Amateur Radio Newsline™ Report 1919 - May 23, 2014

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Amateur Radio Newsline™ report number 1919 with a release
date of May 23 2014 to follow in 5-4-3-2-1.

The following is a QST.  Dayton 2014 now history but
everyone is talking positive about this years event;
Kingman, Arizona says no to Coconino County cellular
telephone phone ordinance that bans mobile ham radio; FCC
Chairman Tom Wheeler believes the agency could use more
engineers; another new ROS based digital mode announced and
Fox News has nice words about amateur radio.  Find out the
details are on Amateur Radio Newsline report number 1919
coming your way right now.

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The 2014 Dayton Hamvention is now history, but there's a lot
to talk about.  Amateur Radio Newsline's Don Wilbanks AE5DW,
and Stephan Kinford, N8WB, were there with their recorders
to capture some of the highlights of this year's event.
Heres AE5DW with part 1 of this years wrap up:


Hamvention for some is all about the toys.  For others, it's
the forums.  Perhaps it's the new gear announcements.  Many
go only for the flea market.  There's something for everyone
at the world's largest hamfest.  So how does this year stack
up to last?  CQ magazine's Rich Moseson, W2VU:


W2VU:  "It's a great show as always.  As a lot of people
know, we have been having issues lately with getting our
print issues out.  We've turned the corner on that and we
are getting back on track, and the support and encouragement
we have been getting here from people here has been

Dennis Motschenbacher, K7BV from Yaesu:

K7BV:  "We think the show seems healthy.  Our booth traffic
has been healthy.  I do not know what the actual numbers are
but it seems up a bit.  Of coarse you can never tell with
the weather if it drives the people inside or not.  For our
booth its bren a big year in particular because we've had an
awful lot of interest in our System Fusion which is our new
dual mode digital and analog system that we have which
allows digital users and analog users to co-exist on the
same repeater.  And we introduced that repeater, our DR1X,
this weekend.  That was our new product for this particular


Let's see how Icom is doing.  Ray Novak, N9JA:


N9JA:  "Things have been going by so fast that its
unbelievable.  Its been a great show and we have been seeing
a lot of people come through.  I joke around that P.T.
Barnum was a smart man because he only had three rings to
his circus; I think were doing twelve different things here
with the different live streams as well as the support of
the Youth Forum and its been nuts.  I've spent more time
running between the different events than being in my own

AE5DW:  "Compare this Dayton to other Dayton's.  Bigger,
smaller or about the same? Give me your perspective"

N9JA:  "It's tough to judge because the weather has been a
little bit difficult this year.   Between the rain and the
cold air I thought we were going to have snow flurries this
morning from the way it felt.  But for me being from the
Pacific Northwest the rain is normat.  It comes and goes but
I really can't judge until tomorrow when we see the people
in the grandstands for the prize drawings.  But I think we
have a great crowd here even with all the weather."

AE5DW: "What's new at Icom?  What are we talking about this

N9JA:  "The big thing being talked about is the IC-5100.
People have seen the Android app for it and the wireless
control for it, the wireless headset, Bluetooth; a great
little radio.  And just the phenomenal growth of D-STAR.
We've got international dignitaries from Europe that are
building their own devices.  The third party homebrew stuff
is just off the hook at this point.

"The drool factor surrounding anything that is D-STAR is
definitely at this show.  The North-West digital guys are
showing some devices over there.  It's unbelievable."

Ham Nation has a big presence at Dayton.  Here's Bob Heil,
K9EID and Gordon West, WB6NOA:

K9EID:  "Dayton has been huge for us this year.  Of course
we (Heil Sound) have a bunch of new products but with all
that's happened with Ham Nation I'm overwhelmed.  They're
lined up 10 and 12 deep to get in here to see yourself and
Gordon and Valerie.

"Its really amazing what Ham Nation has done for Amateur
Radio.  We've had several dozen people come in just today
alone that got their license just because of Ham Nation and
what they have learned from that show.  So we are excited
about that.

"From a Heil Sound standpoint, our sales are way over last
year.  Again we are blessed in that keep new products that
work well and don't cost a lot of money and every body is
happy.  And that's the main thing for me is to keep coming
out with good products that we need and that's what we are
answering here.  So its been a great 2014.

"I'm not going to talk about the weather, its been a little
cold.  But inside its been very busy.  This hall has really
been full.  And I look and see again that there are 10 or 12
people lined up again for Ham Nation who want a post card or
signatures from yourself and George and the others.  What a
great thing."

