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The Diploma was established in honor of the ancient city of Dobel. Contact at least 3 radio amateurs of Dobele city and neighboring towns.

The following stations live in the city and surrounding areas and are valid for the award:  YL3GAO - Andris, YL3CZ - Alexander, YL2GSI - Olgerts, YL2QK - Andris, and the club station YL1ZO. Contacts on or after 01.01.2014 count for the award.. Duplicate QSOs allowed on different bands for award credit. SWL OK. 

Diploma in electronic format sent free of charge. Send a log extract of the contacts (no QSLs needed) by

e-mail only to yl2gqk@lral.lv or yl2gqk@tvnet.lv.

Internet: http://www.qrz.ru/awards/detail/2850.html

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