Diploma "W-14CWC" - 25-27 July 2014

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25-27 July 2014


The diploma has been established by the Russian CW club in honor of the annual radio amateur rallies of the club on the territory of Russian Federation. The main rally will take place in Shilov region of Ryazan oblast from 25 to 27 July2014.

Earn t

he award by contacting the special event station R14CWC on different short wave bands (SWL OK).

In order to get the diploma all radio amateurs of the world must contact, using CW QSOs with R14CWC from the 25th (00:00 UTC) till 27th (23:59 UTC) of July:


a. The diploma of the first degree-on four short wave bands;
b. The diploma of the second degree-on three short wave bands;
c. The diploma of the third degree-on two short wave bands.
Remarks: If you contact R14CWC on more than four short wave bands, this will be specially endorsed on the certificate. The maximum number of QSOs (bands) - nine, including WARC bands. Available for SWLs on the same basis.

QSO / SWL made with R14CWC during the 'IOTA contest' (from the 26th (12:00 UTC) till 27th (12:00 UTC) of July all count for the award.

Type of modulation: ONLY CW
Bands: all short wave bands including WARC bands.

Duplicate QSOs are possible only on different bands.

The diploma is free of charge and issued only in electronic format. Send log extract of contacts made to the manager Sergej Stepanov Bronislavovich (RM4C) by e-mail to : rm4c@mail.ru
Applications for the diploma:

a. The award manager may receive applications at once after the end of the Rally of the RCWC 2014.

B. Send text file to e-mail: rm4c@mail.ru after checking your application by service site RCWC LOG with your text message and information about yourself.

C. The name of the file should include the name of the diploma and your callsign, for example: wr14cwc_r3fg
The deadline for the receipt of the applications is the 27th of August, 2014.

E-mail: rm4c@mail.ru
Internet: http://rcwc.ru/news/1862-diplom-w-r14cwc-h-r14cwc.html

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