WB6NOA:  "Hi there, Gordon West, WB6NOA, at Hamvention 2014
and wow!  Steven and I have looked it over and it's the
biggest that I have seen in many, many years.  It is wall to
wall great hams saying `hi' and we hope if you are not here
that you will come to see Hamvention 2015 next year."

The newest sponsor of the Newsline Young Ham Of The Year
award is RadioWavz antennas.  Here's Emmet Hohensee, W0QH:


W0QH: "The temperature has been fantastic.  Ive enjoyed the
crowds; they seem to be more robust than last year and a lot
of good traffic.  Business this year has been better tan
last year, especially at this time and that's a good sign."

AE5DW:  "Foot traffic:  What do you think?

W0QH: " I think its different than last year because it was
warmer and people spent more time outside than inside where
as the first part of (this years) show it was raining
really, really hard so most people who would be outside were
inside and so it seemed to be more crowded that it was last

AE5DW:  "I heard we had hail twice out in the Flea Market."

W0QH:  "I didn't know that.  I was inside all day."


But it's not all about the vendors and celebrities.


Views of convention attendees:

"Im Joe, N8JKO and this is my first Hamvention and its
overwhelming.  Its just everything you could want to see;
everything you would want to know about amateur radio and it
was well worth the trip here from Cleveland."

"Hi.  I'nm Karen Gobernelli and I'm here with my husband
attending the Dayton Hamfest.  What brought me here was that
my husband is a ham radio (who became) an Electrical
Engineer.  And its strabnge because my three brothers are
all engineers and in the past when I worked, I worked for
Dr. Werner Von Braun who was the father of the U.S. space

"My name is Noel Wood from Cumbria in the UK.  My call sign
is G4PEB and visiting Dayton for the second time.  The first
time was last year and I came as it was on my bucket list to
do.  When I came last year I decided its not going to be on
my bucket list but rather on my annual list.  It was
absolutely fantastic and nothing compares to it and I intend
to come every year.

"This year I did the three (US) exams - the Technician,
General and Extra and passed all three so Im quite pleased
about that and I enjoyed the experience.  I got into the way
of things  and that made me feel a part of it.  And I can
say that if you ever get a chance to get to Dayton get here.
As they say, nothing compares to it.

(More comments are included in the audio version of this
weeks report)


Well, as you can see, people come from all over the world to
the largest amateur radio gathering on the planet.  And all
twenty or thirty thousand of those have different reasons
for being here.  But the one thing that ties us all together
is our love for this great hobby and service, and that is
amateur radio.  Whether you work satellites or moon bounce,
or you just rag chew or  make contacts on the repeater.  If
you're an IRLP person or an Echolink person.  You're really
into D-STAR, you're into rolling your own stuff, you're into
kit building, it doesn't matter.  There's something for you
at Hamvention.  We'll see you at Hamvention 2015.  The
planning starts now.

Back home in Mississippi, I'm Don Wilbanks, AE5DW.

(ARNewsline, AE5DW, N8WB)


Next week, we will cover some of the new products and other
announcements made at Hamvention 2014.




Time for you to identify your station.  We are the Amateur
Radio Newsline, heard on bulletin stations around the world
including the WA9INM repeater serving Plymouth Indiana.

(5 sec pause here)



The city of Flagstaff, Arizona, says that it will not
enforce the recently enacted Coconino County hands-free
cellular telephone phone ordinance.  One that also bans the
use of any push-to-talk microphones.  Amateur Radio Newlines
Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, has the details:


During a recent working session of the Flagstaff Arizona
City Council, its members rejected the newly enacted
Coconino County ordinance as being too broad.  City
officials paid particular attention to its ban on the use of
push-to-talk microphones with two-way radios.

As previously reported, the Coconino County law not only
prohibits the use of hand-held cell phones and texting in
motor vehicles, but also specifically prohibited the use of
two-way radio using hand held microphones.  This includes
amateur radio, C-B radio and any other form of two-way
communications that is not hands free.  There is a very
limited exemption for radio amateurs, but only while
relaying a message between first responders in an emergency.

In making its decision to opt out, the Flagstaff City
Council agreed with member Celia Barotz's assessment that
the ordinance would interfere with an amateur radio
operators' ability to provide volunteer services and with
truckers who rely on 11 meter CB radio as a part of their
jobs.  Barotz suggested that the city allow the use of two-
way radios and focus solely on the issue of texting while

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF,
in the newsroom in Los Angeles.


