Antarctic radio ham now online

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Gianni, I1HYW, informs readers that Paride, IZ3SUS, is currently active as IA/IZ3SUS from Concordia Dome 'C' (WAP MNB-03), a French-Italian Multi-national Base on the Antarctic Plateau.
If you check on under IZ3SUS, Paride has put some pictures of
the antenna and Radio Room at Concordia Station which are nice to see.
RTX is a Rhode & Schwartz XK2100L, 150 W HF transceiver with a frequency range 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz operated remotely via an integrated multi standard serial interface, managed from the Radio room.
Paride has registered an IRC channel on Freenode so that is now possible
to chat with him when he is available even at the Radio Room or when
working. To get connected you just have to follow a simple procedure:

1) Go to
2) Select a nickname (suggested to use your callsign) and type it on
the window.
3) On "Channel" site type: ##antarctica (with two ##)
4) Insert the security code and click on "Connect"
Well, now you are online and you can type your message in the line at
the bottom of the page. When Paride is on (his id is "pl"), you can
chat, talk about skeds, just say Hello or whatsoever else.
QSL manager Gianni, I1HYW, has just received the package with cards.
This coming week he will start to answer the requests received so far.

QSLs donated by F8DHE have been printed by LZ3HI Gold Print Service.
Thanks to Pierre, F8DHE, for his kind donation and to Ronan, F8AFC, for
managing everything in a fantastic way.
More information, visit the WAP Web site at:

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