7 overnight decodes of F5ZAL 2-metre beacon by EA5DOM

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Following the addition of the Opera OP05** coding to the F5ZAL beacon, this is one of the more unexpected reception reports, where due to the relative location of Tx / Rx, in this case, separated by a 3000 ft mountain range, direct reception is not possible.

 Luis EA5DOM, used a beam heading of 150 deg to intercept reflections from the North African coast line, some 300 miles to his south, the beacon travelling, another 400 miles south to the coast, making a round trip of 700 miles .

Luis has also achieved excellent results in Tx/Rx using the OP05 mode on 70 and 23 cm and is experimenting with a 10GHz implementation.

** OP05, 30 second Tx time, expected ave min s/n -20 dB
Posted to the Opera group 18/7/2014


And I have finally managed to copy the beacon ! :-)

The problem for me is not the distance but the very bad path with over 1000m high mountains very close here

Yesterday evening I got a trace from the beacon by refection in Algerie coast (7X) beaming here to 150º
The beacon trace can be recognized by the 20 sec Rx pause, something that doesn't happens with birdies
I left the equipment QRV during the night and this morning I checked that the beacon was decoded many times, best -18dB. But the strongest peak decode just happened at 6:28 UTC

This has been a unique strong decode. But this kind of short openings during the early morning have been common while testing the sea path with EA9MH

Automatic monitoring of high mountain located beacons in V-U-SHF opens new frontiers

73 de Luis EA5DOM

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