In most states a county ordinance would trump one enacted by
a city, but under Arizona state law, Flagstaff has the
option to exclude their community from the new county
regulation if it chooses to do so.    (Nevada Amateur Radio


MSY 31

The operators of the WX4NHC amateur station at the National
Hurricane Center in Miami will be taking to the airwaves on
Saturday May 31st.  The purpose of the event is to test
station equipment, antennas and computers prior to this
year's hurricane season, which starts June 1.  This event
also provides good practice for radio amateurs world-wide as
well as National Weather Service staff to become familiar
with protocols and procedures for communications available
during times of severe weather.

The test will run from 1300 to 2200Z UTC.  WX4NHC will be on-
the-air on the High Frequency, VHF, UHF bands.  Among the
digital modes to be included in the exercise are APRS and
Winlink.  It should be noted that the group is beginning its
34th year of service to the center.  (ARRL)



FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler believes the FCC could use more
engineers and economists.  This is one off several comments
credited to him during testimony on Tuesday, May 20th before
the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.

The engineer observation came during an exchange between the
chairman and Vermont Representative Peter Welch, who asked
what the commission requires to do its job.  In his
response, Wheeler is quoted as saying the agency's
Information Technology infrastructure is worthy of being in
the Smithsonian Institution while adding that the FCC has
computers that have known risks.

In previous testimony about the latest budget request,
Wheeler told lawmakers the agency has more than 200 relic
computer systems that are costing the agency more to
maintain than they would to replace over the long term.
Wheeler's definition of engineers includes Information
Technology personnel the same as it does now-a-days at the
broadcast station level.  (Published news reports)



In technical news, FHSS Mode is a new High Frequency ROS
based digital mode based on FHSS CDMA modulation.  FHSS uses
16 different CDMA codes with 1.8 seconds per hop.  Every
transmission uses a different CDMA code randomly chosen.
Further information at  (Southgate)



The UK Department for Education has selected
the Horizon balloon project to feature in the department's
Yourlife campaign to promote studies in math and science
sometimes called STEM education.

Pupils at the Queen Mary's Grammar School in Walsall built
the payload which transmitted Frequency Shift Keyed  RTTY
telemetry data on 434.075 MHz.  The students launched
Horizon on a high altitude weather balloon which reached an
altitude of close to 115,000 feet before bursting. The
payload then safely parachuted back to Earth where the
students were able to retrieve some stunning still images
and video taken in near-space.

Ham radio wise, the telemetry transmitter could be received
over most of the British Isles and radio amateurs were able
to track the balloon's progress from the transmitted GPS
data.   The Horizon team used a Yaesu FT-817 transceiver to
receive the signal from the balloon and dl-fldigi software
to decode it.  Among those supporting the project were Yaesu
and Essex-based Rapid Electrionics.   (Southgate)



The May issue of the free Amateur TV magazine CQ-DATV is now
available for download.  Among other items, this months
issue contains articles on measurement and display software,
understanding DVBS protocol, a review of the MAX 7456 OSD
generator modules and much more.  Unfortunately due to the
editor and site operator being hospitalized, this edition in
PDF format is posted at a different location than normal.
Look for it at  (Southgate)



Some very positive changes have come to  The first
is that the websites callsign database now fully supports
secondary callsigns.

A secondary callsign is one which includes a slash plus a
modifier as either a prefix or a suffix to the primary call.
This feature is available to all QRZ users and can be
accessed by simply editing your callsign, or by using the My
Account choice from the main QRZ menu, located under your
callsign at the top right of the page. Also, unlike primary
calls, secondary callsigns may be deleted by their owners at
any time.

Another major change at QRZ concerns its online logbook.
Many users had asked for Logbook of the World integration
and this is now available to all Logbook subscribers.  It
means that if you're a Logbook of the World user you can
push your QRZ logs directly to Logbook of the World with
just a couple of clicks of your mouse.  Once uploaded, your
QSO's in the QRZ logbook will be shaded with a green
background, indicating that they have been sent. A Quick
Start Guide for QRZ LoTW operations available at  (QRZ.COM)



Some names in the news.  First up is Nevada Governor Brian
Sandoval who has declared June as Nevada Amateur Radio
Month.  In his proclamation Governor Sandoval praised the
states 6,800 licensed hams for their commitment in providing
voluntary communication services to Nevada and the rest of
the world.  (N7UR)



International Amateur Radio Union member-societies have
completed voting on proposals to re-elect Timothy  Ellam,
VE6SH and Ole Garpestad, LA2RR as the organizations
President and Vice President, respectively.  This for a
second five-year term that began on May 9th..

VE6SH served as IARU Vice President from 2004 until 2009.
He was then elected as IARU President on May 9th of that
year.   LA2RR was first elected as IARU Vice President at
the same time VE6SH became President.

