Diploma Africa Virgin Patroness of Ceuta - 5 - 24 August 2014

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5 - 24 August 2014


1. The award is established to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Africa / Our Lady Patroness of Ceuta, which takes place on August 5, the URCE invites you to participate in the first award.

2. Dates: From 10:00 h EA August 5 until 23:00 h EA Day August 24, 2014

3. Scope:. All amateurs in possession of the appropriate official authorization.

4. Bands 7 Mhz and 3.5 Mhz, in the recommended IARU segments.

5. Mode: SSB

6. Exchange: contact stations calling CQ I PATRON OF DIPLOMA CEUTA giving signal reports followed by a letter which forms the following sentence:

7. A total of 40 letters are needed. You an make one contact for each band day, one on 7 Mhz and 3.5 Mhz in another.

8. The call will be "CQ I PATRON OF DIPLOMA Ceuta"

9. You should prepare a log showing all contacd data and the letter claimed for each QSO.

10. To earn the diploma you must fill in the header of the log with the data and apply by email. The lists will be valid until September 30, 2014, at the direction ea9urc@ure.es

11. Cards are not needed, only the log.

12. The diploma will only be sent by email in PDF format for printing.

13. List of valid operators: EA9QD - EA9UV - EA7BZ - EA9AE - EA9PD - EB9PH - EA9CD - EA9BV - EA9PE

14. Coordinators diploma: EA9UV - EA9QD For any questions or concerns:

E-mail: Ea9uv@hotmail.com
Internet: http://ea9urc.ure.es/
Or http://www.ure.es/calendario/actividades-ea.html?task=view_detail&agid=1790&year=2014&month=08&day=05&catids=107

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