St George’s Academy GB4RCD

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The St George’s Academy Amateur Radio Club (SGA-ARC) will be putting on their first special event station, GB4RCD, on Saturday,
June 28

The club was started at the beginning of the new Academic year in 2013 by Paul Dickson 2E0CUP / M6AVP with the aim of introducing pupils to radio and its many applications in a fun way.

They were lucky enough to receive sponsorship, in the form of a FUNcube Dongle Pro+ Software Defined Radio (FCD-SDR) from the charity Science and Technology through Educational Links with Amateur Radio (STELAR) and also received funding from the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to get started.

The special event station is for the Ruskington Village and Schools Celebration Day; an event that takes place once every two years. Operation will mainly be on 7 MHz (40m).

GB4RCD will be used by pupils who are members of the SGA-ARC. This is their first event so please be understanding and help ease them in gently.

Last year the success of the Academy's pupils in receiving the FUNcube-1 satellite was featured in the Sleaford Standard newspaper under the headline 'UK Academy’s radio club enters the space race', see

Thanks to RSGB and AMSAT-UK for this information

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