IARU Championship Contest – Special Call VC6IARU

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Tim Ellam VE6SH, IARU President, will be operating at the Calgary Amateur Radio Association (CARA) club station using the special call VC6IARUas part of a multi-operator, single transmitter team, giving out the rare “AC” multiplier, for members of the IARU Administrative Council.

Both SSB and CW will be used.

The station will be active from 1200 UTC July 12 (Saturday) and ending 1200 UTC July 13 (Sunday).

RAC callsign assigned to VY2

The official RAC HQ station this year is VY2RAC, being operated by a three-man team who requested the call sign more than a year ago. VY2RAC will be the only station sending the exchange “RAC”, standing for the official HQ station of Canada’s IARU Member Society (RAC).

Under the contest rules, there is only one HQ station allowed per member country, although unlike non-HQ stations it can be a multi-transmitter station.

IARU HF Championship info and link to rules may be found on the IARU website: http://www.iaru.org/contests.html

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