CASTEL DEL MONTE" Award - 1 May to 30 June 2014

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1 May to 30 June 2014


The Award is available to licensed amateurs and SWLs of all over the world. QSO/HRD with stations operated by members of local section of A.R.I. ANDRIA and count 1 (one) point for each station, who pass reports and serial numbers. During the above period , some "jolly" (wild card stations), count 3 (three) points. All bands are allowed (WARC excluded).

Allowed modes are SSB, RTTY (DIGI) and FM. Contacts with the same station are allowed on the same day, but in different Band/Mode.

Is not required to send a QSL, but is certainly appreciated!

Send only a log extract (by mail or e-mail), containing full details of QSO/HRD.
The fee for the Award is: 10 Euros or 15 US$ or 5 New IRC (enclosed in the request). PAY-PAL is ok, and log may be sent via e-mail.


DX 5 points *
EU 10 points *
IT 20 points .

The Award is printed on parchment paper on which is engraved the image of Castel del Monte, a beautiful and charming octagonal monument erected in the eleventh century and a heritage of humanity.

The request can be sent to the AWARD/QSL Manager IK7NXU until the 15th September each year: A.R.I. Sezione di ANDRIA c/o, IK7NXU Gaetano Giorgino, Via M.d'Azeglio, 116, I-76123 Andria (BT), ITALY.

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