CARS-1 High Altitude Balloon Flight

11:12 Fernando Luiz de Souza 0 Comments

Essex Ham has released a video showing the launch of the CARS-1 high altitude balloon.

As was reported yesterday on Southgate Amateur Radio News, the CARS-1 balloon was launched as part of a talk being held for the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society at Oaklands Museum in Chelmsford. The video shows Chris Stubbs M6EDF readying the balloon for launch, the launch itself, a near-miss with a tree, and the tracking of the flight.

After being released at 7:45pm from Chelmsford, the balloon travelled over Essex, Kent and East Sussex before crossing the channel heading towards Paris. The signal was lost at 7:45am after 12 hours of flight at a height of 5.4km over France. It's hoped that anyone finding the balloon and the radio receiver will get in touch to report the final landing place.

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