According to IARU rules, there ware a minimum 51 affirmative
votes required for adoption but both VE6SH and LA2RR
received a resounding 67.  (RAC)



This is ham radio news for today's radio amateur.  We are
the Amateur Radio Newsline with links to the world from our
only official website at and being
relayed by the volunteer services of the following radio

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The Amateur Radio Newsline group page on Facebook has now
exceeded 4000 members.  According to James Pasterfield,
KB7TBT, who is one of the moderators, the honor of becoming
number 4000 went to Wayne Maynard, WB6BFN, of Burbank,
California on Saturday May 17th.  As this newscast is being
prepared, the number of members has risen to 4,026 and is

Among other things, the Amateur Radio Newsline Facebook page
is used to augment breaking news and get your opinions on a
given story.  Anyone who is a licensed radio amateur and
interested in news about ham radio and personal
communications in general is invited to join.  If you are
already a Facebook user simply type Amateur Radio Newsline
into the search bar at the top of your Facebook home page.



NASA Television will broadcast pre-launch activities for the
next three crew members flying to the International Space
Station, followed by extensive live coverage of their launch
and docking to the orbital laboratory Wednesday, May 28.

Expedition 40/41 Flight Engineer Reid Wiseman of NASA, Soyuz
Commander Max Suraev of the Russian Federal Space Agency and
Flight Engineer Alexander Gerst, KF5ONO, of the European
Space Agency will launch to the space station in a Soyuz
spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at
3:57 p.m. Eastern Daylight.  The crew is scheduled to dock
to the station's Rassvet module less than six hours later,
at 9:48 p.m.

NASA TV launch coverage begins at 3 p.m. and will include
video of the pre-launch activities leading up to and
including the crew members boarding their spacecraft with
coverage of docking begins at 9 p.m.,  Wiseman, Suraev and
Gerst will remain aboard the station until mid-November.

For the full schedule of Soyuz pre-launch, launch and
docking coverage, as well as NASA TV streaming video is at  All times given are Eastern Daylight here
in the USA.



ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X,
reports that certificates for the 2013 ARRL June VHF Contest
were mailed Friday, May 16.  Plaques will follow shortly.
Kutzko adds that you can always track the progress of ARRL
contest awards processing by going here
certificates.  (KX9X)



In DX, A team of 16 operators from Malaysia will be on the
air as 9M2MI from Undan Island between May 30th and June
1st.  Activity will be on 40 through 10 meters using CW and
SSB.  QSL only direct to 9M2YOT.

N6TJ will be active as ZD8Z from Ascension Island between
May 26th and June 3rd. Operations will be on the HF bands.
QSL via AI4U, direct or by the Bureau.

K9EL will once again be active stroke FS from St. Martin
between June 9 and the 27th.  Operations will take place on
80 through 6 meters, the latter running 500 watts into a 3
element yagi.   QSL via his home callsign.

Lastly, HP2BWJ will be operational as H92G from Isla Grande,
Panama on July 19th and 20th.  Listen out for him on 40
through 10 meters and QSL via HP2BWJ.

(Above from OPDX and other DX news sources)



And finally this week, some very nice words about amateur
radio in emergency communications from none other than Fox
News.  Amateur Radio Newsline's Bruce Tennant, K6PZW has


According to Fox News reporter Jonathan Serrie, when power,
phone and Internet services go down, a battery-powered
amateur radio transceiver and portable antenna can provide
that crucial link to the outside world.  And that's the
theme of his 2 minute report on the new role for ham radio
that emergency preparedness managers nationwide are

Serrie notes that Emory Health Care in Atlanta, Georgia, is
among a growing number of hospital systems to adopt ham
radio as a secondary means of communications.  He says that
hospital administrators and government officials took a
lesson from Hurricane Katrina, which left some Gulf Coast
medical centers isolated from the outside world, as wired
telephones and cellular communications failed.

Serrie interviewed John Davis, WB4QDX, who noted that some
of the technology that's been around for almost a century is
still relevant.  And according to Davis, in addition to
major hurricanes, the terrorist attacks of September 11,
2001 rekindled interest in ham radio as a public
safety tool.

Reporter Serrie noted that the number of amateur operators
is at an all time high of over 720,000 hams licensed here in
the United States.  All in all a very positive report on one
of the major roles that amateur radio is playing in service
to the nation in the 21st century.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Bruce Tennant, K6PZW, in
Los Angeles.


If you missed Jonathan Serrie's report when it was first
broadcast, you can catch it on the web at
ham-radio.  (ARNewsline)



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