at a
45 degree angle. This sloping skirt functions as the lower half of the
radiating system and also guys the antenna.

More information at <>
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng April 10)

USA/CUBA   17730  on April 6 at 1402 UT, WHRI preacher in English
colliding with RHC in Spanish making SAH about 7 Hz apart - as I feared
from registrations showing WHRI starts 17730 kHz at 1400 UT while we know
RHC has been running it until 1500 UT but failing to register anything
with HFCC. Ironically, the two strongest signals on band (SSOB) are both
on the same frequency! alternately dominating as they fade up and down.
Yet, no collision heard on weekdays. program sked shows Angel 1
starts at *1400 UT on Sat & Sun, *1600 UT on weekdays. What would Arnie
do? RHC was there first. BTW, don't type lest you reach the
Women's Health Research Institute.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 6)

USA/PALAU   12105, on Saturday April 5 at 1252 UT check, WTWW-3 is already
on with Russian Bible, before usual *1300 UT. For how long? Possibly
another of their occasional all-night broadcasts also in other languages.
At 1252 UT, WTWW-1 is still on night frequency 5830 kHz, while WTWW-2 is
on neither 5085 nor 9930 kHz yet --- fortunately for T8WH PALAU which
stays on 9930 kHz until 1400 UT weekends and now with sufficient signal.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 5)

USA/SLOVAKIA   QSL: Radio Slovakia International via WRMI 9955 kHz, QSL
card, business card, sticker, staff photo, and program schedule after
20 days. Card was FD except for site. v/s was Gavin Shoebridge.
Email report was sent to
<englishsection -at->
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld March 31)

USA   Frequency change of WHRI Angel 1

1400-1500 NF21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF English Sun,     ex17730
1500-1600 NF21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF English Sat/Sun, ex17730
1600-1745 NF21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF English Daily,   ex17730
1745-1800 NF21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF English Sun-Fri, ex17730
1745-1800 NF21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF English Sat Eternal
                                             Good News,       ex17730
1800-2000 NF21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF English Sun,     ex17730
1800-2030 NF21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF English Sat,     ex17730
1800-2100 NF21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF English Mon-Fri
                                             Brother Stair,   ex17730
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

UZBEKISTAN   Harmonic of Voice of Martyrs or 2 x 7525 = 15050 kHz.
1600-1730 7525 TAC 100 kW 65 deg to KRE Korean.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 8)

7525 kHz S=9+15dB, -60dBm; 15050 S=7 or -84dBm in southern Germany,

VANUATU   7259.962 footprint.  R Vanuatu from Port Vila in mens talk in
Bislama vernacular language, some English words spread on the talk.
0745 UT April 7. S=7 at -82dBm level. Not strongly modulated level.
// 3945.000 even frequency signal of S=9 -71dBm strength in Qld-AUS
remote SDR unit. Smooth South Sea song played at 0755 UT April 7.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

7259.96  Radio Vanuatu. At 1000 UT conch shell blowing that was identical
to that on the recording (end) on Interval Signals Online. Into pres. nx
by M anncr. Although there were other signals on 7260, there was no QRM.
Been hearing this lately and glad to ID. I noticed the signal starts
fading in just after 0500 UT here. 1 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 6)

3945  Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila. Kenny G. song at 1843 UT, then the
national anthem at 1845 UT. Full ID in English and freq announcement for
MW, SW and FM. Good signal but listening was difficult due to high
thunderstorm noise on the band. Gone by 1945 UT (6.45am Port Vila time).
Runs // to 7260 kHz but not as good there, 21 March. Also at 1120 UT with
island music and an excellent signal in Bislama on March 22.

7260  Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila. Noted at 1845 UT with the anthem and s/on
announcements, then religious message in Bislama and English. Then good
signal but difficult listening due to heavy QRM CRI 7255 kHz, March 21.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, ADXN ARDXC April magazine)

3945  Radio Vanuatu (presumably) on March 26, 27 and 28 continue to hear
EZL pop hit songs after Japan ("RN2") signs off at 1401 UT; weak. Perhaps
on the weekend, when RN2 signs off much earlier than 1400 UT, it might be
possible to actually hear some of their programming, instead of filler
music? In the past Radio Vanuatu went off the air (ending audio) about
1220 UT or so, with them playing "Yumi, Yumi, Yumi." Yes, that is the
title of their National Anthem. Do not know if that is still the time they
end their programming. Do not know when they start the non-stop filler EZL
pop hit songs. Perhaps someone can get some answers this weekend?

BTW - 7260 for me is covered by a strong China, so no chance for me to
hear them thekHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld March 31)

VIETNAM   7284.953  VoVietnam's Thai language service heard at 1142 UT on
April 5. Tiny sidelobe signal in Sydney. According ITU/HFCC registration
from Metri txing site, all services on 50 kW level only.

9635.747  rather odd frequency from VoVTN Son Tay txing center, Vietnamese
language program at 1110 UT April 5. Powerful signal in downunder Sydney
post at S=9 level of -70dBm. Scheduled 2145-1700 UT, and also in // on
7435.000 kHz even frequency.

12019.126  Indonesian service from the Voice of Vietnam Son Tay site,
at 1040 UT April 5, proper S=9 signal at -70dBm. News read item of Taliban
elections in AFG?, station ID at 1041 UT, followed about news on Hanoi
cultural festival at 1044 UT. and //

9839.851  also from Son Tay site, schedule given by female announcer at
1055-1056 UT on April 5, S=9 at -70dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

9635  QSL Voice of Vietnam - Son Tay verified an electronic report with a
postal reply full data "Che Tao Commune Mu CangChai" card in 56 days with
a note indicting they could not send an e-mail replyto my report hoping
the problem will soon be fixed.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer April 6)

7435.54v  Voice of Vietnam-1, at 1146 UT on April 7. // 7210 // 9635.00,
with 5975 blocked by strong CNR8 program; the same heard April 8 at
1149 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10)



I also urge DXers to avail themselves of the public HFCC lists at


which are updated every 2 or 3 days on average. These are much more
reliable than they once were, and include languages, transmitter details
etc. and the exact date, as submitted by the broadcasters themselves. I
constantly see queries from shortwave listeners that are easily answered
by checking the HFCC data. It's not perfect but covers about 70% of the
total hours of international broadcasting.
(Andy Sennitt-HOL, ODXA yg via dxld April 2)

The A-14 shortwave broadcast schedule began today, March 30.

The HFCC schedule data is available at
- there is a link there to the file "", which contains the
public schedule and explanatory codes.

The Nagoya DX Club has posted their initial AOKI table  A-14 schedules at
(shortwavelistening yg via dxld April 2)
 Best regards,

Michael Bethge


Postfach 1214

D-61282 Bad Homburg


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