Chelmsford 434 MHz balloon heads into Europe

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On Tuesday, July 1 at 19:50 BST Chris Stubbs M6EDF launched a balloon CARS-1 from the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society meeting
at Oaklands Museum
The meeting was well attended despite many members having to go to Danbury that evening for amateur Chrisradio exams. Chris explained what is involved in building and launching a balloon and tracking their 434 MHz signal. He mentioned that he'd first become interested in high altitude balloons after seeing Jason Bradbury 2E0JAB launch one on TV.

The CARS-1 balloon, carrying a 434.300 MHz USB FSK telemetry transmitter, rose to an altitude of about 4600 metres, enabling its signal to be received over much of Southern England and Northern France. As of July 2, 00:45 BST the balloon, which had cost Chris over £60, was over the English Channel heading south. The battery should last for 24 hours.

Radio amateurs in the UK and France were capturing the telemetry data from the balloon and feeding it into the UKHAS server making it available to everyone online. You can see the real-time track of the balloon at

Read the full Essex Ham report on the meeting at

Watch EssexHam: High Altitude Balloon Tracking

Tuesday was a busy night for Chelmsford members and not all were unable to get to the meeting. The Radio Communications Foundation (RCF) had stipluted that July 1 was an Advanced examination date and so the club had decided to support that as well.

Exam session for Advanced, Intermediate and Foundation were run at Danbury, the first time CARS had run all three exams on a single night. This regretably meant the candidates unable to get to the club meeting as well as those club members responsible for the organising, invigilating and marking of the exams.

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